MiniInTheBox and LightInThebox are sibling gadget shops founded by the same company in China and have been growing and developing at lightening speeds. MiniInTheBox, which focuses set on electronic items, was created in 2006, a year before the lifestyle and fashion store LightInThebox was created. LightInThebox’s global Alexa ranking of 1,315 and MiniInTheBox’s rank of 1,750 prove their popularity equivalent to even larger vendors such as Banggood and Dealextreme.

Miniinthebox Index

The first impression: the website of MiniInTheBox

Experience with MiniInTheBox

Light- and MiniInTheBox proved themselves experienced merchants in our tests and could meet their set delivery times, sometimes even delivering faster than expected. The support is prompt, reaching out to customers with problems within 24 hours. We were very happy with our customer experience as we didn’t encounter any problems at all.

Details: Light- and

  • Delivery times: 10-20 work days, express shipping 3-5 days
  • range of products: all categories are available
  • price comparison: more expensive than direct competitors
  • specific features: multiple payment methods accepted


  • PayPal-Express payment
  • Other payment methods: credit card and even Sofortü for German customers or debit card for customers from the UK
  • most of the time no shipping charges
  • optional shipping insurance
  • credit balance automatically settled when placing an order
  • many languages available, but some translations don’t make sense
  • product questions are answered very fast
  • frequent promotions and discounts such as free expedited shipping


  • some products at LightintheBox don’t come with free shipping
  • delivery times may vary
  • Product Overlap between the two sites
  • ordering not possible without an account
  • product descriptions translated on the German webpage (Note 3 = Anmerkung 3) - complicates searching for specific items


By pressing the PayPal-Expressbutton, the order will be processed through PayPal, activating the buyer protection for a 180-day-period. This isn’t possible without a registration. But Lightinthebox and MiniInTheBox also feature a fair amount of third party merchants. In case of problems or questions, the multilingual support team is there to help. Usually responding quickly to customer concerns and taking time to go into detail about products.

MiniintheBox Payment Options

Many logos, but only three options: the payment options at MiniInTheBox

Supported payment methods

PayPal PayPal Our recommendation! PayPal is fast, easy to use and offers a great buyer protection.
credit card




You can pay with your favorite plastic via PayPal. This way you can also take advantage of paypal's buyer protection program.

Delivery times and shipping

Sadly there aren’t uniform conditions concerning the shipping, as you have to pay shipping charges for standard shipping for some items and the delivery time can vary from 5-10 days up to 20 workdays. Many items are offered with free shipping and the expedited shipping takes about 3-5 days but even this can vary depending on the product, item value, and number of items.

Shipment tracking is possible by checking into your Mini- or LightintheBox account. There you have a very well-arranged overview of all your orders and their shipping status. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t choose a PO Box as your address because this might cause problems when the deliverer and customer cannot keep in contact. Bubble-wrapped packages are often declined to PO Boxes.

The availability of shipping insurance is also noteworthy. It usually costs only about $1 extra, so it may be worth it to consider when placing a large or important order.

MiniInTheBox Parcel

MiniInTheBox and customs

MiniInTheBox has a large client base in the European and North American markets and is familiar with the rules of the customs system. This means that packages are almost never held in customs offices because of incorrect declarations. Nevertheless, random checks on your order are always possible.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not entirely common, side-effect of international ordering. The amount to be paid can vary widely from nothing to $495 depending on the product and how its sent. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, but the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 when entering the country. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $100, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra taxes.

Any extra taxes or duty on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office and you will need ot go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Specific features

MiniInTheBox and LightInTheBox are the only China-specific shops that offer a direct discount of 10% on your next order, if you wish to use it. It isn’t necessary to exchange points for a discount and use it explicitly on your order, such as on the sites Dealextreme or Tinydeal.

The translations are well done in most cases but there are sometimes poorer automated translations that may leave out some product information. We recommend using the English translation in lieu of other languages, especially if you’re looking for electronic items such as cell phones and tablets.


Light- and MiniInTheBox work hard to establish a client base on the European market and are definitely successful in their pioneering efforts, as their alexa ranking proves. The prices tend to be on the higher side, but great deals are always possible when using available coupons and the 10% direct discount. Only the information on the delivery and shipping costs can cause confusion and the product range of both websites overlaps, which can sometimes lead to confusion if you're searching on both simultaneously.


 Alternative 1:  Banggood
free shipping well-known shop, ideal for shopping for electronic goods, clothing, costume jewelry and a great starting point for RC fans and tinkerers, has many international warehouses
 Alternative 2:  Dealextreme
free shipping also a known brand in the Chinese electronics business, offers also a couple of international warehouses

1 MiniInTheBox Coupon

The shop offers frequently different coupon codes, promotions and special deals which lead to free express shipping on orders of a certain value or discount a certain percentage of your order price. This can be settled with your direct credit and result in amazing discounts.

