GearBest, active since 2013, is specialized in consumer electronics and cool gadgets. Aside from popular products like smartphones and tablets, GearBest also features a diverse selection of other products. Everything from Home and Garden supplies, clothing, watches, and even more is on offer at GearBest.

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The popular electronics shop from China: GearBest

Experience with GearBest

To ensure you get only the best, we ordered a few things off of GearBest to test its customer service--we were positively surprised by the product quality as well as shorter-than-expected delivery times.


  • Free Shipping
  • User-Friendly layout
  • Low Prices
  • Large Selection
  • Live Chat with customer service available
  • Buyer Protection through PayPal


  • Login required to place orders (unless using PayPal)


Payments on GearBest can be made with PayPal or Credit Card. We recommend using PayPal because their superb Buyer Protection program. You don't need to create an account on GearBest but it's easier for keeping track of your different orders and for choosing your preferred shipping method. If you absolutely don't want to create an account at Gearbest, consider using PayPal's express checkout.

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards

GearBest PayPal

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

GearBest offers different shipping options depending on the delivery address. You usually can choose between three options:

  • Flatrate Shipping: free shipping, 10-25 business days for shipments to Europe and North America 
  • Standard Shipping: watch out, it can cost more than express shipping, takes 6-8 business days
  • Expedited Shipping via DHL, FedEx, or IB (4-7 work days).

The overall cost of shipping usually depends on the weight of your order and the delivery address. If you can wait, take advantage of the standard shipping because it's always the cheapest option (Free!). If you want to keep track of your delivery, then add a tracking number to your order for an additional $1.99.

The shipping options at GearBest

Choose your preferred shipping method at Gearbest: Flat, Standard or Expedited

GearBest and Customs

Even though GearBest declares all its shipments decently well, it's always possible that your shipment get stopped by customs when entering your country. It's always worth it to be aware of the standard charges that can come even from random customs checks.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not common, side-effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.


Men's Clothes, Shoes, Watches, Flashlights, as well as Phone and Tablet accessories may be returned up to 7 days after delivery. All other articles can be kept for up to 45 days before you decide to return them. Certain articles on GearBest feature a special 180 day return-or-repair guarantee, in which case you can return them for a refund or to be repaired anytime within this 6 month time span. For items that were not defective, but simply returned, GearBest offers its customers a return credit of 15% of the item's original price.

GearBest also offers a repair service on all items purchased through their website, but the buyer must cover all repair and shipping costs on any items that have outlived their initial warranties. 

Special Features

GearBest offers a Live Chat feature to quickly and easily connect to its customer service department.


With a truly large selection of items on offer at great prices and the availability of free shipping, GearBest proves itself worthy of a look by anyone considering a purchase from online Chinese shops. GearBest is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable platform to order cool stuff from China.


Alternative 1: Fasttech
free shipping Large selection, similar prices, particularly large selection of e-cigs and related accessories
Alternative 2: Geekbuying
free shipping Similar prices, similar products on offer

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ILIFE V7 Vacuum Robot Cleaner / EU Warehouse

Use this coupon code and get the ILIFE V7 from the EU warehouse and enjoy an extra discount (currently 128.29€ including EU express shipping)



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mohammed adel

've purchased 2 product from gearbest<br>The first product was a sticky protect mobile screen was bought as an experiment for the site<br>The shipment already arrived on time without delay, in very good condition<br>So you make my second order and buy a Mobile and was shipped to my address in time and was in very good condition<br>The only problem encountered with this site is that it can sometimes be the product supply available<br>But after the completion of the procurement process, we find the product is not available, but they refund my money after less than a week
i respect this site


Ι will share my experience I had by buying from gearbest. I do not usually review products or shops but these guys are very good. In the beginning I was afraid for the quality but also about the shipping of the products, no problems so far, good quality, packaging and shipment of products, and that prices..... AMAZING!! Satisfied customer, if something changed, and for any problem I will surely let you know.

Nikola Kunić

I bought couple of products on gearbest , and i loved all of them. The price,the product, gearbest service, shipping, everything was more than amazing. I boughts a 3d printer pen, smartwatch, a tripod, action camera and more, I was more than pleased with every one of them, so I really think all of you reading this should go and check them out! :)


Great shop ultil now. I've buyed two things there and zero problems with delivery and communication. I had a problem later with the headphones and always tried to compensate me for the inconvenience. I recomend this shop!

mourad zeroual

I really like the product which I ordered from GearBest. I got it as it was described on their website. The shipping time was also relatively fast. I would recommend this product to my friends and also encourage them to buy from GearBest.

André Pinho

I already did some shopping and it always went well, I only had problems in two purchases, but the Gearbest solved the problem.

One was a USB Cable that was out of stock and gave me the option to choose another color. Another was a case that I bought wrong and they gave me points to use in another purchase


I have purchased a couple items from Gearbest and I never had any even small problem with them. Everything come at time to Poland and the quality of the products is good.
Very good prices and offers, excellent customer service.

I would recommend them to anyone.


I bought on Gearebest several times and I was always satisfied with my orders.

pros:Low prices and good selection of products + very responsive customer service.
con: Sometimes delivery takes much time.


From Gearbest the package arrived fast in prime condition with everything you need. package comprising cover, charger and plastic wrap. just arrived is important result remove the battery saves and saves fingerprint. All was ok.


Bad service and lost my package, send mail to them never back.
Finally they told will send a new pacakge to me.
Today I got a used phone from them.
Opened box and used old dirty phone.
A batch of cheater company.

Bozidar Gogic

I am very pleased with this store, they always have some great discounts, good prices and relatively quick delivery. Once the product is approximately $ 60 was damaged and they told me no problem returned the money.


The gearbest is my favorite store very good service excellent packaging and very fast shipment, recently bought the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Meizu EP-51 Bluetooth headsets Order number: W1612300900153059 And everything was perfect as I asked them, great store !!!


Bought about 5 items from them total during flash sales, everything that I got was top notch quality, no complainings. Customer service is wonderful and eager to answer all of your questions.


this is the best online shop , i bought many things of this site and all are very good . if any thing has some problem they sent me my money back . i recommend this site!!!


cheap prices in compare to others,fast shipping and delivering(only one order from the 5 or 6 that i already bought there, take 3 weeks to receive and that because we were on Christmas) I never had to exchange or ask to refund. i m happy with the products that i bought there.


very good prices,
fast and safe shipping (check their priority line shipping service),
good products

Nemanja Jovanovic

“I have received my order.
Item is working well, no problems so far.
I ordered before stuff through GearBest, and I am very satisfied with their service.
Customer service is very professional and will answer all sub-questions

Konstantinos Nasioulas

I bought the SMOK Alien 220W e cigarette MOD from Gearbest (Order No .: W1611301255446624) This is an amazing product and I found cheap in FLASH SALES . (In this store you can find anything cheap and even cheaper if they have the product in FLASH SALES) came perfectly packaged and authentic with cards of authenticity and scratch and check !!!
Αlso, everthing I asked they replied quickly<br>I am very satisfied!<br>Recommend this shop HIGHLY!!!


I have been using Gearbest for over a year now and can say the service and postage speed has much approved. The prices are extremely competitive and given the bonus of free shipping makes it hard to look anywhere else. Shipping has also become a lot faster over the past 12 month. Orders typically arrive within 3 weeks. I have made about 20 orders to date and on the odd chance that there was a minor issue the support staff have been great in resolving this.


We still have not received the stock from the supplier.
Due to the item you ordered is a hot sale and there have been significant 'supply issues' with the manufacturer.
Although we anticipated this and have submitted a large order with the manufacturer, they have been unable to supply the goods on time leading to a delay in your order.
For this case, could you please reconsider the option of changing the product or refund to Gearbest wallet option in the previous letter?
Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and we look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for your understanding.
Best Regards
Gearbest Customer Service

Michael At 01/17/2017 11:59:17 CST

Dear Helene,
And still Gearbest offers these on the web with shipping within 2 days.
What a load of BS !

Qusay Alrawi

i bought many times first time i bought a 3d printer with two items and they shipped only one and when i contact the support they apologize for can not shipping the items and they offered refund and I'm satisfied with that.
About the printer has arrived very quickly just one week with DHL, it's was perfectly packaged, where nothing is missing, and was easy to build it's only took me about 10 minutes to build, I like to deal with gearbest it and I recommend it

Alex Z.

My package lost when it came to europe (after some days i saw they recall it for some reason...) At least they give me my money back. Except that, they where amazing (if you buy 1 to 1 or clone you are responsible. they write if it is original or clone)


I bought a new drone in very cheap, it arived after 2 weeks (very fast).
It was very easy to made the order, nice site, the package was packed good and it comes with big box to protect the product.

Agisilaos E.

Bought from gear best several times and the reason is the exceptional support and individual care they take to each one of the buyers. I had my orders arrived particularly fast and always carefully packed. Really good and helpful site which is pretty straight through and easy in use.


Gearbest is the best ecommerce website I have used so far, since i began buying my gadgets from them, I have not had any issues and delivery was always on time. Also you get great value for your money

patricio semblano

on the last months i bought several itens on this website.
i bought a phone a tablet and other small stuff, phone came quickly and no remarks, really 5 star sevice.
the tablet came a little late because of postal options,they reward me with changeable reward points and after i got the tablet i noticed that the charger didst work, i complainted about that and they refunded me with 15 dollars, wich is more than enough to buy a new one.
so a five star for detail to the client.

menad haroun

"Welcome everyone
I'm from Algeria, as you know that Algeria is not it a lot of internet shopping sites
I am personally of those who love shopping of internet
After examining the site and found that quite frankly I liked and also he has a lot of promotions.
At first I said that this site does not accept Algeria and then I thought, and decided to purchase it and the payment was made, and everything is good
After 24 day of shopping item I received to the door of the house
Frankly I was very happy because I have dealt with this site
Item was a smart hour and I've put her through YouTube Video
The location is very good and I would advise everyone to deal with him, and shopping him
Price is fantasy with gearbest
gearbest the best of the best"


i realy like this wegsite - i find it great shopping experience, reliability and responsibility and all for the benefit of the customer and it is important to note .. there are quality products!


My experience with Gearbest is still awesome, I made lot of purchases and everything always works well. The last product I bought was an iJust 2 electronic cigarette: I decide to purchases a faster shipping method than the one I'm used to because I needed it in short time. So the package arrived as expected in 10/14 days, the package itself consist of a pruliball cover. The product inside had no sign of damage. I was a little worried for a brand-fake-clone but I received a 100% original product, indeed, the scratch and check security code was a proof of guarantee. The product works very well since the first power on, I've been using it for 3/4 week and I didn't notice any strange behaviour or malfunctioning. I'm very happy about shopping on Gearbest and I think I'm going to be shopping on Gearbest for a lot time in the future


gearbest is amazing when it comes to Chinese shopping website. I have ordered many items from here like mobile phone, gadgets, clothes etc & I rarely faced any major issue. quality was good & even if I had any issue I got it resolved by customer service team. even the shipping cost & speed is amazing. I used priority line as shipping and it was pretty cheap and sometimes free and the delivery time taken was not more than a week. I highly recommend you this website if you are looking to by some tech gadgets and clothing

Jim Jam

One of the best online shopping sites for me, i have ordered a few times from them and always got fast delivery with exactly what i ordered. They have competitive prices on almost everything and on top of that, they offer free shipping worldwide, what else could you ask for ? Of course they also have responsive support team so if anything goes wrong it can be dealt with quickly without worrying to much.


I had no problems with any orders from Gearbest. I think they have best price&quality ratio in the web. Very fast shipping, I think one of the fastest in similar shops. Highly recommended shop.

Vasileios Kantzos

I have no problem with my orders until now and I am glad with shoping from Gearbest with excellent package and support!


The store can order goods easily like Amazon, and there is a guarantee, so it is safe. The item quality is also good for the price.

Spiros Bob

Hello there,
I have many transaction via Gearbest.
The general service is great and by that i mean orders/shipping cost and track/payment methods/customer assistance.
Live support and customer assistance is really fast and helpfull.
Flash prices are great and the items are as described.i made about 10-12orders with NO problem at all so far.
Guaranteed and suggest 100%

Yusein Yuseinov

I ordered 2 items - "Xiaomi fitness band" and "OBDII adapter". The price was good. I recommend the site, because I've had no problems with orders and items and the products is cheap and qualified. Soon I will order again. In site, everyday have an products with great discounts.

Chiron Bresler

The prices of gearbest are almost always the best in comparison with other online shops, specially if you wait for special flash sales and discount coupons. Dispatched of my order was amazing fast and delivery exceeded my expectations. I have not needed to use their exchange/refund/ warranty process.


I'm really excited about my last order, I bought a eleaf iJus2 fro just 18dollars. It has been the best purchase in some times. I'm really thankful to gearbest for always let me find what I need at the lowest price.


I just want to share my satisfaction with this web store. Last year I was bought a few things from them, but delivery was slow and one item I didnt recive. They refund full price of that item. But that is not reason for this review. The real reason is in this! Last month I bought again few things. <br>And there is a point of this rewiew. Delivery was so fast (12-14 days from China to Croatia). And their comunication was 100% better than year before. So im giving 5 stars to Gearbest becouse they learned how to do a good job.


It is a perfect place to buy Xiaomi products. I would recommend it for everyone: fast delivery, great experience with customer support. One time I had a little issue, so it was one hour to get money back.
I have already bought xiaomi mouse and powerbanks there. Everything original and works perfectly


My order was processed quickly and well. I ordered there many times and all my orders were without any problems. The products were really cheap. The customer service answers very fast. I'm 100% satisfied.


I ordered Android box Sunvell T95M (W1609101213563415)
It have the best price among all other sites.Box was well packed.They have very fast delivery options.Android box have very nice design and software is without bugs.Gearbest have quality Android boxes and other products.They have the best customer support,because they will answer on your question in 24 hours.I will buy again some products via Gearbest on line shop.


First Gearbest gives the cheapest prices for all products than other sites. Second is it sells the high quality products. Gearbest was the best in products' quality and service.I bought a Kingwear KW88 smartwatch and a Bluetooth headset, which was shipped from their China warehouse. It arrived really fast(within 4 days) and it was working and it had no problem .
Gearbest kept communicating with me and giving me info on where is my package and what is the status and condition of the product etc. Their customer service staff were very friendly and helped in many ways. Gearbest is simply the best! I highly recommend you buy from Gearbest.


Very good store with many different types of goods. Shipping is free and takes around 2 weeks usually. Prices are good and they accept paypal which is convenient.


I bought on gearbest Graphic Tablet Ugee m708 and it really works great, im really satisfied, i will buy there again


I ordered QCY QY19 Bluetooth V4.1 Sport Earbuds with Mic on 17th of October 2016 and it arrived very fast without any problem. My order had nr W1610161333320778 from 17th of October 2016. Gearbest is a very good online store, and the quality of the products is pretty high.


I decided to buy an headphone (superlux hd681) in gearbest by recommendations of some users on various sites, They spoke very well of the website and the prices, so I ended up buying it (order number: W1610172009267377). I made the purchase on October 18, it was posted on October 24 and i received on December 7 (It took a while). In Overall, it's a great store with great prices. The only downside was the delay in receiving the product and I believe this is the fault of the carrier and not the store itself. I already made a second purchase last week and I hope it works out fine too.


I'm from Greece and my first order from Gearbest was practically three. They came pretty fast, in about 2 weeks, except the third order which was batteries , which have more checks while traveling, and came in three weeks. The prices was the best that I found on the net. I will buy again and I recommend this site for sure.


I really like to order stuff at GearBest. In between I've ordered different products (Flashlight, Drohne, dashcam...) Delivery time was always between 12-14 days from China to Hungary. No Problems with customs. Will shop again at GearBest.

Tolis L

My shopping experience on GEARBEST is one of the best and special website for your online choices for everything. Good quality and special prices. Fast service and safe. I will continue to do my purchases.

Abdelmoumen DZ

Amazed ! First experiece with Gearbest

First thing first, the price was unbeatable, just bought a 64 GB original samsung SDXC card for a very cheap price compared to other websites, about shipping and packaging i gave them 5 stars, oh man ! they really deserve it, the NLPost are the best, just got my package in 23 days ( china warehouse to Algeria ) well packed .
i am 100 % satisfied as long as the product i buy matches the description in the selling page, i would say so far so good, my first experience with gearbest was great , i do really recommend this website cuz the products matches the description + the shipping method is too fast and so professional

5 stars

David Scarberry

"I placed my first order with Gearbest in August 2015, I bought a Quadcopter for my son's B-day present. Had no problems with receiving the order on time for my son's B-day, although it does take a bit longer to get orders from China if you normally order in the US. Anyway, my son didn't get excited about the quadcopter like I did after flying it. This has become my new hobby and I've been ordering quadcopters and quad copter parts from gearbest every since. They generally have better prices than I can find elsewhere and they have always resolved any issues I've had with my orders in a timely and fair manner! "


An excellent site for everything you are searching for with low prices.Also a great support service for every question you have !!!!


