The Chinese online market is one of the fastest growing and expanding markets worldwide. Nearly everyday a new, unknown shop from China emerges in the world wide web. This makes it close to impossible to keep an overview and to find the best price. PandaCheck does help in this department as it is the price search engine for online shops from China.

But we're not simply a search engine for price comparison. We want to keep you up to date on all the latest promotion codes and talk about the newest trends. Read about our tips and tricks on ordering from Focalprice, Lightinthebox and Co. and receive your items safe and for the best price available.

Every one of us has been studying this matter enthusiastically for quite a while, so hopefully we won't just stand out because of our passion but also because of our considerable experience.

The Team - we ♥ the panda!

PandaCheck Team: Kristian Loves RC-Gadgets!


Kristian founded the biggest blog on Chinese gadget – correspondingly called - in 2010. He has been dealing with all the big and tiny gadgets from the newest quadrocopter to the strangest Chinese electronic thingamajig everyday ever since. Being in contact with a multitude of merchants from China, he always has an insider tip for you before a gadget goes officially online.

First and foremost, Kristian is responsible for the technical aspects (like servers and new ideas for features) on PandaCheck as well as for cooperations with sellers. In his spare time he loves to travel, to read books and to work on his kicker skills. You can reach Kristian at .
PandaCheck Team: Maxi Android FTW!


Part of the team since 2012, Maxi came up with a simple but pragmatic thought which lead to the idea of PandaCheck as the new focus of the team. He will probably spent most of his time hunting the web for tech trends such as Smartphones, Tablets or even watches. Wanderlust is his biggest sensation and to replenish mind and body, you will find him abroad whenever he's not working. He also tries to give as much impulses possible to increase the overall quality.

PandaCheck Team: Laura Loves Pandastic Fashion


Laura is particularly japanophile, sinophile and anglophile. She is always looking for the newest deals and fashion trends from Korea and Co. and loves to present to you the coolest items and Chinese shops.

She is responsible for the shop descriptions and English translations at PandaCheck and keeps on looking for new interesting websites about fashion and lifestyle. じゃ、またね!
PandaCheck Team: Aaron Mmm jQuery!


Aaron likes to keep himself busy with the development of web applications and the realisation of new ideas. If he isn't dealing with the integration of an external interface, he loves to dance, geocache or travel.