is one of the leading Online Stores for consumer electronics, gadgets, and toys. With a wide selection of everything from smartphone and tablet accessories, toys, gadgets, tech, watches, sports equipment, and home and garden supplies, DealsMachine has the potential to satisfy all your online shopping needs.

Since its start in 2006, the Shenzhen, China-based web company has been known as "ahappydeal," "BestAfford," and now since May 2014 as "Dealsmachine." According to, Dealsmachine has managed to secure a ranking of 44,150 making one of the top 45,000 most-visited website in the world. Impressive for a company that's changed its name so often. Its largest customer base (about 20%) is based in the USA and Canada, where Dealsmachine enjoys great popularity despite local web giants such as Amazon and eBay.

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Experience with DealsMachine

We placed a few orders on DealsMachine to see how it works for ourselves, and were pretty pleasantly surprised. Our experience is summed up below.


  • Huge Selection and Low Prices
  • Daily Deals and Price Specials
  • User-Friendly interface
  • Buyer Protection available through PayPal


  • DM Account is required to place orders without a PayPal
  • Free Shipping only available for special items


Express Checkout is available without a personal DealsMachine account via PayPal. Customers who prefer to order through the traditional checkout process must first make an account on DealsMachine, and may pay via Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, and Diner's Club), as well as Western Union, Wire Transfer, and, of course, PayPal.

As always, we recommend paying with PayPal, as their superb Buyer Protection program allows you to open a case on any payments made  within 45 days and get your money back in case anything goes wrong with your order.

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Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

DealsMachine offers its customers many different Shipping options to choose from. In general, you have the choice between the cheapest Flat-Rate Shipping (7-25 business days), the Standard Shipping (6-8 business days), and Expedited Shipping (3-7 business days). Unfortunately, Free Shipping is not usually available and all shipping costs vary by weight and type of shipping selectedThe Flat-Rate shipping is usually cheapest and seems to average between $2.50 and $6.00 for most products.

Dealsmachine Shipping

Free Shipping is only available on certain small items. These items have a special "Free Shipping" marker on their product page. 

Dealsmachine Free Shipping Option

DealsMachine and Customs

Although our orders from Dealsmachine had no problems getting through customs without fees, it's always a possibility that your order may be stopped and inspected by customs either randomly or because of a problem. As a result, it's always worth it to review your country's rules regarding international mail orders to know what to expect should your package be stopped.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.


Unlike some of its competitors, Dealsmachine will not reimburse your shipping costs for any returned or exchanged items. You must also report any intended returns to Dealsmachine Customer Service in advance in order to have your request approved.

For any products that arrive defective or damaged, Dealsmachine has a 30-day return policy to receive a replacement or get the old item repaired. You still need to pay return shipping costs, but the replacement or repair is free. Should your item have nothing wrong with it and you decide to replace it anyways, Dealsmachine still offers the 30-day return policy but charges a restocking fee of 15% of the original item's value on top of any shipping fees. If you expect you may want to return an item you should be sure to read the fine print, as some items on Dealsmachine may only be returned within 7 days.

Certain products (mostly expensive electronics) are protected under Dealsmachine's 1 Year Guarantee, which gives buyers the opportunity to send the item back anytime within 12 months of delivery for free replacement or repair. Buyer's must still cover shipping costs, however.

Special Features

Dealsmachine Customer Service can be reached via Live Chat at any time during the shopping or ordering process. They are usually quick to respond and we found them to be pretty helpful in choosing the best delivery and payment options. 


If you know what you want and are sure that you want it, Dealsmachine is a great place to score some quality tech and gadgets at great prices. With an ever-expanding selection of products, Dealsmachine is competitive with other Chinese Webshops and international competitors alike. If the inflexible return policy doesn't scare you, you should give Dealsmachine a go.


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free shipping Huge selection of electronics and gadgets, more flexible return policy, better customer service
Alternative 2: Tinydeal
free shipping Another huge selection of Tech, Gadgets, and Toys. Better return policy and free shipping are available. Newsletter features lots of exclusive coupons.


