MiniInTheBox and LightInThebox are sibling gadget shops founded by the same company in China and have been growing and developing at lightening speeds. MiniInTheBox, which focuses set on electronic items, was created in 2006, a year before the lifestyle and fashion store LightInThebox was created. LightInThebox’s global Alexa ranking of 1,315 and MiniInTheBox’s rank of 1,750 prove their popularity equivalent to even larger vendors such as Banggood and Dealextreme.

Miniinthebox Index

The first impression: the website of MiniInTheBox

Experience with MiniInTheBox

Light- and MiniInTheBox proved themselves experienced merchants in our tests and could meet their set delivery times, sometimes even delivering faster than expected. The support is prompt, reaching out to customers with problems within 24 hours. We were very happy with our customer experience as we didn’t encounter any problems at all.

Details: Light- and

  • Delivery times: 10-20 work days, express shipping 3-5 days
  • range of products: all categories are available
  • price comparison: more expensive than direct competitors
  • specific features: multiple payment methods accepted


  • PayPal-Express payment
  • Other payment methods: credit card and even Sofortü for German customers or debit card for customers from the UK
  • most of the time no shipping charges
  • optional shipping insurance
  • credit balance automatically settled when placing an order
  • many languages available, but some translations don’t make sense
  • product questions are answered very fast
  • frequent promotions and discounts such as free expedited shipping


  • some products at LightintheBox don’t come with free shipping
  • delivery times may vary
  • Product Overlap between the two sites
  • ordering not possible without an account
  • product descriptions translated on the German webpage (Note 3 = Anmerkung 3) - complicates searching for specific items


By pressing the PayPal-Expressbutton, the order will be processed through PayPal, activating the buyer protection for a 180-day-period. This isn’t possible without a registration. But Lightinthebox and MiniInTheBox also feature a fair amount of third party merchants. In case of problems or questions, the multilingual support team is there to help. Usually responding quickly to customer concerns and taking time to go into detail about products.

MiniintheBox Payment Options

Many logos, but only three options: the payment options at MiniInTheBox

Supported payment methods

PayPal PayPal Our recommendation! PayPal is fast, easy to use and offers a great buyer protection.
credit card




You can pay with your favorite plastic via PayPal. This way you can also take advantage of paypal's buyer protection program.

Delivery times and shipping

Sadly there aren’t uniform conditions concerning the shipping, as you have to pay shipping charges for standard shipping for some items and the delivery time can vary from 5-10 days up to 20 workdays. Many items are offered with free shipping and the expedited shipping takes about 3-5 days but even this can vary depending on the product, item value, and number of items.

Shipment tracking is possible by checking into your Mini- or LightintheBox account. There you have a very well-arranged overview of all your orders and their shipping status. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t choose a PO Box as your address because this might cause problems when the deliverer and customer cannot keep in contact. Bubble-wrapped packages are often declined to PO Boxes.

The availability of shipping insurance is also noteworthy. It usually costs only about $1 extra, so it may be worth it to consider when placing a large or important order.

MiniInTheBox Parcel

MiniInTheBox and customs

MiniInTheBox has a large client base in the European and North American markets and is familiar with the rules of the customs system. This means that packages are almost never held in customs offices because of incorrect declarations. Nevertheless, random checks on your order are always possible.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not entirely common, side-effect of international ordering. The amount to be paid can vary widely from nothing to $495 depending on the product and how its sent. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, but the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 when entering the country. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $100, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra taxes.

Any extra taxes or duty on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office and you will need ot go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Specific features

MiniInTheBox and LightInTheBox are the only China-specific shops that offer a direct discount of 10% on your next order, if you wish to use it. It isn’t necessary to exchange points for a discount and use it explicitly on your order, such as on the sites Dealextreme or Tinydeal.

The translations are well done in most cases but there are sometimes poorer automated translations that may leave out some product information. We recommend using the English translation in lieu of other languages, especially if you’re looking for electronic items such as cell phones and tablets.


Light- and MiniInTheBox work hard to establish a client base on the European market and are definitely successful in their pioneering efforts, as their alexa ranking proves. The prices tend to be on the higher side, but great deals are always possible when using available coupons and the 10% direct discount. Only the information on the delivery and shipping costs can cause confusion and the product range of both websites overlaps, which can sometimes lead to confusion if you're searching on both simultaneously.


 Alternative 1:  Banggood
free shipping well-known shop, ideal for shopping for electronic goods, clothing, costume jewelry and a great starting point for RC fans and tinkerers, has many international warehouses
 Alternative 2:  Dealextreme
free shipping also a known brand in the Chinese electronics business, offers also a couple of international warehouses

0 MiniInTheBox Coupons

The shop offers frequently different coupon codes, promotions and special deals which lead to free express shipping on orders of a certain value or discount a certain percentage of your order price. This can be settled with your direct credit and result in amazing discounts.

Sorry, no coupons are currently available.

