Banggood is a Chinese gadget shop with headquarters in Guangzhou (China). Banggood has several great features including warehouses in the US and England for quicker shipping around the world, the possibility to order without opening an account on its website, and a very well organized homepage, making it one of the best choices for a Chinese online shop. Its Alexa ranking of 3.793 - meaning it's one of the 4.000 most visited websites worldwide - is proof of its popularity and puts it in the same territory as and Fasttech. Banggood specializes in hobby supplies, gadgets, trinkets, and toys.

Banggood Index

Banggood's website: get gadgets, consumer electronics and even fashion and jewelry from China

Experience with Banggood

Banggood is one of the biggest and longest-standing gadget shops in China. As a result, it shouldn’t be surprising that we were very satisfied with its customer service after placing several orders. Banggood’s delivery estimates are generally correct and all of our packages arrived on time. Further pros and cons include...


  • delivery time: 7-20 work days, express shipping 2-7 days
  • range of products: everything a China gadget geek can possibly desire
  • price comparison: average, R/C gadgets inexpensive, great snap up deals and seckill offers


  • PayPal payment possible without a BG account
  • other payment methods offered to registered users: credit card or Western Union
  • best price guarantee as well as ‘saw better price’
  • Warehouse in Great Britain with a part of BG’s product range makes a fast delivery possible
  • free standard shipping


  • reviews can’t be trusted
  • consider checking for reviews on other websites
  • website loads quite long time (overloaded because of many visitors?)

Banggood Payment MethodsPayment

One of Banggood's most convenient features is that you don’t have to create an account to order, you can simply pay with PayPal. Paying with PayPal means you’re on the safe side and can get your money back through PayPal’s buyer protection in case of delivery problems. PayPal will refund your money up to 40 days after completing a payment.

There are certain advantages to creating a Banggood account, however. For one, you are only able to pay via credit card (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard) with an account on Banggood.

You can contact merchants on live chat, on the forum or via e-mail. We tried the live chat and Forums to communicate and got a swift response, each time within about 3 to 10 hours. One thing to remember, however, is that the time difference may lead to longer response times if you're not careful. Noon in New York is 1am in Guangzhou!

Supported payment methods:

  • PayPal (Our recommendation!)
  • Credit card
  • Boleto
  • Qiwi Wallet
  • Webmoney

Delivery times, tracking and shipping

Shipping times are easily the worst part about ordering goods from China, but Banggood's warehouses all over the world mean that you can cut your package's EPA in half if you order something in stock at your local warehouse. What's better: all of the companies functions are still centralized in China, so its always easy to get help, even if your package is shipping from a foreign warehouse!

Banggood Warehouses

Now the bad news: you have to wait until check out to find out if your item is stored in your local warehouse, so you don't always have control over how long you'll have to wait. The Standard Shipping from China, however, is still free, and there's always express shipping available for an extra fee. With express shipping, your items usually arrive within 2-7 workdays.

Another nice feature is that, even with standard shipping, you can follow your packages on the Banggood order-tracking site. If you don't get a tracking number, it's not always possible to track is step-by-step, but by entering your order number and e-mail address you can see the current status of processing.

Banggood Order Tracking

In this screen shot you can see that Banggood took its sweet time between paypal payment and shipping - but this was an exception in our experience. If you pay the extra fee for the tracking number, you can follow your order's voyage around the world after it's been shipped off from Banggood.

Special shipping option: Netherland Direct Mail

A special feature of Banggood is its "Netherland Direct Mail" shipping. This costs usually only a fraction more than Air Mail Register but arrives way faster in Europe. The particularity of Netherland Direct Mail is that packages are shipped directly to the Netherlands and from there shipped to the European shipping address, so that it will only take between 1 - 2 weeks for the delivery. The only disadvantage of this method is that there is no tracking number for Netherland Direct Mail - but we haven't had any problems with this shipping method so far and, according to different review forums and the reviews of our readers, they seem pretty reliable. So, if you have the option to choose this method during your checkout process, and you're shipping to Europe, then we recommend you use it as it is worth its extra cost - it's a nice combination of standard and expedited shipping.

Keep in mind that you still have to pay for customs and VAT even though it is shipped via the Netherlands. The original sender in China is listed on your package, so you might still have to pay some fees to your customs office or mail man. But it is our experience that customs and VAT have to payed more seldom if you pick this shipping option.

Banggood Shipping Methods

As always, it's not advisable to have your packages shipped to a PO Box, as some post offices won't always accept packages using bubble wrap packaging (a common practice in China).

Banggood and customs

Contrary to other Chinese shops, Banggood is very professional and declares packages very carefully. We didn't have to make an unwarranted visit at customs office yet. Nevertheless, one should be aware that customs does random checks on well-declared packages from China.

Naturally you still have to pay for the usual VAT and customs, depending on your order value. If you order for more than 26€ (yes, not 22€ - we explain this in our information section under the category tax), you'll have to pay VAT to your mail man and if you order for more than 250€, you'll probably have to pay customs fees. But this depends on the exact products you ordered.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not entirely common, side-effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, but the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 when entering the country. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely from nothing to $495 depending on the product and how it's sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $100, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry (likely Los Angeles or San Francisco, unless you're using AirMail) to confirm any extra taxes.

Any extra taxes or duty on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Package from Banggood

Special features

Besides warehouses outside of China and Hong Kong, which are definitely a real highlight, you get another feature on Banggood: After opening an account on Banggood you can automatically keep track of your orders with a value of $25+ throughout the delivery process. The back end for registered users is very well designed like you're used to from big American e-commerce websites (e.g. amazon or ebay). Here you can get an overview of your previous orders ("My orders"), your "preorders" or your "Wishlist".

Banggood Orders Backend

A clear overview of orders - still a rare sight in Chinese online-shops

You can even create an account via Twitter or Facebook - but we had some bad experiences with this. Several weeks after our application, we got a bunch of spam up on our Twitter feed.

Banggood Points

Another special feature are the Banggood Points, which you gain after every new order. You can see the collected points under the section "My Points".

Banggood Points

"My Points" is supposed to keep customers loyal to Banggood - but the savings are minimal

If you collected enough points, you can generate your own coupons in several "points zones". If you collected 150 points, you can receive a $1-discount coupon. If you order frequently in China, you will notice that regular coupons, especially our exclusive coupons, offer a better bargain than these coupons. Meaning that collecting these points isn't really worth it.

The video section of the site is highly recommended. It has, at least partially, better content than some video streaming sites. You can get an honest opinion from other customers on items you’re interested in. Try watching the videos, because we suspect that some written reviews can’t be trusted or weren’t written with the same care that the videos were created with.


Banggood is a well-established Chinese online shop. It features a vast array of products and warehouses in Europe and North America. Furthermore, it is continuously improving its customer support and web presence. Customers can save a lot of money with Banggood’s frequent coupons and promotions, and, in some cases, can save a HUGE amount of shipping time compared to other Chinese online-shops.


 Alternative 1:  Dealextreme
free shipping Dealextreme has an amazing product selection
 Alternative 2:  fasttech
free shipping will also surprise you with its range of electronic products

4 Banggood Coupons

Aside from current coupons that you can find on our page, there are exclusive coupons that will be placed automatically into your Banggood account. Another way to get extra coupons is to sign up to Banggood’s newsletter. Most coupons will have conditions such as a minimum order value. Before confirming your order, you should consider which coupon or promo code would mean the biggest savings for you.


6% OFF on Regular Prices at Banggood

Save some money with our coupon: Get a 7% discount on all regular price products at Banggood with our panda coupon code. 



15% discount on clearance items

This coupon was sent to us by a user. Thanks! It's valid for items in the "clearance" section.

Valid for a limited time


5% OFF for new Banggood website

Banggood has a new (Beta-)website and makes testing it worth your while - as this coupon offers you a 5% discount for this website

When we tested it, it worked for all products. But we still prefer the coupon pandagood with 6% discount.


Valid for a limited time


Banggood: 8% OFF items in US warehouse

Use this coupon code to receive an 8% discount on everything in the US warehouse of Banggood.

Valid for a limited time


For smaller sums or coupons connected to certain items, it is usually more helpful to use a coupon with a set $-discount and for bigger orders (see the example below) it makes usually more sense to use a voucher with a percentage discount.

Using a Banggood voucher code

We've established a great relationship with Banggood, which is why we offer an exclusive 7% Banggood discount coupon code. The code: pandacheck. We're constantly checking the coupons, so you can find all the best Banggood specials right here. But if we really missed a coupon, then we would love it to get a message from you!

1,317 Reviews

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Ich bestelle seit längerer Zeit regelmäßig bei Banggood Waren.
Die Zusendung nach Deutschland war immer im angegebenen Rahmen.
In bisher einem einzigen Fall kam die Ware nicht an. Innerhalb 24 Stunden hatte ich sehr netten Kontakt mit der Kundenbetreuung von Banggood. Mir wurde sofort eine Rückerstattung oder erneute Versendung angeboten.

Bezahlung über PayPal immer problemlos.

Einziger Kritikpunkt wäre, dass das Stützpunktlager in England mehr Waren lagert, damit der Versand nach Europa schneller funktioniert.


The products came well packaged and in good condition. The customer service support positively although different timezones.


