1949deal was an up-and-coming electronics webshop based out of China. Operating since 2006, 1949deal had managed to establish itself as a relatively popular electronics store specializing in Android phones, tablets, chargers, and related accessories, ranking among the top 90,000 most-visited websites in the world according to Alexa.

The quality of the shop and its customer service declined continously in 2016, so it didn't come too much as a surprise that the shop finally went offline at the end of 2016. If you're on the hunt for a reliable Chinese electronics shop with great prices, then check out our suggested alternatives.

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Experience with 1949deal

Our first impressions on the homepage were mostly indifferent. What the site lacks in attractiveness and complexity, it makes up for in simplicity-of-use and a well-structured category system. 1949deals, like all other good tech sites, is designed for browsing rather than specific searches. Being the insatiable tech-nerds that we are, we couldn't help but pick out a few choice items to put 1949deal to the test.

One thing that surprised us a bit were the significant delivery estimates given at checkout, with the Free Shipping option estimated between 10 and 60 work days. We weren't expecting to get our order very quickly, so we were pleasantly surprised when it showed up on our doorstep 19 workdays after we placed our order. We had ordered an interesting-looking tablet and some earbuds, and we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of both items. Considering our tablet cost us less than $100 we weren't expecting much--it has thus far surprised us with acceptable loading times, decent screen, and a durable (if a bit cheap) exterior. 

Want to know what it's really like to bite the bullet and place an order on 1949deal? Considering doing it yourself, but not sure its worth the potential headache? Read on to get an in-depth look at our experience with 1949deal.


  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • Huge Selection of Smartphones and Tablets
  • European Warehouses can lower shipping costs for European customers
  • PayPal-based Payment System
  • Super-Cheap "Top Deals"


  • Delivery may take up to 60 workdays
  • Defective or Damaged products must be reported within 24 hours of delivery to receive a refund
  • Customer Service only available during Chinese Business Hours.


Like most Chinese webshops, 1949deal accepts payments via PayPal, Credit Cards (processed via PayPal), or Western Union. 

We always recommend paying with PayPal online in order to take advantage of their phenomenal Buyer Protection Program and, considering all credit card payments must also be processed through PayPal here, only Western Union payments on 1949deal will lack PayPal's 45-day money-back protection policy. Those who wish to forgo PayPal and pay directly with Western Union must contact customer service, all other payments are performed via PayPal during or after the ordering process.

1949deal Payment Methods

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

One of 1949deal's best features by far is the inclusion of worldwide Free Shipping on all items. As long as you don't mind waiting a bit, the Free Shipping option will get your product to you within 60 workdays (10-60 business days, estimated). 

We have placed 2 orders on 1949deal using the free shipping option. Our first package arrived within 19 workdays, and the second package arrived after 43 workdays. If our experience is to be trusted, you'll most likely never have to wait the entire 60 workdays to get your stuff.

For those who can't even wait 2 weeks, 1949deal also offers quicker and more expensive shipping options such as DHL (3-5 business days) and EMS (4-15 business days). The exact cost of these two methods varies depending on the item weight, but the price for the less-expensive DHL hovers around $30 while EMS often courts $40+ prices.

1949deal Shipping Costs

1949deal and Customs

1949deal has mixed reviews online, from customers with various experiences (many negative). One of the things for which 1949deal receives almost universal praise for is how carefully and correctly it tends to declare its orders. All of our orders were packaged very well, declared properly, and had no problem getting though customs. Many other customer reviews online say similar things about the packaging.

Nevertheless, it's always smart to read up on your country's rules and regulations regarding international shipping and customs fees in case your order makes an unexpected stopover at your local customs office.

For shipments entering the US, extra taxes and fees on your product are possible. Not every item is taxed when entering the country, and the majority are only subject to a nominal processing fee of between $2 and $9 in the case of a random customs stop. The amount to be paid, however, can vary widely depending on the product and how it’s sent. If you are concerned about your item, or are planning to order goods in excess of $500, it is worth it to check with the Customs Office at the port of entry to confirm any extra fees.

Any extra taxes or duties on your shipment will either be paid at your door when the mailman drops it off, or the package may be held at your local post office. In which case, you will need to go pick it up and pay any applicable fees in person.

Return Policy

The Return Policy is where 1949deal falls short of its competitors.

While many other Chinese Electronics Shops offer some sort of return or repair guarantee good for a few weeks, 1949deal only accepts returns and give refunds for products reported to customer service within 1 business day of arrival.

