Ordering in Chinese shops

Before you order something for the first time from China, you might have a couple of questions and want to consider a few things. We collected the most frequently asked questions and answered them for you.

By the way: Details on searching and using PandaCheck, on the different shipping options as well as on taxes and customs regulations can be found in the other parts of our FAQ!

Safety: Is it safe to order from China?

Shopping in Chinese online shops gets safer and safer everyday.. Most websites offer PayPal payment and that's how you know that they really want to satisfy and keep their customers. If you use PayPal, you have the option to get your money back in case of wrong or missing deliveries. But this isn't necessary in 98% of all shopping sprees. The merchants are careful with the compilation of your order and are usually very accommodating

Our tip: Pay with PayPal, this makes your shopping really safe.

Payment: How do I pay in a China shop?

In Germany we're used to paying via Sofortüberweisung or just ask for a bill. Obviously, this doesn't usually work for international online shopping. But there are two great and very handy payment methods available:

  • PayPal
  • credit card

PayPal is always recommendable because it is the easiest and safest way to pay. PayPal's buyer protection offers you the possibility to open a case within 180 days of your purchase and claim your money back. Paying with credit card is comparably easy as well but in case of problems you have to depend on the merchant's goodwill to get your money back.

Our tip: pay for your orders with PayPal.

PayPal protection: How and when does it work?

Warning! A few items are not protected by Paypal's buyer protection. Mainly these things are services and intangible goods, so you should be on the safe side in 99% of all cases. Of course, we've summed up all the exceptions for you: real estate, motor vehicles, capital equipment, travel tickets, event tickets, intangible items and services. PayPal's buyer protection is only valid for up to 180 days after your purchase.

Our tip: if you often place international orders, mark the days of your purchases in your calendar, so you don't forget when your buyer protection of each order is ending.

Exchange rate: How do I calculate the best exchange rate?

On Chinese websites you typically pay in US dollars, sometimes in Rubel or rare cases even in Australian dollars. During the order and payment through PayPal you pay a 2,5% PayPal exchange fee (depending on the currency it might even be more). As you don't get the best exchange rate, the bank is making a profit as well. The most inexpensive way for you is to add a credit card to your PayPal account and assign this credit card as your default. If you choose a credit card, that offers a great currency exchange rate and doesn't charge you a foreign transaction fee, as your default, you can save the 2,5% PayPal exchange fee and even more money through the missing fee and a good currency conversion. People who order frequently in foreign online shops can save with this trick and a useful credit card quite a bit of money. A great offer for everyone still out looking for a credit card: The credit card from Pay VIP doesn't charge a foreign transaction fee or a yearly fee.

Our tip: choose a credit card as your default at PayPal and benefit from the better exchange currency of the credit card. Save up to 5%! This can save you money in the long run!

This is how do add your credit card at PayPal in 2 easy steps

Before you start, you have to log in with your usual data. After that you click to “my profile / my money / add credit card” After you've added a credit card or changed an already existing one, you end up on the summary page where you chose the corresponding credit card and add it as your default. Done! From now on you use your credit card and the corresponding exchange rate for your orders.

Do you have any questions? We'll gladly add them to our FAQ - just write us a message: [email protected].