Cigabuy is an affiliate site of the Chinese web-giant TinyDeal. Unlike TinyDeal, however, Cigabuy focuses exclusively on eCigarettes, Vaporizers, and related accessories. Although not nearly as wide-reaching as its everything-store cousin, Cigabuy features one of the largest selection of eCigs and accessories anywhere on the web. Started in 2013, the 2-year-old company currently ranks among the top 65k most-visited websites in the world. Cigabuy is especially popular in the US and the UK, from where it sources almost 20% of its daily traffic. As eCigs continue to grow in popularity, and as other webshops start offering more eCig-related items, the question for most eSmokers has become not where to buy, but rather from whom.

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Cigabuy thinks you won't need any other shop for your eCig needs. We pulled together the eSmokers in our offices to find out...

Experience with Cigabuy

As we're already fans of Cigabuy's sister-site TinyDeal, we had high hopes for the vape-friendly webshop. Our initial impression of Cigabuy was: wow! They really do have everything an eSmoker would ever need. Even in comparison with other eCig-specialized webshops, the size and scope of Cigabuy's selection was impressive. Everything from ready-build eCigarettes and eLiquids in every flavor imaginable, to Starter Kits and DIY mods for tinkerers.

We had no problems picking out a few choice items for our Test Order. Our 2 Vaporizers and a few different eLiquids arrived very quickly within 10 days. Everything arrived safe, sound, and well-packed! This is not always the case with discount webshops, so we were happy to see the Cigabuy didn't seem to cut any corners on its shipments. Read on for an in-depth review of our experience, and check out the chart below for our Pros and Cons roundup!


  • Very Low Prices
  • PayPal Payments and Express Checkout
  • Huge Selection


  • High Shipping Costs
  • No Free Shipping


You can pay on Cigabuy with PayPal, Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard), Webmoney, YandexMoney, and Western Union. As experience PandaCheckers know, we always recommend paying with PayPal for international orders.

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Cigabuy shopping cart with PayPal Button

When you make a purchase with PayPal, you're protected buy their 180-day buyer protection program which allows you to request your money back in case something goes wrong with your order. PayPal users may also checkout using the PayPal Express Checkout button, which allows PayPal users to forgo making a Cigabuy account and completing the rest of their order on the PayPal website.

Cigabuy Payment

Accepted Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal PayPal is the safest and easiest way to order online. We highly recommend it for international orders
Credit Card



Credit Card payments work here just like everywhere else: just plug and play. Pro tip: Process your credit card through PayPal to take advantage of the Buyer Protection.
Western Union   Western Union is the offline payment method that's probably older than your grandparents. Beware of extra fees.
Yandex Money   Yandex Money is a Russian PayPal competitor.
Webmoney Webmoney WebMoney is the main Paypal competitor in Russia.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

Unfortunately, Cigabuy offers no Free Shipping option. As such, your shipping costs may vary greatly depending on the size and weight of your order, as well as the delivery address. 

You will always be offered the choice between Non-Registered Airmail and the Registered Airmail. On our test order to the US, these were the only options available. Our test order to Germany, however, also included an extra-fast option via PostNL, the royal dutch mail service. I suspect that whether or not you have an express option depends on your shipping address.

Cigabuy and Customs

Customs is a tricky business. Most of the time, you'll never hear from them or see them. Rarely will you ever need to pay any extra fees associated with them. But when you do, either because of an improperly filled out declaration form or a random mail check, it's always best to know what to expect.

We always recommend reading up on your country's rules and regulations regarding international shipping and customs fees in case your order makes an unexpected stopover at your local customs office. For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

Cigabuy gives customers the freedom of a longer-than-average Return Time of 45 days after delivery. If your return is the result of a defective or damaged product, Cigabuy will reimburse you for all extra shipping costs as well as for the price of the item. However, if you return an item simply to get an exchange or refund because of buyer's remorse, you will be responsible for covering all return shipping costs. All returns must be reported to Cigabuy's customer service department beforehand.


Cigabuy is a great resource for eSmokers and Vapers of any preference or experience level. From Starter Packs to DIY mods, Cigabuy really does offer a little bit of everything for everyone. The prices are also laudable, although the higher shipping costs can sometimes make savings on Cigabuy less attractive or even less of deal than on some other sites offering free shipping. But with a fantastic return policy and such a large selection, Cigabuy is definitely worth a look.


 Alternative 1:  Fasttech
free shipping FastTech offers a large selection of tech items and is a favorite among savvy Vapers. Free Shipping will draw more than a few customers away from Cigabuy.
 Alternative 2:  gearbest
free shipping Focalecig, like Cigabuy, is focuses exclusively on eCigs, Vapes, and accessories. Free Shipping and International Warehouses make it easier to stomach than Cigabuy.

