Aliexpress is part of the Alibaba group, one of the largest companies in China. Alibaba Group is a major player on the international market. This status is mirrored by its Alexa ranking, which places AliExpress among the Top 40 most-visited websites in the world. Aliexpress is not a direct supplier, but a platform for individual merchants similar to Amazon and eBay.

Aliexpress Index

Experience with Aliexpress

Even though products are tested by Aliexpress, it is still primarily a platform for smaller merchants and, therefore, you should keep a few things in mind when shopping on Aliexpress. Name-Brand or designer items offered for a fraction of their original price are probably knock-offs.

Aliexpress as a company is very serious about its online wares, but it can only keep tabs on so many of the millions of merchants that use its site. As such, we simply recommend that you be vigilant when browsing and avoid buying items from merchants with nonexistent or poor customer ratings. All of our orders from well-established vendors with many reviews have worked wonderfully, although the shipping times can vary drastically (up to 20+ work days). On our platform

Details: Aliexpress

  • Delivery takes 15-40 days, express shipping 3-7 days
  • Range of products: millions of products, all categories, featuring all departments (fishing boat or brick making machine, anyone?)
  • Price comparison: low prices
  • Specific features: Alipay, own buyer protection program, many payment and shipment options


  • Credit Cards or AliPay accepted for payments
  • Many Free Shipping options available (but not always)
  • AliExpress provides great buyer protection
  • Internal Buyer Protection program
  • Competing Vendors create low prices


  • Up to the Buyer to avoid sketchy vendors
  • Poor foreign language support (Only English and Chinese versions are legit)
  • Delivery Times and Shipping Times can vary dramatically
  • No PayPal options
  • Not all reviews can be trusted


After Thailand, China is the largest market in the world for Knock-offs and illegal copies of brand name products. As of 2013, the majority of Knock-Off handbags, clothing, and electronics in the US come from China.

As Aliexpress is simply a platform for individual merchants to offer their wares and does not sell anything itself, it is not uncommon to find fake versions of name brand products on offer (at bargain-basement prices, of course). The possession and usage of Knock-off handbags is not normally punishable. The importation of such items into western countries with strong intellectual property laws (such as the US, Canada, and Europe) can be punishable by a heavy fine thoughAs a result, we strongly recommend against purchasing designer products online--especially if the product is offered for only a fraction of its original price. 

It's important to stress that this is not a problem exclusive to AliExpress, as it has been increasing on sites such as eBay and Amazon as well. We just want to remind you to remember that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Aliexpress Buyer Protection

Aliexpress' Buyer Protection is somewhat similar to PayPal's buyer protection program, but it has a wider scope of coverage and is able to cover more of the entire process because of its relationship with the website itself. The buyer is given greater control with Aliexpress' Buyer Protection program. When using Alipay Aliexpress acts as a middleman for the payment, holding the buyer's payment until the buyer has received the package and has reported their satisfaction. AliExpress does not transfer any money to the seller until the buyer has received, and is satisfied with, their order. This allows the extra security of guaranteeing your money back in case you are not satisfied with the products received.

Should a package never arrive, you will receive a full refund - including shipping costs! Here as well, AliExpress bests PayPal. Because PayPal usually processes the payment to the seller separately from the payment for shipping costs, PayPal will usually only reimburse the cost of the item itself and not include any shipping costs. 

Aliexpress is asking you: have you received your order?

Should a product be extremely different from the seller's description, AliExpress allows you to send the item back for a full refund or to keep the item in exchange for a discount on the original price. All return policies, however, are set by the seller, so it depends on the seller for whether or not you will be reimbursed for return shipping costs.

Perhaps the unique part of AliExpress' Buyer Protection program: AliExpress strongly opposes plagiarized products. Should your item turn out to be a fake, AliExpress will refund you up to 300% of the amount paid (including shipping costs)!

Aliexpress: Are you really happy with your order?


As you don’t have the possibility to pay with PayPal - Alipay is the Alibaba group’s alternative to PayPal - you have to choose a different payment method. You can view the internal buyer protection program as an extra insurance, so you can pay your order with credit card, direct money transfer or one of the other alternatives and still get your money back in case of a problem.

AliExpress Payment Methods

Aliexpress offers many payment methods, so that everyone should find a fitting one

Opening an account on Alipay is relatively easy and can be done in English. It’s very similar to PayPal, so everyone familiar with PayPal should be able to figure out Alipay fairly easily. The only difference is that, instead of linking AliPay directly with your bank account, you have to charge your AliPay “wallet” before you can pay a certain amount of money during the ordering process. In this way, Alipay works similarly to a prepaid credit card. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend opening an account on Alipay if you’re planning to use it only once. 

