Only 50 days left until the next German carnival season begins - so it might be time, to think about the important stuff in life: this year's costumes! "Whaaat? Still 50 days left? Then why are you in such a hurry?" you might wonder but you shouldn't forget the delivery time from China and the processing time as well as the time to custom-make costumes. Better be safe than sorry and just order a bit earlier. And don't forget that Halloween is also close: only 39 days left 'till we get to celebrate the spookiest holiday this year.

Sure, you could wear your costume from last year...or five years ago and simply use the whole-body bear costume for the colder days and the cowboy outfit for warm days in the pub like every year. But these costumes might have seen better days and you definitely won't surprise anyone with them. So it might not be the worst idea to check out the range of costumes and cosplay options from China. The Chinese online shops have a vast variety and a diverse range of qualities and prices and you will find the usual devil horns as well as amazing, costum-made anime cosplays in our listed Chinese shops. Look at this small insight in the world of incredible, bizarrly fantastic costume choices.

Fandoms for Karneval: everything including Star Wars costumes, Resident Evil cosplay and vampire fans

We definitely have to show you some of our favorite costume choices and got tostart with one of our personal highlights: why not toss the old, filthy bear costume and indulge in an amazing Chewbacca cosplay. Celebrate your inner Star Wars fan and stop freezing off your fingers during these long days celebrating local carnival - or Halloween!

Chewbacca Cosplay Darth Vader Cosplay

Alright, this outfit has an impressive price: $469.99 but should you really put a monetary number to your love for your favorite fandom? If you're planning to splurge a bit more, then take a look at this Darth Vader costume for $899.99. Definite advantage of these impressive costumes at EZCosplay: the costumes are available in a great variety of sizes - or can be custom-made for only $10 extra!

Horror movie and anime fans can support their fandom for less money. EZCosplay is offering for example an Alice cosplay from the movie Resident Evil for $99. For about $140 you can become Elsa from Frozen and for an incredible bargain you can turn into a vampire with the help of Lovelywholesale: this costume doesn't even cost $40! All other costumes at Lovelywholesale might be more appropriate for warmer locations such as a party at friends or in a pub as they offer all possible varieties of slutty costumes, that you might be looking for for Halloween or carnival.

Resident Evil's Alice Cosplay Costume: Elsa from Frozen Vampire Cosplay

The online shop MiniintheBox has also a couple of things in store for you –  masks and a few, but more traditional outfits as well as a nice variety of cosplay props. Plastic swords, jewellery, wigs and even hats are in many alternatives available and are often known from Anime or video games - and the free shipping at MiniintheBox definitely won't hurt your budget!

The range at LightintheBox is is even bigger. Categorized in Anime, video games, Halloween, Lolita, cultural and Movies, you should be able to find something that's your taste in this shop. The costumes are shipped from China and not from your local costume shop, meaning that you won't encounter your costume at least five times at your next party.

Costumes for the unattended at Carnival and Halloween: dog & co.

And now for those, who tend to be forgotten at carnival: your furry best friends! Your dog doesn't neet to be costumless at October 31st, November 11th or Weiberfastnacht. We have some great choices for you at PandaCheck. A small test query is right here and you can check out our pet special as well, as these should offer some inspiration. 

Superman-Dog Cosplay

Dog and comrades should find something fitting at MiniintheBox, DinoDirect and similar shops - I don't know if your dog wants to be a FBI agent, witchballerina or a halloween skeleton - but you'll find the corresponding costumes on our site.

The only downside: You'll have to order soon! Why? Because the shipping times can take up to 4 weeks (depending on the shipping method you choose and your prefered shop) and the costumes might have to be custom-made. So keep this in mind, when you plan your carnival and Halloween costumes! You might want to give the shops some time, especially if you're planning an expensive, custom-made investment in your prefered fandom. If your costume is a bit late you can still wear it to other costume parties or starting February during the heyday of German carnival.

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