That's not a typo, 1949deal gives you only 24 hours to open, test, and then report any problems with your item to their customer service in order to get your money back. Items reported after the first day may still be returned to be repaired, but you will need to pay for both the shipping and all repairs. 

In some ways, this is actually worse than not offering a return policy at all because this way customers who receive a defective item but miss the 24-hour deadline to contact customer service (which only operates during Chinese business hours) are sure to feel more slighted than they would if no returns were accepted at all. Order with caution.

1949deal's Customer Service department can be reached at 1949deal2013@gmail.com, or on Skype at User aftersale1949deal during Chinese business hours.


As long as you opt for the Free Shipping option, 1949deal was a cheap and reliable source for any kind of tech from China. As long as you weren't put off by the absence of more popular name-brand products from the largest tech producers, 1949deal could give you some great deals on electronics and accessories - 1949deal went offline at the end of 2016, so you don't have to consider shopping here anymore. If you would like to check out some recommendable tech stores from China, then check out one of our alternatives.


Alternative 1: Gearbest
free shipping a huge selection of (mostly Chinese) smartphones and tablets, free shipping
Alternative 2: TomTop
possibly shipping fees has a great range of electronics and fun gadgets, and often offers free shipping. Great prices, a helpful customer service and safe paypal payment are great arguments for this up-and-coming online shop
Alternative 2: Tinydeal
free shipping large selection of various gadgets, not just consumer electronics, also features a good selection of clothes and just about everything else


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Fred Taylor

They sell defective products and don't respond when you try to contact them. After trying to contact them three times with no response I contacted PayPal. The seller contacted me and asked for pictures to show what the phone was doing. I told them it was not possible to take pictures of what was happening, and they asked for pictures. This went back and forth four times, so I contacted PayPal again. The seller contacted me and told me to close the claim and they would help me. I told them to help me and I would close the claim. They told me they had to make money, and the best offer they gave me was for me to send them the phone and they would give me a discount on a new phone. I don't trust them to do anything, because they have shown that their customers are not their priority. I strongly discourage anybody from doing any business with them at all. Any monetary savings isn't worth the headache.

Alexandru C

Some of the products featured on this site cannot be found cheaper elsewhere, not to mention that 1949deal provides coupons and runs promotions on a regular basis. My parcel was dispatched the second day after placing the order, and that's also when I received the tracking number. Overall, I'm very satisfied with their prices and service, and will surely place more orders here, in the future.


i order Lenovo k3 , 1949deal ships it fast for us, and hope next time they can give me some coupons.


Guter Service. sehr zufrieden.
Translate 05/16/2018


Den Shop gibt es nicht mehr!!!!!
Translate 11/05/2016


No lo recomiendo, compre un smartphone de mas de 200€ por noviembre de 2015 para enero ya no encendía lo mande a arreglar y estuve cerca de 4 meses sin el en ese tiempo tube que comprar otro (de 100€) para el apaño mio (no a ellos) cuando volvió estuvo funcionando bien un par de meses. Conclusión que estoy con el de 100€ que va como un omega y el de 200€ de pisapapeles
Translate 03/18/2016


Nada recomendable. Sólo tienes garantía de un año en los productos y 3 meses en las reparaciones. Si tienes algún problema con tu equipo te quedas dos meses sin él porque lo tienes que enviar a China. No lo recomiendo.
Translate 09/21/2015


I want to buy a phone and smartwatch in 1949deal.con
I live un Spain and when I will do it with DHL forma 24€ more they will bring it un 3-8 days is it true?
Im scared also to py nearly 380€ and then I will never get the products.

I also wrote 2 mails to them but no answer.

Someone can help me please?
Translate 08/10/2015


I ordered a phone to Germany and they did not send the phone. When I ask them to refund my money they tell me that I have to send back the phone, which I did not recieved. They are swindlers!
Translate 07/11/2015


