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We're proud to finally present you our price search engine for Chinese shops. Even if we're still working on many areas of our panda and still adding shops, we wanted to present our lovely PandaCheck to you right now. With more than 80 shops - and soon all the corresponding shop descriptions - you can either dare to start your first shopping sprees in China or get to know a few shops you haven't heard from before.

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Search engine with price regulator and strong filters

Our search makes it possible for you to compare products and prices between various online shops. With the various regulators and filter options you can refine your search, to find exactly your new favorite items from China. You can see the possible shipping costs in your search results: a red van means that shipping fees will be added to the price, a red-green van means that shipping costs might occur and a green van means that you won't have to pay for standard shipping in this shop. The shop rating in stars right under the shop logo helps you to get a first impression on the shop. You can also see if and how many coupon codes are currently available at PandaCheck for this shop.

You can adjust the results according to your preferred budget with the help of our price regulator on the left side of the search results. If the regulator isn't sensitive enough, you can enter prices manually. And below the price regulator you have the option to arrange your search results in a different order. The results are arranged by default by their relevance but you can also choose to order it by ascending or descending price.

Your wish is our command - we added two popular and requested filters: the filters to search only in shops which offer PayPal payment or which offer free shipping. So if you want so the all final prices for your search results, you might want to click on "free delivery only" and if you only want to pay with the trusted PayPal system, you should click on "PayPal only" Try out our filter options!

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FAQ helps you search and order more successfully

Of course we're trying to offer you an allround-package for your Chinese shopping experience. That's why we're not only providing tips for working with PandaCheck in our FAQ but we also answered all imaginable questions on ordering, paying, shipping and on customs regulations.

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Shop descriptions help to get to know each Chinese shop

In our shop descriptions (click on the respective shop in our shop overview) we answer the most common questions for each shop individually and talk about our experiences during ordering and shopping in each shop. Every shop has its own particular features and conditions - you'll see that by simply reading the vastly different return policies of all the shops.

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Coupons for every shop and occasion

We also try to keep you up-to-date on the newest promotions and coupon codes. Our personal favorite coupons can be found on the coupon page. All coupons for each individual shop can be found on each shop site - keep current and check out the most interesting coupons for Banggood and Dealextreme.

We want your opinion and tips!

Our Panda wants to become more than just a search engine - that's why we need you, your experiences and your tips. Click on "Ask the panda" on the upper right side of this packe and tell us about bugs, impressions, suggestions for improvement, forgotten coupons and more. And of course we want to know YOUR opinion on each and every shop. If you don't have much time, then click on the star ranking to tell us about your experience - or if you can spare one of two minutes, then go to the bottom of a particular shop page and tell us in a few words what your thinking about the shop. How fast was the processing and delivery? How is the quality of the products? How long did you have to wait for an answer from customer support? You can tell us everything in your personal shop review. And we're not the only ones saying thanks for your input - the community will also need and want your feedback!