PandaCheck was created to help your search through this wide universe of china shops and their amazingly different products. But to make your life even easier, we've decided to create, just for you, the PandaCheck App. So we put our little minds together, worked on it day and night, and now it is finally done. The PandaCheck App for iOS. How do you like it? Any suggestions? Since this is our first attempt, we are very much open to constructive criticism and your opinion. And yes, as cliche as it may sound, you are important to us. Every single one of you. And before you Android fans out there start to throw a fit, we are already working on the android version, so don't worry. And don't forget: finding the best china prices is our mission and that's what we love to do. So starting today you can look for the product of your liking by using the PandaCheck app.

Go check it out in the App Store!



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The new PandaCheck App: Available now in your App Store! 

  • You may choose amongst 114 China Shops
  • Search results can be displayed according to price range, store name, etc.
  • Autofill is your best friend by trying to write the name of a product
  • Filter your results according to your liking. Payment, Shipping are just a couple of the options available
  • Found what you were looking for but got no time to buy it? Safe it for later by creating a cool gadget list!
  • Test it out on your Ipad aswell.
  • Soon more news... 

This App was created specially for the purpose to safe you time. We all know that we almost don't have time anymore to sit comfortably at home in front of our pc, so the solution is to browse for what you've been looking for on your smartphone or tablet. In the train in the morning, on your lunch break or even on the toilet, take some time to search for that one special thing you've always been looking for, or just check out the novelties. Our PandaCheck App is ready to serve you. 


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So what are you waiting for? Download the new PandaCheck App, and go check out the latest products and trends! 

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