Aliexpress is part of the Alibaba group, one of the largest companies in China. Alibaba Group is a major player on the international market. This status is mirrored by its Alexa ranking, which places AliExpress among the Top 40 most-visited websites in the world. Aliexpress is not a direct supplier, but a platform for individual merchants similar to Amazon and eBay.

Aliexpress Index

Experience with Aliexpress

Even though products are tested by Aliexpress, it is still primarily a platform for smaller merchants and, therefore, you should keep a few things in mind when shopping on Aliexpress. Name-Brand or designer items offered for a fraction of their original price are probably knock-offs.

Aliexpress as a company is very serious about its online wares, but it can only keep tabs on so many of the millions of merchants that use its site. As such, we simply recommend that you be vigilant when browsing and avoid buying items from merchants with nonexistent or poor customer ratings. All of our orders from well-established vendors with many reviews have worked wonderfully, although the shipping times can vary drastically (up to 20+ work days). On our platform

Details: Aliexpress

  • Delivery takes 15-40 days, express shipping 3-7 days
  • Range of products: millions of products, all categories, featuring all departments (fishing boat or brick making machine, anyone?)
  • Price comparison: low prices
  • Specific features: Alipay, own buyer protection program, many payment and shipment options


  • Credit Cards or AliPay accepted for payments
  • Many Free Shipping options available (but not always)
  • AliExpress provides great buyer protection
  • Internal Buyer Protection program
  • Competing Vendors create low prices


  • Up to the Buyer to avoid sketchy vendors
  • Poor foreign language support (Only English and Chinese versions are legit)
  • Delivery Times and Shipping Times can vary dramatically
  • No PayPal options
  • Not all reviews can be trusted


After Thailand, China is the largest market in the world for Knock-offs and illegal copies of brand name products. As of 2013, the majority of Knock-Off handbags, clothing, and electronics in the US come from China.

As Aliexpress is simply a platform for individual merchants to offer their wares and does not sell anything itself, it is not uncommon to find fake versions of name brand products on offer (at bargain-basement prices, of course). The possession and usage of Knock-off handbags is not normally punishable. The importation of such items into western countries with strong intellectual property laws (such as the US, Canada, and Europe) can be punishable by a heavy fine thoughAs a result, we strongly recommend against purchasing designer products online--especially if the product is offered for only a fraction of its original price. 

It's important to stress that this is not a problem exclusive to AliExpress, as it has been increasing on sites such as eBay and Amazon as well. We just want to remind you to remember that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Aliexpress Buyer Protection

Aliexpress' Buyer Protection is somewhat similar to PayPal's buyer protection program, but it has a wider scope of coverage and is able to cover more of the entire process because of its relationship with the website itself. The buyer is given greater control with Aliexpress' Buyer Protection program. When using Alipay Aliexpress acts as a middleman for the payment, holding the buyer's payment until the buyer has received the package and has reported their satisfaction. AliExpress does not transfer any money to the seller until the buyer has received, and is satisfied with, their order. This allows the extra security of guaranteeing your money back in case you are not satisfied with the products received.

Should a package never arrive, you will receive a full refund - including shipping costs! Here as well, AliExpress bests PayPal. Because PayPal usually processes the payment to the seller separately from the payment for shipping costs, PayPal will usually only reimburse the cost of the item itself and not include any shipping costs. 

Aliexpress is asking you: have you received your order?

Should a product be extremely different from the seller's description, AliExpress allows you to send the item back for a full refund or to keep the item in exchange for a discount on the original price. All return policies, however, are set by the seller, so it depends on the seller for whether or not you will be reimbursed for return shipping costs.

Perhaps the unique part of AliExpress' Buyer Protection program: AliExpress strongly opposes plagiarized products. Should your item turn out to be a fake, AliExpress will refund you up to 300% of the amount paid (including shipping costs)!

Aliexpress: Are you really happy with your order?


As you don’t have the possibility to pay with PayPal - Alipay is the Alibaba group’s alternative to PayPal - you have to choose a different payment method. You can view the internal buyer protection program as an extra insurance, so you can pay your order with credit card, direct money transfer or one of the other alternatives and still get your money back in case of a problem.

