is an ever more-popular Chinese online fashion shop. It specializes in clothing and accessories, but offers a few interesting items in the Beauty and Home/Lifestyle sections as well. With an impressive Alexa ranking of 4289 and an especially large customer base in the United States and France, SammyDress just keeps on improving and expanding its product range.

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Experience with SammyDress 

Of course we tested a range of products, the conditions and delivery time of SammyDress and summed everything up for you.


  • PayPal payment possible without a SammyDress account
  • registered users can choose between different payment methods such (e.g. credit card)
  • Free Shipping Products category
  • SammyDress point system for registered customers
  • clothing sizes always measured in cm


  • Comparably high shipping costs for products outside of Free Shipping category
  • many garments only available in a small One Size
  • point system doesn't help achieve big discounts


After creating an account at SammyDress you can choose between several payment methods. Mainly interesting: credit card (e.g. Visa and Maestro), and PayPal. We recommend using Paypal. It offers a great buyer protection program, meaning you're on the safe side using it. If you don't receive your order or if there are any other problems, you can retrieve your money within 40 days after your payment by using PayPal.

SammyDress Payment Methods

Shipping costs and delivery times

SammyDress is different from other Chinese online shops as it does charge shipping fees. It differentiates between Flat Rate, Standard and Expedited Shipping.

Depending on the weight of your order, the cheapest shipping method, that is the Flat Rate shipping, can cost $2, $10 or way more. It does help to check out the "free shipping items" category. Otherwise you end up paying about $3 in shipping per piece of clothing. Bags and shoes can be even more expensive, averaging around $10 in shipping, while wedding dresses will add upwards of $20 to your total bill. It helps to look for coupons or sit on your next big order to wait for a free- or discounted-shipping promotion.

The delivery time does depend on the shipping method. SammyDress estimates that the Flat Rate Shipping to the United States will take 8 – 15 business days, Standard Shipping 5-8 days and Expedited Shipping 3-7 days. Our experience shows that these times, especially for Flat Rate Shipping, are a bit off. Our orders arrived after shipping within less than two weeks.

Sammydress Estimate Shipping Costs

Get a quick estimate how much the shipping for your order might cost

Return policy

Returning products is a bit complicated. Products with defects can be fairly easily sent back but products that do not fit can only be returned after photographic proof, confirmation that a change is necessary and receiving a RMA number from the after-sales team. You should react quickly to any kind of problem, because you can only return something within 7 days after receiving your order. Another downside: You have to pay the return shipping fee yourself, but SammyDress might provide a partial refund.

SammyDress and customs

Contrary to other Chinese online shops, SammyDress declares packages very carefully so that an unwanted stop at customs will be a rare sight. Nevertheless, one should be aware that customs does random checks on parcels from China.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not entirely common, side-effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, but the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 when entering the country. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely from nothing to $495 depending on the product and how its sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $100, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra taxes.

Any extra taxes or duty on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

SammyDress Order

Special features

Like many other online shops, SammyDress features an in-house point system. Customers collect points by opening an account, changing their personal data, writing reviews and placing orders. With the collected points you can save up to 30% on your order value. You generally receive one point per dollar spent. If you use 50 points on your order you receive a $1 discount.

You can leave specific questions in a product page and receive an answer from the SammyDress team very quickly.


SammyDress is a globally-popular online shop. Even if the internal point system has a few flaws and the shipping costs are comparably high, placing an order will still be a great deal because of the low product prices, the very frequent promotions and the impressive product range. You should still be careful when ordering clothing. Many garment pieces are offered in one size only but if you look closely at the measurements you will notice that one size fits all does not necessarily fit all.


As SammyDress is mainly focused on inexpensive, fashionable clothing and accessory, we can recommend a couple of online shops as alternatives to you.

 Alternative 1:  YesStyle
free shipping
from $35
inexpensive fashion, many cosmetic brands, free shipping with any 35$ purchase
 Alternative 2:  Lightinthebox
shipping fees great range of fashionable garments, especially dresses

0 SammyDress Coupons

SammyDress offers frequently coupons or promo codes. The current promotions are featured on our site. An interesting deal for new users is a 10% off coupon that you receive after your registration on SammyDress.