I found the service to be great. All products were packaged extremely well and were well protected for shipping to Australia. I have been so please that I have purchased more products for GearBest. I have had orders sent by priority line and DHL. Both times, delivery was excellent. As for the products themselves. The phones (purchased 2 Redmi 3S) are great and work well here in Australia (on on Australian cell network). All other products are of good quality. I will be shopping here first. Delivery is great, service is great, prices are awesome! (orders no: W1611270025371377 and W1611262350289662)


Gearbest is one of the best e-shops nowadays. Their delivery time matches description perfectly and order tracking is always on point. All my orders were delivered with the delivery time set by gearbest.
Their support is best answering from all e-shops I have been in contact with. Reply time is within 12 hours due to a different time zone. Support is very helpful and I was always satisfied with their responsivenes.

Diana Ascencio

I ordered a cellphone( W1610041307535875) and some other small items from this site and I have never had a any problem. I highly recommend it because of this features:
- The producst are described accurately, so you get what you see.
-The cost of expedite shipping (3-7) is lower than most sites, you can have your product in less tha a week anywhere in the world for a couple dollars and sometimes for free. I like this a lot since I hate waiting for months to get my products from china.
-They pack and send the shippment within 1-2 days, more often the day after you pay.
-Great customer service.

Costin Draghia

Fast expedition, real time orders tracking, excellent communication with Gearbest support team are just a few advantages that work for buyers.
I had a problem with one order that was solved in professional manner, true not so fast that I expected but finalized in excellent conditions.
Frankly, worth trying even just for curiosity.
Here in Romania, GearBest have a lot of fans.


Good Website

Almog Yehezkel

I received a recommendation from one of my work college about GearBest, he said that there are good prices and their shipments are fast, so i decided to give it try and purchased my first order, i couldn't believe how fast i received it, I'm from Israel and our delivery services are slow as a turtle... and even that i received my order in 2 weeks!, according to the order tracking number the item was already in Israel in just 2 days!!
I posting this review just to let everyone else know how good is this website and how good his customer support and that i had a great customer experience!


At first i honestly thought this was a scam-site with their unreal discounts and services, but they proved me wrong in every way.
Either way i decided to order a small accessory for under 1$. Unregistered mail, no insurance and free shipping. I instantly made peace with my money and didn't expect anything in return.
However they proved me wrong.
The item was packed and shipped within a day and was shipped from a china warehouse to my address within the promised time frame. (I live in Bosnia and Herzegovinia).
They make me feel relieved when they take a picture of the item as they pack and ship it.
I have recently ordered a mechanical keyboard (53$ with shipping and insurance).
It was packed and shipped within the promised time frame and is on its way to me now.
I do plan to shop with gearbest in the future and i highly recommend them to anybody.


Order shipping was very fast, as delivery. Made order on tuesday, it arrived on monday. I live in Finland, and items were shipped from UK warehouse via DHL. Made 30€ savings when buying electronic cigarette supplies from gearbest, than what they would have cost in my country.

Brandi addley

I love gearbest and have been shopping with them for over a year and love the prices and support when I have questions. My quadcopter was my first purchase and it is still working. Even after all of my really hard crashes.


Very good shop, with a lots of items, and very good prices. Some categories are send from EU warehouse, so you have not to pay additional taxes, the shippings cost are in 99% cases free. And if you have Paypal account, you can pay true it and your money is safe. Shipping time from Chine 3-4 weeks, from EU warehouse about 10 days. Som I am very satissfied with this shop and can reccomnd to others, to try


Firstly I was sceptical to order from Gearbest, as I'm from Romania, EU. But as I read more and see how many people are ordering, I started to change my attitude.
There were so many positive feedbacks, from all over the world and the great prices, I just couln't resist to order.
Everything went smooth and I have receive the package in 3-4 weeks, with everything exactly as I ordered.
Now I just ordered a new phone on Black Friday.


I ordered a vaccum cleaner robot iLife X5 from gearbest.
The first suprise was that the parcell was arrived in 1,5 days (sended from UK to Hungary). OK, this is DHL's merit, but gearbest choose DHL to me.
The another suprise was the quality of product: it was only cca. 150 euro, but it seems more expensive! A vacuum cleaner is quiet, works and cleans fine. I am very satisfied wit it.


I was worried doing shopping in HK again, since my very last purchasing on alibaba (now aliexpress). In short - item was wrong color and it wasn't 3 weeks, but over 2 months shipping (from Malaysia, not China...). Then someone from uni explained me I didn't purchase from single shop, but from single user - something like ebay works, which I hate too.
Gearbest isn't like that for sure. It's big company with their own warehouse in both HK and Europe. Since December 2015 I did 3 purchases here and I will surely do some more, if they offer better promos than other websites, cause the free shipping, which should be slow is actually faster than in other chinese stores. 5/5 :)


I have bought many items mainly smrtphones and an action camera. all turned out to be great. reasonable shipping and great prices with deals.


I am impressive by the price and the speed of delivery, the product is great compare with its price.
The only thing I feel not enough is they cannot send me the original copy of the invoice instead of sending me a pdf file.

Boyan Todorov

I've made several purchases from and all of them came fast and the quality of the products exceed my expectations.

Lucas Peçanha

I bought a cell Xiaomi redmi Note 3 Pro in Gearbest and without doubt is the best shop I found the best possible price in that store. They sent my product very fast and the support always answered me quickly in case of some doubts that I had. I recommend the shop to everyone without a doubt.


A few months ago I came across an online store called Gearbest and i was impressed right away. The price range and the variety of products they have is amazing. I looked through things I was interested in buying and I did it.

Ar first I wasn't sure about how I feel because there is always a risk of bad service when you're trying something new but my worries went away really quickly. With order confirmations and shipment tracking it's not hard to say that the site is safe. I received my order sooner than expected and the products were just amazing. Everything worked perfectly.

I am very satisfied with Gearbest by all means. The service is great, the items are up to standards and they have an amazing point system. With their point system you can leave reviews of your orders and get loads of points for them which you can immediately use to get a big discount with any upcoming order.

Whenever I need something I always go to Gearbest and I am recommending it to other people. People I've recommended the site to are really satisfied. We all continue using it and with that experience I don't think we will stop. It's a great online store


I don’t usually post reviews but thought that I would as this site was helpful in deciding if GearBest was a reliable site to buy from. I have purchased quite a few items now from Gearbest over the past several months. So far the items have been as advertised and the support has been fantastic for any order issues.

For this review I will talk about order number: W1611110018015897 November 2016 for 3 NEXBOX A95X - B7N TV Box Quad core Amlogic S905XSize:1GB + 8GB

The prices for the NEXBOX A95X at GearBest are the best I could find. They beat Aliexpress by almost 10.00 CND!.
The items were as advertised and the quality was really good for this unit in particular.
The delivery time was really fast as I used DHL on this order. I received the order in under a week. Watch out for the customs fees though. You need to remember that may happen. It does not happen every time but it does every so often.
I have had instances of ordering the wrong item and issues with one. In each case, GearBest support was awesome and really helpful in getting the issue resolved.
All and all I have to say that I would highly recommend GearBest for anyone to purchase from.

Jenővári Péter

I ordered an Original OBS Crius RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer on November 4.
Order number: W1611040302528212

The shop has a very good website, it is very clear. They sell various kinds of goods, so you can find nearly everything you want.

The costumer support is absolutely great. If there is a problem, it is easy to solve it because of the good customer support team.

You can pay with Credit Card, and PayPal too, which is one of the best things of the shop.

The item arrived very fast. It lasted for 20 days which is a very good time knowing that China is far away, and lots of packets are shipped at the same time. But they also have EU warehouse, so if you order from EU warehouse the delivery time will be approximately 3-4 days.

The quality of the product is absolutely nice. It is totally authentic, easy to use. I am fully satisfied with it, and will buy the same, or other goods from Gearbest in the future.

Gearbest is my no.1 online webshop, I am planning to buy more products from it.


Dash cam came in 20 days to Morocco, which is very good time taking into consideration our customs delay. order came very well packaged, communication in English is very well, support is very responsive, website easy to use. I am satisfied ! I recommend the website.

Daniel Liew

If you're a techie and are in search of the newest gadgets and gizmos, Gearbest is the best choice for you. The website itself is structured in a way to enable you to search for your desired gadgets in the simplest manner. The gadgets that caught my interest are drones, flashlights, phone accessories etc.
The prices are also reasonable compared to other online sites, especially when they have discounts!


The Gear best was the most cool eshop in the net i buy 2 products and was amazing
Fast shipment good price


I bought here several times, and now it is my favorite web shop. They always have great prices and discounts. They have a reliable and helpful support center and customer service. They have money back guarantee, repair guarantee and refund if i have problems with the purchased product. The shipping is quick and free, my last item (W1610060302199902) Homtom HT17 Pro 4G Phablet traveled to me for 14 days (including stopping at my country customs) . All in all, I am totally satisfied with

Neven Skembovic

I recently ordered a headset for my phone from gearbest (W1610300947382249). I am very pleased because of excellent quality. GearBest site that is always on time delivery item (15 days, I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina). I never happened that the item is defective or broken. Very good is packed. For secure online shopping, visit GEARBEST!!!


Gearbest is one of the best & decent sites for shopping various stuff and I highly recommend them. The quality of their products is high. Shipping is fast and I have to mention that I never received any item damaged thanks to their packaging. I will keep on ordering from them and I have already suggested them to friends and family. So far I've ordered many gadgets, electronics and peripherals for pc. I've purchased the RC LED Bulb Light Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker, order W1607061201500430 on 7 July 2016. It works great until today and is definitely a VFM led bulb, so I ordered a second one W1611071149455178.

Manolis Karamolegos

Communication , costs , packaging are 5 stars. Keep on gys at gearbeast !!
all perfect!


Gearbest has the most affordable prices on the market, a wide selection of products. They have a reliable and helpful support center and customer service. A wide range of payment methods.I have received the product in Europe after 3 days by DHL, that's impressive for the price of shipping. They provided a tracking number. I was satisfied the 100%. Now I am a regular customer, "


A bought here several times, and now it is my favorite webshop. It is specialized to gadgets but they have other departments too. I like it because every product is genuine and good quality. They have money back guarantee, repair guarantee and refund if i have problems with the purchased product. The shipping is prompt and usually free. So, I am totally statisfied with


Great prices, quick delivery (as short as 10 days to EU!!), helpful customer service that replies immediately.
Everything I have bought is very good quality.
In my opinion the best Chinese retailer and my first choice for online shopping


Recently bought a phone,my order number is W1610050322204168, the phone price from Gearbest was the lowest compared to other popular stores. Shipping was very fast, I did not even expect to get the phone very quickly.
For the purchase of the phone, I received loyalty points, and quickly they spent to another order, it is better than coupons.
Order on Geаrbest very pleased with the quality of goods is very high.
Soon start Christmas sales, I plan to buy anything there as a present to my other relative. After all, as experience has shown, even in the most grandiose sales that have been recently, the price of many goods was lower in Gearbest then others stores.


I bought a few days ago. an external battery (power bank) Xiaomi 20000mAh at a very good price. The product is very good, I charged the smartphone 6 times!
Order number: W1610100514146406 from 10 oct 2016.
The prices on GearBest are lower and we can use, too, points (from orders, reviews) and get discounts! And trhe products are very good quality!
The shippment is fast, between 1-3 weeks!
You can buy with trust from GearBest!


If you are looking a mechanical keyboard that is not too steep for your pocket,you should check this one out.
I have bought a (MOTOSPEED Inflictor CK104 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Order No.:W1610120743054012) and have it about 3 weeks.I am very pleased from my purchase,for some good reasons.First is the price,which was the main reason to consider buying a mechanical keyboard from a brand that i never heard before.Second is the looks,which you could see also before you buy.It is exactly as advertised.And third and most important,is the built quality which you cannot be sure until you get it in your hands.I am satisfied by it's quality and sturdiness from a mechanical keyboard that is much cheaper than competition with decent features.


I've made several orders from Gearbest and my total experience is absolutely satisfied!
In my orders W1610041334096550 and W1610070457353937 i had the amazing "same day shipping" and i had the products in about 12 days in Greece!
All the other orders e.g. W1611050657343434, W1611050703090030 and W1611050711497087 shipped out the same or next day from Gearbest!
They inform you in every step of your order, they give you photos of your package (very carefully package) and the support team of Gearbest really helps you if you have any question about the product (before and after the sale).
They have really good prices without any "hidden charges" and very often with their "flash sales" the prices are extremely low!
Gearbest is my online place for shopping and i can find almost everything i need.

juan dejesus

Recently i have made purchases at gearbest and everything went smooth. no problems here (Y)


After 10 completed orders with better, we launched W1610100049320698 order, which contained a smartwach.
I paid it immediately, then we find that this smartwach is only compatible with Android and iOS I use only.
I immediately announced Gearbest to cancel the order, recognizing that was my mistake, but I was not made by Gearbest in a position to choose another product of similar value, but directly to me they were returned money.
I do not think many others would have done the same, so I recommend Gearbest as a reliable partner.

Maher Ramadan

this is my first try with gearbest, it is very nice.
the product deliver less than a month, customers services is very good and fast replying.
the mobile I bought is beautiful

Tiago Gonçalves

I bought a Xiaomi Redmi 3S at September 8th. According to shipping policy the product can take until 15 days to be dispatched. After 15 days the product was not dispatched so I contacted Gearbest support and they gave me two options: to be refund or wait more 3 days. I chose wait and at September 26th the smartphone was shipped and at October 17th I received it. I'm from Brazil and usually chinese products takes around 60 days to be delivered, so you can see they are fast and they accomplish shipping terms.
Gearbest support is very helpfull and I did not have problem with them. This was my first purchase and although at first sight it could be a bad experience, fortunately it is not. Certainly I will buy more products from gearbest.


Order number: W1610251733115107

Very good shipping and fast! I'm very satisfied with the communication and the payment.
I ordered xiaomi mi band 2.
Thank you Gearbest!


I have bought a KingZone S2 3G Smartphone from Gearbest with order No WW1609301455027220.
I have discovered the site from a friend and I still thank him. The product arrived in 2 weeks to Greece safe and in an excellent condition. I am very satisfied with Gearbest.


I've tried many Chinese shops, but I think that Gearbest is my preferred one.
90% of the time I wanted to buy something, I've found out that they had the best price for it.
Add to that the fact that you know you'll get a genuine product and the decision to buy from them is kind of easy to make.


Very good site love it no problems with shipping, great support :)


This site is pretty good and accurate
The products are well explained and for any info they answer you in any question the same day
Prices pretty good also


I never did before online shopping from any websites, because i thought that they will show you less value item in their sites to attract people for buy product.
Once we bought they will received money and stolen credit card number for miss used. but this was my first risk to bought product (Order Number# W1609210320235197) from, by the shipped method
i was tracking my item daily and expected time was 25business days, but i got in Pakistan within 15 Business day, i was also in touch with customer support team for inquiry about my order and product which i bought was exactly what i was purchased.
In the end i will thankful again to


Payment with PayPal very simple and safe. I bought more than 20 times from Gearbest.
Until now all i bought I checked the prices on another sites but they were cheaper so I'll stay with Gearbest:)
Some products came in less than 10 days when are small or plat enough to enter an envelope but never more than they estimated (35 days I think is maxim for my country but never lasts so long).
Sometimes they ask me if i received the product and if everything it's ok. I like they are so willing to help.
Last order was WW1610151011082942 an e-cig kit Eleaf iNano E and I posted a review already with the nickname geaba like here. It's a good kit and I recommend it.


Купих си батерии 18650 Samsung Q30. Пристигнаха за 10 дни добре опаковани в пластмасова кутия. Доволен съм както от качеството на батериите, така и от бързата доставка. Пратката беше W1610260710387059. Gearbest е добър магазин.


Highly recommended. Shipping was really fast, communication with gearbest was very nice. I ordered Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband. Very good item good quality i like it to much. Very nice gadget from Xiaomi, work s without errors, one charge last for 25 days and more. Works well with MiFit app. Long battery life, easy setup, heartrate sensor, oled display

Peter Šaradin

I want to try something new and I decide it will be Xiamo miBand 2. I found this shop by accident on one site promoting this smart wristband and I decided to give it a try. I crate new account, crete a order (WW1610161721457682) pay with PayPall and wait. Delivery was fast as they promised and packed very good. Product match description on the site very well and I decide to order Xiaomi Power bank from Gearbest too.


