Banggood is a Chinese gadget shop with headquarters in Guangzhou (China). Banggood has several great features including warehouses in the US and England for quicker shipping around the world, the possibility to order without opening an account on its website, and a very well organized homepage, making it one of the best choices for a Chinese online shop. Its Alexa ranking of 3.793 - meaning it's one of the 4.000 most visited websites worldwide - is proof of its popularity and puts it in the same territory as and Fasttech. Banggood specializes in hobby supplies, gadgets, trinkets, and toys.

Banggood Index

Banggood's website: get gadgets, consumer electronics and even fashion and jewelry from China

Experience with Banggood

Banggood is one of the biggest and longest-standing gadget shops in China. As a result, it shouldn’t be surprising that we were very satisfied with its customer service after placing several orders. Banggood’s delivery estimates are generally correct and all of our packages arrived on time. Further pros and cons include...


  • delivery time: 7-20 work days, express shipping 2-7 days
  • range of products: everything a China gadget geek can possibly desire
  • price comparison: average, R/C gadgets inexpensive, great snap up deals and seckill offers


  • PayPal payment possible without a BG account
  • other payment methods offered to registered users: credit card or Western Union
  • best price guarantee as well as ‘saw better price’
  • Warehouse in Great Britain with a part of BG’s product range makes a fast delivery possible
  • free standard shipping


  • reviews can’t be trusted
  • consider checking for reviews on other websites
  • website loads quite long time (overloaded because of many visitors?)

Banggood Payment MethodsPayment

One of Banggood's most convenient features is that you don’t have to create an account to order, you can simply pay with PayPal. Paying with PayPal means you’re on the safe side and can get your money back through PayPal’s buyer protection in case of delivery problems. PayPal will refund your money up to 40 days after completing a payment.

There are certain advantages to creating a Banggood account, however. For one, you are only able to pay via credit card (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard) with an account on Banggood.

You can contact merchants on live chat, on the forum or via e-mail. We tried the live chat and Forums to communicate and got a swift response, each time within about 3 to 10 hours. One thing to remember, however, is that the time difference may lead to longer response times if you're not careful. Noon in New York is 1am in Guangzhou!

Supported payment methods:

  • PayPal (Our recommendation!)
  • Credit card
  • Boleto
  • Qiwi Wallet
  • Webmoney

Delivery times, tracking and shipping

Shipping times are easily the worst part about ordering goods from China, but Banggood's warehouses all over the world mean that you can cut your package's EPA in half if you order something in stock at your local warehouse. What's better: all of the companies functions are still centralized in China, so its always easy to get help, even if your package is shipping from a foreign warehouse!

Banggood Warehouses

Now the bad news: you have to wait until check out to find out if your item is stored in your local warehouse, so you don't always have control over how long you'll have to wait. The Standard Shipping from China, however, is still free, and there's always express shipping available for an extra fee. With express shipping, your items usually arrive within 2-7 workdays.

Another nice feature is that, even with standard shipping, you can follow your packages on the Banggood order-tracking site. If you don't get a tracking number, it's not always possible to track is step-by-step, but by entering your order number and e-mail address you can see the current status of processing.

Banggood Order Tracking

In this screen shot you can see that Banggood took its sweet time between paypal payment and shipping - but this was an exception in our experience. If you pay the extra fee for the tracking number, you can follow your order's voyage around the world after it's been shipped off from Banggood.

Special shipping option: Netherland Direct Mail

A special feature of Banggood is its "Netherland Direct Mail" shipping. This costs usually only a fraction more than Air Mail Register but arrives way faster in Europe. The particularity of Netherland Direct Mail is that packages are shipped directly to the Netherlands and from there shipped to the European shipping address, so that it will only take between 1 - 2 weeks for the delivery. The only disadvantage of this method is that there is no tracking number for Netherland Direct Mail - but we haven't had any problems with this shipping method so far and, according to different review forums and the reviews of our readers, they seem pretty reliable. So, if you have the option to choose this method during your checkout process, and you're shipping to Europe, then we recommend you use it as it is worth its extra cost - it's a nice combination of standard and expedited shipping.

Keep in mind that you still have to pay for customs and VAT even though it is shipped via the Netherlands. The original sender in China is listed on your package, so you might still have to pay some fees to your customs office or mail man. But it is our experience that customs and VAT have to payed more seldom if you pick this shipping option.

Banggood Shipping Methods

As always, it's not advisable to have your packages shipped to a PO Box, as some post offices won't always accept packages using bubble wrap packaging (a common practice in China).

Banggood and customs

Contrary to other Chinese shops, Banggood is very professional and declares packages very carefully. We didn't have to make an unwarranted visit at customs office yet. Nevertheless, one should be aware that customs does random checks on well-declared packages from China.

Naturally you still have to pay for the usual VAT and customs, depending on your order value. If you order for more than 26€ (yes, not 22€ - we explain this in our information section under the category tax), you'll have to pay VAT to your mail man and if you order for more than 250€, you'll probably have to pay customs fees. But this depends on the exact products you ordered.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not entirely common, side-effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, but the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 when entering the country. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely from nothing to $495 depending on the product and how it's sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $100, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry (likely Los Angeles or San Francisco, unless you're using AirMail) to confirm any extra taxes.

Any extra taxes or duty on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Package from Banggood

Special features

Besides warehouses outside of China and Hong Kong, which are definitely a real highlight, you get another feature on Banggood: After opening an account on Banggood you can automatically keep track of your orders with a value of $25+ throughout the delivery process. The back end for registered users is very well designed like you're used to from big American e-commerce websites (e.g. amazon or ebay). Here you can get an overview of your previous orders ("My orders"), your "preorders" or your "Wishlist".

Banggood Orders Backend

A clear overview of orders - still a rare sight in Chinese online-shops

You can even create an account via Twitter or Facebook - but we had some bad experiences with this. Several weeks after our application, we got a bunch of spam up on our Twitter feed.

Banggood Points

Another special feature are the Banggood Points, which you gain after every new order. You can see the collected points under the section "My Points".

Banggood Points

"My Points" is supposed to keep customers loyal to Banggood - but the savings are minimal

If you collected enough points, you can generate your own coupons in several "points zones". If you collected 150 points, you can receive a $1-discount coupon. If you order frequently in China, you will notice that regular coupons, especially our exclusive coupons, offer a better bargain than these coupons. Meaning that collecting these points isn't really worth it.

The video section of the site is highly recommended. It has, at least partially, better content than some video streaming sites. You can get an honest opinion from other customers on items you’re interested in. Try watching the videos, because we suspect that some written reviews can’t be trusted or weren’t written with the same care that the videos were created with.


Banggood is a well-established Chinese online shop. It features a vast array of products and warehouses in Europe and North America. Furthermore, it is continuously improving its customer support and web presence. Customers can save a lot of money with Banggood’s frequent coupons and promotions, and, in some cases, can save a HUGE amount of shipping time compared to other Chinese online-shops.


 Alternative 1:  Dealextreme
free shipping Dealextreme has an amazing product selection
 Alternative 2:  fasttech
free shipping will also surprise you with its range of electronic products

4 Banggood Coupons

Aside from current coupons that you can find on our page, there are exclusive coupons that will be placed automatically into your Banggood account. Another way to get extra coupons is to sign up to Banggood’s newsletter. Most coupons will have conditions such as a minimum order value. Before confirming your order, you should consider which coupon or promo code would mean the biggest savings for you.


6% OFF on Regular Prices at Banggood

Save some money with our coupon: Get a 7% discount on all regular price products at Banggood with our panda coupon code. 



15% discount on clearance items

This coupon was sent to us by a user. Thanks! It's valid for items in the "clearance" section.

Valid for a limited time


5% OFF for new Banggood website

Banggood has a new (Beta-)website and makes testing it worth your while - as this coupon offers you a 5% discount for this website

When we tested it, it worked for all products. But we still prefer the coupon pandagood with 6% discount.


Valid for a limited time


Banggood: 8% OFF items in US warehouse

Use this coupon code to receive an 8% discount on everything in the US warehouse of Banggood.

Valid for a limited time


For smaller sums or coupons connected to certain items, it is usually more helpful to use a coupon with a set $-discount and for bigger orders (see the example below) it makes usually more sense to use a voucher with a percentage discount.

Using a Banggood voucher code

We've established a great relationship with Banggood, which is why we offer an exclusive 7% Banggood discount coupon code. The code: pandacheck. We're constantly checking the coupons, so you can find all the best Banggood specials right here. But if we really missed a coupon, then we would love it to get a message from you!

552 Reviews

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Banggood is a easy way to buy all kind of stuff for my FPV Hobby.


Have been a satisfied customer of Banggood for a couple of years now.
On delivery of my latest order, a steel watchband, discovered that the 2 pins were missing.
After mentioning this in my review I was contacted by e-mail. The communication was very pleasant and I was given the oppertunity for a refund or resending the product. To me this is a very professional way of doing business. Thanks Banggood.


Great experience with Banggood!
They had the best price for the product I wanted.
The product would not turn on, and they replaced it covering return shipping expenses.
Very easy and clear communication through email!
Very recommendable.


I'm shopping from banggood since late 2015 to today, I'm very pleased, satisfied and happy, with speed of delivery and customer support within 24 hours your problem solved, clarification, resend or fully refund without any tiny problem. You can't resist their unbeatable prices and quality of the products. Their app is wonderful working on all different platforms on the market.
Banggood is definitely my favorite online store. In fact I will continue to be their satisfied happy customer.

Piotr Z

After having trouble with one of the products full refund wall issued without any problems. Great customer service. I will definitely come back soon. Thanks Bangggod! :)


I am very pleased with the speed of delivery and the customer support. I had ordered a smart watch that unfortunately didn't connect to my iPhone via Bluetooth. When I filed a complaint, within 24 hours I got a reply offering either a full refund or a resend. With this level of customer service, I would definitely order again from Banggood.


Very responsive vendors. Damaged bracelets instead sent a new one.


The LEDs in a keyboard I bought from these guys weren't working right, but I contacted their Customer Service and they were very friendly and helpful! I'd definitely shop here again.


Es una muy buena tienda,
muy buenas ofertas
Los productos son exactamente los que se ofrecen.
Muy buen servicio post venta

Felip Carmona

Great Store. Great Costumer Service

“ it's probably one of the best Chinese Stores.

Good price and great flash offers. You can trust 100 %.
Anyway, if in rare case you have an issue o problem with your purchase... Costumer Service give you a solution for you.


Lee Allen

After dozens of orders on Banggood, I no longer even bother to track orders. They always arrive, and always meet or exceed expectations. Order with confidence! Great prices and extensive selection. Highly reccommended


Excellent prices and buyer service, fast delivery.
I am new to buying in Banggood but I am very happy. A great alternative. The customer service is excellent, several communication options.
Orders are shipped and received very fast plus there are discount coupons. One of my orders had problems and I communicated with customer service, they gave me different solutions including changing the product.
I recommend buying at Banggood.


Great customers service


Banggood provides a ton of products with prompt shipping speeds. Overall very decent customer service and good communication.


I have to recommend banggood with very positive feedback!


Almost 70+ orders : good prices, good products, fast shipping, good communication :)


In-time delivery for every item I have ordered so far - I had no problems with the packaging so far, the item was usually covered in bubble wrap and arrived without any defects.

I recently ordered a cable that did not quite meet my expectations and left an according review, yet the customer service was quick to send me an e-mail and even got me a refund for the cable. If they talk to the manufacturer, as said, and something is changed about the product is left to be seen, yet I was still happy to see a quick reaction.


I'm a BangGood addict! I've been ordering for years for myself and as gifts for others. You can find top quality items, with amazingly fast overseas shipping, and excellent customer service (ask questions before you order, and in the rare case something is wrong, they fix it to your liking! none of this "ship it back" like the other cheap guys do!). I trust them with my money, and have never had any issues in my 176 orders! Did I mention I'm addicted? Every day I load their New Arrivals and find goodies to add to my cart! My mailman loves bringing my packages--I even built him an LED Christmas Tree! I have never been offered anything to post positive reviews or the likes. Thanks BG!!

Ahmad AlShami

“ is just the best china online shop to buy. You can buy almost anything you want at a very and competitive low price.

The quality of the products are very good for the price.

The best of is their customer service. They are always willing to help you. When you have an issue with a product bought in their website you only have to contact with their customer service and they will help you and I tell you you will be satisfied with their help.


My order was incomplete when received. After contacting the Customer Support and sending them a few pictures of what had arrived they arranged to send met the item again


Les produits sur le site marchand Banggood sont un choix multiple et de bonne qualité.
Un plus, la livraison est assez rapide même pour l’Ile de la Réunion où je réside.
Le service client très à l'écoute de ses clients, il répond rapidement en cas de problèmes, et trouve toujours la solution qui convient sans pénaliser le client.
C’est vraiment un site génial pour toutes sortes d’achats en ligne et que je recommande vivement !

