The Front Row Shop is an online shop for fashion, such as clothing, shoes and accessories, and was founded in 2012. The range of product includes formal wear as well as casual everyday-clothes and street fashion. Front Row Shop has its headquarters in Shanghai and is a subsidiary company of Front Row Shanghai, which is more than 10 year old and has acquired a vast knowledge on clothing production and logistics.

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Experience with Front Row Shop

FrontRowShop is an online fashion shop that features higher priced garments. You will only rarely find an inexpensive bargain but you will find many interesting and edgy fashion pieces. Our order arrived within a month without any problems. Everything was well wrapped and we didn't experience any bad surprises like wrong or damaged items. Everything else is listed right here for you:


  • delivery time: 15-30 work days to Germany
  • range of products: fashion in different categories
  • price comparison: more expansive than other fashion shops but great quality


  • free shipping without minimum order value
  • buyer protection through PayPal
  • well-arranged website


  • high prices
  • ordering not possible without an account


You can pay at Front Row Shop with PayPal, credit and debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Maestro) but have to register to be able to place an order - it doesn't matter if you want to pay via PayPal or with your credit card. A great incentive for opening an account on the website is the coupon for 10 US$ discount. We recommend paying with PayPal to be able to use the PayPal buyer protection.

    • PayPal
    • credit card(Visa, Mastercard)
    • Western Union

FrontRowShop Payment Methods

Shipping costs and delivery time

The shipping option depend on your location and may include “Regular Mail“ and/or „Express Shipping“. The first shipping option takes up to 30 work days but doesn't cost you shipping fees and doesn't have a minimum order value. Express Shipping costs about 12€ and takes, depending on the country, about 3-7 work days.

FrontRowShop Shipping Methods

Front Row Shop and customs

Front Row Shop declares its packages carefully and an unwanted stop at customs should be a rare sight. Nevertheless, one should be aware that customs does random checks on well-declared packages from China.

Naturally this doesn’t free anyone in Germany from the legal 19% import sales tax, which will be raised on any order with a value of 26€ or more. The usual case would be to pay the taxes directly to your mailman once the parcel arrives. On rare occasions your local custom office will keep the package and you will have to come pick it up and pay the taxes at their office. On orders with a value of 150€ or more you might have to pay custom fees - you can find further information on tax procedures in our FAQ.

Return policy

You can send all items back within 15 days of receiving them but items on sale are excluded from this return policy. Be aware that you have to pay all costs for returning and potential shippings with exchange items yourself.

Specific features

Sadly, FrontRowShop doesn't have an own fashion blog like other fashion online shops do. But items from Front Row Shop are featured in many blogs of fashion fans and fashionistas.


People who love to be up-to-date and wear the latest fashion - or items that aren't even fashionable yet but will be in a few weeks or months - will find amazing items at Front Row Shop. But be prepared to pay a bit more than in other Chinese online fashion stores! For this price you will wear the newest trends and receive items with a great quality.


 Alternative 1:  Zaful
free shipping free shipping, a bit less expensive, a great variety of styles
 Alternative 2:  SheIn
free shipping
from $50
free shipping for US customers or for orders over $50 for other customers, great assortment of fashion items, very popular online shop

0 FrontRowShop Coupons

If you don't want to buy the greatest bargains from the sale section of Front Row Shop, you might want to considering checking out our regularly updated coupons. We try to keep you up to date, but if we missed a promotion, then tell us about it!

Sorry, no coupons are currently available.

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Casey Land

I am loving every unique piece that I'm seeing. I'm just today setting up My PayPal acct, (I believe this will be a long-term future, I'm seeing with your company) what are the chances of that?????????
Thank you for your time. Now, I must go and find the coupons and the points system because just a few days ago I noticed THE SWIMSUIT I hope to be wearing to the Gulf in late July early August! ????????????????????☀️????????⛱????????‍????‍????❗18yr & ????️???????????? ONLY ????❗????????????
OOPS, I was
Casey Land

Vaida Rukaite-Drazdove

My experience with this company was extremely bad. The customer service is a complete disaster. The items never arrived. There was a mistake in the address, I contacted them in time to correct it but they never reacted, asking me to contact the delivery companies myself. I did that and was informed that only sender can instruct the delivery companies about any changes. The FRS did nothing, were very slow. In the end, after 2 months i received the reimbursement for the items on my paypal account, however no information from the "customer" service. I was not offerred to have the items re-send, even though i was ready to pay for delivery again. The way all process was handled and the tone of e-mails left really bitter taste. Never again. There are really more and better companies and if they do not correct their way of working, there is no bright future for this company. If you hesitate-my advice is shop somewhere else.

