EZCosplay is a Chinese online shop for costumes and cosplay fans that was founded in 2009. After it was founded by two siblings in Shenzhen, it continuously grew, so that nowadays it employs more than 100 tailors and features more than 3.000 costumes. It is a very specialized shop and can be proud that it is on of the 395.000 most visited websites worldwide. Mostly people from the US seem to know about this special Chinese shop but we think that the European customers will soon discover this costume store.

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Experience with EZCosplay

By now we've only placed small orders at EZCosplay but are already pleased by the fast processing and the accommodating customer support.


  • vast range of size options
  • even customized sizes are possible
  • well-arranged website
  • buyer protection through PayPal payment


  • comparably high shipping costs
  • (but safe and fast delivery!)
  • returning only possible in a few cases


You can pay at EZCosplay with PayPal, Western Union or Bank Transfer. We definitely recommend paying with PayPal as the other payment options are only possible through a time-consuming e-mail exchange. By using PayPal you'll have buyer protection and know at the same time that your order won't be delayed because of an unnecessary complicated payment transaction.

EZCosplay Shipping and Payment Methods

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal Pay in a safe and fast way with Paypal. Another advantage: its great buyer protection program.
Credit card (processed via Paypal)




Is processed via PayPal. Meaning you get to enjoy the Paypal buyer protection and your credit card information is protected.
Western Union   Western Union is not really the most useful payment method: you have to go to a Western Union branch and pay in cash. Meaning you can't get your money back and the payment confirmation might take some time.
Bank Transfer This payment method might also, depending on your bank, take some time. Furthermore there might be additional fees and no buyer protection. You should prefer credit card or paypal payment

Shipping costs and delivery time

You have two shipping options at EZCosplay: Fedex and DHL. As the shipping fees are relatively similar (depending on the order it varies between $30 - $50), you have to pick which option you prefer. The delivery times are also similar: Both delivering companies estimate a delivery to Germany within 3 to 5 work days.

EZCosplay and customs

EZCosplay offers high quality products and only send via express shipping, so you should be aware that you will have to pay at least the legal 19% import sales tax in Germany.

Keep the potential extra fees in mind before placing an order: the legal 19% import sales tax will be raised on any order with a value of 26€ or more. The usual case would be to pay the taxes directly to your mailman once the parcel arrives. On rare occasions your local custom office will keep the package and you will have to come pick it up and pay the taxes at their office. On orders with a value of 150€ or more you might have to pay custom fees - you can find further information on tax procedures in our FAQ

Return policy

Most of the costumes are being custom-made for you, meaning that the conditions for return are comparable to those of bridal shops. After placing your order, you have 24 hours to cancel or change your order. After that you will be charged a 30% processing fee, as the tailors begin producing your order after a day. After three days you cannot cancel your order anymore.

If items are missing in your package (and you deliver evidence in form of pictures) they will be shipped immediately. If you received a wrong size, you will get a free replacement (but 1-2cm difference aren't a wrong size, this item cannot be returned). In case you took or entered the wrong measurements and need a new costume, you can get a 10% discount on your new one. You can also send the costume back and get a size revision but you have to pay for all shipping and processing costs.

Accessories and wigs can be returned within 7 days.

Generally you can only return items, if they haven't been worn or washed, if they don't have stains and don't smell of cigarette smoke or perfume.

Special features

EZCosplay tries to keep up-to-date. The range of products is regularly updated and added to so that costumes for the newest movies and games will be featured. There are even costumes for your pets.

EZCosplay's point system will please frequent cosplayers or carnival fans. Similar to other online shops you can collect points and use them for a discount on your next orders.

A wish list and a register of the upcoming conventions (in the US) help to keep an overview and place orders in a timely manner.


EZCosplay is an establishment for cosplayer. Inexpensive Chinese prices are combined with gorgeous, custom-made costumes. For everyone who doesn't have the time, the talent or patience to tailor their own costume, this will be an amazing place to go and it will suite the taste of many people. Even if it is comparably unknown yet, we foresee a rise of popularity very soon.


 Alternative 1:  LightintheBox
shipping costs more than 10.000 costumes and accessories
 Alternative 2:  Lovelywholesale
shipping costs many cheap costumes, not as high quality as items from EZCosplay

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To get your next favorite costume a bit cheaper, you can check out the Daily Deals on EZCosplay or our available coupon codes. If you know of coupons that we don't feature yet, then click on "Submit your coupon" and tell us or send us an e-mail!