Free expedited shipping at MitB for $35+ orders

From now on MiniInTheBox is offering free expedited shipping for all orders with a value of at least USD $35. Especially helpful for all those late birthday shoppers! ;-)

Valid for a limited time

Not necessary

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These guys are scammers. Bought a couple of Choetech wireless chargers for the iphone X. Not only did they not send a Choetech item. They sent another item's brand and empty boxes. Don't trust them. Go with if you are after the real thing. Alternatively Banggood or Gearbest if you are comfortable with the "China" domicile firms. Their alternate name is lighting in a box. So that is a no no as well. When you contest the transaction. Do it via paypal as oppose to their portal as legally they hold the right to the information on their portal. But if you do it on paypal, then paypal holds the information ownership. Time wasters. Don't fall for it - no matter how "cheap" their prices are.


this is one of many times I have tried to purchase with Amex, Visa, Master card and it never goes thru. U keep denying the 3 or 4 # on the card as wrong and it never is!!! No one is so stupid that they can't put in the 3 or 4 # code from either the front or the back. I have had my FOUR AMEX cards since 1983 with never one complaint until you; I have an order right now for $90.00+ and you will not accept any of the 3 I have tried, listed above. YOUR LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Translate 09/14/2018

Lorena Rubio

Hace poco compre en esta página miniinthebox al rededor de $2,000.00 me cobraron envío, todo estaba bien hasta que llegó el primer paquete, me cobraron $600.00, al comentarlo en la página te dicen que ellos no tienen nada que ver con las tarifas de aduana. Mi segundo paquete aún no llega (y eso que pagué paquetería acelerada) y te dicen que ellos no tienen nada que ver con el envío y que llame a aduana para conocer la situación del paquete. Conclusión, no se hacen responsables del envío ni de los gastos extras... si compras en tu país seguro te saldrá hasta más barato. No vuelvo a comprar ahí
Translate 08/05/2018

Aleaandro F.

pessimo servizio, la risposta da parte della ditta, ad una mancata consegna, è stata quella che si puo' attendere sino a 60 giorni per le loro consegne.... ASSURDO.... MAI PIU'.
ho richiesto un rimborso che non ho avuto
pacco mai ricevuto
Translate 08/03/2018


Es una estafa.
Translate 08/03/2018

Jenn Serna

Nunca compren en esta página, llevo meses esperando un paquete y nadie responde, solo piden paciencia y en cada respuesta dicen que esperes 1 o dos meses para cada procedimientos ¡UNA TOTAL ESTAFA!
Translate 07/27/2018


Me ha llegado el repartidor con un pedido que costó 28,30 y solicitando un pago por aduanas de 24,55!! ¿¡WTF!? Lo hemos rechazado y nos dicen de Atención al Cliente que hemos tenido ¡¡¡mala suerte!!! Que ellos no pueden controlar cuando se hacen controles en aduanas. Entonces comprar ahí es como jugar al juego de la ruleta nunca sabes cuanto vas a pagar al final, si lo que pone o el doble. No doy crédito a esto.
Translate 07/12/2018


No llega pedido más de 30 días!estafa!
Translate 06/23/2018


Llevo esperando mi pedido desde el 12 de febrero, encima pague unos gastos de envio extra para que lllegase antes y a dia de hoy no se da, ya que el seguimiento ha expirado. Escribo quejas en su pagina web y la unica respuesta que recibo es que tenga paciencia y que me llegue a correos. ES UNA ESTAFA PORQUE LO PRIMERO QUE HACEN ES QUITARTE EL IMPORTE DE LA TARJETA Y YA SE DESENTIENDEN DEL PEDIDO. NO LO RECOMIENDO NADA.
Translate 06/21/2018


Ordine di euro 154,65 è arrivato con spese extra da pagare per oneri e pratiche doganali di euro 70,83. Il 45% in più! Da quando ho reclamato presso la loro assistenza online, la pagina su miniinthebox dove potere mettere le recensioni dei prodotti acquistati è totalmente bianca. Una coincidenza tecnologica o una pratica scorretta? In ogni caso, mai più.
Translate 06/13/2018


Betrugsmasche aus Fernost
Translate 05/26/2018


Ware vor gut einem Jahr bestellt und bis heute nicht erhalten. Kommunikation - nur Floskeln und namenlose automatische Musterantworten. Man hat keine Chance sein Geld zurück zu erhalten. Also - ein Russisch Roulette, Vorsicht.
Translate 05/09/2018


ich habe im letzen September 2017, Waren mit Zollabfertigung gekauft.
Bis heute habe ich nichts erhalten. Weder die Waren, noch irgendeine Nachrichten und auch keine Gutschriften.
Dann wird günstig einkaufese teuer.
Translate 05/01/2018


Ich habe Usb Sticks bestellt waren alle recht günstig (3-6€ pro Stück)
Nach Monate langen warten kamen endlich die Sticks an.

