Banggood is a Chinese gadget shop with headquarters in Guangzhou (China). Banggood has several great features including warehouses in the US and England for quicker shipping around the world, the possibility to order without opening an account on its website, and a very well organized homepage, making it one of the best choices for a Chinese online shop. Its Alexa ranking of 3.793 - meaning it's one of the 4.000 most visited websites worldwide - is proof of its popularity and puts it in the same territory as and Fasttech. Banggood specializes in hobby supplies, gadgets, trinkets, and toys.

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Banggood's website: get gadgets, consumer electronics and even fashion and jewelry from China

Experience with Banggood

Banggood is one of the biggest and longest-standing gadget shops in China. As a result, it shouldn’t be surprising that we were very satisfied with its customer service after placing several orders. Banggood’s delivery estimates are generally correct and all of our packages arrived on time. Further pros and cons include...


  • delivery time: 7-20 work days, express shipping 2-7 days
  • range of products: everything a China gadget geek can possibly desire
  • price comparison: average, R/C gadgets inexpensive, great snap up deals and seckill offers


  • PayPal payment possible without a BG account
  • other payment methods offered to registered users: credit card or Western Union
  • best price guarantee as well as ‘saw better price’
  • Warehouse in Great Britain with a part of BG’s product range makes a fast delivery possible
  • free standard shipping


  • reviews can’t be trusted
  • consider checking for reviews on other websites
  • website loads quite long time (overloaded because of many visitors?)

Banggood Payment MethodsPayment

One of Banggood's most convenient features is that you don’t have to create an account to order, you can simply pay with PayPal. Paying with PayPal means you’re on the safe side and can get your money back through PayPal’s buyer protection in case of delivery problems. PayPal will refund your money up to 40 days after completing a payment.

There are certain advantages to creating a Banggood account, however. For one, you are only able to pay via credit card (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard) with an account on Banggood.

You can contact merchants on live chat, on the forum or via e-mail. We tried the live chat and Forums to communicate and got a swift response, each time within about 3 to 10 hours. One thing to remember, however, is that the time difference may lead to longer response times if you're not careful. Noon in New York is 1am in Guangzhou!

Supported payment methods:

  • PayPal (Our recommendation!)
  • Credit card
  • Boleto
  • Qiwi Wallet
  • Webmoney

Delivery times, tracking and shipping

Shipping times are easily the worst part about ordering goods from China, but Banggood's warehouses all over the world mean that you can cut your package's EPA in half if you order something in stock at your local warehouse. What's better: all of the companies functions are still centralized in China, so its always easy to get help, even if your package is shipping from a foreign warehouse!

Banggood Warehouses

Now the bad news: you have to wait until check out to find out if your item is stored in your local warehouse, so you don't always have control over how long you'll have to wait. The Standard Shipping from China, however, is still free, and there's always express shipping available for an extra fee. With express shipping, your items usually arrive within 2-7 workdays.

Another nice feature is that, even with standard shipping, you can follow your packages on the Banggood order-tracking site. If you don't get a tracking number, it's not always possible to track is step-by-step, but by entering your order number and e-mail address you can see the current status of processing.

Banggood Order Tracking

In this screen shot you can see that Banggood took its sweet time between paypal payment and shipping - but this was an exception in our experience. If you pay the extra fee for the tracking number, you can follow your order's voyage around the world after it's been shipped off from Banggood.

Special shipping option: Netherland Direct Mail

A special feature of Banggood is its "Netherland Direct Mail" shipping. This costs usually only a fraction more than Air Mail Register but arrives way faster in Europe. The particularity of Netherland Direct Mail is that packages are shipped directly to the Netherlands and from there shipped to the European shipping address, so that it will only take between 1 - 2 weeks for the delivery. The only disadvantage of this method is that there is no tracking number for Netherland Direct Mail - but we haven't had any problems with this shipping method so far and, according to different review forums and the reviews of our readers, they seem pretty reliable. So, if you have the option to choose this method during your checkout process, and you're shipping to Europe, then we recommend you use it as it is worth its extra cost - it's a nice combination of standard and expedited shipping.

Keep in mind that you still have to pay for customs and VAT even though it is shipped via the Netherlands. The original sender in China is listed on your package, so you might still have to pay some fees to your customs office or mail man. But it is our experience that customs and VAT have to payed more seldom if you pick this shipping option.

Banggood Shipping Methods

As always, it's not advisable to have your packages shipped to a PO Box, as some post offices won't always accept packages using bubble wrap packaging (a common practice in China).

