is an Online Electronics Store specializing in Consumer Electronics and Tech for Home and Office. Active since 2009, this Shenzhen, China-based company has managed impressive growth during its first few years by attracting customers from all over the world. With a US-only Alexa ranking of 16,351, the young tech site places comfortable among the top 20,000 most-visited websites in the United States, trumping its similarly-impressive Global Ranking of 21,039.

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Even though GeekBuying isn't quite as organized and extensive as some larger competitors such as DealExtreme and FastTech, they make up for it by making their shopping experience much easier and user friendly while also offering relatively quick delivery times on most items.

  • Shipping Time: ca. 2-4 weeks; DHL/UPS/Express: 3-5 business days
  • Free Shipping options available
  • Selection: Focus on Electronics and Gadgets, including RC products and smartphone accessories
  • Prices: Very Low, similar to most competitors


  • Live Chat Function for real-time customer service
  • Free Shipping
  • 1 Year Guarantee on consumer electronics (Free Repair or Replacement)
  • Warehouses in the USA and England for faster shipping


  • Customer must cover Shipping Costs for Returns


GeekBuying gives you multiple options to pay. You may complete your order using PayPal, Major Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Qiwi), and Maestro. You also have the option to pay using the less secure but perennially present Western Union or Wire Transfer options. You need to create an account on GeekBuying in order to complete your order, but PayPay Express Checkout is also available for those who can't spare 3 minutes to make an account.

PayPal PayPal PayPal is the simplest and easiest way to order online. We always recommend PayPal because of their fantastic Buyer Protection Program.
Credit Card




Credit Card payments are straightforward enough: enter your billing info and go.
Western Union Western Union Western Union is an offline payment method that stopped being useful circa 1985 with the rise of the Credit Card. Beware of the fees associated with sending money this way.
Maestro (debit card) PayPal you can pay at Geekbuying with your Maestro debit card.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

GeekBuying gives its customers different delivery methods to choose from. Registered Airmail takes the longest (15-30 estimated business days) but its also Free. Shipping via DHL/UPS (3-5 business days) is also available for a relatively low, weight-dependent fee. EMS Express Mail (7-15 business days) is also available, but on some orders (like the one below) faster shipping via DHL/UPS or similar is even cheaper.

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GeekBuying and Customs

Although, in our experience, GeekBuying has been nothing but professional in packaging and declaring their products for customs, it is still possible that customs may stop your packages for a random inspection. As such, we recommend that you look up your country's rules and regulations on international shipments and import taxes. 

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

GeekBuying gives you the option to send back an item for any reason within 7 days of delivery, but you will be required to cover the return shipping costs on items that are not defective. For items that are defective or damaged on arrival (GeekBuying refers to this at "DOA"), you must report the problem to customer service within 2 days of delivery. For these items, GeekBuying will cover all shipping costs. Should any problem with a product arise later, GeekBuying will reimburse a portion of the return shipping costs if the problem is reported within one month of delivery. Most electronics on GeekBuying are covered by their internal One-Year Guarantee, which allows you to send the item back for repair or replacement any time within a year. You will still be required to cover the shipping fees, however.

Special Features

Alongside the electronics store, GeekBuying also supports an internal blog that highlights new arrivals, reviews popular items, and even gives tutorials on how to use some products. 

They also feature a useful Live Chat feature to contact their customer service department in real time for any questions or problems that arise during the ordering process. 

GeekBuying Shopping Cart

Geekbuying has a lot of international warehouses to offer. Don't want to wait for an item to ship from China? Then check out a warehouse near to you for some goodies - there's a warehouse in Spain, the UK and the US!



Although GeekBuying may not be the largest online tech shop, it is certainly one of the best. It's popularity has continued to grow over the past few years due to its respectable selection, quality products, and great prices. The multiplicity of payment options and a Free Shipping option don't hurt either.


Alternative 1: Fasttech
free shipping A very well-established tech shop with a larger selection. Free Shipping Available.
Alternative 2: Buyincoins
free shipping Covers just about everything, but not as extensive selection of products. Large RC and Gadget inventory. Free Shipping available.


1 GeekBuying Coupon

Geekbuying has a special area for coupons - appropriately called Geekbuying Coupon Code Zone - where you can regularly find new coupon for certain products.

GeekBuying Coupons

Sometimes you can find real bargains in this category - but each coupon is only valid for a certain product. So if you're looking for coupons valid for entire categories or the entire website, then check out the vouchers listed below. The most impressive coupons from Geekbuying and other Chinese online shops can be found on our "top coupon page".



Panda exclusive: 5% off sitewide

Use this PandaCheck exclusive coupon to get 5% off everything at Geekbuying (excluding already discounted products). 



172 Reviews

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Worst experience in online shopping.
Sent a defective phone and over one year my situation is still not solved.


It's a terrible company- here is an opinion of real person and not a robot or a GeekBuying' employee!!!
Hello everyone, in short they are cheaters who show one price but hold back information about taxes in a country there the parcel are going to be sent. In my instance I payed the bill and ordered phone to Germany. In 3 weeks I got an email from the border custom agency with the request to provide the receipt for the parsel from China which they stopped at the border. I showed paypal receipt for 400 Euro.