AliExpress Payment Methods

Aliexpress offers many payment methods, so that everyone should find a fitting one

Opening an account on Alipay is relatively easy and can be done in English. It’s very similar to PayPal, so everyone familiar with PayPal should be able to figure out Alipay fairly easily. The only difference is that, instead of linking AliPay directly with your bank account, you have to charge your AliPay “wallet” before you can pay a certain amount of money during the ordering process. In this way, Alipay works similarly to a prepaid credit card. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend opening an account on Alipay if you’re planning to use it only once. 

  • Our suggestion: pay with credit card

Other payment methods, such as credit cards and Western Union, can be used without a problem. As the money transfer is coordinated centrally at Aliexpress, you don’t have to worry, that your credit card information will be used or transmitted to untrustworthy companies or individuals.

Supported Payment Methods

Alipay AliPay Alibaba's own payment methods, currently not listed when you're shopping on the English site
credit card




recommended when shopping at Aliexpress, payment is processed quickly and easily. You can even choose your preferred currency in the last payment step so that you can choose if the conversion rate should come from Aliexpress or your own bank
Web Money Web Money primarily used in Russia
Western Union   Only recommended if you don't have any other options as it is an offline hard cash payment method and doesn't offer much security

Delivery times and shipping

The delivery estimates can be problematic on Aliexpress, as every merchant decides individually which shipping methods he wants to offer. Most of the time you have the choice between different free shipping alternatives and a few expedited delivery companies such as DHL, FedEX, UPS. In some cases the merchants list delivery times of 15-60 days but this happens rarely.

As a result, not every merchant will offer free shipping on his items and shipping costs can range anywhere from $3-5 all the way up to $50. Keep this in mind when choosing a vendor, as immense price variations can occur.

Shipment tracking can also vary between sellers. Choosing your preferred vendor can be difficult because delivery times, shipment method and shipment tracking can vary widely depending on the country you’re ordering from.

Some sellers offer free returns, but this is not common practice on Aliexpress. You should also never ship your packages to a PO Box, as this can complicate the delivery process somewhat.

Aliexpress Shipping Options

Aliexpress and customs

Because Aliexpress is a platform for merchants, the experience level and packing ability of sellers can vary drastically. China has very different packaging standards from European and American postal services and, as a result, improper packaging or insufficient declaration of items may cause your delivery to be delayed in customs. This is becoming much rarer, as Aliexpress has implemented a training program to teach novice merchants about international shipping standards, but its still always safer to send items to a physical address and not a PO Box, as post offices will sometimes reject packages because of improper packaging or labeling.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are a possible, if not common, side effect of international ordering. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Aliexpress Order

Special features

The huge assortment of goods on offer at Aliexpress is impressive to say the least, and the open merchant platform provides plenty of room for competition so you can almost always find a cheaper price on an item by looking at different merchants. That being said, you should always play it safe and avoid ordering from merchants with poor or nonexistent client reviews.

Brand-name or designer products, including clothing, handbags, and smartphones, should not be purchases on Aliexpress as many of them are fakes and the purchase and importation of knock-off items, even accidentally, can lead to a hefty fine.


Aliexpress is probably the biggest, most professional China shop but should be dealt with carefully. If you take the time, you can find great deals in the shops of trustworthy sellers and are protected by Aliexpress’ internal buyer protection program. Aliexpress is deifnitely worth a look! If you're not sure what you're looking for yet, why don't you head over to our dear friends at and browse a little? They're specialized in Chinese gadgets and have numerous coupon codes for the coolest products AliExpress and other shops have to offer - Some codes are even compelety unique to, so it's definitely woth a try!


AliExpress is the only Chinese online shop of its size specializing in offering a platform to individual vendors, so its difficult to recommend alternatives. We've done our best, however, to list two alternatives for you which we believe would provide acceptable alternatives to the hugely diverse selection available at AliExpress. Both sites feature a multitude of products to choose from and provide platforms for individual vendors. As such, shipping options and buyer security are strongly dependent upon the buyer and the seller offering the wares. As such, you should stay aware of knock-offs, fakes, and black market items when shopping on these sites.

