Update: iOS App and Giveaway! - Welcome to China-Gadgets.com

UPDATE: Have you tested our China-Gadgets.com iOS App yet?

Download the app, test it a bit - and please leave a review in the iTunes App Store - as an incentive, you get the chance to win a $100 giftcard for Gearbest. Send us an e-mail or contact us in the app if you encounter any problems or if you're missing some features.

Last chance: The giveaway is running until June 30th


Learn more at China-Gadgets.com


Gearbest giveaway on China-Gadgets.com

Giveaway at China-Gadgets.com: Chance to win a Gearbest giftcard


Key features of the app: 

  • Daily new deals and gadget articles
  • Pictures of all gadgets and gift ideas
  • Shake me, baby: Thanks to random gadgets, you’ll never be bored again
  • Elaborate reviews & videos
  • A large community—be part of the project!
  • Leave comments on the go!
  • Get notified about new gadgets with push notifications
  • Bookmark your favorite gadgets to find them even faster
  • Spread the word via mail, Facebook, Twitter or other apps (e.g. text messages)
  • See the newest comments
  • Use the search form to look through past gadgets


 And so, a new era begins - China-Gadgets finally goes international!  

 Our German folks out there might already know China-Gadgets.de, Germanys longest running blog about gadgets from China. The guys ('n gals!) over at CG have made it their personal goal to provide it's (thus far) foremost German community with the best drones, 3D printers, smartphones, knick-knacks that China has to offer. In doing so, they can not only look back at thousands of gadgets they've written about but also hundreds of gadgets they've tested and reviewed first-hand.  

And as of this week, it's official: China-Gadgets.com has launched, giving you an international version!  


China-Gadgets.com launch
They finally did it - China-Gadgets.com is now finally live!


China-Gadgets.com - Your source for the best gadgets 

Since you're using PandaCheck, you're probably already acquainted with gadgets and know exactly what you're looking for. But what about the times when you just want to browse to learn about the coolest new gadgets? Checking all of the shops out there for the newest trend or a fitting gift for a friend can be pretty tedious, let's be honest.


And that's exactly where China-Gadgets.com comes into play: Because, from now on, they're doing the 'hard part' of scouring the internet for Chinese Gadgets. 

From now on, all you need to do when you don't know what you want, yet, is sit back and take a look at CG. For instance; just check their topics and categories: You're looking for something fun to impress people with at your next party? Check their Party Gadget section. You're more the outdoorsy type? Great, 'cause they also have an Outdoor & Tools category. And if you're interested in (sometimes too) honest reviews of the coolest new tech gadgets, you're also in luck, because as mentioned above, they love to get their hands dirty to test the best new gadgets they can find in China!


You get the drift: Whether you're looking for something semi-specific or just want to get inspired - Chances are that you're not only finding stuff you never knew you needed but also instantly needing these things ;)