Antelife was a Chinese online store specializing in electronics with headquarters in Shenzhen, China's "Electronics Capital." The shop featured the newest smartphones, tablets, Android TV boxes, sport and car accessories, and much more. Antelife attracted a large amount of western customers, but it went offline at the end of 2016 without a big announcement

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Experience with Antelife

Seeing how you can never have too many smartphones and such, we placed some test orders on Antelife. Our experiences had been pretty positive. Antelife scored with a solid selection of cell phones and accessories from increasingly well-respected, but hard to find in the west, Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Umi, Huawei and Lenovo. 

We found the ordering process via PayPal to be quick, easy, and painless. With our three test deliveries arriving within 17 to 22 days, Antelife differentiated itself from other Chinese online shops with its consistent delivery times. 2-3 weeks may seem like a long time to wait for a delivery, but considering the bargain basement prices Antelife's waiting times seem reasonable. That being said, we ordered using the free shipping service with tracking number all 3 times, so we can't say for sure if the express shipping is as good as it claims to be. 

The quality of our products--one pair of headphones, a bluetooth speaker, and a computer headset--was perfectly acceptable and they've all lasted at least 3-4 months each, as of this writing. You definitely shouldn't expect any sort of high-quality products at these low prices, but if you can live with not having a name brand product you can get some really good deals on Antelife. We do have one complaint, though: the site works really slowly for a shop of this size.


  • Huge Selection at Low Prices
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Buyer Protection when you use PayPal
  • Daily Deals and Special Offers
  • European Warehouses available
  • Orders can be placed without making an Antelife account
  • Clean Site Layout is easy to navigate


  • Articles can only be exchanged if there is a problem
  • Website is pretty slow
  • Free Repair only available when reported within 7 days of delivery
  • Shipping costs are not covered on returns


Antelife accepts the major online payment methods--namely PayPal and major Credit Card--while also being open to accepting the somewhat less popular methods of Western Union and T/T.

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal PayPal PayPal is the easiest and safest method to pay for international orders. PayPal users benefit from their excellent Buyer Protection Program.
Credit Card




Credit Cards are straightforward and easy to use: just plug in our card details and go. The only drawback is that not every credit card offers a buyer protection service as good as PayPal's.
Western Union   You should really only use this as a Last-Ditch emergency method of payment. Western Union tends to levy high transaction fees and their buyer protection policy leaves a lot to be desired.
T/T T/T here means wiring money, otherwise known as a direct money transfer. This can be a convenient option for those who can't use payPal and don't like credit cards, but be aware of your bank's international transfer fees.

Antelife Shopping Cart

Delivery Time and Shipping

Antelife gives you the option of using regular mail (9-25 days to North America, 7-20 days to Europe), which comes with a tracking number on orders over $10EMS (~12-20 business days) or Expedited Shipping via DHL or UPS (with the quickest variant estimated at 3-8 business days). As long as you stick to shipping via regular mail, the shipping costs range from insignificant to nonexistent (for orders over $10). If you want it in a hurry, however, expect to pay pretty dearly for the luxury (Express Shipping was always about $25-35 extra). 

Antelife and Customs

In terms of the acceptability of declarations, we've had mixed experiences with Antelife: 2 of our 3 orders were very carefully labeled and had no problem getting through customs with no extra processing fees or taxes. The last packet was not so lucky, however. We were required to pay a visit to our local (German) customs office, and had to produce the receipt of purchase in order to claim the package. We didn't notice any major differences between the packet that was stopped and the first two, so we can't say for sure if it was a problem with the labeling or just a random customs inspection. 

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not common, side-effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.


Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.


Special Features

One of the nicer features available to Antelife customers was the Live-Chat function for answers to customer service questions in real time. Unfortunately, we found the customer service experience overall to be somewhat incompetent. While they were great for small questions about payment methods and delivery, more complex questions regarding returns and refunds took a few days to be answered and the answers were less than satisfactory.


