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Tmart.com is an online shop in Hong Kong with a large range of products with electronic items, gadgets, clothing and even household goods. It is well-known, has already an Alexa ranking of 7.712 - meaning it's one of the 8.000 most visited websites worldwide - and attracts many customers from the US, Mexico, China, Germany and India.

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A well-arranged website, which doesn't hurt your eye with too many, too bright colors ;-)

Experience with Tmart

We had to test out Tmart as soon as we heard that it has a warehouse in the UK. That’s why we had to place a few orders and try out the warehouse in Great Britain.


payment possible with PayPal or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Deliver)
free shipping
warehouses in the USA and England


depending on language selection, explanation and payment methods may vary


You can finish your order at Tmart quickly by using the well-known “Check out with PayPal” button or go the slower way via “Proceed to Checkout” where you have the choice between paying with PayPal, credit card or WebMoney.

We recommend paying with PayPal because it’s easy and you get the PayPal buyer protection, meaning you can open a case on PayPal within 45 days after the payment and request a refund.

Tmart Payment Methods

A clear layout of your options: Newly listed payment methods are giropay and sofort banking

Delivery time and shipping

The delivery time depends on the item’s location - so check carefully if an item is on stock in Hong Kong, the USA or the UK. But the standard shipping cost is always the same: 0$. If you’re in a hurry, then the free shipping option might not be fast enough for you, consider using DHL or EMS but check the shipping costs and estimated delivery times carefully. Shipping will take the longest from Hong Kong with approximately 3 to 15 business days. For an extra charge of 1,70$ you receive a shipment tracking number for your otherwise free standard shipping order and keep an eye on your delivery - this tracking number won’t cost you anything if you order for at least 15$.

Tmart Index

Not an overwhelming amount of shipping options, but definitely sufficient

Return policy

First things first: You get your money back faster than at other online shops. Tmart will refund you as soon as you send a receipt of shipping proof- Defective items can be returned within 90 days of their first shipping and items that have any physical damages can be returned within 7 days of receiving them. You’ll get a refund or an exchange and be refunded for the return shipping fees. Mistakenly shipped items will also be exchanged and the return shipping refunded. If you like a mistakenly shipped item, you can buy it and get a 30% discount on its price. And if you don’t like a shipped item, you can send it back within 7 days but you have to pay for the return shipping in this case. Missing packages will be shipped again within 45 days of their original shipping. Of course you always have the option to open a case on PayPal and demand a refund but this shouldn’t be necessary for orders at Tmart.

Specific features

Tmart has an internal point system. By opening an account, signing up for the newsletter, writing reviews and placing orders you can collect points to save on future orders. 100 points are worth 1$. A disadvantage of this system is that you can only save up to 10% of your order value with Tmart points.

Tmart VIP program

The different levels of the VIP program

A great advantage of Tmart is their warehouse system. Warehouses in the USA and Great Britain with a large stock lead to a fast delivery - and if you order from England, you don’t have to pay any kind of customs fees.


Tmart has a great assortment of electronic gadgets, that ‘s why these two shops might be good alternatives:

 Alternative 1:  gearbest
free shipping lots of electronics, tablets and smartphones, but also sporting goods, fashion and jewelry to offer
 Alternative 2:  Chinavasion
shipping costs great range of electronic items and smartphones, helpful and quick customer support
 Alternative 3:  TomTop
possibly shipping fees owns several European and a US warehouse, offers often free shipping, vast electronic product range

Tmart Coupons

Tmart frequently offers new deals and coupons. But keep in mind that you can only use one coupon on your order. All current promotions and coupons are listed on our website.

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