Sorry, no coupons are currently available.

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They take forever to ship if they even bother to. They claim over and over that your package is ready to ship and they don't ship out.

And then if you open up a PayPal dispute to protect yourself they state they "cannot" ship unless you close the case and give up any protection you have.

Do not buy from them and if you do then make sure you use Paypal and do not close a case until they ship.

They told me they shipped and I should look for tracking info but never actually sent it.


This place is terrible. They do anything to keep your money and not deliver the goods. Nothing but trouble.

If you're smart, you'll never order anything form Sammydress. It seems like a deal, but it's not.


They offer a great combination: cheap prices and awesome products. I love my leopard print scarf, my new vests and the jewellery they have to offer.

Their delivery can take longer than you expect, but my orders were always right and I still love most of the things I got. But I wish they would offer free shipping all the time...
Still: Thumbs up!
Translate 12/09/2017


Hice un pedido de varios articulos y solo he recibido una parte de ellos.
me lo comunicaron por correo.
Pero no hay forma de ponerme en contacto con ellos.
Calidad de los artículos es muy mala.
El soporte técnico es nulo.
Translate 06/27/2017


Se me hizo una página muy accesible en cuestión de búsqueda y artículos
Los precios son considerablemente buenos
La calidad estuvo muy bien
Y el envío rápido me llego en un máximo de 4 días considerando la espera por la elaboración de productos
Tube comunicación con ellos y sus respuestas eran rápidas dentro del plazo
Translate 02/16/2017


Mi experiencia muy satisfactoria, el articulo que compre era tal y como lo describían.
El pedido tampoco ha tardado tantísimo como he leído en muchos comentarios . Es la primera vez que compro aquí y todo correcto y muy bien.
Translate 02/14/2017


Un mese e più e niente che vergogna...
Translate 12/17/2016


Comprar aquí es tirar el dinero, calidad nefasta y algunos artículos no llegan. Además no devuelven el dinero...
Translate 09/17/2016


Translate 07/08/2016


Ein Großteil der Sachen sehen überhaupt nicht so aus wie welche die sie auf dem Shop anpreisen.
Also wenn man wirklich das haben will was auf den Fotos zusehen ist, würde ich dort eher nicht bestellen..
Bei Schuhen habe ich die Erfahrung machen müssen, dass die in zwei verschiedenen Größen geschickt wurden. Sie sahen zwar so aus wie auf den Fotos, nur bringt es mir nichts wenn ich sie nicht tragen kann.
Da man den Rückversand aber selber zahlen muss, habe ich die Schuhe aber noch. Noch mehr Geld wollte ich dann nicht ausgeben da ich auch allgemein sehr lange auf mein Paket warten musste.
Bei einem nicht mitgeliefertem Produkt haben sie mir wenigstens Geld zurückgegeben, wenn es auch sehr lang gedauert hat, und die Kommunikation mit dem Kundenservice allgemein sehr seltsam ist
Translate 05/17/2016


Non è la prima volta che acquisto da siti asiatici, ho sempre beccato le taglie giuste e non ho mai avuto sorprese sgradite. Ordino da Scelgo un vestito da 10,99$, che dalla foto sembra molto carino, ma a casa mi arriva tutt'altro! Quel che ho ricevuto è una palese imitazione del vestito che avevo scelto, totalmente inaccettabile a livello di qualità, anche per un articolo di quel prezzo.
Lascio un video esplicativo, con tanto di foto comparativa:
Translate 05/17/2016

Jose Saiz

No compren en esta tienda bajo ningún concepto. Mi experiencia ha sido penosa he esperado casi 2 meses por unas deportivas que no al final no han llegado y al intentar cambiar de modelo no ha sido posible, a pesar de que la pagina dice que están en stock durante semanas. Los portes son carísimos. En el servicio de atención al cliente parece que se están riendo de tí, no devuelven el dinero...
Translate 04/26/2016

