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EZCosplay is a Chinese online shop for costumes and cosplay fans that was founded in 2009. After it was founded by two siblings in Shenzhen, it continuously grew, so that nowadays it employs more than 100 tailors and features more than 3.000 costumes. It is a very specialized shop and can be proud that it is on of the 395.000 most visited websites worldwide. Mostly people from the US seem to know about this special Chinese shop but we think that the European customers will soon discover this costume store.

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Experience with EZCosplay

By now we've only placed small orders at EZCosplay but are already pleased by the fast processing and the accommodating customer support.


vast range of size options
even customized sizes are possible
well-arranged website
buyer protection through PayPal payment


comparably high shipping costs
(but safe and fast delivery!)
returning only possible in a few cases


You can pay at EZCosplay with PayPal, Western Union or Bank Transfer. We definitely recommend paying with PayPal as the other payment options are only possible through a time-consuming e-mail exchange. By using PayPal you'll have buyer protection and know at the same time that your order won't be delayed because of an unnecessary complicated payment transaction.

EZCosplay Shipping and Payment Methods

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal Pay in a safe and fast way with Paypal. Another advantage: its great buyer protection program.
Credit card (processed via Paypal)




Is processed via PayPal. Meaning you get to enjoy the Paypal buyer protection and your credit card information is protected.
Western Union   Western Union is not really the most useful payment method: you have to go to a Western Union branch and pay in cash. Meaning you can't get your money back and the payment confirmation might take some time.
Bank Transfer   This payment method might also, depending on your bank, take some time. Furthermore there might be additional fees and no buyer protection. You should prefer credit card or paypal payment

Shipping costs and delivery time

You have two shipping options at EZCosplay: Fedex and DHL. As the shipping fees are relatively similar (depending on the order it varies between $30 - $50), you have to pick which option you prefer. The delivery times are also similar: Both delivering companies estimate a delivery to Germany within 3 to 5 work days.

EZCosplay and customs

EZCosplay offers high quality products and only send via express shipping, so you should be aware that you will have to pay at least the legal 19% import sales tax in Germany.

Keep the potential extra fees in mind before placing an order: the legal 19% import sales tax will be raised on any order with a value of 26€ or more. The usual case would be to pay the taxes directly to your mailman once the parcel arrives. On rare occasions your local custom office will keep the package and you will have to come pick it up and pay the taxes at their office. On orders with a value of 150€ or more you might have to pay custom fees - you can find further information on tax procedures in our FAQ

Return policy

Most of the costumes are being custom-made for you, meaning that the conditions for return are comparable to those of bridal shops. After placing your order, you have 24 hours to cancel or change your order. After that you will be charged a 30% processing fee, as the tailors begin producing your order after a day. After three days you cannot cancel your order anymore.

If items are missing in your package (and you deliver evidence in form of pictures) they will be shipped immediately. If you received a wrong size, you will get a free replacement (but 1-2cm difference aren't a wrong size, this item cannot be returned). In case you took or entered the wrong measurements and need a new costume, you can get a 10% discount on your new one. You can also send the costume back and get a size revision but you have to pay for all shipping and processing costs.

Accessories and wigs can be returned within 7 days.

Generally you can only return items, if they haven't been worn or washed, if they don't have stains and don't smell of odors or perfume.

Special features

EZCosplay tries to keep up-to-date. The range of products is regularly updated and added to so that costumes for the newest movies and games will be featured. There are even costumes for your pets.

EZCosplay's point system will please frequent cosplayers or carnival fans. Similar to other online shops you can collect points and use them for a discount on your next orders.

A wish list and a register of the upcoming conventions (in the US) help to keep an overview and place orders in a timely manner.


EZCosplay is an establishment for cosplayer. Inexpensive Chinese prices are combined with gorgeous, custom-made costumes. For everyone who doesn't have the time, the talent or patience to tailor their own costume, this will be an amazing place to go and it will suite the taste of many people. Even if it is comparably unknown yet, we foresee a rise of popularity very soon.


 Alternative 1:  LightintheBox
shipping costs more than 10.000 costumes and accessories
 Alternative 2:  Lovelywholesale
shipping costs many cheap costumes, not as high quality as items from EZCosplay

EZCosplay Coupons

To get your next favorite costume a bit cheaper, you can check out the Daily Deals on EZCosplay or our available coupon codes. If you know of coupons that we don't feature yet, then click on "Submit your coupon" and tell us or send us an e-mail!

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