  • Our suggestion: pay with credit card

Other payment methods, such as credit cards and Western Union, can be used without a problem. As the money transfer is coordinated centrally at Aliexpress, you don’t have to worry, that your credit card information will be used or transmitted to untrustworthy companies or individuals.

Supported Payment Methods

Alipay AliPay Alibaba's own payment methods, currently not listed when you're shopping on the English site
credit card




recommended when shopping at Aliexpress, payment is processed quickly and easily. You can even choose your preferred currency in the last payment step so that you can choose if the conversion rate should come from Aliexpress or your own bank
Web Money Web Money primarily used in Russia
Western Union   Only recommended if you don't have any other options as it is an offline hard cash payment method and doesn't offer much security

Delivery times and shipping

The delivery estimates can be problematic on Aliexpress, as every merchant decides individually which shipping methods he wants to offer. Most of the time you have the choice between different free shipping alternatives and a few expedited delivery companies such as DHL, FedEX, UPS. In some cases the merchants list delivery times of 15-60 days but this happens rarely.

As a result, not every merchant will offer free shipping on his items and shipping costs can range anywhere from $3-5 all the way up to $50. Keep this in mind when choosing a vendor, as immense price variations can occur.

Shipment tracking can also vary between sellers. Choosing your preferred vendor can be difficult because delivery times, shipment method and shipment tracking can vary widely depending on the country you’re ordering from.

Some sellers offer free returns, but this is not common practice on Aliexpress. You should also never ship your packages to a PO Box, as this can complicate the delivery process somewhat.

Aliexpress Shipping Options

Aliexpress and customs

Because Aliexpress is a platform for merchants, the experience level and packing ability of sellers can vary drastically. China has very different packaging standards from European and American postal services and, as a result, improper packaging or insufficient declaration of items may cause your delivery to be delayed in customs. This is becoming much rarer, as Aliexpress has implemented a training program to teach novice merchants about international shipping standards, but its still always safer to send items to a physical address and not a PO Box, as post offices will sometimes reject packages because of improper packaging or labeling.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not common, side effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Aliexpress Order

Special features

The huge assortment of goods on offer at Aliexpress is impressive to say the least, and the open merchant platform provides plenty of room for competition so you can almost always find a cheaper price on an item by looking at different merchants. That being said, you should always play it safe and avoid ordering from merchants with poor or nonexistent client reviews.

Brand-name or designer products, including clothing, handbags, and smartphones, should not be purchases on Aliexpress as many of them are fakes and the purchase and importation of knock-off items, even accidentally, can lead to a hefty fine.


Aliexpress is probably the biggest, most professional China shop but should be dealt with carefully. If you take the time, you can find great deals in the shops of trustworthy sellers and are protected by Aliexpress’ internal buyer protection program. Aliexpress is deifnitely worth a look! If you're not sure what you're looking for yet, why don't you head over to our dear friends at and browse a little? They're specialized in Chinese gadgets and have numerous coupon codes for the coolest products AliExpress and other shops have to offer - Some codes are even compelety unique to, so it's definitely woth a try!


AliExpress is the only Chinese online shop of its size specializing in offering a platform to individual vendors, so its difficult to recommend alternatives. We've done our best, however, to list two alternatives for you which we believe would provide acceptable alternatives to the hugely diverse selection available at AliExpress. Both sites feature a multitude of products to choose from and provide platforms for individual vendors. As such, shipping options and buyer security are strongly dependent upon the buyer and the seller offering the wares. As such, you should stay aware of knock-offs, fakes, and black market items when shopping on these sites.

Alternative 1: DHGate
possibly shipping costs Huge selection, but you must be aware of who you're buying from. Check the buyer reviews!!
Alternative 2: eBay
possibly shipping costs Equally-huge selection offered by just as many or more vendors as AliExpress.

2 Aliexpress Coupons

Aliexpress offers several different promo codes and discounts, differentiating between merchant coupons and official Aliexpress coupons. Accordingly, some merchants send coupons to a loyal customer after a successful order. You can get information on official Aliexpress coupons on our website. These can be used on your shopping bag and achieve some interesting discounts on your order.

cheap mobiles and smart phones at AliExpress

You can buy extremely inexpensive mobile phones and smartphones at AliExpress - smartphones or smart watch phones prices starting at only $40!

