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SuntekStore offers a wide array of electronics, gadgets, solar-powered tech, and much more. Suntek Store competes with the hundreds of other Chinese gadget stores that offer cheap electronics at low prices and, since its start in 2011, the Hong Kong-based webstore has already amassed a respectable client base. 

On the global level SuntekStore ranks among the top quarter-million most-visited websites. In the USA and the UK, however, the Chinese gadget mecca ranks much better, in both cases among the top 110k most-visited websites. Approximately one-third of all visitors to the site come from North America or the UK.

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Experience with SuntekStore

We just couldn't pass up another opportunity to order some new toys from the new store, so we put SuntekStore through the paces and summed up the good, the bad, and the ugly below for you. Read on for an in-depth review of the site and how it works.


"Large array of different products","Free Shipping<\/strong>","Cheap, cheap, CHEAP","PayPal Buyer Protection for PayPal users","Easy-to-navigate website","No Hassle 60-day Return Policy<\/strong>"


"No Live Chat option; customer service only accessible via Phone and Email","Account Required to place orders","Return costs must be paid for returns and exchanges"


As of this writing, SuntekStore only supports payments processed through PayPal. It will, however, accept Credit Card payments processed through PayPal as well as normal PayPal payments, so you're still able to charge your order if you prefer to pay in plastic

SuntekStore PayPal

Note that you do not need to open a PayPal account just to order on SuntekStore if you don't already have one.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Time

SuntekStore gives you three standard shipping options to choose from. The Standard Airmail option is always free, but does not come with a tracking number and arrives within 7-20 workdays. The $2.00 Registered Airmail option takes the same amount of time as the free shipping, but gives you a tracking number for $2.00 more. Should you be in a rush, SuntekStore can also make sure your package arrives within 3-7 workdays with the Expedited Shipping. This option usually costs $20, but the price can go up if you order a lot.

SuntekStore Shipping Methods

SuntekStore and Customs

SuntekStore packaged our order very carefully and it had no problems getting through customs and arriving at our office on time. SuntekStore, however, like many other China shops, has the habit of rounding up the value of items in the customs declaration, which can lead to confusion if your package is being inspected. As such it's always worth it to read up on your country's rules and regulations involving importation and international shipping to know what to expect should your package be stopped. Customs can stop packages at any time for any reason.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

SuntekStore has one of the most flexible return policies of any Chinese shops we've seen. Customers are able to return or exchange any items within 60 days of delivery. All returns must first be registered with Suntek's Customer Service, who will process the request and provide you with a return number and an exact return address. SuntekStore will refund or exchange items according to customer preference, but all new shipping costs will fall to the customer to pay.

Special Features

SuntekStore offers some pretty good discounts on bulk orders. This shouldn't affect the average shopper too much, but should you need to buy something for more than just one person you can save some decent money by placing the entire order together on SuntekStore.


SuntekStore is one of the those shops that offers so many random little things, that most people will probably run out of patience before they run out of things to find on Suntek. Everything from lightbulbs to Speedos, if you need it cheaply and don't mind waiting a few weeks SuntekStore is one of your best options among other Chinese webshops.


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free shipping similar prices and many different little gadgets

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