TVC-Mall was founded in 2004 as a branch of the Chinese web-giant Alibaba Group. Based in Guangdong, China, TVC-Mall is a part of the largest company in China. Despite the reach of its parent company, TVC-Mall still lags behind other much smaller Chinese webshops with an Alexa Ranking of 33,683 placing it among the top 35,000 most-visited websites in the world. A respectable score, but relatively low considering other sites owned by Alibaba regularly break the top 15k. Unlike its corporate big brother Aliexpress, TVC-Mall is not a vendor platform. Instead, TVC stocks, markets, and ships all its inventory privately from centrally-controlled warehouses, giving you the benefit of knowing who you're buying from at all times.

TVC-Mall Index

Experience with TVC-Mall

Although the comparatively-high shipping costs on some items discouraged us from placing too many test orders, we still managed to put together an in-depth experience report on TVC-Mall as only PandaCheck can. Check out the points below for an at-a-glance look of our experience, or read on for an in-depth review of TVC-Mall.


  • Specializes in smartphone accessories, electronics accessories, and general consumer electronics
  • 1 Year guarantee on all electronics, 7 day guarantee for repairs and replacements
  • Shipping: 2-4 weeks with standard shipping, 1 week or less for express shipping


  • Customer Service available in Live-Chat
  • PayPal Payments possible
  • 1 year guarantee on most electronics
  • SSL-Certified


  • Customer is responsible for return shipping
  • Rigid return policy


TVC-Mall gives you the option to checkout without a TVC Account using PayPal. We always recommend using PayPal for all online orders because it's quick, easy, and offers an unbeatable Buyer Protection Program which allows you to open a case within 180 days to get your money back.

If you don't use PayPal or you prefer to checkout the old fashioned way, you'll need to make a TVC Account before going any further. Once you've created your account (it only took us roughly 30 seconds), you have quite a few choices to pay: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard), AstroPay, Web Money, POLi Payments, HSBC, MoneyGram, and Western Union.

 Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal Our recommendation for all online orders. PayPal is perhaps the quickest, easiest, and safest way to make payments online. Their internal Buyer Protection Program is without equal.
Credit Card



All credit card payments on TVC-Mall are processed through AliPay, Alibaba's own PayPal competitor. This shouldn't mean much to you here other than that "Alipay" may show up on your next bill instead of "TVC Mall."
Western Union   Western Union is the original long-distance payment method. It's all done offline and usually leads to extra fees. We recommend avoiding it unless you absolutely need to use it.
MoneyGram   Similar to Western Union, this method allows you to pay online or offline. Watch out for extra bank fees.
HSBC   Should you have an account in HSBC, TVC-Mall will let you make a direct bank transfer from your account with no extra fees. Convenient.
Webmoney Webmoney Web Money is Russia's answer to PayPal and is still mostly popular within Russia and ex-Soviet Bloc countries. If you use it, you can pay with it here.
AstroPay   AstroPay is Brazil's hometown PayPal competitor that's been gaining traction in North America. If you're an AstroPay user, you can use it here.
POLiPayments   PoliPayments is owned by the Australia Post and is a favorite homegrown PayPal alternative down-under. If you're in Australia or New Zealand, feel free to pay with Poli here.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

All orders have a processing time of a couple days and are sent within 1-3 days of placement. When it comes time to select a shipping method, you'll have a few to choose from depending on your location. American customers will have choices ranging from NL Post, Sweden Post, Singapore Post, Postlink US, DHL, EMS, and UPS, mostly ranked in order of speed and price. The exact prices will vary depending on the weight of your product, so you always need to pay attention in this section to select the best price for you.

It's interesting to note that the cheapest (and slowest) shipping method, China Post, did not come up during our more expensive test order (shown above), but became an option when we removed the more expensive item and kept only the single $0.97 iPhone case (see below). Apparently, the cheapest shipping methods are only available on the cheapest orders, but play around with it and let us know what you see.

TVC-Mall and Customs

TVC is a professional gadget shop and, as such, all of our deliveries from them arrived well packaged and properly declared. That being said, customs stop can happen at any time to any package, regardless of the quality of the packaging and its contents. As such, it is worth it to read up on your country's rules and regulations surrounding international shippments to be aware of what fees, if any, you may be expected to pay in case your package has a little layover in the customs office.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

All returns and exchanges must be effectuated within 7 days of delivery. TVC-Mall expects that you provide a correct tracking number for all returns in order to confirm that a return has been sent. They seem to have a very strict policy and do not claim responsibility for any damage that arises during the return shipping and will only accept properly and originally packaged items as returns. All returns must be registered with TVC's customer service team in advance. Your claim will then be processed and, upon approval, you will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA), which must be written atop the return package. TVC-Mall does not accept any packages that do not have a clearly marked RMA number.

