Dresslink.com is an already world-famous Fashion Webshop based out of Hong Kong. Dresslink has only been around for a couple of years, but already it has managed to become one of the most popular websites on the planet. With an Alexa ranking of 12,777, Dresslink is among the 13,000 most-visited websites in the world. Dresslink has proven particularly popular in India, where it ranks among the top 6k websites, but is also quite popular in the United States as well as Brazil.

If you're familiar with the popular webstore CNDirect, then Dresslink's layout, and maybe even some of its stock, should be familiar to you: the two websites both operate under the same parent company. But where CNDirect tries more to be all things to all people, Dresslink focuses exclusively on high fashion at low prices, and it's proven to be excellent for this.

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Experience with Dresslink

Fashionistas used to getting free shipping on their online orders may be a bit surprised to find out that Dresslink in fact charges for shipping. No need to worry though: in our experience on Dresslink, in comparison with some of the other fashion shops we've reviewed, Dresslink is cheap. So cheap, in fact, that the moderate shipping prices even out with those of other sites that offset their free shipping costs by raising the prices of their products, such as Twinkledeals and Oasap.

We were amazed at some of the prices on Dresslink, at first. The shipping costs did put a bit of a damper on our initial excitement, but we were still happy with the overall price of ordering on Dresslink. We were, however concerned about the quality. What could a 1 cent dress possibly be made from, anyways? Tissue paper? Much to our surprise, the quality of our test orders were on par with other bargain competitors

Speaking of our test orders, all of our packages arrived within one month. We were also pleased with the products themselves, which were all correct in color, material and, most importantly, size.

Check out the table below for an at-a-glance view of our impressions, or read on for an in-depth review of what to expect on your next impulse buy.


  • Well Structure Website
  • Useful Point System
  • Buyer Protection when paying via PayPal
  • Price Matching Program and Price Alert programs help you get the best price


  • No Free Shipping


Dresslink is pretty normal in terms of payment. It accepts the three biggies for online orders. Namely, Paypal, Credit or Debit Card, and Western Union. As always, we recommend paying with PayPal to take advantage of its excellent internal buyer protection program. In case you're unfamiliar with PayPal, it allows you to open a case against any payment made within 180 days and get your money back in case there's a problem with the shipping or the product itself.

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal With an internal buyer protection program and the uber-practical Express Checkout, PayPal is our clear favorite for online payments.
credit card, debit card




Credit/Debit Card payments are pretty straightforward. Plug in your card info and go. The biggest problem we've found is that it can sometimes take a few days for non-Chinese card payments to be confirmed by the Chinese recipients. 
Western Union   It offers little in the way of buyer protection, costs extra, and requires you to go to a Western Union office to complete your order. Not recommended.

Shipping and Delivery Times

When ordering from Dresslink, you will have a few shipping options to choose from. As you can see in the screenshot below, your choice of carrier ranges from the cheaper, slower ChinaPost, through to international budget carriers like ePacket, up to more familiar private carriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, and EMS. It's important to always pay attention, as the prices can vary drastically depending on the product and shipment weight. ChinaPost is usually the cheapest, but as the other prices fluctuate, you can sometimes get deals on faster services. Below, for example, the slightly faster carrier ePacket is cheaper than ChinaPost with a tracking number. 

Dresslink and Customs

So far, all of our experience with Dresslink's packages has been pretty good. All of our orders got through customs without issue and arrived at our office within the estimated 3-4 weeks. That being said, it is always worth it to check out your country's rules and regulations surrounding international shipments and importing goods. Customs may stop even perfectly packaged and declared shipments, either for routine checks or on high-priced goods.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

In our experience with the site's customer service, Dresslink really wants its customers to be happy with its clothes so it offers one of the most flexible return policies in the business. You may return your products at any time for any reason. 

Should a product arrive damaged or defective, Dresslink will refund your money in full. Should you simply not like an item or accidentally order the wrong size, however, Dresslink will subtract a restocking fee from your refund. All returns must be registered with Dresslink's customer service before being sent back.

Special Features

Dresslink differentiates itself from its competitors with the presence of Dresslink Wallet and its internal Point System. Dresslink allows you to pre-deposit money in your Dresslink Wallet for use when shopping on the site. The Wallet is also where Dresslink will deposit any Return Credit you receive. Of course, this is only really useful if you write so many reviews and are so active on the site that you constantly have Dresslink giving you shop credit, but it is a nice feature to have on hand particularly if you are an ultra-savvy shopper and you're afraid your currency's value will drop soon and you want to freeze your money's value at that time.

Dresslink's Point System, on the other hand, allows you to collect "DL Points" by posting reviews, photos or videos of products for their blog, and inviting friends to join the site. You can then convert your DL Points into shop credit in your Dresslink Wallet to put towards your next purchase. If you're particularly active (or you have lots of friends) you could save quite a bit of money collecting DL Points.


Dresslink is most definitely worth a visit and an order (or two). The prices regularly match or beat those of competitors, and the discount shipping costs keep this site competitive even with other shops offering free shipping. We were very happy with the quality and accuracy on all of our orders thus far and we look forward to placing a few more orders. Overall, a great fashion shop with some really unique pieces and a great selection of the basics that will please even the most discerning fashionista.


 Alternative 1:  OnFancy
free shipping OnFancy is notable for its attractive site layout, decent prices, and free shipping
 Alternative 2:  SheIn
free shipping
from $30
SheIn specializes in offering unique, quality women's wear at competitive prices. Free Shipping is available on orders over $30.