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BUYER BEWARE for any Cosplayers don't buy from this site. Their customer service is one of the worst I have ever dealt with and I work in Customer Service.
I buy a cosplay set when I received it wasn't what I expected the color was off and some of the design was peeling off. When I ask if I can get a refund or exchange. They blame me like it was my fault for ten days of back and forth emails. They always dodge my questions or don't reply for days. They Refuse to listen to me and when I told them that I was disappointed with the product they say next time write that in request box thank you. Like WTF this is ridiculous. English isn't their first language but that isn't the problem it's the cultural differences when it comes to dealing with customers.

It was frustrating the way they were dodging my concerns and questions to the point where it is taking about 10 days to get to the point across that I want a refund.

Mollie B

This company makes absolutely no sense. You will find costumes that are marked as the same sizing with same measurements that are too big no matter the style type and then order the same size and the cosplay wouldn't even fit if you were 4 inches and 3 sizes smaller and if you email them about it they will claim that they are just different styles and the same size, which makes absolutely no sense if you're going on what the meaning for the measurements is supposed to be in clothing not to mention the fact that things are being marketed as the same size but can fit so wildly differently no matter what the "style" is. And that is the ONLY answer you will get from them with a small percentage off coupon even though you now have a whole cosplay you can't even where and had to taper and alter the others because they were too big! If this is how they treat return customers, it's not worth it at all!


Horrible experience. I ordered a costume for my son well in advance and I HAD TO FOLLOW UP WITH THEM A MONTH LATER just for them to get back to me 2 days before the date he needed it to say that they were unable to make it. Terrible service!! They should've informed me before! They sure did take my payment out right away though.


The shipping was timely, and my costume was absolutely GORGEOUS!! I am VERY happy with how everything turned out! They did a wonderful job!!

Benjamin Miller

First of all, the product is great. The best one that I've found so far. The material is thick, so be ready if you're wearing it in warm weather. I bought a large and the tunic is pretty snug (5'7, 165 lbs), and the pants are a little long. But considering everything, I highly recommend the product!

But...the customer service is HORRIBLE. When ordering the costume (Sept. 21), there were places to request the costumes by a certain date. I put in that I needed the costume for a function by October 13th. Then in the notes I put that I needed the costume by October 13. Finally, I emailed about the order and asked specifically if the item would be ready and delivered by the 13th. If not, I needed to cancel the order. In broken English I was assured that it would take 5-10 days and then delivery. I emailed customer service again when the item had not shipped within a few days of the 13th and was told that it was the busiest time for them and that it was being checked for quality and would be shipped. The costume arrived on October 19th - 6 days after I requested it. And the company never offered anything towards cancellation or compensation for not meeting their deadline. If it were my company, I would have acted with INTEGRITY and told the customer the truth. They wanted the money. While the outfit is great, it did not arrive as implicitly promised and now cannot be used until NEXT year. When I complained, they really didn't care. So the only recourse I have is to write an honest review that would warn future customers of the possibility of this in the future. So...make sure you have more than 6 weeks between order and when you need it. They DO NOT read their requests very well...



Adrian Remy

Hmm I had a great experience with them But after reading this https://www.trinibestonlineshopping.com/2018/09/2018-ezcosplay-review-for-cosplay-and.html

Karl Schmahl

Ignores wear date and refuses refund.

Karl Schmahl

Missed my wear date by a wide margin and refuses refund. What's the point of having a wear date option if they are just going to ignore it? Will never buy from them again.

Lily G

I purchased a costume dress for $200. I am a pretty standard US size 4. The dress was defective and unwearable due to the design flaws completely exposing my underwear. I argued with them and sent them photos, and they only offered me 10% refund, and then 20% refund when I argued more. I opened a PayPal dispute and they actually changed their costume listing on the website to try to cover up their mistakes. PayPal immediately supported my return and refund request, but ezcosplay isn't even accepting the returned package delivery!! I imagine if the post office declares it undeliverable I will automatically win the dispute, but what a headache!

Additionally, even if the product wasn't defective, the dress was inaccurate and looked like a $10 dress. It was shipped in a plastic bag envelope. Super cheap product, super cheap packaging, yet both the product and the shipping cost a significant amount. I was actually glad the product was defective because normally ezcosplay does not accept returns.


I ordered a detroit become human cosplay (jacket only) in July for a Sept con. In august after no updates on shipping I sent them an email. No response after 2 weeks tried again. No response. Con is next weekend with no item received and unable to get in contact for a refund. Stay away

Lana Perets

Ordered a costume for $100, the costume was customized, means measurements were taken and it was suppose to be a better fit. Nothing fits. Items are too small, some items are missing. Material of the costume is extremely poor. It itches the skin the moment you put on your body.
The vendor refuses to fix or refund. I sent pictures with measurements to show that it is too small, they are ignoring the facts.
Stay away from them.