Banggood and customs

Contrary to other Chinese shops, Banggood is very professional and declares packages very carefully. We didn't have to make an unwarranted visit at customs office yet. Nevertheless, one should be aware that customs does random checks on well-declared packages from China.

Naturally you still have to pay for the usual VAT and customs, depending on your order value. If you order for more than 26€ (yes, not 22€ - we explain this in our information section under the category tax), you'll have to pay VAT to your mail man and if you order for more than 250€, you'll probably have to pay customs fees. But this depends on the exact products you ordered.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not entirely common, side-effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, but the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 when entering the country. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely from nothing to $495 depending on the product and how it's sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $100, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry (likely Los Angeles or San Francisco, unless you're using AirMail) to confirm any extra taxes.

Any extra taxes or duty on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Package from Banggood

Special features

Besides warehouses outside of China and Hong Kong, which are definitely a real highlight, you get another feature on Banggood: After opening an account on Banggood you can automatically keep track of your orders with a value of $25+ throughout the delivery process. The back end for registered users is very well designed like you're used to from big American e-commerce websites (e.g. amazon or ebay). Here you can get an overview of your previous orders ("My orders"), your "preorders" or your "Wishlist".

Banggood Orders Backend

A clear overview of orders - still a rare sight in Chinese online-shops

You can even create an account via Twitter or Facebook - but we had some bad experiences with this. Several weeks after our application, we got a bunch of spam up on our Twitter feed.

Banggood Points

Another special feature are the Banggood Points, which you gain after every new order. You can see the collected points under the section "My Points".

Banggood Points

"My Points" is supposed to keep customers loyal to Banggood - but the savings are minimal

If you collected enough points, you can generate your own coupons in several "points zones". If you collected 150 points, you can receive a $1-discount coupon. If you order frequently in China, you will notice that regular coupons, especially our exclusive coupons, offer a better bargain than these coupons. Meaning that collecting these points isn't really worth it.

The video section of the site is highly recommended. It has, at least partially, better content than some video streaming sites. You can get an honest opinion from other customers on items you’re interested in. Try watching the videos, because we suspect that some written reviews can’t be trusted or weren’t written with the same care that the videos were created with.


Banggood is a well-established Chinese online shop. It features a vast array of products and warehouses in Europe and North America. Furthermore, it is continuously improving its customer support and web presence. Customers can save a lot of money with Banggood’s frequent coupons and promotions, and, in some cases, can save a HUGE amount of shipping time compared to other Chinese online-shops.


 Alternative 1:  Dealextreme
free shipping Dealextreme has an amazing product selection
 Alternative 2:  fasttech
free shipping will also surprise you with its range of electronic products

4 Banggood Coupons

Aside from current coupons that you can find on our page, there are exclusive coupons that will be placed automatically into your Banggood account. Another way to get extra coupons is to sign up to Banggood’s newsletter. Most coupons will have conditions such as a minimum order value. Before confirming your order, you should consider which coupon or promo code would mean the biggest savings for you.


6% OFF on Regular Prices at Banggood

Save some money with our coupon: Get a 7% discount on all regular price products at Banggood with our panda coupon code. 



15% discount on clearance items

This coupon was sent to us by a user. Thanks! It's valid for items in the "clearance" section.

Valid for a limited time


5% OFF for new Banggood website

Banggood has a new (Beta-)website and makes testing it worth your while - as this coupon offers you a 5% discount for this website

When we tested it, it worked for all products. But we still prefer the coupon pandagood with 6% discount.


Valid for a limited time


Banggood: 8% OFF items in US warehouse

Use this coupon code to receive an 8% discount on everything in the US warehouse of Banggood.

Valid for a limited time


For smaller sums or coupons connected to certain items, it is usually more helpful to use a coupon with a set $-discount and for bigger orders (see the example below) it makes usually more sense to use a voucher with a percentage discount.

Using a Banggood voucher code

We've established a great relationship with Banggood, which is why we offer an exclusive 7% Banggood discount coupon code. The code: pandacheck. We're constantly checking the coupons, so you can find all the best Banggood specials right here. But if we really missed a coupon, then we would love it to get a message from you!

1,508 Reviews

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The site security is not reliable, my password was hacked in the same day I made the purchase.