Banggood never fail to impress. Recently had a case where my parcel got lost in the mail and Athena from customer service handled my refund like a champion. My go to site for most of my rc needs and everything in between! Highly recommended


Very satisfied with banggood services. The site offers all kinds of products at really good prices, plus the customer service was very helpful with my request to refund a defective item. Shipping takes too long though at least in my country but I can live with it.


Banggood has offered me the best online shopping experience thus far. The quality of the merch is as good as expected, and the prices are lower than in similar sites. The customer service is top notch and very helpful and fast to respond.


Very good and quick response on my email from the service departement! Problem solved!

Good job, Bang Good.


ho avuto un problema con un prodotto e mi hanno restituito subito i soldi. Tutto ok !


Best store!


good service!

Jordi Van Der Elst

Product didn't came. They wanne resend it but it was out of stock and i got my money back. perfect service!


Pacco consegnato in perfetto stato. Comunicazione eccellente, prezzo competitivo,qualità del prodotto ottima,(giacca invernale)corrispondeva alla fotografia.


I bought two items, one of them perfect, the other piece came damaged and after communicating with Banggod I was attended to quickly and proceeded to give me back the money.

PERFECT purchase and service


Best customer service.
Quick response in case package lost.


Ottimo servizio, anche se con la merce si sono avuti problemi doganali e pertanto non è stato possibile valutarla, la comunicazione ed il supporto è stato eccezionale e il rimborso rapidissimo. Non è la prima volta che faccio acquisti da loro e la soddisfazione è stata sempre massima. Continuate così.

Romulo Silva Evangelista

Adoro comprar na banggood, o serviço e o atendimento ao cliente é sempre o melhor. Só tenho a agradecer a essa loja.

David Lewis

Great customer service from Dasiy! Excellent price for the item I purchased. Delivery wasn't as long as other Chinese companies. Very pleased with the results!


Best site - best customer service ( may i mention a name : Athena ) easy payment - fast delivery - good products !
very happy customer from Down Under

Ps. had a small issue once - faulty ip cam - ...within a week - I HAD A NEW CAM - NO question ask ! good is that !!

cheers Holger


I have did purchase many items on Items are generally delivered timely and product quality is as described on their shop pages. Recently, one of the items delivered had quality issues which were only discovered 2 months after delivery. Sending pictures and a video were sufficient for banggood to send me a replacement item. I call this good service !


I made a lot of order with banggood and no problem so far. Just the last order never arrived.
But my complain was treated very rapidly and my money refund.
So I am very satisfied with this webshop: very competitive price, large choice.
Maybe the shipment delay is a bit long for Europe, but it is free of charge.
The only problem is because the success of this web shop make the items out of stock quite often.


I have dealt with Banggood for numerous orders and found the service up to scratch.Only had one order go missing but a refund was arranged very quickly with no fuss .


Great online bargain store, as well as relatively quick shipping to Croatia! Recommended!


Ordered a video transmitter for FPV drone. I found the antenna was bent upon arrival. Customer service responded right away and offered a replacement or refund.


Very good service, response to requests and prices. I had a problem with an item I never received and they returned my money in a few hours. Excellent! I highly recommend it, a reliable store. Thanks Babggood!


I've discovered this website while searching for a new tablet/laptop and purchased the Cube i7 Book there, no regrets since then! Only had to contact customer service once because a product arrived broken and they refunded it within a week! I would recommend this website to anyone!

Jean-Marc R

Very good service, assistence and prices. I had a trouble with item returned by my local post and they refund me in few time. Excellent !
Thanks Babggood !


I've been using Banggood for a year now and I always had pleasant expirience with them. Two times there were problems with my orders (one time package was lost in transit, other time was damaged) their cuatomer support answered me pretty quickly and resolved my problems. On of the best of my experiences with chinese shops, highly recommend!

ChristiAn E.

Im very happy with bamgood service. Fast delivery, cheap shipping. I had a problem with customs and they refund me the money. Five stars service.

George Chorafas

Im an old costumer of Banggood .I have more than 100 orders over the years .I think its the most safe and fast method for us Europeans to buy over the internet .Yes im happy with banggood its fast its cheap and never disappointed , never lost money for no delivery or D.O.A. Best shop over net .Give it a try and dont forget the amassing coupons !


I have already ordered multiple items from the website (mostly electronics) and so far I didn't have any issues. Everything was as described. shipment was fast and the support department is responding to my questions on time. A big plus for the website is the rewards program, where you gain points for your purchases, which you can later use to reduce the price when purchasing again items from them. Would definitely recommend the site to my friends (a bunch of them already use it).

Ruth Moore

I like Banggood because the products are good and easy to use. I had a problem and they fixed it right away. Contact was swift and to the point. Athena was very helpful. I am very pleased with my shopping here for 2 years now.
Thank you Banggood.


good selection of product AND 5* customer care!


nice shop and good support


Very good shoop, Excellent customer service. Thank you.

Youssef Belyamani

They have very good customer service very understandable it responds fast (depending on your country seen the time difference) It's really excellent as a service! I really appreciate!


I received my package at first not but than I wrote them that I haven't revived it and some days later it arrived so EXCELLENT CUTSOMER SERVICE!!! Ps: I'm drone Austria if someone cares


the best thing about banggod it's it fast response and costumer care, theirs always, whenever you need, have an answer to any question you migth have.

Thiago Reis

Bom atendimento! Agilidade e educação dos atendentes.


Banggood, Best of the Chinese shops. Website easy to navigate. Have always had good service and products.
The packages arrive in a timely fashion and always very well protected, sometimes overly so!

My #1 source for all types of goodies. Even if sometimes they are a little more money, it's worth to buy from them because of the excellent service and shipping. -=Recommended 5-star site.


BG is very good place for shopping for me. There is gadgets and tools (for metal and woodworking) on very reasonable prices. Last time I had problems with postal services. Their support center helped in hours. I am thankful for that!


Al momento non ho ricevuto i miei oggetti ma ho avuto a che fare con il servizio clienti per quanto riguarda il ritardo e relativo rimborso e la ragazza e stata davvero molto disponibile e veloce nel risolvere i miei quesiti. Grazie Athena per la pazienza!


Banggood is my number place to shop for quadcopter parts. They have a large bank and variety of parts to choose from with great pricing and shipping. Customer service is great with speedy response.


I am buying on this shop few time and i was always 100% satisfied - from stuff or from service. Good time of delivery, good prices and really good service and help for customers.


My package was lost during shippment. Coco arranged new shippment and its on its way. Hope it gets to me this time.
Great support banggood!

Andrzej Gagala

Fast & helpfull ;-)
My recent order arrived to me not fully according to my requirement but with cservis support problem was solved very soon, even without resending wrong item to China !
Thanks Babggood !

Emmanuel Vera

Excelent support, fast delivery and low prices.

Bouhaniche Claude

I can confirm one thing for sure is that banggood is a very serious internet marketing company. I have experienced it since I bought about a hundred objects and I can confirm it here, I have experienced ..
In addition their after sales service is very effective ...
I will continue To be a customer ...

Ravi Puri

I placed an order for 3Pcs Electric Shaver Head Razor Blade Network. However, 1 Pc was damaged. Furthermore, the item was not as good as the original blades. I pointed this out to Banggood and they immediately informed the supplier who promptly got in touch with me and offered full refund against the order. I am very impressed with their service and highly impressed with Cora who handled my case.


Good for cheap rc toys and electronics


I have purchased several items from Banggood. My purchases were delivered in a reasonable time. Unfortunately I had an issue with a one broken item arrived, I ask assistance and had a fast answer. Bangood promise to resend the item. Very god and fast experience and good assistance and communication. Thank You…


They have a very human customer service, that always tryes to get a satisfied customer. A big variety of articles. Fantastic site for shopping.


The best online store. Answer all your questions, solve all the problems, everything that is connected with the purchase, delivery, I really liked how quickly send, answer questions. I recommend everyone to buy from Banggood store, no one will regret it. Thanks to all team

stefano zangheri

Very good service, assistence and prices. I had a trouble with wrong item arrived and they refund me in few time. Excellent !
I prefer Bangood to aliexpress because items arrive in shorter time regularly.


bought teclast 98 octa core,very nice problem,no adapter for charger.customer service solved this small problem with a $5us refund so I can buy a adapter in Canada ????. I have ordered four times from banggood with no reason to make a Paypal claim. Customer Service is the best, Thanks????.


I trust this store and this main thing!
Everything is here. And I'm sure that even the smallest thing will come to me safely. At first I was afraid to spend money on the Internet, but every successful purchase on Banggood added confidence. Сustomer service always answers and helps with any question! Thanks for your work!

ben hoor

good customer service and good prices.
the problems with delivery it's our post fault....too slow


The Best online Shop.

andrei dan

sper sa am o relatie buna si de incredere cu acest site deoarece sint un mare fan al electronicelor si al gadgeturilor.mult succes in viitor


Banggood is very good internet store with great offer. One of my order were lost by postal office. Without any problems I got refund for it.

So I'm glead how Banggood hase rosolved my case.

