CNDirect is something of an all-purpose store. A wide range of clothing, jewelry, toys, home decor, consumer electronics, and more is on offer at CNDirect. Although the company itself is already about 6 six years old, it’s still relatively unknown on the international market. CNDirect’s Alexa ranking among the 140,000 most visited sites is somewhat mediocre for a site hoping to compete with Chinese giants like Aliexpress and Dealextreme.

CNDirect Index

The website CNDirect offers electronics, fashion and decorations

Experience with CNDirect

Naturally, we simply couldn’t resist snatching up some deals on CNDirect to test the service. The delivery took a bit longer than was estimated by the site, but after 35 days we finally received our package (happily, without any customs fees). Our new gadgets, a laser pointer and a pair of in-ear headphones, functioned as expected, so no complaints there!

One important thing to note: if you’re interested in ordering clothes from CNDirect, watch out for the sizes. Because the site only gives sizes on the Asian clothing scale, it can sometimes be confusing trying to convert the sizes.


  • Huge Selection at Great Prices
  • New Sales and Special Offers Daily
  • Buyer Protection when paying with PayPal
  • Multiple Languages available
  • Shipping with Tracking Number available


  • Clothing sizes listed in Asian standards (on the small side)
  • Account required to make orders (except when paying with PayPal)
  • Site can sometimes be confusing to navigate
  • Shipping can get expensive, depending on your order quantity (Free Shipping only available for items in "Free Shipping" category)
  • No Free Returns!--you must pay return shipping fees


CNDirect accepts several payment methods, including PayPal, Western Union, and wire transfer. As usually, we recommend using PayPal to take advantage of their excellent Buyer Security program. In the case of product damage, lost packages, or delivery errors, PayPal allows you to open a case within 45 days of placing an order and will refund your money in most cases.

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal Our favorite: PayPal is fast and safe and you get to enjoy its buyer's protection
Bank Transfer   This payment method takes comparably long and might cost, depending on your bank, some fees
Western Union   Use this only if you don't have any other choice, as this offline cash payment method isn't the safest option by far.

Delivery Times and Costs

American clients have multiple choices of delivery service, including ChinaPost, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. None of the choices are usually free of shipping costs, and, depending on the product, not every option will always be available. ChinaPost and UPS seems to be the cheapest for US deliveries on average, but the two services are not always available. Shipping costs can vary substantially depending on the delivery address and the item being sent, so make sure to confirm your checking price before purchasing. 

There is also a Free Shipping” section of the site which highlight all items that have free shipping with one or more shipping provider (usually ChinaPost).

CNDirect Shipping Methods


For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $100, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

CNDirect offers its customers a 15-day, no-questions-asked return policy on all its products, regardless of the reason. But watch out, as you will need to pay the return shipping fees. As international shipping fees to China can quickly equal or be greater than the price of some products, it is advisable to practice a certain degree of scrutiny when ordering products, especially with clothing sizes.


CNDirect offers its customers a price-matching feature which appears in the form of a button next to all its products called “Saw Better Price.” Don’t let the somewhat awkward-sounding English fool you, this useful feature allows you to report finding a better price on the advertised product. CNDirect promises to underbid any better offers on the internet. While we haven’t had the chance to try it ourselves (many of CNDirect’s prices are just as cheap or cheaper than the competition), if it works advertised it could be a really useful tool to ensure you always score the best deal.


CNDirect warrants a look for its huge selection and really low prices. The comparably-high shipping costs and potentially-expensive return policy, however, mean we would recommend using CNDirect only for cheaper items in the “Free Shipping” section, at least initially. Otherwise, though, as long as you’re not in need of a brand name product and can handle the shipping costs, CNDirect is certainly worth a try…just look out for the shipping costs at checkout!


 Alternative 1:  Aliexpress
possibly shipping costs well-established Chinese online-shop with a vast product range, in parts free shipping
 Alternative 2:  Dealsmachine
free shipping many product categories, similar price range, free shipping

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Besides categories like 2$-Gadgets and Deals you can save also a lot of money on order products. Use the current coupon codes and vouchers for that.


Sorry, no coupons are currently available.

33 Reviews

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Terrible service. I waited a long time for a delivery to receive two items in my order that were damaged. When contacted I continue to get the excuse "please understand". They offered a refund that didn't even cover the cost of one item, let along two. And said to keep the items. What do I do with two non-working and damaged items?

Chloe brannan

If I could I would not give them stars I order a tracksuit for my mum as my dad has died and I saved up all my money and I ordered it on 25 November still not here so upset said it would come today not us an email I am only 14th lost my dad couple a months ago before my birthday please can u give me any information I can get to them or a phone number


This company is fraudulent. Don't waste your money. I, like many others, ordered Fingerlings. They were promised for Dec 2. They arrived today, December 20, much too late to send off to family for Christmas. Also, they are not fingerlings, they are copies, and just like others above, mine arrived with the boxes (three shoved into an envelope) in such deplorable condition that I'd be embarrassed to give them as gifts.
Someone told me that the tactic these companies use is one they used with me: "Oh, just wait another 7 days", and by the time your things arrive, the one-month return deadline has already passed.
They're cheats, don't order anything from them.

Iris T Sharpe

They sell pure junk. Do not buy from them. They have ripped me off for about 60.00. They will not return my calls. One package was damaged and the Happy monkey did not work


I paid extra for expedited shipping (3-5 business days with 2 days for processing)..I waited 3 weeks with no contact from them before filing a claim with PayPal. They never responded to my requests for more information. Within a few hours of filing a dispute they emailed me with tracking information. Item arrived smashed and was not authentic (claimed to be authentic fingerling.. Now suddenly they've taken the item down). I have escalated my dispute with PayPal and waiting for a refund. Do not do business with this company.



