Dealextreme ( (founded in 2005, headquartered in the United States) is one of the better known gadget shops shipping from China. DX is well established and well-known, has one of the most user-friendly China-based shipping sites and offers a wide range of products.

Dealextreme Index

Experience: (also

  • Delivery time: 7-10 workdays, express shipping 3-7 days
  • range of products: extensive, specializing in technical and electronic goods
  • price comparison: average, sometimes great deals


  • ordering possible without an account
  • free standard shipping
  • shipment tracking for free if order value above $15
  • returning of items possible without return shipping fees
  • English phone service for direct support
  • point system and promotion codes
  • bulk rate discount
  • reviews with (sometimes honest) pro and con list


  • support only available during Chinese office hours


It's possible to order with PayPal-Express without opening an account on DX. An alternative would be to pay with credit card. We recommend paying with PayPal as it offers buyers protection, regardless of whether or not you open an account on DX. Contacting PayPal as the first step in troubleshooting isn't always necessary because the customer service at is very helpful. Keep in mind that the customer service keeps Chinese business hours and therefore will not always be reachable at normal times. Another available but exotic payment method is Webmoney.

If you order an item in bulk (ie, three or more units of the same product) you will be offered a quantity discount. This discount costs a one-time charge of $1.70, so it's not always worth it.

Delivery time and shipping

Standard shipping is always free of charge and your shipment will receive a tracking number for all orders over $15. This means that you don't have to have an account on to follow your order as your shipment tracking number and your email address will be sufficient information for you to log in on the DealExtreme tracking page. Both shipping methods should be shipped within 7-10 workdays . If you need to receive your order faster, you can choose express shipping. This guarantees a faster processing time, so that your order should be shipped within 3-7 days, but it costs extra. It is possible to send defective products back to and be reimbursed for the return shipping fee and the item. If a problem with the merchant arises, we recommend making use of PayPal’s buyer protection.

Although Dealextreme is well-established in the American market, they sometimes have trouble with PO Boxes. If you list a PO Box as the delivery address, the delivery company and Dealextreme may not be able to reach you in case of any problems. It is not unheard of for certain packages using excessive bubble wrap to be turned away at post offices, so its usually better to list a physical mailing address.

Dealextreme Shipping

Everything at a glance: offers a great overview of shipping options, payment methods as well as a coupon box

Dealextreme and customs

Dealextreme declares parcels carefully so that any unwanted stop at customs are rare. Nevertheless, one should be aware that customs does random checks on even well-declared packages from China.

Dealextreme Order

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product may occur - an unfortunate downsite of international ordering. The amount to be paid can vary widely from nothing to $495 depending on the product and how its sent. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, but the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 when entering the country. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $100, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra taxes.

Any extra taxes or duty on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office and you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

DX has several different pages for European, American and Australian customers, which seem to be warehouses on first glance but are actually only websites with products which might be particularly interesting for the certain customers and which can be shipped quickly via Intl Bridge (interesting for US-American visitors, Europeans get their order via Post NL/Royal Mail and Australians via TOLL Global Express). The products will arrive quite fast but will still be shipped from China, meaning you might still have to pay VAT and fees.

Dealextreme Warehouses

Dealextreme's international pages: AU Direct, EU Direct and Dxsoul

Special features

You earn a point for every $10 spent. Ten points can be exchanged for $1. For every review and helpful tips on the forum, you receive extra points. You might also earn extra points for a “pro review”, that is a review on a blog (most of the time a private blog) where you rate a product honestly and potential customers of Dealextreme get the chance to read about an item before ordering.


Dealextreme is already a popular and well-established company and has many customers from Europe and North America. The customer support, range of products and delivery times are exemplary. We can only recommend shopping at Dealextreme.


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free shipping free shipping, lots of gadgets and electronic items
 Alternative 2:  Gearbest
free shipping great electronic selection, real bargain prices and free shipping

0 Dealextreme Coupons

Dealextreme regularly publishes new coupons that you can also find on our website. Naturally you can combine these promo codes with the points you collected. keeps on publishing new discounts and holiday promotions which reduce the already low prices even more.

Sorry, no coupons are currently available.

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Dealextreme is fraud scam store they never ship product above 20$ they are one of the biggest frauds i bought 400$ product month ago not shipped and not responding to my msgs since i purchased dont buy in dx they are scam no refund


NEVER by at

If your item gets delivered and is not broken: lucky you!
In all other cases: money is lost!

The customer service responds very fast and very friendly, but to calm you down, not to help you! In the end I was told to cancel my ´Dispute´ on Paypal, otherwise the refund of the money is not possible. After canceling the dispute (what was just in their favour to close the case at PayPal) I was told my PayPal Account holds ´restrictions to receive money´ - who believes in that??? :))))

If you ever, ever have a broken item or need your money back: they wont give it to you.