Valid for a limited time

Not necessary

Coupon Overview

Looking for a particular coupon we haven't listed? An enormous overview of all coupons for individual products or merchants can be found directly at AliExpress. We'll list the most interesting and exciting coupons directly here at PandaCheck

Valid for a limited time

Not necessary

340 Reviews

Order by

Sandra Swayze

I was awarded a refund, based on a dispute, but 4 months later I still have not received it. In over 10 different conversations, during this 4 months, I have been told I will get my money in 20 days - more days - 10 days - 7 days - 24 to 72 hours - 48 hours - 3 to 5 days - now nothing. Their customer service is dishonest and you cannot trust anything they tell you.

AliExpress operates in bad faith when it comes to refunds. Since you can only reach them by “chat”, and since it can take hours to contact a live person, it’s very difficult to try to get any information from them. I’ve asked for email and telephone numbers many times only to be told it’s “impossible” which is nonsense. They restrict access to restrict accountability.


I have been with Ali since 2015. I have to say that since then the service has steadily deteriorated, unfortunately.

Ali lures with reasonable prices, but everyone who buys there has to consider that there is no consumer protection. Not even close to what we are used to in the European and western world.

Since the beginning or middle of 2017 Ali has allowed the competitor PayPal as an additional means of payment.

But attention:
However, every seller can decide for himself whether or not he also offers consumer protection friendly PayPal.
However, many offer only the insecure payment method by card.

And quite honestly, with most products the price to the Ebay Pendant is not so big anymore, so it is worthwhile to buy stress-free by PayPal on eBay.

Ingolf Weber

Product was completely out of order. I told this thes seller but he refused to do anything.
Aliexpress dispute confirmed the product is damaged and made to posibilities
I send back the product and get back EUR € 14,58 but I have to pay the delivery cost.
Or Refund Only EUR € 4,37
I can through away the damaged product and get only 4,37 of 14,58 €


Nobody can say exactly safe Aliexpress or not. I don't have any troubles with purchasing and buying styff there, 'cause I follow this group so I can be sure, that all will be safe. Usually it depends on seller, is it fake or not, so it s important to be careful, when you're buying something.


My son want to buy new Nike footballshoes. In Holland they cost about 275 Euro's, on Aliexpress about 70. Can some one tell me if its all real or fake stuff?? The difference in price is quit a lot.


I like Aliexpress. Ordered five times and had great experience so far.

If you check the seller's feedback, you'll definitely know who you're dealing with.
Translate 06/01/2020


gefakte Sendungs ID. Fall mit Pay Pal geöffnet. Antwort von Ali Express ist wieder ein Link mit gefakter Sendungsverfolgung. Ich vermute gewerblichen Betrug
Translate 05/30/2020

Andreas Seitz

Ware ist nicht angekommen. Kein Kundenberater antwortet dir. BETRÜGER!!!
Translate 05/27/2020


Finger weg! Airdots defekt geliefert. Verkäufer reagiert überhaupt nicht. Fall aufgemacht. Muss die Kopfhörer (Wert 16€) auf eigene Kosten für rund 6€ zurückschicken. Auf Beschwerde beim Verkäufer und bei Ali keine Antwort mehr. Hab dann 22€ investiert. Ob ich überhaupt etwas zurück bekomme, ist fraglich. Nie wieder Aliexpress!!!
Translate 05/25/2020


2 ordini in un mese segnalati come consegnati e mai ricevuti. Per il rpimo Aliexpress non ha riconosciuto il rimborso quindi soldi persi, per il secondo aperta altra disputa e poi vediamo. NON COMPRATE SU ALIEXPRESS CHE VI RUBANO SOLDI.
Appena chiuso gli ordini aperti cancellerò l'account MAI PIU'
Translate 05/25/2020


Vor 3 Wochen zum ersten Mal bestellt. Ware mit Alipay gezahlt und bereits vom Konto abgebucht. Nun ist die Bestellung in meinem alikonto verschwunden. Hatte mit einen Screenshot gemacht.nleider ist auch die Bestellnummer nicht mehr existent. So kann nicht reklamiert werden. Fazit: Geld weg, Ware wird wohl nie ankommen, keine Möglichkeit zu reklamieren, da der gesamte Vorgang nirgendwo mehr auftaucht. Na super!!!! Da gibt es bessere Homepages aus Fernost.
Translate 05/23/2020


