DressVe.com is a fashion-focused webshop based in China. Active since 2011, DressVe (formerly "DressVenus") has managed to grow at a respectable pace attaining an Alexa ranking of 83,090, placing it among the top 85k most-visited websites in the world by fashion-hungry shoppers. Dressve has proven particularly popular in North America, with close to 30% of its customer-base hailing from the US and Canada.

Fashionwise, DressVe's selection of styles and price range are aimed squarely at the 20-something, Forever 21/H&M crowd. Like Forever 21 and H&M, DressVe carries a wide variety of styles likely to please almost any shopper looking to score cute threads on the cheap. 

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Experience with DressVe

The ample selection lends itself well to late-night bargain hunting, a difficult thing to resist even for some of our PandaCheck Staffers of the female persuasion. We went ahead and placed some sample orders to give you, our dear readers, a better idea of what to expect from DressVe. Can the digital newcomer from China really hold its own against the IRL Mall favs? Read on to find out...


  • Delivery Time: 5-8 business days (Super Savings), 4-8 business days (Standard), 2-5 business days (Expedited)
  • Selection: Trendy, modern styles; Asia-focused fashion (lots of "Korean style" clothes)
  • Price point: Low to medium-priced


  • Good assortment of styles
  • Easy-to-Navigate Website
  • $5 coupon to newly-registered users
  • Buyer Protection when paying with PayPal
  • Customer Service available in Live-Chat
  • Internal Fashion Blog


  • Free Shipping only on orders over $69
  • Website is slow and buggy, especially on payment pages
  • Poor English translation makes the fine print hard to understand


DressVe gives the option of registering to create an account or checking out as a Guest. We had quite a few problems proceeding through Checkout as a Guest and eventually had to create a user account just to move beyond Shipping Selection in our order, so we recommend taking the extra 60 seconds to create an account. It will probably save you more time than trying to get through the super-buggy Guest checkout. 

American customers are given the option of paying via PayPal, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Delta, JCB), and the less-common-in-North-American Web Money. We always recommend using PayPal for all online transactions in order to take advantage of their phenomenal Buyer Protection Program. If you're unfamiliar with PayPal, their buyer protection program gives you the option to open a case within 45 of making a payment to get your money back in case anything goes wrong with the ordering process. PayPal users also have the option to "Checkout with PayPal" after selecting a shipping method.


Those that don't use PayPal, or who prefer using plastic...or, yes, even Web Money, will have no problem paying and completing their order on DressVe.

Supported Payment Systems

PayPal PayPal With PayPal you enjoy the peace of mind of their 45-day buyer protection. PayPal users even have the option of processing their credit cards through PayPal, so you can charge your order while still enjoying PayPal's 45-day protection.
Credit Cards


Master Card


Practical and super-easy, credit cards are hard to beat when paying online. They don't usually offer as much protection as PayPal, but they're also relatively safe.
Web Money Web Money is Russia's answer to PayPal. It's mostly used within Russia and the former Soviet Bloc states, but has been increasing in popularity worldwide. If you're a Web Money user, you can pay with it here.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

 DressVe gives you three shipping options to choose from: Super Savings (5-12 business days), Standard (4-8 business days), and Expedited (2-5 business days). Depending on which shipping method you choose, shipping can last anywhere from 2 to 8 business days and the prices can fluctuate wildly depending on the weight of your order. Super Savings shipping is always the cheaper option, but just how super your savings are will depend greatly on how much you're ordering at once.

A convenient, yet under advertised trick to DressVe is that the Super Savings Shipping becomes free on orders over $69.

DressVe Shipping Methods

As you may have noticed in the screenshot above, DressVe also offers its customers a Delivery insurance for $1-3. DressVe called this the "Purchase Delivery and Duty-Free Insurance," and says that it covers any reshipment necessary in case an order is returned, as well as any extra fees incurred at customs. The price of the insurance ranges depending on the size of your order (we never saw it costing more than $1) and, assuming DressVe makes good on all of its promises, it's probably worth the extra $1 to protect against any customs fees.