I´m on with PayPal again, to reopen the ´Dispute´. (According to PayPal reopening disputes is NOT possible. Pay attention!!! But lucky me I have the conversation with the customer service....)


Frühe habe ich auch beim oft mal bestellt, aber seit dem letzten Bestellung, werde niemals mehr dort was kaufen. So ein Saft laden, gibt's doch nicht. Handy bestellt, wurde zweimal verschickt. Erstes mal kam zurück an der Absender (China Post). So haben die schon 17 Tage verschwendet um sonst. Dann noch mal verschickt (angeblich) mit schwedische Post. Track nr. Funktionierte nicht, PayPal Fall geöffnet, dann später mühsam Geld zurück gekriegt. Das war das letzte Mal beim dem Saftladen. Finger weg, scheiß Shop, und kann nur jeweils 1 Stern geben.

P.s. Verstehe nicht, wieso so große Rating für denn scheiß laden...


I have used dealextreme for over five years. I quickly adapted to the fact that their items can sometimes take eight or nine weeks to arrive, and simply made sure that i ordered items that were not urgent. From dozens of orders, the occasional one failed to show up within ten weeks, and their customer services immediately resent the same sku as soon as i contacted them. All was well...

...Until this year. For some reason they have started using "malaysia post" (dx are not in malaysia; I am not in malaysia). Using malaysia post (let's call them malpost) seems to have the same effect as flinging the packages into a black hole. They've simply stopped arriving.

No problem. Ask for them to be resent, right?

Customer services this year has been brilliant. Absolutely incredible. As long as all you need is someone to respond in broken english "please wait some time" again and again and again, they are perfect. If, on the other hand, you actually need some, y'know, service, then you're out of luck.

Perhaps the dx.Com forums can help? Nope. It seems that if you say anything bad about dx.Com on the feedback forums, you are immediately trolled by a small (but overwhelmingly pathetic) mob of unemployed freaks, who depend on their six dollars of dx.Com affiliate credit each month to such a great extent that they virtually live to ridicule anyone who suggests that dx.Com could possibly bear responsibility for dx.Com packages failing to arrive with their customers. It seems that the actual dealextreme staff even encourage this incredibly offensive barrage of educationally-subnormal jibes and logic that would stump even the Riddler from the 1960s Batman tv show.

Tl;dr - dx.Com bad bad
Translate 10/08/2019


non rimborsano perdono tempo in chiacchere prodotti scadenti
Translate 09/11/2019


Bestellt da bitte nicht. Ich habe ein Handy bestellt, welches defekt angekommen ist. Das habe ich DX mindestens 7x mitgeteilt, aber keinerlei Antwort bekommen. Nun habe ich 100€ aus dem Handy geworfen, weil ich das Handy nicht benutzen kann...
Translate 08/20/2019


Reiner Betrüger-Shop. Habe eine Tastatur von Logitech bestellt. Die Tastenbeschriftung ist angelsächsisch, aber die Tastatur-Belegung ist deutsch, also ein absolutes Chaos. Auf die Reklamation erfolgt absolut keine Reaktion. Dieser Laden vertickert vorsätzlich fehlerhafte Ware zu günstigen Preisen und schert sich einen Dreck um die Reklamationen, wie man auch an den anderen Bewertungen sieht. Also : Finger weg !!!
Translate 07/13/2019


Finger weg, anfang Juni19 ein Motorradheadset bestellt bezahlt und bis heute nicht erhalten, soll mein Geld nach abzug von 12€ zurückerhalten, wie gesagt soll!
Translate 04/12/2019


Verspricht Lieferung innerhalb von 7 Tagen und kassiert dafür viel Geld. Danach kommt weder die Ware noch eine Antwort. Ich habe die Ware einen Monat vor dem Geburtstag meiner Tochter bestellt und einen Monat danach ist die Ware immer noch nicht da. Über Paypal eine Konfliktlösung gestartet und jetzt gibt DX eine ungültige Trackingnummer durch. Ich befürchte, dass auch Paypal nicht reagieren wird. Ich bestelle nie mehr etwas bei Dealextreme und empfehle es auch niemandem. Das ist einfach nur Betrug.
Translate 03/18/2019