Zanis Musa

I'm from Europe/Latvia and I use Banggood ~2 years. This is my favorite web shop, because they have a lot off r/c stuff for great value, and my hobby is quadcopters and r/c model cars. If I have problems with broken or non-working item they respond in the e-mile in 24hours and always give to me a good solution (resend the item or money back) I'm very satisfacted.


Very good attention in customer service post sale. If you really have reason in your complaint, the attentions very good. I will buy again

Tarjei Skarstad

I use Banggood because of the big selection of quadcopter and parts. They have the best price and the best customerservice. Sometimes they even have some insanely low prices...


Very good customer service. Every time I had a problem, Banggood came through.


As a maker, Banggood is probably the best online site I know. I shop with 100% confidence, delivery is around 13 days for France, and among almost hundred orders, all arrived home. If it happends a product has a problem, the customer service is incredibly fast to respond and to bring you entire satisfaction. Delivery is free, packaging always safe. If I would have a wish? Yes, if service in my country would be as good as Bangood's one !


I can't say enough good things. Banggood has gone above and beyond my expectations. I will continue to use them for almost everything. Their shipping is pretty plain, but I've never had a package arrive damaged. Silva from their Customer Service was kind and incredibly helpful. You can't go wrong with banggood. Plus, they have the best prices and coupons for even lower prices.


Ordered 22 times on and had to deal twice with them customer service for "never arrived" orders. Once with Betty and second time with Ivy. Each time i asked for a Resend and each time they positively replied to my e-mail within 24h and 2 weeks later i had all my stuff! To me, this is five stars customer service!


I bought a Doogee Mix but since the device was not available after two promises, operator refunded me quickly. Super support, thanks.


I have been ordering many web shops from China but the Banggood is definitely the best. Usually I find the best price here, and If there any issue the customer service is really helping.

Jurij B.

Was my one of the first orders by banggoods. And did not came, a Postman gave it to someone or I dont know, no ones knows. Banggoods was culant and tryed everything to get my package at the end nothing happened and noone answered the questions, so Banggoods refunded fully my package! That what I call a service! The only -1 Star because of the Shipping and some other Packages were damaged a bit but working. Communications fine and the prices are awsome!


I have used Banggood for 2 years now and I am very happy with their service


Great shop and service. Thanks.

Vladimir Lalev

Banggood is my favorite e-shop.
I mainly shop electronics components, Arduino controllers and other DIY things. Еxcellent prices.
Fast and correct. For the few shipments that did not arrive, they returned immediately.


Banggood is my first stop for online purchases, if you want something, chances are they sell it, and their prices are competitive. Service is great, i have ordered lots of products through them,had my first non delivery recently, staff were extremely helpful, and i will definitely continue shopping with banggood.

Nhu Tran

Best price, very good service.


Guter Service, kaufe nun schon länger dort. Bin manchmsl über die unerwartet schnelle Lieferung überrascht. Auch wird sehr schnell und kulant reagiert, wenn mal was auf dem Potweg Postweg verloren geht. Ist nun 2 mal bei über 20Bestellungen leider passiert. Werde weiter dort bestellen

M.J.J. Keijsper

Good service & communication


I order a lot from this store. Goods of high quality. The service is fast and courteous! I like this shop more than others! I highly recommend this store to everyone, and especially those who are just starting to shop on the Internet. Very user-friendly interface. Shopping is much easier and more pleasant than other stores.


Hello everybody,
I'm customer of Banggood for a long time
I had two or three problems of delivery along all these years.
These were essentially due to the Banggood packaging a bit "just sufficient" or to post/customs problems...
The packaging is for sure one argument for the competitive prices of Banggood, so I will not really complaint about that.
I have to say that Banggood always answered very quickly to my messages, and that each problem was quickly solved by mail, including reimboursement ....
I had to repay the last one because after reimboursement ... I finally got the order dispatched ==> post/custom problem !
So, everything is fine and correct, and the value for the money paid for sure is worthing the five stars rating.
Enjoy it !

Marco Marini

Darvi le cinque stelle è il minimo che si possa fare. Siete precisi nelle spedizioni, e siete sempre in grado di risolvere qualsiasi problema si possa presentare

Peter Hygren

Superb service, thank you!

Gabor Czabai

One of the best shops. Why?
If you have a problem, they try to help you ASAP. Recently the post lost my order and Banggood sent me the item again without extra charge. Very trustable shop!


Magnus RC

I have been customer since 2013 , Always had great service with Them . Some package arrive broken or missing but customer service Always came true to solve the problem for me . I recomend Them to Amy one ????

Marcelo Melo

Estou muito satisfeito com o banggood em relação as minhas compras.
E também em relação ao serviço de atendimento ao cliente.


I love Banggood. I was introduced to them in 2016 and I've bought something from them roughly once every second month since then. If I'm looking for something I look on Banggood first, and I'm on there at least once a day. There's never been a missed delivery, and when there was a damaged product they offered a refund and were also very happy to send a replacement product.


The store is excellent. Support reacts quickly enough and goes to meet the client, try to increase the speed of work with customers. The prices please, especially when you get on the shares or you have a coupon. Delivery has improved its work from the moment I started buying goods in this store. I consider great progress and it is excellent. Keep it up. I recommend.


I'm at 30 command on banggood , i almost never had a issue and when i did the client support was nice every time , quick replace of default product or quick refund.

The packaging does the job.

the value for money is good, it depend on what you purchase

Evgeny Parygin

Responsible service. After two months waiting for the parcel, the same goods were sent again. I'll leave one more positive feedback after receiving the parcel.

Nodari Pantsulaya

Banggood is a great place to shop for practically anything, especially for RC hobbies. Their prices are the lowest of any vendor, really good customer support and often times free delivery. I highly recommend Banggood.


While delivery is often slow, the estimates are generally accurate and there's no shipping cost. Banggood is the best website I know of for ordering electronics, hobby equipment, and knick knacks.


i have alot of orders from banggood and until now i dont have any problem..


I have had a very good experience with Banggood, after the unit that I purchased had a faulty battery in it. They re-sent another unit without hesitation. I have been buying from Banggood for a few years now, and they have been very good with their communications and customer service.


After over 1 month shipment was never received. Cust Serv provided excellent communication and promptly processed a refund. Thank you!

Bryan Johnson

I love bang good! They have an amazing selection of cool stuff which I can't find for sale locally. Bang good pricing is awesome as well. Their shipping rates and times are good. Most of it is free shipping. When stuff gets lost in the mail they are right there with a full refund so I am not out of pocket for items I did not receive. In fact I have found their customer care to be much better than other companies like gearbest. Now days bang good is my first choice for shopping before I even leave the house.


Buenas , agradezco la atención que he tenido por Bangood a mis requerimientos. Le doy muy buena nota. Gracias


I didn't receive the item first, but they helped me out fastly, and sent a second one free of charge, which arrived successfully. The administration was kind, and on the point. Thank you.

Hélio Rodrigues

Banggood is a very serious company. They have a wide range of products. Unparalleled pricing and payment methods. Shipping is very fast and the products are well packaged for international shipping. And the attendance during the sale, and after-sale is very attentive and fast. Highly recommend Banggood to everyone!

Malik Isaev

Шикарный магазин, большой выбор товара на любой вкус. Подойдет для людей которые ищут интересное хобби. Удобная оплата, процесс заказа и отслеживание.


Reliable seller, good communication


Had small delivery problem, quickly resolved, thanks


Very good store! I bought an item and the delivery was late in my oppinion. They sent me a tracking number for free (!!!) so I discovered that the delay caused by the local post office and wasn't the Banggood's fault. Great Thank you!!!

fabricio pinheiro graci

Excelente produto otimo preço.
Recomendo.Suporte ao cliente muito bom.


Hello, an excellent store and even better customer service.


Hi , my opinion of banggod i have ordered twenty order of the China warehouse. the delivery for Europe are good 7-25 days . i have tested the customer service and he is good . i have not realy a bad experience of this site . i recomend it
sorry for my bad english i'm french

William Leslie

I have used Banggood on several occasions. Their prices are excellent and I always receive the goods earlier than the predicted date. For the first time, I have received an item damaged in transit but after a couple of emails with very rapid replies, I have been assured that a replacement is on the way.


good service!


I made many orders on Banggood.
The ratio quality/price is very good.

The only wrong order was solded by an efficient customer service in short time.
Thanks to them, with special congratulation to Muki.


Shopping at Banggood was easier than expected, At first the prices looked a little higher than comparable sites but with a coupon or sale I found the prices to be pretty competitive. Free shipping is a big plus and I received the packages quicker than anticipated. I had to contact customer service over a minor issue but they promptly got everything resolved. I feel comfortable shopping at Banggood knowing that they have very attentive customer service.


Banggood is the best shopping internet service. I like Banggood's choice of the electronics.


excellent costumer service and you can find best qualities product, low prices, price good and cheap, and everyone can order from it. ????


Quality is good, there was an issue with the delivery (not Banggood's problem) but the communication was good the the problem was solved. Will order from them again.

izik ohayon

This seller is great. It was not 24 hours before I contacted him about any problem with the shipment and the credit had already reached me back.
Highly recommend


Bangood is one of the best chinese shops were you can buy online


Perfect customer service, quality and cheap products. One of the best sites that you can find.


Good comunication ,friendly and responsive employees!