George Velkov

I am Very happy with Banggood
Excellent store! I have order many times from Banggood.
Best website for many things. good products, not too expensive, good communication and always free delivery for all products!
Very good.Highly recommended this store for its low prices
Excellent customer service and trustable site.
Thank you BangGood.



Banggood est vraiment un site génial pour des achats en ligne ! Le service client répond rapidement et en cas de problèmes, ils trouvent une solution très rapidement.
Les produits sont de bonne qualité et la livraison est rapide pour la france.

Un service client très à l'écoute de ses clients, rare de nos jours ..! Je recommande !


I buy many times in BangGood and I very satisfy with the verity, price and delivery.
Lately I had ordered 2 items but only one has received (the cheap one). I send them email, added a photo of the item that I received, and in few hours i got an email saying that they resend it immediately.
Thank you BangGood


i discovered Banggood in 2013, when i start to make multirotor ( drone racer especially)
and i never be disappointed !
first because most of time, the product i buy is working very fine out of the box.
the delivery is for free and the price of product is always competitive with all other website.
Now some time it's happen the product got problem quality or malfunction,
but the customer service is really helpfull, no compromise !
if you show where is the problem, they'r always offert a solution to you.
it can be refund or in most of case for me, resend a new product that working fine.
and to this point of view, Banggood is so mutch better than you can find in physical shop in my country ( im french) where the vendor, in the most of case and especially in RC world, cause you some trouble. except if you spend a lot of money inthey'r shop, they don't take care about you and always try to make of you the reason of the problem.
that's not happen with banggood, when you got problem out of the box, again banggood always find a solution for help you.
and for that i can just strongly recommend to you, ( like i do with all people i can meet when i fly with my racer drone ), go buy on Banggood ! you get a good price for a genuine product that you never find somewhere else !
i don't know how banggood can do that , but they do ! and they do that great !

so imo you can clos your eyes and buy banggood product. You will not have to regret it.
Cheer \Ö/ Banggood is Soo good ! keep that working good,
you are the best !


I've been buing on banggood for 3 or 4 years now, typically quadrocopter components and gadgets.
Recently I bought a Lenovo ZUK Z2 smartphone and it arrived with a faulty camera - still, I was able to return this item for a full refund. Good customer service, I recommend the seller


The Banggood fixed my product quality issue.
Good store.


Bangood has an excellent customer service. If there is a problem they are to find a solution either refund or send a new product. they are so keen for customer satisfaction.

Joe Lim

Found a reliable internet shopping Banggood website whom I can trust. Happened to me where my item have been resend back due to restriction item in my country. Banggood staff email me to notify my refund after receiving my returned item. Glad to say Banggood service rated best with responsible staff who replied promptly to my question. Trust me you won't go wrong shopping with Banggood.


I've made a lot of orders on this website (around 30) and I've always found myself very good. They use Paypal, prices are very low and the support service is always ready to help you.


Good transaction, good seller, quick deliver


this isnt the first time i've shopped on banggood, and it wont be the last. it is good to know that they have a good and friendly customer service, and that you can get help and replacements if your items comes defective.
i'm very satisfied with the last communiction.


I have been using Banggood for nearly a year now, primariliy for drone (quadcopter) related purchases, but also some consumer electronics such as a tablet PC. I have yet to be disappointed with quality of their products - what you see on the website is what you get, and the products seem well made.

I live in Australia. I have had delivery times from 3 business days ranging up to 10 business days, using the free shipping service (note that I have always bought items that are in stock). Items have been well packaged for their protection. I have had one item break in transit (a detachable keyboard for a tablet PC) which, after sending them a video of the problem, they immediately offered me the choice of either a refund or to have a new item resent. I have also had the wrong item delivered once, which when I sent them photos, they immediately sent out the correct item, without asking for the original item back.

As mentioned above, I have dealt with their after-sales support twice. Both times I found them quick to respond (usually around 6PM my time) and polite, and always keen to resolve my issue.

The range is excellent, the prices are great, and they even offer free shipping! I have had occasions where I preferred to order from their website rather than go out and hunt around the shops for an item (those of you with 3 young children will understand!). Most of all, the price you see is the price you pay (unless you opt for faster shipping, tracking or insurance) - unlike some other websites.

As you can probably hear, I am very happy with Banggood, and recommend them to all my family and friends. I will definitely buy from them in the future.

Gökay Şahin

Gayet Güzel bir alışveriş sitesi. Çok ilgililer. Yani ürününüz bozuk gelse para iadesini yaparlar. Tavsiye Ederim!


I am really satisfied to buy somting from banggood.


O serviço foi muito bem feito, chegou rápido. Deu um problema e eles já estão correndo para me auxiliar e resolve-lo, muito rápido.


The after-sales customer services is always a must in Banggood. They will try to do their best to solve your products problems.

Juan Ant.

Hola, mi experiencia con Banggood es siempre muy buena. Rapidez en el envío, embalaje correcto y si tienes cualquier problema, contactan contigo en menos de 24 horas.
Sólo he tenido un problema con un producto y lo han solucionado de forma rápida y eficaz. Recomendable!


Unfortunately, the acquaintance with the store began with a defective product, but the technical support service worked fine, quickly and politely answered, and eventually reimbursed all expenses.

Neris Mehddy

qualité de service rapide et impeccable rien a dire parfait !!!!!

serge lemire

I am very satisfy. Thank you very much.


I've ordered about 10 things from Banggood and products have always been reasonable to good quality, and items that I can't find anywhere else. Prices are good. Had an issue with 1 product but they resolved it quickly and efficiently. I couldn't change the star rating from a 4 for everything, but actually I would give 5* for Communication and 5* for Value for Money, and 3* for Delivery which is rather slow. But 4* overall is a fair score for Banggood.

Martin Mihaylov

I have been using Banggood for more than an year. I have ordered many things and I have been very satisfied with the service and the received goods. Several months ago I ordered new mobile phone. However, it turned out that the phone has a defect. I returned the phone and I received complete refund for my purchase, including the transportation costs. Again I was very satisfied with the service.


most of the products are ok ... anyway BG is improving


I am a Customer on Banggood now for almost a Year, placed 41 Orders in total.
I only once had a problem with a faulty device to to the packaging but the Customer Service sorted the problem with Email support in 48 hours!
I can totally recommend the Shop and will keep on buying there.
Sure thing the delivery time is not the best, but it is along Journey from China to Germany!
Small tip: I always place my Order with "Priority Direct Mail" and the delivery time is about 7-12 Days - Totally fine!



i wish there where no problems but i always thank you for your quick response fotis from HELLAS or GR


Apporte un suivi et des conseils par mail à ses clients Merci Banggood..
Je recommande particulièrement cette société.


Le meilleur site avec aucun frais de port. On trouve de tout.
Juste des délais de livraison vers la France qui sont variable (de 2 à 5 semaines)...mais il suffit d'anticiper ces achats !

Merci BG.


I've been using BG for well over a year now and I must commend their service; orders are always dispatched in a timely fashion and normally arrive well packaged for their journey. Whenever an issue has arisen I normally get a response to my email within the 48 hours and the issue has always been sorted. OK so some items take a while to arrive but the savings available definitely outweigh the delivery time.

Great shop and I hope to be a customer for many more years if this level of service doesn't diminish.


“Bangood is very trusty site , has an excellent customer service. If there is a problem they are so keen to find a solution either refund or fix or send a new product. the communication are very easy they are reachable ,they are so keen for customer satisfaction, I can recommend them as a place to buy and trust


Faço compras regularmente no banggood, já tive alguns problemas com os itens, mas sempre fui atendido bem e prontamente para a resolução dos problemas... recomendo o site!

I shop regularly in banggood, I already had some problems with the items, but I was always well attended and promptly got the problems solved ... I recommend the site!

wilfredo falconi

El monoculo o telescopio manual esta bien lo unico que NO se puede poner en un tripode.


Very good seller, My favorite for cheap items, customer service is excellent and always reliable, delivery to Australia is prompt and free too


-takes a little while to get a reply but that could be due to having lots of customers with not enough customer service
-reasonable and responsible customer service when you have a valid complaint and evidence to prove it
Delivery and packaging
-I already have a handful number of orders with them and they all are delivered almost at same tolerable duration of time
-I have received a non-working item which worked eventually with a minor fix but that was not due to delivery and packaging but manufacturing which probably ain't their fault
Value for money
-Compared to local retailers,they offer cheaper and more products to choose from but compared to one of their competitor I knew of, they don't match their price as well as variety that well (but I have yet to buy from that one because they don't accept Paypal)


Good shop.Great communication.Very fast delivery!


Remarkable shopping experience with banggood. I received my product with minor issue, contacted customer service and they provided best possible resolution within 24 hrs to send me replacement product without any condition. Customer service is so helpful. Hassle free and ease of purchase make Banggood my no.1 choice for shopping online. They are really fast reliable and provide variety of options. Low prices for good quality products. Looking forward for my next shopping.

Alex tzil

Everything ok


Ordered a fitness band, got it but it didn't worked.

Because they were very prompt (answered right away) and seen the case that i've sent, they offered a refund for the broken band or a replacement.

Will definitely order more from them.


Ok, best shop. All article are description very best, many photo. Shipping is possible tracking, the package are ok.


Very good site. Fast shipping. Good Prices and discounts. And fast and correct service!

Uri Marks

Banggood has been absolutely amazing. The range and the items they sell are great. The pricing is always brilliant. Delivery is free most of the time. If items have not arrived, I have received full refunds. And when I had an item that did not work, they sent me a new one. I recommend Banggood to everyone I meet


Great shop. Nice products, and when something goes wrong the warranty service is excellent. Fast answer and always find the best solution to your problems.

Jakub Kasprzycki

The shop is great. I have bought in it most of my gadgets. Thank you


i am very happy with the attention and the complete service


Nice behaviour with costume.
But must be do improving in packaging..


Banggood is a very good website, it as absolutely everything. I like to buy my stuff here because I know I can trust them, I have had problems in other similar websites, but in banggood, so far so good. Support is also good, I have a problem with a product and they gave me back some of the money, and they offered some points.

Alexe Paul Cristian

Excellent customer support services - good communication skills customer oriented.


I'm gladly surprised of Banggood. I almost never bought on webstores, when i found Banggood i decided to try due to the very good products' quality described and their price but even better was to realize that there are not tons of similar products of same kind and style, the best choice for a web store to build its own status and customer client.

Now i can assure i am completely satisfied of Banggood in all its services, specially customer caring!

Choose Banggood for your web shopping because you will be satisfied in first place, and if you won't the assistance is totally at your needings.

Hope i will be able to shop on Banggood for a long time in future!


The best shop with low prices and great support. No problem with warranty. Highly recommended.

Roy Jägestedt

Delivery always takes a long or very long time (to Sweden). Sometimes the goods are badly packed, but the item have so far been undamaged.
The contacts with the company are always very fast with a nice treatment and replacement of defective goods is never a problem.

Eugene Art

Best place to shop for electronics and quadcopter stuff

Kai Lee

Banggood has an excellent customer service and offers decent deals on many products. My only problem is the delivery time but it's understandable because their items are shipped from overseas.

Kalle Blomquist

Good shop with great service
Buying here often electronic components with excellent service.
Low price top offers at a wide range. Highly recommended.


I received my product quickly as promised and upon needing an extra piece, I was given a quick response as well.

Zoltan Toth

This is the biggest webshop, you can find anything what you want I recommend it.
I am very satisfied with the Customer Service, they give us a quick, complete, immediate help if have any question.

Gary Edwards

Excellent Customer service.Sorted all my problems in a fast and respectful manner. Banggood will now be my first choice for my shopping needs.

Vladan Lukovic

Banggood is my preferred online shop for almost any gadget, hobby electronic, toys, house, equipment etc..
User support communication is good, within 24 hours aprox.
Paypal payment is secure and you don't need to leave your card numbers to third party sites, even not to banggood.
Many other sites does not deliver to Serbia, but banggood is not among them.
Delivery is always within one month, sometimes even much earlier.
I hope my country will soon suspend tax and customs tariff with China, and this will be great.
I can freely recommend banggood to everyone!

Daniel Martschenko

Nachdem die erste Bestellung nicht zufriedenstellend war, da das Produkt nicht funktioniert hat, wurde mir nach einer Rückfrage schnell und unkompliziert ein Ersatz zugeschickt! Kommunikation hat super geklappt!

Gabrio Faralli

Very good store, quick delivery and very cooperative. I received a damaged good, which have been
promptly substituted with no problems,, I definitely recommend them.


Their system is good, you can easily check your orders and amend them if needed. By my recent experience I can also tell that customer service is helpful and easy to communicate with.


Good store, great choice of goods. The price in most cases is better than that of competitors. The main purchases I make here usually. Delivery of goods is well established. Packaging is also not bad. Problem issues for the guarantee are resolved quickly.