Buongiorno, come mai non posso comprare merci su aliexpress dalla Russia....ovvero " non è possibile consegnare in Italy " ...grazie per le vostre risposte! Saluti
Translate 05/22/2020


ALIBABA/ALIEXPRESS?? MAI PIU'!!! Era il primo acquisto per provare AliExpress. L'account e' stato disattivato con un ordine in corso (materiale pagato!) e NON E' PIU' STATO POSSIBILE RIATTIVARLO. Due volte in chat, due ore perse. Nonostante screenshot dei messaggi ricevuti con i riferimenti dell'ordine, dei pagamenti, di tutto cio' che era disponibile come documentazione dell'acquisto non c'e' stato modo di riattivarlo per cui non si puo' tracciare l'ordine e lo stato di consegna e non si puo' neppure chiedere un rimborso. Il link della riattivazione e' fasullo e per riuscire a contattare il supporto e' un delirio.
Amazon o eBay o qualsiasi altro tutta la vita ma mai piu' Alibaba.
Translate 05/09/2020

Antonio Chiarelli

per ora metto solo una Stella perché la diatriba non è ancora conclusa ma vorrei già raccontarla. Acquisto un notebook sul sito ufficiale CHUWI convinto di trovare maggiore serietà. Faccio ordine, pago con carta di credito, l'indomani mi accorgo che una delle caratteristiche non va bene per il mio uso. Scrivo a Chuwi chiedo di non spedire, propongo di pagare differenza per un altro modello ma mi dicono È TROPPO TARDI. Concordiamo di respingere la spedizione e quando sarebbe rientro avrebbero rimborsato. Per sicurezza apro la disputa. Il 25 aprile il corriere GLS tenta la consegna che respingo. Sul sito risulta nel traking il mio respingimento e invio lo screenshort a Chuwi che mi rispondo OK rimborsiamo, la controversia viene chiusa. Qua comincia l'odissea, il corriere GLS non si capisce perché il 27 aprile ritenta la consegna e trova un ignaro collega di lavoro che accetta il pacco. Comunico il disguido a Chuwi e ad Aliexpress. La Chuwi mi dice di restituire a mie spese e di mandarlo in Spagna magazzino di partenza. Chiedo l'indirizzo 1 2 3 4 5 volte a distanza di giorni, non mi rispondono. Sul sito di Aliexpress trovo quale possibile luogo di restituzione il loro magazzino in Milano decido di spedirlo per non far scadere i termini. Dopo averlo spedito ed inviato la tracciabilità a Chuwi, MIRACOLO! mi rispondono dicendomi di aver sbagliato e il rimborso dovevo ora chiederlo ad Aliexpres perché l'oggetto era nel loro magazzino, ripetono che dovevo inserire i dati del traking sulla piattaforma della disputa e a nulla serve dirgli e ridirgli che la disputa purtroppo era stata chiusa troppo presto e che non riuscivo ad riaprirla e che ho solo potuto inoltrare un inutile reclamo ad Aliexpress. Dopo prove e riprove e continui inutili contatti con la maledetta chat con la robotica EVA, riesco ad avere una chat live con operatrice che stranamente usa il translate per tutte le lingue tranne italiano, comunque, malgrado le mie difficoltà in inglese e con l aiuto di Google translate riesco a farmi capire ed inviargli gli screen della tracciabilità e della ricevuta di spedizione, ribadendo che sono rimasto senza soldi, notebook e ho dovuto pagare la spedizione di ritorno. Sino ad ora a dispetto della famosa PROTEZIONE ACQUIRENTE, Aliexpress in tutto questo NON HA FATTO NULLA terrò aggiornati spero per me di riuscire a dare un paio di stelle in più SICURAMENTE NON 5, cosi come per il sito Chuwi e al corriere GLS che non ha saputo dirmi il perché del secondo tentativo di consegna malgrado il mio primo rifiuto.
Translate 04/22/2020


Ultimamente sono aumentati in Aliexpress i venditori che barano sulle spese di spedizione. Sfruttando il fatto che non é possibile selezionare in base al prezzo + spedizione molti si presentano con costi irrisori e spese di spedizione 'astronomiche' e corrieri notoriamente molto lenti e poco affidabili (Cainiao ad esempio). Inoltre la piattaforma non controlla la corrispondenza tra quanto dichiarato dal venditore (prezzo di spedizione) e spese reali, così moltissimi venditori dichiarano la spedizione gratuita salvo poi scoprire cosit anche di € 4.50 per oggetti da € 0,49! Sta diventando arduo acquistare su Aliexpress per colpa di questa ormai generale abitudine. Non esiste inoltre un canale diretto per comunicare ad Aliexpress eventuali pratiche commerciali scorrette, probabilmente siamo solo noi italiani a considerarle scorrette
Translate 03/28/2020