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Hi! I bought a smartphone from Dealsmachine ( for 170€, concretely a Kingzone Z1, but it happened to have a screen fail, so I had to give it back. I paid for the shipment and they got the phone back, and after that I've been a whole year talking to them trying to get my money back, but all I have obtained has been nothing but lies, telling me they will refund me the money after 2-3 weeks, later in 3-7 days, later after another 3-5 working days, later after another 2-4 days, later between 7-25 days and last time between 3-5 working days.
In every moment I've treated them with respect and kindness, I recorded a video for them to see the screen fail, I talked to my bank to check there was any problem with my account, I gave them a second bank account number to refund the money and I've been waiting for a whole year to get my money back, but thieves are thieves and as I've checked by myself, I'm not going to see that money again, so the only and last thing I can do is telling you what they do for you not to fall in the same trap as me and buy there, you'd better buy in other online store and if possible, in a bricks-and-mortar one.
I leave the video of the screen fail recorded by me:
and the screenshots of the conversations with them:!7192&authkey=!ALaxQ2KveXbw4QQ&ithint=folder%2cJPG

Hola! Yo compré por Dealsmachine ( un móvil por 170€, concretamente un Kingzone Z1, pero resulta que tenía la pantalla defectuosa, así que tuve que devolverlo. Pagué el envío de vuelta y recibieron en teléfono, y después aquello he estado todo un año hablando con ellos e intentando recuperar mi dinero, pero todo lo que he obtenido no han sido mas que mentiras, diciéndome que recibiría el ingreso tras 2-3 semanas, después de 3 a 7 días, después tras otros 2-4 días, después de entre 7 a 25 días y la última vez de entre 3 a 5 días laborales.
En todo momento los he tratado con respeto y amabilidad, les grabé un vídeo para que vieran el fallo de la pantalla, hablé con mi banco para comprobar que no había ningún problema con mi cuenta, les di un segundo número de cuenta bancaria para que me ingresaran el dinero y he estado esperando un año entero para recuperar mi dinero, pero los ladrones son ladrones y como he comprobado por mí mismo, no voy a volver a ver mi dinero de nuevo, así que la única y última cosa que puedo hacer es deciros lo que hacen para que no caigáis en la misma trampa que yo y compréis ahí. Mejor que compréis en otra tienda online o sí es posible, en una tienda física.
Os dejo el video del fallo de la pantalla grabado por mí:
y las capturas de pantalla de las conversaciones con ellos:!7192&authkey=!ALaxQ2KveXbw4QQ&ithint=folder%2cJPG


liars and NOT SERIOUS !

Translate 08/13/2018

Christian Wowra is not available for months.
I fear it is dead.
Translate 02/24/2016


Pedi un telefono movil, el cual salio defectuoso y despues de muchos email y devolver el articulo, consegui que me hicieran una devolucion parcial. Me prometieron un bonus de 15 dolares, el cual no me entregaron. En definitiva, para comprar productos de cierto valor, no lo recomiendo, ya que al final te puede tocar perder dinero. Mi puntuacion de 1 a 5 es "1"
Translate 02/22/2016

Thomas R.

sehr schlecht wenn man noch nicht mal ne Benachrichtung über den scheinbar kurz nach Bestellung erfolgten Ausverkauf des Artikels erhält,
kann mir das nur so vorstellen dass man feststellte das der Artikel nicht mehr da ist und unter Umständen dachte dass man den Einkauf komplett vergisst, was mir bei dem Zeitraum von über einem Monat aufgrund verschiedener Mailadressen auch beinah passierte...aber die Werbung die kam in der Zwischenzeit immer schön regelmässig, Internetauftritt erinnert mich zudem an gearbest und genau da ist mir Besagtes auch schon passiert...
Translate 12/29/2015