Wojciech Stępiński

In the store I ordered twice, in both cases I was very satisfied. Shipping almost immediately, delivered after about 2 weeks, and for free! On the second purchase I got a damaged product, but I was sent a new one and I am waiting for the shipment. I heartily recommend! <3

Wojciech Stępiński

W sklepie zamawiałem dwukrotnie, w obu przypadkach byłem bardzo zadowolony. Wysyłka niemal natychmiastowa, dostarczona po około 2 tygodniach, a do tego darmowa! Przy drugim zakupie dostałem uszkodzony produkt, jednak wysłano mi nowy i czekam na przesyłkę. Serdecznie polecam! <3


Even if there is a quality problem at an appropriate price, the customer responds promptly.
It is a mail-order site that you can purchase with confidence.


Compré una caja Tv box la misma que me llegó al cabo de tres semanas, pero tenía un defecto, me comunique enseguida, pidiendo el cambio de caja o la devolución de dinero, luego de cumplir unos requisitos como enviar fotos y un video me devolvieron el dinero en un par de semanas. Se han portado con mucha seriedad y muy responsables, he quedado muy satisfecho. Gracias, seguiré comprando mas adelante.

Michele Russo

Five stars for your professionalism, post sell assistance and easy/fast solution of rise problem.

Müller Günther

Excellent store, best prices. Fast, easy and helpfull support. I will buy again from banggood!

A legjobb kínai webshop! Szállítás 2-3 héten belül (van hogy 1 hét). A support nagyon gyors, precíz és segítőkész! Minden problémámat megoldották eddig! Sokkal jobb mint az eBay és társai, a termékek eredetiek, nem hamisítványok.


So many products to choose from. On time delivery. Good website.
Even response time is great from the company.
I will surely buy more stuff from them,.

Gady. F is the best china online shop to buy.
I have been buying there for several years and always getting excellent quality products.
I always received professional and excellent customer service, before buying and after buying.


I've shopped a great deal at Banggood - my preferred chinese supplier, and still is.
Mostly all items are of the expected quality.
When not, the service department is normally fast to reply and to find a good solution.
Packing could sometimes be better, but if item is dameged a new item is normally resend.
Packets are normally delivered within 2-3 weeks.
I can recommend others to use Banggood.

Vaughn Byrne

Banggood is a superb retailer/wholesaler. They have an excellent range of products that are good quality and value for money, their delivery service is excellent, and their customer support is second to none! .I have placed over 60 orders with them in the last 20 months. Through all of that I have only had a couple of minor hiccups which were speedily, satisfactorily and amicably resolved. I can certainly recommend them, and continue to do business with them.

Russell Thornton

Banggood has asked me to provide feedback on my last transaction. Let me start by saying that I have made many purchased from Banggood and will continue to in the future. I believe that this issue was out of their control. I purchased a R8 FMB22 M12 Metric Shank Arbor Milling Machine for the 400R 50mm Face Mill Cutter that I had ordered previously. I did not know they came in a set. Anyway, when I received the R8 Arbor the thread was not the standard 7/16 - 20 that it is supposed to be. But once I provided proof of the discrepancy Banggood quickly refunded my money. Only now I have a cutter with no arbor.


Stay away from these scammers. Most of the things I've received from them are malfunctioning (either not as described to begin with, or damaged in transit due to their terrible packaging) and good luck getting a refund from their horrible customer service.


The best place to shop!
They have great deals, and most of the time the pricing is the best that I can find even compared to ebay. Yes, sometimes, it could be higher, but I found out the hard way, that with Banggood you cant go wrong when you need someone to talk to, support you or replace your purchase, and thats worth the extra that you pay just to have a peace of mind. I tried many sites, and this site is always my first option.


Handy shop with wide and good quality product lines having reasonable prices. Delivery times are 2-6 weeks to EU. The packagings are acceptable. The customer service is quick and reliable.


No está mal.
Molesta que cuando algo no funciona al cabo de N semanas te hagan enviar un video y/o tengas que darles el SKU que tenía, cuando muchas veces es un código de barras que estaba en la bolsita zip en la que recibiste el artículo y que posiblemente has tirado cuando el artículo funcionaba bien.
Compararlo con Aliexpress, muchas veces el segundo es más barato.


i bought a 3 d very happy with it


Ordered multiple times already. All orders came in, never had trouble with customs. One of the best shops out there in China!

Service: When products arrive broken, it's no big deal, they'll exchange it for you.
Overall: Will order again from this seller!!


Banggood is my preferred web site for gadget shopping, most notably for drones, small cameras, GoPro accessories etc. I've never had any problems with either payments or delivery and their customer service department replies to questions within reasonable time. Pricing is VERY competitive. So I'm a happy Banggood customer and can honestly recommend them.


Always excellent transactions. Very good prices and excellent communication


I have use many online shopping sites but since I meet Banggood all my shopping has been so fantastic.
What I love most is their customer service, the live agent chat
Banggood is very reliable
Banggood no size thumbs up


Banggood has a good customer service. If there is a problem they propose a solution refund or send a new product. I am very happy with my business with Banggood and can recommend them.


I have two extraordinary experiences with BangGood customer service: the first one was one purchase that didn't arrive home and they give me my money back ( I could choose to resend me another one or refund the money) and the other one was a solar charger that don't work exactly as they say on the webpage. They refunded me half of the price of the product as a solution for the problem. And always they suggested the solution.


I'm very favourably favorably surprised settlement complaint, I command on Banggood every purchases. When I notified fault I was proposed the turn of costs of repair. I because the repair turned out impossible was turned the costs of purchase. Banggood is very good, I thank Bangg ood! I command purchases!

Gerald Tilney

I decided to order a hearing aid to see if there was any improvement in my hearing. I had been quoted £2000 for a hearing aid by a reputable company (Hidden Hearing), so before spending that sort of cash I ordered one from Banggood for £47. The result was astounding, I could hear the faintest sound. It was like being in a new world of sound. The only problem I have is using outside near to Electricity Overhead Cables (get interference), Customer Service (Anita) are excellent in how they deal with any problems you might raise. Certainly will use this Company again. Gerald Tilney


The item I ordered, an USB A female to USB A Male Right Angle Connector Cable F was bought based on the picture.
The one sent was a left angle one. Because they couldn't resend me the correct one, they refunded my payment (within 2 days).
(without asking for it)


Very reliable site.Resolved any problem I've had. Good prices and quality.


The customer service has been extraordinary. Very friendly and correct.
It broke a product after two months of use by default of manufacture, and after sending an explanation and some photos, send me a new one, without any inconvenience.
The prices, shipping and packaging are the best.


Banggood has a large amount of products available which is very useful when searching for items and the site is easy to use.

All the products are cheap and good quality, when ordering an item you can choose to get free shipping to save money but if u really need an item quickly you can always pay for a faster method

Best customer service I've ever received, very polite ,help perfectly and care about there customers.


Very good communication and very helpful in my problems . fast reply and fast in finding solution. thank you


Servicio excelente en todos los sentidos.
Soporte en caso de fallas o problemas con el envío increíblemente bueno.
Productos variados y en general buenos.

Completamente recomendable.


Good customer service, received android TV-Box with defective remote control, after few e-mails New remote control is sent. Thanks for the good service


Best customer service ever encountered. So I buy without hesitation. I know that if there is an issue with shipping or the item they are there to find a solution. Really my preferred seller


Banggood has great selection and prices for FPV multirotor gear. Shipping can take a while but it will get there eventually. They have pretty good staff to communicate with about damaged items and returns. I have had to return two items that arrived broken and they took care of me in both cases. Just takes 2 months to finally get a working item after they ship a replacement

W van Zanten

Banggood is a very nice site to wander on. Also they have a very good after-service if something is going not as perfect as you liked. They will come up with nice solutions.


Ordered a kegerator tower.
It arrived with bent bottom and a bent faucet connection, after communicating with the bottom was easily fixed with a towel and light hammer.
The faucet connection took some work in a vice and careful hammering so the inner circles of the faucet connection would not be damaged. In the end I managed to fit the faucet on and fasten it, slightly banged up but presentable.
Better packaging would have prevented the damage during shipping, but I got to give credit to for nice and swift communication regarding the issues that were present. I have ordered a lot from them and will do so again.

Chelston Thomas

Thank you very much for quickly resolving the error, I really appreciate it.


Maximálisan meg vagyok elégedve a webáruházzal. Jók az áraik,jók az akciók, peldás a garanciális ügyintézés plusz pont a segítőkész ügyfélszolgálatnak.


J'en suis très satisfait, les produits arrivent en bon état, pas de problème de frais de douane et le paiement par Paypal est accepté. Un article est arrivé incomplet : le service après-vente répond vite et a résolu le problème en proposant le remboursement ou l'envoi d'un second article. Je recommande donc Banggood à tous ceux qui hésitent.

I am very satisfied with it, products arrive in good condition, no problem of customs charges and the payment by Paypal is accepted. An article arrived incomplete: the after-sales service answers fast and solved the problem by proposing the refund(repayment) or the sending of a second article. I recommend Banggood in all those who hesitate.


Acquisto da loro da circa un anno senza problemi , nell'ultimo acquisto mancavano alcuni pezzi dalla confezione ricevuta , contattavo il servizio clienti inviandogli una segnalazione e una foto della confezione . dopo due giorni circa venivo contatato dal servizio clienti che mi proponeva un rimborso parziale che accettavo.
Grazie bravi rapidi ed efficenti nella soluzione del problema.


I shop here often and have had no issues at all. Great prices, shipping costs and customer support.

Leonardo Biffi

Great service, and the support was very helpful.
Highly recommend for everyone.


I had a problem with a car phone charger that was not working. O sent a short video showing that the LED power light was not on and the sent out another charger within 48 hours. A great company and I have used them many times.


Everything just very good.


Banggood has quality goods for a good price, but also has excellent support stuff, which is equally importart. Furthermore, they have good packaging and fast delivery, which makes me very happy.


Banggood have been a really good company to deal with, I have had loads of orders with them and items are usually received to the UK within 2-3 weeks with the odd item less than a week and a few that took a month but any issues i have had with them have been resolved either by them refunding or resending. Compared to DX or fasttech these guys are pro's. And fasttech still owe me money!

If banggood continue to serve me as they have and make little improvements, I'll continue to shop with them.


“online shop were very reliable, and very fast in shipping.
In all cases, they acted quickly and correctly when they had a problem.


Banggood one of a rising n n website for online shopping.. They have a good customer service... And good shipping ping rates and time


I love the Banggood.
Very good actions. The fast and accurate delivery. Many products ordered and arrived and I am pleased with the build quality.
It was just a case of quality defect, they very quickly, kindly, fairly resolved. I recommend them to everyone.
Thank you very much Banggood.


Todo perfecto. El artículo era exactamente lo ofertado y el envío rápido y preciso.


Banggood is my favourite chinese e-shop. I have from them many items. All arrived quickly and fullfilled my expectations. I like special offers / sales, I purchased some items for really good price.

Once I had some quality issue with one power adapter, it was quickly and satisfactorily solved by customer service.

Tom Mein

My latest purchase from Banggood was for three AC 750M router/range extenders. I was very impressed with this product, it was installed in my home and I was able to stream radio to my Mi4 phone over a distance of approximately 30 metres.
Unfortunately one of the three was faulty, I contacted Banggood and they resent a new one the following day.
Very good product and excellent service


Been buying from BG for several years, am happy with the purchases as it includes free shipping and on occasions I receive defective products, return/warranty claim were fuss free. Only downside is waiting for the parcels to arrive, from 3 weeks to 1 month, but hey, shipping is free!


I have purchased items from Banggood several times and will continue to do so.
only once , one item was dead on arrival but after a very quick service request a new replacement was shipped in a couple of days. Highly recommended.

chautan olivier

best website for many things. good products, not too expensive, good communication and always free delivery for all products!
Very good


Reliable and relatively quick free delivery to Switzerland (less than 2 weeks). Costumer care is good, although the communication can be confusing at times. I also got reimbursement for the two orders when the did not arrived. Overall, the best experience with a Chinese online shop I ever had.

Rita Rodrigues

Excellent customer service and trustable site.


Trusted site

Franco Costa

Very reliable site. Excellent prices. Excellent after sales service. Highly recommended.

Tarik Tosun

Müşteri memnuniyetine önem veren bir site, hiç sorunsuz onlarca alışverişim oldu. Tavsiye ederim.

Zoltán Szarka

Thanks for the quick and correct administration!

Nagyon korrekt és gyors ügyintézés, nem csalódtam bennük most sem, évek óta itt vásárolok.
Csak ajánlani tudom mindenkinek!

Dan Kurchak

I've made several purchases with Banggood now. Only once have I had a problem with a watch and they were prompt and courteous in their responses to my issue and have sent me a replacement. I consider this to be exceptional service!