Ivan Gnilomedov

Man kann auch profitieren von der Registrierung des neuen Konto mit dem promo Link:
(space entfernen): https://bit. ly/32CuLiY
Der Rabatt ist: $4, $5, $5 und $5
App-Code: INXU0WF6
Translate 02/05/2020


ho ordinato tante cose e il 99% mi son arrivate, ma vorrei sapere da ora come andrà visto l'epidemia. mi arriverà la merce?
Translate 01/19/2020


Product Product Action Order Status Order Action
Order ID: 8006685038135975 View Detail

Order time: 11:29 Nov. 19 2019

Store name: LeBlanc Store

View Store | Contact Seller

Order amount:

$ 58.07

Brand New G TX1050Ti Grafica 4G DDR5 Desktop Scheda grafica Del Computer Indipendente Ultra-clear Gioco del Commercio All'ingrosso di Commercio Estero

[Transaction Screenshot]

$ 58.07 X1

INCREDIBILE mi segnano ordine confermato cosa che nn ho mai fatto
i termini di consegna scadevano oggi (2 mesi per la consegna tra l'altro)
e per chiudere in bellezza se clicco su open dispute, refound only lo accetta ma poi nel form
nn mi permette di compilare la casella *I want to apply for: ...
compilo il resto ma è tutto inutile, quando vado a cliccare su Submit non invia nulla
pulsante disattivato
e il primo acquisto che faccio e sara anche l'ultimo
mai piu una cosa del genere, 2 mesi e 50 euro regalati a sti figli di put..BEEEP
Fanculo cinesi di M.
i soldi che mi avete fottuto vi auguro che vi servano per curarvi dal virus polmonare che vi sta facendo schiattare come mosche
Basta sono troppo inczz meglio che mi fermo qui
Un consiglio per tutti
se poi riscontrate problemi a reclamare ciao state freschi, auguri ...nessuna mail, nessun contatto telefonico, un form per i reclami disattivato voglio proprio vedere come risolvete
l'unica cosa che funziona è il pagamento online, quello si, i soldi ve li fottono subito, li il form è bello attivo
che rabbia ....
Translate 01/02/2020


80% von den Versprechungen sind schlicht falsch, keine Garantie, kein Käuferschutz, China live
wie man es schon vor 30-Jahren wusste...

Darum hier einen ausführlichen Bericht:

Wer in China kauft muss sich unbedingt darauf einlassen, zu 30% nur Schrott, Ärger und Verluste hinzunehmen.
Der wesentliche Unterschied heute ist: Sie lügen und betrügen professioneller, sie kopieren Waren professioneller
und ihr Auftreten wirkt kompetent. Unter dem Strich ist es aber genau so wie vor 25-Jahren...
Habe insgesamt 153 Bestellungen gemacht.

Wer mal eben aus Gwunder etwas bestellt kann Glück haben oder nicht, es ist wie am Geldspielautomaten,
meistens verliert man und gelegentlich gewinnt man.

Ich habe z.B: Für Industrielle Grossraumbeleuchtung für 2'000.- 10 Stück 300 WATT Scheinwerfer gekauft,
alle 10 Stück in tadellosem zustand und elektrisch sauber angeschlossen.
Hierzulande bezahlt man für vergleichbare Scheinwerfer im Fachhandel Fr. 800.- pro Stück.
Die Offerte vom Fachmann bei 10 Stück war dann freundliche 6'000.- (mit Mengenrabatt)
Diesen Kauf, vor 3 Jahren, habe ich bis heute nicht bereut..

-habe diverse Nachbauten von historischen Telefonapparaten gekauft.
Man muss darauf achten dass man solche Geräte mit Wählscheibe kauft, Tipptasten bei einem Telefon
aus den 1890-er Jahren ist mehr als nur ein Fake :-(
In der Regel bezahle ich für diese Apparate um 90.- und verkaufe sie für Deko oder Geschenke um die 300.-

- Bei vielen Produkten, welche auch etwas taugen, ist der Preisunterschied nicht sehr gross, die Fachhändler
kaufen auch dort ein, man kann Produkte mit beliebigem Branding bestellen.
Ich kenne mindestens einen Importeur persönlich, der die Kleber "Made in China" entfernt und seine eigene Kleber
drauf macht. Das ist OK, er hat lange recherchiert bis er ein gutes Produkt gefunden hat, testet jedes Gerät
vor der Auslieferung und gibt auch Garantie drauf.