DressVe and Customs

In our test order experience, DressVe packages and labels its deliveries pretty well. Well enough, at least, that our orders had no problem getting though customs and arriving on our doorstep within the 5-8 business days promised. That being said, Customs can and will stop any international shipment at any time for any reason, so its worth it to read up on your country's rules and regulations surrounding international shipments and import fees to know what to expect in case of a random customs stop.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

DressVe gives you the option to return items for the any reason within 15 days of delivery. All returns must be registered with DressVe's customer service team beforehand and the customer will be responsible for all costs associated with the return shipping. DressVe will then refund you the purchase price within 2-7 days of receiving the item(s) in the mail.

Special Features

On most orders, DressVe expects a processing time of 3-5 business days before they are able to ship your order. Some items, however, have an expedited processing time. Such items are labeled with "Ship in 24 hours" on their overview pages.

DressVe's in-house fashion blog presents users with an interesting proposition. It moves beyond simply highlighting the site's latest deals and newest arrivals, the blog also gives registered users the chance to earn store credit for sharing the blog and attracting new users.

DressVe also features a convenient "Daily Deals" section which highlights new specials and clearance deals as they come up. The page is updated every few days, so if you're an impulse shopper you may just be able to score some excellent deals.


Adventurous deal hunters who enjoy rummaging through the sale racks at Forever 21 will probably find a lot to like about DressVe. With a large selection and competitive prices, you have the ability to score a pretty impressive haul on your way to the $69 Free Shipping threshold. Less impulsive buyers who have difficulty reaching the Free Shipping threshold, however, may find DressVe's expensive shipping hard to reconcile with the H&M-like selection. You won't be disappointed with quality, but you might be let down by the shipping costs on orders less than $69.


Alternative 1: Chicnova
free shipping
from $69
Free shipping from $69, large selection of women's fashion
Alternative 2: Coco-Fashion
free shipping Free shipping, wide array of styles, similar prices


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The order came. all very quickly all come. wonderful seller, obschitelnyy. thank you very much. the dress is simply gorgeous. order, you will not regret.
Order number: 256641


Great quality shoes and great service. I buy here very often and I`m very satisfied. I prefer to buy one good pair of shoes instead of buying a bunch of poor quality, that`s why I prefer this store.


This website has so many beautiful and fashionable clothes to choose from, I have chosen two items and will but them in these two days.


Vale la pena tener ese producto. Vino muy bien emapquetado y en excelentes condiciones.

par jeleandr

très belle coupe qui fait une jolie silhouette, belles finitions et matière agréable. je suis très contente de mon achat et je l'ai déjà porté avec des


I had a pleasant shopping experience on dressve


There are so many cheap and fashionable shoes on this website, I'm visiting this website and I plan to buy shoes here today


163の自分には 思ってたよりもスカート丈が長かったです  もうちょっとミニがよかったんですが・・ デザインはイメージ通りかわいいので満足です


Customer service is polite and friendly
The dress I bought is very cheap
the deliver is fast, I received my dress just within half month
Translate 01/18/2016

Camelia Juca

Ho ordinato il 7 novembre ed mi arrivato oggi il giubbotto,Oggi e 18 gennaio.Ho pagato on line sia il giubbotto sia la spedizione che era 19.00 euro.Oggi ho dovuto pagare altri 32.00 euro per la spedizione EXPRESS con DHL. Per ciò in totale 93.00 euro per un giubbotto schifoso ,sintetico cinese che ne vale neanche 20.Sul sito e venduto come piuma,ma di piume non ha nemmeno una.Se potessi li brucerei,sti bastardi.Mi hanno ingannato alla grande.
Translate 11/28/2014

Vanessa T.

Shopempfehlung von ner Freundin - und ich mag den echt gern. Geile Auswahl und zur Salezeit musste ich nat+rlich zugreifen. Gute Quali und der Schnitt ist auch top. Schad nur dass der Versand kostet - das problem haben andere Shops ja schon längst aus der Welt geschafft.
Translate 11/18/2014


Superschönes Kleid gekauft! Perfekt für meinen Abschlussball - hat länger als angekündigt gedauer, aber war noch pünktlich da. Sehr sehr geil! Hätt ich nicht gedacht!
Translate 09/29/2014


Nachdem mich meine erste Bestellung in einem chinesischen Modeonlineshop überzeugt hatte, hab ich mich auch mal bei dressve rangewagt! und wurde auch nicht enttäuscht!! Lieferung hat zwar zwei Tage länger als angegeben gedauert, aber kein Weltuntergang! Der Pullover, die Schuhe und der Schmuck waren super!!!

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