Focalprice ("Chiang Network Technology Co. Limited") is one of the heavyweights among China's online shops. Even though it is a comparatively young company - founded 2011 in Hong Kong - it already offers over 40.000 items.

With a global Alexa ranking of 2.890 it is, similar to TinyDeal and Dealextreme, one of the most frequently visited Asian stores online.

Focalprice Index

Experience with Focalprice

Because Focalprice is one of the biggest shops on the Chinese market, we've already tried it several times for you and can offer extensive experience.


  • no shipping costs for standard shipping
  • PayPal payment possible without a Focalprice account
  • registered users can choose between different payment methods
  • collect Focal Coins as a registered user
  • some items have a quantity discount and some items are temporarily discounted ("Daily Deals")


  • prices in Euros don't correspond with current exchange rate
  • website can be very slow
  • reviews can’t be trusted blindly


You can order directly, pay with PayPal-Express and skip the step of creating your own account on Focalprice. If you do open an account, you're offered several different payment methods such as paying by credit card. We strongly suggest you pay with PayPal, because it offers an amazing buyer protection program. In case your package doesn’t arrive, you can use this buyer protection and get your money back within 40 days of your order. The merchants are all very accommodating and always try to find a fitting solution for every problem. You can contact them via live chat or on the FocalPrice Forum. Whenever we had questions, we received an answer within a workday.

Furthermore, we recommend sticking to US-Dollar ($) as your currency. We saw drastic differences between the current exchange rates and Focalprice's calculations.

Supported payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)

Focalprice Payment Methods

Delivery time and shipping

Speaking from experience, the delivery time of the free standard shipping usually varies between 14 to 21 days. This matches Focalprice's estimates of delivery times between 10 - 16 workdays. When you choose priority or express shipping for an extra charge (which can cost you up to $23), you can expect your express delivery to arrive within 2 - 7 workdays. Focalprice lists several different delivery companies, which offer different delivery times and correspondingly different prices.

Currently, Focalprice doesn't have a warehouse in Europe which could lower the delivery times. Shops such as Banggood already relocated part of their goods to Europe, sometimes making those deliveries the more convenient alternative.

Focalprice Shipping Methods

Focalprice and customs

Contrary to other China shops, Focalprice declares packages and parcels pretty carefully so that an unwanted stop at customs will be a rare sight. But keep in mind that the German customs office does random checks on well-declared packages from China.

Furthermore, you will have to pay the legal 19% import sales tax if your order has a value of 26€ or more when shipping to the EU. Usually you can be paying the taxes directly to your mailman once the parcel arrives or you pay it at your local customs office if they keep or have to open your order. And if you order for more than 150€ you have to pay customs fees - we've explained that further in our FAQ.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not entirely common, side-effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, but the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $100, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.


Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Specific features

Focalprice has a point system that offers you the opportunity to collect points, which can be exchanged later on for coupons. When you open an account and verify your email address, you receive your first 58 points. You get a Focalpoint for every dollar you spend. Further opportunities to collect points are:

  • writing a review for 20 FP
  • publishing a product picture for 15 FP

Through this system, you can collect up to 35 Focalpoints for each product. Write your review carefully and make an effort when taking pictures of your product, as Focalprice seems to review everything before it transfers its points. Recruiting new customers and commenting on Focalprice's forum can also lead to more points. Competitions on the forum offer an extra opportunity to win more FPs.

You can find many pictures, reviews and videos created by customers because of this point system. These are pretty useful and should be considered before buying an item. Further help, discussions and product comparisons can be found in the English forum on Focalprice’s website.


Focalprice is one of China’s most established online shops. It is obvious that despite its vast assortment and pretty great prices on electronic gadgets, the people in charge are continuously working on expanding their range of products and fulfilling their customers’ requests. Focalprice’s only current problem is its comparatively long delivery time. Otherwise, though, FocalPrice scores with a reassuring online presence and immense selection of products at some ridiculously low prices. Anyone new to Chinese online shops would be smart to start FocalPrice, or even Banggood and FastTech, as these shops offer the best customer service and are the easiest to use--and all feature great bang-for-your-buck pricing.


Because of its sheer size, there are only a few proper alternatives. One of them is DealExtreme (DX). If you're looking for a specific range of products, such as modeling, fashion or smartphones, you can check out specialty shops such as HobbyKing or Tmart.

Alternative 1: DealExtreme
free shipping similar assortment of goods and similar structure
Alternative 2: HobbyKing
shipping costs specialized on modeling (RC)

1 Focalprice Coupon

Current coupons and promo codes can be found on our website. If you’re looking for even more coupons and discounts, you should become a user on Focalprice. Users find exclusive coupons in their accounts or get further information on promotions via the website’s newsletter. You can spend your earned FPs and use them as percental or as set discounts - but these have a certain minimum order value as one of their conditions. Before confirming your order, you should consider which coupon or promotion code would mean the biggest save for you.

37% OFF on an Elephone P6i Smartphone

Currently you'll get 37% OFF on an Elephone P6i Smartphone at FocalPrice!