Man darf sich also nicht vom Preis beeindrucken lassen und soll ruhig mit lokalen Internet-Shops vergleichen.
Wenn man Zoll und Mehrwertsteuer rechnet und die teureren, qualitativ guten Produkte bestellt, lohnt es sich
dann erst für die grossen Importeure welche mit der Menge Profit machen.

Folgende Verluste und schlechte ERfahrungen habe ich gemacht :

- Habe USB-3 Sticks bestellt, im Angebot stand "gratis mit eigenem Logo"
Habe billige un langsame USB-Sticks bekommen die kaum an USB2 heran kamen und ohne Logo.
Verkäufer reagiert nicht.
Aliexpress hat den Disput ohne Unterstützung beendet.

- Habe defekte Ware erhalten: Kaufpreis 230.-
Vorschlag vom Verkäufer: Gerät ersatzlos zurückschicken und 23.- zurück bekommen
Habe bei Aliexpress reklamiert, keine Reaktion, der Disput wurde geschlossen
und der Verkäufer hat sein Geld bekommen

- Wiederholt deklarieren die Verkäufer die Sendungen falsch oder "vergessen" die Rechnung
auf das Paket zu kleben. Daher öffnet der Zoll das Paket und prüft den Inhalt und die Rechnung.
Oftmals verlangt der Zoll dann die Originalrechnung die ich ordentlich nachliefere und dann erhalte ich
mein Paket. Nicht ohne Zusatzkosten von rund 50.- für die Abklährungen des Zolls, wegen fehlender Rechnung.
Unkosten niemals erstattet erhalten.

- Habe eine 360° Überwachungskamera gekauft.
Kamera liefert maximal 160°. Habe den Verkäufer angeschrieben.
Dieser argumentiert dass sich 360° auf den Kreisrunden Bildausschnitt bezieht.
Ich sage ihm dass dann ja jede Kamera 360° aufnimmt, daraufhin keine weitere antwort
Aliexpress hat den Disput gelöscht ohne mich dabei zu unterstützen.

- Habe eine SOS GSM Gegensprechanlage gekauft. Es wurde keine Software dazu geliefert.
In der Anleitung Beigelegter/Faltprospekt war das Produkt beschrieben das ich bestellt habe, ich habe aber
nicht das bestellte Produkt erhalten.
Der Verkäufer bestand darauf dass ich das Produkt erhalten habe welches ich bestellt habe, obwohl die Angaben
in den Orders das Gegenteil bewiesen haben.
Keine Unterstützung von Aliexpress, kein Geld zurück, der Disput wurde geschlossen

- Habe Gerät gekauft für 570.- In der Beschreibung stand "Temperarturgesteuert"
Das war falsch, Lüfter läuft immer auf 100% und im Setup lässt sich das nicht ändern.
Der Verkäufer hat auf mehrere Reklamationen nicht reagiert.
Aliexpress hat den Disput ohne mir Unterstützung anzubieten geschlossen.

- Habe einen 15-Zoll Touch-Monitor gekauft
Erhalten habe ich einen gewöhnlichen Monitot ohne Touch-Funktion
Der Verkäufer antwortete: Die Bezeichnung Touch-Screen bezieht sich auf die Bedienungs-Tasten
vorne am Bildschirm ?!?
Aliexpress hat den Disput ohne mir Unterstützung anzubieten geschlossen.

- Habe 10 Stück Dimmbare 50W LED Spots bestellt.
Ich habe 10 LED-Spots erhalten, dimmbar waren sie nicht :-(
Translate 12/14/2019


Mir hat der Verkäufer falsche Ware zugeschickt (Australischer Stecker statt Europäischen), ich habe vom Verkäufer nach dem Adapter gefragt. Verkäufer hat nicht reagiert, dann habe ich disput eröffnet. Aliexpress hat vorgeschlagen die Ware zu meinen Kosten zurück schicken. Wenn es so ist dann wird der Verkäufer immer falsche Ware schicken und von Aliexpress Recht bekommen. Ist echt abartig. Ich empfehle bei Aliexpress nicht kaufen.

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