Excellent customer service. solved my issue quicker than i thought. Thank you.


Very good experience and support services.


Hello everyone!
Prices are good and cheap.
I liked Bangood's service. When I informed them about broken part which I received, they asked me to pay back for that. But I wanted another part and they sent me that again.
I'm thankful for that.

Alexey Egorov

Many times I use this store, a very complete and accurate description of the goods, the goods sent are always of good quality and justify my expectations. The packaging of goods is good, everything comes in complete safety. Postage is moderate, of course I would like to speed up the delivery time, but this does not depend on the store but on the work of the postal services.
For many years of shopping in this store has never regretted the purchased goods.
Regards, Alexey


hello, I really like Banggood. They have good quality products. I am really glad about communication to them. They really take care of customers.


In general i am satisfied with Banggood's services, it has already happened to me to be disappointed by the quality of a product proposed by one of the shops in collaboration with Banggood. But in the end we have always found a solution and I thank them for it

Chooti Pongtavornpinyo

Fast Delivery. A lot of products for shopping. Fast communication. I brought many items from this website.


Good prices


Their customer service is really great! I had to return a package and they were very helpful and kind


Low prices and good variety of products. Very good communication and service, I had a lost in transit package and they offered a free resend. Recommended!

Сергей Т

Отличный сервис, всегда идут навстречу клиенту, Достаточно быстрая доставка, отличная упаковка - всегда все целое приезжает.


Good service. I am ordering from banggood afew last years and everything runs smoothly, even refunds if something occasionally goes wrong.


I prefer Banggood to many other e-shops for several reasons:
- Quite competitive prices;
- Variety of goods for sale, including a lot of electronic elements and parts;
- Working and effective Customer support - Best Regards to Athena!


muchas gracias excelente atención

kamal harichane

i give u high values


I have more than 50 orders from Banggood in the last months. Good prices, reasonable delivery times, great customer service. I had some issues with undelivered and dead on arrival items, but everything was solved by banggood support.
So in general - good seller with great service.

Panagiotis Paraskevopoulos

I must congratulate and thank Banggood for immediate response, as well as for the possibility of choosing between refunding or sending again.

Joel Colden

I recently discovered banggood in my quest to get up and flying, this new racing drone thing had me hooked. I have to say, the quality of my new machine and related supplies was far and above what I was expecting for such a comparatively low price. I couldn't be happier with my new quad. Shipping can take a while(it is coming from the other side of the globe after all if you're in the US like me), so if you need something quick, pay that little extra for the expedited shopping option. I had only one issue with anything I ordered, and banggood responded admirably, with no delay or runaround. They actually listen to you and your issues. The products are awesome, especially at such great prices, but the customer service is what will keep me coming back to this company for a long time.

I highly recommend giving them a shot, you won't be disappointed.

Joel Colden


Great value for money a different shipping and payment method
Great after sale service always offers a solution the most important the speed of treatment.
The best shop for me

Alex M

Dealing with with the customer service at was exceptional. Any questions or concerns I had were responded to immediately.

Great store! Will definitely purchase more items.

Kelvin Chan

I am very grateful to CoCo’s quality customer service since she solves the delivery problem of my order quickly and seriously. She take care of my needs and sent me the goods again. I am now more confident in shopping at Banggood.

Stanciu Andre

I like bangood , their products are greate (quality/value) and their support is greate too


I've recently discovered BangGood and I appreciate the accuracy they put into the description and classification of products. It gives much more trust than other similar websites like AliExpress. I ordered several items and I received everything from China to Italy (about 2-3 weeks for shipping). Only in one case I didn't receive a product (a battery) but their customer care has resent it without problems.

Leonardo Barba

A good store, a good site and a great customer service!

Unfortunately I was forced to use the customer service,
Regular delivery and mobile phone case,
Broken delivery deadline, they sent another,
Without much complication.

EU warehouse service, perfect!
Delivery within 3 days, no additional VAT and duty!


Eng:Reliable website, quality products, with unbeatable prices and great customer service.I recommend
FR:Site fiable, produits de qualite,avec des prix imbatable et un service client recommande


Muy buen servicio al cliente .Me reembolsaron mi dinero aunque la aduana de mi pais devolvio el producto por un error mio.
Sitio recomendable.


I Ordered a few times from the site and it was always very simple and arrive fast, and in the one time it did not arrive the support was very helpful and refund me without any problems.

M Fauze Shamsul

I like Banggood because good customer service, even with free shipping, guarantee the package will arrived not something like in Aliexpress where many of my order fail to arrived.


I recommend it. If there is a problem with de shipment they resolve it promptly.

Greg Cann

Thanks for the excellent service received recently. I was sent an incomplete item but after I reported the problem it was quickly resolved and now a replacement is on the way.
Top marks Banggood!


Ottimo venditore, risposte immediate e serie, farò sicuramente altri acquisti!


The bag I ordered did not arrive but as soon as I emailed customer service I was assured my visa would be credited. Thank you.


I ordered a case for iphone. It didn't come but service was great! They did refund and no other inconvenience! Thanks:)


In my case the problem occured during the transport of my eighth order. I indicated it for the customer service, and they helped very fastly and pliantly.
I got all the first seven products fastly withouth any problem. I got in all cases what I ordered. They were neighter hurted nor substandard quality.
Lots of webshops should take the case of this company!
Tally-ho Banggood!


Hy I order 3 items, the first very good condition, nice and strong stick. I don't get The both others but I get a full refund quickly, and with good services and communication.


Ordini evasi in tempi record, spedizioni sempre affidabili e consegne puntuali.
Assistenza post vendita molto disponibile.


Banggood is the best chinese online shop in my opinion for RC components.

Fast delivery, good communication and 100% original products.


I have ordered through banggood multiple times. The customer service that they have is well structured. In which I have my responses and solutions in quick manner in case of doubts and unexpected issue. This is also the reason I prefer this webshop over some others.


Banggood is a very nice webshop with really good people.

I have ordered a ton of stuff at Banggood, always very good value for the money. Even more important: if there is a problem (I have once had a package that didn't arrive and once a battery that was not compatible with my device), you can ask for help and they will do everything they can in a friendly way to help you.
One point where improvement is possible is shipping, it can take a long time but as shipping is free, this is understandable.


Banggood is my favorite. The customer service is excellent. I had a problem with shipping, and they were very helpfull and fast.


Banggood's portal and mobile app are the best in the market. The product quality is always as it is stated on the page, very good quality. And when I needed to use customer service I always had an excellent and quick response. I recommend to all my friends to buy from Banggood!


Banggood provide excellent customer service. When one order failed to arrive, they couldn't provide a replacement because they were out of stock so refunded my money. When the order arrived two months late, I refunded the money ok. Thank you Banggood.


Banggood customer service (Willow) is very good. I didn't receive my order withing 30 days and they shipped out a replacement very quickly. I haven't received the item(s) as of yet but I have full confidence that they will arrive. When I contacted customer service I received a response very quickly and the absolution was well handled.

Bart Doets

I've been a Banggood customer for a couple of years now. I like their products, and the service is quite good; occasionally thing go wrong but then they're really coöperative to work it out. (I have ordered quite often with them so it's quite logical things go wrong from time to time.)
As a Dutchman, I appreciate the option to pay through IDeal, which is recognised by all the Dutch banks.
Their coupons system however is so complicated I don't bother to try and understand it.

Carlos Ranieri

Excelente pagina de comercio on line, se pueden encontrar productos a muy buenos precios (mejores que en otros sitios similares), tiene varias formas de pago (paypal, credit card y otros).
El envio de los productos es rapido, pudiendo elegirse tracking para hacer el seguimiento de los envios.
Y muy importante la atencion al cliente es muy buena, rapida respuesta y resolucion de problemas (reintegro del dinero, reenvio o reparacion del producto). Sitio recomendable!


Wer sich einigermaßen auskennt mit Modellbau und Basteleien, der weiß was er bei Banggood bekommt. Wer erwartet einen 1000€ Artikel für 300€ zu ergattern, der ist einfach nur naiv. Ich kaufe regelmäßig Sachen bei Banggood weil die in Deutschland einfach zu teuer sind (aufgrund von Zuschlägen für Qualitätsprüfungen und unseren gut bezahlten Mitarbeitern)... ist natürlich nicht gut für die Wirtschaft aber das ist mir sowas von egal. Qualität prüfe ich selber immer, egal wo ich etwas kaufe... habe schon viel Schrott aus Deutschland gekauft (ich sag nur R33ly).

Habe versucht einen Quadcopter bei BG zu bestellen, kann man aber vergessen, kein normaler Zoll wird sowas durchlassen, wegen deutschen Gesetzen (EC-Zeichen, Konformitätserklärung, Anleitung auf Deutsch, also für Dumme). Musste den also zurückschicken. Für unsere Idioten-Gesetze kann BG auch nix, dennoch haben sie schnell auf meine Emails geantwortet und ich habe das Geld zurückbekommen :)
Wäre natürlich gut wenn es einen Hinweis auf der Seite gäbe, dass Quadcopter keine Zollfreigabe für gewisse Länder (Deutschland) haben... oder der Hinweis war zu gut versteckt.


