Rotita is a Chinese fashion shop specializing in stylish clothes at low prices. Originally known as WholesaleItOnline, Rotita has only been Rotita since November 1st, 2014. Although the name may be new, we were familiar with WholesaleItOnline before the name swap and had found our experiences with them to be pretty average as far as Chinese webshops go. If nothing else, Rotita has benefited from the marketing experience gained in its past life: Rotita is ranked among the top 30k most-visited sites in the United States, and among the top 50k globally by Not too shabby considering Rotita, in its current form, is only a few months old.

Not one to pass up the chance to review a site, especially where fashion is concerned, we decided to give Rotita a fresh review to let you know if it's deserving of all the hype.

Rotita Homepage

new name, new website: the fashion shop Rotita

Experience with Rotita

As usual, we had some trouble controlling ourselves scrolling through Rotita's immense selection of clothes and placed a test order for, you know, science. We placed our order pretty close to the holidays so we weren't too surprised when our package arrived later than expected. 25 business days (5 weeks) later we had received our clothes and were ready for a review!

First off: there also seems to have been a problem with the automated email program, as we needed to log in to our Rotita account just to confirm that our package had shipped. Almost 2 weeks of no email contact, especially when you're told explicitly to expect an email confirmation when your order ships, is very annoying and not something we can easily overlook considering the experience of the company itself--before Rotita, WholesaleItOnline had been active for almost 3 years. 

We do need to give credit to the technical team at Rotita, though. Their move to the new domain from WholesaleItOnline was particularly well-executed. There wasn't any downtime that we noticed, and even the emails we had sent on our WholesaleItOnline were transferred to our account on Rotita.


  • Free Shipping
  • PayPal accepted
  • Extensive selection of clothes
  • Daily Deals
  • 10% off first order


  • Customers must cover all return shipping costs
  • Asian sizes - we recommend going two sizes up


Rotita only allows you to pay via PayPal which, if you've been following our advice on how to order on just about every other Chinese online shop, shouldn't be a problem for you. In case this is your first visit to PandaCheck, we always recommend paying with PayPal for online orders because of their fantastic Buyer Protection program, which allow you to open a case against a payment and get your money back up to 40 days after making a payment. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, make one!

Rotita Payment Options

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal Our go-to payment method - fast, fool proof and offers a useful buyer's protection. We usually recommend PayPal for international transactions.
credit card




You can pay with credit card via PayPal, like it's becoming the norm nowadays. This is pretty safe, as the Chinese shop won't have your credit card information and get an instant notification via PayPal that your order was paid.

Delivery and Shipping Times

Rotita gives you the option to have your items sent via their Free Shipping (7-15 business days), Standard Shipping (5-7 business days), or with Express Shipping (3-5 business days). Considering the free shipping is, well, free, we don't fully understand why you would spring for any of the other options. We would note here, however, that our order was placed with the Flat Rate shipping option and took almost 5 weeks to arrive. We can't say whether that was because of the holiday shipping rush (we placed our order in late-November) or if Rotita was being overly optimistic with its shipping times, but it is something to keep in mind.

In case you're impatient and want your order right away, we would add this warning: watch the delivery prices. While most of the shipping costs we saw were pretty standard, the Express Shipping can double the cost of your order.  

Rotita Shipping Methods

Rotita and Customs

Overall we were pleased with the state of our order. Everything arrived more or less on time and had no problems getting through customs. As always, we warn that customs stops can happen at any time for any reason, so it's always worth it to read up on your country's import laws so you know what to expect in case something comes up.

Our rotita package

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not common, side-effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.


Rotita gives you the option to return any wrongly-delivered or defective item within 7 business days. Rotita requires that all return items must be in an "as-new" state and, as such, must still be in the original packaging (if applicable). Should you misjudge a garment's proportions and order something in the wrong size, Rotita allows you to exchange items for different sizes anytime, but you will be responsible for any return shipping fees as well as a $3 processing fee. As always, it pays to order carefully.

Special Features

The Live Chat customer service feature works well and the customer service team seems to be very responsive and helpful. Under the tab "Daily Deals" you'll find some really great special offers. Even Rotita's in-house Fashion Blog can be pretty helpful, as it tends to highlight only the newest arrivals and the best deals. If you register on both sites (the blog and the store), you can even get a 6-16% rebate and 1-8 products per month free!


Anyone interested in finding some really unique and interesting styles at low prices would do well to give Rotita a look-see. The name may be new, but the people and the company are as experienced as it gets.


 Alternative 1:  SheIn
free shipping Free shipping, large selection of women's fashion, Asian sizes - so go two sizes up
 Alternative 2:  lookbookstore
free shipping Free shipping, street style fashion, great discounts
 Alternative 3:  Dressve
free shipping
from $80
Free shipping from $80, extensive selection of women's fashion

2 Rotita Coupons


10% OFF for new customers

Register at Rotita and get some great deals: if you sign up at Rotita, you automatically receive a 10% OFF coupon via e-mail.

Valid for a limited time

Not necessary

Clearance section: at least 32% OFF

Looking for the best bargain? Then check out the clearance section at Rotita! Everything is at least 32% discounted - frequently changing fashion, jewellery, shoes and bags.