Könnte mir jemand ne Email Adresse geben auf die der Support reagiert ? Ich habe am 05.03.2019 ein UMIDIGI gekauft ( laut website auf Lager ) . Es war in Sekunden via PAYPAL bezahlt und der Status änderte sich auf bezahlt und sofort weiter auf Transportabwicklung ( keine Trackingnummer ) . Seit dem 13.03 hab ich 4 messages über den Button unter der Ordernummer verschickt ( kann man auch sehen ) , aber keine Reaktion.
Über 30 Anrufversuche in China > entweder Ansage nicht geöffnet, oder nach 2 - 3 mal Freizeichen springt es um auf besetzt. Textmessage über FB , keine Reaktion. Anruf über die auf der FB Seite hinterlegte Nummer, jemand der abnimmt, aber kein Wort versteht, nur antwortet " NO english, arabi, arabi " , dann aufhängt.
Translate 03/15/2019


My order didn't sent. I sent a lot messages to customer service, but I couldn't get any feedback. It is not thrustworty
Translate 03/10/2019


Nul nul et nul
Téléphone bien reçu, n’a jamais fonctionné clairement, bugs, puis chauffe, puis panne
Essai à multiple reprise de contacter le service client, Sav......, mails sans réponses ! Bref, somme perdue, téléphone HS, j’ai finalement acheté un téléphone de marque américaine qui fonctionne parfaitement
Translate 03/01/2019


Ich habe ein Smartphone gekauft und sofort bezahlt,dazu habe ich schnelleren Versand,4-7 Tage für 5,47€ und die Zollabgaben Versicherung für 1,85€ bezahlt.Mein Telefon landete nach 5 Wochen beim Zoll,wo ich es abholen und 34,79€ bezahlen durfte.Ich dachte mir,macht ja nix,du hast ja die Zoll Versicherung.Ich auf die Seite,meine Daten eingegeben und dann sollte ich einen Scan der Zollrechnung hochladen,was aber nicht möglich war.Mein Sohn,der in Computerangelegenheiten fitter ist als ich hats auch versucht,ohne Erfolg. DANN HABE ICH ÜBER ALLE KONTAKTMÖGLICHKEITEN GESCHRIEBEN;UND DA KONNTE ICH,OH WUNDER,AUCH DEN SCAN HOCHLADEN.DAS ERGEBNIS IST GLEICH NULL,ES KAM NICHT EINE EINZIGE ANTWORT. ALSO VORSICHT VOR DIESEM DX-SHOP,ABZOCKER !!!!!!!!!!!!! NULL SERVICE.
Translate 02/25/2019


The worst china website to order from. they sell stuff they dont have !!!!!!!!!!

Dont buy ..
They dont have the items they sell in stock and they responde late or not even at all.

They keep you waiting for months with your money on there bank account.

This is the most shitt$#%$ crap site and costumers service of all the internet.
Translate 02/19/2019


Compro nesse site desde 2010. Top demais.
Translate 02/18/2019


Jaren lang naar tevredenheid spullen gekocht bij DX. Helaas lijkt 't intussen meer op een scam webshop. Bestellingen worden niet verzonden en wanneer wel verzonden na weken, krijg je niet bestaande tracking nummers. De supportafdeling reageert op geen enkel bericht en bestellingen annuleren/geld terug is niet meer mogelijk.

Ik koop er in ieder geval nooit meer iets. Genoeg andere opties.
Translate 02/06/2019

nadia ercoli

Prendono soldi e non consegnano
Translate 01/20/2019


Ho acquistato il joistick per Ps 4 e non mi è arrivato e per giunta non rispondono ai messaggi che mando........ Che truffa.... Non acquistate su questo sito.. Sono ladri
Translate 01/18/2019

Philipp Zoeller

Der Shop ist Betrug. Ich habe ein Handy gekauft, dass auf der Website mit falschen Abmessungen angegeben war. Ich habe es zurückgesendet aber noch kein Geld erhalten. Ich warte bereits über 2Monate auf eine Antwort. Der Support ist unter der angegebenen Nummer nicht zu erreichen und meine Support Ticket wird nicht mehr beantwortet. Ebenfalls kann ich meine Ordner nur noch mithilfe des alten Links, aus dem Email Kontakt zu meinem Support Ticket öffnen. Anscheinend wurde auch in meinem Fall die Informationen zu meiner Bestellung einfach gelöscht. Ich weiß echt nicht weiter jetzt und hoffe irgendwie doch noch mein Geld zurück zu erhalten.
Translate 01/07/2019


Ho acquisto un joypad per Ps4 in data 29/11/2018 selezionando e pagando la spedizione per l'Italia di 7-10 giorni.. ad oggi non è ancora arrivato nulla. Inizialmente rispondevano ai miei messaggi scusandosi del ritardo.. adesso non rispondono proprio più. Il mio errore è stato non leggere tutte le recensioni negative su questo sito. Delusa veramente

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