GearBest, active since 2013, is specialized in consumer electronics and cool gadgets. Aside from popular products like smartphones and tablets, GearBest also features a diverse selection of other products. Everything from Home and Garden supplies, clothing, watches, and even more is on offer at GearBest.

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The popular electronics shop from China: GearBest

Experience with GearBest

To ensure you get only the best, we ordered a few things off of GearBest to test its customer service--we were positively surprised by the product quality as well as shorter-than-expected delivery times.


  • Free Shipping
  • User-Friendly layout
  • Low Prices
  • Large Selection
  • Live Chat with customer service available
  • Buyer Protection through PayPal


  • Login required to place orders (unless using PayPal)


Payments on GearBest can be made with PayPal or Credit Card. We recommend using PayPal because their superb Buyer Protection program. You don't need to create an account on GearBest but it's easier for keeping track of your different orders and for choosing your preferred shipping method. If you absolutely don't want to create an account at Gearbest, consider using PayPal's express checkout.

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards

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Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

GearBest offers different shipping options depending on the delivery address. You usually can choose between three options:

  • Flatrate Shipping: free shipping, 10-25 business days for shipments to Europe and North America 
  • Standard Shipping: watch out, it can cost more than express shipping, takes 6-8 business days
  • Expedited Shipping via DHL, FedEx, or IB (4-7 work days).

The overall cost of shipping usually depends on the weight of your order and the delivery address. If you can wait, take advantage of the standard shipping because it's always the cheapest option (Free!). If you want to keep track of your delivery, then add a tracking number to your order for an additional $1.99.

The shipping options at GearBest

Choose your preferred shipping method at Gearbest: Flat, Standard or Expedited

GearBest and Customs

Even though GearBest declares all its shipments decently well, it's always possible that your shipment get stopped by customs when entering your country. It's always worth it to be aware of the standard charges that can come even from random customs checks.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not common, side-effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.


Men's Clothes, Shoes, Watches, Flashlights, as well as Phone and Tablet accessories may be returned up to 7 days after delivery. All other articles can be kept for up to 45 days before you decide to return them. Certain articles on GearBest feature a special 180 day return-or-repair guarantee, in which case you can return them for a refund or to be repaired anytime within this 6 month time span. For items that were not defective, but simply returned, GearBest offers its customers a return credit of 15% of the item's original price.

GearBest also offers a repair service on all items purchased through their website, but the buyer must cover all repair and shipping costs on any items that have outlived their initial warranties. 

Special Features

GearBest offers a Live Chat feature to quickly and easily connect to its customer service department.


With a truly large selection of items on offer at great prices and the availability of free shipping, GearBest proves itself worthy of a look by anyone considering a purchase from online Chinese shops. GearBest is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable platform to order cool stuff from China.


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karim ahmad

I bought an original xiaomi beard shaver from Gearbest.the first thing i noticed is that the prices in gearbest are the best,so i made the order and it was shipped next day(amazing fast and free shipping) through Singapore post which i believe it's the best logistic right now for delivery to my country.After 15 days the order received and everything was good as expected and as mentioned.the shaver was amazing and it works perfect.finnaly i want to say that i want to order more and more from this giant store.thank you


Don't buy anything that you couldn't afford to throw away if broken!

Costumer support communication is terrible, will try not to solve any damage good, if you need to send it you will have to pay the transport cost and when broken support will try to reimburse you with less than half the price you paid.

Milen Raychev

I ordered a xiaomi scooter from It was shipped on 31.05.19 and shipping time as the shop says was 3-5 business days. Today is 10.06.19 I have asked the shop where is the item and the say it will come :D... I opened a ticket at to see where is the item as the tracking code that I have does not show real information. On the ticket, they gave me a website where to track it and it still says there is no tracking information for this number. I bought this xiaomi scooter from this shop for a higher price because the shipping time was 3-5 business days I also asked the shop before I buy it to see if that time is real and they assured me that I will have it even in the same week... So far I just paid more money for something that I don't know where it is 10 days. Traveling from Poland to Bulgaria as the shop says they are shipping with UPS.
If I knew this would take so much time I would never buy for a higher price from a scammy website
Everybody should first read on reddit and everywhere about before shopping there!!!