Valid for a limited time

Not necessary

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I am telling everyone do not order from rotita because you will not get it. I ordered a dress for a Christmas party for this past weekend December 14th 2018 and I have not received it yet. This company will leave a bad taste in your mouth. I paid extra for shipping so that I could get it early but that didn't happen.


This company delivers rags not clothing. Do not buy from them
Returning product to them is too expensive and, therefore, not an option


I ordered a swimdress which arrived quicker than expected. However it was not as described, I was expecting a dress and separate panty. I received an all-in-one.
I requested a 'ticket' and they offered me a 50% refund. I refused as it was not the item I was expecting. They then offered me a 80% refund (and keep the item). I was going to refuse, but after taking it to the post office they wanted to charge me £12.50 postage. I thought I might never get this back, so have decided to keep the item and am now hoping to receive all but £6 refund. Might put it on ebay....
The quality of the item was fine. Communication was good (if not what I wanted) . I will not use them again.

catherine toudic

I ordered 2 swimsuits. They took my money and I now get an e. mail, every day to let me know they cannot ship to my address. They say I can have the money back into my account if they don't get a reply. I reply every day . My address is a uk address. So I cannot send them another. What good is a refund into my account if I cannot get them to deliver. I don't want another product anyway. I would have nothing to do with this company . Its all just a big scam .

C Kutzer

Poorly constructed clothes. Very uncomfortable fabric. I would not recommend Rotita. Instead of using cotton and more comfortable blends, they use fabric that you would normally see in cheap Halloween costumes.

Romwe is waaaay better and affordable. Rotita is garbage. I wish I could return the clothes, but with the costs and long wait times, it's not even worth it. In the garbage, they will go.


They suck! Take your money and don't send the merchandise. They have no real phone number and address and the complaint ticket system they have is just a scam. May God give all of them what they deserve for what they are doing. Bless you Rotita employees and owners.


RED INK line across front of tunic. Even before the clear plastic bag was opened you could see RED INK across the white fabric. I realize automation is used, but come on. Otherwise the tunic did look like the picture. Wish I could add pictures of my own. Lesson learned.


I do not want to use PayPal and your site will not allow me to use my credit card. I have canceled my order.


I placed my order 1 1/2 months ago and still have not received my product. Never received any communication from the company until I notified PayPal that I wanted to cancelled and then they sent me a tracking number. After I wrote a bad review, they contacted me and said that my article was being held up in customs and I told them just to send me a refund. They never did, but I did find out today (only because I used the tracking number to see if they were still sending the item) and found that it is finally in the states. After the lack of communication, I am afraid of what the blouse will look like. The keep stating to fill out a ticket but when you try to maneuver on their website, it is nearly impossible. I will let you know how the product turns out, but I don’t have much hope.

Judith King

Rotita, Linkshe, Modliliy and Rosewe all trade from the same building and buyers are having the same issues with each so called company. Their products are poor quality, shoddy, ill fitting clothes that do not resemble the online blurb.

The company offers 50% refund and keep clothes, then 80% refund and keep clothes. I spent $500+Au at Rotita so they wrote I could keep the wrong sized, ill-fitting, poor quality clothes and be out of pocket $100 for 80% refund. Postage to Shanghai was $88 and I received a full refund so was out of pocket $88.

PayPal said to contact them and open a complaint.

Do not post items back because these companies are scamming you. Donate ill-fitting clothes to a local charity as there may be someone clothes will fit.

PayPal is reimbursing me my full costs for the second purchase with Linkshe because it appears to be all related!

Don't deal with Chinese companies without reading reviews first. Always deal with international companies via PayPal as you have some protection.


This is been a horrendous experience. All 4 bathing suits did not fit even though I used the sizing chart. The quality of the material was horribly cheap. They arrived later than expected and when I opened the package I was highly disappointed. None of them fit so I tried to return them. I have been trying to return them for a week but no one will get back to me with information on how to do that. Apparently, you need a ticket number from them in order to send it back. No one will get a hold of me and they won't even allow me to sign into the account to Contact anyone. I have placed several calls and have received no return calls. I believe I was scammed by this company and they'll regret that I placed an order. I will have lost all my money on these 4 bathing suits. I am so awfully disappointed that their policy is so bad. I would say not to waste your money on this company or any of their products. You will be disappointed. Buy from a reliable seller that has excellent reviews. I believe I just learned my lesson, the hard way, the very hard way.

Dawna Walsh

I love Rotita! All my clothes come from them! So adorable, so cute, so stylish! AND at great prices! You CANNOT beat Rotita for size 2x clothes-I feel sexy again! Thank you, Rotita!


JUNK! Sizes not properly proportioned and can't get their on-line site to accept my order number so I can return. Trying to track them down is ridiculous!! BUYER BEWARE!!!


One star is one too many. This company is a complete scam. I can't wait a month for a swimsuit to arrive! Summer will be over IF my pkg ever arrives. International Flat Rate (quite literally a SLOW BOAT FROM CHINA) shouldn't be a thing in today's age of Amazon Prime type shipping expectations. I don't care if shipping is free if it's going to take a MONTH!!?? I don't even want the damn swimsuit any longer.


