Modlily (headquartered in Shanghai) is an Asian wholesaler that retails its wares to merchants as well as private customers. They focus on Asian and Western fashion. All items - from clothing to bags and jewelry - are chic and up-to-date, meaning they'll fit nicely in any wardrobe, not just those in China.

Until the end of 2014, Modlily was known as MartOfChina.comChinese webshops have a tendency to rebrand themselves once every few years with little to no advanced warning. We've checked out the website in detail to see if the change was more than skin-deep. To our surprise, the release of ModLily actually improved upon the MartofChina system with new shipping conditions. Don't worry, we've summed everything for you below.

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This is the new MartOfChina: the fashion shop Modlily

Experience with Modlily

We'd already tested out MartOfChina, Modlily's former identity, but our first order from Modlily is still on its way. Our order at MartOfChina took close to four weeks to arrive. That isn't the best time for an online shop from China, but it's an average time for international deliveries. The quality of the clothes is as we expected. It isn't high quality, but it is close enough to the quality one expects from mall-favorite H&M. As long as you pay attention to the item's description and measurements, as well as check out the customer reviews for each item, you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of quality and cut to expect.


  • free Flatrate Shipping
  • PayPal payment possible
  • low prices
  • large product range
  • many different payment methods available
  • 5% discount for bank transfer or Wester Union payment


  • Signing up necessary (if you don't use PayPal)
  • Customer has to pay for return shipping


As an international customer you have the option to pay with PayPal, credit card (Visa, American Express), Western Union or via wire transfer (T/ T). If you pay with Western Union or bank transfer, you'll receive an additional 5% discount. But we recommend choosing to pay with PayPal when ordering from overseas. By using PayPal, you get to enjoy its 180-day buyer protection program and you can finish your order at Modlily extra fast by clicking on the "check out with PayPal" button.

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal PayPal is (in our humble opinion) the fastest, easiest, and safest way to pay online. And nowadays you get to enjoy its 180-day buyer protection.
Credit Card




Credit Card payments are, if not as quite as fast as PayPal, at least as easy. Just plug in your card info and wait for your order to arrive. If you process your credit cards via PayPal, you can take advantage of their buyer protection, even when paying with plastic.
Western Union   Western Union ist a cash payment method, which will cost a considerate fee. Just go to your local Western Union branch office, fill out a payment slip, and wait a couple of days for your payment to arrive in China. Beware of extra fees associated with international money orders.
Wire-Transfer   Wire-Transfer can, depending on the bank, take quite some time and, depending on YOUR bank, cost comparably high fees.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

If you want to stick with the most inexpensive shipping method, then choose  Flat Rate Shipping  because this won't cost you a single dollar extra. Shipping to the States can take up to between 5 - 15 business days. The price for Standard Shipping depends on the weight and will take between 3 - 6 business days. If you're in a real hurry, then choose Express Shipping and your order will arrive within 3 - 4 days. Keep in mind that the processing of your order can take between 1-4 workdays.

Modlily Shipping Methods

Modlily and Customs

Modlily (well, we're still waiting for our Modlily test order, so actually we're talking about its former name MartOfChina) packaged and labeled our test orders quite well and they all had no problem getting through customs and arriving on our doorstep within a month of our order. Regardless of our experience, customs can stop even the best-declared international parcels so take the time to check out your country's regulations concerning international shipments and import fees.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

The return policy is the same as it used to be under Modlily's former name within 7 days of the delivery of your order, you have the opportunity to return products. If you received damaged items or the wrong item, you can send it back to the online shop. Just keep in mind that the items should be unused and in their original packaging. One disadvantage of Modlily is that you have to pay the return shipping fees yourself. Modlily will not reimburse you for shipping. If you want to return something because you don't like the item or the color, you have to pay for shipping and return shipping of the item as well as an extra handling fee of 3USD/pc.

Special features

If you decided to sign up at Modlily, you can join the VIP membership club. This will offer you discounts of up to 10% . When the shop renamed itself, it also added the function of live-chatting with customers for pre- and post-sale customer service.


The very low prices, the large product range as well as the free shipping are definite advantages of Modlily and make a first order or two worth your time. If you're aware that the inexpensive prices mean that you won't get high-quality clothing and you're fine with that, then check out Modlily.


Alternative 1: Asia-Fashion-Wholesale
possibly shipping costs similar prices, large product range
Alternative 2: buytrends
possibly shipping costs similar price range, large variety of garments and trends
Alternative 3: sammydress
possibly shipping costs a very large product range, low shipping costs, good product quality and a helpful customer service

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The low prices at Modlily aren't enough of a bargain for you? Then check out the frequent coupon updates on PandaCheck. You'll find site-wide vouchers as well as deals for special categories!

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299 Reviews

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Don not order I should have read the reviews before I order. However with this experience with modlily I have looked a reviews first before placing any orders with any other company. They took my money 35.00 and I have yet to get the product. I’ve contacted there customer service for almost a month now and get the same response. Give it some time thank you for your patients. I did research myself and contacted USPS they informed me that the tracking number I have given them is merely a label there is no package attached to that tracking number that this is probably some stolen LabelMaker that just keeps processing labels for the company so it seems legitimate.
It is as if the HAVE STOLEN FROM ME.

