GearBest, active since 2013, is specialized in consumer electronics and cool gadgets. Aside from popular products like smartphones and tablets, GearBest also features a diverse selection of other products. Everything from Home and Garden supplies, clothing, watches, and even more is on offer at GearBest.

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The popular electronics shop from China: GearBest

Experience with GearBest

To ensure you get only the best, we ordered a few things off of GearBest to test its customer service--we were positively surprised by the product quality as well as shorter-than-expected delivery times.


  • Free Shipping
  • User-Friendly layout
  • Low Prices
  • Large Selection
  • Live Chat with customer service available
  • Buyer Protection through PayPal


  • Login required to place orders (unless using PayPal)


Payments on GearBest can be made with PayPal or Credit Card. We recommend using PayPal because their superb Buyer Protection program. You don't need to create an account on GearBest but it's easier for keeping track of your different orders and for choosing your preferred shipping method. If you absolutely don't want to create an account at Gearbest, consider using PayPal's express checkout.

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards

GearBest PayPal

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

GearBest offers different shipping options depending on the delivery address. You usually can choose between three options:

  • Flatrate Shipping: free shipping, 10-25 business days for shipments to Europe and North America 
  • Standard Shipping: watch out, it can cost more than express shipping, takes 6-8 business days
  • Expedited Shipping via DHL, FedEx, or IB (4-7 work days).

The overall cost of shipping usually depends on the weight of your order and the delivery address. If you can wait, take advantage of the standard shipping because it's always the cheapest option (Free!). If you want to keep track of your delivery, then add a tracking number to your order for an additional $1.99.

The shipping options at GearBest

Choose your preferred shipping method at Gearbest: Flat, Standard or Expedited

GearBest and Customs

Even though GearBest declares all its shipments decently well, it's always possible that your shipment get stopped by customs when entering your country. It's always worth it to be aware of the standard charges that can come even from random customs checks.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not common, side-effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.


Men's Clothes, Shoes, Watches, Flashlights, as well as Phone and Tablet accessories may be returned up to 7 days after delivery. All other articles can be kept for up to 45 days before you decide to return them. Certain articles on GearBest feature a special 180 day return-or-repair guarantee, in which case you can return them for a refund or to be repaired anytime within this 6 month time span. For items that were not defective, but simply returned, GearBest offers its customers a return credit of 15% of the item's original price.

GearBest also offers a repair service on all items purchased through their website, but the buyer must cover all repair and shipping costs on any items that have outlived their initial warranties. 

Special Features

GearBest offers a Live Chat feature to quickly and easily connect to its customer service department.


With a truly large selection of items on offer at great prices and the availability of free shipping, GearBest proves itself worthy of a look by anyone considering a purchase from online Chinese shops. GearBest is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable platform to order cool stuff from China.


Alternative 1: Fasttech
free shipping Large selection, similar prices, particularly large selection of e-cigs and related accessories
Alternative 2: Geekbuying
free shipping Similar prices, similar products on offer

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8% OFF for everything sitewide

Use this coupon code at Gearbest to get a 8% discount sitewide - but it isn't valid for already discounted prices. Keep your eyes open, because the price might even rise when you use it for discounted products!



Xiaomi Promotion

Check out Gearbest's Xiaomi product center and get your next favorite Xiaomi item up to 80% discounted

Valid for a limited time

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1,240 Reviews

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I ordered from this shop several items and every one was very well packed and delivered in very good time(about 12 days to Slovakia). My latest order No. WB1704120951017394 of Feb. 12 I get the package only after in 13 days in perfect condition,
Services always has very quick response to my questions and always was my question or problems solved for my satisfaction.
I have nothing bad to say about, I will be order more in future from this shop.


Gearbest are the BEST and I am always looking for my next purchase, A1 5 star service every single time.
Excellent store! I have ordred 85 times for 109 products over the last 16 months from Gearbest and love everything from quality of products to range of items, but most of all I love the friendly professional service.
Best website, great products, not expensive, good communication and always free delivery.
Highly recommended this store for it's prices also.
Excellent customer service and maximum trust with Gearbest
Cannot wait for my next Gearbest experience.
Thank you for everything Gearbest!!!

Simão Oliveira

I really enjoy buying in Gearbest. It's quite easy and the prices usually, awesome. Even more awesome when we catch a Flash Sale.


After 64 orders from GearBest they become my first choice for ordering from China. I have ordered Tablets, phones, car accessories, and most of my orders are LED flashlights since I am BLF member for years. Everything came on time and well packed. Also shipping with NLpost is one of the fastest to Serbia, never longer then 3 weeks, and usually just 12 calendar days which is fantastic !!
Thank you GB for making this possible !
You have my trust !


Greate service and products. I just received my Order number: W1703111942398286


Good web shop. I usually buy electronics here but they have lots of other things too like watches and bijoux.
In general I'm very happy, taking in account the prices and the quality of the goods.

Vitaly Migal

Hello, dear readers. I hope my experience with Gearbest will be useful to you.
I live in Ukraine. It can not be said that my country is progressive or completely forgotten by God, but there are very few decent stores (even on the local Internet). With the present development of services and communications, the whole world opens up before us, where it is possible to see, hear, read, write, and of course buy, sell what you want.
About five years, I buy 90% of goods (clothing, electronics, movie tickets and stuff). I saw a lot of resources that grew up, evolved. Some of them died down due to a large assortment - but a mediocre approach, someone due to disgusting communication with the client, someone because of a limited foreign audience. But you already know everything :)
For more than a year, GearBest has become one of my favorite stores. Yes, I will not say that it is perfect.
1. It develops, and only for the better. Customer support is getting better and better every day - a quick response to the issues and troubles.
2. Constant monitoring of the assortment of goods allows, in most cases, to buy goods at medium-low prices throughout the Internet
3. A lot of different bonuses, special offers, shares - very friendly. These advantages allow you to save money for customers. And really save! Here we will not see the price of $ 1 million, which "dodgy" crossed out and written a thousand times less, no. Here, honest prices and almost always on special offers are really beneficial
True, sometimes there were incidents and there were unpleasant moments. But the help desk tried to help. Of course, do not deny that sometimes any support service (like any salesperson) wants to twist, confuse, and so on. But, such moments are solved (sometimes hard), but go into the past and in their place comes a good attitude, openness and a lot of bonuses :)
I have already made more than 20 orders, from gifts for children, for family, for relatives, as well as many pleasant trifles for myself. There has always been good and prompt delivery, and most importantly - a good price for goods. I will continue to cooperate with Gearbest, which I wish you! :)

Oleksandr Davydiuk

On Feb 09, 2017 I did my first order on Gearbest W1702091200235290. I bought the Skilhunt H03 LED Headlamp. The price was cheaper for about 20 dollars then in other stores. In a 2 weeks (which is very fast for Ukraine) I got my headlamp. It is original and works good. Use it for fishing, hiking and jobbing. I am impressed of product quality and gearbest service, can recomend this shop.

Raicu Vlad

I love this online store! Nice packing, low prices, cool gadgets! Gearbest is the best! :)


My overall experience with gearbest is great. I purchased about 10 items from them. I had 2 late received orders, and one refund. Gearbest customer support is really kind and had resolved those issues in no time.Product quality is as I expected, bought some xiaomi speakers, headphones and other gadgets and tools. Will continue to order from gearbest, as I gained confidence in them. Two tips for all of you which have a plan to buy from gearbest: Contact the costumer support if you have any problem with your order, and use paypal for easier refunds if any problem occurs.

Lukas Drech

I bought a couple of items from gearbest. The delivery takes longer than when I buy in German internet shops. But they offer premium delivery time, so the wait time is short. The products always worked without problems. I ordered about 20 items and one item was lost during the delivery. Once I contacted the support, they gave me a full refund.
In the future I will buy more items from their site. The price is the best you can find!


I bought a TV Box from gearbest and the price and the quality is very good(better then e-bay), but the shipping time is big(this is not their fault, the romanian post is awful)

raouf farouk

Very good store-web, delivery was good , low prices and a lot of discounts, liked that all the orders for one time put in one package.

Oleksandr Mosiichuk

I made a few orders at so I can recommend this site, all of them were well packaged and quickly delivered. wide range of products, you can find everything you are interested in for a very cheap price. professional support service will help solve all problems.


On March 29, 2017, I bought a Leagoo M8 Pro on the Gearbest site. The shipping promise was between the 1st and 13th of April. I think that due to the day of the lie to date they have not sent my cell phone. The answering service only gives automatic answers, offering me the money back or having me wait. Now they want me to wait another 7 business days so they can maybe know which day to send. The company is heavily stuck, DX shipped similar products within 24 hours, but Gearbest can not meet deadlines of 10 business days.
Searching on the Brazilian website "" I have seen a complaint (complaint reclameaqui of 25296591) from a customer who bought THE SAME PRODUCT THAT MY TWO DAYS AFTER MY ORDER and has already had their order SENT, while my product does not even It was processed! Since you do not want to send my product, I have decided to open a complaint on the same site (reclameaqui complaint of 25635053). If they do not respond and send my cell phone in 24 hours, I will share this complaint on all international websites, social networks and youtube videos that mention Gearbest or Leagoo M8 Pro! I want my cell phone!

ON W1703291918568587

Victor Assunção

I accessed the Gearbest website for almost 1 year, I make several purchases and I always had a great service and service.
They offer comfort on the site with several incredible products for sale, many forms of payment and freight making it easy for you to schedule with purchases.
I recommend the store because I trust their service after using some time, I think everyone should at least buy once in the store to feel what it is like to be treated well.

fulvio ciccolo

Ive placed many orders and Never had a thing to regret. ships fast, well packaged.
my last order was high value items and was shipped few days in advance. if a item in your order is not available at the moment they offer many option to refund the item.



Gearbest it's the best online shop i am using. Except the good prices and products has good shipping time delivery and big plus it's using Paypal. Everything i have order from there came safe in good packing and as described.

I recommend ordering from there. Thank you !!!


They mainly focus on Chinese tablets and smartphone, but they sell a lot of other things.
I've been surprised by their communication and the quality of the items.
I really appreciate that they let us use PayPal as a payment option!
Haven't had any problems with them and with my items such as the Chuwi Hi12 I purchased there.

Corcea Viorel Ioan

I have a lot of orders on Gearbest and i am very satisfied with the products bought from this store. The items are just like on the site description, the processing time is very fast and the shipping time is depending on the method you choose (usually 3-5 weeks). Also the prices are very good. I can recommend this store to everyone.


I enjoy shopping in this website because it has simple features that allows you to chose either products from low to hight prices and the products are really good and I also like the free shipping plus the customer service . I Really recommend this website


Hello everybody. My first order at this store was in September 2016. It was the Xiaomi headset. The price was suspiciously low. But I received the original goods. The quality of the headset was excellent.

The last received parcel is a bicycle bag for a smartphone. Again, everything corresponded to the description and was delivered without delay.

I am happy with everything. Recommend this store

Oksana Yurtina

I've been shopping for a year now. I like free delivery (in Ukraine - by New Mail). Prices in the store, like in others: one product is more expensive, and one is cheaper. But, most of all like in the store, these are different promotions and discounts. Also, in the store when you buy give points that you can use as a discount for the next purchase. I already recommended this store to many friends, and everyone is happy. I have only one wish: to slightly reduce the price of goods, then there would be more buyers. But in general, everything is fine. I will buy more, and I advise everyone.

Nikos Fentas

I order before a while a phone from Gearbest with some other things that I wanted.The delivery was very fast from postNL and they send it really quick so I am very happy with them I just them to everyone. :)


I first ordered last year from gearbest. They amazed me with their professionalism which can be proved from dipatching speeds, customer support and very good prices. They count customer's opinion and that is the most important to keep the level up.

Ron Bezalel

GearBest is great.
I had 4 orders from this site. All arrived on time, well packed and protected.
The site is organized and easy to navigate and most important - prices are low!
I will definitely buy again.


until this time i was trying to look trusted and who has very cool and cheap website with excellent costumer service, and finally i met gearbest untill that time i have been shopping from gearbest, it has many many things inside you can find whatever you want with cheat prices, many offers and promotions, i strongly recommend to everyone who is looking for gadgets, electronics, cleaning stuff, kitchen stuff and many many things.

Order Number:W1704091747030587

Nikos Dimo

I usually buy small cheap things online, but that was the first time I bought a mobile phone. I had chosen GB in the past for small gadgets, so I took the risk. The phone in reasonable time. The packaging was excellent and the mobile phone was in the original case, working perfectly. Also, I like the fact that they upload a real photo of the package when the ship it, and you can track it all the way.

The prices are great and have flash deals very often!!!!!

Customer care is always there to respond and help. I will choose GB in the future for sure !


Great prices
Responsive customer support

Shipping sometimes is slow

Hung Pham Minh

Gearbest is the best shop in China. I like it. Products are very cheap.



"From Gearbest the package arrived fast in prime condition with everything you need. package comprising cover, charger and plastic wrap. just arrived is important result remove the battery saves and saves fingerprint. All was ok."


GearBest - Highly Trusted And Remarkable Online Shop. Best Products And Prices.

"GearBest is my First Choice "Online Shop" of purchasing my favorite E-Cig Products and not only.
For more than One Year I've been buying E-Cig products such as Atomizers, Modes & DIY accessories in the Best Prices.
Only Authentic Products of best Producers, always Free Shipping in good delivery time to Greece and with very good Online Service.
I trust GearBest & I'm happy being I'ts Client."


I buy a lot from Gearbest. Until now i can declare that this is the best site among the other famous chinese sites. Their products are genuine and of good quality. The maximum shipping time is 18 days to Greece. Ofcourse you can pay using paypal. I prefer to receive my orders through EU post serveces so to avoid the risk of "problems". There are also local warehouses that offer quick shipment without the risk of customs. I think, from my experience, that their biggest advantage is their customer support. They solved my problems within 1 week from my claim. They respect the warranties and in case they offer a refund in money, paypal or in site credit.
Every product has a review from other customers, so you can consider the quality of the products judging by the real images and videos.

Filipe F

Great site. I place orders on it for more than 6 months. For all the time nothing bad happened. Orders go quickly, to Portugal 16 days a maximum. During this time. Everything just arrived on time.
The price correspond to the quality of the product that are sell, if you know what you buy you can do very good deals.
10/10 will buy again!


I'm very glad buy on gearbest because they have so many things and at great prices. Good time delivery, quality packaging and of course, communications with trade is at a very high level.


This Is Very Good Store . [ High Quality Products - Very Nice Products - Fast Shipping - Everything GOOD ] BEST STORE . RECOMMENDED

MY Order Numbers And Date :

1. Mar 21, 2017 14:31:00 PM Order number: W1703211431002191

2. Mar 21, 2017 12:48:10 PM Order number: W1703211248108869

3. Feb 21, 2017 14:00:51 PM Order number: W1702211400515535

4. Jan 20, 2017 04:48:44 AM Order number: W1701200448447986

AND MORE ORDER .............

Thank You GearBest

Julen C

I usually use Aliexpress to buy my gear.
But last year I place an order with and I found to be the most trusted website to buy original Xiaomi products.
Last order Nº WB1703160444457615 I bought a
SOOCAS X3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush
I really like it.
The shipping to Spain last 10/15 days.

Lajter Zsolt

I buy from the Gearbest 1.5-2 years.Excellent partner,fast shipping,safety packing.
I've never had a problem with them.
Highly recommended.


I've been shopping with Gearbest since 2yrs+. All orders received within the estimated time. Since last xmas shipping and orders received seems to be faster using the free shipping. Usually takes 4weeks to North America, now some orders arrived in 2~3 weeks. Shipping service has been improved. Most of the products are very competitive price. Orders received are not always perfect, but support, a bit slow, did resolve all issues. Either refund or replaced. Overall, the shopping experience is good compare to other similar online store.


