is a popular fashion-focused webshop based in Shenzhen, China. With an ever-improving customer service and a huge selection of clothes and accessories on offer, RoseWholesale has managed to become one of the top 4k most-visited websites in the world. It is especially popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil - so why haven't you visited it yet? ;)

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Experience with RoseWholesale

We had to give RoseWholesale a try and ordered several times already. The things we do in the name of science....

We were at first suspicious of RoseWholesale because of the multitude of negative or questionable reviews of the site we have seen around the internet - but keep in mind that people usually only leave a review on the internet, if they were disappointed with an order. Who takes the time to write a review if everything was quite alright?! 

We were pleased to discover that our concerns were unfounded. We had no problems with faulty or disappearing PayPal payment receipts and our ordering experience proceeded without lag, another complaint we found floating around the interwebs. All of our orders arrived within 4-5 weeks. Those aren't long shipping times considering that the order is shipped from China and, in all fairness, RoseWholesale did estimate our shipping times to take 3-5 weeks, so we can't really complain. We were content with the products when they arrived. Although the workmanship wasn't exactly high-quality (some stitching was off), it was nothing that wasn't expected at this price range and nothing was so bad as to warrant a return - but we did keep the Asian sizes in mind and ordered two sizes up.


  • Attractive website
  • Large selection of fashion
  • Live Chat Customer Service
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Customer Service also available via telephone and email


  • Shipping can get expensive
  • Free Shipping rarely available
  • No Returns allowed except for damaged articles
  • Variable processing times


RoseWholesale gives its customers multiple payment options to choose from, including PayPal, Credit Card and Wire Transfer. As always, we recommend paying with PayPal in order to take advantage of their excellent Buyer Protection Program.

If you're unfamiliar with PayPal, their internal buyer security gives customers the option to open a case against a payment within 180 days of completion to get money back.

Rosewholesale Shopping Cart

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal  The safest and easiest way to order online. We recommend PayPal for its internal Buyer Protection Program.
Credit Card




 Paying with Credit Card is also a simple and relatively safe way to order online, but most cards lack the flexible protection of PayPal.
Western Union   Western Union is an offline payment method that charges a transfer fee and requires you to report to a Western Union office in person to complete your transaction. Not recommended. 
Wire Transfer  Direct Bank-to-Bank transfers can take quite a while to transfer, especially on international orders.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

On RoseWholesale, you have the choice between three different shipping methods:

  • Flat Rate Shipping (cheap, but usually not for free) 
  • Standard Shipping
  • Expedited Shipping

Especially on small orders, Flat Rate Shipping is often worth it - it's often free for jewelry. Whether you pay a nominal fee for it or not, Flat Rate Shipping does not come with a tracking number but you do have the option to get a shipping number for $2 more. Expect Flat Rate Shipping to get your order to you in 3-5 weeks.

For those who need their shipping right away or those who have large orders, the Express Shipping option is often the most cost-effective way to ship their order. Because the Standard Shipping tends to be so close in price to the fast Express Shipping, it is almost always worth it to spring for the Express when considering the two "premium" shipping options

Rosewholesale Shipping

RoseWholesale also gives you the option to add Shipping Insurance to your order for a nominal fee (usually $1-3) to insure your order against mail and customs issues. There is also a processing time that must be considered on all orders. This can vary depending on the size of your order and the selected shipping method. Certain products marked Priority Dispatch have minimal processing times (3 days or less).

Rosewholesale Priority Dispatch

RoseWholesale and Customs

As with some other Chinese webshops, RoseWholesale has the bad habit rounding the declared product worth for customs - this can heighten the chance of a package clearing customs without having to pay any additional fees or taxes. But just in case of customs stopping and inspecting your order: take the time to write about your country's rules and regulations regarding international shipping and importing.

An order from Rosewholesale

An example of the less-than-stellar packing used for one of our RoseWholesale orders.

If you're from the US and ordering overseas, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of up to $10. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Return Policy

Damaged or defective wares may be sent back to RoseWholesale for an exchange or a refund. As all shipping costs must be covered by the customer in the case of returns, you should think long and hard before returning very cheap or barely defective articles - and before you place an order worth a couple hundred bucks. Keep your first orders on the inexpensive side, so you can learn what to expect quality and size-wise.

Should you decide to return something, you must report your intention to return the article in question to customer service within 7 days of delivery. RoseWholesale customer service will then process your claim and give you an RMA Return Number.

One thing to remember: RoseWholesale does not allow returns and refunds for products that you simply dislike.

Special Features

One of the nicest features we noticed about RoseWholesale isn't a feature so much as a convenience: they have a much nicer mobile version than many of their competitors.


We've found that RoseWholesale has improved immensely in the past two years. While they still have quite a ways to go, our more recent test orders found the site to be quite well organized, easy to navigate, and the customer service to be substantially easier to communicate with (although they still do keep Chinese business hours). If you had tried RoseWholesale once before and were disappointed, we think it's worth a second chance. If you've never tried it before, you may just enjoy your experience there enough to come back.


