Planning a big shopping spree in one of our Chinese shops and the package has to arrive reeeeally fast!? Well, then finish your order as soon as possible because starting in the middle of next week our Chinese shops will all take a break. The reason: China is celebrating its National Day (The Peoples Republic of China was founded on October 1st 1949) between the 1st and 3rd of October. The surrounding weekends are usually re-arranged so that workers in Chinese companies have seven continuous days of holiday - meaning that people in many parts of China won't work between 1st and 7th of October. People, who still have to work on these three official holidays, receive thrice their usual wage. So expect to find rarely anyone working in customers support or at the post office in China. 

Only October 1st and 2nd are official holidays in Hong Kong - so even though customer support in Shenzhen might take a few days off, you might get some fast answers from Hong Kong.

We're definitely not begrudging the Chinese for their holiday week, because especially the ever busy Chinese companies deserve a few days off. We just wanted to warn you in advance, so you won't be worried if you don't receive an immediate answer from a shop or if the processing time of your order might take a week longer than expected.

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