is a well-established fashion online store from China, which was founded in 2010 but only became really popular in the past year. The shop offers every day fashion and current street style fashion and as one of few Chinese fashion shops it actually offers plus size fashion. It's sad, that we need to put emphasize on this point, but it's still a rarity.

Fashionmia doesn't offer free shipping, but it has great pricing and a lot of coupons and promotions available, so that you can still save a lot of money.

Fashionmia Index

Up-to-date style: the fashion shop FashionMia offers the newest style matching the newest seasons and trends

Experience with FashionMia

On the interned you can find a mix of experiences with this online shop. But you know how it is: usually people only take the time to leave a review on the web, if they've had some bad experiences, so we wanted to test the shop ourselves and placed some orders. 

Our orders each arrived within four weeks - so the average delivery time when ordering from China. The quality matched the prices - we had some perfectly sewn clothes as well as loose threads and more, so we were satisfied all in all with our FashionMia orders. All other pros and cons down below:


  • PayPal and credit card payment possible
  • vast fashion range
  • Plus Sizes available


  • no free shipping options


Choose at FashionMia between the two most popular payment methods: PayPal and credit card payment. Great option, if you're in a hurry or don't want to sign up at FashionMia: you can finish your order as a guest, so no need to create an account at this shop.

Fashionmia Payment

In a hurry? Click on "Checkout as Guest" and pay quickly via Paypal

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal quick and dirty - pay super fast and enjoy 180 days PayPal buyer protection
Credit card



easy, peasy like you're used to: enter your credit card info and you're done

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

Sadly Fashionmia doesn't currently offer a free shipping option. Sometimes the fashion shop offers free or discounted shipping during some promotions, but not on a permanent basis. Usually you can choose between the following two options:

  • Super Savings: comparably inexpensive (often offered with an extra shipping fee discount), should arrive within 5 - 15 business days
  • Expedited Shipping: definitely more expensive, but if you're in a rush, this should be worth it - shipping takes between 2 - 5 business days (+ processing time!)
Fashionmia shipping options

To the point: choose between a fast and a slower option / a more or less expensive option

FashionMia and customs

Our order from FashionMia arrived without any delays or complaints from our side. Still, you should take some time and read up on your local regulations concerning international customs fees to avoid any problems.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

You can return all of your ordered items within 30 days to FashionMia. But keep in mind: the items have to be in their original packaging and be unused and undamaged. Before you return anything, you should contact customer support, announce your planned returns and send them a tracking number of your parcel.

You have to send the package back to China and you won't get a reimbursement for the return shipping costs - so don't order too much, otherwise the return shipping fees might be pretty large. We recommend placing smaller orders to learn about the proper sizes and quality of the fashion pieces available. ;)


So far FashionMia was pretty great in our tests, the only considerable downside is that it doesn't offer any free shipping option yet. But still, it has a large fashion range and some great promotions with impressive discounts, so that it's still possible to get some inexpensive and stylish bargains!


 Alternative 1:  Shein
free shipping large selection, current fashion, free shipping for all orders from the US
 Alternative 2:  romwe
free shipping
from $50
a popular and well-known fashion store, everything for your wardrobe, even current streetstyle fashion, free shipping for order over $50

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Sorry, no coupons are currently available.

58 Reviews

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Juliee Tom

The website has a lot of choices and nice style of dresses. I got coupon of 15% off on order over $99 from best coupons gallery and I am satisfied with the material and quality. I am impressed with the customer service. I am happy with the shopping experience.


I ordered through PayPal (thinking I had the security of my money back if I was to be a victim of fraud). Well, I never received one thing I ordered and it was almost $200.00 worth of items. After 6 weeks, I did get a strange robe type item that I suppose was sent to "represent" an item from my actual order? I guess their scam is to steal pictures off other designer websites (this is why they mostly have headless models...since they didn't pay the models or get a release to use their pictures). Then, they "make" the customer Fashionmia's own little version of the item ordered (and I do mean little as most items are made for children and possibly made by them too...but that's another sad subject). Basically, you're lucky to get something wearable! It can come with any material ranging from plastic to that cheap kids costume material...the formaldehyde smell and hanging strings are a free bonus! Anyhow, PayPal has been of little help. As it turns out they work for the seller and not the buyer...all this time false security! So, I returned the one, smelly, cheap item to China but since I only paid around $25 return shipping and it's $40-$50 for delivery confirmation, I get to be a victim without the PayPal protection and all this after a police and FBI report and months of doing the Hokey Pokey...that's what it's all about.

