is a popular online fashion store with headquarters in Hong Kong. It is especially popular in Japan and the United States and already among the 17,000 most visited websites in the world. It features fashion for men and women as well as accessories, bags, shoes and even popular Asian cosmetics brands like Tony Moly or Etude House.

YesStyle Index

Experience with YesStyle

YesStyle is unique in that it follows styles in Japan and Korea as well as in China, so there's always a large selection of styles. Besides clothing, bags, shoes, accessory and jewelry, it also offers cosmetics. YesStyle is known for offering cosmetic brands like Missha, Tony Moly and Holika Holika, that are already popular in Europe and North America, but are mainly purchasable in Asia.


  • free standard shipping if ordering items of a combined value of at least 35 US $
  • Payment with Paypal possible without opening an account on YesStyle
  • After registration on YesStyle several payment methods available such as paying with credit card
  • YesStyle point system for registered users
  • clothing sizes always measured in cm


  • only available currency is US dollar
  • many garments only available in a small One Size
  • collected discount points are deleted every year on New Year's Day


Like most online shops, YesStyle offers the two most popular payment methods: PayPal and credit card. We recommend paying with PayPal because of its amazing buyer protection. Another advantage of Paypal is that YesStyle will return the money in case of an order cancellation or cancellation of part of an order.

YesStyle accepts the usual credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB. All payments are charged in US dollars ($), but YesStyle is working on expanding its currency selection, so other currencies should be available soon.


Supported payment methods

PayPal PayPal Because of the often offered PayPal-express checkout and of the Paypal buyer protection a fast and safe payment method
credit card




The payment with a credit card works like it always does. But keep in mind that you don't have a particular buyer protection

Delivery times

You have exactly two choices if you're from the US:

  • Premium Standard (free for orders with a value of $35+, takes 5 - 14 business days. Costs $3.99 for orders with a value of less than $35)
  • Express shipping. (free for a $99+ order, selectable for a $35+ order. Costs $12.99 in this case)

If you're from Europe, you get to choose between standard and express shipping. Check out your specific shipping fees in YesStyle's shipping table.

YesStyle Shopping Cart

Return policy

The return policy of YesStyle is different from the policies of other webshops. YesStyle allows customers to return items for any reason within 14 days of delivery. This only applies to clothing, bags, and shoes; underwear, jewelry, and all other accessories may only be returned if they are damaged. 

YesStyle does not refund payments on orders regardless of the reason for the return. If you return an item, YesStyle will credit the value of the item to your YesStyle account as store credit

YesStyle and customs

Contrary to other Chinese online shops, YesStyle declares packages very carefully so that any unwanted stop at customs are rare. Nevertheless, one should be aware that customs does random checks even on well-declared packages from China.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not entirely common, side-effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, but the majority are subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 when entering the country. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely from nothing to $495 depending on the product and how its sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $100, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at your port of entry to confirm any extra taxes.

Any extra taxes or duty on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

YesStyle Package

We received our order within 12 days of shipping - meaning within 8 work days. That places YesStyle comfortably among the fastest and most organized Chinese online shops we've tested. The stated order value on the customs declaration was way below its real value and we didn't experience any kind of problem with customs. And the packaging was great!

Specific features

YesStyle does like to keep you current on the latest trends. They do that with a blog of the newest fashion trends. Their blog also has an interesting question column as well as by a plethora of newsletters, including the promotion newsletter. You can mange your newsletter subscriptions easily in your user profile.


YesStyle is a well-established, trustworthy online shop. Even if its point system is in need of improvement, it is definitely worth a look for its regular discount campaigns and the multitude of Asia-specific products on offer.

You should be careful if you consider ordering clothing. Many garments are ordered in one size and if you pay attention to the measurements in cm you will notice that many of these one size items will not fit everyone.


YesStyle is the website for fashion online shopping in China. If you're looking for a particular garment or something for a special occasion, then the following two online shops might be alternatives to YesStyle:

 Alternative 1:  Sammydress
shipping costs large assortment of garments and accessories
 Alternative 2:  SheIn
free shipping a smaller but already well-known fashion store
 Alternative 3:  cosmede
free shipping
from $40
lists beauty products such as make-up and skin care. In their product range are cushion foundations, sheet masks and other popular Asian cosmetic items and you will find besides Asian skin care brands also high end European and American brands.

1 YesStyle Coupon

Besides free shipping after reaching a certain order value and the discount through the Stylebucks in YesStyle's Elite Club, there are regularly interesting promo codes for YesStyle customers. You can get an overview of the current coupons on our page.



