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Pessimo dopo 62 giorni non ho ancora ricevuto il prodotto! impossibile caricare recensione negativa sul sito. state alla larga
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Assolutamente inaffidabili ! aspetto diversi materiali da mesi non esiste nemmeno un indirizzo mail a cui chiedere informazioni
nota sono presenti su internet con vari nomi, tomtop, cafago, gearbest,
Translate 10/30/2018


Una Merca!!Ho ordinato maschera Halloween e per farla arrivare in tempo ho pagato 11 euro in più!! Morale non è ancora arrivata!!!!E non riesco neanche a contattarli!!!Prima e ultima volta che acquisto da loro e sicuramente non lo consiglio a nessuno!!!Ladri
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impossibile contattare il servizio clienti !!
la chat non funziona e alle mail a service@cafago,com non rispondono mai !!!
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I read conversation between TomTop and Christian Weichering. Exactly the same happened to me to have replaced the battery of a smartphone. I insisted to have the battery here in Italy and to repair the phone by my own. ATTENTION: if you send a phone to China consider the costs which are very expensive and the possibility to loose the phone.
I went to a Chinese repair shop with the battery which was replaced for 5,00 euro.
Translate 08/27/2018

Roberto Armani

Ho acquistato uno smartwatch Oukitel W1, arrivato in due settimane, pagato poco più di 20€ utilizzando un coupon. Sono molto soddisfatto.
Translate 08/22/2018

fulvio farachi

Ho ordinato e ricevuto l'orologio in oggetto ma dopo un paio di giorni
non ha resistito ad un semplice bagno al mare. Si è appannato internamente
e poi si è spento del tutto. Eppure avrebbe dovuto resistere ad almeno
TRE atmosfere.

Attendo Vs cortese riscontro

fulvio farachi - san pietro vernotico - italia
tel 3387823714
Translate 08/16/2018


Buon giorno ho effettuato un ordine nonostante si sono presi i soldi ora sul sito mi esce pagamento in sospeso sapete il perché
Translate 08/05/2018


Don’t buy anything with a battery at this shop if you want guarantee
in case that the part is defect.
The reason is that it is very expensive to send a Smartphone with a battery back to Hong Kong. From Germany shipping cost are 42€ (if shipping possible) because with the Battery the Smartphone is a dangerous cargo.

There is a way to send the Smartphone back for 9.5€ without the battery,
but Cafago is insisting that the battery is included.

I bought a Cubot Note Plus Smartphone at Cafago (October 2017) for 73€ which is now defect. The Smartphone did not detect any Sim Card since Jun 2018, all other functions are working.

I made a video and wrote a lot of mails to Cafago but till now I have no solution to get appropriate guaranty without high costs.

Here are the mails:

I wrote to Cafago at 10.06.2018
Dear Sir or Madam,
last year I bought a Cubot Note Plus from you Company.


It worked well till last week, but now It doesn't detect any SIM card.
I tried a few times to switch off and switch on the handy
but the SIM Card wasn't detected.
I tried 2 other SIM Cards in both slots ( Dual SIM) but it
didn't detect them either.
I entered the Service menu and started the Test of Intern devices,
but the Test stoped at the SIM Test without any message and
I had to restart the smartphone.
All other functions of the smartphone are working

So I am very sure, that the SIM Card electronic in this
Smartphone is defect and I want to send It back.

Please tell me how to proceed.

Mail from Cafago 12.06.2018
Dear customer,
Is that possible to bother you taking a detailed video which can show this problem specifically and send it to us? It would really help if you send the video by YouTube or other links. So that we can check it with our technicians and work out a solution for you. Thanks for your help and cooperation.
Best wishes,

So I made a video where you can see clearly that a Sim card is working in another Smartphone but not in the Cubot. The link is still active, you can open the video. But the video is not enough for Cafago.
Dear Kelly,
here is a link to a video where you can see that a SIM Card in the
Cubot Note Plus is not detected.
password: Cafago

Mail from Cafago 13.06.2018
Dear customer,
We have already delivered your information to our technical stuff and they will work out a reasonable solution for you asap. Please wait for another 48 hours patiently. Then you may contact us again and at that time we would give you a properly answer for this problem, hope for your kindly understanding.
Thanks for your cooperation and patience.
Best regards

Mail to Cafago 18.06.2018
Hello Kelly,
now 4 days are passed since your last mail.
Can you tell me now how to proceed.

Mail from Cafago
Dear Christian Wiechering,
The technican told us the following words for your problem.
The phone does not recognize the SIM card.
Ask the customer to replace more than a few other SIM cards to try it out, or change to the other side of the card slot to try it out.
And use alcohol to clean the SIM card and the contacts in the SIM card holder.
Please try that in your side for that.
Best wishes,

I had allready wrote in my first mail , that I tried 3 different Sim cards in both slots of the Smartphone but no Card is working but this information was vergotten buy Cafago.
So I wrote 21.06.2018
Hello Kelly,
in my first Mail I told you allready, that I tried different Sim Cards in both slots, and they
didn't work.
I cleaned the contacts and tried now again another SIM Card in both slots, without success.

How to proceed now?

