Many people are afraid of ordering in Chinese shops because of several factors: What about customs? How expensive and complicated could this be? How long does it take for my package to arrive? Will it arrive at all? And is this really safe? We can reassure you: the ordering in most shops is very safe - especially if you choose on of the well-known, reliable and trustworthy shops and if you pay with PayPal. We answer all other questions in our FAQ to prepare you well for your first orders in Asia. By the way: we only add Chinese shops at PandaCheck after we tested them extensively!

Asian shopping in Europe

But you can be even safer when you choose items which are stocked in European warehouses. Many Chinese merchants are expanding to Europe and Northern America and open warehouses, from which you can order directly. This means that you can receive your order often within only a couple of days. Some shops even opened warehouses in Germany: for example Coolicool and efox-shop.


Coolicools deutsches Warenhaus

Inexpensive and fast - the European advantages

The shops can't offer all their merchandise in their European or Northern American warehouses, but it is still worth the effort to check ou the product range in these warehouses. Coolicool offers for example a large range of smart phones in the German warehouse - and this means, that you can hold your smart phone within 72 hours in your hands (instead of delivery times of up to 4 weeks if you're ordering from China) and that you don't have to consider extra charges such as taxes or customs fees. Furthermore, you often get your order without having to pay any extra shipping fees if you order with a German address from a German warehouse, such as Coolicool or efox-shop. 

This is a great alternative to China for people who are pressed for time, who don't have a lot of patience or who simply prefer ordering from German or European locations. You can see a general overview of the different warehouse locations in our shop overview. Besides each shop you can see in the column "location" the different warehouses listed with the corresponding flag.

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