Venni Martine

I order 3 items. 2 were the CLEARANCE so I settled for a Medium for shiny blue leggings. The other item I was most interested in was a fuchsia top that appeared shiny and silky! I did not receive a confirmation. It may have gone to spam. I even forgot about my order. I finally tracked down my order as I found the seller details on my Paypal charge and I emailed to ask the ETA. I emailed them from my work email as well as my personal email which I had used for the order. They responded only to my work email query, 3 days after and sent me a tracking #. By that time, the item had actually arrived.
The silky top was not silky as it seemed to be more toned down and not shiny like the photo in their site. The leggings were quite snug, and to be honest, really long! I like them long, However, I wish they had it in L because the crotch barely meets the area in my own crotch!
Translate 02/27/2019


Front Row is always a success. Very original garment. Top
Translate 09/23/2015


Der Versand hat gefühlt ewig gedauert, verglichen z.B mit asos. Ich weiß China ist ne andere Ecke als England aber trotzdem habe ich etwa einen Monat auf die Ware gewartet.
Ich habe zwei Jacken in XS bestellt und ein Oberteil in XS. Die Jacken waren einfach unglaublich RIESIG ich bin 1.67cm groß und es sah einfach komplett bescheuert aus, gerne haette ich sie etwas 'oversized' gehabt aber das war mit Sicherheit kein XS was dem europäischen oder amerikanischen Markt entsprechen würde. Ziemlich enttaueschend. Naja zudem muss die gesamte Schose wieder zurueckgesendet werden und die Rücksendung wird natuerlich nicht uebernommen was bedeutet der Versand zurueck nach China muss selbst bezahlt werden.
Translate 11/18/2014


Hat Sachen, die ich noch nie so gesehen hab. Krass stylish und auch in RL sehr schön. Gönn mir gern hier was.
Translate 11/07/2014

Tina Tequila

Vorhin wieder eine Bestellung aufgegeben. Mich überzeugt immer wieder die Qualität und der Service. Der Shop hat zwar saftige Preise für eine Boutique aus China, aber Asos bringt auch nicht bessere Preise für die Qualität oder Exklusivität. Hier weiß ich wenigstens, dass mir am Wochenende mein neuer Blazer nicht fünfmal auf der Strasse begegnen wird.
Translate 10/14/2014


Kenn ich durch meine liebste Bloggerin! Da ich auch in den normalen Shops in RL keine Hemmungen habe mal nen Fuffi auszugeben, hab ich dann auch kein Problem ein wenig mehr in China für meine Kleidung auszugeben. Und bei Frontrowshop lohnt es sich mal zehn, zwanzig Euro mehr auszugeben als bei Lovelywholesale oder sowas. Wäscht nämlich nicht alles einfach aus oder schrumpft.

Für mich eine gute Alternative zu Zalando und Mango - auch wenn der Versand ne Woche länger dauert. ;-)
Translate 09/11/2014


Im Vergleich zu anderen chinesischen Shops recht teuer. Aber kann man qualitativ auch nicht vergleichen. Beim Front Row Shop kriegt man definitiv höherwertige Ware. Da ich dort ein paar Kleider gefunden hab, die es so nicht bei europäischen Onlineläden gab (bzw. hab keine gefunden), hab ich die Bestellung gewagt. Musste dafür zwar etwas warten, aber hat sich gelohnt. Also wer für ein gutes und besonderes Kleid auch mal etwas mehr investieren möchte, wirrd hier sicher fündig!

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