EachBuyer is a Chinese gadget shop. It has lots of positive points - such as 21 warehouses in all of the world and even one in Germany and a well-arranged website. It is one of the 20.000 most visited websites worldwide with a lot of costumers especially from Italy, Australia, France and Germany.

The more than 15.000 different listed products at Eachbuyer range from LED lights and car accessories to RC gadgets, fashion and beauty items.

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Experience with EachBuyer

EachBuyer is one of the biggest gadget merchants from China and is improving its product range and customer service by the minute. It shouldn’t be surprising that we were very happy with our ordering processes, delivery times and deliveries. Other advantages and disadvantages are:

Details: EachBuyer.com

  • Delivery time: 10-20 work days, express shipping 3-7 days
  • product range: everything a China Gadget fan could wish for, as well as clothing and jewelry
  • specific features: merchant with several own warehouses


  • PayPal payment possible without an EB account
  • well-arranged website
  • 20 local warehouses, amongst others in Germany and in the UK
  • free standard shipping
  • express shipping via DHL or UPS possible for an extra charge


  • a few items only available for customers from defined countries
  • many over the top positive reviews


We always have to mention positively when you don’t have to open an account on the website to be able to pay. EachBuyer offers the possibility to pay directly through Paypal, so it isn’t necessary to register your information on EachBuyer.

EachBuyer Checkout

PayPal helps you stay safe while online shopping because of its buyer protection. If something went wrong with your order, you can open a case on PayPal within 40 days of your payment and get your money back. If you do open an account on EachBuyer, you can also pay through wired transfer or with your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and more).

EachBuyer payment options

If you have any questions, you can reach the customer support via live chat, phone, e-mail or even skype. The quickest and cheapest method is to call them on Skype or ask questions on live chat, we were always satisfied with the fast answers we received.

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal This payment method is the fastest and safest, as you can pay with a few clicks and also profit from PayPal buyer protection
credit card




Just enter your credit card information as usual and pay quickly. But consider, that this method doesn't offer a particular buyer protection
Bank Transfer The usual Bank Transfer from your bank to the company's bank account. This can cost additional fees and take quite some time

Delivery time and shipping

Another great advantage that might impress some people is the shipping via several warehouses. That means that you don’t have to always order from China and the delivery times will lower immensely depending on where the warehouse of your item is located. If items are in England or Germany you might receive your order within a week with standard shipping.

Only a part of the sortiment is located in Europe, so you won’t always profit from the regional warehouses. If you’re not in a hurry it shouldn’t matter as the standard shipping is always free for orders with a value of less than 88€ (standard shipping, delivery within 10 - 20 business days from China). If you need your package fast, you can ship your order with expedited shipping - your order should arrive within 3 to 7 work days. The shipping fees depend on the order amount, weight and destination.

One big flaw is that it isn't apparent which item will be shipped for free via standard shipping and which item isn't available for standard shipping and can only be delivered via express shipping. You will have to check out the shipping options during checkout:

EachBuyer Shipping Methods

Return policy

Generally, Each Buyer has a 30 days return policy. Meaning that if you’re missing an item or something is defective (Each Buyer calls it “DOA” - “dead on arrival”), you inform the customer support within 30 days of any problem and talk about returning the items. If an item is defective, you have up to a year to get it replaced. Check out the return policy page for further information on that. If you simply don’t like a product, you can get a full refund within 14 days.

You can only complain about underwear, lingerie and one-time use products within 48 hours after receiving your order and only if there are defects and not if you choose the wrong size or aren’t satisfied with your order.

If something was shipped incorrectly or is defective, you can prove it with a picture and as soon as the return delivery arrives at EachBuyer they will ship out the correct or functioning item and cover the return shipping charges you paid.

EachBuyer and customs

EachBuyer does, in contrast to other China shops, declare their packages carefully and correctly. An unwanted stop at customs should be a very rare sight. Nevertheless, one should be aware that customs does random checks on well-declared packages from China.

Naturally this doesn’t free anyone from the legal 19% import sales tax, which will be raised on any order with a value of 26€ or more, if you order from Germany. If you're from the US or a different country, take the time to read up on your country's rules and regulations concerning international orders. In the US you usually have to pay a nominal fee of between $2 - $9.

Specific features

EachBuyer has several highlights such as warehouses outside of China.

