Dresslily is an online fashion shop based in Shenzhen, China which, according to the "About Us" page, strives to offer its customers the best fashions at great prices. We wanted to know how good they really are, so we put their service to the test. Read on to find out what we thought.

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We loved the homepage. We find it simple, attractive, and easy to figure out and navigate. Dresslily's slogan is "Dress to express," so we dove into their product range to see if their styles could really separate them from the competition.


We let the Panda give Dresslily the old once-over. You can check out an at-a-glance summary of the findings below or read on to get an in-depth look at Dresslily.


  • Free Shipping
  • Attractive and User-Friendly site layout
  • Relatively fast shipping times
  • Regular Clearance Sales between seasons
  • PayPal supported


  • Account required for Credit Card payments


Dresslily supports the big three payment options for orders on its site. Namely, PayPal, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX), and Western Union.

Dresslily Payment Options

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal Always our recommendation for International Orders! PayPal is a quick and easy online payment method that offers Express Checkout and an unbeatable Buyer Protection Program.
credit card




Credit Card payments on Dresslily must be processed over PayPal, so you'll also enjoy their fantastic Buyer Protection Program when swiping plastic.
Western Union   Keep in mind: you have to pay an extra fee to go to an in-person office to complete your transaction. 

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

Dresslily gives its customers the choice between 3 different shipping methods. The free Flat-Rate Shipping method takes the longest, but at $0.00 it's also the cheapest and easiest to calculate into your final price. The two remaining shipping options include the Standard Shipping and Expedited Shipping. Strangely, the fast Expedited Shipping was almost always cheaper than the slightly slower (but still faster than Flat Rate) Standard Shipping option. The pricing depends on the weight of your order and get real expensive real quickly so, unless you need your clothes in a hurry, we recommend sticking with the free Flat Rate Shipping option.

Dresslily Shipping

Dresslily and Customs

Our orders from Dresslily arrived drama-free and properly packaged and labeled for customs. That doesn't mean, however that you shouldn't be informed on what happens if your package does get stopped. Customs offices will regularly perform random package inspections which can lead to extra fees.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

Should an item arrive damaged or you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you can contact Dresslily customer service via Email using the Customer Service contact form or via phone. Dresslily Customer Service will usually require photographic proof of any damaged or defective items. You should also remember that it is always your responsibility to cover any and all return shipping costs.


Dresslily focuses on fashion and accessories, and does pretty well in this field. If you're looking for a new sweater, top, or cocktail dress, Dresslily is worth a look. In our experience, the quality (but not always the prices) are comparable to what you would get at H&M or Old Navy. If you like shopping at shops like that, it may be worth your time to check out Dresslily, if for no other reason than to compare prices. And with free shipping, who needs to go to the mall?


 Alternative 1:  Rotita
free shipping also specializes in cheap and trendy clothing items. This one is especially popular among fashionistas in the US.
 Alternative 2:  Onfancy
free shipping very style-conscious, OnFancy adds new clothes almost every day to stay ahead of the latest styling trends
 Alternative 3:  Sammydress
shipping costs cheap (but still payed) shipping, large selection of clothing and accessories


1 Dresslily Coupon

Dresslily is always up for a great promotion or a really useful coupon code - we try to list the newest vouchers as soon as we get them, so keep on visiting us, or tell us about coupons which we're still missing and you think we absolutely need to add.

10% sign up bonus

Dresslily is welcoming all new customers with a special bonus: if you register on the website, you will automatically receive a 10% discount coupon for your first order. This makes the offered fashion even more enticing, doesn't it?!

Valid for a limited time

Not necessary

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I have made some orders on DressLily and i'm satisfied.
The quality of the fabrics is great.
The items as described.
Shipping times are perfect! Really fast delivery.
The communication is good and in time.
I recommend it.
(Order number: LL1901140909362695)

chawqi dahmani

i have bought many things and some problemthe communication was perfect and and my problems solved fast .
delivery and packaging both are fast and good .
the price here interesting thats why i bought many things


The Dresslily.com store appeared not so long ago and is gaining more and more popularity every day.
I decided to write a short review of this online hypermarket.
Consider its pros and cons.

Should I buy at the Dresslily store?
To understand whether to buy at all on this site you need to consider how it differs from any market.
After all, in fact, you can come to any store in your city and buy everything you need there.
In this case, you can touch it and see how it works.
And then you buy blindly, you also need to wait a couple of weeks, or even more.
But do not immediately forget about Dresslily, because it seems only at first glance
that he is not worthy of our attention.
Why is shopping at Dresslily.com a pleasure?
The store has a lot of advantages and they are all quite significant.
Now I will try to convince you that it is a pleasure to buy at Dresslily.com !:

1) Low prices. What most attracts us in stores? Of course low price!

