Test and Win: The new PandaCheck App for Android

Our Apple Users were given the chance to be the beta testers for our new Panda Check iOS version, and to win an amazing quadcopter. But, for the Android users amongst you we have now, the much improved Panda Check Android version available in your Play Store. Now you must be wondering: And no price? Exactly! We are offering the free download of our app, plus the chance to win a Gearbest Coupon! We have taken all your comments and reviews very seriously, and are trying to improve every day to keep you happy - after all, online shopping and browsing your fav products should be nothing but fun, right? 

In order to get even more precious feedback, we are drawing one international review from the Google Play Store and surprising them with a $200 Coupon from Gearbest! This deal goes until the 14th of September 2015, so there is still time to check out our app and leave a comment for us with your opinion. Tell your friends as well, because this goes for every country out there. Now you must be wondering, what can I possibly get for $200$ Well, we leave that up to you! 



Finally, the new PandaCheck App for Android has arrived! 

  • compatibel with all Android devices (tablets, phablets, smartphones), Android 2.4. upward
  • over 100 China Shops available for you (Gearbest, Aliexpress, Banggood, Ebay, etc.) and being browsed simultaneously
  • More than 2 million products
  • and much more
  • New: categories to browse through to your liking 
  • Lots and lots of extra features - come check it out! 

PandaCheck App 1 PandaCheck App 2

Review our App and win a $200 coupon

We wanted to thank our fans, and decided to show that by awarding one special person with a $200 coupon that is granted to you by Gearbest (thanks!!!). And because GearBest delivers its products worldwide, every single person around the globe can take part of this competition! So go tell your friends and good luck.


Each and every review until midnight of September 14th 2015 (CEST) will be a part of our draw. The lucky person will already be nominated on the next day and will be sent his/her price, the $200 coupon, as fast as possible! That means: Shop until you drop. Since Gearbest offers the best prices on the market, we guess it won't be too hard for you to find more than one product you always wanted. 

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