Searching with Pandacheck

Before you order something for the first time from China, you might have a couple of questions and want to consider a few things. We collected the most frequently asked questions and answered them for you.

By the way: Details on ordering and paying in Chinese shops, on the different shipping options as well as on taxes and customs regulations can be found in the other parts of our FAQ!

Using the right search terms: short, descriptive and in English

You probably know this already from Google: with the right search termes you'll find nearly everything. Meaning: don't look for "fancy phone charger deluxe" but begin by looking for "phone charger". You can still define your search terms more precisely after that.

Use English search terms! Even though we might be from Germany, the Chinese merchants do publish their products with English titles and descriptions in their shops. The reason for that is very simple: the universal language is English - this way everyone on this planet should find anything. Only a few merchants take the time to translate their content in German and even these translations are often wrong and disturbing!

It gets even worse when product and brand names get (automatically) translated as well. "GoPro Hero 3" becomes quickly a "GoPro Held 3" and will certainly be hard to impossible to find. If you're looking in English, you will definitely find all the gadgets imaginable - and also the right original brand names! ;-)

Shop choice: select and except

On the left side of the "Search"-button you have the chance to narrow your shop choice down. Click on "Choose shops" and exclude certain shops from your search or search only through a few selected shops by clicking on "invert selection" and picking only the shops you are interested in.

Fine-tuning and composition: arrange and hone search results

On the left side of your search results you will see several filters. Do you have a certain price range? Then change the price regulator. The results are automatically arranged according to relevance but you can change this with two clicks to a composition ordered by a descending or ascending price. Furthermore, you can change the items per page to up to 200. In addition to that, you can filter the shops by clicking on "PayPal only" or "free delivery only" to see only those shops which do offer a payment via PayPal and which offer free standard shipping.

Filter: Add or remove search words

Right below the search bar you're offered the choice to adjust your search. Several search terms are offered and you can exclude them from your search by clicking on "-" (the search term xyz will appear in your search bar with a "-": -xyz or include it to your search by clicking on "+". Naturally, you can add other search terms to your original search by typing xyz in the search bar or remove them from your search by tipping -xyz.

Do you have any questions? We'll gladly add to our FAQ - just write us a message: [email protected].