Finger weg von der Firma. Ich kaufte vor 2 Monaten ein Handy bei dieser Firma. Nach 5 Wochen kam es bei mir an. Aber es ging manchmal kurz an und aus oder gar nicht an. Den Fall habe ich sofort bei 1949deal gemeldet. Seitdem habe ich nur Ärger mit der Firma. Erst haben sie gar nicht auf meine Mails reagiert. Dann gaben Sie mir nur Tipps. Ich sollte erst Akku aufladen usw. Das Handy hing 24 stunden am strom. Wie sollte es überprüfen, ob es sich aufgelade hat. Es ließ sich gar nicht einschalten. Als ich nicht aufgab mit meiner Anforderung entweder mein Geld zurück oder ein neues Handy, wollten sie ein Video vom kaputten Handy. Ich schickte 2 Videos von Handy. Dann schrieben Sie mir: Ich soll das HAndy zurückschicken, aber nur mit Luftpost. Sie wollte auch trackin number haben. Ich schrieb, dass ich es nur per dhl schicken kann wegen tracking nummer. Der Versand nach China kostet ca. 18 €. Sie wollten kein Versand mit DHL. Die Begründung: die Pakete mit dhl kommen nie an.
Also sie bieten keine Lösung an wollen, dass ich aufgebe. Ich habe inzwischen einen Antrag auf Käuferschutz bei paypal gestellt. Sie haben paypal auch mitgeteilt, dass sie das Hand nicht zurücknehmen. Ich warte auf Entscheidung von Paypal.
1949deal ist eine unseriöse Firma.
Sie haben kein Stern verdient.
Translate 06/29/2015


Pedi un smartphone en Enero, lo recibí en un mes, aunque ya estaba en aviso desde la web que los tiempos son largos lo asumí, pero lo enviaron defectuoso, les escribí el primer día de recibirlo, lo devolvi pagando yo los gastos de devolución. Lo he tenido que devolver dos veces porque me dijeron que era de la batería y no lo era, además mientras la ida y vuelta del paquete le cuesta mínimo un mes. Ahora estoy esperando a que lo reparen. No me parece una buena solución para un articulo que he comprado nuevo, y ya va a hacer de esto dos meses,.Creo que hacer uno nuevo les costaría menos, He pedido que me devulevan el dinero y nada, todavía estoy esperando su solución y estamos a finales de Junio . El control de calidad y de atención al cliente me parece una tomadura de pelo. Yo no compraré mas aquí.
Translate 04/16/2015


Спасибо огромнейшее! Сегодня получили заказ, часы отличные. Очень очень давольны заказом, на руке смотрятся шикарно. Мы заказали двое часов, думаю что одни я у мужа себе конфискуюСпасибо Вам еще раз, очень приятно с Вами работать!!! Будем обязательно еще сотрудничать
Translate 04/16/2015


i orden Doogee DG550 , y ahora yo uso para medio año , funciona bien . Número de pedido 1000342344. Esperanza próxima compra
Translate 04/13/2015


He comprado dos veces en esta tienda. Dos moviles bien empaquetados. Tardaron 20 dias en llegar desde la compra. Estoy contento de la compra y tienda
Translate 01/21/2015

Chus Azan

Hicimos un pedido a mediados de Diciembre 2014 y estamos a finales de enero 2015 y todavía no ha llegado. La página de seguimiento es una risa, tan pronto aparecen 700 ms un día y al otro aparecen 12.000 ms, al siguiente 821 ms, etc... Nos han hecho perder el tiempo. No compres en esta página. No son de fiar.
Translate 01/12/2015


Einer der eher noch unbekannteren Shops, wie ihr auch richtig rausgestellt habt. Bei sowas bin ich eigentlich voll vorsichtig. Aber ich hab nach dieser Rezension trotzdem mal bestellt weil es dort mein auserwähltes Huaweitablet (dank Rabatt oder Sale wie auch immer) am günstigsten gab. Außerdem konnte ich so direkt ein paar Kleinigkeiten mitbestellen. Wie eine Wasserschutzhülle für den gebuchten Sommerurlaub, ein paar andere Hüllen und unnütze Spielerein (jaja, Männer!).
Also mal abgesehen vom Kundenservice der mich einfach ignoriert hat war ich sehr zufrieden. Die Sendung hat ca 20 Tage gedauert was für chinesische Hersteller ja voll i.O ist. Tablet und andere Sachen sind unverletzt angekommen und das auch ohne zollstopp. Wenn es dort mal wieder das bestes Angebot gibt werde ich sicherlich nochmal von Dealextreme und Banggood abweichen und dort bestellen. Unbekannt heißt also nicht immer gleich schlecht auch wenn das viele Leute bei chinesischen Firmen denken.
Translate 12/31/2014


Habe dort auf Empfehlung eines Freundes (der oft bei chinesischen Shops bestellt) ein Xiaomi Mipad bestellt. Erstmal großes Lob an Xiaomi, einwandfreies Tablet! Mit dem Shop war ich auch zufrieden, Lieferung kam nach 18 Tagen (so früh hatte ich noch gar nicht damit gerechnet, vor allem nicht als ich im Nachhinein euren Erfahrungsbericht gelesen hatte). Paket einwandfrei deklariert, Ware tadellos angekommen. Fazit: empfehlenswert! Lg Tano

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