FRAUDULENT SELLERS. Don't know how they don't have a one (1) rating on the internet. Selling Fingerlings and sending Happy Monkey???!!! Crooks. I opened a fraud case with my bank.
1. NOT fingerlings
2. Sent 5 of the them not 6 as ordered anyway.
3. Send in a soft pack, all the boxes are crushed.
Seriously, would be afraid to order socks from this company!

Season raley


THIS COMPANY!!!! I placed an order and paid for expedited shipping. Never received the items and never got any kind of update. They have no customer service number and when I emailed and finally got a response they said they couldn't find my order and then said they didn't have it in stock and the shipping time starts whenever they feel like sending the product!! lol I had to dispute with my credit card. STAY FAR AWAY!!


Beware of this CNDIRECT.COM !!!
July 23rd 2015, I made order for about US$16.
they said it will be around 30 days to arrived at my address.
after 45 days, I messaged them I have not receive the package.
They said to wait, some times it need more than 65 days. I wait.
I asked how long do I have to wait in case of more than 65 days, They did not answered only said it is on the way.
No tracking number, no nothing to prove they sent my package!
after more than 65 days, I messaged them again. They said to wait.
I wait. Today November 1st 2015, 98 days after order, I still have not received the package! I have messaged them again just now, but I am sure they will answer, wait for the package! I have lost time, maybe will lost money without any
certainty. What will they do for time I have lost? pay me double? nothing.
Translate 06/14/2019


Hello, I would like to partner with you. I have a big FC with over 225,000 followers (@oniedirection). On average, I get 20,000 likes per photos and 70,000 views per video. I hope I can be a part of this. Thank you.
Translate 05/17/2018


Muy mal. Compré un movil iphone 6 reacondicionado en Enero ahora ha fallado la placa y no se hacen cargo. 4 meses ha durado un telefono. Difícil contactar y sin garantia
Translate 01/26/2018

Thomas Kirsch

*** Finger weg ***
Meine Auftragsnummer bei CNDirect #CNNV6465W. Elektroartikel kam defekt. Akku lies sich nicht aufladen.
CNDirect reagiert überhaupt nicht auf meine Emails an
Das erste Mal, dass ich so einen Schrott übersandt bekommen habe. Und Kundenservice ist gleich NULL
Translate 12/01/2017


Nunca me llego el pedido lo sigo esperando y ya paso mas de 4 meses hasta ahora no encuentro la forma de saber si mi pedido se quedo en aduana o algo por el estilo no puedo comunicarme con cndirect o alguien sabe me podrian ayudar
Translate 11/25/2017


Una verguenza. He pagado dos veces el mismo producto. Te engañan para quitar tu reclamacion en paypal y no hay manera de q te devuelvan el dinero. Encima el iphone q venden es una imitacion hecha con piezas originales y otras q no y despues de 15 dias te lo comes con patatas
Translate 11/09/2017


Hola! No me llega el pedido que hice hace un mes. Y cuando entro a la pagina a ver el estado de mi pedido por quinta vez me sale que la imagen no está disponible!!
Pensé que esta pagina era confiable :cc y no puedo comunicarme con el vendedor :c ayuda!! Please.
Translate 09/01/2017

Débora Guedes

Hello cndirect, my name is Débora Guedes. I am the owner of the blog / Instagram divulgando_lojaas that was created a week ago on 08/25 at 19:00 and we currently have 1,410 followers. We have not yet partnered with anyone because we would like you to be the first to partner with us. We work with the male and female public, my blog / insta will talk about: Fashion, style, makeup among various subjects. We would like to be partnering with the press, I await feedback for further information, Deborah. We do not accept taxes, thank you in advance
Translate 05/25/2017


Pedí un vestido hace un mes y no me ha llegado ni me ha llegado ninguna notificación y lo pedí express y nada de nada ni siquiera puedo hablar con un asesor me urge que alguien me contacte gracias y espero su pronta respuesta
Translate 01/30/2017


ATTENTION: If you want to lose your money - you can making a purchase from CNDirect! My Order: CNN54X7C4_CN Order date of December, 2 2016. Total $ - $ 344. When I got this items, it was terribly. It was box of GARBAGE! Items was absolutely unfinished, untreated edge, sticking thread out around the edge, all of made from cheap synthetic fabrics. CNDirect's items - strongly do not match the description and absolutely different between how these items looks on the photos of their website. They are tricked me! It is FRAUD! They not agree to refund my money. I feel absolutely disgusting! You can see pictures of items ( garbage).
Now, I and more than ten others defrauded customers in US, we are preparing an appeal to the COURT. We will seek to get compensation and to BAN CnDirect of any activity in the United States. PLEASE, STAY AWAY FROM CNDirect! THEY ARE SCAMMERS!
Translate 12/15/2016


es un asco honestamente, hice mi pedido hace 3 meses y no llega, el asesor de la pagina me dice que ya habia llegado a mi servicio postal en colombia, voy al servicio postal y me dicen que no hay nada, realmente perdi mucha plata no confien en esa pagina.
Translate 07/02/2016


Si se demora bastante yo vivo en ecuador y se demora x lo minimo un mes en llegar hoy me llego un pakete k se demoro casi 4 meses eso es lo malo
Translate 06/26/2016


Eu fiz compra na Cndirect mas não estava conseguindo pagar as compras que eu fiz pela minha conta no PayPal, então entrei na minha conta do PayPal e enviei o dinheiro para email da Cndirect por meio da minha conta no PayPal. Como eu sei que vão mandar as compras que eu fiz, se eu não finalizei a compra pelo site da Cndirect, e sim só enviei o dinheiro para o email da Cndirect pela minha conta do PayPal?
Sou do Brasil.

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