There seems to be a problem with battery delivery to Korea.
banggood is return to my account in 72 hours



Lovely site for rc toys and electronics


I have more than 15 years experience buying online. I have tried many e-shops and online auctions. What I really like about, that they are really stable, and reliable. Banggood dispatches items same or next day no matter which day of the weak I buy or are there any seasonal holidays.
During my Banggood buying practice I had few questions to clarify, and they offered really fast communication with professional English with obvious intention ant willingess to help.
Generally I`m really satisfied with Banggood services and quality of the products they`re selling.

Johan Berntzen

Ordered an item which never was delivered, NOT Bang Good's fault ! I had a lovely conversation with one of their employees and have to say that the way they communicated was briljant ! I received within a week a refund without hesitation, this was customer service at it's best !

Congratulations on a job well done Bang Good !

Michael Piquemal

I am very happy with Banggood, I have made a lot of purchases, the products are generally good, I have had a few small problems with shipments, but after contacting the customer service they have been fixed without any problems.
My only criticism is with packaging and shipping. Some of the Items that I have ordered have had parts broken, everything I have ordered has arrived wrapped in a bit of foam and placed in a soft plastic bag, which is not enough protection for delicate items. With regard to the shipping I just placed an order for eight items and they said they would ship eight separate packages, which means I have to pay for eight tracking charges, instead of getting one package and one tracking charge.

Lucas Moraes

Tive atrasos com minha primeira compra, mas eles me reembolsaram ( reenviando um novo produto) de forma satisfatória, e sem burocracia. Espero que esse novo pedido não demore muito a chegar.


Packaging was very nice.
The shipping did take longer than expected but overall it was pretty good.


all perfect! excellent customer service with great solutions for the problem you expose!


I would like to say that the site has an exceptional customer service. Every time I had an issue with my order or I got something damaged and I have to open a dispute, I get an immediate response from a representative via e-mail giving me several choices to resolve my issue.

Damir Marohnić

you will have always excellent service from Banggood. Any problem you faced will be swiftly managed by customer support at shortest time without any delay.


Perfect transaction fast shipped recommended site Thanks


You can buy almost anything you wish on this e-shop. Communication is really nice, prices are Good and the quality of the products, is perfect.
A few days delay, is the only negative point.


Very professional shop,
After 14 orders, one of them never arrived. It was free shiping untracked.
I informed the store, about the problem and in two days they refund order back to my account.
Great support !!!


I'm very satisfied from the Banggood Customer Service. I received faulty smart wristband - it had some issues with the display. I contacted customer service, provided photos and got quick response: I could choose refund or resend. I chose resend and the package was sent very shortly. Apart from that I didn't need to bother with sending the item back - fantastic customer approach!

Michal Licak

Very good shop, fast shipping, very good communication and very good prices.

Eric Beirnes

Have ordered a few items from Banggood now, awesome products for great prices. Shipping can be hit and miss, some items come fast, but some very slow. Had a problem with shipping on one of my items and they corrected the problem immediately. Customer service is top notch. Will definitely be ordering more from Banggood.

Matija Moškon

So far excellent customer support. Value for money is just about right. Shipping varies because of the EU customs but otherwise quite good. If a product is faulty they will either refund or resend another right away.


Very nice place for your shopping, lots of stuff and low prices. Highly recommended. The customer service is really kind.


Very good site. Correct sellers. Fast responding.

Gilvan Mendes

Ótima loja, super prestativos e honestos, o que é mais importante.

Hans Vledder

Excellent shop!


Very reliable webshop: good prices, correct en quick shipping and also a very good after sales service!
I totally recommend.


Very good experience, usually quick shipping.
If there are any problems (broken items, order didn't arrive,...) they resolve it quickly.


i have very good experience with banggood. last time i couldn't track the order and wrote them an email, they answered fast and soon i could track the order and go to my post office where the order was stucked for 2 weeks.

Paulo Coelho

Compro na Banggood já a algum tempo tendo uma boa experiencia, recomendo a todos.


Great selection of products and prices. Delivery time is also comparatively fast for China based shipping. Customer service is quick to respond if there are any issues.


La comunicación con banggood es excelente, podemos contactar por chat directo, o desde la misma compra.

El precio es bestial mas que nada las ofertas flash y las ofertas para VIP, yo soy Vip3.

La entrega es buena en el 90% de los productos, he comprado 28 productos y solo dos no han llegado, pero banggood con gusto lo ha vuelto a enviar.

The communication with banggood is excellent, we can contact by direct chat, or from the same purchase.

The price is bestial more than anything flash offers and offers for VIP, I am Vip3.

The delivery is good on 90% of the products, I bought 28 products and only two have not arrived, but banggood gladly sent it back.


Excellent store! I have order many times from Banggood. The prices are really low for what you are getting and you can even get an extra discount with Banggood points. The customer service is very nice and they are willing to replace defective or broken items. I will definitely buy again. Thanks Banggood!

dorthe wiernicki

My daughter is into Squishy's, she has ordered several from Banggood, they have all arrived within two weeks, the Squishy's are very good quality and also sold at a very good price according to my daughter who have done a lot of research before spending all her pocket money on Squishy's. Excellent customer service, when contacted Banggood responds within 12 hours, had an issue with a wrong item received, was all happily solved within 24 hours.


Excellent customer service and solved my issue. Thanks a lot


Excellent selection of inventory - pretty much every gadget you can think of. Price is good with frequent sales and discounts. I like how you are charged in your local currency. Only criticism I have is that packaging could be better. You will received crushed boxes but I guess that's how they minimize their shipping fees, which are passed onto the consumers.

Ata Ozyuva

Customer service was able to solve my problem in a snap. Very satisfied.


Excellent customer service and solved my issue, very happy and recommended.


I am shopping from Banggood for almost two years.
It's my fauvorite store.
I find good qualited shipping,good communication.
The few times i needed aftersales services,the store was very proffesional.
I recommend this store


affidabile, spedizioni abbastanza veloci ed eventualmente rimborsi se l'oggetto va perso


I Have been buying from your store for years . I have always been more than satisfied with the price /quality and service. I have had a few minor problems that were fixed Immediately by your service dept. I'm looking forward to years of future business With You Thank You and Best Wishes.


Been buying a lot from Bang Good lately. Usually good quality products, shipment and service.

Had an issue where I received the wrong type of filament for my 3D printer (got PLA instead of ABS). Got help from Athena at their customer service. They immediately sent me the right filament roll without charging me anything extra for it. That is customer service! Amazing

5 stars


Good store, fast delivery, excellent customer service.


I ordered the H96pro+ tv box and found the remote control defective. A couple of e-mails to make sure it was a bad remote and one was in the mail. I received the replacement a few days later and could not be more pleased with the way Bang good handled my order and my problem Thanks guys, your happy customer, Andy


Had some problems with a package but they helped me solve it, very helpful. Would buy here again!

Andrew Wade

I find the web site easy to search, decide, compare and shop
Delivery is slower and more spotty than advertised - to Canada
Quality of products is usually good, but not spectacular
Sizes are too small
Coupon system is a mystery, very confusing
service dept is quick , easy and efficient to deal with


Very satisfied with my order

Fernando Almeida

O Banggood é um dos melhores sites para compras, on line, que eu conheço.
O Banggood possui grande variedade de produtos, tem preços baixos, ofertas e promoções constantes e, acima de tudo, é extremamente confiável.
Vou continuar comprando no Banggood.


Great company.
Fast shipping.
Excellent costumer service.


Llevo ya un buen historial de compras con ellos. Muy tranquilo al poder pagar con PayPal, y en general todo funciona siempre de forma seria y fiable. Las pocas veces que he tenido algún problema con envío o calidad siempre han respondido de forma rápida y satisfactoria. Recomendable..


Excelente atencion


Купил в магазине лазерный модуль 2500мВт а он оказался неисправным.
Сервисная служба магазина выслала на замену новый модуль.
Отличный сервис! Рекомендую!!!

I bought a 2500mW laser module and it turned out to be faulty.
The service department of the store sent a new module for replacement.
Great service! I recommend!!!


Couple years ago I started shopping on Banggood site on my friend's recommendation and I'm very satisfied with quality of products and correspondence with customer service which is quick and polite. Had a few problems with products ( damaged in delivery) and always customer service solved problem quick as possible. I'm gonna continue shopping because Banggood is site I can trust. Fast and reliable.


Great service and communication!
My parcel got lost and I got refunded very quickly.
Thank you Banggod.


all is ok, nice and helpfull customer service


Ich habe schon mehrere Einkäufe in diesem Shop gemacht. Bin sehr zufrieden mit den Preisen und dem Angebot. Die Lieferung China - Deutschland war immer schnell. Dieser Shop ist einer meiner TOP-Favoriten. Bemerkenswert ist der außerordentlich gute und schnelle Service bei Fragen zum Produkt bzw. zur Lieferung. Alle bisher gekauften Artikel entsprachen voll der Beschreibung im Banggood-Shop.Die Bezahlung via Paypal war immer problemlos. Da ich mit allen Optionen und der Leistung dieses Shops sehr zufrieden bin, kann ich Ihnen Banggood nur empfehlen !

TOP-Shop !


Great, fast communication, prompt reply and money refund.