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I have ordered more than 50 times from Rosewholesale
I’ve always been very happy with everything that I’ve ordered. Product looks exatlike it does on Website and sometimes even better
I live in Canada and always order 2 sizes larger than I do here
My orders arrive very fast. Even in 9 days
I would HIGHLY recommend Rosewholesale

Mano lalo

I bought faux leather jacket and it felt like it was real leather jacket
It was that good!!! And the price was so flexible!! I have never ever seen such good prices until I went to rosewholesale, these guys are marvelous I tell you, if you want affordable clothing with great quality then buy from rosewholesale


Rosewholesale has a very good customer service, you can find very good stuff with very low price there, for example you can find nice irresistible Lingerie for your girl friend with very good price, I have purchased a number of Lingerie from their website and whenever I had problem they give me refund, I keep purchasing stuff from there, with a really low low price, there is no any complain with such a good price, I do recommend this website to guys for finding some fun dresses for their partners. The price there is way lower than other websites, check it out and you can have fun purchasing these Lingerie and make your partner surprised and have fun with her.



Mani Lop

What can i say? words aren't enough to describe how happy i am with my transactions with rosewholesale
The products i bought have all been top notch, high grade. I simply am amazed how fast the shipping is and how good the support is from the customer services.
You should defineitly buy it from them

Diane Willsey

I enjoy shopping at Rosewholesale. The products I have received so far have surprised me with the quality despite such low prices. My only concern is the sizing. Sometimes a 3x is size 12, other times it is an 18. And men's shirts run very small. This gets confusing and errors become easier on my part. So far, though, those staff members helping me rectify the situation have been quite good.

Quinland Jones

I was very satisfied with my order from Rose wholesale. The shipping was expeditious but costly. The condition of products were of premium value.
Translate 12/27/2018



Translate 12/12/2018


Da kauf ich nie mehr!
Die Größen stimmen nicht - und um mein Geld zurück zu bekommen soll ich den Rückversand bezahlen, was teurer wäre als das ganze Teil! Sie sagen, als besonderen Service kann ich das Teil behalten ... aber dann bekomm ich mein Geld nicht zurück ... SCHWACHSINN!!!
Translate 08/02/2018

Lina Blanchette

Jai recu un maillot beaucoup trop petit, alord jaimerais avoir plus grand 5xlarge jespere que vous pourais maider sais celui qui a des palmier orange et noir merci.
Translate 05/30/2018


Ordinato 5 vestiti in febbraio. Ne sono arrivati solo 2. Pare che gli altri 3 abbiano una provenienza diversa. A tutt'oggi dopo più di 3 mesi non sono arrivati. Oltretutto il corriere che dovrebbe consegnarli non si sa chi è. Non comprerò mai più niente
Translate 04/18/2018

Lucie Milette

J'ai reçu mon colis mais la blouse est taché sur le blanc
J'aimerais être rembourser svp.
Je voudrais vous envoyer une photo mais je ne sais pas comment
Espère avoir de vos nouvelles bientôt
Translate 03/11/2018

Kristyna Z.

Finger weg! Die ware die überhaupt ankommt ist zum großteil relativ ok, kann man lassen, für den preis. Problem bekommt man, wenn die ware nicht kommt. Denn der Kundenservice kommuniziert nicht, obwohl man seine Bestellung versichert hat, also wenn sie es richtig machen, dürften sie nicht auf den Kosten sitzen bleiben. Zieht sich schon eine gefühlte ewigkeit und Kundenservice anfing zum komunizieren erst wenn ich ein paar saftige bewertungen im Internet verteilt habe.
Translate 03/05/2018

Rosemarie Schweigert

Sachen wären an sich nicht schlecht, aber die Maße......! Ich habe 3xl bestellt. Badeanzüge nicht mal L geliefert bekommen. T-Shirts teilweise gerade noch mit Luft anhalten reingekommen, teilweise gar nicht. die Ärmel sind viel zu eng. Ich verstehe nicht, auf den Bildern die Frauen sehen auch nicht anders aus wie ich und denen passt das Zeug. Offensichtlich wurde für die Bilder nachgeholfen. Vor allem: Ich habe alles in 3xl bestellt und mindestens 5 verschiedene Maße geliefert bekommen! Rücksendung ist nicht, habe kulanzhalber einen kleinen Teil des Preises zurück bekommen. Alles in allem eine teure Erfahrung.
Translate 03/04/2018

Denise Vachon

Commande du 29 janvier 2018
Toujours rien reçu
Réponse appréciée
Translate 02/05/2018


El producto no llega son ya dos meses y me voy para tres mal muy mal. No recomiendo a nadie la compra aquí!!
Translate 01/23/2018


Ho ordinato una maglia i primi di aprile 2017. Ad oggi (23/01/2018) non è ancora arrivata.... che dire??
Translate 01/18/2018

Heinz Glaser

Das war das letzte mal das ich bei denen Bestelle .Sind zu blöde die richtigen Maße zu senden ,also wenn ich doch extra -ich bin Schlank die grösse 3+xxl bestelle und bekomme Kindergröße lässt ja so einiges sagen .Würde allen raten dort nicht zu Bestellen.Preisleistung ist OK und Tracking wäre auch so weit OK
Translate 01/13/2018


Cuidado cuando compreis aqui porque despues de pagar os siguen pasando una cuota mensual-. La oferta os saldrà bastante cara
Be careful when you buy here because after paying you keep paying a monthly fee. The offer will be quite expensive
Translate 01/09/2018


hola hice mi pedido hace un mes, es mas ya se realizo el pago, el 26 de este mes van a hacer ya dos meses, y aun no me llega es un traje de baño, me sale que es la salida a destino fue el 6/12/17 y desde allí no he tenido mas información del trayecto dice que mi paquete se maneja pero aun no he recibido nada, tengo dudas con la empresa del transporte yo pague transporte pero crei saber que me llegaba a domicilio o me equivoco?

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