I ordered a phone from GearBest (order number: WW1602091619217591). The speed of delivery was fast and the product was well packed so it came in perfect condition. I am looking forward to next orders from GearBest.
Very statisfied with this eshop!


my most recent purchace from gearbest was delvered fast and well packaged, best of all is was cheapest price online that i could find.
I would recommend gearbest to anyone, including friends and family.


I already ordered few products from gearbest. I didn't had any problems and the shipping was always quite fast. I recently ordered a iLife x5, I asked them if it comes with an adapter to EU and they said that the product is comming with a CN charger but they will include a EU adapter for free.


I ordered good prized CK104 keyboard (W1608240752062184). Payment is secure, thanks to PayPal. Order has been shipped next day. Shipping by DHL is very fast - it took only 5 days from China to Poland. I'm satisfied with bought product.
Definitely recommend this website!

arik buyuk

i had made several orders with gear best in the last month one of them was a SHANDONG EMS Muscle Training Gear Abs Fit Body Exercise order number- W1610201807043535 made on 21/10/2016 and delivered at 24/10/2016
it came in 3 days this site is the best shopping exprience i have had in long time every thing is perfect!!!
they accept paypal! they delivered very fast the items and in perfect condition
defiantly will continue shopping there!

Sara Pagani

Easy to use website with great customer support and excelent prices, shipping and packaging!
Overall a great website to shop for anything!

Emmanuel Enrique

this is the best online store. they sell very cheap product with free world wide shipping. i ordered 3 time and all of them arrived and wi no problem. very recommended online store.


I have made a lot of orders on Gearbeast. I've never had a problem with them. The price of the products is very competitive and you can pay through PayPal, so you know that if any problem occurs you are protected. The only downside is that in lare orders their processing time is a bit slow.

Raimundas Pavilonis

Hello! I bought "JJRC H8 Mini Headless Mode 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter 6 Axis Gyro 3D Flip UFO One Key Return Aircraft, order W1610070019207723" and I want to share my opinion because this item makes me feel amazing! I'm new with drones, so this is exactly that, what i need!<br><br>First experience was amazing. Drone is fast and I can say it's powerful. I mean powerful for new users of drones like me. Drone looks very fashionable and cool. When I unpacked it and turned it on, then I saw that it's more better then in original description or photos. What is awesome, I got charged device, so I could instantly turn it on and try, but not hard-wait while it charge. Price for this device is very low! What is about controlling the drone, its simple and clear, just need more time to be a H8mini pro! Enjoy this drone!


I made several orders at gearbest, mainly technology itens and i never had anny problems at all.
I live in Portugal, and gearbest provides a shipping metod that prevents problems with customs, and it takes only 7 do 15 days to delivery.
The products are exactly what is advertised and his price is very good. Also i never payed anything as shipping costs.
I payed using paypal and credit card without anny problem.
This is the webstore i mostly use. My last order (W1609240655359800 - a smartphone) was delivered in 12 days!


one of my first orders from gearbest was RDAs Order No.:W1609221544500583. Everything showed up complete and undamaged. I received it relatively quickly. overall a pleasant experience and will definitely do business again.

Konstantinos Stamatoglou

From Greece .
I bought my second item from Gearbeast .Original Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Ultra HD WiFi Action Camera.(order n. WB1606040853282405)
Fast shipping again via NLpost ( Expedited Shipping) with tracking number in 10 business days.
One of the best for this rate of price action camera.
Cons- no actual 4k in 15fps....
Excelent in 1080p in 60 fps...”


So far a great experience with Gearbest. Nice low cost options on many products and reasonable shipping times for free international shipping.
Most recently I ordered some 18650 batteries from GearBest. I needed these for a powerful Nightcore flashlight and generally 18650 batteries cost quite a bit. However, I found an amazing deal at gearbest with protected and button top 18650 batteries at LESS cost than even non-protected options on popular sites. The batteries worked great in my flashlight, charge and discharge per specs and have a great protective case and covering. Great transaction from a well organized website.


Good stuffs at cheap price too! and not forgetting the delivery is super fast and they even process my order on weekend. Will definitely browse more items on this site.


My Order Number is W1609080400082662.

I stay in Singapore and Gearbest chose PostNL (for free delivery option) to ship the Phone to my country. It takes around 3 weeks to reach, as I suppose the phone needs to be shipped to Netherlands first before shipping over to Singapore. I suppose if destination is in Europe the shipping duration should be shorter. No complains as the item arrives in proper packaging and good condition.

I like it that Gearbest provides an adapter for my country as the default power adapter is in EU standard.

I have been ordering many items from Gearbest in the past and so far I am happy with the purchases as the price is affordable and there is buyer protection from Paypal in event of defective items. So far all my orders are 100% received and in good condition as the orders are shipped by default using registered mail. I will continue to order from Gearbest if the price of their products remain affordable.


I was looking for a market with good prices and i found GearBest. The order have been shipped next day after payment(really fast!). Arrived in Moldova (Eastern Europe) in 2 weeks, also very fast.
The main reason i decided to order on Gearbest was a very good price. Also shipping is very cheap(under 1 dollar for unregistered air mail) and you still can track your order. 10/10.


I am greatful to the guys from GearBest support team wich professionally dealt with a problem i had: i ordered an electronic Insect Repeller wich (for sure not a fault of GBest) arrived broken. I emailed to the GB support team telling my problem and showing them photos of the broken item.
They answered me very promptly and professionally and in the end they sent me a new product, without asking to send the broken one back or any other comments.
I appreciated very much the attitude of the support team, as well as the fact that they resolved so fast my problem and for sure i will buy again from this website.



Order no WB1609160444220771
With Belgium Post it was delivery in ONE WEEK from China to Romania, for free.
It is my favourite online shop.


I loved the shop very much they are honest and trustable! I really like the way they handle their duty! I bought a xiaomi yi action cam it turned out great i am happy with it thanks gearbest!


I have been shopping in gearbest because they have cool products, incomparable prices and good shipping service and customer attention. It is the best online shopping website.There is also good coupons and discounts, points and other things you can take advantage in your shopping.
Order ID:W1609210902138633
Order ID:W1609210516399874


Fastest shipping, Great product, Awesome service
got my Superlux HD681EVO's in six days from the USA warehouse. i was excited to get my hands on them after seeing all the hype on the headphone forums. i\'d say most reviews are on point, a under $50 headphone that sounds like a $150-$200 pair easily. i compared them to my $300 headphones but i must admit i was impressed with the EVO's soundstage @ under $50. they also came with a set of velour pads that feel easy on the ears. I'm very happy with these headphones they surpassed my expectations.
This is my new favorite store. looking forward to buying in the near future
order # WW1609280421310891


So I got these survival bracelets for a bit more than an euro and well. Cheap is cheap but the materials are not bad. I took one of them and punished it by starting a fire, banging it against a tree while on my wrist and it took it pretty well. So I'm happy with that.
The products they sell are actually good. The customer service is impeccable. They answer right away, for example and do not try to sell you extra stuff, they just answer what they were asked.
I'll buy there again for sure.

Alex Ionescu

Amazing website!
very fast delivery
good product quality
amazing customer support


Order No.:W1609230710272369
Item No. 147251101
ordered 25-09-2016, delivery 04-10-2016, no more taxes or customs fee
amazing delivery time, very kind of GB to gift free Vibe Shot silicon case
excellent service since order to received, nothing to complain there
recommended service, no doubt!


I can say that I am extremely happy with those guys as each time I used them I ended up satisfied! So far, I've order a few micro SD cards, a pair of HQ earphones and a Raspberry Pi 3. So far, everything was perfect, packaging was excellent, shipping speeds was reasonable and prices low! At the same time, pre-sales support was pretty good as they were capable and willing to help with my questions. Same goes with after sales support as I still had a few questions after receiving my items.

Overall those guys are pretty reliable and offer what they advertise.

Jorge Ribeiro

Recommend, everything ok and all problems solved. Tickets solved in 24 hours.
Fast and all products are as described.


ive ordered a product W1608220654239982 from gearbest : selfie stick, joystick and a tshirt , after i recieved the package ive noticed that the products as described im happy and im gonna buy more , recommended website.


No problems at all!

order number W1609151519378070
arrived in 10 days from china to Portugal, only Chinese manual inside the package, but customer service provided a pdf with English version. Product working great so far, it's robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE V7S.
Flagged by the anti fraud process and had to verify my identity because the name of the pay-pal account was different from the shipment address.
Very happy with all the process, wanting on the my next order that should arrive this week.
Will recommend this site to friends and family.


Best online shop !

Order Number : W1608250757355993
Order Number : W1609201343493972

I bought two times on Gearbest, i choosed for competitive prices, genuine and variety goods.
I never had any trouble with Gearbest. Costumer service is very helpful and friendly, they repleid my all answer quickly.
I received my goods in 12 days ! super fast shipping !

I will continue shopping with Gearbest and i recommend to everyone !

Umar Chaudhry

GB Order Number: W1609301729289875

Gearbest is my number one choice whenever I am buying anything off internet. Its a reliable website, and the overall shopping experience is quite amazing. I'm really glad that GB has offers, discounts, flash sales and coupons in place, which can be really useful.

The only thing I do not like about GB is the fact that stock units can often be misleading. I've found a turnaround to this, and always speak to an online agent before ordering anything to know if its available or not. Also shipping with is quite fast when it reaches their warehouse, but you will have to wait for several days till your delivery gets delivered from China to Netherlands (and this period cannot be tracked).

Abdulah Karic

Order number: W1609170546033170
I recommend this site to everyone. Super cheap prices, fast deliveries, sellers respond to questions, customer service is superb. My shopping experience so far has been great! Orders usually arrived at my address in under two weeks. This particular order I've bought on the Sep 17, 2016, and it arrived Oct 05, 2016!


Great overall experience. The order was quickly posted, and it took about 8 days to come to Portugal. Priority Express service does work, no added costs. I've contacted costumer support, sometimes after I received my item, and I'm really impressed with it. I'll buy again, for sure. : )

Albert I

Ref GearBest Order No.:W1609191830544546

I have been buying items from gear best for sometime now and so far all of my orders have been fulfilled without any issues, delivery is fast and if there's a need to expedite shipping the price is reasonable. If you have any questions to the products you are planning to procure typically response will be very fast at worst case it's following day even on weekends! If you have issue with the products their response is also very fast one of my order was a smartwatch which when it arrived I thought it was faulty as I can turn it on and don't seem to be charging I send my ticket via gearbest online portal and within few hours I have gotten response and they provide me some t-shooting procedure and it works I manages to turn on the device.
This is one of the online shopping sites I really like doing my shopping on top of it they always have promos and discounts that i always like!


I like to buy from Gearbest ! Low prices ,good quality items and great customer service ! i never had any problem with any of my orders .The best and cheappest chinesse e-shop ! They refunded me ,when i asked for it and another time they had send me another item for free,because the one i recieved it was defective. I trust GB and i'll buy again from there !!


Very competitive prices and very good specific offers. Excellent customer service and support in case of any problems. The shipment takes less than 20 days for Armenia.
I have bought many items from Gearbest and they've always arrived on time. No quality issues at all, great support as well. I bought FLAMA Letter Snap Fastener Money Clip Card Wallet WP1608270532190703 on Aug 27, 2016 and I very like it. I will shopping only from Gearbest as guaranteed service for me. I recommend to all to buy anything from Gearbest! Thanks Gearbest team for heard work.

Francis Opoku

Order Number: W1608121547427200
Nickname: fopoku2k2
Date: Aug 13, 2016

I have been doing business with this company for over 2 years now and have never had a problem with them. My goods always gets shipped on time and they respond promptly to my emails.

This is my real objective experience and I am willing to share this with other people


I report my problem throw Ticket:T16052902155
and they contact me to solve it in the same day
I get my Refund on my payment account. fast than another store

Alfredo Di Domenico

I have ordered 2 mobile phones from Gearbest,specifically Xiaomi redmi note 3 pros.
The devices arrived in just 7 days, which really made a huge impression on me. Both devices have been working great ever since.
Also, their staff has answered every single question I had in less than a day! That's one of the best customer services I've ever experienced.
Overall, I'm very satisfied with my experience with Gearbest and would recommend it to everyone.
My order number is : W1608210012440369


Hey! Today i want to talk about my favourite e-shop Its Gearbest. In gear best I have bought quite a number of items from Gearbest, most of them were small gadgets, but I have also bought 2
smart watches and phone charger also a e-cig (ORDER:W1607071736535679......W1607201603570373...... W1608281712127689..... W1608281726229339)
I can't find anything negative to say about them as all items that arrived were perfect working condition and never had any trouble with them. Communication is at a high level . Shipment received very well packaged .
I'm willing to help people to find somethink good in this e-shop :)


Recently I have bought Megir 2002 male quartz watch. Shipping took only 9 days from China to Eastern Europe. It was very fast, considering that from eBay shipping takes around 3 weeks and from Aliexpress takes around 6 weeks. Quality is good, even small dials are working. It cost me around 16USD and free shipping. Also I love Gearbest App for Android, they have very good deals for example for USB sticks or cables and something similar. Overall I'm happy, that I discovered Gearbest. Can't wait for Helloween or Christmas deals.

ali mohammad

one of the best websites and has great costumer service


I am a customer at GearBest for about 3 years now and the experience with every department at this store is great. CS always willing to help and it is very easy to navigate throughout the entire store.I have placed Order No.:W1608240122225364 on AUG 24th and it was shipped on AUG 25th (really really fast) and was delivered 13 days later all the way to Israel.all items were at the best condition packaging is great and all items are new.all in all I think is a great place to get the newest gadgets out there at the best prices


I started making orders from gearbest a few months back and I loved it from the first day!
REALLY good prices, very well packaged and good pre-sales support.
Quality service in any order! My most recent one, order WW1608091907107958 came in just 11 days! That is very fast if you consider they are being sent from China!
Overall, I am pretty impressed.
Thank you Gearbest!

Konstantinos Holevas

I was on a hunt for an action camera to use it for outdoor sports, after reading a lot of reviews I chose to buy the "xiaomi yi" from Gearbest and I was not disappointed.
Even though I chose the "free shipping" method it came very fast, I think less than 20 working days.
I bought the premium package "Original XiaoMi Yi 1080P Ambarella A7LS WIFI Sports Action Camera with Selfie Stick" at an amazing price, the cheapest I've seen so far!
I recieved the camera unharmed in its original box which was very carefully protected.
I chose Gearbest bacause a friend suggest it to me and I was not dissapointed, their site is very informative and always lets you know which item is on stock, their customer service is one of the best I've seen so far, they always reply, usually after a few hours, the next day at worst.
I highly recommend it!

Order No.:W1506091055360605


I buy a lot from gearbest, for more than a year.
they have very good prices. the shipping is fast.
and the customer service is very good and they are always happy to help if there is a problem.
they answer very fast. usually i get response in few hours.
highly recommended site


Best online shop. Delivery very quick and the products quality is very good. Nice to have the paypal option.


I'm excited about the shopping in geearbest.
High-quality smartphones and tablets can buy at a reasonable price.

Most of the goods with free shipping, EMS of selection is also possible.
Selected depending on the application. You can become happy.

İsmail Kırtıllı

I tried many gadget websites, among them gearbest provided me the most satisfied shopping experience.
Tracked deliveries arrives approximately in 14 days to Turkey (I guess it's even less than that to other European countries)
In case of confusion, customer guys helped a lot.
In sum, i can highly recommend to anyone.


Great selection, excellent prices
I am extremely pleased with all the purchases made in Gearbest.


i started shopping in this site, And I liked it very much .. is easy to use, and has a very important discounts, and the prices very appropriate, And with coupons and Gearpoints etc.. you could make it more cheaper.
general I'm Very happy with their service.
I advise everyone to try it.

Yuriy Kushnirco

Bought from them by flash deal.
Flash ship to me over 60days!!!!!!!!!
Wroest company never met!!!!!!
Price checked also high than aliexpress!!!!!!!
Send much mails check with my package no answer。
Really bad company

Pio. W.

I've made over a dozen orders and all of them were delivered in perfect condition and have good quality. I get exactly what I want in good price. Gearbest processed all my orders very fast - approx 2-3 days to shipment.
The exception was one of the orders with unavailable product that was sent in another shipment. I will be certainly shop in Gearbest in future.


I can say some words about GearBest. I’ve Ordered a phone from GearBest(it was marked as ‘In Stock’) and luckily payed it over PayPal(very good service), first I had to wait for all the dispatch term, then when I wrote them, they said it is out of stock, and advised to wait or they will refund as quickly as they can. I chose the second option, but the money were not refunded until I opened a dispute on PayPal. So this took me about a month!


The most of the answers were in time and some items are worth being bought. If the items are in stock the delivery time is ok. I think it was nearly 15 days by flatraete shipment.


Tikrai galit drasiai pirkt, jokie jie ne aferistai, viskas tikrai gerai, viena geresniu parduotuviu kinu prekem, jei ne geriausia.