Gearbest is good store with low prices and original items. Support is very friendly, respond quickly. I ordered quadcopter JJRC H36 (order W1701231520085313). I received parcel quickly (12 days). Drone was original and high quality


Very reliable e-shop. The prices are realy good and the stuff very polite and friendly. I have purchased o lot of things and I am satisfied. In one or two problematic issues they replaced the item or refunded immediately. Highly recommended.

Papadopoulos christos

The prices are fantastic, fast delivery. I have made several orders and I had no problem!!


Gearbest is one of the best online markets

I have order some things of gearbest in the last year and my in personal opinion it is one of the best online markets. I keep shopping of them and I don't have some problem yet. I think it is the honest site that i had use to buy my stuff, and it would be a good idea to try it. Maybe you will like it too.


The best online shop!Many products to choose from at the best prices you can find.Staff very good and excelent service.Good delivery times.


Gearbest is one of the best online markets

I have order some things of gearbest in the last year and my in personal opinion it is one of the best online markets. I keep shopping of them and I don't have some problem yet. I think it is the honest site that i had use to buy my stuff, and it would be a good idea to try it. Maybe you will like it too.


Great experience with GearBest. Very happy customer.

Feb 15, 2017 Order number: W1702150441147950


I got my order W1702161529412576 very quick, I ordered it 16/02/2017 and it arrived in under 14 business days. The products were as described and I was surprised that the quality was that good for such a low price! You can products for less than half the price compared to their cost locally in your country. Great website particularly for electronics, knives and flashlights.


This Website i found it great , i've just bought some products and i'm happy with quality and the price of the products

İbrahim Çelik

I bought a G1W-CB model car DVR on 06 Jan 2017 with the order number W1701060536001252, and it was delivered just in 11 days to Turkey. I didn't expect such a fast shipment. As for the product, It is my second car DVR and I am happy with it. It is not expensive when I compare it with products in Turkey. If you are looking for something not expensive but useful, I recommend you to buy this model on gearbest.

Shopping in GearBest!

I discovered this e-shop when I was looking for a USB-keys and cables for phones. Now this is one of my favorites internet sites for electronics. Gearbest have a lot of quality products. There is still space for improvement on prices and regular actions. My order came in reasonable time. I will shop here again.


Bought several products from them. All came on time and in good working condition. Definitely going to buy from them again!


I buy from Gearbest about two years. Everything is fine especially in recent times has become fast delivery, which usually takes now about two weeks.
Customer support also is responsive, answer and resolve issues.
My last order, order number W1703140746119915 ordered on 14 March, and I got it on 24 March, very fast delivery.


I have bought multiple products on several different occasions from this seller and it was great experience every time. Shipping time to EU is good and packaging was done safely too. I was surprised to see that once the product was dispatched, I could see the picture of the actual package send to me. Tacking number is provided too, but its status is only updated after the package arrives to EU. All my questions were promptly answered by the support personnel. I am recommending this online store to all my friends.


One of the best electronics shop out there! The communication withe the customers is on point and the goods are top quality!

Andrey Ye.

I do shopping with Gearbest from august 2016 and was satisfied with goods quality, price and service level. More then 10 orders was made.


Very good shop with value for money devices and very fast delivery! excellent custimers support and great packaging the orders!


It's a great site for shopping. I have shopped there multiple times. Getting various items. It always arrived, nicely packed. It has lot of useful items, and with great prices. Often they have discounts on products and you can buy even cheaper. I had recommend it to many friends of mine. Would recommend it to everyone infact. Great site!!

Georgios Pananoudakis

I am using this site for almost a year. For the time being i have bought a lot of thing, an endoscope, a bluetoth speaker, an HDMI adaptor to usb (something really hard to find), a wireless charger, an e cig (pico) and recently a rugged smartphone (elephone armor). Everithing worked properly for me, very good quallity products and excactly as described in the description. The comunication servise is great (they answear in one day with mail) and i am very pleased with my purchases. I recomend it to everyone.

Nuno Godinho

I never had any problem buying thing from Gearbest. The products that I buyed always arrived to my home without any problem. So I recommed to buy from Gearbest, it's the best shop to buy from China because it has good shipping modes like priority line: it's very fast and doesn't come to customs. Gearbest has the best price for little gadgets and phones. They have a lot of products and they're always ORIGINAL. You can trust Gearbest. They have a good support as well, including a chat if you need a fast help.

Getulio Barreto

Recently I bought a C50S camera (Vstarcam) and had problems with the quality of software that does not send emails when motion is detected. Gearbest did not consider this a problem and did not consider my complaint. The attending team ignores information that is available on the site itself, denying that they exist.

Konstantinos Beliadis

I buy different items from gearbest. First i started buying through my friend cause we had problems in greece with paypal, now i started by my own. I bought different stuff like wallets, e-cig, smartphone, home appliances and more and more. Everytime the service was perfect , everything on time with dilivery and if i had problem with something they had very fast solutions . I will continue buying from there cause it is simply one of the best!


GearBest is an amazing store, has excellent prices, coupons, really nice deals on a regular,awesome customer service, fast but not so fast shipping. Upon every purchase, one gets points that are usable on your next purchase and lets you save some cash.


I bought an action camera from Gearbest.
It arrived on time in Greece, price was excellent
and I will order and more in the future for sure.

Lourenco Ferreira

I've been using Gearbest for more than a year, and until now i can say that in my opinion it's definitely the best site for online shopping! You can buy amazing products, for really low prices, and as if that's not enough, you always have a customer support extremely fast and efficient ready to provide all the help you need!

Without a doubt, I fully recommend Gearbest !!

Antonio Basilio

I've made more than 20 orders from Gearbest and I have no complaints about it. It has great prices, several delivery options, some of them for free. It sells amazing devices. Great customer management. One item in one of the orders was defective and I was offered a replacement, so no complaints regarding that either.


First of all Gearbest is an online shop that has a great variety of products and you can find what you need almost every time.
The prices are really competitive and lower even from other shops of this kind of category and location including ebay. You can find well known brands but also just unbranded items that are handy and practical. The quality of the products varies depending obviously on the price, but that's mainly for little cheap gadgets/toys. With that being said I have never been unsatisfied or expected a better quality than value/mo ney based perception. I have had 1 item broken easily (cheap usb fan) but after contacting their customer support and sending a few pics they gave me some points for discount on my next order. The customer support had gotten quite better than when the website first started and now they are very fast and professional giving problem resolvement efficiently.
Now the only con you have to expect is the delivery time. Since of course there is free shipping available, the order may take up to 1.1/2 month to reach you. There is also paid shipping which again is low cost. With tracking number, that is somewhat faster most of the times within the 3-4 weeks timeframe.

Conclusion: Should you buy from Absolutely YES.
Are you buying the lowest price available? 99% YES.
Will you wait a bit? YES, but its worth it.


Gearbest offers the best price.Orders are sent in two days and delivery is 10-15 working days. Only once I have not got the package but very quickly I got a refund. Exchange I never had.
Praise for Gearbest.


Perfect store i have been using this store for almost a year now it's perfect delivery in time the packaging is always good no damage at all i am pleased with this store :)


I'm buying on gearbest for 8 months and everything went perfectly. Prices are perfect delivery always in time nothing bad to say about this store . And what i love about gearbest is the communication if you have any problem they resolve it very quickly .


The best site for online shopping, with best services, and top prices. I am really satisfied with GearBest. My favorite shop for now. Thanks, i recommend this shop to everyone who are looking for best prices, and best services.
I made several orders at gearbest, mainly technology items and i never had any problems at all. Thank you gearbest :)

Fábio Rodrigues

“At the beginning i really was not sure if the products were good, but i give him an opportunity and did an purchase, was not disappointed, the quality was very good original stuff and the shipping was very fast,
The best part is the prices, very low and regular discounts, they accept paypal very fast and safe.
I will buy again for sure. ”


1)A lot of Value for Money items
2)Pretty good delivery services
3)Average communication with ttheir customers. Could be better.

Ciumanis Mihai

I buy many times from GEARBEST and i never had problems with my orders. In couple of minutes the payment was already made and they dispatch the order very fast. The delivery time was so quick everytime. I'm so happy that i found one of the best online stores with such low prices. I get many things, like mouse, mousepads, cables, wallets, glass screen protectors. Our communicatio was perfect. I didnt know for the first time how to pay, but the help i get from GEARBEST team was just perfect! I already RECOMMEND GearBest to all my friends, and for sure i will order over and over again! My experience with GearBest was incredible nice. Thank you GearBest for this great job you are doing.

William J

I started to purchase from Gearbest just couple months ago. I couldn't find tablet with dual operating system Android/Windows in Europe.
Gearbest was this what I looked for. With wide range of tablets, laptops and electronic gadgets I decided to buy tablet Chuwi Hi10 Pro with keyboard. Price, cheaper than anywhere else.
I wasn't sure how long is gonna take to get the item, because I placed my order W1701220408483003 on Jan 22, 2017 just before Chinese New Year, but I was really surprised.
Paid by Paypal, next day I checked order status dispatched with tracking number. Just in 8 working days I received tablet from China, with Free Delivery. This is very good service.

Slobodan Popovic

I am very pleased to purchases GEAR BEST,I can everyone to recommend a safe Purchases and excellent prices.


i have ordered a mobile phone from gearbest Order number: W1702190703592981 in 10/3/2017. I am very pleasedfrom gearbest good quality and fast delivery. recomended!

Reda Belhaj

gearbest is one of the top sites i am using for shppoing, its simply offer me the best quality and services, fast shiiping and always on time, thank you gearbest :)

Siraj nahal

I'm dealing with gearbest for almost 6 month
I can't find any single con in this
Everything work like it should be
Every thing like customer want
Service perfect
Prices very good
Product want ever you want
Ship fast and cheap

Order number /WP1612190620513215


I was perfectly happy with Gearbest store.
The most positive impressions.
Reliability and confidence and the lower price of the market.
I found exactly what I wanted. All spotless. There is nothing negative.
Absolutely trust that store. Highly recommended.

I am very pleased and recommend.


ENGLISH: Gearbest is a great online store, mostly focused on electronics.

I have placed 20 orders over the last months, mostly for electronic sigarettes and accessoires, and I have been satisfied with every single one. Prices are the lowest I have found (especially in flash sales), shipping is free and fast, and all items I have purchased were authentic.

Customer service is simply great. They are fast, friendly, helpful, and speak perfect English. It's much better than I have had in 2 other Chinese online stores, and that makes me feel very comfortable ordering again.

The website is very user-friendly, and most items are in stock. That means they ship within 2 days, and arrive in around 2 weeks. I will certainly order again from Gearbest.

DEUTSCH: Gearbest ist ein großer Online-Shop, vor allem auf Elektronik konzentriert.

Ich habe 20 Aufträge über die letzten Monate gelegt, meistens für elektronische Sigaretten und Zubehör, und ich war mit jedem einzelnen zufrieden. Die Preise sind die niedrigsten, die ich gefunden habe (vor allem im Flash-Verkauf), Versand ist kostenlos und schnell, und alle Artikel, die ich gekauft habe, waren authentisch.

Kundenservice ist einfach toll. Sie sind schnell, freundlich, hilfsbereit und sprechen perfekt Englisch. Es ist viel besser als ich in 2 anderen chinesischen Online-Shops gehabt habe, und das macht mich sehr wohl ordentlich bestellen.

Die Website ist sehr benutzerfreundlich und die meisten Artikel sind auf Lager. Das bedeutet, dass sie innerhalb von 2 Tagen versenden und in ca. 2 Wochen ankommen. Ich werde sicherlich wieder von Gearbest bestellen.


It's one of the best worldwide store in the internet. I have already had my 10-th order, number W1701100907576014 Jan 10, 2017. Delivery is fast - 12-20 days with express-mail. Packaging is well too. There is a lot of flash sale - you can save your money to purchase original products. And if you have issues, support will be in touch to solve it.


I got the best prices mostly on this site. I like the user friendly website and the collectable and spendable points. Sometimes I find wrong description but not really big mistakes.

Andrius C.

I am satisfied with this store, because I can find items I need with very good price. Also it is very useful thing - free shipping option. Of course, time of delivery is longer then, All the communication was with fast and clear answers.


I have ordered from this site for about 3 years now and it has gone
well all the time. Shipping times are pretty good considering and the
customer support has been great. I've only had one order that was
broken and it was easily resolved by making an video of the defect.
The points system is also an way that makes me come back to Gearbest,
giving extra discounts on already good prices.

Kelly Wehlage

I have been purchasing from gearbest for about 2 years now. I have been completely satisfied every time. They ship within 24 hours of purchase so shipping times are cut down to the USA compared to another website I had been using. Any question I had, gearbest customer service answered to the best of their ability. Pricing and products are great...never had any issues with anything I bought. Thank you gearbest for a job well done.


I'm buying on gearbest for 8 months and everything went perfectly. I only have some issues with a problems two times and the customer service allways gave me a solution fast enought. They were allways available to help me.
After about 15/20 orders I have nothing bad to say about this store.

Norbert Kerepeszki

Kedves, gyors ügyintézés. Ticket nyitás után, volt, hogy pár órán belül érkezett is a válasz. Nagyon tetszik, hogy rendelésnél, a megerősítő email-ben érkezik a kép is a termékről, így el is hiszem, hogy valóban fel lett adva. A "riválisokkal" kapcsolatban szerintem az egyik legjobb ilyen jellegű oldal. Gyors postázás. Szeretek itt vásárolni. Jó a pontrendszer is, meg van jutalmazva az ember, ha jó, informatív leírást ad a termékről. / Kindness, good administration. After i open a ticket, a few our later is the answer is arrived. I really like, after i order someone, in the confirm email, there is a photo about the package, so i believe the package is really shipped out. Against of the "rivals", i think GearBest is the best. Fast shippment. I love buying things here, the pointsystem is very good, the user been rewarded if he/she write good, informative post of the product.


perfect not enough
let me say the bad things their is nothin bad till now happened
the good thing /pros/ service very good

Henry Yen

GearBest's site is clean to look at and easy to navigate, and is also one of the site you can find cheapest products from China on the internet, the ordering system is easy as any other well build shipping sites, PayPal checkout option is definitely a plus, items I've received from GearBest so far are all authentic and as described on the site, customer service is very fast and very professional at solving problems and answering questions, shipping does took some time but it is expected like any other e-commerce sites, and just as fast as some other sites from China, overall very satisfied shopping experience at GearBest, I would definitely recommend to anyone buying from GearBest.


I ordered 2 e-liquids and they both vape very well, the aramax energy drink juice is in my opinion the best I have ever vaped, very good clouds and nice taste. In my opinion the cream dessert liquid is too sweet for my tastes, but it still vapes well, just my personal opinion that i don't like the taste. I have not had any problems with my orders, I have never even had to worry about shipping because all the orders have came within 15 days, shipping is very good unlike when ordering from other chinese stores where the shipping might take 1-2 months.


I like the Gearbest. It's simple to use, efficient to find and buy items and offers a lot. Very professional service. Pleasant expirience and acceptable prices. Item descriptions are real and accurate. I had no complications buying on Gearbest so far. It's worth to try and see!


I order it not the first time. All at the highest level. Fast shipping, fast delivery, good packaging, excellent support. I advise everyone.

