was founded June 2015 - but used to be known and quite popular as Sheinside since 2008. SHEIN is one of the first and biggest fashion online shops from China.

The clothes are fashionable and many of them are already cult classics. SHEIN offers great basics for every wardrobe as well as exotic, exclusive fashion pieces. So far we were very happy with our orders and the quality of the pieces - as long as we kept in mind to order about two sizes up. Well, we can only agree to this statement to a certain extent.


Experience with SHEIN 

The page is as user-friendly as it used to be as SheInside - and we've tested this with several orders at SheInside as well as SHEIN to be certain :D The website itself is arranged in an aesthetic manner and the product range is quite extensive. Especially the ordering process is easy and fast. (But this can be said about many Chinese online shops nowadays, especially if you use PayPal as a payment method.)

Be aware of the sizes: better order at least one size up, as SHEIN works with Asian measurements. You can find the exact measurements of each garment on each product page.

The quality of the garments doesn't match up to higher-end clothing, but the cuts and colors are definitely up-to-date. If you're not expecting too much quality-wise and fabric-wise, you won't be disappointed. Our experience is, that the quality is often similar to well-known highstreet fashion stores. Our ordered clothes are still in great shape - excluding the messy seams. And we were impressed by the shipping time: we've received our orders within two to three weeks! That's a great time for shipping from China. More details can be found in the following paragraphs:


  • Processing time: 1-3 business days
  • PayPal payment, credit card
  • TrustWave (Security of personal information; credit card details are protected)



  • Slow customer service feedback


SHEIN doesn't offer express paypal checkout, which can be an advantage, as you often can't choose the shipping method and add coupon codes, if you choose express checkout. After registration you get to choose your preferred payment method. Either you pay with PayPal or with your credit card (Visa, Mastercard). In this ordering step you can also use SHEIN coupon codes.

Shein Payment Options

Delivery times and shipping

When you order from the US, you get to choose between three shipping methods:

  • free standard shipping: for orders of US$49+ from the US, takes 1-3 day processing time 
  • standard shipping: US$3.99 for orders with a value of less than US$49
  • express shipping: costs $12.90

If you're not from the US, the shipping times and options will probably vary. Visit SHEIN's shipping FAQ for more information.

Keep in mind, that the processing of your order takes about 5-7 business days, so add this to your shipping time to estimate the approximate arrival of your order. General rule for ordering from China: It's better to place your order a few days earlier, as customs and your postal office tend to work slower than you would like, meaning that the bag, dress or top might otherwise not arrive on time for your meeting or date.

SHEIN and customs

SHEIN is careful when it comes to the customs declaration but doesn't always list the true order values. It tends to round the real numbers down but we didn't have any problems with customs yet (fingers crossed!).

Worried about your order from Asia? We recommend reading up on your country's rules and regulations regarding international shipping and customs fees to be prepared for extra fees if your order does stop at your local customs office.

For orders entering the US, extra taxes and fees are possible. Not all items are taxed when entering the United States. Most are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 in case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid can vary depending on the items and how your order is sent. If you're concerned or planning to order goods with a total value of more than $500, you should contact your customs office to confirm any extra fees.

Return policy

You can return your ordered items within 45 days (this time is currently extended to 75 days) of their delivery. But you have to return the items unused, undamaged and in original package. At SHEIN return shipping is free on your 1st return for any order. Items like bodysuits, lingerie, swimwear, jewelry, beauty and accessories (except scarves, bags, and mermaid blankets) cannot be returned.

If you want to return additional items from your order, you you can use the shipping label SHEIN provides and pay a $ 7.99 shipping fee, or you can use your own shipping method at your own costs. Just keep in mind to contact customer service before send anything back to SHEIN. You have to inform them what you want to return or exchange and if you want a refund or if you want a particular item or different size.

Special features

One special feature we have to mention is the option of publishing pictures of your bought outfit and telling other users about your experience with SHEIN and the particular outfit. The Fashion Blogger program is also a very popular feature. You can receive free clothing from SHEIN and publish it on your own blog or on a social platform.

Shein Programs

People who don't blog can also save some money. One possible way for that would be the student program. If you're still in school or college, sign up for the student program to enjoy 15% extra discount on your orders.


Because of its successful blogging program SHEIN gained quite some attention in these past months. It became especially popular in the United States, Spain and France. Because of its great prices, the free shipping and return shipping as well as the product range it will certainly become even more popular in other parts of the world.


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0 SHEIN Coupons

You can get access to great SHEIN coupon codes by subscribing to their newsletter as well as continuously checking out our listed promo codes on PandaCheck. Interested in more SHEIN vouchers and promotions during 2020? Keep on visiting us at PandaCheck and we will tell you all about it! 

Sorry, no coupons are currently available.

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Nach 3 Wochen nach Zahlung habe ich endlich mein Bestelltes Kleid und die Sandalette erhalten. Die Schuhe wurden in der falschen Größe geliefert, das Kleid hat richtig Ausdünstungen gehabt deswegen habe ich es auf eigenen Kosten zurückgeschickt. Man bekommt keinen Retourenschein und bleibt auf den Rücksende kosten sitzen die sehr teuer sind nach Belgien da es kein Lager in Deutschland gibt. Nie wieder absolute abzocke das die Qualität nicht wert ist.


