The wedding is one of the most important but also one of the most expensive days in your life. But nowadays the budget isn't as big as it used to be or the bride-to-be might not find the right dress for her special day after running around for weeks in bridal shops.

To relieve the wedding budget and still be able to find the perfect, fitting dress, more and more people tend to look in Chinese online shops for the dress of their dreams. A trend that has developed for years and is becoming more popular each year:

Inexpensive, but custom-made wedding gowns from China

Wedding Dress from DidoBridal

In China you will find many designers and a vast number of tailors. Because of the lower wages and manufacturing costs, you will be able to find your preferred wedding dress for a very inexpensive price. At PandaCheck we also want to feature thiss particular part of the Chinese market and are happy to present three new shops to you.

New at PandaCheck: The three bridal shops DidoBridalFancyLadies and Sino-Treasure

DidoBridal, FancyLadies und Sino-Treasure

These three online shops offer custom-made dresses. They're not only featuring wedding dresses but have dresses for many special occassions: evening gowns, prom and homecoming dresses as well as everything imaginable for a wedding. The mother of the bride will be well dressed with the help of these shops as well will be the bridesmaids.

Time, patience, measurements

If you're considering buying your wedding dress or prom dress online, then you should consider a few things. Especially important is time: bring a lot of it! It would be helpful if you let the shops ship some color samples to you (a fabric swatch at Didobridal costs only $1, chiffon or satin watchets at FancyLadies cost $3 right now) or talk about all your questions with the customer service (e.g. Sino-Treasure answers questions quickly and detailed). After that it's recommended to let a local tailor take your measurements, so that you won't encounter any unwanted surprises. The dresses are handmade, meaning all your wishes can be taken into consideration and the extra costs are only a fraction of those you would have to pay in Europe or the US. But this also means, that the production of your dress might take a few weeks. These three shops take between 15 to 20 work days for sewing, and after that you have to consider the shipping time. A useful option if you're on the lookout for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses or other accessories or outfits for a wedding or a formal occasion!

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