2) Warranty and return. (+ Package insurance)
60 day warranty on any undelivered goods.
In case of a poor-quality gadget, your money will be returned to you with a 100% guarantee. Free warranty repair within 360 days.
In addition, within 30 days after receiving the goods, you have the full right to return it to the seller and get the money back (packaging and equipment must be intact, sending to China is paid by the customer).
3) A large selection of positions, new market. There is a lot of goods and the range is constantly updated:
electronics, clothes, toys, decor items and more.
Another great advantage is that any new items appear on the site Dresslily.com much faster than you will find them in your city.
4) Delivery straight to home. The Dresslily online store has many shipping options.
Therefore, everyone will find the most convenient way for themselves.
Do not want to spend money on delivery?
Please order an economy without payment,
or regular delivery with a track number for a symbolic price.
Do you want delivery in a short time and that the courier will bring it where it is convenient for you?
And it can be arranged without any problems!
5) Secure payment.
The Herbest site uses 128-bit SSL encryption, which is the highest level of encryption for sensitive data.
You can not be afraid for your personal data when paying on the site, for example, by credit card. Also in the store there are other payment methods:
* Credit Card & Debit Card: Includes Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, etc.
* PayPal is the most convenient payment method in the world.
* Credit Card via PayPal
* Credit card via PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover and Diners).
* Boleto Bancario - Brazil customers can pay via Boleto Bancario.
* Western Union - for orders that cost more than $ 300, contact us at the Support Center. This is a fast, secure and secure payment.
* Bank transfer
* Wallet at Dresslily.com

6) You can save points. And then pay them part of the cost of purchases.
These are special points from the site Dresslily.com.
They accumulate, for purchases, for daily logging in to the account on the site, for the feedback on the goods.

Well, how? I managed to convince you what to buy on Dresslily worth? If not, then here is another COMPLETE argument in favor of a wonderful store.

7) Cashback back to your account. Do you know what cashback is? Cashback is a refund of a part of the purchase amount on the Internet.
Cashback services give good returns on Dresslily. One of the services I use is https://letyshops.com/by/soc/sh-1?r=220287
Be sure to go to the site, read and register to start saving on purchases at Dresslily.com now!
Buying on Dresslily through https://letyshops.com/by/soc/sh-1?r=220287, you get an incredible profit. The money that is returned to you can be withdrawn and used for any purpose.
That is, you can buy them at other online stores, or simply withdraw to a bank card and withdraw cash.

In addition, there are services in which you can donate a small amount of cashback to charity.
You will be able to transfer the amount to one of the charitable funds and help the sick children or the old people with your money.

Do not think that I just do advertising to the store and therefore I paint it in bright colors. No, my friends, I am first and foremost for honesty and therefore present to you a list of the MINUSES of the Dresslily store. I personally encountered some of them.

Not everything is perfect ...
* The first and the most unreasonable thing on this site is the support service.
It is in English, but this is not its disadvantage. I'm not stupid enough to not know how to use a translator ...
No, English in the 21st century does not create barriers for communication through correspondence to people who do not even know the translation of the word dog. But the point here is that the guys like to respond with templates prepared in advance and lying in the daddy of the computer on each device of the employee of those. support
* Delay in sending goods
Yes, yes ... If you are a regular customer of this store, you probably know that the goods can not be sent by WEEKS. These are rare cases, but they exist and there is no point in denying them. I just want to write a complete picture so that you understand what pitfalls you might encounter on this site.
Yes, such a problem can also be encountered. As for insurance, if the goods are really expensive, then take it necessarily. If a trifle is up to 1000 rubles, then it makes no sense to take insurance.
*Long delivery.
Some write that they are waiting for their parcel for 2 months. But here I’m not going to scold the Dresslily site, because the long delivery is not their fault.
I think everyone knows how our beloved Russian and CIS Post works and how much she loves to ruffle our nerves.
Therefore, this disadvantage can rather be attributed not to the Dresslily store itself, but in general to purchases from abroad, which are delivered to the CIS.

A detailed review turned out for me to write for you, dear readers. I hope this review about the Dresslily store will help everyone decide whether to buy here. My opinion is worth it !!!
I buy in this store, because I pay more attention to the advantages: benefits, cashback, promotions and a huge assortment !!!