Fatma Ozdemir

Hello everyone,the site speed is very fast.I am satisfied with my product.I recommend this site.The support is very fast and good.Order Number:W1701090926229815


More than 2 years I buy different goods from this shop. It is very easy. There's a lot of goods. The prices are rather low. Very often they do discounts. Managers are very attentive. Answer immediately. Very in detail. All problems are solved without delay, in very short time. Delivery is very quickly. I recommend to all my friends this fine shop.
My last order was a Media player with Android (W1703100521117702) with a lowest price on the market. I'm glad I caught this price, thanks to newsletter from gearbest.
So , thanks a lot!

Aleksandrina Z

I had a great experience with them. I have bough a robotic vacuum cleaner and had to contact support about shipping delay. The resolved my issue quickly and I am very happy not cleaning the house anymore by hand!


Order for GearBest placed in:
Feb 02, 2017 07:24:48 AM Order number: W1702020724482126 Shipping method: Switzerland Post Unregistered
Goods dispatch next day and arrived in less than 20 days in Greece.
Extreme competitive pricing
All products are as describes:
WEITUS 9 in 1 Portable Screwdriver Size:WST 636,
Portable Aluminum UV Blacklight 9 LED Flashlight Torch Color:RED,
25 Lumens Portable Torch Keychain Pocket USB Rechargeable LED Light Flashlight Lamp for Outdoor Supplies
Color:BLUE x1 , Color:ORANGE x1 , Color:PURPLE x1,
Dual Head 2 Arm 4 LED Book Reading Light Camping Tent Lamp with Clip,
Flexible Metal Tubing Extension Cord for USB LED Lamp Color:SILVER,
2W USB Emergency Light Flashlight Booklight for Mobile Power Bank PC Color:BLACK

For sure highly recommended site.


Prompt next day dispatch. Gearbest has been consistant at this regard.
Highly competitive pricing
Excellent constomer service and tracking facility
Product authenticity as per description.
Higly affordable or free shipping to france in my case. ( orders on seperate occasions have arrived at my door in 8 days.

Original Smoant Battlestar 200W TC Mod ,Original AUGVAPE Mini RTA, Hcigar Fodi Resin 510 Drip TipOriginal UD 0.2 ohm Staggered Fused Clapton Coil ( 10pcs / Box )

Feb 06, 2017 06:36:52 AM Order number: W1702060636528457 Shipping method: Netherlands Registered,

Bruno Filipe Silva Neves

The best online reseller that I have ever used.
The products arrive fast, and I never had to pay any taxes.
I bought more than 50 products from this store, never had a single problem.
Use priority line express if you are from Europe.

Filippo P

Gearbest is a great site to buy for cheap prices.
Express *insert eruopean country* (i.e. italy express) is fast shipping (10-14 days at maximum) and most of the time is also cheap or even free.
Products are genuine and authentic with very low prices.
I also like the fact that you can earn points with reviews or just orders which can be used to get a real discount of your future orders,
I've done around 20+ orders from this site. They also offer a free 30 days delivery not tracked but usefull when buying small items in ranges of 1-2$.
Customer service is really good, warranty is limited but you can't expect much more for the prices the site offers.
100% satisfied, and I will continue to order more from gearbest.

John Balafas

one of the best online shopping sites, i m very satisfied with all of my orders, its value for money, no problem so far

Rena B.

My latest order (no.: W1701171547362462) was Unic UC46 projector, a switch HDMI hub and some cables for it. The shipping was very fast as always, the items arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. I always choose free delivery (registered - so I can track my package with a tracking number) Their shipment methods have variety of options according to the customer's needs, same with payments where one can easily pay as per their convenience. Their prices are very competitive and I also like their points system, you gain points ordering products that you can use later to get discounts in following orders. All in all the best online store, I highly recommend it!! :)

Amir Rozencweig

Order number WB1610040604292621; product: Storage Rack with Drain Design; date: Oct 04, 2016

I had a great experience with gearbest. I bought there a storage rack for a relatively low price.
The sipping was decent: it was pretty fast but not perfect (it took about 2.5 weeks).
The product arrived in one piece.

Therefore, I honestly recommend this site:
Good price
Fast Shipping
And great service


Hello all I'm from Greece and I purchased the straps for mi band 2 with codesearch order WW1609221030334616.
The receipt of the product was very quick and no problem that I requested and paid, it came as pricey saw the thumbnails.
very good buying experience.


Very satisfied with them and their customer support is one of the best. They were very helpful when my item was lost and fast to replay on any of my questions.

Best regards,


I ordered some some items from gearbest and I am happy with the shopping experience. There is available several shipping options for worldwide shipping, and they are cheap. About the shipping speed, sometimes, the warehouse ship out can take several days and normaly the order takes about 1 month to be delivered.

Stelios K.

Gearbest is a combination of two things. Cheap products we all love about China and professionalism in their customer service. Their flash sales offer a great way to get our favourite products even cheaper and in case we need them, their staff is there to support us before, during and after our purchases. i really like the Q&A section in every product page where buyers can ask whatever they want. I like that buyers upload their product photos after they receive their orders. I like they are not afraid to refund if something is not right even when it is not their fault (poor shipping handling). I like everything about Gearbest and for a time now, i may browse other retailers' websites, but i always buy from Gearbest.


For the last 3 years Itried about 10 chinese store, honestly, Gearbest was the best.
Free shipping, I have never find a store that can send me the product from china to morocco with 0.00$ or if the package is heavy i pay just about 0.2$ and usually get the order in time. It's amazing.
Price, before i buy a product, i always do a comparison between a lot of online stores and guess what ! Gearbest always have the most cheapest price.
About payment, I always use paypal and it's instant and never face a probleme.
The customer and technical service is really awsome, live and instant chat to solve any probleme immidiatly.
Thank you gearbest.


I'm shopping with GB for 1 year now. I have bought 20+ products from them and have no serious problems. Shipping to Switzerland takes 2 weeks, they ship usually the next day after purchase. GB is willing to declare parcel content for the customs as you advice. In case of problems with product the support is responsive and looking for a good solution always. GB have promotions many times so you can buy the product cheaper than in other shops. For buying and reviewing you can get points which discount the next buying. I can recommend GearBest to everyone wanting to buy Chinese toys from a reliable retailer.


GEARBEST - One stop for all your shopping needs !!


Well , i would like to post this review because i really felt gearbest is doing a good job as a service provider and reaching to all customers across globe. i bought eleaf pico authentic e-cigarette from GB since then i am in love with gearbest & its services. i am from india and its been a very good experience with gearbest.

Gearbest main advantages (my opinion)
1) Shipping methods are goods in numbers.
2) Excellent customer support team - (i always got response even its an escalation.)
3) wide product categories in each product segments.
4) value for money pricing.
5) Authentic products.

Kudos GB team .. keep it Up...!!

Andrew Gartner

I ran into gearbest a few years ago when I was looking for a safe place to get quality china tech. I am happy to say that they have more than filled those shoes. Thanks.

Frederick B

I ordered the Mi Max from Gearbest during one of their flash sales. The communication was great and so was the service. Shortly after getting the device, I accidentally broke the display. This was off warranty but I asked if some options would still be available to me even if I was at fault. Having no obligation what so ever , they offer a small credit towards my next purchase.

You can tell that they try to provide a positive client experience, even when they are not at fault.

Panagiotis P.

My first purchase happened on 13/1/2017 and my order number was WA**SSN**353093I had heard a lot about gearbest and i decided to choose it.My first purchase was great.It came really fast to me and i haven't stopped using it


So, i order various electronics and different things thru gearBest.
I have few years if experience with them. So i can honestly say, they are legit and safe place to shop.

i have bough 2 Cameras,Dash cams, memory cards etc...
Never had an issue with them, so that makes me happy.
They have good Support,if you have any issues, they will sort it all out, so you dont have to worry about anything!

Gearbest...they are reliable and safe,i am always happy to shop there.
what an awesome store!

Eldar Orucov

I bought headphones on this site for the last time. The quality is simply excellent. Delivery, packing, and support service work are the best that I've met.


My GearBest experience has been amazing till now. I have placed rather large orders which would otherwise attract a few days at the customs impound - but using the new priority shipping option from gearbest my products have arrived without hassle in the specified time. The option of having EU warehouses is also very convenient when buying more expensive electronics as they arrive rather quickly by well known post services like DHL or UPS. Overall the products are also of excellent quality. I would highly recommend


i placed many order on Gearbest shop and i always received fast delivered item, well packed and not damaged. The value for money is 5 star, and if i had some issue with the item i had fast reply on Customer care with ticket reply.
i had also refund for some issue instead of sending back not working item.
For me is the best and most affordable China shop.


When I'm looking for a new gadget, I'm always check Gearbest and in most cases they offer a best price. For example my last purchase was CHUWI Hi10 Pro 2 with keyboard on and price was better than on Aliexpress 11.11 sale.They also have an excellent customer service and respond during a day. I will continue to use Gearbest and recommend it to everyone.


Gearbest is by far the best Chinese e-shop. I've ordered countless products and they've never let me down. They replied fast on any of my inquiries in the past and they ship the products a day later at most, updating my order with a photo of the shipment as an assurance while simultaneously providing tracking numbers that are always spot on.


Hi, I'M an old buyer from Gearbest and I can say that all my orders came quickly and well packaged.I recommend all of you to buy from them, they have low prices and good products.


I'm in the USA and have purchased about 20 different items from They range from a quadcopter, Li-ion batteries, Titanium flashlight, dash camera, to a LED-lit make-up mirror. All items have been very good for the price. Gearbest is a good online store to find gadgets from Asia that are otherwise very hard to find in stores, especially for good prices. Their flash sales, email deals, and mobile app deals make items very cheap at times for a limited time.

As for problems with Gearbest, my only complaint is the shipping time. It takes an average of 3 weeks for an order to arrive. I think this is why so many people think their items got lost or is not legitimate. Their shipping is just very very slow. However, it's often free and with patience, the items do arrive. One time, my local post office lost my order. Gearbest sent me a replacement item for free. I then got both the lost original order and replacement weeks later.

Customer service is also very good. They respond usually within 12 hours.

Lastly, their ratings and point system is good. When you write reviews for products on their website, they give you points. These points can be used to save on future orders. However, I have found that some of their rewards don't match their promises and that some negative reviews of products are hidden from the product ratings.

Overall, I would say is a great place to find a good deal on a gadget that's hard to find elsewhere. I've had good experiences with them and will keep purchasing from them.


I find that that prices are very good on the site, i have been shopping online for some time and the prices they have beat lots of retail online shopping

It deepens if the item is at the warehouse, 99% pf the time i wait about 24 hours to 4 days tops.

I have been satisfied with there warranty service they have been good on the problems i had.


Gearbest is a very good website , only that some of my orders took a long time to come . And I found some product that are cheaper in other websites

Panagiotis P.

I had heard a lot about gearbest and i decided to choose it.My first purchase was great.It came really fast to me and i haven't stopped using it


Order No.:WB1610041217020398 (purchased: Nov 02, 2016)

Beelink MINI MXIII II TV Box Amlogic S905X Quad Core - 2GB+16GB US PLUG ... item received in perfect condition in timely manner ... has worked flawlessly ... recommended this tv box many times ... i have to commend you for your prompt and consistent delivery to North America from China (approximately 14 days) ... i have already recommended your website to several friends because of ... price/speedy delivery/individual company ... i use to order from Aliexpress( but delivery times are very inconsistent and generally long) ... all in all very satisfied :)


very good prices to all products value for money as i say as economist, best shopping site in my opinion. The delivery time was within promised and the products arrived in optimum quality, it is a site that i will order again and other products in near future. I am very satisfied with all purchases and with the support offered at all times by the site.

Edward Wong

At first, I was not sure about using Gearbest but they had some great price for what I was looking for. I finally decided to give them a try and I have no regrets. Not only do they have great prices and products but their service is outstanding. I ordered an item listed on their China warehouse and later found they also had it on their USA warehouse which was cheaper and faster delivery. I contacted Gearbest and told them about my situation and they cancelled and refunded my order so that I could order it from the USA warehouse. There was no problem and it was fast. Highly recommend shopping on Gearbest.


Far away, the best site for online shopping, with best services, and top prices. I am really satisfied with GearBest. My favorite shop for now. Thanks, i recommend this shop to everyone who are looking for best prices, and best services

Muhammad Sohaib

I have purchased no. of products from Gearbest and found Gearbest as one of the best online shopping website covering a wide variety of quality products and shipped them around the Globe as per customer preferences/satisfactions. Their communication response is also very good and they always try to make their customers happy by providing them discounts and rewards on every single purchase.
Their after sales service is also great and always support customers for their issues(if any).
I never received any defective item since more than one year.

Andrejs Terentjevs

For now it was great experience with Gearbest, can pay with paypal, fast shipping and good price. Was bought from them about 5-6 item including action camera and 3D printer, no issue.

mohammed adel

've purchased 2 product from gearbest<br>The first product was a sticky protect mobile screen was bought as an experiment for the site<br>The shipment already arrived on time without delay, in very good condition<br>So you make my second order and buy a Mobile and was shipped to my address in time and was in very good condition<br>The only problem encountered with this site is that it can sometimes be the product supply available<br>But after the completion of the procurement process, we find the product is not available, but they refund my money after less than a week
i respect this site


Ι will share my experience I had by buying from gearbest. I do not usually review products or shops but these guys are very good. In the beginning I was afraid for the quality but also about the shipping of the products, no problems so far, good quality, packaging and shipment of products, and that prices..... AMAZING!! Satisfied customer, if something changed, and for any problem I will surely let you know.

Nikola Kunić

I bought couple of products on gearbest , and i loved all of them. The price,the product, gearbest service, shipping, everything was more than amazing. I boughts a 3d printer pen, smartwatch, a tripod, action camera and more, I was more than pleased with every one of them, so I really think all of you reading this should go and check them out! :)


Great shop ultil now. I've buyed two things there and zero problems with delivery and communication. I had a problem later with the headphones and always tried to compensate me for the inconvenience. I recomend this shop!

mourad zeroual

I really like the product which I ordered from GearBest. I got it as it was described on their website. The shipping time was also relatively fast. I would recommend this product to my friends and also encourage them to buy from GearBest.

André Pinho

I already did some shopping and it always went well, I only had problems in two purchases, but the Gearbest solved the problem.

One was a USB Cable that was out of stock and gave me the option to choose another color. Another was a case that I bought wrong and they gave me points to use in another purchase


I have purchased a couple items from Gearbest and I never had any even small problem with them. Everything come at time to Poland and the quality of the products is good.
Very good prices and offers, excellent customer service.

I would recommend them to anyone.


I bought on Gearebest several times and I was always satisfied with my orders.

pros:Low prices and good selection of products + very responsive customer service.
con: Sometimes delivery takes much time.


From Gearbest the package arrived fast in prime condition with everything you need. package comprising cover, charger and plastic wrap. just arrived is important result remove the battery saves and saves fingerprint. All was ok.


Bad service and lost my package, send mail to them never back.
Finally they told will send a new pacakge to me.
Today I got a used phone from them.
Opened box and used old dirty phone.
A batch of cheater company.

Bozidar Gogic

I am very pleased with this store, they always have some great discounts, good prices and relatively quick delivery. Once the product is approximately $ 60 was damaged and they told me no problem returned the money.


The gearbest is my favorite store very good service excellent packaging and very fast shipment, recently bought the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Meizu EP-51 Bluetooth headsets Order number: W1612300900153059 And everything was perfect as I asked them, great store !!!