Another highlight is the point system. Like other online shops it offers an internal point system - but you get discounts very quickly and permanently. For every spent US dollar you receive a point. Extra points are collected through processes like registration and editing your profile. Depending on your collected points you have a special VIP membership status. If you collect 100 points you are a silver member and get a discount of 2% on your purchases. Another bonus of this system: you can never lose your membership level and your points don’t get deleted or spent on single orders, so you can only rise in status. There are five membership levels rising from bronze up to diamond. With a diamond status - meaning you collected 3000 points - you get a discount of 8% on your purchases.

There are many reviews on items, but they are over the top positive. So don’t believe all reviews and read the negative reviews carefully.


Eachbuyer is a successful online shop from China with a vast assortment of items and a large number of international warehouses. Even if the German translation isn’t working without a few bugs yet, the arrangement of the website and the customer support are well designed and work great. Frequent coupons, promotions and automatic discounts make the items on EachBuyer affordable especially when you consider the free standard shipping.


Alternative 1: Dealextreme
free shipping Dealextreme also has a great range of gadgets, of late it features also garments, mainly wedding dresses
Alternative 2: Miniinthebox
free shipping Miniinthebox is specialized on gadgets and electronics, it has free shipping and comparable prices

0 EachBuyer Coupons

Aside from current promotion codes which you can find on our website, there are exclusive membership discounts you’re being informed about in newsletters. Keep in mind that most discounts only apply if you fulfill certain conditions such as a minimum order value of xx$. Decide which promo code would be the most beneficial for your purchase before you order. Additionally, you receive discounts through the internal VIP membership program. Depending on your status a few percent will be discounted off of your order.

Sorry, no coupons are currently available.

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Делал несколько заказов в этом магазине, результатом доволен. Быстрая доставка, хорошее качество товаров. На форумах разных они ведут работу и выставляют купоны, что позволяет купить с хорошей скидкой.В общем проблем не выявлено, рекомендую!


В данном магазине заказывал товары уже не раз. Претензий никаких не возникало, быстро доставляют, качество товаров на высоте, цены приемлемые.Пока что всем очень доволен. Рекомендую!


Investigation of Huge Best Ltd

We have a report that an advert on website eachbuyer.com is misleading and contravenes the mis-description of goods act.

Also funds were requested to be deposited in BW Bank Stuttgart, Germany .

There are no means to cancel or modify an order on the site.

The advertised "eachbuyer UK Office" phone number is not answered,

the address of this office is not registered as business premises - it is a residential flat.

The Watford UK council are currently investigating reports of business use of residential premises and now have information relating to 40 asian companies using the same flat as their uk address.

The description is on http://www.eachbuyer.com/walkera-qr-x350-pro-fpv-gps-rc-remote-radio-control-quadcopter-aircraft-p301616.html

RC Quadcopters
Source of power:
Configuration Type:
Left Hand Throttle
Control Distance(meter):
Channel number(ch):
11.1V 5200mAh
Flight Time(minutes):
Charging Time(minutes):

Product Description
1. Brand new GPS flight control system, ultra-stable aerial camera shooting, by adopting new core processing technology, get the throttle stick back to the middle position, the aircraft can realize GPS positioning hovering.
2. Super long flight time, up to 25 minutes, more enjoyable flying. New high-performance large-capacity 5200mAh lithium battery, easy to maintain, safe and reliable.
3. Compatible with G-2D brushless gimbal, more professional aerial camera shooting.
4. Compatible with Ilook megapixel camera + video camera, easy for FPV aerial camera shooting.
5. Professional 10-channel remote control, the remote control distance is up to 2 km.
Main rotor diameter: 556 mm
Main rotor length: 206 mm
Body length: 289 mm, width: 289 mm, height: 200 mm
Motor specifications: brushless motor (WK-WS-28-008C)
ESC specifications: WST-15A (G / R)
Package contents: 1 x QR X350PRO aircraft
Package dimension: 545 x 355 x 115 mm
1 x Aircraft
1 x Global adapter
In original package

The description is on http://www.eachbuyer.com/walkera-qr-x350-pro-fpv-gps-rc-remote-radio-control-quadcopter-aircraft-p301616.html

The argument
The goods were ordered on the basis of the description, describing a battery giving 25 minutes flying time and a remote control having 10 channels with a 2km range (presumed to be Walkera Devo10)

Later concern was raised when the meaning of configuration BNF was questioned.

this has no defined meaning in english, but may be used to mean without having most items.