Alternative 1: DHGate
possibly shipping costs Huge selection, but you must be aware of who you're buying from. Check the buyer reviews!!
Alternative 2: eBay
possibly shipping costs Equally-huge selection offered by just as many or more vendors as AliExpress.

2 Aliexpress Coupons

Aliexpress offers several different promo codes and discounts, differentiating between merchant coupons and official Aliexpress coupons. Accordingly, some merchants send coupons to a loyal customer after a successful order. You can get information on official Aliexpress coupons on our website. These can be used on your shopping bag and achieve some interesting discounts on your order.

cheap mobiles and smart phones at AliExpress

You can buy extremely inexpensive mobile phones and smartphones at AliExpress - smartphones or smart watch phones prices starting at only $40!

Valid for a limited time

Not necessary

Coupon Overview

Looking for a particular coupon we haven't listed? An enormous overview of all coupons for individual products or merchants can be found directly at AliExpress. We'll list the most interesting and exciting coupons directly here at PandaCheck

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292 Reviews

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I have been with Ali since 2015. I have to say that since then the service has steadily deteriorated, unfortunately.

Ali lures with reasonable prices, but everyone who buys there has to consider that there is no consumer protection. Not even close to what we are used to in the European and western world.

Since the beginning or middle of 2017 Ali has allowed the competitor PayPal as an additional means of payment.

But attention:
However, every seller can decide for himself whether or not he also offers consumer protection friendly PayPal.
However, many offer only the insecure payment method by card.

And quite honestly, with most products the price to the Ebay Pendant is not so big anymore, so it is worthwhile to buy stress-free by PayPal on eBay.

Ingolf Weber

Product was completely out of order. I told this thes seller but he refused to do anything.
Aliexpress dispute confirmed the product is damaged and made to posibilities
I send back the product and get back EUR € 14,58 but I have to pay the delivery cost.
Or Refund Only EUR € 4,37
I can through away the damaged product and get only 4,37 of 14,58 €


Nobody can say exactly safe Aliexpress or not. I don't have any troubles with purchasing and buying styff there, 'cause I follow this group so I can be sure, that all will be safe. Usually it depends on seller, is it fake or not, so it s important to be careful, when you're buying something.


My son want to buy new Nike footballshoes. In Holland they cost about 275 Euro's, on Aliexpress about 70. Can some one tell me if its all real or fake stuff?? The difference in price is quit a lot.


I like Aliexpress. Ordered five times and had great experience so far.

If you check the seller's feedback, you'll definitely know who you're dealing with.
Translate 02/14/2019


Io do anni ordino cosine varie di poco valore e pagandole pochissimi euri su aliexpress e mi e' sempre arrivato tutto. Certo i tempi medi son 3 settimane, ma compro cosine di cui non ho nessuna urgenza, quindi no problem. Ma non ordinerei mai oggetti costosi, perche' potrebbe andar storto qualcosa, ad es. per sbaglio dichiarano un valore bassissimo e se la dogana apre il pacco son beghe: stress e alla fine pagarlo quasi di piu' che averlo comprato nella UE. Ed averlo a casa dopo mesi... non penso sia alla fine conveniente.
Translate 02/13/2019