Bought about 5 items from them total during flash sales, everything that I got was top notch quality, no complainings. Customer service is wonderful and eager to answer all of your questions.


this is the best online shop , i bought many things of this site and all are very good . if any thing has some problem they sent me my money back . i recommend this site!!!


cheap prices in compare to others,fast shipping and delivering(only one order from the 5 or 6 that i already bought there, take 3 weeks to receive and that because we were on Christmas) I never had to exchange or ask to refund. i m happy with the products that i bought there.


very good prices,
fast and safe shipping (check their priority line shipping service),
good products

Nemanja Jovanovic

“I have received my order.
Item is working well, no problems so far.
I ordered before stuff through GearBest, and I am very satisfied with their service.
Customer service is very professional and will answer all sub-questions

Konstantinos Nasioulas

I bought the SMOK Alien 220W e cigarette MOD from Gearbest (Order No .: W1611301255446624) This is an amazing product and I found cheap in FLASH SALES . (In this store you can find anything cheap and even cheaper if they have the product in FLASH SALES) came perfectly packaged and authentic with cards of authenticity and scratch and check !!!
Αlso, everthing I asked they replied quickly<br>I am very satisfied!<br>Recommend this shop HIGHLY!!!


I have been using Gearbest for over a year now and can say the service and postage speed has much approved. The prices are extremely competitive and given the bonus of free shipping makes it hard to look anywhere else. Shipping has also become a lot faster over the past 12 month. Orders typically arrive within 3 weeks. I have made about 20 orders to date and on the odd chance that there was a minor issue the support staff have been great in resolving this.


We still have not received the stock from the supplier.
Due to the item you ordered is a hot sale and there have been significant 'supply issues' with the manufacturer.
Although we anticipated this and have submitted a large order with the manufacturer, they have been unable to supply the goods on time leading to a delay in your order.
For this case, could you please reconsider the option of changing the product or refund to Gearbest wallet option in the previous letter?
Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and we look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for your understanding.
Best Regards
Gearbest Customer Service

Michael At 01/17/2017 11:59:17 CST

Dear Helene,
And still Gearbest offers these on the web with shipping within 2 days.
What a load of BS !

Qusay Alrawi

i bought many times first time i bought a 3d printer with two items and they shipped only one and when i contact the support they apologize for can not shipping the items and they offered refund and I'm satisfied with that.
About the printer has arrived very quickly just one week with DHL, it's was perfectly packaged, where nothing is missing, and was easy to build it's only took me about 10 minutes to build, I like to deal with gearbest it and I recommend it

Alex Z.

My package lost when it came to europe (after some days i saw they recall it for some reason...) At least they give me my money back. Except that, they where amazing (if you buy 1 to 1 or clone you are responsible. they write if it is original or clone)


I bought a new drone in very cheap, it arived after 2 weeks (very fast).
It was very easy to made the order, nice site, the package was packed good and it comes with big box to protect the product.

Agisilaos E.

Bought from gear best several times and the reason is the exceptional support and individual care they take to each one of the buyers. I had my orders arrived particularly fast and always carefully packed. Really good and helpful site which is pretty straight through and easy in use.


Gearbest is the best ecommerce website I have used so far, since i began buying my gadgets from them, I have not had any issues and delivery was always on time. Also you get great value for your money

patricio semblano

on the last months i bought several itens on this website.
i bought a phone a tablet and other small stuff, phone came quickly and no remarks, really 5 star sevice.
the tablet came a little late because of postal options,they reward me with changeable reward points and after i got the tablet i noticed that the charger didst work, i complainted about that and they refunded me with 15 dollars, wich is more than enough to buy a new one.
so a five star for detail to the client.

menad haroun

"Welcome everyone
I'm from Algeria, as you know that Algeria is not it a lot of internet shopping sites
I am personally of those who love shopping of internet
After examining the site and found that quite frankly I liked and also he has a lot of promotions.
At first I said that this site does not accept Algeria and then I thought, and decided to purchase it and the payment was made, and everything is good
After 24 day of shopping item I received to the door of the house
Frankly I was very happy because I have dealt with this site
Item was a smart hour and I've put her through YouTube Video
The location is very good and I would advise everyone to deal with him, and shopping him
Price is fantasy with gearbest
gearbest the best of the best"


i realy like this wegsite - i find it great shopping experience, reliability and responsibility and all for the benefit of the customer and it is important to note .. there are quality products!


My experience with Gearbest is still awesome, I made lot of purchases and everything always works well. The last product I bought was an iJust 2 electronic cigarette: I decide to purchases a faster shipping method than the one I'm used to because I needed it in short time. So the package arrived as expected in 10/14 days, the package itself consist of a pruliball cover. The product inside had no sign of damage. I was a little worried for a brand-fake-clone but I received a 100% original product, indeed, the scratch and check security code was a proof of guarantee. The product works very well since the first power on, I've been using it for 3/4 week and I didn't notice any strange behaviour or malfunctioning. I'm very happy about shopping on Gearbest and I think I'm going to be shopping on Gearbest for a lot time in the future


gearbest is amazing when it comes to Chinese shopping website. I have ordered many items from here like mobile phone, gadgets, clothes etc & I rarely faced any major issue. quality was good & even if I had any issue I got it resolved by customer service team. even the shipping cost & speed is amazing. I used priority line as shipping and it was pretty cheap and sometimes free and the delivery time taken was not more than a week. I highly recommend you this website if you are looking to by some tech gadgets and clothing

Jim Jam

One of the best online shopping sites for me, i have ordered a few times from them and always got fast delivery with exactly what i ordered. They have competitive prices on almost everything and on top of that, they offer free shipping worldwide, what else could you ask for ? Of course they also have responsive support team so if anything goes wrong it can be dealt with quickly without worrying to much.


I had no problems with any orders from Gearbest. I think they have best price&quality ratio in the web. Very fast shipping, I think one of the fastest in similar shops. Highly recommended shop.

Vasileios Kantzos

I have no problem with my orders until now and I am glad with shoping from Gearbest with excellent package and support!


The store can order goods easily like Amazon, and there is a guarantee, so it is safe. The item quality is also good for the price.

Spiros Bob

Hello there,
I have many transaction via Gearbest.
The general service is great and by that i mean orders/shipping cost and track/payment methods/customer assistance.
Live support and customer assistance is really fast and helpfull.
Flash prices are great and the items are as described.i made about 10-12orders with NO problem at all so far.
Guaranteed and suggest 100%

Yusein Yuseinov

I ordered 2 items - "Xiaomi fitness band" and "OBDII adapter". The price was good. I recommend the site, because I've had no problems with orders and items and the products is cheap and qualified. Soon I will order again. In site, everyday have an products with great discounts.

Chiron Bresler

The prices of gearbest are almost always the best in comparison with other online shops, specially if you wait for special flash sales and discount coupons. Dispatched of my order was amazing fast and delivery exceeded my expectations. I have not needed to use their exchange/refund/ warranty process.


I'm really excited about my last order, I bought a eleaf iJus2 fro just 18dollars. It has been the best purchase in some times. I'm really thankful to gearbest for always let me find what I need at the lowest price.


I just want to share my satisfaction with this web store. Last year I was bought a few things from them, but delivery was slow and one item I didnt recive. They refund full price of that item. But that is not reason for this review. The real reason is in this! Last month I bought again few things. <br>And there is a point of this rewiew. Delivery was so fast (12-14 days from China to Croatia). And their comunication was 100% better than year before. So im giving 5 stars to Gearbest becouse they learned how to do a good job.


It is a perfect place to buy Xiaomi products. I would recommend it for everyone: fast delivery, great experience with customer support. One time I had a little issue, so it was one hour to get money back.
I have already bought xiaomi mouse and powerbanks there. Everything original and works perfectly


My order was processed quickly and well. I ordered there many times and all my orders were without any problems. The products were really cheap. The customer service answers very fast. I'm 100% satisfied.


I ordered Android box Sunvell T95M (W1609101213563415)
It have the best price among all other sites.Box was well packed.They have very fast delivery options.Android box have very nice design and software is without bugs.Gearbest have quality Android boxes and other products.They have the best customer support,because they will answer on your question in 24 hours.I will buy again some products via Gearbest on line shop.


First Gearbest gives the cheapest prices for all products than other sites. Second is it sells the high quality products. Gearbest was the best in products' quality and service.I bought a Kingwear KW88 smartwatch and a Bluetooth headset, which was shipped from their China warehouse. It arrived really fast(within 4 days) and it was working and it had no problem .
Gearbest kept communicating with me and giving me info on where is my package and what is the status and condition of the product etc. Their customer service staff were very friendly and helped in many ways. Gearbest is simply the best! I highly recommend you buy from Gearbest.


Very good store with many different types of goods. Shipping is free and takes around 2 weeks usually. Prices are good and they accept paypal which is convenient.


I bought on gearbest Graphic Tablet Ugee m708 and it really works great, im really satisfied, i will buy there again


I ordered QCY QY19 Bluetooth V4.1 Sport Earbuds with Mic on 17th of October 2016 and it arrived very fast without any problem. My order had nr W1610161333320778 from 17th of October 2016. Gearbest is a very good online store, and the quality of the products is pretty high.


I decided to buy an headphone (superlux hd681) in gearbest by recommendations of some users on various sites, They spoke very well of the website and the prices, so I ended up buying it (order number: W1610172009267377). I made the purchase on October 18, it was posted on October 24 and i received on December 7 (It took a while). In Overall, it's a great store with great prices. The only downside was the delay in receiving the product and I believe this is the fault of the carrier and not the store itself. I already made a second purchase last week and I hope it works out fine too.


I'm from Greece and my first order from Gearbest was practically three. They came pretty fast, in about 2 weeks, except the third order which was batteries , which have more checks while traveling, and came in three weeks. The prices was the best that I found on the net. I will buy again and I recommend this site for sure.


I really like to order stuff at GearBest. In between I've ordered different products (Flashlight, Drohne, dashcam...) Delivery time was always between 12-14 days from China to Hungary. No Problems with customs. Will shop again at GearBest.

Tolis L

My shopping experience on GEARBEST is one of the best and special website for your online choices for everything. Good quality and special prices. Fast service and safe. I will continue to do my purchases.

Abdelmoumen DZ

Amazed ! First experiece with Gearbest

First thing first, the price was unbeatable, just bought a 64 GB original samsung SDXC card for a very cheap price compared to other websites, about shipping and packaging i gave them 5 stars, oh man ! they really deserve it, the NLPost are the best, just got my package in 23 days ( china warehouse to Algeria ) well packed .
i am 100 % satisfied as long as the product i buy matches the description in the selling page, i would say so far so good, my first experience with gearbest was great , i do really recommend this website cuz the products matches the description + the shipping method is too fast and so professional

5 stars

David Scarberry

"I placed my first order with Gearbest in August 2015, I bought a Quadcopter for my son's B-day present. Had no problems with receiving the order on time for my son's B-day, although it does take a bit longer to get orders from China if you normally order in the US. Anyway, my son didn't get excited about the quadcopter like I did after flying it. This has become my new hobby and I've been ordering quadcopters and quad copter parts from gearbest every since. They generally have better prices than I can find elsewhere and they have always resolved any issues I've had with my orders in a timely and fair manner! "


An excellent site for everything you are searching for with low prices.Also a great support service for every question you have !!!!


I found the service to be great. All products were packaged extremely well and were well protected for shipping to Australia. I have been so please that I have purchased more products for GearBest. I have had orders sent by priority line and DHL. Both times, delivery was excellent. As for the products themselves. The phones (purchased 2 Redmi 3S) are great and work well here in Australia (on on Australian cell network). All other products are of good quality. I will be shopping here first. Delivery is great, service is great, prices are awesome! (orders no: W1611270025371377 and W1611262350289662)


Gearbest is one of the best e-shops nowadays. Their delivery time matches description perfectly and order tracking is always on point. All my orders were delivered with the delivery time set by gearbest.
Their support is best answering from all e-shops I have been in contact with. Reply time is within 12 hours due to a different time zone. Support is very helpful and I was always satisfied with their responsivenes.

Diana Ascencio

I ordered a cellphone( W1610041307535875) and some other small items from this site and I have never had a any problem. I highly recommend it because of this features:
- The producst are described accurately, so you get what you see.
-The cost of expedite shipping (3-7) is lower than most sites, you can have your product in less tha a week anywhere in the world for a couple dollars and sometimes for free. I like this a lot since I hate waiting for months to get my products from china.
-They pack and send the shippment within 1-2 days, more often the day after you pay.
-Great customer service.

Costin Draghia

Fast expedition, real time orders tracking, excellent communication with Gearbest support team are just a few advantages that work for buyers.
I had a problem with one order that was solved in professional manner, true not so fast that I expected but finalized in excellent conditions.
Frankly, worth trying even just for curiosity.
Here in Romania, GearBest have a lot of fans.


Good Website

Almog Yehezkel

I received a recommendation from one of my work college about GearBest, he said that there are good prices and their shipments are fast, so i decided to give it try and purchased my first order, i couldn't believe how fast i received it, I'm from Israel and our delivery services are slow as a turtle... and even that i received my order in 2 weeks!, according to the order tracking number the item was already in Israel in just 2 days!!
I posting this review just to let everyone else know how good is this website and how good his customer support and that i had a great customer experience!


At first i honestly thought this was a scam-site with their unreal discounts and services, but they proved me wrong in every way.
Either way i decided to order a small accessory for under 1$. Unregistered mail, no insurance and free shipping. I instantly made peace with my money and didn't expect anything in return.
However they proved me wrong.
The item was packed and shipped within a day and was shipped from a china warehouse to my address within the promised time frame. (I live in Bosnia and Herzegovinia).
They make me feel relieved when they take a picture of the item as they pack and ship it.
I have recently ordered a mechanical keyboard (53$ with shipping and insurance).
It was packed and shipped within the promised time frame and is on its way to me now.
I do plan to shop with gearbest in the future and i highly recommend them to anybody.


Order shipping was very fast, as delivery. Made order on tuesday, it arrived on monday. I live in Finland, and items were shipped from UK warehouse via DHL. Made 30€ savings when buying electronic cigarette supplies from gearbest, than what they would have cost in my country.

Brandi addley

I love gearbest and have been shopping with them for over a year and love the prices and support when I have questions. My quadcopter was my first purchase and it is still working. Even after all of my really hard crashes.


Very good shop, with a lots of items, and very good prices. Some categories are send from EU warehouse, so you have not to pay additional taxes, the shippings cost are in 99% cases free. And if you have Paypal account, you can pay true it and your money is safe. Shipping time from Chine 3-4 weeks, from EU warehouse about 10 days. Som I am very satissfied with this shop and can reccomnd to others, to try


Firstly I was sceptical to order from Gearbest, as I'm from Romania, EU. But as I read more and see how many people are ordering, I started to change my attitude.
There were so many positive feedbacks, from all over the world and the great prices, I just couln't resist to order.
Everything went smooth and I have receive the package in 3-4 weeks, with everything exactly as I ordered.
Now I just ordered a new phone on Black Friday.


I ordered a vaccum cleaner robot iLife X5 from gearbest.
The first suprise was that the parcell was arrived in 1,5 days (sended from UK to Hungary). OK, this is DHL's merit, but gearbest choose DHL to me.
The another suprise was the quality of product: it was only cca. 150 euro, but it seems more expensive! A vacuum cleaner is quiet, works and cleans fine. I am very satisfied wit it.


I was worried doing shopping in HK again, since my very last purchasing on alibaba (now aliexpress). In short - item was wrong color and it wasn't 3 weeks, but over 2 months shipping (from Malaysia, not China...). Then someone from uni explained me I didn't purchase from single shop, but from single user - something like ebay works, which I hate too.
Gearbest isn't like that for sure. It's big company with their own warehouse in both HK and Europe. Since December 2015 I did 3 purchases here and I will surely do some more, if they offer better promos than other websites, cause the free shipping, which should be slow is actually faster than in other chinese stores. 5/5 :)


I have bought many items mainly smrtphones and an action camera. all turned out to be great. reasonable shipping and great prices with deals.