I can prove I mailed the item to China but it's not tracked to their too bad so sad. Since the company won't admit they got my package or that they didn't send my actual order...I'm basically screwed. No one cares that I only received one incorrect item and the rest of the money I paid for the order was not send...a $200.00 bonus to the CEO! Wow, I'm unwillingly generous! The whole thing is a scam...a huge, smelly, Knock-off, rip-off scam! The Hong Kong owner made 200 Million last year and I promise some of these positive reviews are paid for! They just start up a new website and do it all over once this cash cow dries up. Other names are Rosewholesale, Lilly, Wish and please research for others. I did my research on this one. We have to stop these criminals from doing this to other American's. I guess they have immunity since they are in China and we can't really do anything about them sending us Chinese knock-offs...but showing us the genuine pictures of these designer items. We all need to do file reports with authorities. is one! I promise, you will be burned if you or later. Stay Away...Far Away! Have no regrets about it. Deal with legitimate sellers only and don't trust a seller just because they are on Face Book or take PayPal! Make sure you don't have to return anything to China! God be with you.
Translate 12/07/2019


Ce sont des voleurs, à fuir! Ils m'ont volé 130€, j'ai reçu des taille pour enfant de 8 ans alors que j'avais commandé des tailles 42 et bien sûr aucune possibilité de retour, ils font ceux qui ne comprennent pas.
Le pire c'est que je suis passée par Paypal pensant être protégée pour mes achats mais non seulement ils n'ont rien fait mais ils gardent ce voleur dans leurs marchands!
Très grosse déception de Paypal pour moi qui pensais pouvoir faire confiance aux marchands qui sont chez eux.
Translate 05/14/2019

brimboeuf pascale

un retour complet de ma commande C1826017 - BG 019518344 vous a été effectué depuis un mois à l'adresse d'expédition luxembourg.
impossible d'adresser des mèls, de vous joindre par téléphone,ou tout autre moyen
compte pas toujours reconnu et historique des commandes inconnu
je demande à recevoir le remboursement total de ma commande dans les plus brefs délais.
Translate 04/24/2019


articles de mauvaises qualité, et de mauvaise coupe
pas de retour et un remboursement de 20% de la somme totale de la commande
une étoile c'est déjà trop !
Translate 04/24/2019


Mi experiencia es horrible, compre tres vestido, uno de ellos tiene la tabla de tallas publicada en fashionmia erronea, con medidas que no se corresponden, me cobraron 25, 95 por el vestido, me facturaron la XL y me enviaron la L, el vestido me esta grande, y me quieren devolver 12 euros de los 25 que pague, vamos que se quedan con tu dinero aunque sea su error, esa es la garantia que tienen, aconsejo no comprar aqui la calidad china, conozco otras tiendas como whis mucho mejores con diferencia, te devuelven el dinero, como es normal, y no ponen estos problemas si se equivocan, casi de inmediato, como en la mayoria de tiendas por internet, se puede considerar una estafa con premeditacion lo que hace fashion mia, pierdes tu dinero por donde lo mires, se quedan con tu dinero, es su negocio, para nada la recomiendo, gracias.
Translate 01/25/2019


Ні товару {2 сукні}, ні відповіді, ні грошей. Як ще з ними спілкуватись? Чи можливо їх притягти до відповідальності?
Translate 10/11/2018


Commande de 6 articles, 75 euros, passée le 24 juillet.
1 seul article reçu au bout d'un mois,r, qui pourrait aller à une enfant de 12 ans maximum (commandé en taille M femme).
Multiples échanges tous aussi mensongers qu'inutiles avec le service client.
Pas de remboursement, et pas l'ombre d'un article à l'horizon.. FUYEZ !!!!
Translate 10/04/2018


26 августа 2018 г заказала платье, оплатила 29,97 USD. Ни платья ни денег!!!
Translate 08/14/2018