Sakura Season Sale up to 80% off + 15% off

Sakura Season Sale up to 80% off + 15% off. Use this cuopon code at YesStyle, valid up until March 29th



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I am waiting for more than three weeks for my order now and I did not get it yet. The parcel service's website said that it is already in Austria since a week but nothing yet. Also after writing the customer service where I only found an email no answer! So I think that is very weird and I get the feeling I will never see the bag nor the 40$ again...


Just received my package super fast. Great package and only took two weeks. I love it! Cute skirt: a really famous brand that I haven't found outsite of Korea yet, and a super adorable coat. Can't wait for winter. And never thought I would say that.
Translate 03/27/2020


Alguien que sea de Guatemala yo hice un pedido el día 11 de enero aún no llega y no tengo noticias quien me podría ayudar informandome como puedo hacerle
Translate 03/17/2020


Hola, tengo un código de descuento : 8M4AJJ
Translate 03/13/2020


Fuera de mi primera experiencia con Yes Style (culpa de mi ignorancia), no he tenido muchos problemas, lo mejor que puedes hacer es revisar las calificaciones que tiene la marca (en el sitio) antes de comprar y así evitar productos de baja calidad o estafas (que he podido apreciar en prendas).
Hay varias cosas que de no poseer los permisos requeridos no van a poder ingresar al país y es VITAL leer las leyes de aduana, ya que tal como la plataforma indica en la sección de Atención al Cliente, NO se hacen responsables por el reenvío o el reembolso de artículos confiscados/retenidos.
Si no cuentan con un padrón de importación NO COMPREN COSMÉTICOS, porque está prohibido ingresar por vía postal mercancías de difícil identificación (polvos, líquidos o formas farmacéuticas) sin los permisos pertinentes.
Aquí dejo links para las leyes relevantes:
Translate 03/10/2020


(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ Me gusta comprar en yesstyle, hasta el momento he hecho un total de 23 pedidos y los recibo en 15 días hábiles... te dejo mi código para que obtengas un descuento extra en tu próxima compra Código influencer ???????????????????????????????????????? o ingresa a
Translate 03/05/2020


Es la primera vez que hago un pedido online, fue hace 3 días pero cuando reviso en Detalles del pedido me sale que unos están listos para el envío y el otro sigue En proceso; me preocupa ya que en mi estado de cuenta no aparece nada, sin embargo ya pagué, ha de ser por ese "En proceso" pero ya lleva tiempo así y no sé qué debo hacer. Si alguien supiera le agradecería me responda. Gracias.
Translate 02/21/2020


Es seguro comprar ahí, a mi me encanta y si aduanas retiene el paquete, tú lo pagas pero yesstyle te reembolsa el dinero
Código de descuento es yesstyle: 86EECB ????
Translate 02/13/2020


Soy de Guatemala
Me hicieron el envió el 14 de enero y aún no tengo respuesta noc si me van a contactar o debo ir a algún lugar por el alguien me puede ayudar
Translate 02/06/2020


Quería saber cuál es el número de guía está en la factura? O donde se encuentra
Translate 02/05/2020

Sevim oruç

Yapmış olduğum ürün gümrük kuralları nedeniyle geri döndü.geri ödemeyi 6 ay boyunca beklettiler sonra paramı iade yerine çek gönderdiler.çeki hiç bir banka kabul etmedi.sorunu bildirmeme rağmen hesabıma yatırmayı reddettiler yaklaşıl 1 senedir uğraşıyorum ama hala sonuç alamadım.param çöpe gitti.
Translate 02/02/2020


Ho fatto un ordine il 12 gennaio e siamo a 2 febbraio ma ancora non mi è arrivata nessuna mail che sia stato spedito il pacco. Cosa dovrei fare ?
Translate 01/27/2020


Bien, mais temps de livraison un peu long.

Lien de parrainage pour ceux et celles qui le souhaitent :5MPHZK
Translate 01/24/2020


A mi me encanta ???? es que me ido de maravilla comprando, todos los días hay ofertas y un regalo. Encima si pones el código : GETOUTTA16
te hacen otro descuento, el mes de tu cumpleaños otro descuento. Si compras sobre 9 dólares te regalan una muestra de maquillaje nada mejor
Translate 01/22/2020


NO COMPREN HAY SI SON DE MEXICO! Mi paquete me lo detuvo aduanas y pedí 4000 pesos de productos y que creen? No creo que me devuelvan mi dinero y me cobran 6000 pesos para sacarlo de aduanas, es un robo total.
Translate 01/17/2020


