Update: The website might appear to be up again but orders aren't being processed anymore. PayPal payments are being refunded within two workdays. We're still waiting for an official statement - hopefully not in vain.

Aurabuy has had a lot happening in the last weeks. First, we were surprised to receive an e-mail telling us that Aurabuy was closing its affiliate accounts - at once we tried to figure out why but didn't receive any answers to our mails. And then, a few days later, Aurabuy's entire homepage suddenly went offline. Very strange. Especially considering that Aurabuy asked their fans on Facebook for their opinion on the available options for a new logo on August 27th - only days before Aurabuy went down.

Now we are slightly hopeful and happy to announce that Aurabuy is finally online again.

For how long? Are there any changes or future developments? Can we dare ordering from Aurabuy again? Is Aurabuy still trustworthy? We immediately placed a test order - and will keep you updated on our test parcel and all new information on Aurabuy.

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