Overall, Antelife was a solid and relatively trustworthy store for consumer electronics at good prices. Unlike a lot of other Chinese online shops, Antelife featured a decent selection of well-known brands alongside their generic (and usually cheaper) Chinese equivalents. One thing to keep in mind when shopping around on Antelife: generic Chinese electronics can vary widely in quality and lifespan, so you should always pay attention to find articles with positive user reviews (for example at to ensure you're actually getting a good deal. The incredibly short 7-day return policy was also pretty annoying but, considering some other Chinese Online shops, it's better than nothing.


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free shipping Gearbest scores with a vast and up to date product range, great bargains and a long experience with shipping big and small gadgets worldwide
 Alternative 2:  Geekbuying
free shipping consumer electronics and much more; similar prices; free shipping available


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Antelife became one of my favorite online store after few purchases,i reccomend this store to all people needs a great quality and cheap price.


The worst store in the world, avoid it
The Service is shabby all over the chain, more than a month to ship the phone with the argument "is not yet available" in the store, knowing that when i ordered it, it was available on the site

The delivery took 1 month.

The phone comes with an earphone problem that does not work.

After contacting the customer service, and spending more than two months in chating with them or they have made me lose much time to finally suggest to me to send the phone with unrealistic conditions. Please see below:

"Sorry to hear the problem with your device. Would you like to send your phone back to China for testing and repairing?
Some countries will need to charge you the customs tax, if you do not want to pay when we send back to you, then you had better decide whether to send your device to China.
Before sending back your phone to repair, read our warranty return policy on our website please:

If you agree to send it back, please do as below:
1. Put a paper in your parcel, write down your order number and the problems of your phone (in English, try to print instead of writing). Please note that we would not handle your parcel if we cannot find the paper.
2. Please send back your phone with a screen protector. We will not be responsible if your phone was scratched during transit without the protection of the screen protector.
3. Make sure your phone is not set or the power-on password has been lifted.
4.If your local post forbid you to send the phone with the battery, then take the battery out. But you need to confirm the problem is not the battery since our engineer cannot detect your battery.
5,Lenovo,ASUS,Xiaomi,Huawei,One plus and Nubia, these phones brands have the warranty card in your phone box, you must need to send back together with your phone, or they will charge you very high or will not repair for you. Chinese is “保修卡”.

When you are ready to send:
1.Send out your package through local post office , do not return by DHL, it will cost high customs and it may be in trouble with customs clearance.
2. Marked your order No. (1000*****/80000**** ) on your parcel.
3. Take some photos of delivery when you send it back to us.
This is our return address: if you do not send in one month please confirm with us when you decide to send in case we change the address.
No.116,Building P05,
China South City,Pinghu Town,
Longgang District,
Shenzhen City,
P.R China
Zip Code: 518111
Full name : Antelife Support Center
Write down full name please because different people handle different parcels in our company, thank you.
Your parcel will be delivered to us in 15~30 days. Please inform us your tracking number if you have sent your parcel. We will send an email to you as soon as we receive your
package .
PS: To repair the phone, after testing, if the defective is under warranty (factory default), we will not charge any fee from customer; if the defective is artificially damage, we will charge the hardware replace fee from our customer. We will quote you in email. We will not continue the repair without your reply.
When we say under warranty we mean we do not charge customers’ labor charges, but if your phone need to replace some parts, we need to charge customers."”

giz moussa

Antelife simply is the best online store from china that you can buy goods from it due to the service they provide for example the fast free shiping and the best prices of smart phones and their gadgets,i recommend Antelife for everyone.


To jest bardzo dobra oferta dla Polaków dobry sklep, pozdro mario from Poland


Antelife is a great online store that provide some good thing like:
-best prices for original phones.
-everyday discounts.
-fast free shipping.
and many many other advantages
i recommend fo you all .


a great store i advise it for you all .