I am impressive by the price and the speed of delivery, the product is great compare with its price.
The only thing I feel not enough is they cannot send me the original copy of the invoice instead of sending me a pdf file.

Boyan Todorov

I've made several purchases from and all of them came fast and the quality of the products exceed my expectations.

Lucas Peçanha

I bought a cell Xiaomi redmi Note 3 Pro in Gearbest and without doubt is the best shop I found the best possible price in that store. They sent my product very fast and the support always answered me quickly in case of some doubts that I had. I recommend the shop to everyone without a doubt.


A few months ago I came across an online store called Gearbest and i was impressed right away. The price range and the variety of products they have is amazing. I looked through things I was interested in buying and I did it.

Ar first I wasn't sure about how I feel because there is always a risk of bad service when you're trying something new but my worries went away really quickly. With order confirmations and shipment tracking it's not hard to say that the site is safe. I received my order sooner than expected and the products were just amazing. Everything worked perfectly.

I am very satisfied with Gearbest by all means. The service is great, the items are up to standards and they have an amazing point system. With their point system you can leave reviews of your orders and get loads of points for them which you can immediately use to get a big discount with any upcoming order.

Whenever I need something I always go to Gearbest and I am recommending it to other people. People I've recommended the site to are really satisfied. We all continue using it and with that experience I don't think we will stop. It's a great online store


I don’t usually post reviews but thought that I would as this site was helpful in deciding if GearBest was a reliable site to buy from. I have purchased quite a few items now from Gearbest over the past several months. So far the items have been as advertised and the support has been fantastic for any order issues.

For this review I will talk about order number: W1611110018015897 November 2016 for 3 NEXBOX A95X - B7N TV Box Quad core Amlogic S905XSize:1GB + 8GB

The prices for the NEXBOX A95X at GearBest are the best I could find. They beat Aliexpress by almost 10.00 CND!.
The items were as advertised and the quality was really good for this unit in particular.
The delivery time was really fast as I used DHL on this order. I received the order in under a week. Watch out for the customs fees though. You need to remember that may happen. It does not happen every time but it does every so often.
I have had instances of ordering the wrong item and issues with one. In each case, GearBest support was awesome and really helpful in getting the issue resolved.
All and all I have to say that I would highly recommend GearBest for anyone to purchase from.

Jenővári Péter

I ordered an Original OBS Crius RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer on November 4.
Order number: W1611040302528212

The shop has a very good website, it is very clear. They sell various kinds of goods, so you can find nearly everything you want.

The costumer support is absolutely great. If there is a problem, it is easy to solve it because of the good customer support team.

You can pay with Credit Card, and PayPal too, which is one of the best things of the shop.

The item arrived very fast. It lasted for 20 days which is a very good time knowing that China is far away, and lots of packets are shipped at the same time. But they also have EU warehouse, so if you order from EU warehouse the delivery time will be approximately 3-4 days.

The quality of the product is absolutely nice. It is totally authentic, easy to use. I am fully satisfied with it, and will buy the same, or other goods from Gearbest in the future.

Gearbest is my no.1 online webshop, I am planning to buy more products from it.


Dash cam came in 20 days to Morocco, which is very good time taking into consideration our customs delay. order came very well packaged, communication in English is very well, support is very responsive, website easy to use. I am satisfied ! I recommend the website.

Daniel Liew

If you're a techie and are in search of the newest gadgets and gizmos, Gearbest is the best choice for you. The website itself is structured in a way to enable you to search for your desired gadgets in the simplest manner. The gadgets that caught my interest are drones, flashlights, phone accessories etc.
The prices are also reasonable compared to other online sites, especially when they have discounts!


The Gear best was the most cool eshop in the net i buy 2 products and was amazing
Fast shipment good price


I bought here several times, and now it is my favorite web shop. They always have great prices and discounts. They have a reliable and helpful support center and customer service. They have money back guarantee, repair guarantee and refund if i have problems with the purchased product. The shipping is quick and free, my last item (W1610060302199902) Homtom HT17 Pro 4G Phablet traveled to me for 14 days (including stopping at my country customs) . All in all, I am totally satisfied with

Neven Skembovic

I recently ordered a headset for my phone from gearbest (W1610300947382249). I am very pleased because of excellent quality. GearBest site that is always on time delivery item (15 days, I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina). I never happened that the item is defective or broken. Very good is packed. For secure online shopping, visit GEARBEST!!!


Gearbest is one of the best & decent sites for shopping various stuff and I highly recommend them. The quality of their products is high. Shipping is fast and I have to mention that I never received any item damaged thanks to their packaging. I will keep on ordering from them and I have already suggested them to friends and family. So far I've ordered many gadgets, electronics and peripherals for pc. I've purchased the RC LED Bulb Light Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker, order W1607061201500430 on 7 July 2016. It works great until today and is definitely a VFM led bulb, so I ordered a second one W1611071149455178.

Manolis Karamolegos

Communication , costs , packaging are 5 stars. Keep on gys at gearbeast !!
all perfect!


Gearbest has the most affordable prices on the market, a wide selection of products. They have a reliable and helpful support center and customer service. A wide range of payment methods.I have received the product in Europe after 3 days by DHL, that's impressive for the price of shipping. They provided a tracking number. I was satisfied the 100%. Now I am a regular customer, "


A bought here several times, and now it is my favorite webshop. It is specialized to gadgets but they have other departments too. I like it because every product is genuine and good quality. They have money back guarantee, repair guarantee and refund if i have problems with the purchased product. The shipping is prompt and usually free. So, I am totally statisfied with


Great prices, quick delivery (as short as 10 days to EU!!), helpful customer service that replies immediately.
Everything I have bought is very good quality.
In my opinion the best Chinese retailer and my first choice for online shopping


Recently bought a phone,my order number is W1610050322204168, the phone price from Gearbest was the lowest compared to other popular stores. Shipping was very fast, I did not even expect to get the phone very quickly.
For the purchase of the phone, I received loyalty points, and quickly they spent to another order, it is better than coupons.
Order on Geаrbest very pleased with the quality of goods is very high.
Soon start Christmas sales, I plan to buy anything there as a present to my other relative. After all, as experience has shown, even in the most grandiose sales that have been recently, the price of many goods was lower in Gearbest then others stores.


I bought a few days ago. an external battery (power bank) Xiaomi 20000mAh at a very good price. The product is very good, I charged the smartphone 6 times!
Order number: W1610100514146406 from 10 oct 2016.
The prices on GearBest are lower and we can use, too, points (from orders, reviews) and get discounts! And trhe products are very good quality!
The shippment is fast, between 1-3 weeks!
You can buy with trust from GearBest!


If you are looking a mechanical keyboard that is not too steep for your pocket,you should check this one out.
I have bought a (MOTOSPEED Inflictor CK104 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Order No.:W1610120743054012) and have it about 3 weeks.I am very pleased from my purchase,for some good reasons.First is the price,which was the main reason to consider buying a mechanical keyboard from a brand that i never heard before.Second is the looks,which you could see also before you buy.It is exactly as advertised.And third and most important,is the built quality which you cannot be sure until you get it in your hands.I am satisfied by it's quality and sturdiness from a mechanical keyboard that is much cheaper than competition with decent features.


I've made several orders from Gearbest and my total experience is absolutely satisfied!
In my orders W1610041334096550 and W1610070457353937 i had the amazing "same day shipping" and i had the products in about 12 days in Greece!
All the other orders e.g. W1611050657343434, W1611050703090030 and W1611050711497087 shipped out the same or next day from Gearbest!
They inform you in every step of your order, they give you photos of your package (very carefully package) and the support team of Gearbest really helps you if you have any question about the product (before and after the sale).
They have really good prices without any "hidden charges" and very often with their "flash sales" the prices are extremely low!
Gearbest is my online place for shopping and i can find almost everything i need.

juan dejesus

Recently i have made purchases at gearbest and everything went smooth. no problems here (Y)


After 10 completed orders with better, we launched W1610100049320698 order, which contained a smartwach.
I paid it immediately, then we find that this smartwach is only compatible with Android and iOS I use only.
I immediately announced Gearbest to cancel the order, recognizing that was my mistake, but I was not made by Gearbest in a position to choose another product of similar value, but directly to me they were returned money.
I do not think many others would have done the same, so I recommend Gearbest as a reliable partner.

Maher Ramadan

this is my first try with gearbest, it is very nice.
the product deliver less than a month, customers services is very good and fast replying.
the mobile I bought is beautiful

Tiago Gonçalves

I bought a Xiaomi Redmi 3S at September 8th. According to shipping policy the product can take until 15 days to be dispatched. After 15 days the product was not dispatched so I contacted Gearbest support and they gave me two options: to be refund or wait more 3 days. I chose wait and at September 26th the smartphone was shipped and at October 17th I received it. I'm from Brazil and usually chinese products takes around 60 days to be delivered, so you can see they are fast and they accomplish shipping terms.
Gearbest support is very helpfull and I did not have problem with them. This was my first purchase and although at first sight it could be a bad experience, fortunately it is not. Certainly I will buy more products from gearbest.


Order number: W1610251733115107

Very good shipping and fast! I'm very satisfied with the communication and the payment.
I ordered xiaomi mi band 2.
Thank you Gearbest!


I have bought a KingZone S2 3G Smartphone from Gearbest with order No WW1609301455027220.
I have discovered the site from a friend and I still thank him. The product arrived in 2 weeks to Greece safe and in an excellent condition. I am very satisfied with Gearbest.


I've tried many Chinese shops, but I think that Gearbest is my preferred one.
90% of the time I wanted to buy something, I've found out that they had the best price for it.
Add to that the fact that you know you'll get a genuine product and the decision to buy from them is kind of easy to make.


Very good site love it no problems with shipping, great support :)


This site is pretty good and accurate
The products are well explained and for any info they answer you in any question the same day
Prices pretty good also


I never did before online shopping from any websites, because i thought that they will show you less value item in their sites to attract people for buy product.
Once we bought they will received money and stolen credit card number for miss used. but this was my first risk to bought product (Order Number# W1609210320235197) from, by the shipped method
i was tracking my item daily and expected time was 25business days, but i got in Pakistan within 15 Business day, i was also in touch with customer support team for inquiry about my order and product which i bought was exactly what i was purchased.
In the end i will thankful again to


Payment with PayPal very simple and safe. I bought more than 20 times from Gearbest.
Until now all i bought I checked the prices on another sites but they were cheaper so I'll stay with Gearbest:)
Some products came in less than 10 days when are small or plat enough to enter an envelope but never more than they estimated (35 days I think is maxim for my country but never lasts so long).
Sometimes they ask me if i received the product and if everything it's ok. I like they are so willing to help.
Last order was WW1610151011082942 an e-cig kit Eleaf iNano E and I posted a review already with the nickname geaba like here. It's a good kit and I recommend it.


Купих си батерии 18650 Samsung Q30. Пристигнаха за 10 дни добре опаковани в пластмасова кутия. Доволен съм както от качеството на батериите, така и от бързата доставка. Пратката беше W1610260710387059. Gearbest е добър магазин.


Highly recommended. Shipping was really fast, communication with gearbest was very nice. I ordered Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband. Very good item good quality i like it to much. Very nice gadget from Xiaomi, work s without errors, one charge last for 25 days and more. Works well with MiFit app. Long battery life, easy setup, heartrate sensor, oled display

Peter Šaradin

I want to try something new and I decide it will be Xiamo miBand 2. I found this shop by accident on one site promoting this smart wristband and I decided to give it a try. I crate new account, crete a order (WW1610161721457682) pay with PayPall and wait. Delivery was fast as they promised and packed very good. Product match description on the site very well and I decide to order Xiaomi Power bank from Gearbest too.


I ordered a phone from GearBest (order number: WW1602091619217591). The speed of delivery was fast and the product was well packed so it came in perfect condition. I am looking forward to next orders from GearBest.
Very statisfied with this eshop!


my most recent purchace from gearbest was delvered fast and well packaged, best of all is was cheapest price online that i could find.
I would recommend gearbest to anyone, including friends and family.


I already ordered few products from gearbest. I didn't had any problems and the shipping was always quite fast. I recently ordered a iLife x5, I asked them if it comes with an adapter to EU and they said that the product is comming with a CN charger but they will include a EU adapter for free.


I ordered good prized CK104 keyboard (W1608240752062184). Payment is secure, thanks to PayPal. Order has been shipped next day. Shipping by DHL is very fast - it took only 5 days from China to Poland. I'm satisfied with bought product.
Definitely recommend this website!

arik buyuk

i had made several orders with gear best in the last month one of them was a SHANDONG EMS Muscle Training Gear Abs Fit Body Exercise order number- W1610201807043535 made on 21/10/2016 and delivered at 24/10/2016
it came in 3 days this site is the best shopping exprience i have had in long time every thing is perfect!!!
they accept paypal! they delivered very fast the items and in perfect condition
defiantly will continue shopping there!

Sara Pagani

Easy to use website with great customer support and excelent prices, shipping and packaging!
Overall a great website to shop for anything!

Emmanuel Enrique

this is the best online store. they sell very cheap product with free world wide shipping. i ordered 3 time and all of them arrived and wi no problem. very recommended online store.


I have made a lot of orders on Gearbeast. I've never had a problem with them. The price of the products is very competitive and you can pay through PayPal, so you know that if any problem occurs you are protected. The only downside is that in lare orders their processing time is a bit slow.

Raimundas Pavilonis

Hello! I bought "JJRC H8 Mini Headless Mode 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter 6 Axis Gyro 3D Flip UFO One Key Return Aircraft, order W1610070019207723" and I want to share my opinion because this item makes me feel amazing! I'm new with drones, so this is exactly that, what i need!<br><br>First experience was amazing. Drone is fast and I can say it's powerful. I mean powerful for new users of drones like me. Drone looks very fashionable and cool. When I unpacked it and turned it on, then I saw that it's more better then in original description or photos. What is awesome, I got charged device, so I could instantly turn it on and try, but not hard-wait while it charge. Price for this device is very low! What is about controlling the drone, its simple and clear, just need more time to be a H8mini pro! Enjoy this drone!


I made several orders at gearbest, mainly technology itens and i never had anny problems at all.
I live in Portugal, and gearbest provides a shipping metod that prevents problems with customs, and it takes only 7 do 15 days to delivery.
The products are exactly what is advertised and his price is very good. Also i never payed anything as shipping costs.
I payed using paypal and credit card without anny problem.
This is the webstore i mostly use. My last order (W1609240655359800 - a smartphone) was delivered in 12 days!


one of my first orders from gearbest was RDAs Order No.:W1609221544500583. Everything showed up complete and undamaged. I received it relatively quickly. overall a pleasant experience and will definitely do business again.

Konstantinos Stamatoglou

From Greece .
I bought my second item from Gearbeast .Original Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Ultra HD WiFi Action Camera.(order n. WB1606040853282405)
Fast shipping again via NLpost ( Expedited Shipping) with tracking number in 10 business days.
One of the best for this rate of price action camera.
Cons- no actual 4k in 15fps....
Excelent in 1080p in 60 fps...”


So far a great experience with Gearbest. Nice low cost options on many products and reasonable shipping times for free international shipping.
Most recently I ordered some 18650 batteries from GearBest. I needed these for a powerful Nightcore flashlight and generally 18650 batteries cost quite a bit. However, I found an amazing deal at gearbest with protected and button top 18650 batteries at LESS cost than even non-protected options on popular sites. The batteries worked great in my flashlight, charge and discharge per specs and have a great protective case and covering. Great transaction from a well organized website.


Good stuffs at cheap price too! and not forgetting the delivery is super fast and they even process my order on weekend. Will definitely browse more items on this site.