252 Reviews

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Zalikha Hamid

I have the exact same problem with this company. After ordering and paying for my order from MiniInTheBox, I have received a delivery date and a tracking number. However, the tracking number does not work and does not indicate delivery progress. I contacted the courier service to ask regarding the tracking number and it turns out that the tracking number is not in their system - the alleged claimed package is not in their system! I still waited for my order until the date my order supposed to be delivered and there have been no notification regarding any parcel whatsoever. I then contacted the MiniInTheBox customer service and suprisingly, they claimed that there have been some problem with my address and asked me to wait for another few weeks. I waited and finally received no news from them. I contacted them again only to be informed that the parcel is on its way to their warehouse and they claimed I did not pick up the parcel so they will resend it again but I have to pay for the shipment again. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. It has been nearly 3 months now and I asked for a refund but they reply my message with a repeated exact message stating they will resend and I have to pay for the shipment again. This website is clearly operated by dishonest people who tried to illegally make money and trick others. I strongly recommend others not to order anything from this website and look for a more trusted seller.


Cheaters!!!! I ordered some toys, I received them after 1 month directly from China (?!), I wasted time at customs, and I paid extra 40% of the toys price in customs and DHL taxes.... In the end quality of toys was poor, and also only 50% of the toys were working, the other half were faulty!!! Be warned! Order from them only if you want to be cheated!!!!

Per Lindell

Title: Hoax. Fraud.
Miniinthebox order #29786942
I ordered and payed on Sep 3 of 2018 for a wristwatch that never showed up.
Delivery time was told to be 9-19 days.
After 24 days, having reported a no-show, I was told it might be taking up to 38 or 40 days.
After 44 days they closed the order and payment history down on and there was absolutely no trace of me ever having placed or payed for an order.
Mailing them further was useless, there was no reply even though I paid for an insurance and I mailed them I was going to hurt their goodwill (if any).
By far the worst customer treatment I have ever faced - this is plain Fraud, plain Hoax!


These guys are scammers. Bought a couple of Choetech wireless chargers for the iphone X. Not only did they not send a Choetech item. They sent another item's brand and empty boxes. Don't trust them. Go with if you are after the real thing. Alternatively Banggood or Gearbest if you are comfortable with the "China" domicile firms. Their alternate name is lighting in a box. So that is a no no as well. When you contest the transaction. Do it via paypal as oppose to their portal as legally they hold the right to the information on their portal. But if you do it on paypal, then paypal holds the information ownership. Time wasters. Don't fall for it - no matter how "cheap" their prices are.


this is one of many times I have tried to purchase with Amex, Visa, Master card and it never goes thru. U keep denying the 3 or 4 # on the card as wrong and it never is!!! No one is so stupid that they can't put in the 3 or 4 # code from either the front or the back. I have had my FOUR AMEX cards since 1983 with never one complaint until you; I have an order right now for $90.00+ and you will not accept any of the 3 I have tried, listed above. YOUR LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Translate 08/25/2020


Translate 07/08/2020

I. Wagner

Ich ärgere mich seit Mai 2020 mit der Firma. Liefertermin wird laufend nach hinten geschoben. Hauptsache die Ware ist bezahlt. Werde mal sehen, wie Paypal reagiert und ich mein Geld zurück bekomme. Ich kann die Firma nicht weiterempfehlen.
Translate 06/28/2020

Carmen Castelo Sardina

Atención TIMO!!! Después de pagar con VISA el precio indicado de una funda de sofá, la empresa de reparto DHL me cobra 26€ por el concepto de "aduana"
Translate 06/19/2020


Truffatori, pagata spedizione molto cara e con maggiorazione per riceverlo in 4-8 giorni, ricevuto dopo più di un mese perchè spediscono dalla Cina. Alle mie richieste del motivo del ritardo nella consegna, sono cosi disonesti da dare la colpa al Covid 19. A copertura di ciò forniscono nr di tracking inesistente che poi modificano con quello reale quando la merce arriva in Italia, pensando che la gente sia così idiota da non capirlo. Tra 2 prodotti analoghi di differente fascia di prezzo ho acquistato quello più costoso e meglio realizzato, ma mi è arrivato quello meno costoso e nel frattempo hanno cambiato l'immagine dell'ordine. Servizio di assistenza clienti pessimo.
Da evitare assolutamente
Translate 06/03/2020


Ordine mai arrivato 31175765
Translate 05/30/2020


Produkt vor 2 Jahren bestellt und seitdem nicht erhalten. Auch kein Geld zurück. Das Schlimmste war der Kontakt. Egal was man schrieb, bekam man riesige, automatisch generierte Nachrichten zurück, die zu 95% aus Werbesprüchen und Selbstlob bestanden, und ganz am Ende einen Hinweis enthielten, dass man angeblich erst nach Ablauf von zwei Monaten/ drei Monaten/ 6 Monaten usw. im Stande wäre, nach dem verlorenen Paket zu forschen. Wie gegen eine Betonwand. Also - unseriöser und zynischer geht es gar nicht. Bloß Hände weg von diesem miniinthebox!
Translate 05/13/2020


Os avanzo que mi caso está siendo estudiado por Paypal, en un proceso de reclamación por artículo no recibido. Una lástima no haber visto esta página antes de lanzarme a hacer la compra, me habría evitado todo el follón. Una vez enredado, me he decidido a compartir mi experiencia, para evitarle dolores de cabeza a otr@s desaprensiv@s como yo.

