Dresswe stocks everything from bridal gowns to evening dresses, and soiree dresses to prom dresses in vintage and modern styles. Dresswe distinguishes itself from its competition by offering high-quality products at reasonable to cheap prices for brides, bridesmaids, debutantes, and quinceañeras alike. With an impressive global Alexa ranking of 36, 126, Dresswe has attracted the attention of enough brides and fashionistas to place comfortably among the top 40,000 websites in the world and, with 25% of its customer base coming from the United States, Dresswe is already a staple site for formal wear in the US.

Be careful not to confuse Dresswe with the similarly-named Dressve.com. Despite the similar names, Dressve deals in more casual day-to-day fashions. Check out our review of Dressve here.

Experience with Dresswe

Our first impression of Dresswe was that its user interface is fairly straightforward and the site itself looks pretty good. Everything is fairly well structured and we had little problem navigating to the dresses and shoes that struck our fancy. One thing we noted was that Dresswe has many different styles of dresses on offer, so whether you're looking for a vintage wedding dress or an avant-garde evening gown, Dresswe should have you covered.


  • Processing and Tailoring Times: Dresswe estimates 8-12 calendar days of processing before shipping on custom-sized orders
  • Shipping Times: 4-8 business days with Standard Shipping, 2-5 business days with Expedited Shipping
  • Free Shipping on orders over $169


  • Large Selection and Good Prices
  • Secured Payment System
  • Buyer Protection available with PayPal
  • Customer Service Live-Chat available


  • Free Shipping only over $169
  • Dresswe Account required to place orders


When it comes time to pay, you have two basic options: PayPal users can select "Checkout with PayPal" to have PayPal process their order automatically, or you can select "Proceed to Checkout" where you are give the option to pay with PayPal (including Credit Card payments processed via PayPal), Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, & Discover), WebMoney, Western Union, or via Bank Transfer.

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal  We always recommend using PayPal for all online orders so that you are protected by PayPal's excellent  internal Buyer Protection Program. Dresswe also accepts Credit Card payments processed via PayPal, so you  can still take advantage of the Buyer Protection program even if you prefer to charge your order.
Credit Card




 Payments with credit card another simple and fairly safe method of paying for your order. You are even  allowed to process Credit Card payments through PayPal to enjoy the extra layer of security.
Web Money  Web Money is Russia's answer to PayPal. It's mostly used within Russia and the former Soviet Bloc states,  but has been increasing in popularity worldwide. If you're a Web Money user, you can pay with it here.
Western Union    Western Union has been a staple in long-distance payments since before the internet. We don't generally  recommend it because of the extra fees and lack of customer protection.
Bank Transfer  Payment via Bank Transfer tend to take a while to process and can lead to extra fees. Check with your bank  first to confirm any extra fees.

Delivery Times and Shipping Costs

After making your account on Dresswe and confirming your shipping address, you will be ask to choose between two different shipping methods: Standard and Express Shipping. The exact cost of both options varies depending on the weight of your order, so you should always pay close attention to the exact costs each time your order. We've noticed that Standard Shipping usually costs somewhere between $20-35, and rarely gets more expensive before the free shipping threshold is reached.

If you think you will be ordering more than one item on Dresswe, we recommend bundling your orders together to hit the $169 mark. After $169 the Standard Shipping becomes free, while Express Shipping just keeps getting more expensive.

Dresswe and Customs

Even well-packaged orders from professional sites can be stopped by customs when entering your country for any reason. Most customs offices perform regular test stops, so its worth it to check up on your country's rules and regulations surrounding international shipping and the potential fees that could result from a customs stop.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

All dresses ordered in a standard size may be returned within 7 days of delivery for an exchange or refund. Returns on dresses ordered with custom measurements are handled on a case-by-case basis and must be discussed with Dresswe customer service beforehand. For all shoes and accessories, Dresswe gives you up to 30 days after delivery to return the items for an exchange or refund. Return Shipping must be paid by the customer in all cases.

All returns and exchanges must be reported to Dresswe's customer service department in advance. They will then process your request and, upon approval, give you the exact return address for your items.


Dresswe distinguishes itself with a large selection of high-quality wedding dresses, bridal gowns, vintage prom dresses, and general women's evening wear at fair to cheap prices. Although you will most likely have to spend a good amount of money to get the dress and accessories that you want, the products are of a fairly high quality and there is still money to be saved when compared with boutique stores. If you're on the hunt for that special dress, but don't want to break the bank to look fabulous, Dresswe is certainly worth a visit.