Mail from Cafago 22.06.2018
Hi customer,
Would you like to go to the local repair shop for repairs? We can give you a partial refund to cover your loss. What do you think of it?
Best regards,

So I search for a repair Shop in Germany but did not found a shop a first.
Mail to Cafago 25.06.2018
Dear Kelly,
I asked some Shops her, but no shop would repair a Cubot Note Plus Smartphone, only Samsung, IPhones, HTC...
I prefer to send the Smartphone back for repair/change to you.

Mail from Cafago 26.06.2018
Dear customer,
As your previously wish,we could accept your return.However,there has four points you need to follow:
1. The cost of return demand to cover by yourself. Need to select the post office with tracking number.
2. Packaging items need original.
3. After receiving the package, we will refund you as soon as possible.
4. If you send, please contact me again and supply the tracking number.
If you agree with those points,we will send you an address.
Please let us know your final decision.
Looking forward to your early reply.

Best wishes

Mail to Cafago 26.06.2018
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Kelly,
ok, I pay the return cost by myself.
Please send me your adress for returning parts.

Best regards
Christian Wiechering

Mail from Cafago
Dear Christian Wiechering ,
Thank you for your reply. It is my honor to serve you.
This is the returning address for you:
Address: Flat1,8/F, 85-89 Ta Chuen Ping Street, Kwai Chung, N.T

City: Hong Kong Country: Hong Kong
TEL: +852 27739609

There are 5 things pls pay attention: 1.Please kindly print / write order number No.cgXXXXXXXXXXX" on the parcel, so that we can recognize it when we receive the package. 2.Pls return back to us of the original package. 3.Please kindly write the reason why you return item in brief 4.You need to cover the return shipping cost 5.Pls advise tracking number when you return back to us There is a RMA form in the attachment.Please fill it out and put it in the parcel when you print it. Thank you for your cooperation.
PS:Please do remember to attach the RMA form inside the package to be sent back by you.

So I went to Deutsche Post to send the Smartphone back. But with the battery, the Smartphone is a dangerous freight and the Deutsche Post told me that there is no way to send the Smartphone to Hong Kong with Deutsche Post.
So I searched for a another way to send the Smartphone to Hong Kong but for a private person it is difficult and expensive to send a dangerous freight to Hong Kong.

So I worte to Cafago 2.7.2018
Dear Kelly,
I tried today to send the Smartphone back to you, but it is not possible to send a electronic
Device with a battery to Hong Kong.


I can only send the Smartphone back without the battery. Is this OK?

Best regards
Christian Wiechering

Mail from Cafago 3.7.2018
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Christian Wiechering,
Sorry, you need to send it back to us with the battery.
You can just use the DHL e-commerce. Thanks.
Best wishes,

This sounds easy but in Europe there are other regulations than in Hong Kong.
So I searched again for repairing Company and got the cost estimation of 77.70€ which I send
to Cafago at 4.7.2018
Dear Kelly,
for a Private Person in Europe, it is nearly impossible to send hazard goods to Hongkong.
See https://www.dhl.de/content/dam/images/pdf/dhl-infoblatt-gefahrgutversand-052017-en.pdf
The battery is the problem.
So I looked again for a repair shop in Germany and found the company "Mobiltec 24 GmbH"
Attached is the cost estimation of this company for repairing the smart card reader.
It is 77,70€
Do you pay this amount for repair?

Mail from Cafago 5.7.2018
Dear Christian Wiechering,
Sorry for the problem. Our manger told us we can refund you 20EUR at most , then we can end this problem.
Because you have used this item for such a long time. If not, you can just return the complete item back to us.
Best wishes,

A long using time for a smartphone is for Cafago 8 month?
Only 20€ refund is for me an effrontery.
Here you can see that the guaranty is worth nothing.
In Germany the repair would completely paid, or a substitute device will delivered in the first
2 years after buying.

I don’t know how it is in Hong Kong, but I think that if I send back the Smartphone and the error is confirmed then Cafago gets a new or repaired part form the producer Cubot.
This is independent from the presence of a battery in the device.
Why does Cafago still insist of the presence of the battery?

It looks like Cafago is trying to avoid any guaranty for devices with batteries in this way.

The end of this story is still open, because I am now looking for someone in my company who travels to Hong Kong or China and sends the Smartphone from there to Cafago.
Translate 07/20/2018


Ho acquistato l'anno scorso una micro sd da 128 gb in offerta con coupon a 9,99, premetto che avevo qualche dubbio, Comunque dopo un attesa di 2 mesi e varie mail di sollecito, è arrivata e sembrava funzionare come estensione di un tablet , ma dopo qualche mese di archiviazione sono evidentemente arrivato ad occupare un po di spazio circa 10 gb , la microsd si è bloccata ed non è più stata riconosciuta dal tablet , ho cercato di formattarla ma niente, l'ho buttata .Ergo non comprerò piu sui siti cinesi. Lezione compresa.
Translate 07/19/2018


Nach der Bestellung erhielt ich eine Bestellbestätigung, wonach die Sendung in den kommenden 5 Werktagen verschickt werden sollte. Daraus wurden dann knapp 20, da die im Lager befindlichen alle kaputt gewesen seien und neue beschafft werden müssten. Nach gut 6 Wochen habe ich das Gerät dann erhalten.