- Alle Sticks mit falscher Firmware! Angezeigt wurde bei 16 Gigabyte Sticks 16 Gigabyte, wobei die tatsächliche Kapatzität bei 4 Gigabyte lag.

- Langsamere Übertragung hab ich glaub noch nie erlebt.

- Zudem wurden mir bei der Übertragen von Daten tausende Dateien mit Chinesischen oder anderen Zeichen erstellt. Und bei dem Stick wurde plötzlich eine Kapatzität von 102 TB angezeigt.
Translate 04/24/2018


Habe Anfang November 2017 einige Weihnachtsgeschenke per Expressversand bestellt. Nach mehrmaliger Anfrage kam das Paket Ende Februar (!!!). Ich habe die Annahme verweigert. Nun haben wir fast Mai und ich habe noch immer mein Geld nicht zurück erstattet bekommen. Eine Bodenlose Frechheit und in keinster Weise empfehlenswert!
Translate 03/26/2018


Seit vielen Tagen warte ich auf meine Bestellung, welche auch schon lange bezahlt ist. Sehr schleppende und äusserst mühsame Lieferung. Besser etwas mehr bezahlen als die viel zu lange Lieferzeit akzeptieren. Bin enttäuscht über das Unternehmen. Das ist doch kein Kundendienst.
Translate 03/24/2018


Pedimos 3 pedidos el dia 7 de Marzo y no sabemos absolutamente nada de los envios. Es imposible el seguimiento. Nadie responde a ningún correo. Pesimo servicion
Translate 03/20/2018


Ordine effettuato il 07/12/17, conseguentemente diviso in due pacchi da voi. Uno, contenente un solo prodotto dei 12 comprati e già pagati, arrivato entro i termini e senza alcuna spesa ulteriore, mentre per il secondo ho dovuto attendere fino ad oggi 20/03/18, quindi quasi 4 mesi dopo, con una spiacevole sorpresa da parte del postino, ossia una spesa imprevista di ben 13,04€ ulteriori motivati come dazi doganali (i quali però erano già stati pagati al momento del pagamento dell'ordine). Oltretutto il pacco è arrivato in pessime condizioni.
Mi sento ulteriormente preso in giro dal momento che non esiste un servizio cliente vero e proprio, bensì esiste un computer con frasi pre-impostate a "rispondere" alla vostre domande/richieste il quale oltre a prendere tempo in questi quasi 4 mesi non ha fatto altro.
Sarà mia cura recensirvi come degli imbroglioni, bugiardi e ladri in ogni dove. Avete perso un cliente fidato.
Translate 03/12/2018


Miniinthebox es un fraude!! Llevo 3 meses esperando un paquete y ya les he solicitado que me devuelvan el dinero, pero según parece y tal como les ha pasado a otros usuarios, no espero que me devuelvan el importe. Conclusión: miniinthebox es un timo, fraude, trola, robo, sacacuartos, estafa!!!
Translate 03/09/2018


Kommunikation 1 Stern, da Rückmeldungen wechselweise in Deutsch oder Englisch, Inhaltlich wertlos, da Aussagen nicht eingehalten werden.
Versand und Verpackung sowie Preis Leistung 1 Stern, da niemals ein Paket ankam oder das Geld zurücküberwiesen wurde.

Nachdem ich im Oktober bestellte und im November immernoch nichts hörte, habe ich nachgefragt. Lieferzeit waren angeblich 10-14 Tage.
In einer Antwort hieß es, ich solle mich bis zu 30 Tage gedulden - natürlich kam auch dann nichts.
In der nächsten Mail hieß es, ich solle mich 60 Tage gedulden. Nachdem ich mein Geld zurückforderte gab es ein hin und her, bis es mir zugesagt wurde - ich solle mich aber wieder 30 Tage gedulden bis das Geld da ist.
Natürlich kam in der Zeit weiterhin weder Geld noch Paket an, auch nach mehreren beschwerden und versprechen, dass ich das Geld zurückbekäme.

Inzwischen ist Mitte März und es ist weder das Geld zurück noch das Paket angekommen oder irgendeine Art Nachricht bzgl. des Verbleibs des Paketes.

Man wird also nur vertröstet und einem das Geld abgenommen. Absolut unseriös, auf gar keinen Fall dort bestellen!

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