1 Cigabuy Coupon

Check back here for all the latest and greatest coupons and discount codes for Cigabuy.

Bargains on Clearance

In the Clearance section of Cigabuy e-cigs, liquids and more are up to 50% discounted.

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Worst site ever item never arrived stay away


Cigabuy is solid vape supply.
Low price!
Fast shipping!
Good support!

And lot of DEALS!


They take all the time they want (after taking your good money) to
ship items. I have purchased only 2 items and they appeared to be "In Stock".

However, after 4 days of delay my order was still in processing state and i decided to cancel it - not acceptable.
Translate 04/01/2018


Ich habe bei CB einen AT und einen Vd bestellt und kann mich in keinster weise beklagen. Die Ware war ohne Komplikationen relativ schnell da (Bestellaufgabe 23.03. - Erhalten 31.03)......sauber verpackt und vor allen NEUWARE und ORIGINAL.
Die Versandkosten sind zwar um einiges Höher als in anderen Shops, aber letztendlich unterm Strich waren die Preise dennoch geringer als bei anderen Shops
Natürlich hat man bei Käufen in Fernost immer ein mulmiges Gefühl.....ich jedoch wurde positiv überrascht und werde bestimmt dort wieder bestellen!
Translate 03/05/2018


Vaporesso revenger und athena box bestellt. Mit der revenger war alles in Ordnung. Die athena box war schon gebraucht.
-Folie war ab,
- Verpackung total abgenutzt
-Siegel auch weg
-Fingerabdrücke auf der ganzen box
-Flasche hat Druckstellen
Gleich Support angeschrieben. Die wollten Bilder haben und es hieß, ich bekomme eine neue und kann die alte behalten. Bilder zugeschickt, kommt ne neue Mail dass es normal wäre da cigabuy die ware vorher testet. Aber ich könnte 5€ zurück bekommen.
Nix da, geht wieder zurück und fertig.
Translate 03/02/2018


Bestell nur bei cigabuy meine akkuträger Verdampfer coils etc ....beste Preise !!! Versand nur so 14 Tage .....
Translate 02/25/2018


Siempre recibo paquetes de fasttech, gearbest, etc sin ningún problema los dos paquetes que pedí a cigarbuy están retenidos en aduanas, casualidad? No creo
Translate 10/25/2017


Ich habe am 29.08.2017 einen Akkuträger bestellt im Wert von 130€, + Versandgebühr DPD €11.54. Seit 21.09. hängt laut DPD track meine Lieferung im Zoll "Roissy" in Frankreich fest. Heute haben wir den 25.10.! Vor 2 Wochen habe ich meine 2. Anfrage bei Cigabuy über den Verbleib meiner Lieferung gesendet, sie baten mich 2 Wochen zu warten und mich noch mal zu melden, sollte ich bis dahin keine Lieferung bekommen. Gestern meine 3.Anfrage losgeschickt, immerhin bekam ich schon heute eine Antwort:
"Now our shipping company are still checking this problem.
But you have waited much time , for this issue , could you please pay us 8 eur shipping fee , then we can send your order via dhl paket first ?
Shipping takes 5-10 days and generally you don't need pay the duty fee.
Ich soll also nochmal 8€ hinterherschicken, damit die mir meine Bestellung ein 2tes mal versenden? Und wieso sagen die mir dass ich keinen Zoll zu bezahlen habe? Den zahle ich gern, wenn nur die Lieferung mal kommen würde..
Ergo: Hinhaltetaktik, schlechter Kundenservice mit der Aufforderung Versandgebühr ein 2tes mal zu bezahlen und der Hinweis, mit ihnen Steuer hinterziehen zu können. Wie seriös ist das eigentlich? Ist es nicht mehr möglich, auf legalem Weg was in China zu bestellen? Werde den Paypal Käuferschutz aktivieren.
Translate 09/21/2017

Enttäuschter Kunde

Bestellung mit DHL Express (16 €) wurde aufgeteilt. Der bestellte Akkuträger kam wirklich schnell (3 Tage). Der andere Teil der Bestellung wurde, entgegen der eigenen Beschreibung, mit Swiss Post versendet und ist aktuell noch nicht geliefert worden. Der Support spielt das übliche Spiel der Hinhaltetaktik. Erste und letzte Bestellung bei diesem Saftladen. Hier nochmal der Auszug von der Cigabuy Homepage:

"CigaBuy sometimes splits your orders into multiple shipments to avoid delays. All shipments are shipped using the same shipping method you have selected during checkout."