I ordered my two dresses almost a month ago and I still have yet to receive them.


Good quality but shipping took me more than a month.
Translate 10/23/2020


Hola por favor necesito ayuda. Mi paquete esta retenido desde hace más de dos meses en aduana por falta de factura; en el soporte jo le aparece la opción para pedir reembolso. Que puedo hacer?
Translate 10/22/2020


Hola, tengo el mismo problema que la mayoría, mi pedido se encuentra retenido en la aduana de Chile, aunque la fecha comprometida de entrega aún no vence, sería por ahí por el 30 de octubre.
Ingresen a la pagina de Shein y ahí encontrarán las preguntas frecuentes, una de ellas es ¿Por qué mi paquete muestra una factura faltante?

Respuesta: Sentimos mucho por la molestia. Pero no se preocupe, a veces, la aduana verificará al azar algunos paquetes. Si su paquete está en la aduana, la empresa de transporte va a avisarnos para proporcionar la información y liberar su paquete. Después de proporcionar la factura, la aduana necesitará entre 7 y 10 días para resolver el problema. Si el estado de su paquete todavía no actualiza después de 2 semanas, puede contactar con nosotros otra vez para confirmar el problema de su paquete. Gracias por su paciencia.

Al parecer hay que armarse de paciencia, ahora si no llega nunca la factura, vendrá la parte de anular el pedido y serán unos cuantos días más.

espero tengamos buena suerte!
Translate 10/22/2020


Mi pedido dice que esta retenido en aduana por la falta de factura, pero shein nunca me envio una factura. Que puedo hacer para recuperar mi pedido?
Translate 10/21/2020


Respecto a lo de aduana discrepó ya que el día 25 de septiembre compre y todavía está en aduana de chile por venir el paquete sin la factura que debieron haber enviado . Sigo esperando y en Shein nadie me responde de servicio al cliente y en chilexpress dicen ustedes deben enviar el producto con su factura GSHMSMOONOOCY1 .
Translate 10/20/2020


Terrible el proceso de post venta, enviaron sin factura y esta retenido en aduana desde hace casi un mes, nadie responde, tiene un sistema de atención al cliente pésimo en el que no puedes hablar con nadie si no con máquinas que obviamente no pueden resolver el problema, la incertidumbre es terrible!!!
Translate 10/19/2020

Vanessa Maradey

Pésimo servicio, no envían la factura y aduana retiene el producto, no hay un buzón donde hacer preguntas o contactarse con alguien capaz de solventar las dudas... jamás vuelvo a comprar por ahí.. es una incertidumbre NO LO RECOMIENDO PARA NADA todas tenemos el mismo problema
Translate 10/19/2020

Camila Garcia

Hola soy de Chile !! Y tengo pesima experiencia con SHEIN , hace mas de un mes esta retenido mi paquete y me dicen de la empresa externa de reparto que SHEIN no ah mandado la factura con respecto al paquete lleva mas de un mes y ya no se como comunicarme con ello por favor necesito una respuesta
Translate 10/16/2020


Hola, quiero hacer un pedido en la tienda con envío a Venezuela, como haría?
Translate 10/15/2020


Hola compre en shein el 27 de septiembre y enviaron mi pedido en dos paquetes y sin factura porfavor... Necesito que me ayuden no es posible que pase eso ...
Translate 10/15/2020


Alguien sabe si cobran impuestos o algo adicional si envio mi paquete a ESTADOS UNIDOS (FLORIDA)
Translate 10/11/2020


Hola quiero hacer un pedido shein soy de Costa Rica pero tengo una duda
Como se hace para recojer el pedido y si cobra porque te de las cosas
Translate 10/07/2020


Hice un pedido en Shein hace un mes y aún esta retenido en aduana por falta de factura, y no hay cómo comunicarse con la empresa tampoco, chilexpress carga la responsabilidad a Shein.
Translate 10/04/2020


Hola pucha parece que no soy la única desde mayo que hice una compra en shein he tenido que reembolsar la compra 2 veces.
llega super rápido a chile pero el problema es de de Chile que no las deja ingresar espero que la tercera sea la vencida.
Me voy a comunicar con la aduana chilena a ver si tengo que pagar algún impuesto que rabia mi hija está super ilusionada con su ropa
Translate 09/29/2020


Façam desde agora suas contas nos correios e cadastrem seu telefone celular, eu fiz isso e recebo SMS do correio avisando que possuo um produto esperando o pagamento da taxa.
Translate 09/28/2020


Hola, ocupo ayuda me están cobrando mucho de impuestos, que debo hacer, no quiero perder mi dinero de la compra.

Ayuda es injusto
Translate 09/28/2020

Daniela Riquelme

Tengo dos paquetes retenidos en la aduna de chile y nose como liberarlos, por favor si alguien sabe como les pido ayuda porfavor
Translate 09/28/2020


Realizei meu pedido 12/09, chegou no dia 22/09. Foi muito rápido minha compra foi menos de R$150 foi pouca coisa. Sem taxa, farei outra compra se for taxada posto aqui.
Os produtos são de boa qualidade recomendo.

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