This relatively strict return policy shows that TVC-Mall isn't quite as accommodating as some of its competitors. 

Most electronics on TVC-Mall have a 1 year guarantee on returns or replacements.

Special Features

TVC-Mall offers a few interesting options to its customers that we rarely see on other electronics webshops. For one, most of their items offer some form of Quantity Discount when ordering multiple examples. These items are conveniently demarcated and feature a simple overview of the discount given for each successive item you put in your cart. This makes it easy to see your savings if you plan to order any items in bulk.

TVC-Mall also has a very unique way of dealing with supply bottlenecks. Namely, they give you the option upon checkout to choose what they should do if an item you ordered is no longer available in the selected color, or at all. Called "About Color" and "About Goods" options, these options give you the chance to have TVC-Mall contact you directly, to have them automatically replace the item with a similar item or different color that is available, or to automatically give you a refund or store credit on the out-of-stock item. These options give flexible customers the option to expedite their ordering process by pre-selecting what they prefer TVC-Mall to do in the case they run out of a product. Although such supply bottlenecks are annoying and its best when they're avoided altogether, it's nice to see that TVC-Mall has taken a direct, time-saving approach to the problem.

TVC-Mall also operates its own Youtube Channel, as well as active Pinterest and Facebook pages where it highlights new and interesting products, offers product reviews, and even promotes exclusive coupons.


If you're on the hunt for something specific, and you haven't been able to find it on similar sites such as FocalPrice, Banggood, and Dealextreme, the TVC-Mall offers a safe and reliable option for your online shopping. TVC-Mall beats many of its competitors when it comes to straight pricing, but this price advantage is dampened a bit by the fact that TVC-Mall still doesn't offer any form of Free Shipping.


 Alternative 1:  MiniInTheBox
free shipping lots of cell phone accessories and small gadgets - and free shipping!
 Alternative 2:  tinydeal
free shipping similar selection with comparable prices and free shipping.

1 TVC-Mall Coupon


Bargain zone at TVC-Mall

In the Stock Clearance zone at TVC-Mall you will find great bargains: buy inexpensive smartphone accessories, electronic items or even home decor

Valid for a limited time

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Hi there,
I just purchase yesterday Samsung Galaxy Tab case on the TVC MALL.i just pay true the online my order ID is V19102601033. Please let me know when I get my order

Hemduth and
The sale went through, no problem even though you are not made aware that you will have to pay import tax. Still not a problem.
The projector developed a problem after a few weeks and I contacted them to enquire about warranty or their repair centre I'm the UK. I contacted them on the 5th of July 2018 and it's now the 21st of November 2018 and NO working projector. They keep saying they will help resolve until they admitted they can't help but will refund me my money back through PayPal. Money request sent through PayPal on 25th of October and NO refund. They are ignoring all my emails and haven't heard from them since. So, AVOID them at all cost or risk losing your money with products being sold without warranties.

Gina Hermsdorf

I smell a ripoff

Sept 21st I ordered a replacement screen for my Alcatel Fierce received a confirmation of order with a link for the order that did not work, logged on order is their all is good,
October 4th having received no confirmation of my item being shipped and not receiving item I attempted to logon to my account and was unable to,
Shipping information I do have initially told me 10 days and I now find out it could be 10-25 days, my plan is to email the company and if I receive no response from them or the item does not arrive by the 20th Oct then I will go thru my back to get a refund.

Gianluca Panzalorto

I will never buy again from them. I purchased a micro project which does not work properly: the battery expeires in few minutes (much less than the ones mentioned on the technical specifications) and after advising the assistance I need to send videos and photos over first so they can check with their supplier before giving me a response. I have asked clarifications about the return policy to my contact by their assistance (freda) and I received some incomplete and incosistent replies. Today, after 3 days, I finally know that they do not accept any return untill they cannot check the problem with their supplier. In the meantime the 14 days from the receipt of the product within which the returns are accepted are passing by and I'm afraid I won't have any chance either to get my money back or a fully operating product. NEVER AGAIN TVC MALL!!!


I do not recommend TVC-Mall, They send me damage screen, and in order to replace I need to send them back screen. Basically I will be without phone for time of the shipment back and fourth.. Bed service DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.