LASST BLOSS DIE FINGER WEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schlechte Qualität, saumäßiger Service für den Rückversand, keiner erreichbar, warte immer noch auf mein Geld.
Schade, dass man nicht Minussterne bei der Bewertung vergeben kann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Translate 07/20/2018


Где мои деньги, 10 месяцев не могу вернуть, мошенники
Translate 07/07/2018


Заказывала вещи через фэшн Миа неоднократно, и всегда была довольна качеством, несмотря на то что доставка была дольше чем положено. Но месяц назад заказала два платья и начался кошмар. Стали просить меня оплатить страховку, этого раньше никогда не требовалось. Хорошо, я оплатила. Дважды. Но дело не сдвинулось. На письма и телефонные звонки не отвечают.
Translate 06/09/2018


Arnaque confirmée.
Très beau site bien monté. Commande de 300 euros débitée immédiatement. Aucun avis de confirmation. Numero de commande erronée donc aucune possibilité de suivi, aucune réponse du fournisseur.
J'engage une procédure du moins pour empêcher ce site de fonctionner en toute impunité.
Translate 05/24/2018


Attention ARNAQUE produits reçus un après l'autre en 3 mois mais CB débitée immédiatement mais pour le retour il faut payer et j'.attends toujours l' adresse . Tailles trop petites le Xl est un M . Je ne reverrai pas mon argent , 85 euros . Je vais porter plainte .
Translate 03/18/2018


Это просто ниже плинтуса! Заказал 6 наименований! Пришли в заявленное время. Но вы бы видели качество - УЖАС!!! Все выбросил в мусор, - не было смысла отправлять назад. Ни размеры, ни качество АБСОЛЮТНО не соответствовали написанному. Нижайшего качества вещи. Строчили где-то в подвале. Жаль, выбросил, не сфотографировав. Купил жене. Хорошо, что не подарил. Опозорился бы конкретно!!!!!!
Translate 03/11/2018


Betrug, Betrug, Betrug....
Vorsicht, niemals dort kaufen, mehr kann man gar nicht sagen.
Qualität ist mega schlecht, viel zu klein, reine Chemie in den Textilien, die Kleidung ist nicht mal die billigen Angebote wert - Geld zurück oder Reklamation ist so gut wie unmöglich. Gar nicht erst versuchen, das kostet nur noch unnötig mehr Zeit und Nerven
Translate 03/08/2018

Liliane Messika

J'ai commandé trois robes. Je n'ai rien reçu au bout de 6 semaines. Même pas de réponse à mes mails de réclamation.
Trouvé 357 réclamations identiques à la mienne sur le net.
Le téléphone soi-disant disponible 24/7 ne mène qu'à un répondeur.
Translate 02/11/2018


Ужасная компания ! Уже полгода жду возврата денег ! Живу в Канаде , заказала вещи на 113 дол ни вещеЙ ,ни денег , не верьте и не связывайтесь с этой фирмой Fashion mia , мошенники и обманщики , я просто ради интереса буду писать плохие комменты ,по ка не вепнут мои деньги ! В2058235.
Translate 02/08/2018

Diana Chacón

Una experiencia nefasta. Las prendas son de una calidad infame, mal cortadas y con telas de felpa, como las de los disfraces de los niños. Tardarón más de 4 semanas en llegar y cuando he intentado hacer una devolución, me cuesta 40€ con lo cual no quiero realizar otra inversión sin estar absolutamente segura que me van a devolver el dinero.
Recomiendo que no compréis en esta empresa estafadora.
Pedido: B2178105
Translate 05/18/2017


Habe dort bestellt, ein Top (passt gut, gefällt mir), eine Bluse (passt ebenfalls), ein Kleid (passt).
Eine Jeans und ein Kleid waren zu klein, habe ich in den Secondhand Laden gebracht, Rücksendung zu teuer (bei 15 Euro Warenwert(.
Wer dafür Seide und Leinen erwartet, wird enttäuscht.
Meine Teile sind hübsch, bin auch schon öfter drauf angesprochen worden und ordentlich verarbeitet (könnte hier und da besser sein, aber insgesamt ok).

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