My Order Number is W1609080400082662.

I stay in Singapore and Gearbest chose PostNL (for free delivery option) to ship the Phone to my country. It takes around 3 weeks to reach, as I suppose the phone needs to be shipped to Netherlands first before shipping over to Singapore. I suppose if destination is in Europe the shipping duration should be shorter. No complains as the item arrives in proper packaging and good condition.

I like it that Gearbest provides an adapter for my country as the default power adapter is in EU standard.

I have been ordering many items from Gearbest in the past and so far I am happy with the purchases as the price is affordable and there is buyer protection from Paypal in event of defective items. So far all my orders are 100% received and in good condition as the orders are shipped by default using registered mail. I will continue to order from Gearbest if the price of their products remain affordable.


I was looking for a market with good prices and i found GearBest. The order have been shipped next day after payment(really fast!). Arrived in Moldova (Eastern Europe) in 2 weeks, also very fast.
The main reason i decided to order on Gearbest was a very good price. Also shipping is very cheap(under 1 dollar for unregistered air mail) and you still can track your order. 10/10.


I am greatful to the guys from GearBest support team wich professionally dealt with a problem i had: i ordered an electronic Insect Repeller wich (for sure not a fault of GBest) arrived broken. I emailed to the GB support team telling my problem and showing them photos of the broken item.
They answered me very promptly and professionally and in the end they sent me a new product, without asking to send the broken one back or any other comments.
I appreciated very much the attitude of the support team, as well as the fact that they resolved so fast my problem and for sure i will buy again from this website.



Order no WB1609160444220771
With Belgium Post it was delivery in ONE WEEK from China to Romania, for free.
It is my favourite online shop.


I loved the shop very much they are honest and trustable! I really like the way they handle their duty! I bought a xiaomi yi action cam it turned out great i am happy with it thanks gearbest!


I have been shopping in gearbest because they have cool products, incomparable prices and good shipping service and customer attention. It is the best online shopping website.There is also good coupons and discounts, points and other things you can take advantage in your shopping.
Order ID:W1609210902138633
Order ID:W1609210516399874


Fastest shipping, Great product, Awesome service
got my Superlux HD681EVO's in six days from the USA warehouse. i was excited to get my hands on them after seeing all the hype on the headphone forums. i\'d say most reviews are on point, a under $50 headphone that sounds like a $150-$200 pair easily. i compared them to my $300 headphones but i must admit i was impressed with the EVO's soundstage @ under $50. they also came with a set of velour pads that feel easy on the ears. I'm very happy with these headphones they surpassed my expectations.
This is my new favorite store. looking forward to buying in the near future
order # WW1609280421310891


So I got these survival bracelets for a bit more than an euro and well. Cheap is cheap but the materials are not bad. I took one of them and punished it by starting a fire, banging it against a tree while on my wrist and it took it pretty well. So I'm happy with that.
The products they sell are actually good. The customer service is impeccable. They answer right away, for example and do not try to sell you extra stuff, they just answer what they were asked.
I'll buy there again for sure.

Alex Ionescu

Amazing website!
very fast delivery
good product quality
amazing customer support


Order No.:W1609230710272369
Item No. 147251101
ordered 25-09-2016, delivery 04-10-2016, no more taxes or customs fee
amazing delivery time, very kind of GB to gift free Vibe Shot silicon case
excellent service since order to received, nothing to complain there
recommended service, no doubt!


I can say that I am extremely happy with those guys as each time I used them I ended up satisfied! So far, I've order a few micro SD cards, a pair of HQ earphones and a Raspberry Pi 3. So far, everything was perfect, packaging was excellent, shipping speeds was reasonable and prices low! At the same time, pre-sales support was pretty good as they were capable and willing to help with my questions. Same goes with after sales support as I still had a few questions after receiving my items.

Overall those guys are pretty reliable and offer what they advertise.

Jorge Ribeiro

Recommend, everything ok and all problems solved. Tickets solved in 24 hours.
Fast and all products are as described.


ive ordered a product W1608220654239982 from gearbest : selfie stick, joystick and a tshirt , after i recieved the package ive noticed that the products as described im happy and im gonna buy more , recommended website.


No problems at all!

order number W1609151519378070
arrived in 10 days from china to Portugal, only Chinese manual inside the package, but customer service provided a pdf with English version. Product working great so far, it's robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE V7S.
Flagged by the anti fraud process and had to verify my identity because the name of the pay-pal account was different from the shipment address.
Very happy with all the process, wanting on the my next order that should arrive this week.
Will recommend this site to friends and family.


Best online shop !

Order Number : W1608250757355993
Order Number : W1609201343493972

I bought two times on Gearbest, i choosed for competitive prices, genuine and variety goods.
I never had any trouble with Gearbest. Costumer service is very helpful and friendly, they repleid my all answer quickly.
I received my goods in 12 days ! super fast shipping !

I will continue shopping with Gearbest and i recommend to everyone !

Umar Chaudhry

GB Order Number: W1609301729289875

Gearbest is my number one choice whenever I am buying anything off internet. Its a reliable website, and the overall shopping experience is quite amazing. I'm really glad that GB has offers, discounts, flash sales and coupons in place, which can be really useful.

The only thing I do not like about GB is the fact that stock units can often be misleading. I've found a turnaround to this, and always speak to an online agent before ordering anything to know if its available or not. Also shipping with is quite fast when it reaches their warehouse, but you will have to wait for several days till your delivery gets delivered from China to Netherlands (and this period cannot be tracked).

Abdulah Karic

Order number: W1609170546033170
I recommend this site to everyone. Super cheap prices, fast deliveries, sellers respond to questions, customer service is superb. My shopping experience so far has been great! Orders usually arrived at my address in under two weeks. This particular order I've bought on the Sep 17, 2016, and it arrived Oct 05, 2016!


Great overall experience. The order was quickly posted, and it took about 8 days to come to Portugal. Priority Express service does work, no added costs. I've contacted costumer support, sometimes after I received my item, and I'm really impressed with it. I'll buy again, for sure. : )

Albert I

Ref GearBest Order No.:W1609191830544546

I have been buying items from gear best for sometime now and so far all of my orders have been fulfilled without any issues, delivery is fast and if there's a need to expedite shipping the price is reasonable. If you have any questions to the products you are planning to procure typically response will be very fast at worst case it's following day even on weekends! If you have issue with the products their response is also very fast one of my order was a smartwatch which when it arrived I thought it was faulty as I can turn it on and don't seem to be charging I send my ticket via gearbest online portal and within few hours I have gotten response and they provide me some t-shooting procedure and it works I manages to turn on the device.
This is one of the online shopping sites I really like doing my shopping on top of it they always have promos and discounts that i always like!


I like to buy from Gearbest ! Low prices ,good quality items and great customer service ! i never had any problem with any of my orders .The best and cheappest chinesse e-shop ! They refunded me ,when i asked for it and another time they had send me another item for free,because the one i recieved it was defective. I trust GB and i'll buy again from there !!


Very competitive prices and very good specific offers. Excellent customer service and support in case of any problems. The shipment takes less than 20 days for Armenia.
I have bought many items from Gearbest and they've always arrived on time. No quality issues at all, great support as well. I bought FLAMA Letter Snap Fastener Money Clip Card Wallet WP1608270532190703 on Aug 27, 2016 and I very like it. I will shopping only from Gearbest as guaranteed service for me. I recommend to all to buy anything from Gearbest! Thanks Gearbest team for heard work.

Francis Opoku

Order Number: W1608121547427200
Nickname: fopoku2k2
Date: Aug 13, 2016

I have been doing business with this company for over 2 years now and have never had a problem with them. My goods always gets shipped on time and they respond promptly to my emails.

This is my real objective experience and I am willing to share this with other people


I report my problem throw Ticket:T16052902155
and they contact me to solve it in the same day
I get my Refund on my payment account. fast than another store

Alfredo Di Domenico

I have ordered 2 mobile phones from Gearbest,specifically Xiaomi redmi note 3 pros.
The devices arrived in just 7 days, which really made a huge impression on me. Both devices have been working great ever since.
Also, their staff has answered every single question I had in less than a day! That's one of the best customer services I've ever experienced.
Overall, I'm very satisfied with my experience with Gearbest and would recommend it to everyone.
My order number is : W1608210012440369


Hey! Today i want to talk about my favourite e-shop Its Gearbest. In gear best I have bought quite a number of items from Gearbest, most of them were small gadgets, but I have also bought 2
smart watches and phone charger also a e-cig (ORDER:W1607071736535679......W1607201603570373...... W1608281712127689..... W1608281726229339)
I can't find anything negative to say about them as all items that arrived were perfect working condition and never had any trouble with them. Communication is at a high level . Shipment received very well packaged .
I'm willing to help people to find somethink good in this e-shop :)


Recently I have bought Megir 2002 male quartz watch. Shipping took only 9 days from China to Eastern Europe. It was very fast, considering that from eBay shipping takes around 3 weeks and from Aliexpress takes around 6 weeks. Quality is good, even small dials are working. It cost me around 16USD and free shipping. Also I love Gearbest App for Android, they have very good deals for example for USB sticks or cables and something similar. Overall I'm happy, that I discovered Gearbest. Can't wait for Helloween or Christmas deals.

ali mohammad

one of the best websites and has great costumer service


I am a customer at GearBest for about 3 years now and the experience with every department at this store is great. CS always willing to help and it is very easy to navigate throughout the entire store.I have placed Order No.:W1608240122225364 on AUG 24th and it was shipped on AUG 25th (really really fast) and was delivered 13 days later all the way to Israel.all items were at the best condition packaging is great and all items are new.all in all I think is a great place to get the newest gadgets out there at the best prices


I started making orders from gearbest a few months back and I loved it from the first day!
REALLY good prices, very well packaged and good pre-sales support.
Quality service in any order! My most recent one, order WW1608091907107958 came in just 11 days! That is very fast if you consider they are being sent from China!
Overall, I am pretty impressed.
Thank you Gearbest!

Konstantinos Holevas

I was on a hunt for an action camera to use it for outdoor sports, after reading a lot of reviews I chose to buy the "xiaomi yi" from Gearbest and I was not disappointed.
Even though I chose the "free shipping" method it came very fast, I think less than 20 working days.
I bought the premium package "Original XiaoMi Yi 1080P Ambarella A7LS WIFI Sports Action Camera with Selfie Stick" at an amazing price, the cheapest I've seen so far!
I recieved the camera unharmed in its original box which was very carefully protected.
I chose Gearbest bacause a friend suggest it to me and I was not dissapointed, their site is very informative and always lets you know which item is on stock, their customer service is one of the best I've seen so far, they always reply, usually after a few hours, the next day at worst.
I highly recommend it!

Order No.:W1506091055360605


I buy a lot from gearbest, for more than a year.
they have very good prices. the shipping is fast.
and the customer service is very good and they are always happy to help if there is a problem.
they answer very fast. usually i get response in few hours.
highly recommended site


Best online shop. Delivery very quick and the products quality is very good. Nice to have the paypal option.


I'm excited about the shopping in geearbest.
High-quality smartphones and tablets can buy at a reasonable price.

Most of the goods with free shipping, EMS of selection is also possible.
Selected depending on the application. You can become happy.

İsmail Kırtıllı

I tried many gadget websites, among them gearbest provided me the most satisfied shopping experience.
Tracked deliveries arrives approximately in 14 days to Turkey (I guess it's even less than that to other European countries)
In case of confusion, customer guys helped a lot.
In sum, i can highly recommend to anyone.


Great selection, excellent prices
I am extremely pleased with all the purchases made in Gearbest.


i started shopping in this site, And I liked it very much .. is easy to use, and has a very important discounts, and the prices very appropriate, And with coupons and Gearpoints etc.. you could make it more cheaper.
general I'm Very happy with their service.
I advise everyone to try it.

Yuriy Kushnirco

Bought from them by flash deal.
Flash ship to me over 60days!!!!!!!!!
Wroest company never met!!!!!!
Price checked also high than aliexpress!!!!!!!
Send much mails check with my package no answer。
Really bad company

Pio. W.

I've made over a dozen orders and all of them were delivered in perfect condition and have good quality. I get exactly what I want in good price. Gearbest processed all my orders very fast - approx 2-3 days to shipment.
The exception was one of the orders with unavailable product that was sent in another shipment. I will be certainly shop in Gearbest in future.


I can say some words about GearBest. I’ve Ordered a phone from GearBest(it was marked as ‘In Stock’) and luckily payed it over PayPal(very good service), first I had to wait for all the dispatch term, then when I wrote them, they said it is out of stock, and advised to wait or they will refund as quickly as they can. I chose the second option, but the money were not refunded until I opened a dispute on PayPal. So this took me about a month!


The most of the answers were in time and some items are worth being bought. If the items are in stock the delivery time is ok. I think it was nearly 15 days by flatraete shipment.


Tikrai galit drasiai pirkt, jokie jie ne aferistai, viskas tikrai gerai, viena geresniu parduotuviu kinu prekem, jei ne geriausia.

One of my favorite or maybe best shop for China goods. Excellent service, normal shipping time, very good price compare to others, lots of offers, daily deals. In my view they are a very dynamic and quickly progressing company. Definitely could recommend.



I bought an Elephone p3000s from them on January which after 5 months stopped working.
I opened a support ticket on their website, but they at first wasted time pretending they didn’t understand, then simply stopped answering my messages.
They only replied one month later, after I published a couple of reviews on the web (odd coincidence…) - but to offer me what?
1) a gorgeous 26.00 USD contribution to have my phone repaired at my local service center at my own expense – or alternatively
2) send them 107.63 usd to have a new phone (which I paid 175.00 usd and is now definitely out of stock on their site and has been abandoned by the manufacturer) – or alternatively
3) a free repair, returning them the phone (at my expenses) but allowing 3-4 months waiting time to have it back.
Unfortunately, it takes more than 150.00 USD to fix the phone and, as for offer n.3, the internet is full of reviews where people complain they received fake RMA addresses or anyway returned their items and never had them back again.
The funniest thing is that they pretend to ignore the hundreds bad reviews they have collected (there’s even someone who made a website named “donotbuyingearbest”, and they’re on ScamAdviser too…) and still expect you to trust them, after dealing with you so badly.
Don’t believe all those five-stars reviews not supported by facts, just google “GearBest reviews” and see by yourself.


I've ordered many items from Gearbest including several phones, smartwatch and electronic baubles. Customer service is fairly prompt in responding but their answers are non-sensical and usually ignore what you actually wrote. Example: my product is being held by customs due to incorrect value placed on shipping package. Answer: We will contact our shipping department and see if we can track the package for you to see if we can locate where your package is.

If you don't run into any problems, such as DOA or need repairs of your item, Gearbest has a great selection and very decent prices, especially with their frequent coupons (search the web).

Great selection, excellent prices, the usual long shipping times from china, atrocious customer service (but they do respond).


I am extremely pleased with all the purchases made in Gearbest. The products bought today are of great quality, for this reason I keep buying from you guys. Not to mention the low prices and promotions made by Gearbest, no other site gives customers this kind of gift.


Horrible experience!
I tride to by from them an ugos uts (smart mini pc) before purchasin i asked thoif they have the product on stock, i have been replied that they have 99 unit. Affter payment, i descover it out of stock. 15 days pass and they didn't send tje product to me. Affter a lot of comuniction with them that always ended with a fals answer's and a falls promises, i decided to ask for rfund by pay pal. I will never make business with them again.
If you care about you money, dont by there.


Pleasantly surprised! Ordered an LED lightbulb and some bluetooth headphones from here as the prices and the range of products beat anywhere else hands down. Half expected them not to turn up or to be rubbish at the price, but both turned were delivered in about 10 days, and work fine.