I bought a rough phone and after 3 months it stopped working. I wrote several times to consumer service asking how to benefit of the warranty, they never explained me how they're warranty policy works. A company TO AVOID
Translate 06/10/2019


Un engaño compre un mástil y nunca llego ablo con ello por mensajes y no contestan esto es una estafa pero no se saldrán con la suya
Translate 05/03/2019

Gennaro De lella

una consegna senza problemi , la seconda in attesa di consegna.
nessun problema
Translate 01/20/2019


Моё знакомство с TVC-Mall началось с момента, когда я выбрал понравившийся мне чехол на смартфон. С самого начала общение не заладилось - по моей вине, т.к я не совсем верно истолковывал фразы, которые мне говорили операторы. Но хочу заметить, что они постоянно были вежливы со мной. В итоге я стал обладателем желанного чехла. :) Чехол пришёл даже немного раньше срока. Качество хорошее, запаха нет, все детали подогнаны чётко. Упакован хорошо - в мешок с пузырьчатой плёнкой и дополнительно вспененный полиэтилен.
Translate 09/24/2018

edwin henn

Translate 06/21/2018


Auf keinen Fall etwas bei dieser Webseite bestellen, bis heute keine bestellte Ware erhalten und mein Geld werde ich wohl nie wieder sehen!!! Schön das sie einen Live-Chat besitzen, allerdings bring es einem nichts wenn dieser nicht funktioniert!
Auch über WhatsApp habe ich diese Webseite kontaktiert worauf man mich auch nach dem fünften mal nachfragen was denn mit meiner Bestellung sei immer auf die Service E-Mail Adresse verwies!! Und nach der gefühlten zehnten E-Mail an diese Adresse habe ich bis heute keine Antwort erhalten, aber anscheinend will man auch gar nicht mit mir sprechen.
Kann nur sagen das es eine Schande ist einen Verbraucher (Kunden) so Zappeln zu lassen !!!
Translate 01/12/2018


UNA ESTAFA: En julio compre una pantalla de un Smartphone LG K10. Me enviaron una que no funcionaba bien y tras reclamar (me hicieron grabar un vídeo enseñando que no funcionaba bien) aceptaron que lo devolviera para que lo revisaran. En octubre les envië la pantalla por correo normal, recomendado por ello por ser el mas barato. Desde entonces no he vuelto a saber nada a pesar de que sigo enviándoles mensajes por WhatsApp con confirmación de que los leen.
CONCLUSION:si lo que se pide funciona puede ser maravilloso pero si no darlo por perdido.
Translate 11/20/2017


Habe mir Displays mit Digitizer bestellt und rate dringend davon ab.

Schlechte Ware, Hat nicht richtig funktioniert.

Über anderes kann ich nicht urteilen.
Translate 09/25/2017


Livraison rapide et produit conforme, mais évitez de choisir DHL pour la livraison , ils appliquent des frais de payement TVA tres tres élevés ( 25 euros )
Translate 09/11/2017


i bought an lcd screnn with digitizer of tablet asus nexus 7 and it does not work.
never buy again on this site

1 - commande d'un écran lcd tactile d'une tablette asus nexus 7.
2 - envoi rapide et soigné dans les délais.
3 - pas de paiement de frais de douane avec china post.
4 - remplacement de l'écran sur ma tablette et la ....
5 - L'écran méme s'il parait propre ne marche pas. donc plus jamais sur ce site.
Translate 07/28/2017


commande traitée en 10 jours (delais annoncés 1-3j)
commande annulée au final par la vendeuse car n'etait pas sûr que malgré mes reponses positives l article soit compatible alors que vendu en France
tentative de commande 2 autres fois, toutes annulees par la vendeuse sans me consulter
Responsable des ventes contactée 3 fois par mail (car les numeros de telephones de contact indiques ne sont pas valables) avec une reponse au 10e jours alors que sur le site la reponse est garantie en 24h
au final 3semaines de perdues pour ne pas avoir l'article commandé !
Translate 07/27/2017


Mi è stato regalato un mini proiettore acquistato da tvc mall. Prodotto pessimo e assistenza ancora peggiore. Non garantiscono il reso e il diritto di recesso. Davvero pessimi!!!!! Non acquistate nulla da mi sono sentito truffato!!!!!
Translate 07/08/2017


Yo tuve la mala suerte de tener que pagar en la aduana...40€!!!! Por una cámara de 110€. A parte de eso todo bien, llegó rápido ya que pague un poco más por el envío y el producto era el que esperaba.
Translate 06/22/2017


No se como excancelar unos productos. Es que sin querer cancele unos cuantos...
Translate 03/08/2017

Santiago villen izquierdo

Yo compre el 27 de febrero y el 7 de marzo tenia mi pedido en casa tal como lo eleji todo estupendo

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