Shipping and return policies

Before you order something for the first time from China, you might have a couple of questions and want to consider a few things. We collected the most frequently asked questions and answered them for you.

By the way: Details on searching and using PandaCheck, on ordering and paying in Chinese shops, as well as on taxes and customs regulations can be found in the other parts of our FAQ!

Delivery: How long does it take? Is express shipping worth its price?

The delivery time depends on two factors: the shipping point and the mode of dispatch. If shipped from China, deliveries sent via express shipping usually arrive within a week. But usually you choose the inexpensive and most often even free of charge standard shipping. Pricewise a real deal but it takes some patience. Generally, packages arrive within three weeks if standard shipping is used. Some online shops score with their European warehouses (most of the time they’re located in the UK). If you use warehouses located on your own continent, your package will naturally arrive faster. Depending on the mode of dispatch the package arrives within 3 to 5 days or within two weeks.

Our tip: delivery times are never guaranteed. If you have the time, take the slower but inexpensive standard shipping.

Packaging: How are the items packed?

Merchants are very careful with their packages and the safety of their products. Gadgets are usually protected twice - wrapped in bubble-wrap and packaged in a bubble-wrap envelope. If something could possibly break, it is our experience that it is very well protected in its package. Clothing isn’t wrapped twice but it is carefully packed and usually survives the long journey without a scratch. Sometimes the original package will not be included in the parcel so that room can be saved. Keep that in mind if you want to use something of your order as a present.

Our tip: Keep calm and carry on shopping. Our experience is that 99% of all packages arrive safely.