Brian Keller

Worst experience using online ordering. After providing payment information for a $175 order they requested I email them front and back copies of my credit card and drivers license. I cancelled the order and actually received a confirmation email the order was cancelled. Gearbest still withdrew $180 from my account (handling fee). I opened a ticket with them complaining about the withdrawal. They stated they would refund the money and another email stating they had refunded it. This was over a week ago and no refunds have been provided yet. Also, there is no further responses to my multiple requests. The phone number for support is only an answering machine. Stay away from this company.


I bought two tablets one of which has a problem charging. They're asking me to send it back and pay shipping to send and take it back which is about $60 while the tablet cost me $48. otherwise they want me to pay 80% of the cost for a new one or if I have it serviced they will give me 25% of repair cost!! That's ridiculous. The customer service people are unacceptable. On top of that they didn't even publish my poor review on their site, that's why all reviews are 5 star.


ordered item and everything went fantastic, asked them to send out out lower than the retail price they told me they will only mark 50% on final price wont touch this company again


Ką galiu pasakyti apie šią parduotuvę. Kainos ir kokybės kaina tikrai aukštam lygi, jei lyginti su kitom konkurentėm parduotuvėm. Visuomet pristato prekes greitai ir be didesnių problemų. Praktiškai pas GearBest dažniausiai randu pigiau prekes nei kitose parduotuvėse. Iki šiol esu gavęs visas prekes.

Was GearBest angeht, ich kann nur eins sagen: fast immer billiger als bei Konkurrenz. Schnelle Lieferung dank NL Post, was bei denen ist immer der Fall für Europa. Immer gut verpackt. Bis jetzt hatte ich keine Probleme mit GearBest und kaufe gerne immer wieder hier. Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Service. Also, wenn die nicht verschicken innerhalb von 3 Tagen ich nehme es locker und warte, weil ich weiß, das die haben entweder viel Zutun oder nicht auf Lager und verschicken trotzdem innerhalb paar Tagen. Und mit NL Post kommt das so wieso in paar Tagen. Was Support angeht, noch nie gebraucht, weil wie gesagt, manchmal hilft das etwas zuwarten.

Good services from GearBest. I buy so far many things by them and can say I have no problems with them. I recommended to my friends GearBest and they was to satisfied with services. In Europe shipping time is about 2 weeks if ships with Netherlands Post. I can just recommend this e-shop. 5/5

Ronald Swager

Waited over 7 weeks for delivery. Package has still not arrived.
I was given either a fraudulent or invalid tracking number which proved useless. They ignored my requests for a correct tracking number.

Further contacts with customer support have resulted in nothing but generic form replies and no action.

I will be filing a fraud complaint against both GearBest and PayPal.


My Gearbest experience has been very good so far, after I ordered my first item it was packaged up and shipped out in under 3 days. This seems very good compared to other Chinese companies! I received a confirmation email telling me that my product had been shipped and also telling me all the shipping information. I also received an image of the package taken on a set of scales, I found this very cool as you know that they're thinking about you and they want to show you that your package is leaving intact. I also contacted customer services and the response, although it took some time to be replied to (5 days and also during the Chinese new year period), the information on the reply was very well written and also solved most of my problems. The Gearbest live chat, although it may take some time to be connected and replied to, it is very good as it runs 24/7 which is handy in the UK due to the time differences. The answer's are usually very clear. There is many complaints about the company on this website and my experience has been very good and the customer service is very friendly and the English is pretty good in the email and live chat replies.
I would definitely recommend this company to anyone else that want's cheap but quality products from an excellent Chinese company!!
I would definitely recommend!


I ordered a rather expensive item that did not ship for 1 week. A week later tracking says "alert" I contacted them via online chat the agent told me I had an incorrect tracking number and he gave a new tracking number, when I tracked it, this package was going to france not the US where I live! When I told him this and asked why he was lying he replied "no" and ended the chat. I have since opened 3 tickets and they ignore my concern with the lying agent, blame customs and close the ticket. DO NOT BUY HERE! Customer service is the worst.
UPDATE: They said they will reship in 2 days after it turned around in customs. For 3 days I was asking why wait 2 days and telling them I want my product. All they cared about was me removing my review on They offered me points on their website then they offered me $10 if I would remove the review. In the mean time they are ignoring me concerns. After 3 days they said that it can't pass customs and I will be issues a refund, I told them I wanted a refund that day because I was tired of waiting. 2 days later they tell me my package is on it's way because I asked them in the past to ship it to me so they cannot give me my refund (I have already purchased it elsewhere). Please for your own sanity NEVER give them any business
Translate 04/28/2017


Meine erste und letzte Bestellung bei Gearbest. Habe 122 Euro für Handy gezahlt inkl. aller Gebühren !
War aber leider nicht so es kamen noch 35 Euro Gebühren von DHL und Zoll, obwohl sie bereits bezahlt wurden.
Im Paket war nur eine Rechnung von 50 Dollar, statt den 132 Dollar ! Am besten ein Gerät in Deutschland kaufen, dann hat man volle Garantie, bekommt es gleich und hat keinen Ärger bzw. mein Gerät hätte ich jetzt für den selben Preis auch in Deutschland bekommen.
Translate 04/28/2017


Я Покупаю товары в этом магазине на протяжении нескольких лет. Я всегда оставался доволен работой магазина. Магазин предлагает качественные товары по выгодным ценам. Временем доставки товаров я тоже доволен. Работа службы поддержки покупателей, организована на высоком уровне. Специалисты службы поддержки относятся уважительно к покупателям и всегда помогают в решении различных проблем. Магазин могу смело рекомендовать.
I have been buying products at this store for several years. I always remained satisfied with the work of the store. The store offers quality goods at competitive prices. I am also satisfied with the delivery of goods. The work of customer support is organized at a high level. Specialists of the support service are respectful to customers and always help in solving various problems. I can safely recommend the store.
Translate 04/28/2017


Ich habe zweimal bei Gearbest bestellt , jedesmal ging etwas schief und vom Service wird einem einfach nicht geholfen.

Ich habe Anfang Februar einen 3D-Drucker bestellt.

Dieser kam erst nach 6 Wochen, obwohl ca. 25 Tage angegeben waren.

Der Karton war stark beschädigt, das Packpapier außenrum nicht.
Hier wart also der Karten mit dieser Beschädigung verpackt worden.
(Es fehlten auch größere Stücke des Styropors)

Die beigelegte Micro-SD-Karte mit Anleitung, Software und Treiber funktionierte nicht und wurde unter Windows nicht erkannt.( Natürlich habe ich einen weitere Kartenleser, einen weiteren PC und andere SD-Karten getestet )

Dank Youtube war der Zusammenbau dann doch weitestgehend möglich, abgesehen von 4 fehlenden 3x25 Schrauben.
( 3x20 war tatsächlich zu kurz und kam nicht bis ins Gewinde und 3x30 hat ca 2mm rausgeschaut und das Teil wackelte)

Nach dem Zusammenbau, war ich tatsächlich so leichtsinnig und wollte den Drucker an einen PC anschließen,
jedoch kamen wir dann hier zur SD-Karte mit den Treiberdateien, da mein PC den 3D-Drucker mit den Standardtreiber-Bibliotheken nicht erkennen konnte.

Auch unter Verwendung der Arduino-Software tat sich hier nichts.

Gut dann kein USB - nutzen wir den SD-Slot.

Anfang März: Fehlermeldung def im Display ( Meldung defekter Thermistoren )

Hier habe sehr schnell festgestellt, dass an der Heizplatte des Druckbetts, sowohl die Kontakt als auch die Stecker/Buchse Verbinden angefangen haben zu schmoren.
( Max. Nutzungstemperatur 85 Grad Celsius / Angeblich Nutzbar bis 100 Grad Celsius )

Hier dem Gearbest-Service zu erklären, was kaputt ist, war ein reine Herausforderung:

Trotz Link auf deren eigener Webseite, Bilder und Beschreibung hat der Spaß 3 Wochen gedauert, bis ich 20$ Gutschrift erhalten habe.

Neues Druckbett gekauft und verbaut: Drucken geht erst mal wieder.

Anfang April:
Der Thermistor für das Hotend zeigt mir beim einschalten des Druckers bereits 73 Grad Celsius.(Raumtemperatur 22-24 Gard Celsius)

Hier habe ich dann Thermistoren über Amazon bezogen. ( Identisch mit dem 100K Thermistor der dort verbaut war)

Das Problem bestand weiterhin!

Stecker geprüft, Thermistor nochmals gewechselt, Kabelverbindung getauscht um den Widerstand zu mindern.

Aber immernoch einen Fehler bei der Temperaturanzeige.

Also logisch gedacht, sind es nicht die Anbauteile, ist es das Board.

Hier also wieder Gearbest kontaktiert:

Wieder Bilder, wieder Beschreibung, wieder Link zum Produkt auf deren eigener Webseite.
Da Sie angeblich dieses Ersatzteil nicht kennen, bekam ich einen Katalog mit verfügabren Ersatzteilen.
Schau mal da, dass Ersatzteil, welches dort nciht bekannt ist, war auf Seite 2 in der Mitte.
( Farbe des Boards : leuchtend ROT , in Nachtschwarz hätten Sie es wohl eher gefunden)

Da ich mich ja an die Entschlussfreudigkeit und bearbeitungsgeschwindigkeit des Servcie erinnert habe,
habe ich Zeitgleich mit meinem Ticket noch 2 mal das Board separat bestellt und per DHL Express, mit einem Aufpreis von ca.15 € für Versand bestellt.

Hier kommt dann ein netter Brief der DHL Import/Export bla bla aus der Nähe von Leipzig.

Die Sendung sei falsch deklariert worden, da hier USB-Sticks angegeben Waren jedoch keine in der Box wären.
Grundlegend ist mir ja egal was dort auf den Karton/Tüte geschrieben wird, solange ich nicht erklären muss, warum da was anderes drin ist.

Hier habe ich dann 27.-€ Zoll und Service nachzahlen dürfen und mein Versand hatte sich von 5-10 auf 15 Tage verlängert.

Zwischenzeitlich kam auch Nachricht von Gearbest:
Prüfen Sie bitte was die Rücksendung des defekten Teils kostet, damit wir es prüfen und reparieren können.
Preis des Boards im Sale: 23 €
Rücksendung des Teils via DHL: 17 €

Hier kam dann erstmal keine Rückmeldung. Auf Nachfrage bekam ich die Info, dass die Rücksensung zu teuer wäre,
es aber auch keine Gutschrift für mich geben würde, da für den Drucker als Paket ja schon eine Gutschrift erstellt wurde.

Meine Erklärung , dass ich eine Gutschrift erhalten habe, jedoch hier nun ein ganz anderes Teil kaputt ist, interessierte keinen.

Mir wurde dann ein Liste mit Ersatzteilen angeboten die vergüngstig bestellen können ( jeweils 1-2 € unter regulärem Preis)

Alles in allem habe ich meine Erfahrungen gemacht und muss einfach sagen, dass Gearbest nicht der Shop ist, bei dem ich bestellen will. Schlechter Service, verzögerte und unvollständige Emails und Produkte in einer Qualität die selbst die Kennzeichnung als billiger China-Kram nicht gerecht werden können.

Weiterhin hab ihr die Möglichkeit, für den gleichen Preis den Kram über Ebay zu ordern.
Vorteil hier:
Es handelt sich angeblich um in Deutschland lagernde Ware : Zwar gelogen weil es auch hier 3-4 Wochen dauert bis das Zeug kommt, allerdings unter deutscher Gesetzeslage.

Ob euch dass 3-5 beim Preis wert ist, muss jeder für sich Entscheiden.

Ich allerdings bin satt.
Mein neuer 3d-Drucker wird kein China-Bausatz mehr, so viel dazu.

Beste Grüße

Translate 04/27/2017


Son una tienda muy seria, y con muy buenos precios. Hacen los envíos muy rápido y tienes tu compra en tu casa en 10/15 días.
Si tienes cualquier problema te lo solucionan rápidamente
Es mi tienda favorita.

Translate 04/27/2017

Luan Lima

Eu fiz duas compras na GearBest e ambas foram entregues muito bem embaladas.
A primeira compra (W1611271301532508) foi no dia 27/11/2016 e dois dias após a mesma já havia sido enviada.
A segunda compra (W1703081058003118) foi feita no dia 08/03/2017 e foi enviada no dia seguinte!
Eu gostei muito da rapidez. De todas as compras que fiz online até hoje a única com tal rapidez foi a GearBest.

Estou extremamente satisfeito com todas as compras feitas na Gearbest. Os produtos comprados hoje são de grande qualidade, por esta razão que continuo comprando na GearBest. Para não mencionar os preços baixos e promoções feitas pela Gearbest, além de parcelar as compras, nenhum outro site internacional oferece aos clientes este tipo de presente.
Recomendo demais a GearBest!
Translate 04/27/2017

Mohammed hani

Without discussion, this site is great and reliable 100/100, I bought from it many times and I received my products on time and safely, this site is the best.
Translate 04/27/2017


Já fiz várias encomendas através da GearBest e até hoje nunca tive problemas, mesmo quando as encomendas demoram, eles dão pontos extras para poderem ter descontos em outros produtos.
Translate 04/27/2017


Gearbest ist one of the best Online-Shops. I ordered there a few times and always had very good expirience. Best Price, good products and kinda fast delivery from China Warehouse.
I was never dissapointed to Order there. And if, the Support ist awesome and you get Help immediatly.
Translate 04/26/2017


My order number was the WB1701141248575812 (Xiamo mi 4 PRO) the product arrived in about 3 weeks from the moment of purchase. The packaging conditions were excellent. The phone works really well, fast in all the repairs. The battery is its strong point, in fact it allows you to use the device intensively for two days. The only downside is the lack of 20MHz bandwidth that in Italy with some operators could create some problems.
Translate 04/26/2017


Lousy place to buy, did not receive the product and did not return my money.
Translate 04/26/2017


Делаю покупки на GearBest уже более года. Удивительно, но не было ни одного нерешённого конфликта, как часто бывает с другими шопами. Если вдруг какая проблема - поддержка решает всегда всё в пользу покупателя. Возможно из-за моего высокого рейтинга там, но факт остаётся фактом. Приятная система бонусов заставляет возвращаться и делать ещё покупки. Ввели быструю доставку в Украину (Новой Почтой - всего до 2 недель) первее остальных магазинов!
Translate 04/25/2017


My first experience with GEARBEST

I started buying on GEARBEST a few months ago.
I'll tell you honestly I was very surprised by the quality of the care of the administration of the store about the quality and prices, the speed of delivery is very good, the support service immediately answers questions.
When you make an order, it is immediately packed and sent in a few hours
I advise everyone here to buy a very cool store I put him 5+”
Translate 04/25/2017

Matteo Pozzato

Hi everyone!
I have made a lot of orders from this site (the last one on 18 May 2017 Order number: W1703180501283429). All the stuff was original and of good manufacturing quality. The shipment to my country never goes beyond 15 days, so super quick. Always paid with Pay Pal with no kinds of problem. Customer service always contacts you for asking if the whole selling experience was good (very kind and unexpected thing!).
No one forced me to write this experience report. I surely recommend this site to all my friends!
Hope that my experience will be useful to all of you!
Translate 04/25/2017

Robert Mariano

I have already ordered a lot at Gearbest and i have to say that it is my favourite Chinese ???? online store. Most of the products were shipped next day and they are very cheap.