I purchased a defective phone. After I contacted customer support I was advised to return the phone to them and receive a refund. So I did. The tracking number says the product has arrived it's destination (banggood store in China) but they keep lying to me telling me that they never received the phone so they won't give a refund. Scammers

JoGeo Geos

I'm very satisfied by their product's quality and affordable prices too. I have ordered many electronic devices and gadgets from Banggood and almost all of them were delivered very fast. Communication with them is excellent and I have been efficient serviced when there was any issue.


Excellent shopping experience e staff. I totally recommend it.

Narasimhan NARAYANAN

Dear sir
I have received your mail and thank you so much for the 500 points. I really appreciate your immediate response for all my emails. Really good. Value for money and neat and simple packing.



Beware of promotions on

Don't buy anything on flash sales or other seemingly great promotions. Banggood's tactic is to mix good deals with bad deals. If you get confused and choose a bad deal, you pay and you get the product. On the other hand, if you wisely choose a good deal, you pay and you wait… and wait… After a week or so, they will claim that the product is out of stock and suggest something else. Of course this "something else" will be a bad deal. Even if you choose wisely for the second time and get your money back, you lose a lot of your time. And if you complain, they will offer you some point, worth maybe a dollar. I know what I'm writing as I was (un)lucky to buy a laptop for $500 on a flash deal with 20 or 30% discount.


I´m very satisfied with the Customer Services of this shop (Banggood Ltd.). Excelent negotiationces without restrain with refund a money for thing whitch didn´t works.


Dog Training Stop Bark Collar LCD Display Remote 100 Levels

Product ID: 11383

I purchased a remote dog training shock collar and when it arrived the collar wouldn't work. I made the purchase from the United States warehouse. My sister-in-law bought the same collar at the same time and her collar didn't work also. I contacted Banggood and requested a return label so the product could be returned, they flat refused unless I produced a video and sent it to them first. I filed a dispute with Banggood offered ma a $3 refund if I would close the dispute? I paid $17 for the collar. (I know, it was cheap, should have expected junk)

They admitted to that they refuse to refund the money to me, so I won the dispute. But I have to ship back to China, NOT to the place I purchased the collar from in the United States ( COMPTON, CA 90220 ) - It would cost me more than the collar, so I guess I am just screwed. But I am going to be sure to spread the word about the treatment you can expect from there company.

Order No: 32435436

** Demand for a full video or NO refund AGAIN! **

I don't have the ability to produce a video and upload to your system. SO I AM JUST OUT MY MONEY.

That is fine I just started spreading the word online and with my friends about this treatment.

You demand a video or no refund? You can send a return label like most online shops and when you receive the item back you will see the item is defective.

You obviously make these types of demands so you don't have to take returns.

Your technicians can't make an accurate diagnosis of the problem without a physical examination of the defective product, NO Video will do this?


Dave R


Great shop for all things quad-copter related. Communication is very fast. Transporter did not deliver one package and banggood support replied to my questions in less than a few hours (consider the time zone difference between me and them that's marvelous) They resend the package without any additional cost for me. I'm very satisfied :)

Argos Cue

I have bought a lot of products from Banggood (mostly drones) and I am really satisfied with my experience. I had only two issues with shipping, in one case the charger had the wrong conector and another time a drone was not arriving after 4 weeks. In both cases they were very helpful and send me new units, for the drone I actually got two since a while latter the other one arrived as well. As far as value for money they are the best I have been able to find


The service is wonderful i really mean AMAZING!
Support is great, they helped me a lot, changed everything I needed to, and didnt charge me extra! I recommend this store for everyone.
Package came quickly without any troubles/extra payments.
I wish other stores has such a good quality of service... Coco is a great person and will always help you!

Will come back for sure! Worth every penny!


Great service, very pleasant to work with.


Really great customer service with decent prices and shipping. They quickly and efficiently helped correct a shipping error on my part, ensuring my stuff made it to me.


Very good on line shopping!


Excellent service. Thanks a lot for your communication und rapid delivery!


Very good value for money, efficient and reactive customer support.


Great site, lots of quality products, fast shipping.

Sergey A

Good store! I make many orders. There was a case when I did not receive my order. But the seller quickly and easily returned the funds. I recommend this store to everyone!


I made already many orders and most of them were executed in absolutely satisfactory way. Goods usually reach me in good condition in 12 to 20 days. One tracked shipment was by mistake of my domestic post office returned back without any notice to me. Having observed rather long time of shipping I asked Banggood Customer Service for help and they were excellent! Willow responded quickly, verified my address and arranged goods to be resent to me. Finally I obtained my package in order.


Really good communication with their support service. Quick and polite response.

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