Alternative 1: Amormoda
free shipping free shipping, custom-tailored dresses are available
Alternative 2: Ericdress
shipping fees large selection, lower prices

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As soon as you register on Dresswe, you are presented with a coupon code that you can use immediately. For more coupons, keep an eye on our Dresswe coupon section below to score the latest coupons as we get them.


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amber viramontes

Please send me phone number i can reach your customer service office at please .. i cant call out using the # provided on site.. if im in the US can u please tell me what numbers are needed to call out to your office please

nick p

I ordered 2 dresses from dresswe.com, order number 253090.They did not look or fit as described on the website.

I read the return policy carefully and followed their instructions. However, upon emailing them as they requested in order to obtain the shipping address, they made some new claim that they could only offer me a small percentage of the cost due to specially making this dress, that they are just the manufacturers. This violates their advertised policy which offers a full refund. This amounts to a scam.

I would appreciate appropriate resolution, refunding me fully for the order I placed.Otherwise I will have to take further action in litigation.


The order came. all very quickly all come. wonderful seller, obschitelnyy. thank you very much. the dress is simply gorgeous. order, you will not regret.
Order number: 256641

Carolina Velez

Adoro el trabajo hecho por la compañía en el vestido de cocktail corto, la cual me da una elegante apariencia. También estoy muy feliz con el precio el cual fue bastante barato.


I am amazing that the dress is so beautiful. I ordered it for my best friend's birthday party. It reached me yesterday. It is a high-quality dress. And I do love the design and the color very much. It fits me perfectly and I can't wait to wear this dress in my friend's birthday party.


The dress was very well made and I received many compliments on it. I made the mistake of assuming that because the Silver dress shown had silver sequins that if I got it in red it would have red sequins. The dress has Silver sequins. It was still a very pretty dress. I will know better the next time I place an order. I plan to order all my evening gowns from this company.

Alexandra Janvey

The dress arrived very quickly and I love it! It’s just a little long, but I already altered it. Thank you!

Leona Craven

Shipped quickly, good quality. Good Customer Service.Chelsie wanted the purple dress that was pictured, but when trying to order it was not available in the drop down menu as an option. We chose another color but I added a note saying she really wanted the purple be we were not able to choose and the color selected was actually her 2nd choice. Received a phone call first thing Monday morning ( which was actually nearly midnight Central time, lol) verifying the color she wanted as her first choice and that they would do it in that color. Ordered the custom sizing and it wasn't perfect, it could have used some altering, but she opted not to. Since I did not have to pay extra, I wasn't too disappointed. My daughter Hannah, in the green, got her dress here too. We did alter hers for a better fit, which we usually have to do for all her dresses anyway.

Clarice S. Lamberson

Cannot begin to express how happy I am with this dress. From price to quality to speed of shipping. Custom fitted to my daughter's measurements and received a full week before promised. Highly recommend!!!! Just perfection at 1/4th the price of other dresses not half as lovely!!!


The dress was perfect! I am 5'10" and wore 5" heels and the dress touched the floor. I ordered a size 12 due to my hips being 41"and the dress was fitted but not tight. I was able to dance all night. Generally I wear a size 8/9. I weigh 156lbs. I received tons of complements all night. Great quality for the price. Would totally buy another. Shipping was as expected.

Katherine Henz

I will be wearing this to a wedding in a few weeks and am glad I took the time to have it custom fitted. I had already returned more than one dress from other companies trying to "guess" what size to order! Very happy with this dress!


Amazing and comfortable dress. Fits perfectly,the fabric is great,Just a little long for my body,I could wear a pair of high heel shoes.I'm normally a size 8 but because I have large breast somehow I ordered a size 10 and fits perfectly! !!!!This party I will be the queen.


They're very elegant, which looks good on my narrow, size 6.5 feet. They fit kind rather snug across the top of my foot when I first got them, but they stretched a bit after about three 8 hour work days.

Kaitlin Sargent

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I purchased some shoes for my sister's wedding and the order with them on it would not arrive before her wedding day. I had requested for 2 items to be cancelled and refunded *before* they were shipped. They processed one but not the other. I emailed to get the other rectified but, by the time they responded, they had already sent out the shoes. 18 emails go by and I am still left with them trying to bribe me to keep them at my expense or return them at my expense because of their mistake. Blair would not answer my questions or refer me to a manager by saying that the manager was unavailable to talk right not *via email*. I am left with this problem after they stopped emailing me, and I wasn't even rude or unreasonable. The details on their website have some sort of catch after you have dedicated to the order either between shipping or return details or refunds. SLY AND UNTRUSTWORTHY AND CHEAP.


Order came quickly about 3 weeks and quality is good, I'm happy! Recommend seller.