Claus Bargenda

I'm quite satisfied with Banggood. Orders will be processed fast. Shipment starts fast. Delivery could be faster, but that's it with wares from China.
Problems will be resolved very fast and without any problems.


Ho fatto vari acquisti con importi diversi e in generale mi sono trovato bene.
Veloci per la spedizione se il materiale disponibile, un po meno se non è reperibile .
Sito affidabile e sicuro dove ci sono stati problemi sono stato rimborsato.
Molto bene consiglio acquisti.


Habe schon viel dort bestellt. Gute Auswahl, kleine Preise und Top Support. Der Versand aus China dauerte im Schnitt 14 Tage. Einmal kam ein Paket nicht an und wurde anstandslos rückerstattet.

Stewart Lynch

I had not received my order in 5 weeks so I logged a complaint. The company was very fast to respond and shipped a replacement item which I have now received. Very fast response and good service.

Pierre Honeyman

I've ordered a few items from BangGood. The first few items arrived quickly and in good shape. The prices are always good. Unfortunately my last order got lost. Fortunately BangGood was very responsive to me, and refunded me the purchase price. Their customer service is very responsive. I'm quite happy with them.


I've been buying from banggood for years now, and only once my packages got lost.
I ordered 3 different items and I was foolish enough not to add a tracking for them and they got lost.
I contacted banggood service and they refunded me the entire money for all orders!
That's what I call a service, and because of this service I only buy from banggood.


It has been two an half years since my first order on BG. In this time I have made over 300 orders and I will have made even more if I had the money. Overall I am pleased with BG. I have to admit that were some problems with a couple of my orders but nothing that cannot be fixed by the professional customer service.I will continue buying from them because they didn't let me down.




Banggood has been a good company to do business with.


excellent services . full refund.

rodrigo magalhaes araujo

Something went wrong but i had a optino from support to resend or refund, i choose resend, it is very good service and fast replie.Very Satisfied. I will by again, very soon!


Something went wrong but i had a refund so very good service and fast replie.Satisfied.


I am very satisfied with the service of this store, I made orders only about 30, but everything has always been excellent. Sometimes, the goods arrived spoiled but the support service always went to a meeting and helped me. Thank you ! I will continue to buy from them quadrocopter:)


Good prices. Fast shipping and delivery. Excellent customer support. Top e-shop !!!


I really like to buy in Banggood, It is easy and fast and also when you have a problem they refund your money.


I purchased hobby tools and materials from from time to time. They are good in quality and delivery packaging. Even though a few orders do not arrive, they are willing to refund in full without hassle. I am delighted for their services and will continue to order from them.


Excellent shop, i had some problems with some packages, but it was sorted out quickly(for now).
Recommended and prices are lower than in other shops


Excellent shop, we had some problems with just one package,but it was sorted out quickly.


I had a few problems with ordereds from this site and i must say that they helped me and solved my problems very quick

Jeff Marks

Apart from delivery time, my experience was a good one. Communication excellent and very helpful. Thank you.

Branimir Knezevic

I have very pozitive opinien aboute bangood site.
So far all the best.

Luciano B.

I have bought many electronic devices and components from Banggood: you may find about all you're searching for, the prices are lower than other sites and the customer care is excellent (if you have any question, simply send an email and the day after you'll find the answer in the mail box; all my problems with shipping and devices - drivers, examples, instructions, etc. - have been so solved ). The only problem, common to all Chinese shops, is the time needed for the shipping, usually about one month, from China to Italy.

Jose Heijn

Unbeatable prices

To be honest, the only issue I have with Banggood are the shipping times. Otherwise, I would recommend this website to anyone who isn't in a hurry and wants to build a drone on a budget. With the exception of a Flysky receiver, all the parts I ordered from them are functioning well, so I wouldn't be too concerned with quality issues. I have no complaints whatsoever in the customer service department. I asked for a refund for the Flysky receiver and the banggood representative that emailed me back was very friendly and understanding. I was impressed by their customer service and I will definitely order from them again in the future.


I did a few good buys on Banggood and I can recommend it to everyone. They have really good price/quality ratio and additionally, they have an EU warehouse where EU occupants can buy with quicker delivery times and sometimes even lower prices.


Great prices and excellent service!


Good prices and quality. Customer service is very good. Of the many orders with the two there were problems. Both were quickly resolved.


Excellent customer service!


The best and most responsible shopping site, has an excellent after sales.
Quick service via email, ready to solve any problems regarding your purchase ... NOTE 10.


Molti prodotti, prezzi buoni, servizio clienti ottimo, spedizione verso italia troppo lenta, almeno 4 settimane.


I shop in banggood for over a year, and I had two incidents with them. First was bad motors with hubsan, and the second was missing delivery. Banggood both times resent me those products without any problems (with hubsan I only had to send them a video, with problem).
I strongly recomend purchase in this store.


Service was very quick and fast response. Thank you for the polite team


I had purchased more then 60 items from Banggood and I am satisfied with the fast communication, delivery and value for money. Also it is very good the payment option with Paypal. I can recommend this shop to every one.


Very polite Seller; quick reply to any question


Très bon site. En cas de soucis réponse très rapide du service client. Je recommande à 100 % !


Great customer service.
This time I had an issue due to mislabeled package (my name was missed) and after I had to amend it through local custom office, Banggood took care of the fees I had paid to amend the label. Being my first time buying from Banggood, I felt well supported at every time.


Banggood is my favorite shopping site. They are very reliable and communicative, they have competitive prices, good quality goods, good and fast shipping, good customer services.... I am dealing with Banggood for last two years, having only one issue which was solved very quickly. Thank you Banggood.

Matheus Andrade

Otimo site, tudo incrivel!! Suporte rapido, entrega feita no prazo! adorei


My favorite shopping site ... I did a lot of orders and I was satisfied every time. The prices are good and the few times i had a shipping or product problem customer service was great. Really recommended seller.


since i got known banggod it become my favorite shopping site. It has a major variety and the cheapest prices around the web. furthermore their great costumer care who's been very helpful whenever i needed them.


Very good service. I had some trouble with the package It turned out to be caused by a local disorganized post office. The seller was kind enough to help me out, and resended the packed again


It took a while for the shoes to make it to Mexico, but I am glad to say that they are here and in good shape. I am grateful for the support while I was trying to find my package. Excellent service and friendly response.
Thank you very much.


Very good experience with Banggood shop. These have been really very good quality products at affordable prices. Also there is very good communication with shop - if you have any problems with your order they absolutely will help you. I often recomend Banggood to my friends.


Banggood has long been my favorite asian retailer. Most items are in stock and and not dropshipped (unlike other places) the prices are decent and there is a cheap option for faster tracked shipping (Most items arrive in 2 1/2 weeks) And they often have sales or coupons that make items very inexpensive.


Since finding out about Banggood I have done very little shopping elsewhere. They have a great selection of items, really good prices and if anything goes wrong with the order they are very quick to make sure that the issue is resolved. One of my favorite shopping sites.


Infelizmente por algum problema no transporte do meu pedido não recebi um pedido, informei ao atendimento ao consumidor e fui bem atendido, foi realizado o reembolso integral do pedido. Fiquei satisfeito, fiquei muito seguro em comprar no site.


Customer service is VERY GOOD!
Because of lost order of 2-extra Assassin drone batteries, they are refunding the battery cost plus extra.


Have been shopping from Banggood for years,.. only once had a minor issue & Willow has resolved it immediately

Stefan Bozhanov

Very good experience with Banggood shop. These have been really very good quality products at affordable prices. Their customer service is superb. Had a problem with one order, made a few emails and claimed it to the site and within 24 hours they refund money.
Professional approach!

Fernando Francisco Vieira

Great site, great deals, only problem with me was the delivery. But work out to get it resolved with the customer center, they will refound me.


Thank you for your full refund.


Bang good is a pretty good site has plenty of gear I spent hours browsing through their site.
Best of all prices are quite reasonable.
Could improve on packaging but over all a peasant experience.


good shop assistance ! my favourite shop online!


Banggood have very good quality of selling products. Delivery is fast (for example my Order No: 27277242 to Poland - everything took 15 days - with weekends - WOW!).
Also there is very good communication with shop - if you have any problems with your order they absolutely will help you :)
I often recomend Banggood to my friends and family.


I've placed several orders with Banggood without problem but 1 order failed to arrive. Once I realized the delivery time was past due, I contacted Banggood. They responded promptly, the item was out of stock and suggested a refund and again had a quick reply and refund. Based on their response, and the previous orders not having issues, I'll continue to shop at Banggood.


Sino ad oggi mi posso ritenere soddisfatto del rapporto con Banggood.
A suo favore vi è la straordinaria quantità di prodotti in vendita e, per quanto riguarda la qualità dei prodotti, sta a chi acquista sceglierla. Anche scegliendo prodotti di marca vi si trova una buona convenienza.
Di contro vi è il tempo d'attesa che nella spedizione gratuita o minimale resta veramente lunga e per quelle a pagamento praticamente fanno perdere ciò che si risparmia acquistando da loro.
Per quanto riguarda il prevendita ed il post vendita nulla da eccepire se non un po 'meccaniche'.


Very Satisfied how customer service handle service and complains, thank you for fast response and resolution.