El día 27 de marzo de 2020 compré un termómetro de los de pistola (sin contacto) en la página de esta gente. Como no quería esperar los entre 10 y 20 días del envío estándar, pagué el extra de casi 15€ del envío exprés acelerado (que indicaba que serían entre 3 y 6 días).

Pues bien, hoy día 13 de mayo de 2020 sigo sin termómetro. Lo que empezó como una reclamación por el importe extra del envío exprés, ha terminado por una reclamación a Paypal (afortunadamente pagué con Paypal y metí a alguien de por medio a quién poder reclamar, porque si tengo que depender de esta panda de ladrones, voy listo ...) por el 100% del importe pagado (más de 91€) por un pedido nunca entregado. Es la primera vez que tengo que hacer una reclamación de este tipo a Paypal y lo uso MUCHO.

Me crucé varios mensajes con el "servicio de atención al cliente" de estas alimañas, pero primero me daban largas argumentando que el paquete estaba en camino; luego me decían que el extra correspondía a tasas de aduanas (y para justificarse me referían a una página de, diciendo que allí avisaban ... para que os hagáis una idea); y lo último fue ofrecerme como compensación un descuento del 50% de las tasas en mi próximo pedido o lo que interpreté como un artículo valorado en el 100% del montante de tasas que había pagado (el texto literal: "una recompensa que valora el 100% de la tasa impositiva") ... como si fuese tan giliflautas de volver a comprarles algo.

Camino de los 2 meses sin mi artículo pedido, con una denuncia en trámite y una mala leche que no imagináis, entenderéis que les valore con 1 estrella (deberían empezar a permitir 0 estrellas para "servicios" como este) y os recomiendo gastaros un poco más en otros distribuidores más fiables y, si puede ser, más cercanos.

Si aún después de leer mi experiencia os seguís queriendo arriesgar, os deseo mucha suerte.
Translate 05/09/2020


Ordine 2003280631044352 acquistato il 28/03 e ad oggi 09/05 mai arrivato. Nonostante i vari solleciti, non mi hanno voluta rimborsare. Vergognosi.
Translate 04/09/2020


ordine express del 26 Marzo....addebito 4 aprile mi comunicano che entro 20 giorni LAVORATIVI ricevo il pacco............quindi a maggio..........fate prima ad attendere la riapertura dopo la pandemia , vedete il prodotto, lo scegliete, non pagate la spedizione e lo avrete alla stessa data
Translate 04/07/2020


Sconsiglio acquisti da questo sito. Riscuotono e spariscono. Merce non inviata, servizio clienti non risponde. Non vi dico provare per credere, vi dico risparmiate tempo e denaro per altri siti di e-commerce maggiormente noti e affidabili.
Translate 03/23/2020

Thomas Schulien

Die Größen passen nicht zum europäischen Standart. Viel schlimmer sind Reklamationen. Es wird auf Zeit gespielt, um aus den 6 bzw 8 Wochen der Lastschriftrückholung zu kommen. Ärgere mich seid 2 Wochen für 32 Euro. Fadenscheinige Ausregen von ständig anderen Personen. Anrufen kann man nicht und über Email kommen nur Entschuldigungen. Meiner Meinung nach Betrug im großen Stil. Da die in Paris sitzen, kommt man nich an die dran.
Finger weg
Translate 03/16/2020


Finde die Vorgangsweise von LightintheBox etwas unseriös. Habe eine V5 Smart Watch bestellt. Angegebener Preis Euro 71,65. Abbuchung von Paypal korrekt Euro 71,65.
Bei der Bestellung keinerlei Hinweis a.) woher geliefert wird, b.) dass zusätzliche Gebühren fällig werden. Heute habe ich die Lieferung erhalten (immerhin in der vorher angegeben Zeitspanne): zusätzliche Gebühren Euro 31,56!! SO WIRD DER KUNDE IN DIE IRRE GEFÜHRT UND ERHÄLT VÖLLIG FALSCHE KOSTENANGABEN.
Translate 02/23/2020

Modesta garcia bujidos

No tenemos el número de PEDIDO y no nos llega el pedido, cómo podemos saber dónde está el pedido por que ya está esta pagado dese el dia 27 de enero, y estamos hartos,no sabemos ni como reclamar, habrá que ir a consumo?
Translate 02/17/2020


Esattamente anche a me è successa la stessa cosa ,pacco mai arrivato da circa 59 euro ssoedito a novembre ,mai arrivato e messaggi con dazi e oneri da pagare di euro ,240,52, passerò tutto alla polizia
Translate 11/02/2019


Ho acquistato due cover per uno smartphone samsung galaxi A3 2017. Sono arrivate dopo 40 giorni e non sono quelle della misura giusta. Non li posso utilizzare. Soldi buttati.

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