Mauro Cattaneo

good service. honest


My ink bottle was empty on arrival due to the lid was loose, got a refound without a struggle.
Quick and good service


I got doa ( dead on arrival ) product. I contact customer service. They send me new product.


Excellent store! I have order many times from Banggood. The prives are really low for what you are getting and you can even get an extra discount with Banggood points. The customer service is very nice and they are willing to replace defective or broken items. I will definitely buy again. Thanks Banggood!

William Woodley

The item was delivered in the time indicated at purchase; very good!! Received very good communication/updates from Customer Service. Great buying experience. Thank you.


Dealing with BangGood is without problems. I have placed at least 15 orders with BangGood and have not had a problem with any orders. On a couple of orders some of the items were backordered. I was informed of the backorder in a timely manner and given appropriate choices. All of the products have been of high quality. One product that worked initially but failed in two days was replaced without a problem.
I heartily recommend BangGood as a quality supplier.


I made many orders in this store: a smartphone, smart chargers, USB cables, a router and a headset - everything is new and works fine. The only problem was with the protective glass: it was damaged (this happens during shipment, this thing is very fragile). I contacted the support team - they sent me a new one, so the service is excellent. By the way, PayPal payment is available, very convenient.


After several tests, Bangood has decided to return the money because the product was defective.
Very good communication with Bangood, quick answers.
I hope the next time is better.

antonio linde

I recommend this store for its low prices, and shipping takes about two weeks, and the after-sales service is very good, I recommend it, to exceed my expectations


Banggood has always provided me with excellent service. I have ordered many items from there site and whenever a problem did arise, they handled the issue promptly with either a refund or had another item sent to replace the issue.



There was a defect in the product, but it was nice to respond quickly.

It is a very reliable shop.

I look forward to working with you.


I like to shop by banggood, because of there support and prices. When I've a problem i know that it will be solved by them. So it makes banggood quite better than other sites


I've made 29 orders on this shop with only 2 complains quickly resolved by the support. This Is very good and the support team is really aware so don't hesitate to contact the support of this shop if you have any problem.

Vasilis Haskas

“After my complaint they take an immediate action and solve the problem arisen. Thank you for your prompt action taken. ”

Omer Faruk Erismis

I have been using Banggood to purchase items over the last few years and have had an extremely good experience with them. The products are as described, and great value. The staff were extremely helpful. If i had problems with an order, I got quick a help from them. I would recommend to anyone.


Excellent service, full support and understanding, it was a great pleasure to cooperate with you and great help you have given me!


Tve un problema con un producto que no funcionaba (un cable adaptador) le envié una reclamacion y fotos y en 24 horas resolvieron el tema y me devolvieron mi dinero.


I have been very satisfied with service from the team at Banggood.

Every order I've placed has been easy and hassle free. I ordered an expensive electric bicycle from them and when I received it, I thought there was an issue with the battery because it wouldn't charge. Banggood's customer service stayed in contact with me and made sure to help me get my issue resolved. They were very friendly, direct, and to the point. Completely exceeded my expectations and I would even say the customer service is better than Amazon's.

In addition to their excellent customer service, the product selection on their website is massive and they're very quick to add brand new products to their website. They have nearly the entire product line from Xiaomi and WLToys, which is incredible. Prices are very reasonable and most items cost even less than if I were to have a direct contact from China. AliExpress doesn't even compare, especially when I can get shipping insurance on most of Banggood's selection. I've never once felt ripped off by any of their prices, and they even run special deals monthly on most of the high interest products.

I'll be a customer for life with Banggood!

Angelo Aroni Arge

They are friendly and solved the order problem


These people are a joke!Use extreme caution in dealing with them.They will either not send or it will be months before you see anything.There is no correspondence with the customer.


The products I received and tested were ok and very cheap.

A number of "In stock" Banggood products are not in stock and never will be.
Banggood deceives its customers by putting products on its website it knows it will never be able to deliver. For example the Arduino GSM shield I ordered. 3 weeks after my order they send me a mail to say it's out of stock. When I went to the product page, it said that the product was in stock. So I told the customer care on the other side that it shows that it's still in stock but (s)he didn't respond to my remark and said it was out of stock and always asked if I wanted a refund. After 4 days of e-mailing back and forth with screenshots and telling them that they should remove the "in stock" from their website or send me the product, they told me they would send the products and asked me to give them good reviews. 2 weeks later, not really unexpected, I got an e-mail that my order was cancelled and I would get a refund. Banggood is deceiving its clients.

Instead of 1 package, everything seperate.
I created my order in December 2016 which was a selection of different products. Despite the appearance, Banggood is an in between party that will collect orders and dispatch it to different Chinese companies. Although I don't have a problem with this concept, they should at least offer the possibility to send everything in one package. Banggood doesn't allow that so I received 6 different packages all at different dates. Since I work during the day, I had to go to the post office 6 different time instead of once. What a waste of time!

Long delivery time.
It took about 6 weeks to receive all my products which is a long time.


Adam Sutton

I had purchased a smart watch that was quite costly on a relative basis. The watch was terrific. I wore it most days and never had an issues. After owning for about 9 months and without cause or warning, the watch ceased to function. When I contacted Banggood customer service initially, I was told it was out of warranty and they would not repair or replace the item. This was not satisfactory to me given how much money the watch cost, how recently it was purchased and that I had done nothing to cause the watch's failure. After a little back and forth with customer service and contacting the manufacturer, Banggood contacted me and decided to repair the watch if I paid to ship it back to them. Although it did take a few months between shipping to Banggood, repairing and shipping back to me, I did eventually receive back the watch in good working order. I've had it now for 2 weeks and it appears to be working very well and I'm extremely happy.

Stephen Dakyns

I have been buying from Banggood for a while now.

I have always experienced good service from them but recently had occasion to complain about a faulty item.

They replaced it straight away and by way of Expedited Shipping.

A great company and one I will now recommend to anyone.

Banggood, you deserve the 5 stars!


Received the red SATA cables but with incorrect lengths. Giselle responded within a day and after having received my sent photos, resolved issue by re-shipping the replacement via registered mail. I am very happy on the final outcome as well as the quick response to my feedback. Highly recommended!!

Márton Osváth

The support is great, I ordered a magnetic charger cable, but the it didn't work, so they send me another without question!


They were very helpful when the boots I ordered didn't fit well, they were quick to respond and resolve the problem. Very helpful :)

Andrew Robinson

You only sometimes find out how good a store/service is until things go wrong! That is when you get to see the real attitude of a company. Some promise the earth and once they have your money they are effectively done with you.

I had an issue with a seller on Banggood, due to some items not really being as advertised etc, I contacted Banggood customer services to resolve the issue.

The customer service was quick and efficient, I was impressed by their determination to resolve my problem, and we found a resolution very quickly and was happy with the outcome.

I have use Banggood for a awhile now and see no reason not to continue purchasing from them, if anything I trust them more now than ever.

I was asked to write a review based on my experiences, there was no gain on my part, and I am happy to trite about my recent experience with Banggood.


I am a banggood customer for the last 2 years and have made over 100 purchases worth several hundreds of dollars and in all these time I have never had to face any trouble with the customer service over any product issues.
yes couple of times products with no tracking number never reached or were held by customs. There were also several occasions when the product I received was not as per expectations, not working as advertised or damaged.
For each and every occasion Banggood customer service team were responsive and helpful. I have interacted with them many a times and always received timely, helpful and positive responses. Although they remain faceless and anonymous, they are as helpful as a close friend and have never disappointed.
With the wide variety of products available at BG and scores of customer reviews, the Banggood buyer and seller community make for a very positive buying experience. Just be sure to pay a little bit extra for insurance and also for tracking number and your product will always reach you. If it doesn't Banggood have always made good on their promises with a prompt refund or reshipment trusting my honesty to repay if the material arrives after a delay.
Overall my experience has been very positive while shopping at banggood and I found products to be cheaper and customer service much better than those from Aliexpress, Ankaka,DHgate,DX,com or even gear best.
I am from india and I will recommend my fellow countrypersons to buy from Bangood for the safest and most reliable shopping experience.with a wide range of good quality products and best customer service among all sites.


I have been using Banggood to purchase items over the last few years and have had an extremely good experience with them. The products are as described, and great value. I had 1 purchase where the product failed after several months, Banggood went out of the way to help me replace the item, although it was way out of their replacement policy. The staff were extremely helpful. I would recommend them to all.


Nice shop, ships quickly, my preferred place to buy. Had problems with items occasionally, in which case I got quick a refund.


I buyed a lot of product in BangGood. The last time, the item arrived broken.
BangGood staff solved this problem very fast, they refund me all the money in two days. Very good company. Recommended.
He comprado muchas cosas en BanGood. El último artículo que compre ha llagado roto. Me puse en contacto con ellos y lo han resuelto muy rápido, me dieron a elegir entre re envío y reembolso. Escogí el reembolso y en dos días lo tenía en mi cuenta de PayPal. 100% recomendable


i am fully satisfied with the service of banggood but little unsatisfied because banggood says the amount will refund with shipping charges but i have got only the product valve not the shipping charges.


I have experience ordering a product which quality was unsatisfactory. Having been politely contacted by the Banggood customer service I received a good and fast solution of the problem which I was satisfied with.

Stanley Chan

I had a few orders with this companies and are very happy with them. Some order may come later than expected but generally very good service.

Cameron Blick

After 30orders great prices and great products. A minor issue was dealt with quickly, and fully refunded

Daniel Bates

I like dealing with banggood, the make my hobby a little more possible with great deals on supplies. Never had any issues with banggood, if there is ever a problem they are quick and friendly to deal with. Will be doing more business with them.

Mike Zets (USA)

This was my first major purchase with Banggood, the 10" Tablet, Chuwi Hi10, dual boot. The tablet arrived in VERY good condition in the time promised. After 2-3 weeks a crack appeared across the bottom left corner of the touch screen and the touch function no longer worked. I contacted Banggood's service. They were immediately attentive to the problem and very courteous in all their correspondence. They offered free replacement and offered to pay for shipping, both ways. It was a very good response but it would have taken too long to ship both ways.

They offered to pay for local repair if one could be found. I located a Cell Phone repair shop who replaced the screen in a matter of hours after the replacement screen was obtained (6 days). Banggood authorized payment of the repair through my PayPal account.

I am VERY PLEASED with the computer as well as Banggood. I would recommend this tablet AND Banggood to everyone. Low cost, quick delivery and service which is better than ANY I have found, anywhere.

Mark A

I have ordered with Banggood twice now, both times I ordered a Chuwi Hi10 Pro. The first time it came with Windows 10 Home and Remix OS 2.0 as advertised, but the second time it came with Windows 10 Home and a generic Android 5.1 installation instead.

I contacted Customer Service and was assisted by Elva, who dug into the issue and discovered that they had gotten new stock from the supplier (Chuwi) with this new configuration. They had switched the secondary OS to Android 5.1 upon receiving some negative feedback about Remix OS, but apparently neglected to inform Banggood.

Upon my request Elva investigated if they had any of the old configuration tablets still in stock.
When this turned out to not be the case she offered me a small refund which was reasonable as the tablet was mechanically sound and both OSes worked fine. I accepted the refund and am overall very pleased with my purchases and with the interaction with Customer Service. I will be shopping here again in the future.

Thanks to Elva for the assistance.


have ordered on the Banggood 3 times.
Twice I have recived broken products.
I any case, problems have been resolved quickly and in positive way by the costumer service.


Great service, good prices, fast delivery

I have ordered hundreds of products from, not once having a problem either with product quality or delivery, which in my experience is rare. Even in rare cases when the product went out of production the refund was fast and streamlined.
User experience on the website is excellent, products are interesting and the prices acceptable. And of course, free shipping;)

Jan Olav

Banggood is a great site for all types of low priced items. In addition, there is never worry about anything as the customer service is both polite and helpful. Recommend using banggood!


Everything was great, value, delivery and packaging, and communication with support was excelent. I must recommend banggood ..... 5 starts ....


Quickly and efficiently. Excellent service and very fast responce to any problem, and of course Free Shipping !!!
Keep on the good job Banggood !!!!!


Great service and aftercare. Recommended.


Banggood is a great website and have a lot of things. They reimbursed me the money for a "POFAN Nylon Braided 2 in 1 1M 2.1A 8pin and Micro USB Cable for Android and IOS" that did not work.
The downside of banggood is that they block reviews with criticism, similar to dealextreme. Chinese people don't allow criticism.


Good delivery time, sturdy packaging and extra user-friendly customer service. Nice choice of budget RC quads and planes. Beats Ali for me


Long time customer here. Banggood offers very good value for money, as long as you're willing to wait a few weeks (sometimes even more!).
Have probably ordered there about fifty times or more and have only had problems in two or three occasions where a product never arrived, or wasn't according to the specs in the description. In all cases this was handled satisfactory either by re-sending the product or refunding it. I did notice that if you check 'shipping insurance' with the shopping cart, service response is a bit faster. But also without insurance Banggood does not give you a hard time.