My name is Panos and i want to share with you my experience with the GEARBEST store.First of all you can find in this store almost anything you like ,have a huge catalog of products.I buy from this store enogh year now without a problem and when i have problem with my products the customer service is there to solve my problem.The Payment is very easy and with a lot of option.

kostas vamvoukakis

a really great store that has nice and cheap products that arrive on time on the most of time.and if a problem exists they have a great customer service to provide solution. i ll buy again from gearbest

Oded has very decent prices, great sales and deals and really higly appreciated crew service. I recommend


Order No: 19031400919202518990
nick name: xromanx500
I wanted to recommend the site because of the excellent customer service and quick arrival of the product I bought!
When I bought the device I saw that the price had gone down and the device had not yet been sent.
I turned to customer service and got a discount for the updated price.
After a few days the device was sent and arrived very quickly :)
I am an old customer on the site (over 4 and a half years old) very much like the shopping experience and will continue to buy from the site!

Luis Enrique

I have been shopping in gearbest since 2016 and every purchase I have bought never failed me, it was arrived in time, just like I saw it on the website and with good quality. Also if there was a shipping late with my package I always got notified and could talk with someone about that. A very good and secure service, never got dissapointed.

Mohamed El Guedani

My order number is 19022100974508003165, date : 21/02/2019 nickname : Mohamed El Guedani

sincerely the I7s mini Bluetooth headphones are a regular quality headphones, dl price is within the range, the quality of sound is regular quality because it emits clear but not sharp sounds, the basses and highs emitted are clear but not sharp at the moment of listen to music, it is a recommended hearing aid, when it comes to telephone calls by default only one of the two hearing aids works and the sound emitted during it is distorted a little, the quality of the material with which it is manufactured is regular, but, a good quality appearance, the battery life with continuous use is about 45 minutes to 1 hour, the charging base gives almost a full charge for the hearing aids, the size of the hearing aids are about 5 centimeters long the content of the box is: the headphones that come inside their respective base, cable to charge and a manual


I've bough an earbud from GearBest store. Price was lower than for the same product on other online shops. Not much more - $1 or $1.5 but compare to the price to earbuds about $20 it was not bad at all. Plus that fast delivery door-to-door.
Base can charge earphones 4-5 times. The bass is present. The headset works fine.So... it is just nice, great sound quality, materials and overall performance. The headphones arrived from Gearbest in two weeks, sound over expectations. Awesome true wireless earphones for such a good price. Sound is crisp and fits well in ear. Highly recommended Gearbest and QCY T1C.


Gearbest is a best shop so i recommend everyone to buying there. Product are good quality, cheap, you can find a lot of occasion and Very very fast delivery.
Gearbest has also a very good service that will help solve any shopping problem.


The shipment from Gearbest is very slow usualy 2-3 week before they post after payment, sometimes more like 6 weeks and more. they sell stuff dey dont have.the customer care is nightmare. when i got wrong item in my order it took 1 month to prove them they send me wrong item an didnt get full refund as they claim big difference in exchange rate between dolar and euro. most of the items you will find 20% cheaper on aliexpres. there is postage fee on most item only bigger order are free.


18120300916316500461 order number
date 2019/03/05
all is good 5/5

John Hardy

I have been shopping on Gearbest for over 5 years now and I have always had good service and quality in what I bought. If I had any problems they were dealt with to my satisfaction. It has been great dealing with them and I hope to continue for another 5 or 10 years.


Shopping there for years... I really love it. It's my first stop when I want to buy something. I ordered W1712070352473846 last december, my raspberry pi 3 and it was the best price on the internet at that time. I'm giving five start. hri***2

Микола Володимирович Колесник

I recommend all this store, high-quality goods, fast delivery to Ukraine, constant actions and demolitions, a very cool support service


Hi i use Gearbest for two years now and never had a serious problem with them. the shipping takes 20-25 days for Slovakia and the items are generally in good shape. Some times that something came broken they returned money asap. I am pleased with delivery and customer support. The products quality is good enough.

Mohammed El Allali

Well, i have being dealing with website for like 2 years, and it's just perfect, the shipping take too much sometimes, but regarding the price and the quality, it worth the wait.

Liudmila S.

Great experience. I have been shopping on Gearbest for more than a year, and it has been always such a great experience. Low prices (especially promotion prices when you can apply a coupon), fast delivery, and it actually has been no issue with the orders. Everything I ordered was delivered in a good time and safe and sound. I can't help recommending Gearbest to everyone.


Communications with Gearbest its the best service. They really best market.

Mostly I get what I paid for. Lately they have added shipping insurance which means extra costs,but you're sure it gets into your hands

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