The item is offered as having a left hand throttle,
Throttles (left or right hand) are ONLY found on the remote control unit l, so a remote control is being advertised.
The range is advertised (2 km.)
and is specific to the Devo 10 remote controller ( the devo 7 has 500 metres and the devo 12 has 1.5 km). It is not a feature of the quadcopter without a remote control

So again the specification is solely for the remote control (which may therefore be presumed to be included)

The fligh time is stated to

examination of http://www.abbreviations.com/BNF shows 23 slang meanings of BNF

later research revealed BNF can mean a plane sold without a remote control

It is not possible to cancel the order through the website. The eachbuyer.com UK office phone rings but is not answered.

Money has gone to BW Bank Stuttgart, Germany to pay for order number 2014112300577945 on 11/23/2014 fom D*******y 437.19 EUR

Mr D*******y would rather cancel this order and replace it with order for a complete system this is in
order number 2014112700588645 11/27/2014 D*****y 524.32 EUR

If eachbuyer.com agree to this,
Mr D***********y will immediately pay the extra 87.13 Euros
to Huge Best Ltd account in BW bank in Germany.
Translate 04/04/2018

Angela Lauer

Ich habe ein riesen Problem habe versehentlich Geld am EachBuyer überwiesen ohne was bestellt zu haben . Komme nicht in den Shop rein um mich anzumelden. Demzufolge kann ich mich nicht um meine Angelegenheit kümmern.Können sie mir vielleicht eine Telefonnummer oder Kontaktadresse übermitteln. Für einen positive Antwort wäre ich sehr dankbar. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Angela Lauer
Translate 03/13/2018


Bedauerlich ! ...
dass die Website von EachBuyer vor kurzem verschwunden ist! Ich habe seit langem vielerlei Bestellungen getätigt und ausnahmslos GUTE Erfahrungen gesammelt: Resending oder Kostenerstattung, falls die Ware nicht ankam oder defekt war. Eine Rücksendung war nie notwendig (ich habe allerdings fast nur Bestellungen im Rahmen von max. 50,- Euro getätigt).
Weiß jemand, wieso EachBuyer verschwunden ist? Meine Frage an EachBuyer betreffend die weitere Erreichbarkeit blieb leider unbeantwortet, obwohl der Service bis Ende Februar perfekt funktioniert hat (ein notwendiges Resending wurde tadellos abgewickelt). Bei einem Konkurs wäre perfektes Service bis zum letzten Tag doch sehr unwahrscheinlich?
Translate 01/29/2018

wolfgang hesa

LED-Leuchtmittel 20watt, E27 Fassung 2stck.. für rund 12Euro - bezahlt und Ware nie erhalten- Sehr verlockende Angebote,- Aber Finger Weg - Die kassieren oft nur noch und schicken dann nichts mehr ... - Keine Rückmeldung vom verkäufer erhalten. -- Haaha!!! Und zur Belohnung muss ich noch jeweils noch einen stern geben- sonst kann ich hier die Warnung nicht schreiben- Saugut! :-D
Translate 11/21/2017

Andres Crespi

Below I link my order that I have not received yet. I have sent several emails notifying this delay and I have not received any response from you. This is the last attempt before taking legal action against you.
Order information
Available actions
Nº Order: 2017091701484608
Order date: Sep 17,2017 02:28:42
Order status: All sent
Shipping address: andres crespi plaza, Sant Bernat 6 2nd, Palma de Mallorca, Baleares, 07001, Spain, 0034636949880
Shipping method: airmail: Shipping time (10-20 working days)
Payment method: PayPal
Global amount: € 20.48
Translate 11/02/2017


se cite et une fraude moi j attend tjs ma commande j ai envoyé des mail il reponde pas j ai telephoné personne ne repond c est que des voleurs sa dure depuis 2 mois alors je deconseille fortement ce site
Translate 07/27/2017


Ordine Num.: 2017060401468286
Ho comprato, pagato e mai ricevuto niente! Non si riesce a contattare nessuno!
Puzza di TRUFFA!
Translate 07/24/2017


Lieferung unvollständig und die Artikel die ich erhalten habe, entsprechen nicht der Beschreibung. Verkäufer reagiert seitdem nicht mehr.
Translate 06/12/2017


Guten Tag ,
Nicht zu empfehlen!
Ich Habe bereit im November 2016 die Bestellung Für 13,56 Euro aufgegeben und den Betrag sofort überwiesen aber keine
Antwort. (Habe ich die Ware nicht erhalten! )Ich werde immer durch Ihre News Letter belästigt
ich will diese präpotente , dreckige Werbung nicht
stellen Sie das ab, sofort
Translate 04/20/2017