Afoward the custom agency sent me the PDF where says this phone declared as item with the price
SHIPPER/EXPORTER (Complete name & address)
4th Floor, A3 Building, Hekan Industrial Area, No.41 Wuhe
Avenue, Bantian Sub-district
30.00 USD
personal Gift,No Foreign Exchange Involved

name and title and sign):

And the custom obliged me to pay 90 Euro of duty. I asked to send the parcel (phone) back to China. DHL did it. After 2 months I contacted Geek Buying in a question to return the money back to me. I didn't get any answer, I sent the same question few more times to them, and finally they answered just one word- "OK". WTF! I really pissed off guys, please don't order anything to Europe from this place if you don't want come across with the problems I have now. They are simply cheaters, that's it!!!
Alex, Munich.

Nash Silverstone

I haven't yet received my shipments but I'm really doubtful I will ever see it. Here's my experience with this store so far:

1) There's no online chat or any other means of instant communications aside from Chinese phone numbers
2) The e-mails specified at the website don't always work - it's a first in my entire life: you mail them, you receive an answer that the destination address cannot accept your e-mail, because the quota limit has been exceeded. What? Seriously??
3) You cannot write a comment to your order, for instance, "Don't unbox the item".
4) Before shipping they perform QA even though I specifically asked not to do that.
5) I've been unable to check the provided tracking number for the past three days.

This store is a scam operation - avoid at all costs. Please buy at aliexpress where you have a customer protection against the scum like this one.

Zvi Shanny

Warning about geekbuying:
Do not buy from this site !!!
your purchase is not guaranteed in this site.
Unlike ebay or Aliexpress
This site has no money back guarantee !!!
If you do not receive your product you money is lost !!!

Peter Iverson

Stay away from all 3 companies regardless what the "pro" viewers say here .. the following companies lack customer service and focus on drilling you on worthless company policies and excuses - they are:

All have been forewarned here and now! Do NOT purchase from these companies - PERIOD! Don't say I told you so .. . you will be sorry if you don't listen up here!!!


"NEVER BUY FROM THEM . BAD experience overall
after sales support is bad .2-3/5 days to reply emails.
chat is of no use ,they will ask you to email .
received a defective tablet teclast x98 air 3g.
cant sent the tablet back. not economical for me to sent the tablet. have to spend $100
asked for a partial refund of half . denied to refund .
paypal also in favour of seller to return tablet for refund."

Dan Hanson

This is the first review I've ever written... I am so disappointed with the level of service that GeekBuying provided.

I think we're all programmed to think that if PayPal acknowledges a business that it's a safe place to make a purchase... That is absolutely false, and both parties should be reprimanded.

I recently purchased a tablet PC from GeekBuying, or tried to anyway. After submitting over 10 emails, countless phone calls and instant message requests, no resolution was found. I was only looking for some type of confirmation or update on the purchase I made.

After finally making contact with their service team, I was told the order would be canceled and refunded... That was a complete lie.


What a completely terrible online retailer. Like I said, this is the first review I've ever written. I am so mad right now, and I highly recommend you take your business elsewhere.


Reezy Yagami

Ordering from online stores, especially ones that aren't in your country are always scary, but I took a leap of faith and ordered from GeekBuying and i have to say that i am glad that i did! The service was exceptional! I had my items delivered via TNT to South Africa, and it only took a few days. The tracking number they gave me was already being updated in a few hours of me receiving it. I must say that I will never shop anywhere else. It was a great experience and i highly recommend that anyone and everyone shops there. The prices are low, the service is amazing and the delivery is quick and efficient!
Translate 12/17/2017


Service après vente nul.
Produit Chuwi HIPEN H3 en panne au bout d'un mois
le SAV ne répond pas aux mails !
A vos risques et périls !

Poor after-sales service.
Chuwi HIPEN H3 product down after one month
the service does not answer the mails!
At your peril !
Translate 12/12/2017


Hola estoy leyendos a tod@s y me estoy poniendo malo : ( si ahora mismo tuviera pasta hiria a hong kong y mataria a todos LOS PUTOS chinos que trabajan en geekbuying con un fusil xddd... aunke seguramente si tuviera pasta de sobra no hubiera ni mirado este sitio de PUTA MIERDA, AUTENTICA ESTAFA!!!!!! POR FAVOR NO CAIGAIS MÁS GENTE.
2º A LOS POCOS DÍAS RECIBES UN CORREO CON TU COMPRA AVISO DE ENVIO Y NUMERO DE SEGUIMIENTO (por ahora dices coño k majos estos tios y k rápidos..)
3º A PARTIR DE AKI EMPIEZA EL MOSKEO. Tu esperas el tiempo que te marca el envio en mi caso DHL de 3 a 5 dias, y en mi caso tarde 10 en esperar por fiestas y no ser ansias... pero esk cuando vuelvo a mirar mi envio seguia todo igual k 10 dias antés, así k llamo al 902 de DHL y mi sorpresa es que me dicen que ellos no han recogido nada, que si k el albarán y mis datos si están registradoso abiertos pero k ellos no tienen orden de recoger nada.
TOTAL LOS CHINOS UNOS LADRONES Y LOS DE DHL UNOS ESTAFADORES QUE CONSIENTEN EL ROBO PERO ELLOS MIENTRAS SE BENEFICIAN. Eh enviado varios correos y parece que la cosa como sino fuera con ellos xk ni puto caso ni contestación. CERO PATATERO. eh comprado muchas veces cosas de china y nunca eh tenido problemas pero esta empresa es pesima, espero k la chapen y les follen.