Egbert Brand

Den überwiegend negativen Aussagen in diesem Forum muss ich mich leider anschließen. Von einem Freund wurde ich auf aliexpress aufmerksam gemacht. Hätte ich dies Forum vorher gekannt wäre meine Bestellung dort nicht erfolgt.
Am 24.Sept. bestellte ich einen free SAT 4k android Satellitenempfänger zum Preis von US $ 70.07. Den Sat Receiver erhielt ich am 12., Oktober 2018.
Aus verschiedenen Gründen, die ich im später eröffneten Dispute erklärte, sandte ich den Receiver am 17. Oktober 2018 mit der Post DHL zurück.
Die Rücksendeadresse wurde mir von aliexpress vorgegeben und war in China.
Ich sandte mit dem dispute zusätzlich tracking details als Dataianhänge.
Die Post DHL erklärte, dass der zurückgesandte Receiver am 29. Oktober 2018 an den Adressaten übergeben worden ist. Für die Rücksendung zahlte ich ca. 10€.
Da sich wochenlang nichts tat, eröffnete ich dann einen Disput. Allerdings hätte ich mir den und die nachfolgenden Schreiben in diesem Disput sparen können. Der Händler erklärte im Disput, dass die Rücksendung zu spät eintraf und es daher keine Rückzahlung des Kaufpreises gibt.
Meine Erklärungen und Einwände dazu wurden nur immer wieder stereotyp gleich beantwortet: zu späte Rücksendung, keine Rückzahlung.
Käuferschutzprogramm ist ein witz.Man kann sich bei aliexpress nicht per email o.ä. beschweren, weil es keinen email Ansprechpartner gibt. Jedenfalls habe ich nirgendwo auf den aliexpress Seiten etwas entsprechendes gefunden. Auch der Hinweis auf Käuferschutz, Kundenservice und Streitigkeiten pp. landet immer nur auf den Verkaufsseiten. Da dreht man sich im Kreis.
Wenn ich im Internet z.B. auf der Seite: lese:“ Sollte es Probleme bei der Rückgabeverhandlung geben, können Kunden eine Beschwerde beim AliExpress Kundenservice einreichen. Das Unternehmen kümmert sich dann um eine Lösung des Problems,“ dann ist diese Aussage ein fake (siehe wie vor)
Allerdings kann man mit Mitarbeitern von aliexpress chatten. Sie sind freundlich, aber sie tun nichts. Ein Nachteil dieser Chatterei ist, dass man immer nur einen oder zwei Sätze los wird. Das Chatfeld ist so kurz bemessen, dass nur 400 Buchstaben möglich sind. Man muss auf englisch chatten, sonst wird auch das nichts. Käufer, die des Englischen nicht mächtig sind, haben von vornherein verloren. Um ein Ende vorweg zu nehmen: Die Chatterei kann man sich sparen, sie dient nur der Kundenberuhigung, sprich Kundenverarsche; denn sie bringt kein für den Käufer positives Ergebnis. aliexpress setzt sich nicht für seine Kunden ein. Ich habe nie wieder etwas nach div. Chatten für mein Anliegen Positives gehört.
Vielfache weitere Anschreiben in dem Disput blieben ohne Erfolg, weil ich keine Antwort erhielt. Irgendwann schließt aliexpress den Disput und das war's.
Tatsache ist, ich habe den Preis für das ungenügende Produkt bezahlt. und es auf meine Kosten zurückgesendet. Ich habe mein Geld nicht zurückbekommen.
Ich bin nicht amüsiert und werde keine weiteren Einkäufe auf Aliexpress machen und kann dies auch niemand anderem empfehlen.
Translate 02/11/2019


Ich finde Aliexpress eine sehr gute und auch seriöse Webseite. Die Lieferungen kommen auch immer an, sollte dies jedoch einmal nicht der Fall sein, kann man die Rückerstattung des Geldes beantragen. Durch den Wegfall von Zwischenhändlern kommen teilweise erstaunlich günstige Einkaufspreise zustande.
Mit folgendem Anbieter kann man sogar bis zu 30% Cash Back, also Geld zurück erhalten, wenn man eine Bestellung bei Aliexpress tätigt. *
(* Diese Links sind Affiliate Links. Wenn du dich über einen dieser Links anmeldest, unterstützt du mich damit & ich bekomme einen kleinen Betrag gutgeschrieben)
Natürlich kann ich verstehen, wenn du misstrauisch bist, doch informiere dich gerne selber über das Internet über diese Cash Back Webseite.
Translate 02/07/2019


assolutamente da evitare in particlare il negozio ho comperato merce, l'ho pagata non mi è mai stata consegnata. Il venditore ha accampato scuse a non finire e quando gli ho detto di restituirmi i soldi anche lì mi ha sempre detto te li sto mandando, adesso lo faccio ma non ho ricevuto nessun rimborso.
lasciate perdere
Translate 02/04/2019


Ich kann die schlechten Bewertungen hier überhaupt nicht nachvollziehen. Habe bisher ausschließlich gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Einmal kam die Sendung nicht innerhalb der zugesagten Lieferzeit an; via Disput wurde mir der Kaufpreis anstandslos zurückerstattet. (Hinweis: Englisch sollte man zwecks Kommunikation wenigstens rudimentär beherrschen...)