Man hält sich also nicht an die eigenen Vorgaben. Ziemlich schwach!
Translate 09/10/2017


Los cigarrillos son originales o clones?
Translate 07/07/2017


Totally scammed. Didnt get products, took months, no arrangement. Horrible.
Translate 06/02/2017


Azienda poco seria,che ti fa ordinare gli articoli e poi ti scrive decine di email dicendoti di aspettare due tre giorni che diventano mesi prendendoti in giro ad ogni tua email ti rispondono di avere pazienza che presto spediranno tutto se gli chiedi di cambiare colore all'articolo che manca ti propongono colori che non vuole nessuno,e se rifiuti ti dicono allora deve aspettare,andate a comprare altrove che sicuramente avrete più fortuna con loro potete solo aspettare invano ciò che avete ordinato,unico modo di recuperare i soldi aprire una contestazione con pay pal,e anche in quel caso sono dei truffatori perché nella mediazione ti dicono di chiuderla altrimenti non ti mandano o ciò che hai ordinato,o non ti ridanno i soldi.
Translate 03/20/2017


Super site après 20 commandes jamais déçu tjr conforme et tjr Ds les délai merci cigabuy je recommande fortement
Translate 02/14/2017


Absolutely crap. My order was split into two parcels of which the one with the way more expensive equipment did not arrrive and was automatically sent back. After some mails with the customer service, they told me to wait until the parcel rearrives at cigabuy (which was more than 4 weeks) or to get a refund of only 80% of the worth in cigapoints. I will never order there....
Translate 01/27/2017


I ordered.
They gave the order number.
The number they gave is wrong.
They do not even respond to the mail after they receive the product.
Not even a star.
Look at you if you want.
The number they give
Translate 12/13/2016


Lousy website. I bought two essences for electronic cigarette, and my country (Brazil) did not accept the entry and were returned. I have been trying my money for months back but besides they only give me back 80% they only return in points so I buy again there and do not return the money. Never!
Translate 11/02/2016


Tutte le belle cose scritte su sito per me si sono rivelate false. Ho pagato 16€ in più per una consegna veloce UPS, tempo 3 giorni max 7 giorni, mi sono arrivati i prodotti in 14 gg. Inoltre ho dovuto pagare 25€ ad UPS per spese doganali. Anche se leggendo nel loro sito, in inglese era scritto che si poteva incorrere in queste spese, quando ho fatto l'ordine non si faceva nessun accenno a questo aspetto. Per cui sconsiglio vivamente di acquistare in questo sito, meglio un sito Italiano o europeo, almeno sapete le spese a cui andate incontro. Unica cosa positiva il pagamento con Paypal.
Translate 10/22/2016


Bei CB kann vieles passieren. Es kann sein dass alles gut läuft und in etwa 3 bis 4 wochen seine Wahre bekommt oder es kann sein dass ein Problem auftritt, in diesem Fall kann sich die Wartezeit deutlich verlängern, Support ist langsam und unvorbereitet, ich finde die haben ein grosse Problem bei der Kommunication.Last euch nicht für die Preise täuschen, versankosten sind etwa teurer als andere Shops.
ich würde raten Finger weg von den Laden, dafür gibt es viele verantwortlicher Verkäufer wie Gearbest oder Fastech, und wenn etwas schief läuft, bekommt man auch eine schnelle und wirksame Lösung.
Translate 09/08/2016


Hallo Leute, ich bin begeistert!
1. Die Seite ist auf Deutsch
2. Das Angebot ist reichhaltig
3. Die Preise sind gut
4. Der Einkauf klappt gut
5. Die Lieferzeit hat mich völlig überrascht (am 28.08. bestellt und am 06.09. war alles da!)
6. Die ware ist ebenfalls gut und scheint alles original zu sein (soweit ich das beurteilen kann)
7. Keine Probleme wegen Zoll oder Steuern (hab vielleicht einfach glück gehabt)

Einziger Nachteil: Hohe Versandkosten - Es macht also keinen Sinn nur eine Kleinigkeit zu bestellen
Translate 07/27/2016


Ho un pacco fermo in dogana perché il sito Cagabuy ha dichiarato 30USD invece di circa 90USD. Ora ovviamente dovrò aspettare chissà quanto tempo per riaverlo, dopo aver pagato la spedizione più costosa. La dogana mi ha chiesto le ricevute di pagamento Paypal ed io ovviamente le ho mandate, la cosa inaccettabile è che il servizio clienti se ne lava le mani dal momento che avrei dovuto prima aspettare che loro mi mandassero una controversa, per non dire altro, ricevuta di pagamento. Aspetto qualche giorno per sapere quanto dovrò pagare di tasse e se non avrò il pacco entro poco, aprirò una contestazione paypal e rimando tutto indietro prima che arrivi a casa mia.

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