If you're willing to wait a little bit for shipping, then they have some great items at even better prices! I've ordered from them several times and with the exception of one item, everything has worked well and was just as expected. Sometimes the packages are a bit banged up, but they've come a long way. One item that I ordered didn't work and after several exchanges with customer service it was resolved to my satisfaction. I will definitely be ordering from them again!


Sweet notifications and the customer service help me a lot with my orders.
I would recommend this company to anyone.


Great Service. Great Customer service


My item was incomplete (missing "not so important" part). Now I'm waiting for second item. I hope it will be OK, but I'm sure that customer service do care.


Very good site and good service. Ive had many positive experiences on banggood and I will for sure go back there.. Cant beat it!!

Igor Doroshenko

Very good customer service.
Within six months a client of Bangooda. A good selection of goods at reasonable prices. Good quality products, fast delivery. Very satisfied with the service support. Very quickly, respond to requests and always ready to help. Only positive impressions. In the future I plan to be their customer.

Bartosz Maciejewski

Everything good thanks


Very good shop, always helpful customer service and best value.


Banggood has trustwothy customer service. I ordered a nut cracker and it didn't arrived in time (finally it turned out that it was a mistake of our local postal service) and they re-sent the item without a question. (When both items arrived finally I paid for both in return.)

The other time the right piece of earphones failed and they re-sent it after I made a video proof.

Julio Max

My experience was excellent.
I bought many items from them, one was not working well and they resend it two times, and finally the item was OK, but simply was incompatible with my system, and they voluntarily returned the price paid for it.

Jonas Eriksson

Banggood is a huge department store on the web with a very broad product selection, free standard shipping or quicker for a small fee. But the best thing is their customer service, they go out their way to make you feel satisfied if your product is not as you expected.

Banggood bangs excellent.


I like Banggood, I had a broken phone case arrived to me, I contact the CS Banggood, and Elva was the representative for my problem. She is doing great with communication and the replacement of my phone case was smooth. Elva thank you very much.


They have great service and products


Great site always satisfied thank you bangood


Banggood offer fair price and good service, and delivery is prompt, feedback response time within 1 day, is a place to find/shop RC related product!
Package in well protect, is a reliable online shopping place.

sandro gomes

a month ago i order 3 tools ,after pay no one ask me for shipping address ,call or email not work. banggood is just bla bla bla... if you buy from this business you never receive your purchase,my idea is stay far from this bangbad.


Have been buying from Banggood for few months now with no problems. Post to New Zealand has been within 10 days as expected. Had a problem with one order which did not arrive, but Banggood promptly gave a refund. This gives some confidance for making further orders.

The only criticism I would make is that the descriptions are often not precise enough. For example on 4 port USB charger the capacity is 2.1A. This is for the whole unit not for each port as I had expected. The pictures do help but the descriptions (obviously translated from Chinese) often leave you wondering what they are trying to say.


Great customer service.

Nicolas Garnier

Great product selection, and prices. This is my new favourite Chinese shopping site.
Above everything what sold me to Banggood is the staff.
Customer service is fast, friendly and efficient and you can rely on them to help you whatever your question/issue is.
Very good on many points highly recommend.

Piotr Nowak

Bang Good is absolute joke. This website purely operates on preorders, without any control regarding dispatch date. My item (13532272 ) supposed to be in stock (EU warehouse) and should be delivered within 1-2 days. Four weeks passed and I am still waiting... Customer service replied after 4 days that item is not in stock, that`s it. Honestly if I knew I would gladly paid those £15 more and buy it trough Amazon. If you have deal buy it via Gear Best at least they can give you fairly real estimation. All potential buyers! You have been warned.

Dear Bang Good why are you lying your customers selling things not existing in your stock? Would it be better to give them real dispatch estimation, so they could decide? I am going to report this to Online Shopping Fraud website and strongly advise other to do the same.


Great prices, great shipping and rep onside costumer service. What more can you ask for? Quality products are easier to get then ever and with such low prices how can you go wrong. They have taken care of any issue fast and easy.

Highly recommend



The online store Banggood, I made the first purchase in 2012. To date, it's been 61 purchases. All purchases have been delivered without damage. So far, I have always found that I needed. Range, prices on goods and postal fees are good. Recently, I try to use the offer of EU direct, but there is not as tender as in Chinese Banggood. But it does not matter.
Communication and willingness Banggood customer service team is very good and the problems (one or two) have always been resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I will definitely continue to buy Banggood.
A big thumbs up Banggood and I wish a lot of satisfied customers worldwide.
English I'm not very good and that's why I took this translation Google translator. I just hope it's translated correctly.
Yours sincerely Peter from Slovakia


I've had very good experiences with Banggood. I've ordered a variety of items and all have met my expectations. Even though most items are shipped from China, the shipping times are quite reasonable. They also have a US warehouse where shipping is a bit faster but items cost a bit more.

I did have a problem with a drone that I ordered from them. So I sent a email to their support. In short order, I received a reply asking for me to make a video detailing the problem. That was easy enough to do so I made it and sent them a link. Within a day they replied and said they'd take care of it. And they did.

I've got to admit, one of my biggest concerns about dealing with a vendor in China was what kind of support I would get if I ran into a problem. This experience put those fears to rest - they really came through. Banggood seems to understand that good customer service is important.

You can also see this in the reviews of products on their website. If someone posts a negative review, they respond to it and try to make things right for the customer. It's also good that they leave these negative reviews up rather than delete them.

So I will continue to use Banggood and have recommended them to my friends. My advice for anyone shopping there is know what your buying, read the descriptions carefully and pay attention to the reviews, If you do have a problem, send their support some email and let them fix it. In my experience, they take customer support seriously!

Seitanidis Nikos

Great communication. Always there when you need them. Great prices and cuppons. Diffirent payment methods. Promoted seller. Thank you.


Here is my experience:

If I could give this place "negative stars" I would.

I ordered a dress in two different sizes to arrive before November 1, 2015 and paid expedited shipping so they would arrive in 2-3 days as advertised.

What a joke! The first dress came a couple of weeks ago (after a couple of emails asking for details on the order), A MONTH LATER THAN PROMISED. I recently sent another email asking for the status of the other dress and, in a nice way, demanded that my expedited shipment payment be removed.

So far I haven't heard back. I would definitely consider this place along the lines of the a scam. It doesn't help that the place is overseas (I'm from the US) - I don't want to pay the toll charges and end up getting someone who does not speak English.

The dress is beautiful and appears to be made very well but that doesn't half address the problem of customer service. I fear that my money has gone into a black hole.



After many purchases i believe it is one of the best shops. I buy from them very often with no problems.


Very profesional shop, fast response for mail and express shipment. If somethings goes wrong-broken parts in transit ect. they resend new or refund. I'm client 50+deals and I recommend-Marek/Poland


Banggood is good web store, good services and very good prices. I recommended it. They care for the customers

Bruce Knipe

I have done a lot of online shopping at Banggood and think they are a really great company to do business with. Great service and quality products at decent prices.

I have made about 40 purchases over the past year and any problems that occurred were dealt with very quickly by their customer service agents. If there is a problem they do anything they can to fix it for me quickly and are really polite and friendly, not like some store's I've dealt with over the years.


If your not shopping your throwing away money. I always price compare with, and they win my order. Customer service, shipping, product selection, product quality and product prices are beating the competition. I have bought items from wires at ~$2 to a carbon fiber racing quad at ~$200, I am always happy with my purchase.

Eric Pardamean

Very reliable and Great service.
I changed my mind from White color mobile phone to Gray and they happy to change it.


Great company with good products and excellent customer service.

Antonis Petridis

Great store with great prices and excellent after sales support when i needed it for my broken tablet.
I would shop again there anytime and recommend this shop to anyone.


Cheap prices. There are always coupon to reduce prices. Easy communication via chat. I recommend them


Excellent store, best prices. Fast, easy and helpfull support. I will buy again from banggood!

They reply via chat and e-mail. Chat is faster, e-mail takes a little more time. They are always online

Kostas Michailidis

I have made more than 100 orders from banggood without any issue and with the cheapest prices. Recently I had a problem with one electronic item, a camera for fpv, and they repleced it by sending a new one to me. So, great after sales service, great prices, huge variety of items. I am very sutisfied and I am looking forward for more orders!


I was very impressed with banggoods service. The process of purchasing the product is very simple and very fast.
The points and coupons as well as the promotions are all great. (add even bigger savings to an already great price)
The customer service is very friendly, helpful and very efficient.
i dont have a single complaint.
I recommend Banggood to anyone who wants a great deal.

Motalib Pango

good products and reasonable prices, service are very good

mally graves

Excellent company to deal with.Very reasonable.


Quickly and efficiently. Excellent service and Free Shipping


I love shopping on Banggood. I highly recommend this shop. I purchased for example Order No. 8539992 on Sep 09 2015 and also other orders and everything arrives within 15 days. Excellent!

- great deals
- wide variety
- best prices
- fast shipping
- very good comunication
- nice website
- none

Ron Dyker

Thank you Banggood for your great service. The watch is perfect and the follow up service provided is very good.

Ron Dyker


It's a while I am sohhping from banggood and I am very satisfied with this online chinese store. IT has wide range of products, good customer service and reasonable prices. The shipping time is reasonable too. Overall will continue to buy from banggood and will suggest the site to my friends also.

Andriy Melnyk

I have bought Xiaomi power bank in this store. The package arrived very fast, well packed. I am totally satisfied with this order – good quality, original stuff. I have bought in before, every time there was good communication, fast shipment. I can recommend this store !

john saunders

Very pleased with the service, product, reply to queries and that they back up their product.

Sadmir Macanovic

Customer service banggood is very professional. I got my refund in 24 h.


best seller in world. thanks banggood and banggood team!


I've always had a good experience with banggood, and since recently I've got good an excellent experience from their 9 year anniversary(I won from their "spin the wheel and you may win a price" thing). I decided it's a good excuse to finally sit on my ass, write them a review and post it on a bunch of places over the internet(I'm usually too lazy to bother with that kind of stuff)."I've always had a good experience with banggood, and since recently I've got good an excellent experience from their 9 year anniversary(I won from their "spin the wheel and you may win a price" thing). I decided it's a good excuse to finally sit on my ass, write them a review and post it on a bunch of places over the internet(I'm usually too lazy to bother with that kind of stuff).

So, very reputable store. I've ordered from there a few times(both in the past when they weren't known and recently) and I can say every part of the buying experience has been excellent. They have a huge variety of stuff you can buy, it's almost like ebay or aliexpress in terms of that you can buy all kinds of different stuff from there. They also offer genuine products from popular brands(xiaomi power banks for example). But unlike other sites, banggood's website is very thoughtfully designed - the navigation, the search engine, the items description(it allows users not only to leave a question and/or review about a item but also post pictures and videos of it, which is really helpful) it's all excelent. In terms of communication they respond quickly to emails and have live chat and a forum. When it comes to buying and prices they're really "good bang for your buck" although item prices are relatively cheap you can get them even more cheaper by using coupons, "buying" discount of your order with points(you get points via buying stuff, promotions, writing reviews, posting pictures and videos), weekly deals and all kinds of deals, promotions and even giveaways. Shipping is fast, items are safely packaged so they don't brake during shipping, they usually ship witching a day and provide tracking. Overall banggood has grown a lot over the years, so if you're looking for a reliable Chinese webstore, banggood is one of the best out there(if not the best). I realize I may sound like an infomercial salesman or something but there is nothing negative to write about them(at least from my personal experience).