P.S. By the way, I completely forgot to write another positive side of the Dresslily.com site - these are permanent discounts, promotional codes and promotions that you can really save on shopping for goods :)


Hello I make many purchase with dresslily, allways everything is very OK !! I recomend this shop for You. Here u can find a wery good quality products and delivery time is quick! Thansk!


The delivery was very fast and my Halloween shirt was exactly like it was pictured. I would definitely buy from them again. I would give them 5 star rating but this program wont let me adjust the rating.


I am positively surprised by shopping at the DressLily store. Pricess are very good, large choice of products. Nice promotions.
I bought here Utorch Q2 4W DC5V 0.5A Touch Induction Rechargeable LED Table Lamp with Clock / Calendar / Thermometer (SKU 236480001, Order Number: LLP1812080549164142) which I'm using in my office. is nice, compact, and battery lasts for long time.


Dresslily have a large range of goods. Accepts different payment systems. The store has many offers with real discounts on different products. In addition, there is a system of rewarding customers as points. Delivery of goods to different countries. Delivery to Russia is 2-6 weeks.

Toni Shalanda Roberson

AT first I was very angry with this site for not giving me an update on when I would receive my items. Yes I received my order weeks after I order them and after the event I ordered them for. However, the items I love and they fit perfect matter of fact one sweater is a tad bit to big but nothing a needle and some thread cant handle. Customer service in my opinion can do a lot better but I loved the fact that they did reply within 24hrs. If I could change anything about this order it would be the time. I'm okay with getting my order weeks later; I'm not okay with being told I could get rush delivery, pay for it and get it a month later. A true timeline would be great most people don't mind waiting it's the thinking it's going to be here by a certain time and then nothing. Other than that great product! https://en.pandacheck.com/shops/dresslily#rating-box


Very good site. I any order 2 months ago, and the orders is fast processing, and shipping. Any great coupon! And very good product, best buy! I order micro sd, flashdrive any xiaomi items. I buy again this site!


I had an original micro SD card at half of its value thanks to a coupon. The delivery was quick for a product sent from China and free. I'm very happy

Enes Furkan

I get some tech products from dresslily with great discounted prices and they have been delivered successfully. And they was as described. I'm very satisfied with my orders especially for good prices.


Dresslily is one of my favorite stores from China. I found it quite recently but I have already bought some items from it. So far all have arrived without any problems. In this store you can pay by PayPal so we have a half-year warranty. Contact with support is very fast, I used it once and I was very happy. You can mainly buy clothes in Dresllily but I always look forward to the sale of gadgets like flashlights. I bought, for example flashlight Convoy S2+ at a great price slightly above 6$ with free delivery (order no. LB1810231042306025). No problem with this shop so far.


Ceny są zdecydowanie niższe niż w Polsce.
Wszystkie dotychczas zamówione przesyłki dotarły (wszystkie nierejestrowane).
Bardzo dobra gwarancja - po napisaniu ticketu do supportu wysłali nowy przedmiot.
Warto polować na kupony - potrafią sporo obniżyć cenę.
Szczęśliwie również do tej pory żadna przesyłka nie została ovatowana.
Dużym plusem jest możliwość płatności przez PayPal, który daje pół roku ochrony konsumenta.
Także jak najbardziej polecam.
Kupowałem w wielu chińskich sklepach, Dresslily to jeden z najlepszych!

Gio Gin

He realizado varias compras en Dresslily y la verdad que todo ha ido muy bien.
los precios son adecuados y la atencion al cliente es buen.
Tienen mucha variedad de ropa y de tallas. En definitiva estoy contento


5/5 absolutely love this shop the clothes are fantastic everything that I have ordered from them has been excellent quality and providing you follow the size guide for each individual item then the fitting is great too


I think Dresslily is a very credible site, they offer really cool fashionable items for reasonable prices. I've purchased watches, a swimsuit and even a dress thus far.


I can highly recommend Dresslily shop. I have bought there a lot of things and till now I am very happy with the services of this store. In this store you can pay by PayPal - which is my favourite payment method, besides they offer quick and payless shipping method with good packing. Whats more quality of things I have bought was excelent and as described. So do not afraid and use that store!!

Dave K

Good online shop with reasonable prices and fast delivery.


I found out about the store in summer 2018. At this time I made my first order. The order arrived pretty quickly. Packaged was high quality and the contents fully corresponded to the description. The store is arranges good discounts. Also in the store a lot of goods with free shipping. The store works with the paypal payment system - it's a guarantee of protecting your money.
The store made a good impression. I'm satisfied the customer service and I will continue to make purchases in Dresslily.
My order number: LP1809251443596576


All items is arrived very fast, and all in good condition. My children love this

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