Natürlich sollte man sich immer an den Verkäufer-Bewertungen und Artikel-Reviews orientieren - dann kann eigentlich wenig schiefgehen. Und immer schön unter 26,30 (incl. Versand) bleiben - dann fällt auch keine Einfuhrumsatzsteuer an.
Als Lieferzeit kann man in der Regel drei Wochen kalkulieren - mal etwas weniger, mal etwas mehr. Wer Geduld hat, kann wirklich viel sparen. (Achtung: Vor der Bestellung Kopf einschalten! Markenfälschungen, Geräte ohne gültige CE-Kennzeichnung und ähnliche Späße wird der Zoll - im Falle einer Kontrolle - selbstverständlich einkassieren/nicht rausrücken.)
Translate 02/03/2019


Mai più comprerò da ALIEXPRESS.
Esperienza molto negativa, ho comprato 3 smartphone, sono stati bloccati dalla dogana perché dichiarati 1 euro cadauno e il valore sul listino era 97euro, tutto questo scritto dalla documentazione doganale, adesso devo pagare IVA Spese doganali e la rottura di spedizione di tutta la documentazione.Ordinati al 2/12/18 e sono ancora che aspetto.
State molto attenti perché non sono l’unico che ha avuto questo problema e per questi fatti fanno molto più controlli.
Translate 01/19/2019


Hò acquistato su Aliexpress dal 2012 e all’inizio era affidabile ma negli ultimi due tre anni ho notato a mie spese che quasi tutti i venditori spediscono avanzi di magazzino cioè taglie errate sia nei vestiti che nelle scarpe colori errati, si scusano dell’ìinconveniente ma cosi ti tieni l’oggetto e al massimo ti rimborsano qualche cosa quando va bene. Tanto nessuno rende l’articolo arrivato perchè le spese sono a nostro carico, loro lo sanno e spediscono quello che è rimasto a magazzino e non riescono piu a vendere…consegna e imballaggio ci vogliono circa 3-4 settimane per avere l'oggetto imballaggio abbastanza buono rapporto qualità prezzo abbastanza buono nei primi anni ora peggiorato tantissimo
Translate 01/18/2019


Ordino da anni, mi è sempre arrivato quasi tutto e quello che non mi è arrivato mi è stato rimborsato. Ho comprato cose bellissime!!!Leggendo i vostri commenti ho capito che mi sa che non siete capaci a fare gli ordini online. Viva questo sito!!!
Translate 01/17/2019


Aliexpress... Beh un bel sito trovi di tutto a prezzi veramente imbattibili ma i tempi di attesa sono davvero lunghi e pesanti ti passa la voglia di comprare, ed io sono cliente da anni, ma sopratutto negli ultimi tempi sono veramente lenti, bisogna migliorare le spese di spedizione perché certe sono veramente assurde e parlo di spese di 40- 50 euro.
Poi mi ha dato sempre fastidio pagare le spese di spedizione per ogni singolo oggetto dallo stesso fornitore.. Cercate di migliorare perfavore almeno per quanto riguarda le spedizioni in Italia, é un bel sito ma ti passa la voglia di comprare.
Translate 01/10/2019


Es sollte statt buyer protection besser seller protection heißen. Mein spezieller Fall betrifft die Versandart germany to germany. Der Verkäufer hat aber von China aus über die Niederlande versendet. Laut dispute von Aliexpress sollte ich aber den falschen Artikel nach China zurücksenden. Es hat die nicht interessant was Genau war. Ich kann nur den Tip geben keinerlei hochpreisigen Artikel bei denen zu bestellen. Über ebay uk oder ebay com au findet man die Artikel oft im gleichen Preisniveau hat aber nur paypal drinnen und keine seller protection.
Translate 01/05/2019


Ein Drecksladen. Finger weg von dieser Seite als privater Besteller. Sie versuchen bei Rückgabe wie auch alle diese Chinesen bei Amazon über die Zollgebühren Kohle zu machen. Sie erklären grundsätzlich , daß ihre Billigprodukte die Gebühren bei Rücksendung überschreiten. Deshalb soll man die Ware behalten und sie erstatten die Hälfte bei Amazon. Hier jedoch wollte man mir für eine grässliche Pseudolederjacke, die aussieht wie eine Plastikjacke 2 Euro erstatten, weil sie mir nicht gefällt!!. Unglaublich solche Geschäftsmethoden.