Just Name

I ordered a chuwi vi8. Banggood had it on sale at the cheapest price i could find. The tablet arrived in reasonable time. The communication with the store was fast and helpfull.
Translate 04/28/2017

lin chen chan lin

Pleasant surprise to buy at Banggood the products arrived and when there is some doubt the attendant is very attentive and helpful. Until now I have no complaint of this company just compliments.
Translate 04/28/2017

Rafael Rizzato

Fiz três compras de oito produtos da Banggood. Até o momento estou muito satisfeito, tanto com as compras, como com o suporte dado pela empresa. Recomendo a todos!
Translate 04/28/2017


Tuve un pequeño problema que fue inmediatamente subsanado. Todo bien, gracias
Translate 04/27/2017

Juan Antonio

He comprado en varias ocasiones en Banggood, siempre artículos de precio no muy elevado, y sin problemas.
A finales del mes pasado me decidí a comprar un artículo de precio superior a los 300€, un motor eléctrico para convertir mi bicicleta en ebike. El pago por Paypal y el envío por UPS sin problemas, muy rápido y con seguimiento.
Cuando instalé el motor no funcionaba, por un error mío que el servicio de atención al cliente resolvió. Rapidez en la respuesta del SAT de Banggood y todo resuelto.
Translate 04/26/2017

Victor Hugo

Ótima loja, tem bom preço e seriedade.
Translate 04/25/2017


Excelentes atendentes, me tratou com muito respeito e educação.
Translate 04/24/2017


Buen servicio. Sólo he tenido problemas un par de veces y me han vuelto a enviar el artículo sin demasiados problemas. Los envíos gratuitos son un poco lentos según la época del año, pero si lo quieres más rápido puedes pagar más (nunca lo he probado y no sé que tal funciona). La calidad es bastante buena para el precio de la mayoría de los artículos. Al menos es un sólo vendedor y no tienes que estar vigilando la reputación de quien te manda el artículo.
Translate 04/24/2017

Gustavo Iglesias

Excelente atención, una respuesta rapida y de gran compromiso por sus clientes, en lo particular muchas gracias Sebastian.
Translate 04/23/2017

Gerhard Schülein

Habe dort ein Smartphone gekauft.
Lieferung dauerte leider mehrere Wochen, da direkt aus China geliefert.
Leider stellte ich bald darauf einen Gerätemangel fest.
Mit Banggood wurde Rücksendung des Gerätes und Erstattung der aller Kosten vereinbart.
Nach einer, wieder längeren Rücksendedauer, erhielt ich meine Ausgaben zurückerstattet.
Translate 04/19/2017

Enes Şahin

Merhaba, banggood üzerinden lemfo kw88 marka bir akıllı saat almıştım. Ürünü 2-3 ay kullandıktan sonra ekranında kendiliğinden görüntü çizikleri oluşmaya başladı. Müşteri hizmetleriyle görüştüm ve saati kendilerine kargolamamı garanti kapsamında tamir edeceklerini söylediler. Ben de kabul ettim fakat kargo ücreti bana ait oldu malesef. Aradan yaklaşık 15 gün geçti ve ürünü tamir ettiler tekrardan mail attım ve iki gün önce ürünümü kargoladılar. İlgi ve alakaları için çok teşekkür ederim.
Hi, I bought a lemfo kw88 smart watch over banggood. After using the product for 2-3 months, image scratches started to appear on the screen. They told me by the customer service that they would repair my watch under the warranty. I accepted it, but the cargo fee belonged to me, unfortunately. About 15 days passed and I repaired the product and emailed them again and shipped my product two days ago. Thank you very much for your interest and interest.
Translate 04/19/2017


Première commande chez Banggood. J'ai utilisé Paypal comme paiement.
La commande a été livrée dans les délais (3 semaines). Le produit ne fonctionnant pas (capteur Usense badmington), j'ai du échanger quelques emails et faire les tests demandés avec envoi de vidéo et photos pour prouver le dysfonctionnement du produit. Après cela, le produit n'étant plus disponible pour un échange, j'ai été remboursé de mon achat.
Site de vente sérieux et expérience positive malgré un produit défectueux dont Banggood n'est pas responsable.
Translate 04/18/2017


bon effectue plusieurs commande sans faut juste prendre le mode de transport eco (2a3 semaine d attente)pour ne pas avoir de problème de douane....le service après vente est réactif et essaie de trouver une solution convenable.
Translate 04/18/2017


Answer by Fred
I bought a Quadrocopter Aosenma CG035 in March
After the assembly I noticed that the camera during the subsequent test flight did not work also the GPS showed no function,
On closer investigation I have still vestgestellt that the 2 of the 4 drive motors are not properly fixed
The one motor with just one small screw of the 2 with 3 screws the other two with 4 screws as it belongs. The engine with a screw has released at the first landing
I ask for a solution of the proplems exchange or repair
I hope for a response from bangood
Otherwise you can not recommend the shipment and I demand my money back
Greeting fred
Translate 04/15/2017

Norbert Avignon

The audio splitter does not work, I was refunded.
I have ordered another. Nothing very serious ...
Customer service is very responsive. Thank you.
Translate 04/15/2017


Buongiorno, dopo numerosi ordini con risultati eccellenti , ho ricevuto una batteria lipo con una cella difettosa. Contattato il servizio clienti, sono stato prontamente rimborsato. Complimenti!
Translate 04/13/2017


Заказал водонепроницаемый бороскоп- видео камера для Android телефона и планшетных ПК. Заказ пришёл за пятнадцать дней. Камеру принёс курьер домой. Когда проверили камера не захотела работать. Перепробовали несколько телефонов, переустановили кучу приложений из Google Play Market нечего не помогло. Написали в тех. поддержку Banggood с просьбой помочь решить проблему. Нам приветливо ответили, после непродолжительной переписки, в которой нам менеджер Zita старалась помочь решить нашу проблему, - пришли к выводу, что камера неисправна и взамен нам отправили новую камеру! Спасибо Banggood за честное и вежливое отношение к клиенту! Всем рекомендую! И отдельное спасибо менеджеру Zita за вежливость и терпение!
Translate 04/13/2017

Russo Andrea

Molto soddisfatto , gentili , prezzi ottimi e risolvono qualsiasi problema rapidamente
Translate 04/12/2017


Заказывал аппаратуру Taranis. Товар пришел за две недели, самая дешевая цена на рынке. Магазином доволен.
Translate 04/11/2017


Ótima loja, uma das melhores do ramo, excelentes atendentes, me tratou com muito respeito e educação, super recomendo.
Translate 04/10/2017


semi prenotati prima di Natale 2016 siamo a Pasqua non ho visto ne merce e tantomeno il rimborso ,una cosa è certa è stato il mio solo ed unico acquisto ho anche chiesto se non ci fosse ciò che ho chiesto di mandarmi in sostituzione esche artificiali da pesca in mare tengo a precisare che il pagamento è stato fatto all'ordine ,è vergognoso
Translate 04/06/2017


Pedi dois produtos em 09/02/2017 e ainda não chegou!!!
Translate 04/06/2017


Translate 04/03/2017

Eduardo Camargo

Atendimento bom e envio rápido
Translate 04/01/2017


They are very helpful and respond quickly. when they receive complaints about defective products, they make an immediate refund or dispatch new products or give you points banggood.
Translate 03/29/2017


Nach Lieferung einer IP68-Steckverbindung für Unterwasser-Einsatz (bis 25 Ampère) für 4,79 USD festgestellt, dass gegenüber der Abbildung im Shop eine Dichtung fehlt. Durch Wassereintritt würde sofort ein Kurzschluss entstehen.

Banggood behauptet: "We could see it was not affecting the normal usage." und bietet Banggood-Points, aber keine Nachlieferung der Dichtung.

Katastrophaler Service!
Translate 03/29/2017


Mi experiencia ha sido mala. El primer envio no me llego, sencillamente porque no lo enviaron, el propio banggood me devolvio el dinero via pay-pal.
El 2º fue un movil ZTE Nubia Z7 Max sin ranuras para la tarjeta SIM. Es un móvil no libre de la compañía China Mobile, que exclusivamente puede activar esta compañia previo contrato y para el mercado chino. El producto no corresponde con el ofertado. La reclamación con banggood, lenta, contestan religiosamente cada 3 días, insidiosa continuamente solicitan pruebas, que no ven, que no son suficientes, retrasan y dilatan las reclamaciones hasta la extenuación, en vez de investigar internamente que es lo que han enviado que sobradamente lo saben, y si es un error suyo disculparse y asumir todas las responsabilidades. Despues de una larga reclamación Pay-pal devuelve el dinero.
Suerte al que se aventure.
Translate 03/22/2017


Fino a quando ho comprato piccole cose i ritardi nelle consegne non hanno mai creato problemi. Quando ho ordinato uno xiaomi mi5 ho ricevuto la comunicazione di contestazione doganale dopo oltre due mesi. Assistenza Banggood assolutamente inutile. Consigliava sempre di attendere. Contestata la spesa sulla carta di credito per merce non ricevuta: è l'unico sistema per avere il rimborso. Non credo che capiscano bene le richieste in inglese oppure magari fanno finta di non comprendere. Sconsiglio vivamente di acquistare merci che costano più di 5 euro
Translate 03/19/2017


Très bon site. On trouve facilement des produits de même référence, vendu 2 fois moins cher que en France. On sait où ce fournissent certaines boutiques... Puis il y a des références qu'on trouvent nulle part ailleurs, à des prix vraiment sympas.

-Livraison = 12-14 jours (faut pas être presser).

-Douane = 0 si petit colis (<500g) + envoi éco (BG divise les colis pour éviter la douane. Après, faut de la chance ).

Si gros produit (ex : gros drone...) = douane 20%

-Attention : Livraison express = douane. Faut toujours commander en éco, c'est mieux.
Translate 03/11/2017


nunca habia visto un servicio de atencion al cliente tan rematadamente malo
Translate 03/04/2017


vraiment bon service, très crédible, précis réponses, nombreuses solutions pour régler un problème,...
il prend soin de sa clientele
bangood vous faites un travail remarquable
Translate 03/03/2017


vraiment bon service, très crédible, réponses précis, nombreuses solutions pour régler un problème,...
il prend soin de sa clientele
bangood vous faites un travail remarquable

Really good service, very credible, precise answers, many solutions to solve a problem, ...
He takes care of his clients
Bangood you do a remarkable job
Translate 03/01/2017


Habe eine defekten quad copter bekommen und versuche seit fast 4 Wochen Ersatz zu bekommen. Der einzige Vorschlag war bis jetzt ich sollte die Motoren intern tauschen - kein Ersatz - Umtausch Angebot bis jetzt. Habe wiederholt Angemahnt - jetzt gar keine Antwort mehr.

Translate 03/01/2017


Yo ya compre dos veces un paquete para armar un drones y no me ha llegado, despues de dos semanas me dicen que no hay en stock asi que lo pido de nuevo y vuelve a pasar lo mismo, me dan ganas de agarrarlos a mazadros hijos de puta!
Translate 02/26/2017


haben dort ein Handy bestellt
das schlechteste Handy welches wir je hatten
DOOGEE Y6 Piano Black
nach 2 Wochen war der Akku hinüber
die Bilder die das Handy macht sind miserabel...
Translate 02/25/2017

Florio Carella

E' una porcata, merce non ricevuta, mai spedita pagata subito con paypal, NON COMPRATE NIENTE E' UN TRUFFA!!!! GIUDIZIO ULTRA NEGATIVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Translate 02/22/2017


Bons prix et SAV plus performant qu'une boutique française. J'avais un soucis avec ma smartwatch: Elle m'est revenue non seulement réparée mais en plus upgradée avec les dernières fonctionnalités.
Translate 02/21/2017


dopo 2 mesi non ho ricevuto la merce e mi è stato negato il rimborso perchè hanno fornito a paypal un numero tracciabbilità diverso
Translate 02/21/2017


Tenho uma dúvida de onde vem esses produtos tipo as fábricas são legalizadas ou tem a possibilidade de serem de fabricas com trabalho escravo?
Translate 02/15/2017


El servicio postventa es malísimo y el plazo de entrega se convierte en más de un mes.
Yo desde luego no pienso volver a comprarles nada a esos piratas.
Les pedí una emisora para helicópteros que anuncian en su web y me mandaron otro modelo.
Por otro lado el producto iba sin precintar y faltaba el CD con el manual.
Después de inumerables correos electrónicos, desisto.
Este es mi último correo.
I do not like being teased.
The station has already received it. What happens is that you sent me another model.
I have told you many times.
What I want is for you to send me the model I bought. The one in the order.
I repeat it to you in case you have not heard yet.
You sent me a station that does not correspond to the station I asked you to.
Please read well.
This is the order number. Order No. 22867210 Enrique Correa Catalá.
This is the product that you should have sent me. Flysky FS-T6 V2 2.4GHz 6CH Transmitter For V959 Syma X1 Mode 2.
Instead you sent me the Flysky FS-T6. Which is different from the Flysky FS-T6 V2.
Anyway all the information you ask me you have yourselves.
You have a good day.
Y esta su estúpida respuesta.
We are sorry for receving the wrong product, so could you send us pictures about the order number and product as well as the shipping label, when we confirm, we can give you a good solution.Thank you for your understanding.
Translate 02/10/2017



der Laden ist eine Enttäuschung. Nach der Auswahl meines Produktes wurde beim Bezahlen mit Paypal nicht nach meiner Lieferadresse gefragt, stattdessen wurde die Paypal-Adresse automatisch verwendet. Dies im Machhinein zu ändern war nicht möglich, da bezahlte ohne Registrierung. Der Support vergisst alle Kommunikation und man kann immer wieder von neuem Anfangen. Nun 1,5 Monate später habe ich noch immer kein Paket und bin ziemlich enttäuscht.
Translate 02/03/2017


HOLA mande a perdir un bolso ya lo cancele y me dicen que ya lo enviaron,pero ya revise todo mi correo y la aplicacion y dice que no hay ningun pedido ,he mandado mil correos y no responden.
Translate 02/02/2017

Alex Freitas

Efetuei 4 compras no site, sendo que duas foram postadas na china e duas na malasia. A 1 da china ja passou pela tributação perfeitamente e a 2 que foi mandanda pela malasia ainda nem aparece nos sistemas, sendo que ja estao quase chegando no prazo de entrega...As duas restantes a 1 da china ja aparece no sistema e a 2 da malasia mesmo problema, nada...
Translate 02/02/2017


Everything works great - in case of any problems you will receive new item. Fast delivery and paying in national currency. Paypal insurance. What more would you want from seller?
Translate 02/02/2017

Feridun Karabut

I got what I need from Banggood.