Toufik Hama

i purchased from Antelife many times and i found that they are the best china online store giving best prices and fast shipping.i recommend for all.


I bought an Umi Iron from After more than a month of wait due to incorrect availability information, they finally sent it. It came with a defective SD card slot, which is a problem many users have reported on Umi official forums by now.

I sent an email to describing the problem, even including a link to Umi forums, and requesting a replacement phone. Their feedback was painfully slow, no more than one email every 24H, and always asking elementary questions with the excuse that they were troubleshooting an already confirmed issue.

They asked lots of things which I had done before getting in touch with them and described in the first email: factory reset, trying different SD cards, updating the ROM... They even asked me twice for a video, which I sent them via WeTransfer and they never got to download and watch.

With every new email I received it was clearer that they were slowing things down on purpose. And after 7 days, they just told me that they were sorry, but the replacement period had expired. Just like that.

I'm very disappointed with them: not only they washed their hands of this issue, but they also provided poor feedback making me feel stupid and helpless through all the process.

100% thumbs down.
Translate 03/30/2018


Hola yo he encargado ropa ya hace más de 1 mes y medio y me lo descontaron y no ha llegado
Translate 02/04/2017

Erwin Hasel

Ich kann nur warnen vor diesem Shop, ich hätte bei der Gmail Adresse schon stutzig werden müssen. Habe extra aus dem "German Warehouse" bestellt, aber jetzt nach 2 Monaten, keine Ware(smartphone), kein Geld = teurer Spaß. Ich kann jedem nur empfeheln lieber 20 - 30 € mehr zu investieren und bei einem der großen und seriöseren Shops zu kaufen.

Never Ever Antelife again
Translate 12/23/2016


!!! Kaufen Sie nicht auf Antelife !!!

Ich habe auf Antelife zwei Smartphones Anfang Dezember bestellt, die Website zeigte "auf Lager". Die Tage vergingen(nix mit 24h-72h Versand) und ich bekamm keine Ware, auch der Status auf der Website blieb immer gleich, also schrieb ich Antelife ein Mail was den mit meiner Bestellung los ist.
(Von selbst kommt man hier nicht drauf den Kunden zu informieren bzw. zu kontaktieren.)
Jetzt wurde mir mitgeteilt, dass beide Varianten des Smartphones ausverkauft sind, ich sollte mir doch ein anderes aussuchen(mit da bei im Mail, gleich einige Vorschläge).

Ich habe abgelehnt, da diese unter dem Warenwert meiner bestellten Ware lagen und wollte mein Geld zurück.
Der Shop wich immer aus und ignorierte mein Anliegen.

Antelife will das Geld( 375,99€ ) freiwillig nicht mehr zurück geben und wartet, bis von Kundenseite nichts mehr kommt bzw. der Kunde aufgibt.
Die angegeben Hotline ist fake und funktioniert nicht, das selbe gilt für den Live Chat Support. Denn Email Service können Sie vergessen, wenn Sie Glück haben bekommen Sie 1 Mail alle 24h zurück und selbst dann wirklich nur das nötigste.

Es ist nun fast Ende Dezember, mittlerweile werde ich von Antelife ignoriert, meine Mails werden nicht beantwortet.
Ich habe weder meine Ware bekommen, noch wurde mir mein Geld zurück überwiesen.
Aufgrund dessen habe mich nun an meinen Kreditkartenbetreiber gewant, der mir versichert hat, dass ich den bezahlten Betrag rückerstattet bekomme.

Ich kann Sie nur warnen, bestellen Sie nicht auf Antelife.
Lassen Sie sich nicht von den Preisen oder Angeboten täuschen, der ganze Shop ist reinster Betrug.
Ich habe schon viele Online-Einkäufe getätigt, aber so eine Dreistigkeit und Ignoranz wie bei Antelife hab ich nochnie gesehen.