TERRIBLE!! DO NOT ORDER THIS CHEAP, CHEAP CRAP FROM THIS DISHONEST COMPANY IN CHINA!! Dress I ordered looks nothing like the picture. Very poorly made out of scratchy, itchy material. Size is way smaller then stated on their page. Everything about this company is a total rip off!! They stated 6 to 7 days to get...wrong, takes 3 to 4 weeks! It would cost me more to send back than it's worth. The reviews they have on their website are all fake and phoney!! TOTAL SCUMBAG SCAMMERS!!

Jama Colegrove

I got caught in this company's web by a 'flash ad' that made their clothes seem beautiful at very low prices. Foolish me! Two of the three XL dresses I bought just fit my trim, 4'10" daughter in law. Another dress was not the cotton gauze it appeared to be in the picture. When I looked into returning the items, I found that the website gives no useable contact info to help return items. The only option given was to "make a ticket". When I 'made a ticket', the site would not accept my order number as valid. The phone contact number given was a recording stating that I had dialed the wrong number. In the end, I replied directly to an email the company sent 'welcoming me'. I complained about their business practices and after several days of email exchange I was told the following:

"Here are the return instructions if you want to do a return:
1. you can only return through post office and you need pay the postage yourself
2. we will issue a full refund of the item price in 7 working days after we receive the returned order. need put your order number on the package
4. return address is : Fang En (Tel: 13120886409)
Room2092, #15-3 Building, 999 Ningqiao Road, Pudong , Shanghai, 201206, China
5. please send us the tracking info (tracking number or picture of the receipt of return postage) of the returned order after you do the return."

I have looked into doing this and the cost of returning these dresses to China will be almost as much as I paid for them.

Also, if you read the 'positive reviews' you see online carefully, you'll notice that the use of the English language is a bit off. I suspect this is because those reviews are done by people working for the company who are given some incentive for writing a fake review.

Don't get caught in their web!


My recommendation is to NEVER do business with this company as you will be highly disappointed and waste your hard earned money.

Every bad review you've read about this company is TRUE. They are not very honest about their return policy and basically make it impossible to return their product which fit extremely poorly.

There are companies that advertise "no returns" and they should too. Giving me a credit to buy more clothes that won't fit is hardly an incentive. There was also no paperwork with the product and they never did give me an address to return the product which you must get permission to return to begin with.

In this review it stated that they had no issues returning their product which is extremely hard to believe given my experience.

Here is their correspondence...

Sorry about that, you can return your order for refund, and in order to offer a better solution for you and us, we need you help measure the item and send us the correct measurements, we will check with the information on the website and our product department.
We will reply and solve your problem as soon as possible.

Again, this is a LIE as they said I could return for refund but no return address and what's this BS about measuring the item and pics???

This this...Dear customer, we are sorry that your items do not meet your expectation, and we will do better. How about you keep your items and I help apply a 15% compensation to your user center? You can use the store credit for your next purchase. As for the items you got, you can gift them or donate them or sell them online at a great price. As you know, if you return it, it will cost you much for the shipping fee as you need return your item to China. If you still want to return your items, we will send you the return address.

What good is a company credit to order clothes that won't fit???!!!


Bought "Long Sleeve Open Front Grey Cardigan" for £30 including "free shipping" and "30 days easy return" The reviews of the cardigan from "verified buyers" state the material is "very soft", "quality materials" etc. Images show the cardigan to be well fitting.

On arrival it was very clear the cardigan is poor quality, rough to the touch and badly fitting. In short, the cardigan is such poor quality the only use it has is to mop the floor. I can buy a cloth for clean the floor for less than £1 - this cardigan was £30!

I contacted Rotita for a refund. At first they said keep the cardigan and they would give me a 20% discount on my next order i.e. no refund. When I declined, Rotita said they would only refund 60% of what I paid and I would have to pay for postage myself. Effectively, I would only receive around £10 of the £30.

I've also noticed their address is the same as other companies in China.

How Rotita manage to get good reviews can only mean one thing - Complete scam

Debbie Cantley

TERRIBLE!!! Quality is nothing like photos, and they make returns impossible.

Here is their response to a return request. Purchased item which was very different to item photographed. Awful cheapest satin like polyester fabric when photograph looked like a wool style fabric. They make returns impossible. Here is their returns policy.

Here are the return instructions if you want to do a return:
1. you can only return through post office and you need pay the postage yourself
2. we will issue a 60% refund in 3 working days after we receive the returned order. need put your order number on the package
4. return address is : Fang En (Tel:13917409903)
Room3206 , #999 Ningqiao Road, Pudong , Shanghai, 201206, China
5. please send us the tracking info (tracking number or picture of the receipt of return postage) of the returned order after you do the return.


I ordered swimsuits, paid with cr card - didn't receive a receipt so went into website, couldn't get into my account. When I tried letter message came up that order was cancelled as no payment, BUT the amount has been taken from my account on that date of order. Tried sending them messages etc, and of course no reply.
Please never order from this website

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