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Dress Link sells counterfeit products! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!! See below. Claimed these were real. When they arrived, they are clearly fake and will not respond for refund. Can not get a hold of them by phone. BUYER BEWARE!!

Item Number: SVM031332
3pcs Lil Sister Outrageous Littles Surprise Dolls Pees And Spits


A month after receiving my order (which took a long time to arrive!) I received a bill from FedEx charging me nearly half of my order cost again on import tax! I was promised free delivery - this is hardly free is it? I've sent several messages and they have all been ignored - disgraceful service!!


My items never shipped and I ordered them two weeks ago with the expedited 2-7 day shipping. It was for a costume event that has already passed so even if it does ship it's no use to me. They have ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Companies like this shouldn't exist.


I had issues making a purchase with my debit card. The odd thing is, I've bought from this site before and it accepted my card. My orders were only almost a week apart, but this second round it's getting rejected. I read someone else had the same issue, only my difference is that I'm using the same card as I did last time. Anyone know what could be causing this issue? O.o


It sucks it doesn't even accept my visa debit card it keeps refusing and when mailing them they told me to send a photo like no


Dresslink is probably one of my favorite sites, especially their 1-cent flash sales! Lots of cute things. The quality of their items can vary from what you would expect to surprisingly well made. I recently purchased a skirt on DL for $6.49 that I have seen on other Chinese sites for $11 to $50(!). Their prices are pretty great, especially on their dresses. They're good at providing individual measurements for most of their clothing, even those that are "one size."
As you stated, the shipping is not free--but it is easy to see what the shipping cost will be before your order goes through, allowing you to cancel or change before you submit payment. Shoes are probably the most expensive thing (when adding shipping) so I would recommend comparing prices plus shipping before ordering. I use Paypal to purchase items. My items have arrived in 10 to 20 days and always have been the correct size, color, etc.
I'd recommend DressLink to anyone that was familiar and comfortable shopping for clothes on Chinese clothing sites!
Translate 03/27/2018


Desde el 10 de marzo compré un traje de baño y aun no me llega, como puedo saber cuanto tiempo más tardará ya que yo lo necesitaba para el 29 de marzo a más tardat
Translate 03/20/2018


Don't ever order here! I got my Dresses but they didn't fit so I wanted to send them back even though I knew I have to pay the refund shipping fee. They say something about easy return, but it is not. I send the package back, but they told me I won't get my Money back because there is no tracking number and they can't find my package without it. I am wondering how all the other companies can do it without the tracking number and they can't.
Translate 03/19/2018


Não consigo rastrear o negócio q comprei. Que merda já vai fazer 1 mês e nadaa
Translate 03/16/2018


Ya pasó más de un mes en llegarme mi paquete y en servicio al cliente no te dan una solución clara, en la página aparece que ya me lo entregaron y en el rastreo sigue en tránsito. Se me hace una falta de seriedad de la empresa y sobre todo hacen que el cliente pierda la confianza para volver a comprarles.
Translate 03/11/2018


ricevuto prodotto nemmeno simile a quello ordinato fuori dai tempi di consegna mi chiedete di restituire il prodotto con l'anticipo di spese di spedizione di un pacco di 1 chilo questa e una frode ed ebay che gestisce vostro negozio ne e' complice
Translate 09/08/2017


Saludos..!! Necesito saber si Dresslink hace envíos a Venezuela actualmente?
Translate 08/07/2017

Noelia Medina

Hola buenas tardes, yo compre en su pagin, pague y nunca llego mi pedido. Me siento estafada y no puedo dar con un responsable.
El codigo que me dieron fue este .
EA242664369CN.. ¿x favor me pueden devoover mi dinero. ?
Translate 07/01/2017


hola, yo hice un pedido hace unos meses pero ya tenía como un año que no entraba a la pagina y me encuentro con que está muy cambiada, sin embargo mi pedido no ha llegado pero pagué un seguro por mi paquete sin embargo no me aparece nada para reclamar mi dinero y jamás me dieron numero de rastreo. solo me dice que ya fue enviado.
Translate 06/14/2017


Quisiera saber cuando me va a llegar mi producto compre un tapado y siempre tira error la pagina para ver el estado del envío.
espero respuesta.
Translate 05/08/2017


Hola yo compre un vestido y unos zapatos la aduana de argentina me lo reenviaron de vuelta a china como puedo hacer para que me lo envíen de vuelta necesito una repuesta clara
Translate 04/03/2017


hola alguien me puede ayudar realice una compra pero me confundi con las tallas el pedido esta echo pero no se como corregir la talla y que me manden la correcta por fa ayudenme se los ruego
Translate 01/11/2017


Realicé una compra hace poco más de 3 meses, estuve preguntando por mis productos y me decían que los estaban empacando y que pronto llegarían, sin embargo, los productos jamás llegaron. Actualmente, acabo de solicitar el rembolso y estoy a la espera de la respuesta por parte de ellos.
Translate 01/03/2017


Hola realice el pedido el 17 de diciembre 2016 y escogí el envío de 6 a 12 días y aun aparece en confirmación de pago? ya he hecho compras anteriormente y nunca se habían tardado, no tengo forma de como ver un estatus real.
Translate 12/27/2016

martha Linares

¿Hacen envios a El Salvador?

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