Bir yıldız bile etmez!
Yesstyle dan 45 € değerinde ücretsiz kargo kapsamıyla ve banka kartımla alışveriş yaptım.
Kargo dağıtıma bile çıkmadan geri döndü. Kargo şirketiyle görüştüm. Problemin adresin yanlış yazılmasından kaynaklanabileceğini söylediler.
Yesstyle a defalarca mail atmama rağmen kargoyu göndererek üsterine düşen görevi yaptıklarını, ürünü istiyorsam kargo parası ödemem şartıyla kargoyu tekrar göndereceklerini söylediler.
Siparişi iptal etmem halinde kargoyu ilk gönderdikleri için 5 € kesinti yapıldıktan sonra kalan paranın site içerisinde kredi puanına dönüştürülebileceğini söylediler. Kargo bana ulaşamazken tekrar alışveriş yapmamın mümkün olmadığını söyledim. Henüz herhangi bir geri dönüş vermediler.
Bir telefon numarası olmadığı için aramak mümkün değil. Şikayet maili ingilizce yazmanız gerekiyor yoksa cevap bile vermiyorlar.
Bana attıkları cevap mailleri herhangi bir çözümü içermiyor ve kesinlikle müşterileriyle ilgilenmiyorlar. Utanmadan sitelerinde %100 müşteri memnuniyeti yazmışlar.. umarım paramı para olarak geri alabilirim..
Translate 01/13/2020

Lucía D.C.

Buenos días. Anteriormente había comprado en la web sin ningún problema, pero la última vez ha sido un desastre. Hice un pedido el 22 de septiembre superior a 40EUR a través de PayPal. Cuando había pasado un mes y algo me puse en contacto con ellos, porque me parecía raro que no se actualizara la información de envío, y me dijeron que se había perdido y que les facilitara mi dirección otra vez para reenviarlo. Así fue, pero como vi que seguía sin noticias, me volví a poner en contacto con ellos. La respuesta fue un copia-pega de la anterior. Ante esto les hice saber que no estaba de acuerdo y que quería que me devolviesen el dinero. La respuesta es que me lo devuelven a base de "store credits", que después de esta experiencia va a ser que no . Lo último es que les he escrito de nuevo para decirles que quiero que me lo devuelvan a través de PayPal. A ver en qué queda la cosa. Lo cierto es que han pasado casi 4 meses desde que hice la compra y en todo ese tiempo ya he tenido que comprar en mi país los productos equivalentes. No creo que les vuelva a comprar...
Translate 01/07/2020

Luiz Fernando Guerreiro Fernandes

Use este código de desconto para extra 5% de desconto: XZMSAV (Código de recompensa - Reward code)

Sempre comprei nessa loja, além dos descontos, é uma otima loja e que sempre responde os e-mails que recebe! Uma dica: quando voce fizer sua compra, envie um e-mail para pedindo o código de rastreio, junto com o número do pedido e eles te enviaram o código para voce acompanhar pelos correios e pagar a taxa de despacho postal !!
Translate 12/20/2019


Comprei os produtos muito empolgada.
Esperei muito para poder comprar.
Optei pelo frete grátis, pois achei que não tinha necessidade de acompanhamento, e se fosse o caso de ser taxada os correios me informariam de algum modo.
Todavia, não foi isso que ocorreu. A encomenda estava demorando muito, mas como estava dentro do prazo estimado, esperei acabar e só então entrei em contato com a Yes style.
Digitei tudo no tradutor do google e expliquei a situação de que ainda não tinha recebido e nem tive notícia da minha encomenda pelo correio brasileiro. Perguntei como eu poderia saber onde estava e enviaram o código de rastreio.
Vi que estava há muitos dias aguardando pagamento da taxa de despacho postal e entrei em contato com os Correios pelo telefone, informando o código e perguntando como eu poderia pagar a taxa.
A atendente me explicou que havia expirado o prazo para pagamento da taxa e a encomenda seria devolvida ao remetente. Ela também me disse que TODAS as encomendas que entram no país tem um código de rastreio e o vendedor é obrigado a informar, pois não há outro meio para pagamento da taxa.
Fiquei muito chateada. Entrei em contato novamente com a loja e me informaram que vão reenviar assim que receberem a encomenda de volta. Todavia, pude verificar que já foi devolvido ao país de origem e até o momento não reenviaram nada de volta. Já se passaram 3 meses desde que paguei.
No mesmo dia, eu havia comprado no site Rose Rose shop e chegou em 10 dias, com código de rastreamento e sem taxas.
Resumindo... nunca mais. Os preços são bons e tem produtos que não encontro em outros sites, mas toda a chateação não vale a pena.

Eu comprei na
Translate 12/03/2019


Holaa, es una tienda interesante con buenos precios. Aquí os dejo un código de descuento de 10 %!!

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