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ChinaBuye (also written ChinaBúye) is an online shop with headquarters in Hong Kong. It has a vast product range with garments, accessory and electronic, gadgets and RC toys. It is a well-established online shop with an Alexa ranking of 16.500. ChinaBuye is especially popular in Mexico, Brazil, Spain, the United States and China.

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The online shop has a very mixed item inventory so we had to test the store for you. Now we’re able to tell you a few specific things about ChinaBuye.


"payment possible with PayPal or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)","free standard shipping","no minimum order value<\/strong>","point system with different discount levels"


"many necessary help pages simply don\u2019t exist because questions are answered mainly in e-mails or in a cluttered forum"


The payment and ordering process at ChinaBuye is well structured and easy. After filling your shopping basket you can complete your order by clicking on “Check out with PayPal”. Keep in mind to avoid using special characters or they might lead to delays in the processing and shipment of your order. The address deposited at PayPal usually only contains regular signs, changing for example “ü” to “ue”, so you should be on the safe side.

We recommend paying with PayPal because the PayPal buyer protection offers you the opportunity to open a case within 45 days of paying your order and requesting a refund of your money in case of any problems or mistakes. ChinaBuye offers also webmoney, Western Union or credit card payment (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Maestro) and even credit card payment via Alipay.

Chinabuye Payment Methods

There should be a payment method available for any preference - you can even pay via Paypal or Alipay

Shipping and delivery time

Standard shipping is always free at ChinaBuye. Independent of the order value the shipping never costs anything. But if you are in a hurry or simply don’t have the patience to wait for standard shipping, you can pay for expedited shipping via DHL, UPS or EMS. Depending on weight, measurements and delivering company, the fees vary. The known delivering companies generally charge about 20 to 30 Euro for shipping.

The express shipping for inexpensive products is comparably pricey and can add to the import VAT tax, so we recommend using the free standard shipping or the very inexpensive registered airmail. Regarding the delivery time, the shipping is comparable to other Chinese online shops. The express shipping should arrive at the latest within two weeks and the free standard shipping usually arrives within three to four weeks.

Chinabuye Shipping Methods

Many options: Ranging from free shipping to comparably expensive EMS-Express shipping

Return policy

The exchange and return of faulty or missing items or whole orders happens relatively quick. You can apply for return or exchange of items within 30 days. If you simply want to return or exchange something because you don’t like it, then you have to pay for the return shipping fee yourself. Otherwise the customer support might be more accommodating. If you do need to return something, you contact the customer support first, describe the problem and state if you want a refund or an exchange. Generally you should always take pictures of your parcels and their faulty or incomplete content, to send picture proof to the customer support. If a product is faulty, the customer support might decide that you don’t need to return a product for the exchange or return to occur.

Of course you always have the option to open a case on PayPal and demand a refund but this should only be necessary in the rarest cases.

Specific features

Chinabuye offers a vast assortment of products. You can buy clothing, makeup and gadgets in one order. And another advantage of ChinaBuye is that you can buy items from a couple of lesser known Chinese brands, such as Ainol, Jiayu oder Orico.

The online shop also offers an internal point system that helps you save money in one of two ways. Either you exchange points for dollar discounts (100 points = 1 US$) or you can save up points to be admitted to the VIP program and get a discount of 1 - 3% discount on every order.


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ChinaBuye regularly offers deals in the category “Lightning Deals” or “Clearance”, so frequent visits to the website might save you quite some money. All other current coupons, discounts and promotion codes are listed on our website.

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