I wait if I have to wait

Pre-order is smooth, if canceled, a refund will be made.

I carry Cargo in Turkey in normal time.

Communication is fast and excellent.

I would definitely recommend it.
Translate 02/01/2017

Monsieur Angelo MOVIO

Very good site
Translate 02/01/2017


Muy satisfecho con los productos y la atención postventa.
Translate 02/01/2017


Заказал на бангуде много аксессуаров для квадрокоптера, включая аккумулятор, камеру, передатчик видео, аппаратуру управления, шлем и др. Все кроме аккумулятора пришло полностью исправное. Аккумулятор оказался с косячной третьей банкой и с емкостью меньше заявленной. За аккумулятор получил компенсацию. Магазином доволен, цены очень хорошие, доставка быстрая
Translate 01/31/2017

Udo Dr. Niederreuther

Up to today j have made very positive experiences concerning your work and your service. J hope that that can be continued by further contacs with bang-good! Thank you for the informations.
Translate 01/31/2017

Norbert Papp

I have received a Xiaomi Mi Mouse from Banggood, but the Bluetooth connectivity was not working, they have tried to help me make it working, but it's still wrong. Banggood support offered me full refund and I don't need to send back the product. I'm satisfied with the support.
Translate 01/28/2017



Querría comprar una muñeca hinchable. ¿Son de buena calidad?. ¿Tiene rasgos orientales?.

Translate 01/27/2017

William NOEL

Excellente boutique et service client à la hauteur (très réactifs). je recommande.
Translate 01/25/2017

Luc Galarneau

I had a problem with an item I bought. At their request, I sent them videos showing the problem. They decided to replace the item and sent a new one. All this far away in Canada. Impressive Very good communication, service and pricing.
Luc Galarneau
Translate 01/25/2017

Madhav Narayan srevice for me comes with a very good satisfaction , i order a tab but due to logistics issue of postal service i got a broken one , they work very smoothly i upload a evidence and they ask me for resend and finally they refund me on my request . Work very great Very Good.
Translate 01/24/2017


He comprado muchas veces en Banggood y en general no he tenido malas experiencias. Recientemente compre un pendrive que resultó fallar desde el primer momento y terminó dejando de funcionar. Expuse mi caso al servicio de atención
a cliente y me pidireron la eqtiqueta de envio y un video donde se describiera el fallo. A los pocos dias me ofrecieron el reembolso porque no lo tenían en stock, y así lo acepté. En un par de dias me ha llegado el reembolso a través de Paypal.
Rápido y eficiente. Un ejemplo a seguir.
Translate 01/24/2017

Burjan Levente

Banggood is a correct shop, my ortder use to arrive to me, if there any problem, they help quicly. 2 times paid back, once because missing delivery, another case was when product didn't work. no argument, only helpful handling!
Translate 01/24/2017

Fernando Medeira de Avila Batista

Super satisfied with the purchase and support by banggood.
Translate 01/24/2017


Después de comprobar que el producto enviado estaba defectuoso efectuaron la devolución del dinero de forma inmediata. El trato fue excelente.
Translate 01/24/2017


Super Service. Schnelle Antwortzeit.
Translate 01/24/2017

Carlos German

me gusta banggood
compre 2 productos y los he recibido sin ningún problema.
puedes comprar con confianza
Translate 01/23/2017

Corry Hoogmartens

I can only say that fear is very good right was with me and I've done many orders there.
Translate 01/23/2017


Generalmente buon sito, molto fornito, non sempre i minori prezzi sul web ma comunque molti buoni. Consegne generalmente entro i termini previsti. Una volta ricevuto oggetto malfunzionante, dopo qualche scambio di email e la fornitura di un video ho avuto refund senza problemi.
Translate 01/21/2017


I ordered 5 batteries Xiaomi 10000mA at Banggood web site on 4th of December for Christmas gifts. They were delivered in France on time, one week prior Christmas.
Unfortunately, one among the five was unserviceable. I used the process on line with Banggood to fix the problem. Chris, from Banggood customer service answered quickly, and ask me to explain in detail my problem and to provide Banggood with pictures and even a film.
Few days after, Chris told me by email that Banggood decided to replace the defective battery and sent me a new one. I received the new one on the 19th of January. And It works perfectly.
I'm very happy with what Banggood customer service did.
Thus I recommend this company to anyone.
Translate 01/20/2017


Fast delivery (about 10 workdays) and cheap stuff
Translate 01/19/2017


Нормальный магазин. Товар отправляют всегда вовремя, все вопросы оперативно решаются службой поддержки.
Translate 01/19/2017


Pas de mauvaise surprise avec Banggood: le site est clair sur les disponibilites, les commandes sont traitees rapidement, le transport prend du temps mais on le sait. En cas de probleme le service client est tres reactif. Mais il a tendance a proposer des points, plutot que de renvoyer le produit. Faut voir.
Les descriptions des articles ne sont pas forcement tres claires, et il peut etre interessant de lire les avis pour avoir une idee plus precise, et pour etre sur qu'un prix tres bas ne cache pas une qualite decevante.
Translate 01/19/2017


Several dozens of orders.
Service is excellent.
Translate 01/19/2017


Very good service! All orders was delivered without problems in a short time. Any issues are resolved easily with the help of banggood service.
Translate 01/19/2017

Александр Маслов

Отличная работа. Все заказы исполнялись в оговоренные сроки. Проблемы с отсутствием товара на время заказа, решались оперативно. Спасибо за работу!
Translate 01/19/2017

Declercq Dirk

Very good after sale service, good quality products,cheaper than other sites.
Goods are always delivered on time.
If you ask a question or info you get quickly a response back.
For this reasons i always buy on banggood.
Translate 01/19/2017


I bought a mechanical keyboard and the delivery was pretty fast compared to others package and the support after purchase are excellent.
Translate 01/18/2017


Banggood zeigt sich auch bei Problemen sehr hilfsbereit. Bereits mehrfach gingen Sendungen verloren, jedoch wurde das Geld zurücküberwiesen oder erneut gesendet. Der einzige Ärger ist dass man dann einfach nochmals 2 bis 3 Wochen warten muss.
Translate 01/18/2017


J'ai eut un petit soucis avec ma tablette, que Bang Good m'as immédiatement demandé de renvoyer pour une nouvelle.
Et maintenant tout fonctionne à 100%,
je remercie le SAV BangGood et en particulier "Elva" la personne qui à régler ce problème.
Translate 01/18/2017

Dog Man

I ordered some things and was satisfied. Although shipping to Europe takes some time, it is worth because it is cheaper.
One wrong item was shipped but I received the correct one for free and could keep the other! Thanks.
Translate 01/18/2017


Bonjour, pas problème avec service après vente bon suivit.
Translate 01/18/2017


Site vraiment tres bien qui propose des produits de qualité. Le service client est tres réactif ils répondent dans les 2 jours. Je recommande vivement
Translate 01/18/2017


Sono circa 5 anni che acquisto da Banggood,ho iniziato con modelli radiocomandati(droni,elicotteri,auto,carri armati etc...),per poi acquistare anche lampade da giardino,luci led,attrezzi da lavoro,giochi didattici per bambini,idraulica,abbigliamento e tanto altro,hanno nel 99% dei casi rispettato i tempi di consegna,in una settimana il pacco parte da Singapore ed arriva in Italia,ed è poi in Italia che le poste sono lente.La maggior parte degli articoli ha un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo,e nel caso vi è qualche problema il servizio clienti e' prontissimo a soddisfare le richieste del cliente con un rimborso totale o parziale e addirittura alla rispedizione dell'articolo stesso(totalmente gratuito),previo invio di foto o video che accertino il difetto dell'articolo precedentemente ricevuto. I coupon ed i punti se utilizzati con cervello ti possono far risparmiare ulteriormente.Al momento mi sento rispettato ed ascoltato da Banggood,e quindi continuerò a comprare sempre da BG.Saluto tutto lo staff di Banggood,in particolare Ace,Jandy e JT. Buon lavoro e buona giornata
Translate 01/18/2017


Good shop, low prices, good customer service
Translate 01/18/2017


Recebi um produto que não estava de acordo com o que tinha comprado. Entrei em contato, não demorou muito, eles me enviaram outro produto que solicitei sem custo. Super recomendo.
Translate 01/17/2017

Ceci n'est pas un fake, je recommande vivement ce site. Cela fait plus d'un an que je commande chez eux et je ne suis vraiment pas déçu. Après plus de 40 commandes sur leur site j'ai eu forcément quelques articles défectueux (très peux) mais après avoir contacté leur S.A.V. , ils m'ont toujours envoyé un nouvel article de remplacement à leurs frais après avoir prouvé bien sûr le non fonctionnement du premier. Je recommande vivement leur site car jusqu'à présent je n'ai pas trouvé mieux. Ils sont vraiment à l'écoute et cherchent toujours une solution à vos problème. On peux communiquer avec eux en français mais l'anglais est quand même préférable, Google traduction is your friend ;)
Les délais de livraisons varient de 10 jours à 3 semaines maximum. Comme je le disais dans le titre, c'est un site sérieux et de confiance.
Translate 01/17/2017


I can only say good things about my experience with banggood.
Prices are good, shipment is pretty fast (to the Netherlands) and customer support is friendly and helpful.

I had one problem with a broken bluetooth speaker I ordered, but customer support solved my problem quick and easy by sending a new one. I didn't even have to send the old one back.

I sure will buy from them again in the future when I need something.
Translate 01/16/2017

Alvaro Martinez

yo escribo para contar mi experiencia, baraje en varias ocasines la compra de dos Smarphone de Xiaomi pero despues de leer en los foros los problemas que habia con los envios y la poca seriedad decidi hacer una prueba hice un pedido de una funda de 4€ para comprobar el funcinamiento de esta gente.
el pedido esta realizado el 23 de noviembre , a dia de hoy no llego nada les mande varios mail para informarles de lo ocurrido . solo puedo decir que no pienso comprar nada mas y solo aconsejo que lo penseis dos veces antes de hacerlo .
supongo que saldran varias personas diciendo que a ellos todo les llego perfecto pero en mi caso y en varios que pude leer en varios foros no es asi .
Translate 01/16/2017


Banggood siti da evitare assolutamente. Ho ordinato capi di abbigliamento fino novembre 2016, pagamento effettuato immediatamente, ma non ho mai ricevuto niente. Dopo varie mail di sollecito, mi hanno sempre dato ulteriori date di consegna. Ma da circa un mese non è arrivato nulla.
Translate 01/16/2017


Amazing site , with great prices and products!!
Translate 01/16/2017

Alexey Kokorev

I have made several orders on
All items i got were perfect and worked great. The delivery much more quicker then Ali or something else.
Once seller sent me mismatch item, but refund was quick and easie.
Translate 01/16/2017


Banggood ist einer der besten Shops für den Bereich Modelbau.
Super Service und support.
Sollte mal etwas fehlen oder nicht richtig funktionieren kümmert sich Banggood schnell um eine Lösung..
Nett Fpv Lager und immer neuer Stuff
Translate 01/14/2017


Banggood have very good customer service, I received a faulty product and they sent out a replacement the day after I contacted them at no extra cost to myself.
Translate 01/14/2017


I am absolutely delighted with your services. It was a problem caused by the relocated people. It's a very reliable site that they made money at once. I would recommend.
Translate 01/13/2017

Bread Heringer

Ótima loja, fui super bem atendido, o produto veio em super bem embalado. 10/10
Translate 01/13/2017


Ho avuto dei problemi con un acquisto di pochi euro di materiale elettronico e dopo avere scritto una recensione negativa sono subito stato contattato dall'assistenza che ha provveduto a rispedirmi il prodotto poichè risultato difettoso senza costi aggiuntivi. Ottimo sito e ottimo servizio clienti.
In particolar modo Elva, l'operatrice che si è occupata del mio caso, gentile e rapida nel rispondere.
Translate 01/13/2017


Despite a quality problem on my product, after-sales service was very responsive and courteous. I recommend this site for its seriousness and friendliness of the staff.
Translate 01/13/2017

Martin Duizendstra

Banggood has a very good service.
I like goods from Banggood.
If there is a problem, they will solve it.
Translate 01/12/2017