One of my favorite or maybe best shop for China goods. Excellent service, normal shipping time, very good price compare to others, lots of offers, daily deals. In my view they are a very dynamic and quickly progressing company. Definitely could recommend.



I bought an Elephone p3000s from them on January which after 5 months stopped working.
I opened a support ticket on their website, but they at first wasted time pretending they didn’t understand, then simply stopped answering my messages.
They only replied one month later, after I published a couple of reviews on the web (odd coincidence…) - but to offer me what?
1) a gorgeous 26.00 USD contribution to have my phone repaired at my local service center at my own expense – or alternatively
2) send them 107.63 usd to have a new phone (which I paid 175.00 usd and is now definitely out of stock on their site and has been abandoned by the manufacturer) – or alternatively
3) a free repair, returning them the phone (at my expenses) but allowing 3-4 months waiting time to have it back.
Unfortunately, it takes more than 150.00 USD to fix the phone and, as for offer n.3, the internet is full of reviews where people complain they received fake RMA addresses or anyway returned their items and never had them back again.
The funniest thing is that they pretend to ignore the hundreds bad reviews they have collected (there’s even someone who made a website named “donotbuyingearbest”, and they’re on ScamAdviser too…) and still expect you to trust them, after dealing with you so badly.
Don’t believe all those five-stars reviews not supported by facts, just google “GearBest reviews” and see by yourself.


I've ordered many items from Gearbest including several phones, smartwatch and electronic baubles. Customer service is fairly prompt in responding but their answers are non-sensical and usually ignore what you actually wrote. Example: my product is being held by customs due to incorrect value placed on shipping package. Answer: We will contact our shipping department and see if we can track the package for you to see if we can locate where your package is.

If you don't run into any problems, such as DOA or need repairs of your item, Gearbest has a great selection and very decent prices, especially with their frequent coupons (search the web).

Great selection, excellent prices, the usual long shipping times from china, atrocious customer service (but they do respond).


I am extremely pleased with all the purchases made in Gearbest. The products bought today are of great quality, for this reason I keep buying from you guys. Not to mention the low prices and promotions made by Gearbest, no other site gives customers this kind of gift.


Horrible experience!
I tride to by from them an ugos uts (smart mini pc) before purchasin i asked thoif they have the product on stock, i have been replied that they have 99 unit. Affter payment, i descover it out of stock. 15 days pass and they didn't send tje product to me. Affter a lot of comuniction with them that always ended with a fals answer's and a falls promises, i decided to ask for rfund by pay pal. I will never make business with them again.
If you care about you money, dont by there.


Pleasantly surprised! Ordered an LED lightbulb and some bluetooth headphones from here as the prices and the range of products beat anywhere else hands down. Half expected them not to turn up or to be rubbish at the price, but both turned were delivered in about 10 days, and work fine.

Brian Keller

Worst experience using online ordering. After providing payment information for a $175 order they requested I email them front and back copies of my credit card and drivers license. I cancelled the order and actually received a confirmation email the order was cancelled. Gearbest still withdrew $180 from my account (handling fee). I opened a ticket with them complaining about the withdrawal. They stated they would refund the money and another email stating they had refunded it. This was over a week ago and no refunds have been provided yet. Also, there is no further responses to my multiple requests. The phone number for support is only an answering machine. Stay away from this company.


I bought two tablets one of which has a problem charging. They're asking me to send it back and pay shipping to send and take it back which is about $60 while the tablet cost me $48. otherwise they want me to pay 80% of the cost for a new one or if I have it serviced they will give me 25% of repair cost!! That's ridiculous. The customer service people are unacceptable. On top of that they didn't even publish my poor review on their site, that's why all reviews are 5 star.


ordered item and everything went fantastic, asked them to send out out lower than the retail price they told me they will only mark 50% on final price wont touch this company again


Ką galiu pasakyti apie šią parduotuvę. Kainos ir kokybės kaina tikrai aukštam lygi, jei lyginti su kitom konkurentėm parduotuvėm. Visuomet pristato prekes greitai ir be didesnių problemų. Praktiškai pas GearBest dažniausiai randu pigiau prekes nei kitose parduotuvėse. Iki šiol esu gavęs visas prekes.

Was GearBest angeht, ich kann nur eins sagen: fast immer billiger als bei Konkurrenz. Schnelle Lieferung dank NL Post, was bei denen ist immer der Fall für Europa. Immer gut verpackt. Bis jetzt hatte ich keine Probleme mit GearBest und kaufe gerne immer wieder hier. Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Service. Also, wenn die nicht verschicken innerhalb von 3 Tagen ich nehme es locker und warte, weil ich weiß, das die haben entweder viel Zutun oder nicht auf Lager und verschicken trotzdem innerhalb paar Tagen. Und mit NL Post kommt das so wieso in paar Tagen. Was Support angeht, noch nie gebraucht, weil wie gesagt, manchmal hilft das etwas zuwarten.

Good services from GearBest. I buy so far many things by them and can say I have no problems with them. I recommended to my friends GearBest and they was to satisfied with services. In Europe shipping time is about 2 weeks if ships with Netherlands Post. I can just recommend this e-shop. 5/5

Ronald Swager

Waited over 7 weeks for delivery. Package has still not arrived.
I was given either a fraudulent or invalid tracking number which proved useless. They ignored my requests for a correct tracking number.

Further contacts with customer support have resulted in nothing but generic form replies and no action.

I will be filing a fraud complaint against both GearBest and PayPal.


My Gearbest experience has been very good so far, after I ordered my first item it was packaged up and shipped out in under 3 days. This seems very good compared to other Chinese companies! I received a confirmation email telling me that my product had been shipped and also telling me all the shipping information. I also received an image of the package taken on a set of scales, I found this very cool as you know that they're thinking about you and they want to show you that your package is leaving intact. I also contacted customer services and the response, although it took some time to be replied to (5 days and also during the Chinese new year period), the information on the reply was very well written and also solved most of my problems. The Gearbest live chat, although it may take some time to be connected and replied to, it is very good as it runs 24/7 which is handy in the UK due to the time differences. The answer's are usually very clear. There is many complaints about the company on this website and my experience has been very good and the customer service is very friendly and the English is pretty good in the email and live chat replies.
I would definitely recommend this company to anyone else that want's cheap but quality products from an excellent Chinese company!!
I would definitely recommend!


I ordered a rather expensive item that did not ship for 1 week. A week later tracking says "alert" I contacted them via online chat the agent told me I had an incorrect tracking number and he gave a new tracking number, when I tracked it, this package was going to france not the US where I live! When I told him this and asked why he was lying he replied "no" and ended the chat. I have since opened 3 tickets and they ignore my concern with the lying agent, blame customs and close the ticket. DO NOT BUY HERE! Customer service is the worst.
UPDATE: They said they will reship in 2 days after it turned around in customs. For 3 days I was asking why wait 2 days and telling them I want my product. All they cared about was me removing my review on They offered me points on their website then they offered me $10 if I would remove the review. In the mean time they are ignoring me concerns. After 3 days they said that it can't pass customs and I will be issues a refund, I told them I wanted a refund that day because I was tired of waiting. 2 days later they tell me my package is on it's way because I asked them in the past to ship it to me so they cannot give me my refund (I have already purchased it elsewhere). Please for your own sanity NEVER give them any business
Translate 02/24/2017



wichtige Info für Packstation Nutzer: Priority Line Shipping (Germany Express) funktioniert nicht mit Packstation Adressen.
Gearbest schreibt: "To your address ,it is forbidden to ship with Germany priority line shipping ."

Verstehe ich zwar nicht, da für die Auslieferung innerhalb von Deutschland doch nur noch DHL genutzt werden sollt aber ist eben so bei denen im System hinterlegt. Es bringt auch nichts denen beizubringen, dass die Packstationen von DHL betrieben werden, die stellen sich da ganz auf Stur und liefern statt dessen dann als Einschreiben an die Packstation, was natürlich nicht geht. Im besten Fall kann man es dann in einer Filiate gegen Unterschrift abholen, im schlechtesten geht es zurück an den Absender.

Gruß, Justus
Translate 02/23/2017

Ricky Reyna

Gearbest is an excellent site for shopping. All my orders have arrived on time and also have great prices. Highly Recommended Gearbest.
Translate 02/23/2017

Sebastian Bodza.

+ schneller Versand mit Germany Priority direct und keine Zollkosten
+ relativ günstige Preise (3D Drucker)

- schlechte Quality control: Zwei defekte innerhalb von 2 Wochen, zuerst haben sich die Kabel vom Heatbed gelöst, da nur 2 einzelne Adern verlötet wurde und dann ist das mainboard kaputt gegangen
- Kommunikation mit dem Händler dauert sehr lange, Antworten kommen meist erst nach 24h, teilweise möchten sie einen nicht verstehen
- verlangt 25$ für ein Ersatzmainboard, keinerlei Kompensation dafür

Zusammenfassend: Nie wieder
Translate 02/23/2017

Valentina Dimovska

About my experiences with Gearbest, what can I tell? All of them until now are more than positive.
I had some questions about some products and they were quickly answered from the personnel.
Also I had problem with one package never receiving it, I opened a ticket and in no time I was refunded from Gearbest. That’s as professional as can be in the business.

Most of my orders went smooth, fast and well packaged. Nothing came broken, which is great!

If I try to find something that can be improved by Gerbest, there are two things I can thing of:
- First, more accurate descriptions and specifications for the products.
- Second, the time from ordering and receiving the goods is longer that I would like to be. I know that most of that is problem with the post offices, but still...
Translate 02/23/2017

João São Bento

Já fiz várias compras no Gearbest e até agora sem qualquer problemas.
Chegam sempre dentro de 15 dias e bem acondicionadas.
Só o facto de não passar na alfandega já é uma mais valia!
Translate 02/21/2017

José Luis García Solano

Fatal. Compre una tablet para regalo de reyes el día 1 de diciembre. Supuestamente la envían con un localizador de seguimiento, pero el paquete jamas entra fisicamente en correos. Me pongo en contacto y me hacen esperar prometiendome que llegará antes de la fecha límite (2 meses despues) y tal y tal. No ha llegado y su solucion es devolverme la mitad del dinero. Estafa total. Pagas un producto y no te entregan nada.
Translate 02/20/2017


Fiz uma compra de uma pulseira miband 2 dia 04/12/16 até hj dia 20/02/17 não chegou. O código de rastreio que me passaram (NL14808495699532) não funciona pelos correios, achei um site que é de fora do país e desde o dia 21/12/16 ela chegou no Brasil e até hj. Liguei nos correios eles disseram que não vai ser entregue por eles será entregue por outra empresa. Estou perdido porq em contato com a gearbest eles só devolvem metade do dinheiro pois a compra não tem
Seguro e não sabem onde está minha encomenda. Minha primeira compra e já tive problema.
Translate 02/19/2017


really good store and fast shipping and good products i bought a keyboard and i am loving it
Translate 02/17/2017


bought severel items at
they have realy low prices and a good customer service for my order of a arduino(WP1607011355065740) i had a defective item aftr contacting support i got the money for the item
Translate 02/15/2017


I have made several purchases from this store,the products and the prices are very good
fast shipping , delivery time (for Italy) 7/10 working days with "ITALY EXPRESS spedition",
I purchased a xiaomi redmi 4 pro (Order number: W1611280708048218)
the price was the best among all other sites,shipping was very fast (10 dayes).
I'm satisfied because everything went as were agreements.
They also have an excellent support, they respond in a day.
Translate 02/14/2017

Erik Hesidenz

Solange man keinen defekt hat ist alles in Ordnung jedoch wenn was defekt ankommt hilft eigentlich nur eins Mülleimer auf und Artikel rein. Der Service ist grottenschlecht der bisher schlimmste den ich in China hatte. Und ich bestelle viel dort. Hatte ne Nitecore Lampe die defekt angekommen ist. Nach einem Monat wollten Sie mir 20 Euro zurückzahlen Kaufpreis war 141 Euro. Also hab ich den Paypal Fall offen gelassen.Jetzt schreibt mir Paypal das ich das Geld zurückbekomme wenn ich den Artikel dorthin zurückschicke:Postadresse:Room 302,3rd Floor,Building 8,Zhongxing Industrial City, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province 518054 China
Jetzt kommt der Witz. Der Artikel kahm aus deutschem Lager und ich soll ihn nach China in irgendeine Reis Provinz schicken. Die Adresse die bei Paypal angegeben wurde kann bei keinem Packetanbieter komplett draufschreiben. Also schon ist der Paypal Schutz flöten. Des weiteren soll ich eine Rechnung (die es offiziell gar nicht gibt) in doppelter Form beilegen und weiter noch den Zollschein CN 23 in doppelter Form in englisch aussen anbringen.
Die haben sich schon genau gedanken gemacht wie sie die Leute im Reklamationsfall bescheissen.
Ich hab die Schnauze voll von denen. Bei Tomtop ist das wesentlich besser gelaufen.. Also bestell ich halt nur noch da.
Translate 02/14/2017

Paulo Menezes

o que aconteceu com o frete da DHL para o Brasil? fiz minha compra paguei o frete spress , porem a loja me informou que não seria possível o envio pela DHL .
Translate 02/14/2017


Ende November ein Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro / Prime bestellt, seit Anfang Dez. ist das Paket wohl in uk versackt. Der Kundenservice von gearbest hat mich immer wieder hingehalten. Erst nach einschalten von Paypal hat man sich bewegt, kurz vor Ablauf der Frist hat man sich bereit erklärt den vollen Betrag zu erstatten. War leider zu vertrauensvoll, seit Paypal den Fall geschlossen hat stellt sich gearbest tot!
Translate 02/14/2017

mourad zeroual

I really like the product which I ordered from GearBest. I got it as it was described on their website. The shipping time was also relatively fast. I would recommend this product to my friends and also encourage them to buy from GearBest.
Translate 02/14/2017


Ho acquistato Xiaomi Mi Band 1s su Gearbest a un ottimo prezzo. Spedizione veloce e tutto come da descrizione! Sono davvero soddisfatto.
Translate 02/13/2017


Hatte einen Raspberry PI bestellt. Hatte aber in der Postleitzahl einen Tippfehler. Das Paket ging zurück an den Absender. Der Support war bis jetzt nicht dazu zu bewegen das Paket noch einmal zu senden. Habe natürlich auch angeboten die nochmals entstehenden Versandkosten zu übernehmen. Bisher ohne Erfolg.

Da kann man sich auch gleich denken was bei Garantiefällen etc. passiert. Muss man sich halt überlegen ob es das Risiko wirklich wert ist. Für mich war es die erste und auch die letzte Bestellung bei GearBest.
Translate 02/13/2017

mourad zeroual

I would recommend this shop for everyone, perfect shipping and so fast service, they also have mobile apps so 10/10
Translate 02/11/2017


good product and nice price, fast delivery
Translate 02/11/2017

Onur Gözcü

Gearbest ist richtig gut was an Einsteiger Smarphones angeht, Es muss ja nicht immer die Teuren Produkte sein.
Ich habe schon 3mal SmartPhones bestellt und habe es immer ohne jegliche probleme geliefert bekommen via DPD
PaketDienst. Es ist klar und deutlich, dass es etwas dauert. Denn China ist ja nicht hier um die Ecke.

Bisher bin ich sehr zufrieden von GearBest und schaue öfter mal rein.