Until now I just can't believe such a beautiful dress belongs to me. This is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. It looks very elegant and graceful. Feels very soft and smooth. The paillettes on the dress looks very delicate and make the dress looks more noble. Really worth to buy this!


The website is easy to navigate and the clothes that I've purchased are really good quality for the price. The only con is that shipping can take up to a month or more and some of the dresses run small so make sure you either do a custom size or read the reviews so you don't waste your time waiting for a dress that won't fit.


I ordered a very nice dress which came just as the photo. Somewhat of a long wait for delivery however it was worth the wait, I am very satisfied and i also plan to purchase more items next month.


Do NOT order from Dresswe, because if there's any problem with the dress you ordered, they will give you the total run-around and waste your time. They have known, since June 12th, that we were very unhappy with the dress we received my niece's maid of honor for her July 9th wedding. It is now July 28th, and we've gotten nothing but a run-around.
We ordered a dress "same as picture," which they verified as being a royal blue. The dress arrived with no hint of blue whatsoever...it is totally purple. The dress was also poorly made with the sequins all falling off and dangling from the thule skirt.
My first online chat was on the 12th with Ryan (supposedly), and he said to email pictures so they could process a return.
The next morning, we received a new shipment receipt that showed a dress being shipped out to us on the 13th. I got on their online chat again, to see if this meant they were sending us a blue replacement dress. I chatted again with Ryan, who told me that they did send out a new dress on the 13th, he said "not to sweat it," that the dress would be blue this time, and that the replacement dress was free. A couple of days later, as I was trying to track the shipping, I found out that the tracking number was the same as the first dress.
After several days of chatting with people with Dresswe to find out what was going on (each time, talking to people I thought I had already talked to, but dumbfounded as they acted like they never talked to me), it wasn't until the 23rd that I got an answer. A "Rose" told me that Ryan made a mistake, and that they would never send out a new dress, without seeing pictures, first. They told me to email pictures and that they would get back to me in 36 hours. I sent the email right away, on the 23rd. I included the picture that I had of the purple dress and included a copy of the chat I had with Ryan, who promised us a replacement dress was on the way.
Three days passed without hearing back, so I sent them a second email to make sure they got it. With our time crunch, I couldn't wait for an email reply anymore, so I chatted online gain on the 27th, and was told to chat again in 8 hours, with Blair. The supposed Blair ended up finally replying to my first email, but said she wants daylight, not inside pictures (even though you can totally see that the dress is purple, because it is next to another royal blue dress). So, I sent a daylight picture, with the purple dress next to another royal blue dress. Each time this back-and-forth emailing was going on, more days were passing, and the wedding is quickly approaching.
The supposed same Blair replied on the 28th, and tried arguing that we ordered "same as picture" and that the picture of the dress on their website has a little bit of purple. She asked, did you order blue? Again...seemed to have no clue of prior conversations, because she then asked "Is there a problem?" The dress we got is totally purple, not blue at all, and we were promised a blue replacement dress weeks ago that never got shipped. Yes! There's a problem!
I ended up receiving another email from a Blair , later that same day, in response to the second email I sent, because they weren't responding to the first. This is when I figured out that there must be several people in charge of responding to emails, but all using the name Blair. She obviously had no clue I had already sent a daylight picture and had been emailing back and forth with a Blair that morning about it all! So, each time you chat or reply back to emails, you are completely starting over with what you want to discuss and have taken care of.

Bottom line, they promised us that a blue replacement dress was shipped out weeks ago, when one was not. They have completely wasted our time giving us the run-around, and now the bride has only 11 days left to try and find another blue dress for her maid of honor to wear.
What an absolute mess it has been trying to communicate with them. I don't think we will ever see a refund, even now that there is no time left to make and send us a dress in time...time that ran out because of their lack of integrity and lack of customer service.


The dress was excellent,Just remember: measure yourself before purchasing!

Absolutely gorgeous dress, worth every penny. Sat really well and tyköistyvä lapels partition that will support your breasts perfectly. Gorgeous embroidery, quality excellent. I am 100% satisfied! In Finland, this kind of dress would cost at least € 400. This good quality work is very difficult to find. I have bought here in the past, and always equally pleased. Remember it, start by measuring your own measured before clicking the purchase of the basket, the dimensions do not necessarily always have the S or M , but clearly the dimensions of the highlights, remains the responsibility of the buyer to take care of the measurement themselves properly.

The dress was excellent, it was worth every penny. It suited me perfectly as you can see in my photo and the breast area was excellent, firm and supportive. The quality was very high. I am 100% pleased. In Finland, this dress would have costed me a fortune. Delivery was fast and customer service very helpful. I bough many dresses from here and have always been happy with my purchase. Just remember: measure yourself before purchasing!

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