Lassen Sie sich auch nicht von guten Bewertungen blenden, diese sind alle Fake und werden zum größten Teils von Antelife selbst geschrieben. Vergessen Sie auch Antelifes " Dear customer, I am sorry for the problem, could you pls let me kow your order number? " unter jeder schlechten Bewertung, dies bleibt ohne jegliche Bearbeitung oder dergleichen und dient nur dazu um Kundenfreundlichkeit vorzutäuschen.

Forschen Sie ein bisschen nach, suchen Sie Bewertungen über Antelife (Pandacheck, Chinamobilemag, Facebook, etc..) und Sie werden sehen, dass ich nicht der einzige bin, der solche Erfahrungen mit diesem Shop gemacht hat.

Sollte Sie dennoch in Erwägung ziehen auf Antelife zu bestellen, tun Sie dies mit Paypal, da Sie hier 180 Tage Käuferschutz haben und das Geld jederzeit rückfordern können.
Machen Sie nicht den selben Fehler wie ich mit Kreditkarte zu zahlen.
Translate 11/23/2016


Podrían recomendarme una página web en la que se pueda comprar teléfonos?
Que no den problemas
Translate 11/08/2016


No compréis, son unos estafadores, les he pedido dos móviles, supuestamente el envío gratuito, mentira, los pido los dos del mismo color y me dicen que me mandan uno en el color elegido y otro en color diferente, les digo que no los quiero, pues nada, ellos los mandan, y hoy recibo un mensaje de DHL diciendo que tengo que pagar 42€ de aduana 65€ más de lo ofrecido, por supuesto no los voy a coger.
Translate 11/08/2016


son unos estafadores les compre un xiaomi redmi note 2, al mes dejo de funcionar , esto fue en marzo y a dia de hoy 08 de noviembre no se nada del móvil, después de enviárselo pagando los gastos de envio.
todavía no me lo han enviado y no se nada y venga enviarles e-mail y pasan de todo.
cuidado no compréis nada en este sitio ESTAFADORESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
Translate 08/16/2016


Muy mala experiencia.
No vuelvo a comprar en la vida en esta empresa.
Compre un movil el 24 de marzo Marzo, tardo 3 meses y me lo entregan estropeado, lo devuelvo (tienes que pagar los gastos de envío) y llevo 5 meses y aun no me ha llegado ni mi han enviado un correo diciendo que otra solucion que espere.
No comprar en antlife.
Don´t buy in Antlife.
Translate 08/12/2016

sami tera

Antelife is the best online store that i used in my life because many things like:
1-best prices .
2-everyday discounts .
3-fast free shipping to my country.

so because of this i think that it"s the best of the best and i recommend to you all.
Translate 07/27/2016


Estafadores, compre un móvil a los 8 meses me falla la pantalla, me pongo en contacto con ellos y me dicen que lo envíe, 20€ el gasto de envío, cuando lo reciben me dicen que el coste de arreglarlo son 40€, los pago. 2 meses después me envían el móvil y cual es mi sorpresa, la pantalla funciona peor que antes, me pongo en contacto con ellos y me dicen que lo sienten mucho que me dan un cupón de 20$.
No compréis son unos estafadores
Translate 07/06/2016


Do not send goods. Trying to extort extra charge.
Translate 06/30/2016


ESTAFADORES¡¡¡¡¡¡ No compreis nada en esta tienda. Mehan enviado un telefono en mal estado y no paran de darme largas, de contestar a medias y no me solucionan la incidencia. Llevo una semana enviandome correos con ellos y me están tomando el PELO¡¡¡¡ Malisima experiencia y trato por su parte. No se hacen responsables y al haberlo comprado alli, la garantia en España no me cubre. NO COMPREIS¡¡¡¡
Translate 03/08/2016


Por favor no compreis en esta tienda. trataran de estafarte. si lo haceis. por PayPal. asi os cuarais en salud. pero mi consejo !!!!!NO COMPREIS""""

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