Translate 02/10/2017


l miglior store online della Cina! Specializzato nella vendita di prodotti di elettronica, si può trovare di tutto: dall'abbigliamento ai giochi per bambini , passando per accessori per smartphone , prodotti per la casa è tanto altro ancora. È possibile il pagamento con paypal , il rapporto qualitá prezzo é ottimo e la spedizione é gratuita .
order number: WP1612290358215772
Translate 02/10/2017


Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass ich bei GearBest bestelle. Diesmal habe ich mir einen Kugelschreiber geordert (W1609021202131878). Über den gesamten Bestellablauf kann ich mich nicht beklagen. Auch auf meine Reklamation wurde sofort und zufriedenstellend reagiert. Einzig die Versandverpackung könnte besser sein, denn die Verpackung des Kugelschreibers war eingedrückt und beschädigt.
Translate 02/09/2017


Nie wieder bei Gearbest bestellen.
Habe ein Vernee Thor am 04.12.2016 dort bestellt und auch sofort eine Bestätigung erhalten. Nachdem ich die Versandnummer erhalten habe versuchte ich das Paket zu verfolgen. bis zum 16.12. erhielt ich folgende Auflistung

2016-12-16 13:36:00The item has been processed in the country of destination
2016-12-15 09:41:00The delivery of the item was unsuccessful
2016-12-13 14:17:00The item has been processed in the country of destination
2016-12-13 08:56:00The item has arrived in the country of destination
2016-12-12 20:13:00The item is on transport to the country of destination
2016-12-11 21:09:00The item is at the PostNL sorting center
2016-12-08 02:48:00The item is pre-advised

Nach reichlich Schriftverkehr in dem ich immer wieder Vertröstet und Hingehalten wurde (aus 10-15 Arbeitstagen Lieferzeit wurden plötzlich 10-25 Tage und später sogar bis 45 Tage) erhielt ich auf der Sendungsverfolgung von PostNL plötzlich folgende Nachricht

2017-01-26 09:10:00Undeliverable item, will be returned to sender

Als ich sie dann wieder angeschrieben habe bekam ich die Antwort das Gearbest nicht für vom Zoll zerstörte Pakete hafte. Ich habe sie darauf hingewiesen habe das nichts von Zerstörung im PostNL-Bericht steht bekam ich die gleiche Antwort wie zuvor und ich solle doch die "Terms and Conditions" von Gearbest lesen bevor ich was bestelle. Danach haben sie mir 3 Vorschläge gesendet in denen ich gegen Zuzahlung mir das Handy nochmal zuschicken lassen kann oder aber Bonuspunkte erhalte für eine neue Bestellung u.s.w.. Nachdem ich ihnen dann mit einer ernsten Antwort einen Gegenvorschlag gemacht habe und mit einer Meldung an Paypal gedroht habe haben sie mir heute freiwillig und ohne eine weitere Nachricht das Geld auf mein Paypalkonto zurück überwiesen. Da hab ich wohl nochmal Glück gehabt. Trotzdem ist es nicht professionell seine Kunden mit Lügen hinzuhalten.Ist es eigentlich normal das Rechnungsnummer und Versandnummer bei Gearbest übereinstimmen? Also für mich war es der erste und letzte Versuch über Gearbest zu bestellen.
Translate 02/09/2017


I buy a lot online and gearbest always have the best prices!
All the items I bought were genuine, for the Xiaomi products I checked the ID and had no problems. Customer service responds quick and if you have a problem they just send you a new one.

Even the cheapest shipping method is way faster than other shipments from China
Translate 02/08/2017


My Gearbest experience has been very good so far. I am satisfied with this store. The customer service so far has been great. The shipment of parcels is fast and the packaging is accurate.
Translate 02/08/2017


Ich habe 3 Smartphones innerhalb einer Woche bestellt, 2 davon, das erste und das dritte kamen nach 10 Tagen an. Das zweite wurde laut Tracking in London zuletzt registriert. In London ist wohl ein Zwischenlager von Gearbest. Nach 70 Tagen Hinhaltetechnik von Seiten Gearbest (man wolle Tracking prüfen, gibt dann zu daß Tracking nicht plausibel) bietet man jetzt eine Erstattung des halben Betrages an. Schlichtweg eine Unverschämtheit. Damit wären 100 Euro weg. Der Fall wurde PayPal gemeldet und ist dort in Bearbeitung.
Zur Taktik vom Gearbest Customer Service: nach mehreren terminlichen Vertröstungen sollte ich bis zum 26.01.17 warten. Verschwiegen wurde, daß am 27.01.17 in China für 1 Woche Neujahrsferien sind und niemand bei Gearbest erreichbar ist.
Translate 02/07/2017


I have order now about 7 times via Gearbest and I'm really pleased with their website. If you pay attention to special offers they are often one of the cheapest suppliers.
The products I have bought (ranging from 20 dollar to 175 dollar) are all of excellent quality, no fakes!
I'm also lucky that the shipments are very fast due to the fact that they use PostNL as their carrier, often my products arrive within a week of ordering.
If I have a question the helpdesk is very keen and fast to help me solve it, very professional.
I would truly recommend Gearbest to all my friends.
Translate 02/07/2017

Cristhian Felipe

Muito Bom, Preços bom e produtos ótimos, Para o Brasil pode demorar uma semana além do que o site indica, mas é comum para o Brasil, não tive nenhum problema com os produtos e toda a duvida que tive foi resolvida.
Translate 02/07/2017


pues mi experiencia con gearbest esta siendo nefasta... me querían regalar un xiaomi mi5 por que mi teléfono tiene mucho tiempo ya y el pedido fue echo el día 17/12/2016 y según el seguimiento fue enviado el día 19/12/2016 bueno aquí el seguimiento --> 2016-12-20 19:12:00 Parcel departure in Shenzhen Sorting Centre
2016-12-21 10:56:00 Parcel departure arrive in HongKong Sorting Centre
2016-12-22 23:12:00 United Kingdom Lonton Sorting Centre
2016-12-22 23:12:00 Parcel is leaving Hong Kong Airport
2016-12-29 05:57:00 United Kingdom Lonton Sorting Centre
2016-12-30 14:54:00 Information sent to Spain
el día 19/01/2017 me intento poner en contacto con ellos por facebook y su respuesta es que tengo que esperar a día 02/01/2017 que es la fecha limite para la entrega del pedido, estamos a día 7 ya y por facebook me dicen que contacte con un mail y no me contestan y a través de la web ya casi dan por sentado que esta perdido, le echan la culpa a la empresa de envíos y sus soluciones son que pague la mitad de nuevo para que lo vuelvan a mandar o que a la persona que me lo compro le devuelven solo la mitad del dinero porque no lo hizo con paypal, ademas que la foto que le mandaron del paquete esta al revés y borrosa que no se puede ver ni el nombre ni la dirección ni nada así que podría ser el pedido de cualquier otro. en resumen: un servicio de atención al cliente muy malo que parece que te responda un robot o que directamente no se leen los "tickets" que te hacen mandar y mandan respuestas que ya tienen escritas de antemano. siento la parrafada pero quería explicar mi experiencia para que a otros no les pase lo mismo.
Translate 02/07/2017


Posiblemente uno de los peores sitios para comprar nada. Si, es barato, pero el envió tarda muchisimo y el servicio al cliente es pésimo, no contestan durante semanas.
Llevo esperando por un articulo desde principios de Noviembre (3 meses), primero te dicen que no esta en stock aunque en la página ponga que si, y despues te dicen que te lo mandarán en 3-7 días... Bueno pues ya llevo 81
Translate 02/06/2017


Un desastre. Pedido hecho el 21.01. Después dicen que el pago fue hecho el 25.01 y el 26.01 que si es año nuevo chino hasta el 02.02. El 06.02 me mandan mail con envío 10-25 días. Como? Y los 21$ que pague por un supuesto envío rápido?. Vuelta a hablar con ellos y ahora dicen que no han podido hacer el envío rápido y si quiero la devolución del cargo extra. No, s quieren se lo regalo. Eso sí, 7 días para hacerlo. Trabajar como chinos?. Estos son unos caraduras. Espero que teléfono funcione porque ya sería la leche. Nunca más gearbest
Translate 02/04/2017

Omar Spangaro

Gearbest is my preferred site for tech buying. I like that products are described in english an often there's a video explaining essentials. Prices are very affordable and sometimes there are real deals/offers.
Products quality is not always top but it depends what you're buying. Delivery in my country is not so fast but it's due to the fact that China and is far from my Country. Delivery is free and that's is a real
Customer care always replies fast at my questions and also in case of DOA we always have found a reasonable agreement . I don't like the fact that quite all products are 4 or 5 stars rated. I can't believe it can be true.
This is my honest review about this site
Translate 02/03/2017


Alles in Allem nicht zu empfehlen. Habe trotz vorheriger Absprache ein völlig wertloses Gerät mit Shoprom erhalten. Eine Rückgabe unmöglich. Der Support schreibt in jeder Antwort die selben drei Textblöcke.
Translate 02/02/2017


Hier koop ik al mijn vaping gereedschap. Goedkoop, relatief snel geleverd. Al mijn produkten waren authentiek en werken heel goed. Heel goede service.
Translate 02/01/2017


Pedido realizado el 15 de enero, lo han enviado el 16 de enero. Hoy 1 de febrero según correos está admitido....... y eran nete 7 y 12 días hábiles. Van 13 y todavía está admitido.........
Translate 01/29/2017


I buy on Gearbest many different products.Many in-store coupons and bonuses. Support works well, all issues can be resolved. Packing and shipping became excellent. All the goods arrived without damage, even without the track number. Everyone is happy.
Translate 01/28/2017


Nachdem ich hier die Kommentare gelesen habe, hatte ich einige schlaflose Nächte. Nach 7 Tagen war aber mein ZTE Handy in Originalverpackung unbeschädigt bei mir. Kam aus dem GB Lager und wurde über DPD ausgeliefert. Die übliche Versandtasche ist sicher nicht optimal, die eingeschweißte Originalverpackung der Handys verträgt zum Glück aber einiges. Es kann also auch gut gehen und wird es in der Mehrzahl der Fälle wohl auch. Die wenigsten schreiben ja, wenn alles gut gelaufen ist.
Translate 01/28/2017

Eduardo Almeida Silva

Boa noite.. espero que me ajude! e minha primeira compra no site gearbest, W1701190642229580
nao tenho tenho d onde o meu produto esta..RS764446333NL nao estou conseguindo encontra no correio ajudem!
Translate 01/27/2017

Fabio Rogerio

I order a smartwatch no1 d5 (Order number: W1604131224241203) on Apr 13, 2016 from gearbest, thats was amazing, great time of delivery, great product, everything works as expected, gearbest is the best choice when you choose to byu online with safety. Gearbest 10 of 10 stars. @fabiorogerio10
Translate 01/27/2017

Carmelo Iriti

Until now I bought a lot of stuff:
- 2 tv box Sunvell T95u pro
- Smartphone Xiaomi redmi pro
- action cam Elephone explorer pro and accessories
- accessories of the action camera
- etc..
I received all the items.
Most important thing is that every time I had a problem, the customer service has been ready to answer my questions.
Translate 01/27/2017


Produkt abweichend von Beschreibung bekommen. Support verweist auf Artikelbeschreibung obwohl dort etwas anderes steht als das gelieferte Produkt. Das geht garnicht. So macht einkaufen keinen Spaß. Nun beschreiten wir einen sehr langen Weg bis zur Einigung. Support verspicht 24 Stunden Bearbeitungszeit. Ich warte inzwischen 2,5 Tage auf eine Antwort. Schade
Translate 01/26/2017


los metodos de pago son buenos, hay que disponer de una tarjeta de credito y bueno sirve bastante bien. seria bueno mas metodos de pago pero creo que esta bien los que tienen por el momento
Translate 01/25/2017

Jose Antonio

La mejor tienda online que he encontrado nunca, responden a dudas, mandan fotos del paquete con lo que has pedido listo para enviar, te dan créditos por hacer reviews de lo que has comprado y sus valoraciones. De 10. He comprado mucho y seguiré comprando. Recomendada
Translate 01/25/2017


Mi experiencia, no del todo positiva. Era un móvil Xiaomi Mi5sPlus (muy buen aparato, dicho sea de paso) que me vino con una version de ROM no oficial del desarrollador (MIUI), con spyware y publicidad constante en el móvil bastante molesta. Además el precio en euros que ponen en la página web es engañoso pues realmente venden en dólares pero simulan el precio en euros mediante un cambio de divisa que no es real y que aparenta un precio en euros más barato del que luego te encuentras en el momento de pagar. La explicación que me dieron se basa en hechos falsos, tanto en un caso como en otro. Especialmente sangrante es el tema del Sistema Operativo, pues el desarrollador del mismo (MIUI) tiene en su página web disponible para descarga la versión Oficial para el Resto del mundo (versión Global) que funciona perfectamente y que, supuestamente según la descripción del producto en GearBest, era la que debía venir de serie con el móvil.

Al final, no sin trabajo ya que el móvil viene bloqueado por el fabricante contra modificaciones de ROM, pude instalar la versión oficial flasheando el móvil. La ROM modificada que se vende con el móvil en Gearbest NO ES OFICIAL de XIAOMI pues, además de no encontrarse en el sitio web de MIUI, se da la circunstancia de que ninguna ROM oficial tiene el tipo de numeración de la modificada (5 cifras en vez de 4), vamos que es una ROM totalmente "trucha" que, para colmo trae basura y publicidad no deseada así como troyanos y spyware de modo que al día siguiente de meter mis cuentas de Google me las hackearon desde la India. Afortunadamente Google detectó que la IP era muy remota y bloqueó el acceso. Por último, lejos de proporcionar mejores posibilidades de uso como dice GearBest justificando porqué incluyen esta ROM modificada, viene con configuración regional de China y, aunque se intente cambiar, cuando se reinicia el móvil vuelve a la configuración regional para China.

Por ambas cuestiones os aconsejo que os penséis bien qué compráis en esta tienda.
Translate 01/25/2017


Glück und Geduld sollte man doch haben wenn man bei Gear Best bestellt.
Glück - das man gleich von Anfang eine einwandfreie funktionierende Ware bekommt und Geduld für die doch etwas längeren Lieferzeiten ( ca. 3 Wochen) obwohl die Bestellungen 1 - 2 Tage nach Bestelleingang ausgeliefert wird.
Leider kann es auch vorkommen das dann ein Artikel nicht vorrätig ist (obwohl bestellt), nun dann gibt es eine Gutschrift bzw. Rücküberweisung - kein Problem.
Fehlerhafte Ware:
A) Englischkenntnisse sind da mal Voraussetzung. Ich hatte zwar einmal in deutsch hingeschrieben aber die Antwort kam in englischer Sprache.
B) Die Mängel sind so weit wie möglich zu dokumentieren ( Foto, Video) und wenn diese dann berechtigt sind gab es bei mir bis jetzt noch kein Problem mit einer Erstattung. Also über den Support kann ich nur positives berichten. Antworten kommen / kamen innerhalb 24 Stunden!
Wenn man diese Voraussetzungen in Kauf nimmt kann man sicher einiges billiger einkaufen - obwohl ein Preisvergleich lohnt sich immer. Ich persönlich hatte bei nun ca. 12 Bestellungen 2 Beanstandungen, wurde von Gear Best korrekt erledigt und werde daher auch weiterhin bei GB bestellen.
Translate 01/24/2017

Jadiel Duarte Martins Silva

Realmente ótimo site para encontrar grandes promoções aos melhores preços. Honestamente, desde que comecei a encomendar com eles, fiz mais encomendas e recomendei aos meus amigos. Minha primeira ordem foi feita em 16.10.2016 com o número de ordem: NL14741660188684 e foi entregado a tempo sem problemas, muito bom e recomendo
Translate 01/22/2017


Estaba bastante asustada cuando pedí mi Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro porque había leído muchísimas malas experiencias por aquí pero tenía buenas recomendaciones de algunos amigos míos. Lo pedí a finales de noviembre y tardo 7 días naturales en llegarme, algo que me sorprendió muchísimo ya que había elegido el envío por SpainExpress y podía tardar bastante más. Además en todo momento me funcionó bien el tracking. Llegó en perfectas condiciones y con un packaging muy bueno. Llevo ya casi 2 meses con el móvil y no he tenido ningún problema. Sin duda lo recomendaría.
Translate 01/22/2017

Luigi Antonio

Gearbest è un buon sito, perché i costi sono bassi. L'assistenza clienti è la migliore per me. Il problema è stato rapidamente risolto, sono soddisfatto di come è stata gestita. E' il migliore shop cinese. consiglio spedizione Itali express 7/10 gg, mai pagato dogana, consegna BRT.
Translate 01/21/2017


My experience with Gearbest was very good.
I'm not payed to write this review and i'll write only about my real experience.
I make an order on on 3 december (order W1612031226005628 ). Order takes much time to arrive, but shipping was custom-free (so important for italian buyers !! ) and there was Christmas Holidays so shipping time was a little bit longer than expected. I contacted gearbest customer care and they helped me about tracking my item and offered a little discount for this troublesome. I appreciate a lot their efforts and all what they do to help buyers. The item i bought arrived in a good packaging and it's fully working after a month of use...i'm very happy of their service !!
I can recommend this shop, and i'll bu again on this site.
Translate 01/20/2017

Muhanad Ibrahim

I bought a lot of products from Gearbest, good products and cheap prices and free delivery to Austria, that really Gearbest is the best.
Translate 01/19/2017


Habe am 3.1.2017 bei gearbest ein Redmi 4 Prime gekauft. Verschickt wurde es am 5.1.2017. Päckchen heute angekommen. So weit gut, nur war in dem Päckchen kein Phone drin, sondern zwei Handyschalen. Bin sehr verärgert. Habe heute über Ticket reklamiert, mal schauen was raus kommt. Gottsei Dank über PayPal bezahlt. Ich habe denen noch ein Foto geschickt mit dem Inhalt. Das Redmi hätte auch gar nicht mehr in die Tüte gepasst.
Translate 01/18/2017

Umberto Salviati

I am very satisfied to have made purchases on this site. I bought Metli objects, very expensive acnhe, to esemio my smatrphone. The last purchase I made mi band 2 was the xiaomi . It was very cheap. Free Shipping has done his job very well .The package was not damaged .the customer service is always available and responds quickly.
Translate 01/18/2017

Imad K

I've bought several products in the last year and I've received them all in less than a month to France (the fastest one was 2 weeks wich is a good delivery time considering the distance)
The products were all packed professionally and they all arrived in a perfect state.
Gearbest usually offers sales on good products and that makes the prices even cheaper.
As a vaper and a geek. I've always found what I wanted and I'm recommanding the website without any hesitation.
Translate 01/17/2017

Jorge Rodriguez

This store is amazing, amazing delivery time to Spain and amazing flash sales, I´m in love, their support is amazing too... 100% recommended
Translate 01/17/2017

Eduardo Marques de Moura e Silva

I'm very happy to buy on gearbest, all product have arrive in 15 days, and i'm very happy, gearbest is the best way to buy your dreams
Translate 01/17/2017


Tracking Number: RS661014543NL By Update: Oct 10, 2016 22:18:11 PM PST
Tracking Number: RS663518606NL By Update: Oct 25, 2016 10:25:44 AM PST

Translate 01/17/2017


pues yo compré dos productos en Diciembre, en la web ponia que estaban en almacen en España y que tardaría de 3-5 días en llegar, y a dís de hoy, casi un ems despues nada de nada. Y encima pagué para que el envío fuera en ese tiempo. Y solo dicen que espere, que lo sienten, y que tenga paciencia. Lo peor,e ra para un regalo de reyes y los chiquillos se quedaron con las ganas. Triste
Translate 01/16/2017


I have been buying technology for a long time from Spain to China and after trying many stores if I have to choose one and is currently doing more shopping is gearbest.
This store offers me a security of which the products are very good, they are serious when it comes to shipping and fast.
I still have no problem with them.
Payments can be made via paypal or credit card so there is a good option to buy.
I hope it helps
Translate 01/15/2017


Ich bin auf über "" aufmerksam geworden.
Als ich mich dort weiter umgeschaut habe, bin ich auf tolle Angebote gestoßen und habe bis jetzt drei Bestellungen aufgegeben.