Very impressed by Gearbest service and products.
Translate 04/25/2017


He realizado varias compras en Gearbest,( W1611141356042929, W1610281327364782...) hasta la fecha todas han llegado correctamente,,el trato postventa ha sido excelente, el envio rapido, en conclusión una buena tienda donde comprar. No tengo ninguna opinion negativa. Recomiendo comprar en esta tienda, constantemente tiene buenas ofertas de infinidad de productos..
Translate 04/24/2017

Nicoletta Barberini

Well, now you can put your orders directly by the smartphone with the app for Android downloaded from http:/ Just write Gearbest in it and you will find it. A coupple of minutes to download/install and you are ready to go. It's fast, it's simple and offert a lot of things you can no go wrong. I have an old Android 4.2.2 and have no problems at all. On the app you can find some good deals to buy, because there are APP-EXCLUSIVE price on app. Another important is you can pay for your purchases with PayPal and track your packages on App. And do not forget that you can get 50 Points for registering an account to spend with your order! ;-)))
Translate 04/23/2017

Nicoletta Barberini

Ho fatto diversi acquisti da e mi sono sempre trovata bene. I miei ultimi ordini sono stati 3 coltelli, un Ganzo + 2 Sanrenmu. Feb 26, 2017 15:56:38 PM Order number: W1702261556385672 + Feb 17, 2017 09:29:05 AM Order number: W1702170929054526 e mi sono stati consegnati dopo circa 3 settimane. Tenendo conto che venivano spediti dalla Cina con spedizione gratuita, direi che come tempi sia ottimo! Oltretutto pur essendo stati acquistate in diversi giorni, me li hanno consegnati assieme, immagiate la sorpresa!!!
Oltre a questo, generalmente acquisto torce e batterie al litio, ed obbiettivamente i prezzi sono i migliori che potete spuntare sui vari shop cinesi. Non posso fare altro che consigliarlo. Recentamente ho scaricato anche la loro app Android dedicata, è la navigazione è rapida ed intuitiva. Non mi si è mai impiantata ne avuto problemi di nessun genere. Il problema è solo che adesso avendo sempre l'app con me, rischio di spendere altri soldi!!! hahaha ;-)))
Translate 04/22/2017

Sonja Ludwig

I tryd to order a product twice and everytime the product didn´t arrived, I had to pay the shipping cost again and one more the product didn´t arrived. The support isn´t friendly, they do nothing for change the situation.
Translate 04/22/2017


I am very happy with the store.
The price is low in relation to another store.
Shipping is fast, as estimated.
Your attention to the customer is optimum and professional
I totally recommend this shop
Translate 04/21/2017

Berkay Cans

ı am buyed order , W1703270720042243 ,WA1703220752593337 WA1703300945112452 , WA1703220749103978 etc . ( 12 orders more ) Fast delivery , fast shipping and very very beatiful support.
Gearbest is honest :)s
Translate 04/21/2017

Berkay Can

Great online shop, fast shipment , fast delivery, good quality products. So far nothing negative to point.
Translate 04/21/2017


I've learned about Gearbest through some vaping channels. At first it was mostly vape gear I ordered there, the price is good for authentic stuff and delivery is mostly free of charge. Delivery isn't superfast if you choose regular delivery options but since it's coming from China/Hong Kong it is not terrible either, about three weeks. Since then I order a lot of various stuff @GearBest and never had a problem really.
Having needed to call on the warranty a couple of times, customer support always came through with an acceptable solution. Pleased customer over here!
Translate 04/20/2017


Muy buenos precios!, ademas siempre tienen cupones de descuento y los productos siempre llegan sin problemas!, Nunca un problema con ellos, lo recomiendo.
Translate 04/20/2017

Deac Daniel

About my Jan 08, 2017 16:47:39 PMOrder number: W1701081647391727
would like to share my experience with Gearbest, as it has always been a great experience.
I have bought several items, (mobile phone , DVR car camera, etc) and everything is well packed, quickly sent, and the support is really really good.
The most I love a phone, namely Elephone s 7 bought from this site.Nothing is found anywhere at a better price and with top features as that phone. It is nothing lower than phones with a conscious name and although they are at the same level they can even cost triple.
Without a doubt, I will continue to buy more goods from GearBest!
Translate 04/20/2017


I made the first order in Gearbest shop. It was surprised and pleased with high-quality work of this shop. Order No. WW1702101142502378. Date of the order on February 10, 2017 11:42:50, a nickname in shop Savinov. I was with the first order and speed of delivery (New Mail) satisfied. I ordered the multipurpose device for opening of bottles and cans. Free shipping to Ukraine, the low price, convenience of use. I recommend!
Translate 04/20/2017


- Highly recommended, very professional and well built website; it is very easy to navigate, especially with the android application.
- Awesomes prices and flash sales.
- The customer service is fast and professional.
- Fast shipments (they have many stores), I have always received everything and in good condition.
- I like that there are all kinds of sections with many articles and they are constantly updated.
- The items are perfectly described in the page and in the reviews of other users.
Translate 04/18/2017

Igor Klevanijs

Мое мнение, после года ежемесячных покупок различной смарт техники на GearBest.
Хороший ассортимент товара.
Стабильно лучшие цены, чем на подобный товар у конкурирующих торговых площадках.
Постоянные акции по дополнительным ценовым скидкам на товары.
Товар всегда отлично упакован и быстро высылают покупки, иной раз в тот же день.
Работают с надежными службами доставки, поэтому покупки всегда приходят быстро и без повреждений.
Быстрая реакция службы потдержки покупателей, уважительно и с вниманием относятся к любым вопросам клиента, что приятно в общении и придает уверенности при шопинге на GearBest.
Для меня, альтернативы покупкам по лучшим ценам и надежности поставщика, лучшего чем GearBest нет.
Translate 04/18/2017

Dmitriy Kozlov

I would like to share my shopping experience at
Order number: W1701141712381659 Jan 14, 2017

“Good afternoon. I would like to share my experience with the order on
I was looking for necessary things and found the site
To my surprise was found an interesting product, and even at an attractive price.
Since the order collided with this store for the first time, there were fears of reliability. But after reading many reviews and reviews about this store decided to try.Was pleasantly surprised by the speed of processing the order. After payment for the order, the time for assembling and sending out was not much at all. Immediately after the shipment, a track number was provided to track the shipment. The order came in the sounded terms. Was securely packed. Covering the package with the order all the contents were without any damage.All the goods in the order fully corresponded to the description on the site and were original. Very much satisfied with the purchase in this store and I definitely recommend everyone familiar for purchases. The store turned out to be very reliable, high quality goods, those support when questions arise respond very quickly.
I recommend this shop to everyone.Your orders will only please you together with the store
Horrible acquisitions, gentlemen!
P.S. I advise you to pay attention to the shares, many goods are sold simply at very low prices. Many pleasant purchases can be made saving on buying.”
Translate 04/18/2017

Arno Nym

Really good shop. Will buy again there...
Translate 04/18/2017


Il miglior negozio cinese online con un assistenza che funziona. I tempi di spedizione sono eccezionali!
Translate 04/18/2017


Davvero uno dei siti migliori di e-commerce stranieri , offre una certa celerità rispetto ai concorrenti, ed offre la possibilità di velocizzare con pochi spicci la tua spedizione. Rapporto qualità prezzo davvero ottima, forse un pò carente dal punto di vista delle descrizioni degli oggetti. Per il resto , a mio parere , supera altamente le aspettative, dando diritti di reso, zero spese doganali e una buona assistenza anche tramite chat diretta.
Translate 04/17/2017


Excellent shop! Delivery within the specified period! Goods quality!
Translate 04/17/2017


Заказывал товар в магазине Gearbest и как всегда был приятно удивлен качеством и скоростью работы данного магазина .Заказ был сделан Mar 15, 2017 02:45:39 AM мой номер заказа WA1703150245390798 мой ник в магазине Bogdan очень доволен )))) и всем рекомендую!!!
Заказывал Original WISMEC Avatar Intelligent Battery Digicharger бесплатной доставкой в Украину , все пришло очень быстро.
Translate 04/17/2017


Tienen excelentes precios y productos, todas las ordenes que he hecho me han llegado sin problemas, el envió es rápido y confiable, el servicio al cliente es bueno. Sin duda seguiré comprando con ellos. Si deseas un reembolso lo hacen sin problema y los productos llegan en perfecto estado
Translate 04/16/2017


Hello @all!

I ordered a Smartphone at with free shipping to germany via Germany Express.
It arrived after 2 weeks.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the phone and can recommend the store as well for shipping it out safe packaged and fast.

Order No. W1702211527456491
Order Date Feb 21, 2017
Translate 04/16/2017


Сделал уже много покупок в данном магазине. В основном заказываю товары для электронного парения. очень доволен данным магазином, буду и в дальнейшем делать у них заказы
Translate 04/16/2017

Allan Gouveia

The products with the number of order W1612070202252105, product Motospeed P70 Mouse Pad / Motospeed V40 Electron-optical USB Gaming Mouse Dec 07, 2016, with a value of $19.23, it took 29 days between the sending and receiving in my country (Brazil).
The products is extremely high quality and is working in perfect condition.
Thank you very much!
Translate 04/16/2017


Всем привет, хочу выразить огромное уважение интернет-магазину GearBest. благадоря старанию этих ребят я понял что такое качественный сервис. Все посылки приходят вовремя, чего не скажешь о Aliexpress. на GearBest я могу со 100% увереностью заказывать товары и получать ОРИГИНАЛ.
Translate 04/15/2017

Nilson Sena

That was the best buy I ever made. I bought a RGB mouse by a low price, the delivery was great, i love the product, I recommend this store.
Translate 04/15/2017

Elisabetta Vana

ottimo sito, facile ed intuitivo. prodotti di ottima qualità ad un ottimo prezzo. non ho mai avuto problemi di nessun tipo con i prodotti ricevuti. sono un cliente soddisfatto, ho consigliato in passato e continuo a consigliare questo sito ai miei conoscenti.
Translate 04/15/2017


This shop is the best shop that i have bought ever. they have the best support, You get points for each purchase. Depends on the price the number of points is higher or lower. You can also get points simply by getting in touch with them. For me is the best Chinese shop, orders have always taken me less than a month not like in other Chinese stores I have come to expect 3 months.
Translate 04/15/2017

Alex Caro

This site is awesome! Good product, good support service, and fast shipping! The prices are good and everything you want is super cheep! I love gearbest
Translate 04/14/2017

jose luis

Es una tienda de confianza ya que te aseguras que todo lo que compras es original. Además suele tener unos precios imbatibles por otras tiendas. El envio no se demora y siempre llega en el tiempo estimado. Es la tienda que siempre recomiendo
Translate 04/14/2017

Konstantin Urazov

Отличный интернет магазин - огромный выбор, быстрая упаковка и проверенные маршруты доставки!
Translate 04/14/2017

Stefan Wollmuth

Ich habe schon sehr häufig bei Gearbest bestellt. Da ich aus Deutschland komme meistens mit der Versandart "Germany Express" bis auf ein mal ist immer alle glatt gelaufen. Einmal ist das Paket leider wieder zurück an den Absender gegangen. Da konnte GB aber nichts für, sondern der Fehler lag bei DHL. Da muss ich GB ihre Ehrlichkeit zu gute halten, denn obwohl ich NICHT nachweisen konnte, dass das Paket wieder zurück gegangen ist, hat GB von sich aus gemeldet dass das Paket wieder bei Ihnen ist und mir den Kaufbetrag zurückerstattet. Die Qualität der Produkte ist bisher immer einwandfrei gewesen. (Notebook, Xiaomi Handy, diverse Akkuträger und Verdampfer)
Preise sind zumeist gut, wobei man natürlich immer wieder vergleichen sollte. Insbesondere die Flash Sales bringen häufig sehr gute Preise, aber eben auch nicht immer.
Translate 04/14/2017


The offers are unbeatable. Everytime I search for something, I will find it low priced at gearbest.
The order procedure is easy, and they send the items really fast and in time.
The products are good. I never had any problems with the quality of the products.
And when there is a problem, with the shippment, the support is ready to help fast and nice!
Thanks Gearbest for your perfect service!
Translate 04/13/2017


Gearbest est un très bon site que je recommande sans hésitation. J'ai passé de nombreuses commandes et j'ai toujours été satisfait de la qualité des produits, de la rapidité de livraison et des tarifs très attractifs pratiqués.
Translate 04/13/2017


Nachdem ich zuvor bereits einige andere China-Shops ausprobiert habe, bin ich schließlich bei Gearbest hängen geblieben.
Der Versand war bisher immer sehr zufriedenstellend. Bestellen, einen Monat warten, sich freuen. Ja, ein Monat kann recht lange erscheinen, aber das ist auch nur so, weil ich bisher immer zu geizig war, eine andere Versandart als den kostenlosen Versand zu nehmen. Der ist einfach ein viel zu überzeugendes Angebot, als dass man sich für etwas anderes entscheiden könnte.
Meine Lieferungen kamen stets unbeschädigt und sicher verpackt zu Hause an. Auch der Inhalt entsprach stets dem, was ich bestellt hatte. Ein bekanntes Problem beim Bestellen aus China ist ist, dass man teilweise Plagiate erhält. Aber auch hier konnte Gearbest bisher überzeugen. Auch nach vielen Bestellungen habe ich bisher nur Originalware erhalten.

Gearbest ist also zusammengefasst der preiswerte und zuverlässige Shop für Ware aus Fernost meiner Wahl. Kann die Seite nur weiterempfehlen.
Translate 04/13/2017

Nuno Pires

Comecei a comprar na GearBest há cerca de 9 meses e de lá para cá só experiências agradáveis. Foram cerca de 27 encomendas com mais de 50 produtos e até hoje sem um único problema, o que diz muito da confiabilidade da loja.

De salientar, ainda, que o centro de apoio está muito disponível com respostas céleres e apresentando soluções que satisfaçam o cliente. Para além disto, saliento também os preços muito competitivos com métodos de entrega rápidos comparativamente com outras lojas online do continente asiático.

Continuarei a confiar na Gearbest, continuarei a comprar na Gearbest, por isso recomendo esta loja como uma das melhores do mercado.
Translate 04/13/2017

Frank E

Meine Erfahrungen sehen negativ aus. Artikel gekauft und nicht geleifert bekommen.
Hab gedacht, macht ja nichts, hab ja mit Paypal bezahlt. Käuferschutz beantragt. Konflikt
wurde eingestellt da Gearbest behauptet Artikel wurde geliefert. Hab daraufhin Widerspruch eingelegt.
Nun hat Gearbest 2!! Euro angeboten. Das habe ich abgelehnt. Konflikt ist weiter offen. Ich glaube nicht , daß
viel dabei heraus kommt. Bei dem Artikel handelt es sich um eine Lampe. Zum Glück keine sonderlich hohe Kaufsumme.
Translate 04/13/2017


Ho fatto numerosi acquisti su gearbest e posso dire di essere molto soddisfatto sia per i prodotti in vendita che per la spedizione. I prodotti vengono spediti in iTALIA tramite Italy express che arriva in 7 gg senza pagare la dogana. Lo consiglio vivamente
Translate 04/12/2017


Egal was ich suche, suche ich nun immer zuerst bei Gearbest. Meistens finde ich auch immer was ich suche. Die Bezahlung über PayPal finde ich super, da ich mich dadurch sicher fühle. Versand lief immer ohne Probleme und sehr flott ab. Ich kann gearbest uneingeschränkt weiter empfehlen.
Translate 04/12/2017


i am really satisfied with gearbest.
every time i buy something from gearbest, it was shipped fast and it was as it is described.
just once i received my order with a little fault (the replacement tank was broken), and that time gearbest refunded the price of the full order although only a very little part was faulty.
Translate 04/12/2017


the best shop. fast delivery. Quality goods. Excellent support service.
I use the store for several years. Always suits everything. Gearbest the best !!!