Der Stempel des Absenders ist einer von ebay aus Niederaula, wo man die Ware aber nicht zurückschicken kann. Ebay pellt sich ein Ei darauf und kümmert sich nicht wie Amazon darum, die Angelegenheiten zugunsten der Kunden zu regeln , so daß der Kaufpreis zurückerstattet wird. Einmal und nie wieder.

Nicht zu empfehlen, da unseriös!
Translate 12/28/2018

Hartmut Henker

Zum Verständnis: Aliexpress ist im allgemeinen nicht der Verkäufer der Waren, sondern nur die Handelsplattform (ähnlich ebay). Ob und in welcher Qualität etwas geliefert wird hängt dann aber ausschließlich vom konkreten Händler, der die Plattform nutzt ab.
Ich hatte mehrmals Glück, aber auch Pech. Ein Artikel (Dashcam) wurde nicht geliefert. Dazu erfolgte eine mehrmalige Rückfrage beim Händler (Sally YU) mit dem mehrmaligen Versprechen, dass nun geliefert werden soll, ich möge mich doch etwas gedulden. Als nach 100 Tagen die Geduld dann doch überstrapaziert war, habe ich versucht, mich direkt an Aliexpress zu wenden. Und da beginnt das eigentliche Problem!
Es gibt zwar so etwas wie eine Reklamations- und Schlichtungsstelle in Form eines Chat-Systems (in Englisch), aber dahinter verbirgt sich nur eine Software, die auf Standardsätze aus der allgemeinen Hilfe verweist. Eine direkte Reklamationsmöglichkeit zu einem konkreten Fall mit entsprechender Antwort existiert nicht (oder möglicherweise nur in Chinesisch!). In den Kaufbedingungen wird zwar auf die Möglichkeit der Kostenerstattung im Fehlerfall (Nichtlieferung, defekter Artikel etc.) hingewiesen, aber das muss man dann immer mit dem jeweiligen Händler klären und wenn der nicht will, ist das nicht möglich. Ein genereller Käuferschutz für Käufe aus Deutschland existiert offenbar nicht. E-Mails an zentrale Mailadressen werden nicht beantwortet.
Mein "Schaden" beträgt zwar nur 11€, ist also zu verschmerzen, aber für mich hat sich Aliexpress erledigt, da man nie weiß, an wen man gerät.
Translate 12/24/2018


Ho acquistato un prodotto su AliExpress che poi è stato bloccato alla dogana in quanto sprovvisto della documentazione necessaria per l'importazione nella UE. Ho richiesto assistenza e ho fornito la documentazione comprovante la richiesta della dogana. Il venditore ha continuato a mandarmi messaggi preimpostati senza neanche cercare di capire quale fosse il problema e continuando a ripetere le stesse cose. Aliexpress non ha accettato la documentazione e ha insistito nel dire che è compito del compratore pagare la tassa doganale, senza rendersi conto che non si trattava di una tassa da pagare ma di documentazione che io non potevo fornire. Dopo diversi giorni in cui ho cercato di spiegare la faccenda (in inglese naturalmente) e ho inviato nuovamente le mail della dogana, la loro risposta è stata quella di chiudere la disputa senza darmi né la documentazione (evidentemente il prodotto non era conforme alle normative UE) né un rimborso. Ora, dal mio punto di vista questa è una truffa e non dovrebbero vendere merce in Europa se non hanno la documentazione necessaria. Pessima assistenza sia da AliExpress che dal venditore.
Translate 12/16/2018


I've been buying on aliexpress since 2012. More than 500 orders.
Overall my expirience is positive. Of course, sometimes there are problems, but ali support helps.
I only wish that coupons for older users would appear more often.
Translate 12/12/2018


3 mesi fa ho ordinato uno smartphone oulitel k7, pagandolo col mio bancomat, e non mi è arrivato. Ho aperto la controversia e non mi hanno rimborsato. Allora sono passato agli insulti, dandogli dei bastardi, e non è cambiato nulla. Quindi cari amici non comprateci nulla perché sono dei ladri.

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