Ho conosciuto EachBuyer tramite internet, ho effettuato un primo ordine a settembre 2016 il pacco è arrivato con notevole ritardo, l'oggetto acquistato era un navigatore da 7 pollici, tutto perfetto, ma, il giorno dopo non funzionava più ho fatto presente ma non sono riuscito ad avere spiegazioni valide, morale l'oggetto è finito in discarica. Il secondo ordine effettuato il 5 marzo 2017 di un cellulare dopo 2 giorni ricevo una e-mail che il pacco è stato spedito a tutt'oggi non ho ricevuto niente ho fatto le mie rimostranze, con notevole precisione mi hanno risposto "dovevo inviarle un breve video per mostrare il problema" cosa dovevo fare???? ho preso il tutto con filosofia e mi sono sbellicato dalle risate. Mi dispiace di essere stato preso in giro, un consiglio non acquistate merce presso questa società
Translate 03/13/2017

Werner Lange

Ware wurde bezahlt. Habe die Ware nicht erhalten!
Translate 02/27/2017

Florian Zeller

Hatte mir Oral B Aufsteckzahnbürsten bestellt. 50 % davon waren III.Wahl bzw. Lieferung nach c. 4 Wochen. Ausschussware und musste ich nach 2 x benutzen vernichten da nicht funktionsfähig. Habe mich von dem billigen Preis leiten lassen. Sollten man lieber lassen. Never again.
Translate 02/26/2017


conosciuto tramite ebay, sono cliente da 4 anni. Sempre trovato bene,
c'è stato un solo episodio infelice: in una partita di lampadine led ne ho trovate due di guaste ma hanno dimostrato disponibilità e correttezza, me le hanno rispedite immediatamente.
contro: tempi di attesa lunghi e pacco non rintracciabile
pro: sempre onesti e precisi, si risparmia
Translate 02/15/2017


el producto que me enviaron, una funda para ukelele, no es como la describían en la web, no era acolchada, ni tenía el tamaño adecuado.
el servicio de atención al cliente no vale para nada, no se hacen cargo del problema.
los comentarios negativos no son publicados, por eso aparecen valoraciones de 5 estrellas totalmente manipuladas.
Translate 02/03/2017


Nicht zu empfehlen!
Ich habe am 05.01. ein Kabel bei dieser Firma bestellt. Mir kam von Anfang an alles spanisch vor, dass sie für die Lieferung keine Versandkosten erhoben, aber ich dachte mir, da der Aufwand für dieses Kabel minimal ist, würde es sich für sie kaum rechnen. Die Ware selbst kostete nur 5€. Diese wurden auch unverzüglich mittels PayPal abgebucht. Jedoch habe ich nie eine Bestätigungsemail der Zahlung oder des Versends der Ware bekommen. Bei der Bestellung wurde gesagt, dass es zwischen 10 und 20 Werktage dauern kann, bis das Paket ankommt. Heute ist der 03.02., also ist es ca einen ganzen Monat her. Bis heute habe ich keine E-Mail geschweige denn mein Kabel erhalten. Für mich ein ganz klarer Betrug, lasst die Finger davon und bezahlt auf Amazon lieber ein paar Euro mehr. Da kommt es dann auch wirklich und außerdem viel schneller!
Translate 01/27/2017


El pedido me ha llegado a medias, compré varias cosas a la vez y sólo me han llegado la mitad. De la mitad que llega, uno de los artículos comprados no corresponde con lo que llega finalmente. Intento saber qué ocurre y puntuar en su misma página. No permiten comentarios de menos de tres estrella, es decir que, si puntúas con menos de tres estrellas tu comentario es inmediatamente eliminado, o no registrado. No les volveré a comprar, no facilitan la comunicación y los pedidos llegan tarde, nunca o no son lo comprado.
Translate 01/20/2017


je déconseille complètement d'acheter sur ce site car jamais livré
ils mettent en vente des articles qu'ils n'ont même pas en stock et qu'ils n'auront jamais
A EVITER si vous ne voulez pas vous faire avoir
Translate 12/06/2016


Llevo 40 días esperando a que llegue mi pedido, se supone que llegaría de 10 a 20 días, les he escrito y aún no me responden, ojalá no haya perdido mi dinero...

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