Raúl García Escamilla

Si es verdad que el envió ordinario tarda a veces mas de lo esperado, pero la relación calidad precio, el trato que te dan y el derecho a devolución lo tienen muy pocas paginas y esta es una de ellas. Levo mas de 1 año comprando y todavía no he tenido ningun problema que ellos no me puedan solucionar, seguiré comprando hasta que me demuestren que ya tiene esa profesionalidad con la que trabajan. Animo a los que tengan problemas con banggood que se pongan en contacto con ellos y seguro le solucionan el problema.
Translate 01/12/2017

Luc V

I have more than 100 orders now at Banggood an I can say that I strongly recommend it.
In a few words, Banggood is a gigantic eshop where you can find a lot of things and always at a cheap price.
Shipping time is a bit long from China to Europe (from 2 to 6 weeks), but is it free. If you are in a hurry, you can always choose a faster shipping at a small cost.
Moreover, they accept PayPal which is great for the buyer.
The customer support is great and after some emails exchanges ther are always able to solve my problems (lost shipment, defective product) with a refund or a replacement.
Translate 01/12/2017


He comprado ropa y un movil en esta página. En general buena experiencia. El envío gratuito es muy poco fiable, algunas veces llega en los 20 días que prometen y otras tarda más de 2 meses. Pero ellos responden bien a las incidencias. Te ofrecen re-envío o devolución del dinero inmediatamente. Y cumplen.
O sea, buenos precios y buenos productos en general, pero no es para unas prisas.
Translate 01/11/2017

Numan Zahid

banggood have very nice support. that is what I like about this store and recommend it to my friends.
Translate 01/10/2017


Toujours parfait, prix très bas ! On trouve de tout , j'ai eu un problème avec ma commande mais banggood l'a réglé asser rapidement et sans retourner le produit, par contre les délais de livraison sont assez long . Bref je conseil
Translate 01/10/2017

Manuel Sieiro

Good site best prices arround. Good quality products.
Translate 01/10/2017

Fernando Tildes

I have purchased different classes of products and I am very satisfied. No complaints at all. Even when I received a product with a problem I had a solution that was perfect to me. Prices are very good, items are shipped very fast, they provide a way for customers to give feedback about their experience what makes it easy to decide for an item. I do recommend Banggood to everyone.
Translate 01/10/2017


ottima compagnia prezzi molto vantaggiosi, servizio assistenza sempre molto disponibile e efficiente
Translate 01/10/2017

Norbert Menyhert

I am very satisfied with the customer service and all managing system of the company. I have already ordered many items because of the good price and if I had any problem, we find the solution together. It is easy because they have a relevant point on the web site and you can get in contact very easily. Uploading any video or photo, they will check and return for you with positive answer in a short time.
I am satisfied and recommending the company to other costumers also.
Translate 01/10/2017

Matthias Busker

ich habe mehrere Artikel bei verschiedenen großen Plattformen in China bestellt (Banggood, Gearbest, Aliexpress).
Die Preise sind bei Banggod meist etwas höher als bei Aliexpress, aber immer noch richtig gut.
Die Artikel wurden schnell verschict und kamen gut verpackt an. Bisher blieb nichts im Zoll hängen.
In meiner letzten Bestellung wurden drei USB-Kabel bestellt und nur zwei geliefert.
Banggood hat mit sehr schnell und freundlich in perfektem Englisch geantwortet.
Der Betrag für das fehlende Kabel wurde anstandslos via PayPal gutgeschrieben.
Ich bin von Banggood überzeugt!
Translate 01/09/2017


la comunicacion es exelente m avisaron que el paquete retorno x distintos motivos y ahora m lo envian nuevamente y contarles que me dieron la opción de elegir rembolso o reenvío muy contento
Translate 01/09/2017


Very good service! My product was broken and I've been refunded!
Translate 01/09/2017


Très bon site. Les commandes arrivent en 3 ou 4 semaines. Et en cas de défaut le SAV est très réactif.
Translate 01/08/2017


Package didn't came thru, had a mail conversation, articel is back at banggood and is out of stock.
First thought: "F*ckers!"
Wanted to give me refund, but i wanted this articel. So i switched the colour which was still in stock and they did sent again. Now waiting for the package to arrive. Service Super, thanks!
Translate 01/07/2017


Després d'alguns dies de més esperant la compra, una d'elles no era la correcta, donant per perdut els diners em vaig posar en contacte amb el seu servei posventa (Giselle) i en poc temps vaig rebre la seva resposta, de forma educada i amable. Tant sols 3 e-mails explicán el cas i envian un parell de fotos, rebré el producte correcte sense problemes. Desde un començament ho donada per perdut per ser una compra per internet i m'ha sorprés les facilitats que et donen per resoldre cap incidencia.
Translate 01/06/2017

alexandros plaviak

Danke für den Artikel, er ist für Neulinge sehr hilfreich. Zu meinen persönlichen Erfahrungen mit banggood kann ich sagen, dass ich weitgehend zufrieden bin und bisher noch nicht über den Tisch gezogen wurde...
Ich habe mittlerweile viele Produkte aus den unterschiedlichsten Kategorien bestellt und wurde bisher noch nie enttäuscht. Excellent customer service with the lowest price in the market
Translate 01/06/2017


I am always satisfied with my orders and the staff is also very helpful. I can recommend this site to anyone.
Translate 01/04/2017


I made many commands in the past year.
Prices are very attractive and in general the delivery time from China to France is quite reasonable (3 weeks), comparatively to other Chinese commercial websites.
Sometimes I received deffective parts, but each time the problem was solved after having demonstratred the issue by sending pictures or movies: I was refunded or resent a replacement part. In these cases, it results in uncontrolled delay incompatible to some situations where your command is supposed to be a gift for Christmas...
Translate 01/03/2017


personale gentile, efficiente e subito disponibile per rispondere alle domande.
Ditta efficiente
Translate 01/03/2017

Ali Karaköse

Very relevant and solution focused service. I have been shopping for a long time since it gives importance to the customer. The service is also very good, as the prices are reasonable.
Translate 01/03/2017


Compré unos zapatos a traves de Bangood. Un mes y pico más tarde me llegaron casi flotando en agua. La caja deshecha, las plantillas despegadas, los zapatos deformes.... Imposible usarlos porque se echaron a perder.
Me puse en contacto con Bangood y les expuse el problema. Al día siguiente me contestaron ofreciendome devolverme la mitad del dinero. Yo les contesté diciendoles que no podía aceptar esa proposición puesto que había perdido el dinero y los zapatos. Al día siguiente me volvieron a contestar diciendome que en efecto yo tenía razon y me han reembolsado la totalidad del dinero. Está claro que la culpa tampoco fue de ellos. Posiblemente de la compañía de transportes que a saber qué hicieron con el paquete. Bangood se ha portado muy bien. Estoy contenta.
Translate 01/03/2017


banggood dan bir akıllı saat satın almıştım. sınırlı bir kullanımdan sonra touchscreen sıkıntı çıkarmaya başladı. ilk başlarda buna kendim mi neden oldum diye düşündüm. çünkü ilk geldiğinde bu sorunu açıkça gözlemleyemedim. tabi bu esnada banggood un müşteri servisine başvurmak için biraz geciktim. neredeyse 40 gün olmuştu ve artık akıllı saatin ekranında hiçbir görüntü yoktu. aradan baya bir zaman geçmesine rağmen refund yani paranın iadesi talebinde bulundum. sorunla ilgili video ve görüşümü ilettim. 3-4 gün içinde geri ödemeyi kabul ettiklerine dair mail aldım ki araya yılbaşı girmişti. banggood un iletişim servisi 852 ile başlar. bu bildiğim kadarıyla bir hong kong telefonu. alışveriş etmeden önceydi telefonu gördüğümde olumlu fikre sahip olmuştum. zira hong kong ta iş ahlakı üst seviyededir. tavsiyem bir sorunla karşılaştığınızda ürün garantisi, iade şartları ile ilgili bölümleri okuyun. ayrıca tamir hizmeti de sağlıyorlar. firmware yükleme, ürüne mudahale etme, düşme , su alma gibi garanti kısıtlayıcı durumlara dikkat edin. paranızı geri almayı, hile yöntemi olarak kullanmadığınız sürece banggood un sattığı ürünün arkasında olduğunu sizde göreceksiniz.(i had been purchased a smartwatch from banggood. after very rare usage. it had faulty. touchscreen was unresponsible. if i face this problem, i thought that it is user source faulty. that make me late to communicate with customer service. after around 40 days i faced that there was not signal on touchscreen of smartwatch. then i communicated with customer service( sanny). i wanted banggood to refund. cservice confirmed my refunding. banggoood proved its trustworthy. i realized before banggood have a phone number(852). it is hong kong number if i am not wrong. hong kong have high work ethic . just consider and read guarantee policy and circumstances about repair,resend, refund service of banggood. be kind. do not cheat customer service if you are in warranty exclusions. i am sure banggood will solve and help any problem of your orders)
Translate 01/02/2017


Supuestamente el envio son 20 dias laborables. Pedido realizado el dia 3 de diciembre, a fechas de hoy, dia 2 de enero, el pedido esta perdido por el mundo. El envio desde china a Europa fué extremadamente rapido. El dia 13 estaba en Suiza. Hoy por hoy, nadie sabe decirme nada sobre mi pedido, Correos(empresa en españa para el envio) dice que no está en su sistema. Y 17track no actualiza nada desde el dia 13. Primera y supongo que ultima vez que compre nada aqui.
Translate 12/31/2016


Buenos días, pedí un móvil por esta página, lo último que pone en el seguimiento es : Envío desde el punto de la Oficina Internacional de origen, con fecha 9-12-2016. No se que significa, ¿alguien me puede ayudar? Lo pagué el día 24 de Noviembre y no se nada aún.
Translate 12/30/2016


nie wieder..
Translate 12/30/2016


Von diesem Shop ist ganz klar abzuraten.

Ich hatte PC-Ersatzteile für ca. 50 € bestellt und bezahlt, die ich am selben Tag allerdings stornieren musste. Online Chat bestätigte mir, dass der Betrag rückerstattet würde. Nach vier Tagen erhalte ich Nachricht, meine Ware wäre versandt worden. Der online chat war plötzlich nicht mehr erreichbar. Per Mail erfahre ich, dass ich nun nur die Möglichkeit hätte, das Paket – einmal angekommen – nicht abzuholen und zurückgehen zu lassen. Sobald es wieder beim Versender sei, würde mir das Geld rückgezahlt. Mehrere Mails später entschuldigt man sich, man habe im online chat nach der falschen Order-Nummer gesehen (!)
So wie es aussieht, ist durch diesen fantastischen Kundendienst das Verlustrisiko für die Ware auf mich übergegangen. Außerdem frage ich mich, was der Zoll macht, wenn ich das Paket nicht annehme und somit auch die Einfuhrumsatzsteuer nicht bezahle.
Translate 12/30/2016


Interessanter Laden für alle Schnäppchenjäger. Die Qualität der Ware, besonders im Bereich der RC Toys ist wirklich gut.

Aber ACHTUNG: Bestellt die Ware über das EU-Warehouse oder lieber über Zweithändler bei Ebay die in der EU sitzen.
2x aus dem CH-Warehouse bestellt, 2x nicht angekommen.

Und danach jedesmal rumschlagen mit der Post und mit Banggood, bis man dann irgendwann mal sein Geld zurückbekommt. Bei der zweiten Bestellung warte ich immernoch auf meine Erstattung... Der Ärger ist das Schnäppchen nicht wert. Hab zwischenzeitlich über Ebay DE bestellt und bin sehr zufrieden mit den Sachen.
Translate 12/30/2016

yannis n.

super shop!
habe tablet für 250€ gekauft und nach einer woche war es da und sicher verpackt .
wow ! leider eu adapter vergessen aber was solls.
Translate 12/29/2016


Nicht zu empfehlen, habe dort etwas gekauft und mit Paypal bezahlt,
nachdem die Ware eingetroffen ist, musste ich feststellen, das ich einen anderen Artikle erhalten habe,
nach vielen Mails und Meldung über Paypal soll ich nun auf eigene Kosten
mit Sendungsverfolgung zurück schicken, eine absolute Frechheit, der Versand kostet mit DHL 43,99€
und auf diesen Kosten werde ich wohl sitzen bleiben, hab mit Paypal auch schon telefoniert!
Hier auf jeden Fall nicht wieder
Translate 12/23/2016


He comprado 5 productos cada una por separado, ya va mas de un mes y aun no recibo nada, ni siquiera se si la aduana los detuvo, solo me dice que ya llego a México (fin del seguimiento, tiempo estimado de entrega de 7 a 15 dias)ya paso dicho tiempo y no se nada de mis productos, el seguimiento de un producto es muy deficiente en esta pagina, no actualizan el estado de dicho tracking.

Pésimo no contestan mis mensajes