Sharon Webley

Don't touch this company. The items look nothing like the photos and they expect you to pay to return them. As this probably costs as much as the item, you end up keeping them and sending them to a charity shop or putting them in the dustbin. Scam.

Lois Williams

I never write reviews but I am so pissed. Thank you, Modlily, for taking my $30.00 and never giving me my order. It's like you stole from me. Worst customer service experience EVER.


My family has so much problems with you guys.


Warning do not order from Modlily. I ordered a dress from this company and it was cheaply made and did not fit-it should have from the description of the item. I received NO paperwork with my order and have sent numerous emails to the company to return the item for a refund. Since i cannot produce any rpaperwork.-how is this
My fault They refuse to allow me to send it back and get any money back. They have an F rating on the BBB website...wish I would have looked there first. Don’t order they scam their customers!

Margie Warner

I thought "what the heck " i will order one shirt and see what it's like. I will say they communicated with me via email a few times about when it would arrive. Ok I get it, it is coming from China. So, it arrived. I'm ok with it. It fits and looks good. Hubby likes it. But I will probably hand wash it as I am pretty sure it will fall apart in the wash. Lol. I won't order again.


I cancelled an order immediately after I placed it. No refund. I have been back and forth with them as they claim they sent it. My bank statements show that they never refunded the money. Scam operation. Beware.



Carole Lamberto

It took exactly one month to receive my order. They said I would receive a discounted price because order was taking so long. Never received. Clothes are poor quality and company is extremely difficult to communicate with


My order came and the items were too small - I want a refund but I don’t see an email address, a phone number - nothing to get in touch with these people - when I ordered they emailed me updates and offers - now they site tells me my email address does not exist and there is no way to sign in - dirty dealing and probably a child labor factory


This website portrays beautiful outfits that are not of great quality. The return process is unusually tedious. The delivery of items takes a very long time.

I recently received an order and I am still waiting for the reps to explain and allow me to proceed with my return. I also have been waiting a very long time for part of my order to arrive.

I am still.waiting for a response from this company on my return and I feel like I've been scammed.


Not happy. 3 weeks since ordered & still dont have item. Hard to find how to track item from shanghai - no conformation emails sent. Wont deal w them again. Happy i used Paypal as not confident will ever reveive item.

Pissed off customer

I am so tired of the foreign ass companies that do nothing but scam people. I didn't receive my order because of some clerical error on their part but they would not refund my money because the tracking said it was delivered. (Yeah to the wrong address dumb ass). I filed a complaint with PayPal which did really help because all they wanted to give me was 10$ on a 35$ order. Don't order from them they are horrible. I wish I could give 0 stars


Poor quality and cheap fabric, the dress does not look nothing like pictures. Return process is a joke. Your order has no invoice, no return address. Company's phone does not work. I tried to submit a return ticket. No responds. No way to return. I was wondering, any good review is a fake review.


They give discounts for good reviews!! Do NOT TRUST!!!!
Worst experience, read reviews from other sites. Save your money, no savings is worth it!!!!


Do not do any business with this company.They are not what they appear to be.
When they tell you that your item will ship within 5 days they set it in "Preshipping" for weeks on end so it generates a tracking number and because it has a tracking number they won't do anything for you. They do not answer any questions or concerns and the number they list to call overseas does not work. There is NO way for you to get a refund, to file a complaint or at this point even receive your order.
BE VERY CAREFUL!It's been almost 2 months and still have not received order.


Clothing looks great on site, but actually the quality is low. Sizing is at least 2-sizes off, i.e. XL is really M. Site claims that satisfaction is guaranteed, and that you can return items if not completely satisfied. In reality, if you try to return items, you are told that it is very expensive and will take a long time. You are then told that you can get a "partial" credit, and are told that this is what you should do. Not sure what that amount will be, but I expect that it will be just as disappointing as the products. My advice is simple: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM MODLILY. IT IS A TOTAL RIPOFF.

Penny-ann Hirschl

On the 3rd of March I ordered a top for $20.61 US dollars. On receiving the top it was two sizes smaller than I ordered. I contacted them thorough pay pal. When they finely got back to me they offered me a $7 US Dollar refund. How insulting do they think $ 7 Dollars is going to make the top now fit me. I replayed to there e-mail that I wanted the size top i ordered. NO RESPONSE. I then contacted PAY PAL again only to be told it was to late to peruse. "THANKS PAY PAL" after taking your advice I now have a top that does not fit me and am $20.61 US dollars short. Will not be Shopping them again. SO MUCH FOR PAY PAL HELPING THE CUSTOMER. VERY ANGRY.


This company is a SCAM! None of the sizes match American sizes and they don't refund your money! DO NO BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Leslie Jones

I ordered a dress and 2 pairs of earrings back in November. The items never arrived. After going back and forth multiple times with customer service, they agreed to give me a refund - then told me, "hi,We are so sorry for that the express company has charged us the shipping fee for sent the order, so the part can not be refunded,pls understanding,thanks. (sic)" Well, I don't understand their shoddy service. It's not my fault my purchased items never arrived, but I have to pay shipping anyway? I wish I'd read these reviews before I ever ordered from them. They've permanently lost me as a customer.

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