Den Newsletter kann man offenbar nicht abbestellen. Ich habe mich nun schon zweimal dort abgemeldet und drei Mal per Email um eine manuelle Abmeldung gebeten. Bis jetzt ohne Erfolg. Das empfinde ich nicht als seriös. Es entsteht der Eindruck, dass hier eine "du kannst mir eh nichts" - Einstellung besteht, da der Firmensitz wohl in China ist und man dort vor der deutschen Justiz sicher ist.
Translate 07/16/2018


120 € gezahlt und auf meine anfrage hin wann der Artikel kommt a er 10 Tage angibt zu Lieferung sagt er mit der Artikel Ausverkauf. und ich solle ca. 6 Wochen Warten. Storniert und PayPal eingeschaltet muss da aber auch 20 Tage warten !!! was für eine Sch.......
Sucht euch bitte eine andere Seite aber achtet auf seine Alternativen wer weis ob es der selbe Verkäufer ist.
Translate 05/30/2018


Ho acquistato una lampada anti zanzare. Dopo 2 settimane dal mio acquisto mi arriva una mail con la quale mi informano che il prodotto non è disponibile e che devo attendere altre due settimane per la spedizione. Mi propongono di inviarmi subito due modelli alternativi (e meno costosi).
Vado a verificare il sito e il prodotto risulta invece disponibile e spedito in 72 ore....altri clienti che faranno l'ordine e non lo vedranno arrivare. Attenzione, mettono come prodotti disponibili merce che non hanno, intanto si prendono i soldi e poi (forse) ve li restituiscono dopo oltre 1 mese...fanno girare i soldi.
Translate 01/12/2018


Después de dos meses me dicen que si quiero el producto tengo que pagar 15 dolares más...
Translate 12/02/2017

Markus Santoni

O aquistato un telefono Blackviewe BV 8000 pro da loro prezzo qualita ottimo, purtroppo si sono rotti i speaker dopo due mesi, o comunicato con loro del problema risorto il che mi mandano un indirizzo dove spedire la merce che deve essere riparata in garanzia. Ai me mi sono fidato, o speso Euro 50,00 per Spedizione con EMS posta assicurata e stata consegnata dopo circa una settimana (spedita 02.09.17 - consegnata il11.09.17).
Con contatti con loro che durano ormai 4 mesi loro mi continuano a ribadire che il pacco non e mai arrivato presso di loro, il che mi dice menomale che o assicurato il pacco. Anche dalla tracciatura internazionale risultava perso il 09.09.2017.
o fatto una richiesta di rimborso alle poste, il che mi spiegano che devono fare dei controlli prima di rimborsare. Salta fuori che e stato consegnato il 11.09.2017 con timbro e firma di un dipendente del venditore cinese CAFAGO .
mandato per via e-mail una copia del documento chiedendo spiegazioni loro continuano a dare delle risposte inutili e stupide, e o capito che oltre la beffa di averlo spedito da loro il mio telefono non lo vedro mai piu di un rimborso non se ne parla nemmeno.
iIL MIO CONSIGLIO NON COMPRATE DA LORO " CAFAGO" sono dei farabutti poco professionali.
avranno anche dei ottimi prodotti ad un prezzo conveniente ma se ce qualche problema sono guai. GARANZIA INESISTENTE.
Translate 11/16/2017

Bernd Stelter

Not trustworthy seller. Avoid this shop. I have bought a 128GB micro SD card. It arrived 6 weeks after ordering, but as I tested the item with h2wtest I found out this was a fake (and also slower than advertised) card that has just 30gb of usable space. This fraud is now a paypal case...
Translate 10/17/2017

Paolo Zanzi

Una porcheria. Ordinato materiale verso il 15/08/2017 al 02/10/2017 non era nemmeno partito. A oggi ancora il materiale è chissà dove.
Non pagate paypal, tanto il rimborso non funziona.
Translate 10/12/2017


Ho fatto un ordine il 27 settembre. Ad oggi non l'ho ancora ricevuto. Ho scritto tre mail all'azienda ma non mi hanno mai risposto. Non riesco nemmeno a chiedere il rimborso...
Translate 08/31/2017


Ich habe defekte Ware bekommen. Die Reklamation war ein graus. Es hat ewig gedauert und es war wirklich kompliziert, das Geld erstattet zu bekommen.
Translate 08/20/2017


Habe eine xiaomi Power Bank bestellt für 12€ (10AH , quick charge)
Sie wurde verschickt und habe eine Tracking Nummer erhalten, nach Nachfrage wurde gesagt dass Battterien nicht verschickt werden dürfen und haben das Geld kommentarlos zurückerstattet.

NIE WIEDER ! Hätte ich nicht nachgefragt würde ich immer noch auf Ware und Geld warten!!!

I´ve ordered a xiaomi power bank, they´ve shipped it and gave me the tracking number
after a few weeks i´ve asked where my order is, and they told me batterys couldnt be shipped and refunded me without further notice.

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