I have purchased many items from Banggood because the prices are great and some items are unique. Over several years that I have purchased from Banggood, only a couple of times my package did not arrive. However, when I contacted Banggood customer service, they helped me out and gave me the best solution. This is one big reason I feel confident purchasing from Banggood. If there is a problem with your order, they will honestly help you. Thank you Banggood!


I've placed 3 orders with Banggood. 2 orders arrived as expected. The third order failed to arrive. Once I realized the delivery time was past due, I contacted Banggood. They responded promptly, and provided a couple options to address my missing order. I requested a refund and again had a quick reply agreeing to it. Based on their response, and the previous orders not having issues, I'll continue to shop at Banggood.


Have been buying from them for years, great site great prices, and the customer service helps very much when and if needed.

Jasmine Minty

This is my very first time using this site and I am very happy! The order took a while to get to me via the postal service but I got excellent customer service when contacted. I will shop at Banggood again!


Very happy with the after sales service


Banggood is good value for the price, they do ship reliably and have cutting edge quadcopter hobby parts. For shipping speed you get what you pay for.


I am a long years customer of Banggood,never had a complaint,is a reliable company and I recommend them to anyone..Al


hello, i have bought from many shops at China, like banggood anything.
i bought many things and they are excellent.
the service also excellent, when i didnt receive an item they communicative immediatly with and they give me the choose resend or refund, without problem.
Thanks for all.
You are simly the best.


Excellent shopping experience, very helpful service, only the delivery times are rather long at times.


Banggod are awesome when it comes to customer service issues. They are always willing to help, as best they can, and always with a smile and very polite!
Very quick delivery and so many products at bargain prices. The customer service responds promptly.
Good prices and good products!


Very good commercial organization with excellent products in quality / price. Excellent after-sales service by providing the solution immediately, small problems that may arise in the performance of careful work. Overall Guest: very positive.

Glen Rupp

I contacted them unsure that my order went through due to a mistake that was my own fault. They replied within one day and assured me that all was well. Excellent service, 5 day free shipping from China to U.S. Arrived in perfect condition at a GREAT price. Thanks Bang Good!


Molti prodotti,buoni prezzi,spedizione italia lenta, ottimo servizio clienti

Daniel Puraty

I've had good experiences with Banggood customer support. I recently purchased a larger item and forgot to enter the discount code. I contacted customer support, and while they couldn't change the order since it was already in process, they were able to give me some Banggood points for use on future orders. Their staff is courteous and fast to respond (within 24 hours). I'm a happy customer and will continue shopping at Banggood!

Jiri Simecek

Very good experience with Banggood shop. These have been really very good quality products at affordable prices. Their customer service is superb. Had a problem with erased unit, made a few emails and claimed it to the site and within 24 hours they send a replacement order.
Professional approach!


Servis je na visokom nivou. Komunikacija besprekorna. Narudzbinu koju nisam primio zamenili mi novom pratkom. Sve u svemu, bravo! Hvala vam. I dalje cu koristiti ovaj sajt!


Top Shop!
Ho ordinato già tante cose, pagato con paypal, il servizio cliente è perfetto
Da consigliare!

Molnár Gábor

I am satisfied with customer service, I always have the capability to do it, be it anything. We always find some sort of solution to the problems that arise.

Joan Barceló

The treatment has been very friendly and fast, have resolved to my satisfaction claim. Just what you expect from a good provider,

el trato ha sido muy amable y rápido. Han resuelto con satisfacción mi reclamación. Justo lo que esperamos de un buen proveedor.


Very good commercial organization, with excellent products in quality / price. Excellent after-sales service providing immediately to the small problems that may arise in the performance of careful work. Overall Guest: very positive,


Great value for money and always prompt international shipping with fast delivery to Australia. In my recent experience, customer service for goods damaged in shipping was excellent and replacement item shipped next day. Well done on great customer service


Banggood has great prices and a large range of products. The favourites list is a fun way to browse and shop their website and mobile app. They have demonstrated their commitment to give customers a great shopping experience by sorting out any problems quickly for me. I have ordered lots of things, and only had a couple of issues. Once an order was taking longer than expected, so they resent it. Another time a product was slightly damaged in the post, so they promptly resent me the same order for free, and let me keep the items I had received. You are in safe hands. Just tell them if there is a problem instead of posting a bad review, because they will sort it out for you.


Very quick delivery and so many products at bargain prices. The customer service responds promptly


After 5 months and no package I contacted BG to see if they had any insight on my package.
They promptly explained that after this much time I should not wait any longer and offered my a refund or replacement.
I went with replacement since I still needed the item. Outstanding customer service. I ordered from a package and it got returned within one week from there local post office and after 7 months they still refuse to offer a refund saying they are still waiting for to be returned from there local post office. That is very bad customer service. Never buy from a company that does stand by there customers. BG Stand by there customers. Hence they will always be a preferred store.
BG Thanks for keeping it pleasant.



Great online buying experience, and, simply put, the best, professional and helpful customer support of any other online store. Really top notch!


Azienda molto seria con molti articoli a prezzi buoni, ultimamente ha migliorato nella velocita di spedizione.

john thor

Very good service. I had some trouble with the package than turned out to be caused by a local disorganized post office. The seller was kind enough to help me out, and I got the package in the end

Bouwer van Aardt

My package got lost. I logged an message on BangGood Contact Us site and they responded within a day.
They were very understanding gave me the option of refund or resend. I choose resend and my new package is on its way.
Thank you for the excellent service.

Warham Smith

Willow is a very good customer service representative. Very quick to help resolve questions or issues.


I was very happy with product but after 3 weeks it stopped working Banggood quickly resolved the issue, great service. I received a new box last week and it is working great


Great service and sorted out a problem with one item that did not turn up. No fuss getting it followed up.


Good service, thanks


I bought a very nice bag. The shipment took almost 3 weeks, the bag is like in picture. Price very cheap. The customer service very kindly.
I'll order surely again in the future.


Great service store! Great prices and products! I would highly recommend!

Rolf J Bandlow

very good service from this company
Thank You

rita bachar

wonderful service! I am very satisfied with the items I have purchased throughout the year. You get value for your money and if there is a slight problem, Banggood responds immediately.

I recommend them highly


Good prices. Fast shipping and delivery. Excellent customer support.

Jeremy Jordan

When I made an incorrect order customer service immediately helped me gain a full refund and helped me order again correctly.
Great service!


Banggood has consistently impressed me for a Chinese company. Deliveries are quick and nearly always on time. Packages are in good condition and I have a better working rate than all other similar websites. They have a huge product selection and competitive prices, with a fairly easy website to use. Customer service has always responded to me within 12-24 hours and done their best to resolve my requests.

Leandro silva martins

Good service, great, I felt it was a shame that I did not have a problem at my house. I made the merchandise back. I liked the service. Always, when I need it, I'll make a purchase on the website. Very helpful. Thank you very much.


Reliability and exceptional service. very pleased


Delivery is really fast, item came in like 2 weeks (wich is really fast to me). I love their service, they're really nice and helpful. There is no problem with possible refund or resend!


Très bon service commercial. N'hésites pas à rembourser ou renvoyer lorsque l'article acheté n'arrive pas à destination ou est défectueux.
Je recommande à 100%.


The prices are very competitive. The selection is very large. Provide excellent customer service. We buy often at Banggood and I'm happy. I recommend it to everybody


I have bought many times from Banggood.
The site contains thousand of items and a very high quality choice!
You can choose different kinds of shipment and the goods are quickly delivered.
I surely suggest this trusted store to all my friends, where you also will find what you are looking for !!
Banggood Forever !!!


Banggood is a highly valued foreign vendor. Their prices are very competitive, their selection is very large, and they provide excellent customer service. We have done considerable business with this company and are impressed that they stand behind their products. We will continue doing business with Banggood.


Very nice shop with a lot of interesting items :))), good prices, a very fast ship and a good after sales service :)). I´m very happy with this. I often to buy some items every month. Thanks.


Very good online shop, customer service at top level. Much safer to buy here than AliExpress.

Yordan Yordanov

Una tienda de confianza! Mi pedido tardó demasiado tiempo y tuve que reclamar la devolución de mi dinero. Al día siguiente me depositaron la misma cantidad en mi cuenta Paypal. Sin embargo unos días despues recibí el paquete. Esta vez me tocaba a mi enviarles el dinero :-D. Un 10 para el soporte, la comunicación era excelente.


Good prices and very helpfull customers service

Jason Goh

Although disappointed with the goods failure to delivery but have to specified the customer services reply is good and agree to refund. Finally hope can improve the courier services with detail to follow-up in case of fail to delivery.

Michael Flynn

Hi Banggood, I received my package yesterday in great condition and everything worked. The tracking number technology told me where the parcel was. Crystal @ inquiries was able to let me know that it was still on the way when I thought it was taking longer than expected. All round great experience.

cong khanh le

I've made many orders from BG and might lost 2 packages recently. As soon as notified, BG sent full refund for them.
Excellent service from "Juna"

Troy Matt

I have over 75 orders to Canada from BG and only lost 1 package, which as soon as I inquired about, I received a full refund. Great place to shop....

Complete confidence in ordering non-stop from BG!


Banggood is my favourite store at the moment! So many neat gadgets that I don't need, but since they are so cheap, I just buy them anyway! Awesome electronics and drone stuff.