Eliene - Inhumas - GO

comprei um vestido nessa merda dessa loja no dia 11/11/15, o valor foi 56,00 , ainda bem que foi um valor acessível, não perde muito , estamos no final de abril e não recebe nada, nunca mais eu compro nessa loja, não vale nada.
Translate 04/20/2016


Warte noch immer auf meine Lieferung vom 21.02. Bezahlt durch PayPal 33,11 USD am 22.02. von 29.51 USD und am 04.03. 39.92 USD.Alles ist schon Bezahl.Danke Andree Siems
Translate 04/18/2016


Größe hat nicht gepasst. Fotos zum Beweis wurden eingeschickt. Habe Artikel zurückgeschickt. Nun gibt mir keiner mehr eine Antwort (Verkäufer sitzt auf der sicheren Seite in USA). Fazit: Artikel weg. Kein Geld zurück bekommen. Bleibt mir nur noch der Weg zur Polizei und Anzeige wegen Unterschlagung. NIE NIE NIE WIEDER!!!!!
Translate 04/15/2016


Ich bin bisher sehr zufrieden. 2 Bestellungen (ein Badeanzug, ein Bikini) sind nach 2-3 Wochen angekommen und ich finde sie einfach toll. Sie waren supergünstig und sind sauber verarbeitet. Besonders gut gefallen mir die extravaganten Schnitte, die nächsten Badeanzüge werde ich sicherlich wieder bei Sammydress kaufen, bei der riesigen Auswahl und den unschlagbaren Preisen, zumal bei leichten Teilen der Versand recht günstig ist. Man muss aber genau die Größenangaben durchlesen, es gibt Teile, die offenbar nicht für erwachsene Europäer geeignet sind. Jetzt warte ich noch auf ein paar später bestellte Uhren, mal sehen wann die kommen.
Translate 04/14/2016

sammydress The big con

They ripped me off in bad faith. The EU Customs and Borders should act against this company. They don't sell what you see. You see a dress and you receive a trash. They will charge you the whole shopping cart but you will receive less items than you bought and they do recognize it but don't want to refund your money. They don't send an invoice so you are lost.

Be aware of this muggers.
Translate 04/06/2016

arnaldo cardoso de aguiar flho

Translate 03/07/2016

Sommer Lilli

Ich habe auch bei SammyDress bestellt im Dezember wohl gemerkt, 1 Tasche, 1 Leggins und 2 Paar Stiefel.
Erhalten habe ich Ende Januar lediglich die Tasche und die Leggins, auf Nachfragen sandte man mir eine Trackernr. zu die allerdings nur auf die Leggins und die Tasche verwies, nach einigem Hin und Her habe ich dann ein Schreiben vom Zoll erhalten wo ich doch allen Ernstes 28,50€ Zollgebühren zahlen sollte, das habe ich abgelehnt und die Anahme verweigert, so toll fand ich die Stiefel dann doch nicht. Da es mir jetzt doch zu bund wurde habe ich den PayPal Käuferschutz aktiviert, jetzt, also genau heute habe ich ein Rückerstattung angeboten bekommen, welches den Warenwert nicht ganz entspricht aber auch keine Versandgebühren oder ähnliches enthalten sind. Habe die Rückerstattung abgelehnt, auch mit dem Bewußtsein das ich nach weiterer PAYPal-Prüfung wahrscheinlich gar kein Geld erhalten werde! Ganz mieser Scheiss Verein! Niiiiiiieeee wieder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Translate 03/02/2016


Schlechtester Laden überhaupt.
Klamotten sehen anders aus als abgebildet.
Sind zum Teil defekt, aber Käufer interessiert es nicht.
Paypal wurde auch geschmiert, damit man die Ware auf eigene kosten zurückschicken soll.
Somit bekommt man den letzten Ramsch in schlechtester Qualität für viel zu hohe Preise.
Versandkosten explodieren bei mehreren Artikeln.
Fazit: NICHT zu empfehlen, Finger weg von diesen Betrügern

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