I purchased an Overwatch Symmetra Satya Vaswani Gun and was super excited to get it! Firstly it was shipped pretty fast, BUT it came in a large crappy box. When I opened it, first thing i notice was the item wasn't packaged correctly and secondly their were broken pieces all outside the bubble wrap. The item itself looked terrible and nothing like the photos! Mainly it was sent to me broken and I am extremely disappointed. For the amount of shipping cost I had to pay, which was over $50 for one simply item, I would expect it to be packaged and shipped properly.


Let me just start by saying i wish i checked review sites first. Alot of people may shrug at them but trust me when i say please take note of what people are saying here before you make the same mistake i did in spending hundreds at their store. So a con was coming up with my favorite RWBY character Qrow's voice actor so i thought instead of having him sign something boring why not get a replica weapon for him to sign that would be awesome. After much shopping around i decided on this company it was quite pricey but i was like no worries. Made the purchase no worries i get an email that my order is going through. Now i spent $158 for the weapon and $250 shipping which is alot of money but i wad ok as long as i got what i wabted to have signed.

I recieve the item ratger quick and get excited, when opening the box i realize something isn't right with the item. The side of the weapon doesnt seem stuck down properly and the piece is looping up every now and then and the pain is scuffed and worn. Making the item unusable for what i wanted it for i snapped photos and mailed the contact email. Letting them know and showing images of all sides. The response i get is the worse part and this is a copy paste of the email back

" We are terribly sorry for the problem. We suggest you fix it with glue and will give you 10USD for your compensation, is it OK for you?"

Their solution is to have me break the item to glue it down as there is no way i could fix it without the pieces breaking when attempting to and that would just instantly void it. Along with their mere 10usd compensation for this item i now have to dispose of since im not paying $250 to again to ship back to them for a $158 refund... this company is scummy and you should shop around more if after cosplay stuff

William Treece

Literally the worst place I have ordered a cosplay from. I ordered a men's medium. 90% of the costume was way too big I made sure to measure myself and everything before ordering I have ordered plenty of costumes before from other places. The chest over 3 inches larger than it was supposed to be and the waist was over 6 inches! too big. I contacted them about it and showed them proof they told me they would refund me for only the top piece of the costume this is after multiple photos and emails. DO NOT SHOP HERE, I am still emailing them.


Terrible Chinese cons! Stolen images on site and missing pieces! Do not truest!!!

Andres Casarez

I love how fast they were, they did an amazing job on the outfit and got it out so fast that I was able to use it for the event i want too which was so close to the time i put in the order itself.


Nice shop, variety custome to choose, fast deliver and support OEM orders, really customer-friendly support.


This is probably going to get pretty long because boy do I have a LOT to talk about. We'll also preface by saying that I tried to leave a review similar to this one on their direct site, but after I submitted it, it says that moderation is checking it before posting. Ha, been more than a day and my review never showed up on the site. Figures the only 3 on there are very short, positive reviews because those are the only ones the "moderators" let appear on the site.

I ordered the FFVII Tifa (original game outfit) cosplay off their site. I only chose them because after hours of looking, I couldn't find any other sites with that outfit (there were only 2 others) that had anything even close to decent reviews or good product pictures.

For starters, I paid extra for custom fitting because I'm a short, slim girl but with a lot of curves so I wanted to make sure it fit right. I also paid extra for the faster shipping method to make sure I got it before the con I'm going to in early October. I ordered this August 14th. So, all in all, I paid something around $150 for this. I'll talk about the shitty communication and shipping first because there's less to talk about with that than with the actual product I received.

Their site says that it takes 4-7 days to ship, but I waited 2 weeks and a few days. And I paid for the FASTER shipping, which was like an extra $20 or something like that. I also didn't even receive my shipping confirmation email! Apparently my ordered shipped on August 30th (it also says 7-12 days tailoring time, but it took 15) but I never got the email. So, almost 3 weeks after I placed my order, I tried to get in contact with them thinking I've just been robbed of my money and I'm not going to receive anything. I tried contacting them via email, no response. Tried contacting them via facebook, no response. Tried contacting them via their online contact form on the site, and finally they respond, and tell me my order has shipped and not to worry, I'll get it soon. I ask again for the tracking # which they finally give to me.