The best customer service I know! I always got a really fast and good answer. After my package was lost (due to the german post company) they offered me full refund despite the fact that this wasn't even their fault.


Quick service and customer support was really helpful in tracking packages


I was somewhat concerned about placing an order out of the country. A problem came up and Bang Good handled my concern with professionalism. I am very happy with the product, the value and the way they handed problems. Plus Plus!

Ion Lupita

Since I ordered my first item on I was and am impressed to the present day. The excellent service, the fantastic quality and big variety of the products and the unexpectedly fast delivery are just a few reasons I can call myself a very satisfied costumer and will always happily come back to them.


I had a problem with my H96 Pro Plus tv box and contacted Banggood by email. After a few emails they decided to send me a replacement. Great service will deal with again.


convenient, large selection, cheapest prices, helpful & responsive customer service

Ronald Ribeiro

Ótima loja, comprei um item e chegu muito bem, veio na cor errada, mas não tive problemas em contatar - los. Recomento a loja, quem ainda tem dúvidas não precisa ter, qualquer problema podem mandar mensagem para eles que irão respond!


I have order from bang good a cover or my handy. Unfortunately the cover never ended to my hands.I made a claim to the site and within 24 h they send a replacement order. Very professional approach!

mary rose pace

Excellent after sales service


ha tardado muchisimo, pero buena atencion al cliente


Their extensive verity and great prices would mean nothing without good service, and I must say that the service is great. They dispatch orders quickly and well packaged, every time I have dealt with customer services I have been very satisfied. I also find the website and shopping experience pleasant compared to other online stores.

Justin Deane

Excellent service and quality of products makes shopping at Banggood a great pleasure. There were some delays with delivery but not too serious and it is probably to do with my location here in South Africa. I look forward to many more positive shopping experiences with this terrific company and I know I will find many more bargains as I have in the past.


Recebi um produto com defeito e entrei em contato com o suporte, me atenderam rápido e foi feito o reembolso do equipamento.
Excelente loja! recomendo a todos!


ciao Viola ,
mi congratulo con te e con tutte le impiegate del Vs. servizio clienti per la velocità e la competenza con la quale risolvete
i problemi che inevitabilmente nascono nel grande mondo di banggood .
Siete gentili e con la vostra collaborazione si risolvono tutti i problemi ,
Lo scambio delle informazioni e delle opzioni possibili (sopratutto ringrazio te Vola per le rapide proposte ) che mi hanno dato la risoluzione delle difficoltà . un augurio a tutte voi ed un saluto italiano continuerò ad usare il Vs negozio per i prezzi e la quantità dei materiali proponibili bene gli imballi e ottime le rapide spedizioni


Excellent shop!
The best choice of goods for the RC !!!


I have a good experiences with BangGood.
Products are good, prices too, shipping is standard (around 2 weeks) and when I had some problem, I always solved it quickly with customer service.
I can recommend this shop.


The last years I used Banggood more and more, because of interesting items, Quality and Price. When I have a question or Problem with a delivery they were always very friendly and helpfull, better than like many other Shops ! I will continue to use them as it fits into my desired sales.


There are quite some Chinese webshops, but as you probably know, not many of them deliver a good customer service. Banggood makes a difference here. They respond very quickly, and offer top notch solutions without leaving you behind with a bad feeling.
On top of that, they have a intuitive website, lot's of items available and in stock at a very, very sharp price.
Banggood will remain my primary shopping site for a long time to come!

Ian Robertson

I have used Banggood for quite a number of purchases and have had only good experiences. They have always been quick to respond to queries and follow through with the goods.


The quality of customer service is really good. I contact them about an issue and they give me a nice solution.


Great customer service. Very quick replying and trying to help.
The delivery was a little bit delayed, though. But it was not Banggood fault, but from the carriers, I suppose.


Overall very good online shopping experience


Banggood is now my go-to online store for electronic parts and instruments for my projects. They have a wide selection of components at very reasonable prices, low-cost and insured shipping and excellent tracking.

Their customer service is superb, they respond in less than 24 hours for even a minor issue with the order and they are very polite and welcoming.

I had trouble with a delivery (got stuck in the domestic postal service, very likely) and they immediately offered to re-ship my order or refund me for the full amount.

I am totally in-love with banggood!


Very responsive customer service.
Great service and best prices most of the times.

Would recommand 5/5

Cristhian Cruz

I have been buying for about 4 years, all my orders with tracking number to Bolivia. Fast shipping and great support customer.
Sometimes the order didn't arrive but was for transit problems. Anyway, I contacted to BG and received the full refund in 48 hrs.
I feel safe when I buy from BG.


I have ordered many items from Banggood. The service has been great. These have been good quality products at very reasonable prices. Anytime I have had a problem Customer Service has contacted me in a timely manner, and resolved my issue with speed and courtesy. I will always be a Banggood customer and I highly recommend them to anyone.


The quality of customer service is really good.They contact me about a issue and give me a nice solution. General talking Banggood is a nice place to buy a lot of thinks.They have good prices and a lot of products.Nice job !!!!!!

Dirk Zimmermann

Super Service


Great shop. Special things, good quality. Safe shopping. Helpful, dear team. I like!

Paul Mays

Chloe has been very helpful with her fast & timely responses & helpful information. She resolved an issue with a defective product last month & with a shipment delay this month.


Ayudan muy bien, excelente servicio al cliente.


Very good service, will but again


Alışveriş için çok iyi ve güvenilir bir site

Steve M

Great stuff! I've spent thousands on this site and have never been disappointed..


I ordert al lot of products at Banggood, always to my satisfaction.
Sometimes something a part is missing or broken, but the service at banggood is good and they resend or refund the part.


Very good customer's service, quick respond and very helpfull.


Very good customer service, very fast. I recomend


Very good expirience,very helpfull.All recomendations.


I've ordered for the first time from Banggood and the transaction was fast and simple.
I bought BlitzWolf items:
2 Micro USB Braided Charging Data Cable 6ft/1.8m.
3 Micro USB Braided Charging Data Cable 8.2ft/2.5m
2 4 Port USB Car Charger BW-C1 With Power3S

at a reasonable price (36 dollars including shiping) and received the package fast and well packed (every item was stored in a cardboard box and all items were warped in a Bubble Wrap combined).

I'm extremely please with costumer support and communication.

Will definitely buy again BlitzWolf products and generally from Banggood.


More than 3 years buy in this store. Usually all is Ok. Two times was inaccurate shipping (wrong or missed items), but all problems was resolved in short time with good conditions.

Domenico De Lucia

The service is fast ! You can buy almost anything you want at a very and competitive low price.

The quality of the products are very good for the price.

The best of is their customer service. They are always willing to help you. When you have an issue with a product bought in their website you only have to contact with their customer service and they will help you and I tell you you will be satisfied with their help.

10 point for”

Pasqualino Caparrotta

Outstanding bangood customer service! Got problems with a shipment that has ever arrived and have rescheduled. Outstanding !! +++++++


Have only good experience with Banggood. Have got wrong items couple of times, but they always makes up for it by resend The missing items. Had got faulty electronics and they offered refund after made an video of the problem. I will keep using Banggood in the future. I'll give the customer service 5/5 stars.

Caio Gustavo de Oliveira

I really like to buy on banggood.
They have a really good contact with us, the clients, they are very attentive.
You can trust! ;)


The answers from the call center take place in less than 24 hours and there is no answer without solution. Total commitment and seriousness with the client. I have already made several requests and I already needed solutions and also had doubts. I recommend for sure.

Anderson Da Silva

In this store you can find great opportunities to save money. Besides that, their customer service is quick to respond.

Yue He

Excellent customer service!

I've order more than 10 items so far from banggood, all to my satisfactory.

One time after waited long enough still did not receive the package, I left a note to banggood customer service, without any question, they assume it is lost during the delivery and send me another package.

Another time, the power supply I received in the package is not our local standard (European instead of North America), after I contact them, again without any question, they send me an adaptor.

You can order from banggood with confidence, and they have excellent customer service after you received the package.

Raja Balu

Banggood is my go to site for electronic circuits and modules. They have a wide selection of do-it-yourself kits. Items usually arrive in few weeks to Los Angeles, USA. While I wait I tend to learn more about the kit and how it could it be purposed. Items are packed well and usually arrives in good condition. Shipping is usually free but you may have to pay for tracking. Customer support is friendly and tries to assist you with any issues you might have with your order.


Great e-shop, one of the best of Chinese shops. I like a wide range of goods and great prices. Especially like the supply speed - they publish newest gadgets in the market. Its great. Highly recommended shop.

Nicholas Frendo

I've done various purchases from BangGood, and my experience was always great, especially when it comes to customer service. I had a broken part of a device I bought, and when I asked for replacement, after validation of my problem they sent me a product replacement.
I buy off Bang Good regularly.


Very reliable and responsible website.

Irene Kinoti

I had double paid for my order, sent the customer service an email requesting for refund. A day later i received a mail regarding the refund and in three days time i received the refund into my account. Keep it up.


Had a small hiccup with one of the add-ons to my order but it was immediately resolved by Banggood, impressive response time! Really satisfied with my purchase and the after-sales support. Keep it up!