Ich möchte gerne meine positiven und negativen Punkte kurz auflisten.


+ übersichtliche Seite
+ tolle Angebote
+ Man bekommt Punkte "GB Credits" und kann Sie bei Bestellungen verwenden. Z.b bekommt man Punkte wenn
was bestellt, Newsletter anmeldet, sein Profil aktuallisert oder Rezensionen verfasst etc.
+ Sehr netter und guter Support.
+ Schneller und sicherer Versand. Zollfrei wenn man “Standard Shipping” mit Germany priority mail auswählt.


- bis jetzt keine bekannt.

Wie bereits oben erwähnt, habe ich bis jetzt drei Bestellungen aufgegeben und die Sendungen kamen alle pünktlich bei mir an.
Leider waren die Produkte nicht wirklich zufriedenstellend, wofür aber Gearbest nichts kann, sondern die Produkte einfach Softwaretechnisch nicht ausgereift waren.

Alles in allem kann ich empfehlen.
Translate 01/15/2017


Good prices, well packaged products, fast shipping, top quality products
Translate 01/15/2017

fabio rossi

Hipping sehr schnell, ausgezeichnetes Produkt zu einem unschlagbaren Preis, keine Steuer und ein sauberes ROM,
Die Batterie ist wunderbar
Translate 01/14/2017


Very good and trustwhorthy shop, I have ordered several times at gearbest and i have been satisfied every single time.
Is what I really love the delivery so every gearbest order takes a picture and track the order,
The orders were dispatched very fast and the shipping time from China to Morocco took about 2 weeks, which I consider as very adequate and i was able to track my order.
And the most beautiful thing has gearbest is the really gorgeous after sales service
Translate 01/14/2017


The have good deals. The items I bought GearBest were delivered quite fast. except for this last one that i think is taking longer due to holidays. All the transactions I've made with them have been good. recomend It
Translate 01/14/2017


Hoy 14/01/17 realice un pedido. Quize pagar $11 dolares mas para recibirlo en 3-7 dias. deseenme suerte.
Translate 01/13/2017


Only good experiences with this shop. The price is really good, the product is original and good quality, it arrived very quickly, no customs holdup. I hope they have a lot of promos in the future so I can buy more!!
Translate 01/13/2017


Esta empresa engaña a la gente. Me compré una tablet Cube i7 Stylus y dejó de funcionar en 3 meses. Me pongo en contacto con ellos y después de pagar el envío y una tasa para que ellos la recogieran en las aduanas en China, me envían otra que estaba restaurada y ha dejado de funcionar al mes. Me vuelvo a poner en contacto con ellos y pasan de mí. Me dicen que ha pasado el periodo de garantía. Digo yo que si fuera la misma tablet vale pero es que no me devolvieron la mía sino que me enviaron otra ROTA. Total que me como mis 300 eurazos. No compréis ahí porque os engañan. Ladrones...
Translate 01/13/2017

Ed John Poe

I have never had any problem with my orders when buying from them, shipping is always in time and customer service was always attentive.

To avoid bad experiences be careful reading items description,shipping time and warehouse existences.
I recommend you to pay for express shipping and use paypal... just in case.

I assure you will have a pleasant experience ;)
Translate 01/13/2017

Gagan Gupta

"I came to know about Gearbest recently, made 3 purchases. My first order was MiBand 2 (Order number: W1611230747208858) and kept my fingers crossed that my package gets delivered to me (I heard that’s some sites are not so professional about their services, and sometimes u don’t even receive your package or in broken condition.) There are always some discounts and we get some points for every purchase that we can use as a discount. Then I received my order as mentioned within 3 weeks time.The best feature is that they photograph the package to be shipped and upload it to our account as we will receive them, it feels satisfied that our order is in process and really on move…Shipping Charges are really nominal and about the warranty and refund i haven't experienced that yet because all orders arrive safe (no broken or broke stuff).Order are shipped fast and take about 2 weeks to get to Dehradun, India.I'm waiting for two more products right now one is Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses and a Mobile phone mount for my car.No worries to buy from them."
Translate 01/13/2017

Matthias Sommer

Ich habe drei mal bei Gearbest bestellt, drei mal Probleme gehabt - für mich ist die Bude Tabu.
Die erste Lieferung kam sehr spät und weil nur in dünner Folientüte verpackt gequetscht an, wenn man den Inhalt dann verschenken möchte ist das nicht schön.
Die zweite Lieferung kam aufgeschlitzt an und das bestellte Tablet fehlte. DHL hat den Vorfall bestätigt und sich an den Absender gewandt - Gearbest hat erst gemauert, nachdem ich einen Paypal Fall aufgemacht hatte eine Erstattung von 50€ angeboten (bei einem Kaufpreis von 175€). Paypal hat's dann geregelt.
Die dritte Lieferung hat doppelt so lange gebraucht wie angegeben und auch das erst nach Nachfrage...

Für mich nie wieder.
Translate 01/13/2017

Leonardo Santos da Silva

Fiz uma compra na gearbest ele veio pelo postNL e no código de rastreio esta dizendo
2016-12-21 13:49:00The item has arrived in the country of destination
2016-12-12 02:54:00Arrived at PostNL – Item not allowed (X-ray) and rejected
2016-12-11 17:25:00The item is at the PostNL sorting center
2016-12-07 07:31:00The item is pre-advised o que significa?
Translate 01/13/2017


Mi experiencia. Compré un móvil en Black Friday. Cuando había superado el plazo más que de sobra, pregunté que estaba pasando y me dijeron que la empresa de mensajería aun lo tenía pendiente y que esperara un poco más. El día 28/12 (un mes después de la compra) volví a poner un ticket y me dijeron que me esperara 10 días más. 10 días después me dijeron que me tenía que esperar al 15 de Enero, que vencía el plazo con la empresa de mensajería. Hoy me ha dicho que tengo que esperar al 19 de Enero. (Esperemos a ver si esta fecha es cierta)
Resumen 47 días después de la compra ni tengo el producto ni tengo el dinero.
!Una vergüenza!
Desde luego si tenéis prisa por tener un producto, no compréis en GearBest
Translate 01/13/2017

Strugariu Gabriel

On the last months I bought several items on this website.
I bought a smartwach Xiaomi, a mini drone, a flashlight and a phone (Asus Zenfone 2). I purchased them using Paypal and the product had been shipped out in 2-3 days. I chose the free shipping option without tracking and my packet arrived in aprox. 25 days in Romania.
A fact that i like is that you get points for every transaction that you make and you can use them as a discount.
I recommend this site following the purchases made.
Translate 01/12/2017

Tiago Iacope

Ja fiz 5 pedidos na gearbest, tive problema com 2 porém eles me ajudaram a resolver o problemas e recebi minhas encomendas sem problemas, ja comprei em outras lojas e não tive toda essa atenção.
Translate 01/11/2017

Jefferson Chagas de Franca

Excellent store, I am very satisfied with the purchase and delivery of the product. I bought a Smartphone Redmi Note 3 Pro the product is of excellent quality and did not present any problem, delivery of the company within the informed deadline and excellent service.
Translate 01/11/2017


"At the moment I had 4 orders in my way and everything is going fine.
The products quality are great, and some are looking like premium product.

Fast shipping using Priority Line - Spain Express (valid for Portugal and Spain).

Helpdesk from Gearbest are fine also.

0 problems so far
Translate 01/11/2017


Gearbest is one of the best shopping sites. I bought a lot of items from them for a great price. They have a eu warehouse so packages come very fast. I didn't have any problems with them and I hope it will stay like that. There are also a coupons for a discount that you can use and you get a points for every shopping that the can use as a discount later.
Translate 01/10/2017

Andre Quirino

Fiz uma compra de um Celular de 120 dólares na GearBest, depois de 50 dias descobri que o produto foi roubado nos Correios. Abri uma reclamação e eles dizem que só podem reembolsar 30 dólares, pois a culpa não é deles.
Não recomendo o site.
Translate 01/10/2017


Habe mehrfach bei gearbest bestellt und war immer sehr zufrieden!
Versand dauerte etwa 2 Wochen, alles kam heil und fertig verzollt bei mir an.
Preise waren zumeist unter denen der Mitbewerber und bei Rückfragen wurde schnell und kompetent geholfen.
Alles in allem absolut empfehlenswert
Translate 01/09/2017


The perfect shop! only originals items! good quality! and nice techinical support,i buy here headphones for best price ever i seen(shipping only 2 WEEK!) great experience!
Translate 01/09/2017


GEARBEST It is for me the best site for purchase online
Translate 01/09/2017

Marco D.S.

I Bought on Gearbest and I want to share my real and objective experience.
I Bought a violin on November 26, 2016 Order No.:WW1611261606468613 IRIN AU - 02 4 / 4 Electric Violin
The client service has been polite, fast and timely in answering my questions, shipments are arrived in time and without any customs costs.
I have a very good experience of Gearbest.
Translate 01/09/2017


I first bought from this shop on September after comparing with others and finding it had the Xiaomi Hybrids earphones at the lowest price. I purchased them using Paypal, and later that day I received a mail telling me that the product had been shipped out. I chose the free shipping option without tracking, and my packet arrived 16 days later in a padded envelope. Nevertheless the product came with no damage and in its original box, and it is working with no problems until today. After the good experience I bought another earphones on December for using them as secoundary ones, in this case the KZ ZS3, encouraged by a deal they had in their site at that moment, that I could get even a bit cheaper thanks to the points I got from my first purchase. Again I chose free shipping and paid using Paypal, and they took approximately the same time to come. In my opinion it is a good store to buy little gadgets during some of their promotions.
Translate 01/08/2017

Edson Mariano

First of all, it was my first high-value purchase on a site outside of my country, I researched long before I made the purchase because it was a high-value product. When making sure of the site of purchase I made my registration in the website of the gearbest and I took advantage of a promotion of an 8 inch tablet for $ 75.00, left their inventory on November 26, 2016 and arrived in my city on 12/31 / 2016, was very fast because in other sites like Aliexpress for example it takes at least 3 months to arrive in my city. Anyway, they were still very helpful and always informed me and answered my questions, I have only good praise.
Translate 01/08/2017


Habe am 26.12.2016 einen Lost Vape Therion 133 AT gegen Aufpreis mit Germany Express Priorityline und Versicherung bestellt. Seit 10 Tagen tut sich nichts mehr im Tracking. Laut Tracking befindet sich mein Artikel seit 10 Tagen im Status - Order is leaving Hong Kong Airport über Tracking.

Support versucht Hinhaltetaktik und nimmt keinerlei Bezug zu meinen Mails. Zwischenzeitlich gibt es die besagte Versandart nicht mehr bei Gear Best. Aus verschiedenen Foren hört man leider auch nichts gutes über Gear Best. In den vergangenen Wochen muss sich dort einiges verschlechtert haben im Bezug zum Versand. Wenn sich bis Mittwoch nichts mehr im Tracking tut werde ich meine Bestellung wohl widerrufen und falls nötig PayPal einschalten.

Vielleicht ist das alles auch normal, aber ich werde egal wie das Ganze ausgeht nie wieder dort bestellen. Lieber nehme ich 20 bis 30 Euro mehr in die Hand und bestelle in Deutschland. Für so ein Abenteuer fehlen mir einfach die Nerven. Ich hätte ja auch Glück haben können. :-)
Translate 01/08/2017


Really cheap and good quality windows / android tablet. Good service, fast delivery and good tracking. From EU grotto (UK i guess) the product has arrived in a week. Pros: Good relation quality/price. Fast delivery from EU grotto. Very compact. The screen is bright. It works very fast. Cons: Only 4200 mah battery, some crunches in tablet's corners due to plastic material and other small inconveniences that are not worth even mentioning as insignificant as they are. I dont have any complains about this product because for that money the tablet is worth. This is my real opinion to help other costumers to buy in a good web store.

Order: WW161208111421936
Date: 07/12/2016
Translate 01/07/2017

Ahmed taha

The best site for buying fast shipping and fast delivery product as like described and thr support respond fast i highly recommend
Translate 01/07/2017

Carsten Haas

Habe am 28.12.2016 ein Vernee Apollo X25 bei Gearbest gekauft und als Versandart Expedited Shipping gewählt. Hatte das Smartphone am 06.01.2016 in meiner Hand. Also nach einer Woche. Das ist mehr als TOP. Die Kommunikation mit Gearbest war ebenfalls gut. Es wurde schnell geantwortet. Zusammenfassend ist zu sagen, dass ich diesen Shop empfehlen kann.
Translate 01/06/2017

tailana fraga

It was my first purchase of many, and I simply loved it. Best store, very good price, delivery is fast, shop the whole support! Super recommend, safe store! Can buy without fear!

Order No.:WP1610111529548149
Translate 01/06/2017

Alejandro Gonzalez

Os voy a comentar mi experiencia realmente objetiva sobre esta tienda.
Normalmente venden productos originales de casi todas las marcas, o sino, son productos similares, como por ejemplo para las placas Arduino, venden "Funduino", aunque es la misma tecnología.
El envío es bastante rápido, que puedes comprobar con el número de seguimiento que te dan. Tarda sobre 10-15 días laborables para el envío a España gratuito, y el sobre o la caja viene en buen estado siempre.
Si tienes algún problema con el envío, desde el soporte técnico no van a tener ningun problema en ayudarte de manera rápida y con respuestas claras y concisas.
Además tienes muchas reviews de los productos por parte de los usuarios, a menos que sea un producto recién salido.
Pedí una Xiaomi MiBand 2 y no tuve problemas. El proceso de compra es muy fácil, por lo que cualquiera puede comprar. Además puedes pagar con PayPal y otras tarjetas de crédito.
En resumen, recomiendo esta tienda al 100%
I can explain my real objective experience in this Electronical Shop.
They sell you original products from almost brands, or similar products (for example Arduino is "Funduino", but it's the same technology.
Delivery is fast with Tracking number (10-15 working days to Spain in free delivery), and the box is always in a good state.
If you have some problem with your del ivery, Gearbest Support is going to help you in a fast way, with a clear response.
You have a lot of reviews of users in the product page, unless it's a new product.
I ordered a Xiaomi MiBand 2 without any problems. The shopping process is very easy for all people who wants to buy something.You can pay with PayPal and most of credit cards.
So, I recommend this shop in a 100%
Translate 01/06/2017


happy to purchase on gearbest: very cheap prices, good quality products, no extra shipping fees. Support helped me and was very kind to reply.
I will buy again on this shop! totally recomended.
Translate 01/06/2017

Andrii Shkarivskyi

Nov 29, 2016 Ich habe Xiaomi Redmi 4 4G Smartphone von Gerbest bestellt. Der Preis war der beste immer. 2016-12-26 geliefert. Alles ok!!!
Kundenservice versuchen, die beste Lösung für Kunden zu finden.
So kann ich dieses Geschäft jedem empfehlen.
Translate 01/06/2017


"I've got only best experiences with Gearbest. Best quality/price ratio in the web. Very fast shipping. Great discounts and coupons (worth to search the web for gearbest coupon code before buying something). I've ordered a lot from Gearbest, and all came without any problems. Great website."
Translate 01/06/2017


Доволен работой этого магазина. Пока что все заказы приходили меньше чем за месяц. Цены вполне приемлемы, а главное что весь товар был оригинальным (тот же Mi Band, на который очень много подделок). Пока что нету ни одного негативного момента при работе с этим онлайн-магазином.
Translate 01/05/2017

Andrea Benvenuti

I love Gearbest because they have quality product and at great prices, but most important is their support, I have contacted them for a few queries and they have always responded quickly and precisely.