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12 Reviews

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Their prices are amazing, always cheap and discounted. Every now and then, they have a massive sale! Their shipping and delivery is splendid, being shipped very fast, and the amount for an upgrade is very little. Also, their store has a huge variety of items, from survival things to electronics, it is just amazing! I recommend this store highly!
Translate 02/12/2017


A part not delivered and no refund of the missing items.
very bad communication.
Not recommended.
Translate 06/03/2016


Nie wieder, Paket wurde nie Versand!
Translate 03/19/2016

Henry Franke

Das ist der letzte Dreck. Artikel wurde im Juli 2015 bestellt ist ewig unterwegs, dann vom Zoll wider zurückgeschickt. Artikel wäre angeblich nach einem Halben Jahr immer noch nicht wider dort angekommen. Man weigert sich beharlich mir mein Geld zurück zu überweisen. Für mich der reinste Betrug.
Translate 12/09/2015

Juan Ignacio Fernandez

Hola. Hasta ahora es la unica pagina donde he comprado. He hecho ya 5 compras este año todas con valores arriva de los 30 dolares.
Siempre sin proteccion de paypal.
He comprado:
2 celulares(dg580 y dg280) y ambos sin ningun incobeniente
Un dg280 que tubo un problema con el usb y aunque no tenia proteccion de paypal me pagaron el arreglo
Un mouse que vino con un problema de doble click y me pagaron la totalidad del precio

Como puntos positivos:
Garantia 100% y sin necesidad de Paypal
Buena comunicación Preventas Venta y garantia
Foro y servicio tecnico bueno
Bueno precios. Tienen una politica de bajar los precios si les muestras una pagina donde tenga mas bajo el producto y aunque no lo crean lo cumplen. Ya he mostrado 2 veses con diferentes productos y me lo han bajado al dia
Actualizan el estado de stock
Medio lentos los envios, ya que utiliza Post NL
La pagina a veses te muestra en otro idioma o moneda

Por si preguntan yo soy de Argentina
Recomendada 100%
Translate 11/03/2015


Probleme ohne Ende, erst ist der Artikel wochenlang nicht lieferbar, obwohl er als lagernd gekennzeichnet war.
Trotz mehrerer Nachfragen nur vage und ungenaue Auskünfte.
Nach 3 Monate kommt der Artikel dann und bleibt beim Zoll hängen. Achtung, die Firma macht falsche und unwahre Zolldeklarationen, das führt zu weiteren Problemen. Es war ein großes Problem den Artikel überhaupt vom Zoll zu bekommen. Begründung vom Zoll ist, das der Artikel nicht den Einfuhrbestimmungen nach Artikel 9 und 10 des Vertrages der EU erfüllt.
Die Firma Focalprice teilt zu der Reklamation nur mit, das das alles ein Problem des Käufers ist!
Falsche und unwahre Zolldeklaration ist versuchter Betrug und Steuerhinterziehung!
Problems without end, until the article is not available for weeks, even though he was marked as in stock.
Despite several requests, only vague and imprecise information.
After 3 months of product then comes and gets stuck at customs. Warning, the company made false and untrue customs declarations, which leads to other problems. It was a big problem to get the products at all from customs. Justification by Customs is not complying with the product import regulations in accordance with Article 9 and 10 of the EU Treaty.
The company Focalprice shares to the complaint only, that is all a problem of the buyer!
False and untrue customs declaration is attempted fraud and tax evasion!
Translate 04/28/2015


Guten Tag China Freunde

Ich hab mal ne frage zu den versandzeiten , unzwahr steht jetzt da bei shipping
auf der hauptseite das es nach deutschland 25-30 tage braucht bei dem free shipping
wenn man jetzt aber nach der registrierungdie bestellung abschicken möchte , steht
da :
Standard Shipping with Tracking Number(Airmail) Free (0) 6~10 Business days für

und bei express :

Express Shipping with Tracking Number US$ 6.71 5~7 Business days ?

braucht das wircklich nur noch 6-10 tage nach deutschland
oder nur 6-10 ?
Translate 01/14/2015


Meine Bestellung scheint irgendwo auf dem Postweg verloren gegangen zu sein. Sowas passiert nun mal. Focalprice hat mir aber per RMA Antrag innerhalb weniger Stunden auf meine Support-Anfragen geantwortet und problemlos die Wahl gegeben, das Paket erneut zu verschicken oder mir einen entsprechenden Gutschein auszustellen, dass ich eine erneute Bestellung kostenlos vornehmen kann. Einen solchen Service sucht man bei vielen deutschen Shops vergeblich!

Die einfache bitte war gewesen, falls das andere Paket doch noch ankommen sollte, den Betrag dann auf deren Paypal Konto zurück zu überweisen.
Translate 11/09/2014


muss sagen, das fp stark nachgelassen hat. früher waren die noch echt günstig, aber inzwischen gibts günstigere Alternativen wie zb tmart oder banggood.
Translate 10/22/2014


Die Seite ist oft echt lahm - überlastet? Auf jeden Fall nervt das beim einkaufen. Dafür klappt das Abfertigen und Verschiffen echt schnell, meine Bestellungen waren bisher spätestens nach drei Wochen da. Artikelqualität ist aber nicht so genial, hatte schon Gadgets mit kleinen Fehlern und kaputte Flashdrives. Geniale Qualität sollte man bei USB-Sticks für ein paar Dollar nicht erwarten, aber funktionieren sollten sie ja wohl immerhin noch. Bestell lieber nur noch günstige Sachen.
Translate 10/10/2014


Die schicken mir ungefragt einen Newsletter - auch das abbestellen funktioniert nicht. Deshalb: lieber mit Spamadresse bestellen!
Translate 09/10/2014


Kurz: habe auch bei Focalprice bestellt, ein Smartphone.
War erst durch schlechte Erfhrungsberichte verunsichert, habe es aber zum Glück dennoch bestellt. Einwandfreie günstige Ware. Dazu noch ein guter Kundenservice!

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