Now.... the product. Oh boy, where do I start.. the pictures on their site look really nice - the skirt has a texture and finish that resembles a good quality faux leather, the belt and suspenders seem to match and look perfect, and the gloves look pretty good. The shirt is just a white crop shirt so that speaks for itself. Now, after some more digging I see that CosplayMagic and I think one other site I can't remember the name of have the SAME product pictures as EZCosplay did for this outfit, just with their own watermarks. Not sure which actually makes the product seen in the pictures, if any at all. That aside, my product looked nothing like the pictures.

The skirt was made of barely-movable cloth (can't walk if the fabric doesn't have ANY give to it whatsoever), NOT the leather seen in the photo. The belt is put on by velcro, but there's only one velcro on it for one size - which is fine, that actually fit me alright, but there's like another half of the belt hanging off in excess because of where the velcro is, so it doesn't lay flat or nicely at all and looks stupid - again, doesn't look like that in the photo. The gloves look decently made in the photo but turned out to be really shitty quality (thin fabric with a TERRIBLE sewing job on the seams).

Now, on to the fit. I paid extra for custom-sizing, remember. Well, the white shirt doesn't fit me AT ALL. It's a good 2-3 sizes too big, not even wearable. The seam placement is also a bit awkward so I'm not even sure how you'd alter it, and I'd have to take it to a tailor which will cost me even MORE money. The shirt is soft but that's about it, shame I can't even wear it. The skirt is way too long (her skirt is supposed to be a mini skirt, and this is literally just above my knee) so I'd have to alter that too, and it's a little big around the waist. The black sleeves that go under the gloves fit fine on the forearm, but for some reason the little bit that goes onto the bicep is 4x the size of the forearm bit. It won't stay up at all and just falls down in a heap near my elbow. The ACTUAL gloves.. I don't even know what the hell happened there. The gloves are fingerless like hers, but the fingers must have been for a damn baby. I have small hands and slim fingers and the seam that's supposed to sit in the webs of your fingers barely even goes past my second knuckle. Completely unwearable and unfixable at that! The wrist portion and part that goes on the forearm is also HUGE. The finger holes are made for a tiny baby, yet the rest of it could fit 2 1/2 of my arm in it. I did send them my correct measurements; I made sure to have my mother do it for me as although she doesn't sew anymore she does know how to measure professionally, and I gave them all the info they asked for. They say they give 1-2 inches wiggle room for comfort and mobility, but this was waaaay beyond that. I don't even know what to say.

So, now it's 3 weeks until the convention I'm going to. I'm not paying more to alter this costume at a tailor because then I'd have spent to close to $200 on something that quality-wise (even if it fit) I would hardly pay $50 for. Instead I've ordered a real faux-leather skirt from Macy's for $60 that will actually fit me, a shirt that looks like hers that will actually fit me from another site for $15, and red fingerless gloves from Amazon for ~$12.00 with free 2-day shipping that I'm going to modify a bit with leather paint to look more like Tifa's. I wish I had done this in the first place, because now with putting together real garment pieces I'll have a costume that looks legit, is good quality, fits, is comfortable, and is worth the money. I've actually spent LESS on the real garment pieces than I have on the costume, and it blows the shit I received out of the water. I'm not sure if I'm still going to use the belt and suspenders; maybe if I can't find anything else for a reasonable price. I've ordered two other cosplays from other sites and haven't had an issue, but I am never ordering from this site again if I need a cosplay I can't put together with real clothes.


I purchased a costume and boots for an upcoming con, but the costume and boots did not fit at all. I decided to shell out the money to get it tailored to my exact fit. I entered in the measurements for both the shoes and costume and made my purchase. When it arrived, I could not even get the pants on, I could not get the boots to zip, and I would have to bind my chest to get the shirt to fit. I looked at my invoice that came with the package and noticed that it said that I had ordered an X-Small. Knowing that I did not purchase an X-Small and thinking that it must have been a glitch with the site, I contacted them telling them that I had requested a custom order and would like a refund as I would not be able to wear it in time for the con I was going to (I was not asking for a full refund as I had purchased other items; I was just asking for the boots and costume to be refunded). To make a long story short, they refused to give me the refund and blamed me for not having checked my order (which I did several times before sending it out). Overall the experience I had with this site has taught me to never purchase from Cosplay websites again as they are just looking to rip your off. I thought I would give this site a shot because I had met people who had great experiences commissioning and purchasing from EZ Cosplay, and I was also not able to make my cosplay this year due to school. Well, I basically threw $200 down the drain and would recommend that people not do the same and just avoid purchasing from this site.

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