I have been buying from this site since November, and so far bought at least a dozen product, they always ship on time (even during Christmast time) never paid customs and the product are awesome.

I would strongly reccommend this site to friends and family, for me it has become my go to store for Xiaomi!
Translate 01/05/2017


Comprar en gearbest Es Muy Fácil, y Son los Productos de Calidad. Tiene Muchas opciones De Envío, los Productos siempre Llegan a Tiempo y en buen estado. Responden rápido a las dudas Y aclaraciones .
Translate 01/05/2017

Joan E.

Compre unos altavoces para reyes a buen precio. Para que llegaran a tiempo pague un extracoste de 13,48€. Llegaron a tiempo pero, SORPRESA MIA, DHL me cobraba 33,07€ MAS por ADUANA. Al final me COSTARON EL DOBLE. CUIDADO!!
Translate 01/04/2017


Gearbest is the best online sto You can find product as Xiaomi, Cubot, Homtom. Support is top. Shipping cost is very low.
Translate 01/04/2017


Premise: this is my real objective experience and that you are willing to share this with other people, review is not forced to do and no reward for sharing.
I have made several purchases from this store,fast shipping (dispatch in one or two days), delivery time (for Italy) 10/15 working days (select ITALY EXPRESS spedition), when I had any questions, I contacted the service center that has always responded to me and always answered my requests
never had customs problems, very competitive prices, every day there are some really cheap deals with the deep discounts.
for every purchase you receive gearbest point, that allow you to have more discounts on future purchases.
really happy, I make purchases regularly because it is the best online store I ever tried
Translate 01/03/2017


Solo he comprado un telefono en Gearbest y no ha sido una buena experiencia. Envié el telefono a reparar en garantia y despues de 2 meses y medio me contestan que el distribuidor no tiene el repuesto para reparar el telefono por lo que no lo pueden reparar. La solucion de Gearbest es que yo page la mitad de lo que me costó el telefono para que me invíen uno nuevo, como para que pase lo mismo y no lo puedan reparar de nuevo. La garantia y el servicio que dá Gearbest es una mierda pero de las gordas.Una y no más.
Translate 12/31/2016


Bought from them, very satisfied, product is authentic and really great, shipping was just a bit slow from something coming from the EU warehouse, but it's the shipping provider that was a bit slow on the heavy shipping period.
So i'm really satisfied
Translate 12/31/2016


I've bought from Gearbest about 4 times in the past 4 months and it was a very good experience, they're quickly in sending my order, the package arrived without damages, and the products are cheap (in comparisong with my country) and they aways attend my expectations, i will continue to buy in this website.
Translate 12/31/2016


Llevo esperando una cámara deportiva desde el 29 de noviembre. Un verdadero desastre. Las explicaciones que te dan son un copia - pega que se lo dirán a todos los clientes. Ya no compro mas en esta web.
Translate 12/31/2016

Emre Can Akdas

Nice product, not any problem , support verry good and fast shipping!
Translate 12/31/2016

Kostyantyn Kalivanov

Boughts some staff on Gearbest (pc case, mobile phone, etc) had no problems with any order i made. The items match the description, were shipped in 2-3 days and the packaging was nice (did its job, protect the item xD).

Compre alguns cosilla ya en Gearbest (torre para pc, móvil, etc), no tuve ningún problema hasta la fecha. Los artículos coincidían con la descripción y fueron enviados en 2-3 días. El embalaje estaba bien hecho (cumplió su función).
Translate 12/31/2016


Ho ordinato 2 volte da Gearbest in Italia e sono molto soddisfatto della qualità dei prodotti che ho ordinato, che sono molto economici e piuttosto sorprendente considerando. Inoltre gli articoli sono arrivato sempre in un modo velocetramite tramite spedizione Italy Express sono molto contento di questo servizio, e io consiglio a tutti.
Translate 12/30/2016


Habe mir das Xiamo Mii Band 2 bestellt.... nach sehr langem warten und vielen E-Mails stellte sich heraus, dass das Paket, warum auch immer, zurück an den versender ging. Das Geld ist weg und das Produkt werde ich nicht erhalten, es sei denn ich zahle nochmal was drauf, in der Hoffnung ich bekomme das zweite Paket. Gearbest ist dafür "nicht zuständig", bin echt sauer, nie wieder.
Translate 12/30/2016


He hecho como 3 pedidos y de momento todo perfecto.
Los pedidos me llegan mas rápido que en tiendas de la competencia, aunque lógicamente no esperéis que lleguen de un día para otro.
Uno de ellos, un gamepad inalambrico (WW1611110920319822), me llego defectuoso y enseguida contacte con ellos les mande unas fotos y me mandaron el remplazo de forma inmediata y satisfactoria.
100% Recomendable.
Translate 12/30/2016

Filipe Salgado

I have bought some items in this site. The experience was good, the items has arrived in the estimated date and all was ok.

I recommend it.

My order number was: W1611241745274116
Translate 12/30/2016

Mark Inocentes

My Gearbest experience has been very good so far, after I ordered my first item. The Gearbest livechat, it is very good as it runs 24/7 which is handy and helpful when you need support. The answer's are usually very clear. Customer service is really good, so are the products they're accurate and offer the best price. They also have flash sales which are discounted products. I would definitely recommend this company to friends.
Translate 12/30/2016

Justin Schreiber

Ich habe bereits 2 mal Ezigaretten dort bestellt, und jedes mal kamen die Artikel original verpackt hier bei mir Zuhause an.
Preisleistungsverhältnis ist natürlich top im Vergleich zu dem was man hier in Deutschland so zahlt.
Alles in allem - Top Online Händler, gerne wieder
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José Eduardo

I bought a few times at Gearbest and it is really the best store to buy products from China, I say this not only for its great products and prices, but also for its great services.
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hola,mi experiencia con gearbest a sido muy negativa,ya que compre un articulo que estaba a un precio y me han cobrado un precio mas elevado,al ponerme en contacto con ellos su unica respuesta a sido que no pueden hacer nada.
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He realizado varios pedidos y todo estupendo. Buenos precios y buenos productos. Y siempre una atencion rapida y excelente.
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Ordering at GearBest is very easy. Mostly I buy things for my e-cigarettes. Prices ar top and quality is perfect. No problem until now. My technical question to the support team was answered within 24 hours and the answer was fine. Delivery time is ~2 weeks. That´s ok for China->Germany. Already suggested GearBest to my friends and will do again.
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He tenido una muy grata experiencia en esta tienda, son muy responsables con sus productos, ya he pedido unas cuantas cosas y no he tenido ningún problema, mi satisfacción ha sido bien fundada. De las tiendas por internet en la que he pedido productos sin duda esta es una de las mejores, pueden confiar en ellos
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José Manuel

Unos estafadores se quedaron con 175 euros y no me lo han devuelto, pedí una tablet en Europa y me cobraban 25 euros de aduana devolviendo el producto.
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Ningún problema hasta ahora, todos los pedidos que hice llegaron en buen estado, sellados y a tiempo, no he tenido problemas con el pago y se preocuparon de preguntar si es que no tuve problemas con los pedidos.
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I use this site for over a year. I was happy with everything. The seller is very communicative, orders come very quickly. Till Moldova 2-3 weeks by registered mail. Last order was Teclast TBook 11 / X16 Plus Keyboard Case. delivery took 3 weeks. I recommend it to everybody.
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Luís Ribeiro

Great products on site with a large variety of items.

The products I ordered all came fine matching the description.

Just made another order today. Strongly recommended store.
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NADA recomendada, tramitan muchos pedidos al día y fallan en muchos, como te toque a tí, despidete de tu pedido, nunca llega, dicen que está en camino pero nunca llega, mi pedido lleva mes y medio de camino, una estafa
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Ho ordinato 2 volte tramite Gearbest e mi posso ritenere davvero felice riguardo ai miei acquisti! Sono arrivati entrambi in maniera veloce (il primo 7 giorni, il secondo 20 perchè sotto periodo natalizio, ma contando che ho speso 4 euro per la spedizione mi posso ritenere davvero soddisfatto!)
Per la spedizione Italy Express (che io consiglio) è disponibile anche il tracking del prodotto
Parlando dei prodotti che ho preso (vari cavi usb, mousepad, Controller XBOX ONE e Sd e un paio di cuffie Bluetooth) considerando il prezzo dei prodotti che è davvero imbattibile ho trovato la qualità in generale davvero buona
Consiglio a tutti di darci un'occhiata!
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i am a regular customer at gearbest and i never had any problems. I have returned items and have been refunded. The prices are the best in comparison with other webs and if you wait for flash sales or get a disocunt coupon you will get the best price ratio in the web. I have just received a teclast x80 pro and i am very happy with itdispite of the bad wifi hardware it has, but i know that. Also i am waiting for a coat to arrive that i had to return because of a size election mistake and i have no problems despite the time waiting because the delivery times. Im satisfied with gearbest.
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Juan Pedro

Hola! Debo ser el unico que le ha salido bien? He comprado dos mobiles xiaomi, fundas, un portatil, unos auriculares, una tablet para dibujar... y todo me ha salido bien... de momento seguiré comprando ;)
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Ho fatto un paio di acquisti su Gearbest e mi sono trovato davvero bene ! Innanzitutto mi è piaciuta la spedizione Italy express e la sua velocita' e poi il fatto che non c'è il rischio dogana . Inoltre c'è il team di assistenza che ti aiuta in tutto , ti risponde in tempo reale con la live chat oppure nei festivi aprendo semplicemente un ticket nell'apposita sezione . La qualita' degli ordini è ottima , ho è acquistato un paio di sigarette tra cui una tesla invader 3 con atomizzatore smok , e quando mi è arrivato sembravo un bambino ( W1611080949242935) . Inoltre casomai ci fosse qualche problema, i rimborsi arrivano subito e i consumatori sono sempre premiati! Consigliatissimo!
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Compro e indico a GEARBEST, são bons produtos e preços muito bons, alem de um excelente atendimento
Moro no Brasil e minhas compras sempre chegam bem embaladas e protegidas, as vezes acontece de demorar muito pelo fato do serviços de correios e alfandega do Brasil ser horrível
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Hola la verdad que se estresa uno cuando tiene un número de seguimiento que mirando en 17track pone no encontrado y me o mandaron hace 10 días. Son 200 euros que me he gastado y estoicamente preocupado porque el seguimiento de gearbest pone "undefined" pero esta mandado y tengo foto tmb
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I ordered gamesir Gs3 from gearbest and it arrived after 21 day buisness and the shipping costs only 4 dollars
the item was so good and it wasn't affected by anything
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Habe zwei Smartwatches (150$-Klasse) (Ourtime x01s) als Weihnachtsgeschenk bei Gearbest bestellt. Waren nach 8 Tagen da. Das ist aber auch das einzige positive. Leider nach dem Auspacken große Enttäuschung. Sie lassen sich weder mit iPhone noch mit Samsung über Bluetooth verbinden. Wifi funktioniert auch nicht. Authentifizierungsproblem... Gearbest hilft nicht wirklich. Nachdem ich drei mal aufgefordert wurde, die Fehler zu beschreiben, was ich natürlich jedes mal getan habe, kommt jetzt wieder die selbe Aufforderung. Das negative Produktrating wird nicht auf der Gearbest-Seite veröffentlicht!
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Oscar Rojas

Gran variedad de productos, buenos precios, entrega dentro del tiempo establecido, en general una buena experiencia de compra por internet. Lo recomendaría.
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musste einfach mal meine Erfahrung teilen.
Ich bin mich jetzt seit über einer Woche mit Gearbest um mein 2 Monate altes, defektes Smartphone am streiten. Das beste ist, dass sie mir die schuld geben das unter anderem Staub in der Linse der frontkamera ist und das bei einem Wasser und staubdichten handy?! Ist klar! Aber sie sind ja so Großzügig und bieten mir 6€ in punkten an. So einen Lachhaften laden habe ich noch nie erlebt!!!
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George Miaoudakis

Very happy with GearBest. Once i have ordered they immediately shipped the product and after 20 days was on my door
in perfect condition. Plus it was in the best price as i have looked it and in other chinese e-shops.
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Daniel P

One of my favorite pages, the best page to buy electronic gadgets, drones, smartphones and many other things, have everything. The cheapest prices in comparison with other websites, a wide catalog of products and great offers.

Very fast and safe shipments, it took me 10-15 days for the last order. Very good customer service and long term guarantee.

Very happy.
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I have bought Chuwi Hi12 12 inch Tablet PC on Gearbest ( order W1603211447354796 ) on 22nd March 2016.

I am very happy with the product and Gerabest's service.

I will definitely recommend this webstore.

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it's was a perfect experience
i recently ordered 3 orders in gearbest around 12 items
amazing products , high quality as description , fast shipping less than 20 days
very low prices with amazing sales
and there support team wonderful they helped me a lot fast response .
if i want something i will check gearbest at first
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diogo vieira

Really good website
Very good prices with high quality products
bought 2 phones already and very good shipping and product quality
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Relizado un pedido con entrega de 7 a 15 dias sin recibir. Pasados 24 dias solo indican que espere al mes. No tienen control sobre sus pedidos en España.
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I'm really satisfied with Gearbest. Everything I ordered came fine.
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Bon site

Achat reçu dans les délais annoncés, bien emballé. Produit conforme à la description et tout à fait satisfaisant d'un point de vue qualitatif. Vendeur sérieux. Je referais une commande sans problème pour ce même type de produit.

Order No.:WB1611290500154231
Order date : Nov 29, 2016 19:00:15 PM
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Yo compré un dron con cámara ya hace un mes y primero hasta que salió de sus almacenes tardó una semana y ahora en seguimiento da que está en Inglaterra pero me dicen que están en huelga que tenga paciencia yo creo por los comentarios leídos sobre esta empresa y otras de origen chino es mejor no comprarles nada son unos falsos y ponte a reclamar al maestro armero...
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Also ich habe schon 2x bei Gearbest bestellt u.a. ein Smartphone von Xiaomi, bezahlt mit Kreditkarte und über Germany Expres Priority Line mit Versicherung bestellt.
Zoll und EUSt musste ich nicht bezahlen. Die Produkte sind top - und ich hatte bis jetzt Glück, weil sie noch funktionieren.
Das Tablet von meiner 3. Bestellung ist noch unterwegs - da kann ich noch nichts zu sagen.
Pakete von Gearbest kann man sehr wohl tracken über
Der Versand dauert halt 5-15 Werktage, das muss man vor Bestellung wissen. Und nach Deutschland nur über Germany Expres Priority Line bestellen, sonst gibt es u.U. Probleme mit dem Zoll!
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Habe bei Gearbest bestellt, wie empfohlen per Germany Express und Versandversicherung.
DPD hat das Paket dann verloren.

Danach habe ich gefühlte 100 Nachrichten mit der Supporthotline ausgetauscht.
Ich hab denen sogar die offizielle DPD-Verlusterklärung geschickt.

Aber dort bat man mich nur zu warten, warten warten...
Nach einer Weile haben sie mir aus Kulanz den halben Kaufpreis rückerstatten wollen.

Auf meine Einwände, ich habe doch die Versicherung abgeschlossen, ist dort niemand eingegangen.

Ich kann nur vor Gearbest warnen! Sobald was schief geht, ist man der Mops.
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André Luiz Silva de Almeida

Sou do Brasil e comprei um Redmi Note 3 Pro, chegou tudo certinho e bem embalado, site confiável e com ótimos preços, recomendo para quem quer economizar com produtos de qualidade.
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Flavio Ciccocioppo

Ho effettuato più di un acquisto e la mia opinione à più che positiva.
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Yo he hecho 2 pedidos a Gearbest de 20e cada uno y uno me llegó a los 10 días y otro a los 17.
He vuelto ha hacer un pedido por 80e y llevan 10 días desde que se realizó el envio.
De momento no tengo ninguna queja excepto que la web que lleva el seguimiento se actualiza cuando le da la gana. Por ejemplo: en el envío actual, hoy se ha actualizado que mi pedido salió de Hong Kong el día 16, es decir, hace 3 dias de eso. Espero que se actualice pronto la información para saber por donde anda mi pedido.
Por lo demás, sin problema.
Las cosas llegan bien empaquetadas
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Cleber de Souza

Esse site na minha opinião é o melhor site de compras online da china.