Translate 12/12/2017


Fatal. Pagas más dinero para que te llegue antes y no sólo te llega muy tarde (diferencia de 15 días entre cuando debería haber llegado y cuando llega) sino que encima te clavan unos costes de aduna e IVA que doblan el precio del producto.

Una mierda. No volveré a comprar aquí y recomiendo que no lo hagáis. Qué se rían de su familia!!
Translate 12/12/2017


Buenos días, estoy esperando recibir un movil que compré a Geekbuying en el BlackFriday. De momento no me puedo quejar. Pague 2,93 € más para el envío por DHL, y luego cuando os leí, rápidamente solicité el cambio de metodo de envío al lento por correos, para intentar evitar la aduana, y la verdad que me respondieron enseguida. Ya me han abonado los gastos de envío en mi tarjeta. El paquete está viajando... y yo rezando a ver si pasa sin aduana, y el movil llega en perfectas condiciones.
Ya os contaré...
Translate 12/11/2017

Silvia Burgos

No recomiendo esta página.
Yo pagué 6 euros mas para que me llegará antes por DHL y me llegó con un impuesto de aduana de 32 euros.
Translate 12/11/2017


Оплатил телефон 2 недели назад. До сих пор не отправлен. Онлайн чат не работает, на электронную почту не отвечают. Чехол, купленный на алиэкспресс в то же время, что и телефон, уже прилетел в Россию. Ребята, не связывайтесь с этой гнилой китайской шарагой, почитайте на 4pda как они обращаются со своими клиентами.
Translate 12/11/2017


No compréis en esta pagina!!!!
Pagué 6-7 euros para que en una semana estuviera en mi casa y no se nada de ellos. Llevo casi 3 semanas sin saber nada. Solo pone que fue enviado hace más de una semana. Error comprar aquí.
Translate 12/08/2017


Hola, estoy leyendo mucho vuestros comentarios
Muchos decis que cuando os llego el pedido teniais que pagar
Yo personalmente pague dinero para que me lo enviaran entre 4-7 laborales
He intentado contactar con ellos y ni caso
Mañana sera el ultimo dia que me lo tienen que traer
Aunque con el puente que hay no se si contaban como dias laborales
Estoy un poco decepcionada y asustada por vuestros comentarios
En caso de que yo no estubiera en casa en el momento que me entregan en mobil
Donde tendria que ir a buscarlo?
Gracias por leer.
Translate 12/06/2017


Después de intentar contactar con Geekbuying hoy y no poder hacerlo, me he puesto a buscar información y he encontrado esta página. Estoy bastante asustada con mi compra, porque me pasa exactamente lo mismo que a todos vosotros, es decir, que tenía que estar en camino mi compra y en su página web no dan señales de vida, cuando se han pasado ya los plazos que habían indicado. Encima puse el envío también con DHL y asumo ya que será bloqueado en aduanas, como indicáis la mayoría. Que error!! porque ellos en su página web se ponen por las nubes, en ningún momento hay una crítica negativa.
Translate 12/05/2017


Geekbuying kann ich nicht weiterempfelen !!! ich habe ein paket per dhl economy bestellt, es wurde jedoch mit extrakosten per dhl express verschickt ich habe die annahme verweigert da noch 14.88€ zusätzlich für den expressservice zu zahlen wären geekbuying hat mir das geld nicht erstattet... nie wieder geekbuying !!!
Translate 12/05/2017


Attenzione alle spese doganali!
Si, costa poco, ma poi devi pagarti le spese doganali, quindi il risparmio non c'è anzi...
Preso uno smartphone in offerta a 280€, dopo 10 giorni mi chiama la dogana per merci sospette da verificare, neppure fossi un criminale... al corriere ho dovuto pagare altri 90€, quindi alla fine ho speso 370€ per un cellulare che lo stesso giorno ho trovato trovato a 330€ ...
Con amazon avrei risparmiato soldi, tempo e bile...
Assolutamente sconsigliato!

il servizio clienti DOPO le mie rimostranze mi hanno girato un link di una paginetta buttata li che dice che loro non sono responsabili dei costi doganali... grazie, se vuoi essere corretto me lo dici prima dell'acquisto, non dopo.
Translate 12/04/2017


Il peggiore dei peggiori. Ho comprato uno smartphone dato come disponibile. Dopo 5 giorni dall'ordine mi inviano un tracking number DHL.
Dopo altri 7 giorni la spedizione non risulta tracciabile dal sito DHL, nel frattempo invio email e nessuno risponde. Solamente dopo aver aperto contestazione paypal mi hanno subito ricontattato fornendomi un altro tracking number ancora.

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