Compramos un móvil en esta empresa a finales de Junio. Nos llegó en septiembre defectuoso (la pantalla táctil no funcionaba correctamente). Después de una odisea para devolverlo a finales de septiembre, no nos han enviado el cambio ni el dinero. A finales de diciembre, por fin contestan a nuestras reclamaciones y nos dicen que no localizan el paquete, que no les ha llegado, así que no nos envían ni móvil ni dinero. O sea... UNA ESTAFA EN TODA REGLA!!! No se os ocurra comprar en esta web.
Translate 12/15/2015

Mº Concepcion y jose sanchez

Two months ago bought a tablet, brand teclast pro x98 Windows 10, no longer works is stuck, just get the BIOS AND NO WAY OUT OF THE PICTURE BIOS, turn it off and return to POWER AND THE SAME CAN NOT BE USED LOCKED . The saddest and painful is that they sent some photos and video so they could see THE PROBLEMS, AND ME make excuses. PLEASE AVOID THIS VERY BAD BAD COMPANY, A client who has been deceived and disappointed. PQ41SL0411683450108033V
Translate 12/09/2015


Compré un móvil, llegó 3 meses después defectuoso, lo envié para el cambio y nunca contestaron.
Translate 11/01/2015


hice un pedido a mitad de octubre. A los dos dias, ( en concreto 19.10 ) por su web veo que ya han enviado el pedido. me dan un numero de seguimiento, y un enlace al transportista NLPost. Por mucho que lo intento, la web del transportista siempre me dice que el numero no es correcto. Les abro un ticket de reclamación y me dicen que es pronto y espere cinco dias. Espero varios dias y el 28.10 en el mismo ticket les vuelvo a reclamar,... no obtengo respuesta, pero el dia 30, vuelvo a hacer click en el link facilitado para el seguimiento, y veo que voy a una pagina web diferente, pongo el numero y.. ya me consta el envio, con el estado de pre-advised, y fecha 30.10,,o sea, como si hubiesen avisado al transportista para recoger mi pedido, el dia 30!!, les vuelvo a enviar mensaje en el mismo ticket, indicandoles que como es posible que figure ese estado en la web, a dia 30! cuando lo normal es que estuviese ya salido del pais el paquete, y por lo que veia, aun estaba pendiente de recoger. Sigo sin respuesta por parte de DealsMachine.. de momento estoy muy descontento con la atención al cliente de esta empresa, ya que no contestan a los tickets. o sea, han pasado 15 dias, y lo unico que se de mi paquete es que esta Pre-advised.. Tengo claro una cosa, si en tres dias no recibo respuesta de dealsmachine o si no veo cambio en el estado del paquete, procedere a abrir reclamación en paypal.
Translate 10/09/2015


yo pedi un telefono y jamas lo enviaron ...... es mejor opcion tinydeals o gearbest
Translate 06/02/2015


a que dirección debo enviar un pedido que tengo que cambiar
Translate 05/24/2015


habe im letzten halben Jahr mehrmals dort bestellt bzw. gekauft. Aus meiner Erfahrung heraus nicht empfehlenswert. Artikel werden als vorrätig und teilweise innerhalb 24 Stunden lieferbar angeboten. Die Realität ist, dass man teilweise bis 5 Wochen wartet bis das ganze erst mal versendet wird. Teilweise sind dann die Artikel noch bis zu 10 Wochen unterwegs, und dies alles bei Vorkasse. Für mich unseriös.
Translate 12/16/2014


Gracias por la informacion que es muy baliosa y me da algo de tranquilad con la copra que ise en ese sitio. sabran si los envios son puntuales o se retardan mucho????
Translate 09/11/2014


Bin nicht enttäsucht worden. hab ein super Schnäppchen gemacht, Lieferzeit war ok. Würde aber auf jeden Fall drauf achten dass man das was man bestellt hat auch wirklich haben will, bei Rückgabe zahlt man ja leider nochmal Bearbeitungsgebühren..

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