Comprei recentemente um cigarro eletrônico levou apenas 20 dias para chegar.

Produto com excelente qualidade e preço bom.

Recomendo para todos os meus amigos do Brasil e America Latina
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Ich hab schon desöfteren bei Gearbest bestellt. Kann nur Gutes berichten. Die Bestellungen werden sofort losgeschickt und es gibt eine Tracking-Nr, über die man das Paket bis nach England verfolgen kann (darüber wird wohl eingeführt). Ab da funktioniert die Nr. dann auf der DHL-Webseite (hier kommt es meist zu einem Loch von ca. 1 Woche.. denke mal in der Zeit wird es verzollt oder so). Die Lieferzeit betrug bei mir bislang immer 2-3 Wochen.
Ich musste bislang keine weiteren Abgaben leisten (weder Zoll, noch Einfuhrumsatzsteuer -> Germany Express als Versandart wählen).
Die Sachen sind ordentlich verpackt. Mit Rücksendungen musste ich mich zum Glück noch nicht beschäftigen. Dazu kann ich deshalb nichts sagen.

Insgesamt sehr empfehlenswert!
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jose de arimateia oliveira macedo

E um site muito bom gearbest a entrega muito rapida produto de qualidade e confiavel
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Hola he pedido una chaqueta hace 1 mes , segun el segumiento llego el 13 de diciembre a España y aun no se nada de ella , alguien sabe q empresa de mensajeria utilizan en España ?
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Hab am 27 November ein Smartphon bestellt. Warte seit heute noch auf mein Päckchen. Ob es dieses Jahr überhaupt noch ankommt bezweifel ich langsam.
Stand seit 2 Dezember bis heute "Die Auftragsdaten zu dieser Sendung wurden vom Absender elektronisch an DHL übermittelt"
Nichts bewegt sich.. nichts. Auf den Nächsten Schritt wartet man Wochen
Nun weiß ich nicht wem hier die Schuld trifft für diese elende warterei. wohl mehr die Logistik
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This is a great website where make shopping! You can find all you need with very competitive prices! The payment method is very safety, you can also buy using PayPal or something else. Product are good even if the shipping is sometimes low (it depends clearly by where do you live)
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Davyson Carvalho Lima

meu produto ta parado, comprei vai fazer 3 meses e nunca chegou em minha residencia, se não chegar o produto não irei mais comprar no site,
Data Local Situação
16/11/2016 09:33 CEINT CURITIBA - CURITIBA/PR Encaminhado
Em trânsito para RFB - Liberado sem Tributação/BR
13/10/2016 11:38 SUIÇA Conferido
Recebido na unidade de exportação
13/10/2016 11:38 SUIÇA Encaminhado
Em trânsito para Unidade de Tratamento Internacional - BRASIL/BR
13/10/2016 11:38 SUIÇA Postado
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Bei Gearbest darf man alles gaben, nur keinen Reklamationsfall.
Rücksendung fast unmöglich, allein um deren Adresse fehlerfrei zu schreiben und um das Etikett für den chin. Zoll richtig auszuführen, bräuchte man einen Schriftgelehrten und einen Zollfachmann.
Folge: Der Verlust der Ware ist vorprogrammiert.
Zumal Gearbest zur Angabe falscher Angebane auffordert.
Bei Smartphones soll besipielsweise der Wert mit "20USD" angegeben werden.
Das ist nicht astrein und deswegen finden nicht alle techn. Geräte den Weg durch den Zoll.

Das einzige, was im Garantiefall bleibt, ist, auf die Rücksendung zu verzichten und den "refund"-Vorschlag von Gearbest anzunehmen, der aber nur höchstens einem Viertel des Warenwerts entspricht - wahrscheinlich dem chines. Einkaufswert entsprechend.
Zudem wird dieser refund nicht ausgezahlt, er kann nur für künftige Käufe verrechnet werden.

Wie bekannt, ist Gearbest wegen seiner fragwürdigen "Politik" auch schon auf diversen Seiten, die "Deals" veröffentlichen, gesperrt worden.
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Gear Best ist meiner Meinung nach ein klasse shop. Ich bin vor ca. einem halben Jahr durch einen Tipp zu Gear Best gekommen und habe dort einen Staubsauger Roboter gekauft. Nachdem bei der Bestellung damals alles super lief und ich vom Artikel selbst begeistert bin (hatte vor Bestellung einige Test und Reviews gelesen) bin ich inzwischen immer wieder bei Gear Best gelandet. Inzwischen kaufe ich dort regelmäßig elektronische Geräte ein. Ich habe nun schon von der LED Taschenlampe (Zanflare F1) über eine Minidrohne, bis hin zur Dashcam als Weihnachtsgeschenk recht viel dort gekauft.
Vorteil für mich ist, dass die Elektroartikel oft sehr günstig sind. Man findet auch zu vielen Artikeln Tests oder Videos auf anderen Seiten, damit man auch weiß was man kauft.
Die Lieferzeit lag bei mir bei allen Lieferungen (inzwischen 9 Stück) immer bei ca. 2 Wochen und ich hatte noch nie Probleme mit dem Zoll. Es kam alles immer direkt zu mir, auch Artikel die über 100€ lagen. Tipp hier vielleicht immer "priority mail Germany" als Versandart wählen. Hier wird wohl mit DHL geliefert, was anscheinend beim Zoll nicht so oft hängen bleibt.
Zum Thema Versand ist noch zu sagen, dass man bedenken sollte, dass eine Retoure unter Umständen etwas teuer werden kann. Versandkosten nach China sind nicht billig. Allerdings ist hier Gear Best vom Kundenservice auch sehr bemüht Lösungen zu finden, und wie in meinem Fall einer Reklamation, den Fall dann über einen Gutschein, den ich bekommen habe zu lösen. Auch das hat mir gut gefallen.
Ich werde bei Neuanschaffungen immer wieder bei Gear Best nachschauen, ob es hier nicht etwas preisgünstiges ggf. baugleiches, von dem was ich suche gibt. Bin sehr zufrieden und warte schon sehnsüchtig auf die Stirnlampen die gerade unterwegs zu mir sind.
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Jose Abel Castillo Melo

Mi producto nunca llego, desde el mes de agosto que solicite, son un robo y no quieres devolverme mi dinero
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Yo compre un mobil por gearbest el 11/11 y a fecha de hoy no ha llegado. Alguien tiene o sabe si tienen un telefono de contacto?
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Llevo mucho tiempo comprando online,a webs que son competencia de GearBest, jamás había visto nada como esto, sin duda la peor experiencia de mi vida en compras online. Llevan 21 días vacilándome para no enviarme el pedido. Deben tener la orden que su objetivo es cancelar o demorar la entrega, y no hacen mas que poner excusas baratas y marear la perdiz día si, y día también. Sin ser honestos, y con el producto según la web en stock, cada día se inventan algo nuevo con lo que retrasar otra semana. Te mienten y además cuando les coges la mentira te pasan a otra persona con una nueva excusa, e invitándote a cancelar el producto o a pagar mas porque resulta que el peso es más del que creían. Da igual que pagues, sale una cosa nueva donde pagas mas o te desmoralizan hasta que canceles y hayas perdido 1 mes como un tonto.
Translate 12/15/2016


Ich habe leider ein Handy Gigaset ME pro bestellt. Das Gerät war gebraucht!! Die Lieferzeit und die Trackinginformationen stimmten überhaupt nicht.
Als das Gerät dann nach Wochen endlich da war, war es B-Ware mit sehr deutlichen Gebrauchsspuren/Beschädigungen. Als Lösung wurden mir GearBest Punkte im Wert von 6€ angeboten, oder Rücksendung nach China auf eigene Kosten und mit der Falschangabe des Wertes. Ich sollte in der Erklärung einen Wert von 10 € angeben (Betrugsaufforderung).
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Ich hab schon 3 mal von Gearbest bestellt.Auswahl groß,preise sehr gut!Versand dauer von China immer 2 wochen gut zu vergleich.Support sehr gut und immer behilflich!
Translate 12/14/2016


Ostias, yo he hecho un pedido por valor de 150€. Han tardado 4-5 días en procesarlo, pero no me quejo porque había un fin de semana de por medio. La página parece bastante fiable, aunque me alivia haber pagado por paypal. Ayer lo enviaron y me proporcionaron un número de seguimiento el cuál he comprobado en la empresa de mensajería junto a la factura del envío y una foto del paquete. Parece bastante buena a primera vista, pero viendo vuestras opiniones..... Hay que decir que goza de muy buena reputación en la comunidad de youtube y blogs de tecnología. En fin, rezaré a Donald Trump para que llegue xD, el producto en sí no creo que se les olvide enviarlo porque pesa 9 Kilos.
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Marcos Rogerio Alves de Souza


Comprei um fone Remax e um p2 splitter, de inicio não esperava muito do fone, aqui em terras tupiniquins os fones bons são a partir de 50, e esse custava 30, mas me surpreendi quando chegou, 1o por ter passado liso pela Alfandega e 2o pela qualidade, que pelo preço apresentado não tem concorrente aqui no Brasil.
Translate 12/13/2016


I think this ist one of the best webshop!
I recommend it to everyone.
I Buyed Original XiaoMi Mi Pad 64GB ROM W1610131114084016
This Is my best tablet ever.
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Von diesem Store können sich deutsche Online Versandhändler eine Scheibe abschneiden. Habe bisher über 20 verschiedene Objekte bestellt, alle sind vor den angegeben Lieferfristen angekommen. Kommunikation per email auf englisch aber Antwort innerhalb 24 Std! Ich wurde sogar einmal von GB angeschrieben, weil ich ein höherpreisiges Gerät bestellt und gekauft habe ( Paypal) wobei ich Einfuhrsteuer und Zoll vergessen hatte. Eine Firma die einen daran erinnert, dass die tatsächlichen Kosten deswegen höher als erwartet werden könnten, bekommt bei mir Höchstbewertungen. Habe e-mail geschrieben, dass ich deswegen den Kauf rückgängig machen möchte. Am nächsten Tag war das Geld wieder auf dem Paypal-konto! Kundenzufriedenheit ist oberstes Gebot bei GB, und das es nicht nur um Geld verdienen geht, rechne ich dieser Firma hoch an.
Translate 12/12/2016


I made my first order in Gearbest and bought a headset. I placed an order and after three or four days i got a confirmational email that my product is being packed, so i waited and then after 5-6 or days got my tracking number and my purchase had already been shipped. Good communication inbetween from customer support and fast response, order was placed with ease and their site is very user friendly, at the end in my case everything turned out well and i will probably order again soon. Prices are really good and my product was in perfect condition and performed really well, packaging was also secured well. I would definitely recommend it to others and inform my friends too. Good luck to you!
Translate 12/12/2016


Ho effettuato diversi ordini tramite GearBest e non ho mai avuto alcun problema.
Sebbene i tempi di ricezione siano maggiori rispetto a quelli di altri più conosciuti, il risparmio sui vari prodotti è molto elevato e fa sì che valga la pena aspettare qualche giorno in più.

Gli ultimi 3 ordini effettuati riguardano materiale per sigarette elettroniche. I prodotti ricevuti, proprio come da descrizione, sono originali e perfettamente imballati.

La spedizione Italy Express, fa sì che i prodotti arrivino a casa in 7-15 giorni (una volta ci mettevano fino ad un mese) ad un costo irrisorio e senza ulteriori dazi doganali.

Anche i pagamenti, effettuati tramite PayPal, non hanno riscontrato alcun problema.

GearBest è sicuramente uno dei migliori shop da cui ho avuto occasione di acquistare e da cui sicuramente acquisterò in futuro.

Quanto scritto sopra è frutto della mia esperienza soggettiva e non è in alcun modo stato influenzato.
Translate 12/11/2016

Peterson Rech

Bom, não tive tanta sorte assim com o site, comprei uma smart band dia 7/11 e ate hoje ela não chegou.... No código de rastreio RS698539411NL diz que foi encaminhado para o Brasil desde o dia 19/11 e ate hoje dia 11/12 não chegou... Minhas compras no ali Express que comprei depois da smartband já estão no Brasil e algumas até foram entregues já... Tem algo que eu possa fazer? Já aconteceu isso com alguém?
Translate 12/11/2016

Iury Melo Valladares

I've already made three purchases at Gearbest and I only have compliments to do. I had long wanted to shop on international sites and had doubts and fears about a number of things and these were totally dissipated. All orders have arrived well before the time limit and before the posting they send you an image of the packed product ready to be despatched. I already used the service for a refund and it was quickly resolved. They sure are my first of many purchases.
Translate 12/09/2016

Adrian Ruiz

I received my order W1611280756598386 and everything is correct. The order came with all the products I bought and fit perfectly with the description and images of the web. I am very happy with my order and with Gearbest. Shipping has been very fast.The products are cheap. I will buy soon
Ich erhielt meine Bestellung W1611280756598386 und alles ist korrekt. Die Bestellung kam mit all den Produkten, die ich gekauft und passen perfekt mit der Beschreibung und Bilder des Web. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit meiner Bestellung und mit Gearbest. Versand war sehr schnell. Die Produkte sind billig. Ich kaufe bald
Translate 12/08/2016

Lucas Sepulvida

Parece que não tive tanta sorte com o site, efetuei uma compra no dia 26/11 (W1611260834254749) e paguei quase 100 reais de frete apenas para que meu produto chegasse depressa, o site dizia que chegaria de 7 a 10 dias uteis, mas no entanto até hoje 8/12 ele não chegou, e pra complicar ainda mais, o código de rastreio EA240321967CN diz que ele fo9 entregue para alguém na china e a pessoa inclusive recebeu o produto... não sei nem como o proceder.
Translate 12/08/2016


Recently I was searching for a new headset for my personal use, in my country Brazil prices are very expensive! And then I was looking for an alternative coming from outside to buy my product, I saw the Gearbest as a better alternative to this since, they offer extremely good prices on an impressive variety of articles, I did not think twice before making my purchase on the website Since what they offer is incredible, after my purchase I had all the necessary support being informed of the delivery procedures and everything else, when my product arrived I was sure of one thing, I sure would buy again
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marco bruno

ottimi prezzi ,punti che loro ti offrono per ogni acquisto che li tramuti in euro da applicare sul tuo prossimo acquisto ,assistenza al top fino ad oggi nessun altro sito cinese che ti risponde e ti risolve il problema in poche ore,spedizioni a pagamento io uso italy exspress piu assicurazione apochi euro in più e pochi giorni le cose sono a casa mia altrimenti c è il trasporto gratis è anni che compro sui siti cinesi ma loro sono cortesi è professionali e ti danno 3/ 4 alternative per risolverti un problema e sopratutto paghi anche con paypal......
Translate 12/08/2016

luis saenz

Excellent page to make purchases by internet, the products arrive in good condition and without delays, the attention to the customer is very good and always solve your doubts or problems, the prices are very low and there are excellent offers, shipping costs are very cheap , The packaging has a lot of protection, I recommend the page
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Sito perfetto! consegna velocissimi prodotti di qualità eccellente, comprato vari prodotti xiaiomi davvero spettacolari a prezzi più bassi del web! Per ogni problema il servizio clienti è eccezionale (un paio di rimborsi 100% ottenuti)!
consiglio vivamente GearBest!
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Juan Sebastian Osorio

I live in a Small Town in South America-Colombia where shipping from China can take up to 2 Months , I ordered a Headset Kotion Each G9000 , wich I bought half price of the local webmarkets , The package arrived in 10 days , wich is really fast , and the Item macth all the Website description. Brand New Item and the Color that was order. I have been in contact with his Client Service , and no problems so far. I have 2 more orders incomming , We will see if the quality keeps going.
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I made three orders one arrived well before the expected and another two on time, everything of good quality.
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Hi there,
So far I have made 3 purchases on Gearbest. I bought 2 smartphones and a protective case for one of them.
All the orders went out very well: payment was easy and fast, tracking worked out fine and I received them all in expected time.
I currently have nothing bad to point as I am also happy with the products I bought and their prices.

I definitely recommend it :D
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Christian Salgado

Gearbest es una de las mejores páginas para adquirir los mas recientes gadgets.
La calidad de los productos es buena, y el costo también es accesible.
Lo que más me gusta son las opciones de envío, ya que puedes obtener tu producto mucho mas rápido y por un muy buen costo y servicio.
El servicio al cliente es bueno.
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Daniel Monreal

Gearbest es una pagina llena de productos fascinantes, muy baratos y envio gratis y muy rapido, compro casi todo lo que necesito aqui.
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