GitUp Git2 2K Action Cam

Nowadays, the Git 2 from GitUp is being mentioned in one breath with SJCAM's popular SJ5000X action cam, if people discussing the currently best action cam from China. Let me say right from the start: both are pretty close up, that's why we had to test the Git 2 as well as the SJ5000X (review coming soon!).

GitUp Git 2


  • Video Resolution: 2160p(4K) @24fps; 1440p(2K) @30fps; 1080p(FullHD) @60/30fps; 720p @120/60fps
  • Chip: Novatek 96660
  • Wideangle: 170°
  • Display: 1,5“ LCD
  • Photo Resolution: max. 16MP (3/5/8/12MP)
  • Image Sensor: IMX206
  • Measurements: 59 x 30 x 41mm, Weight: 64g, Battery: 950mAh
  • Features: Gyro Image Stabilization, supports SD cards up to 64GB

GitUp Git 2: video quality and resolution

Git 2 is actually comparable to the SJ5000x in this aspect. The camera features the same Novatek 96660 chip, and also is able to film in (interpolated) 4K. It may not be "real" 4K (to be fair: these both producers never advertised with this feature as aggressively as other competitors did), but there's also no big, misleading „4K“ on the product packaging, so the interpolated 4k feels only like a special feature and not like a broken promise. 4K won't be missed much - it's still not standard for most players, so you probably won't miss out on anything. If you're planning on using the cam for action sequences, where a higher frame rate is better suited, you should stick to FullHD with 60fps.

GitUp Git 2 Menu

Git 2 menu on a 1,5“ display

The standard angle of view is 170° but you can switch to the more narrow 120°. Besides this feature, there are a couple of other, more or less helpful features such as Gyro Image Stabilization, which is useful to improve the quality of video recordings. The G-Sensor reacts to movement, the time lapse feature as several levels reaching from one picture each 0,2 sec. up to one picture every 10 minutes. Depending on which mode you choose (video / picture / settings), you get one of four menus, which you can navigate through with the help of the button on the front side. It's a bit annoying that you can only navigate in one direction through the menu - so if you accidentally skipped the menu point you were looking for, you have to go through the entire menu options again.

Before we start talking unnecessary about the video quality, just take a look at our test video: 

The build-in image sensor is a Sony IMX206 (the same one used in the Xiaomi Yi) and has a max resolution of 16MP. The max resolution offers only the image format 4:3, if you choose 12MP/8MP you can choose the picture size 16:9, which is much more popular ratio.


GitUp Git 2 Pictures

pics taken with the Git 2

GitUp Git 2 Pictures

…and with 12MP in 16:9

Workmanship and accessories

With measurements of 59 x 30 x 41mm the Git 2 is a tiny bit smaller than the SJ5000x and also 4 grams lighter. Interestingly, the measurements are the same as those of a GoPro and the camera is compatible to GoPro accessories - pretty useful, if you already have some at home. But the GoPro accessories aren't actually necessary, because the Git 2 package comes with enough accessory, which may not be as extensive as that of SJCams, but it's still suffices to start filming right away.

GitUp Git 2 Accessories

All the pieces of accessory, which arrived with the Git 2

The camera is well constructed and appears to be a quality product, even though we personally preferred the design of our SJ5000x cam. That doesn't mean that you have to share our opinion - tastes differ and the look of an action cam is definitely not the most important criteria. A definite perk of the Git 2 in comparison to SJCAMs is the compatibility to GoPro accessory.

App Support

The producer didn't publish their own app for the Git 2 yet, so we all still depend on apps from other suppliers. We've tested the app FinalCam (Android / iOS): the app is working well with the Git 2, the connection via WLAN works without a problem after only a couple of seconds. Unfortunately, the usability isn't that great. The app is missing many setting options, resolutions above 720p can't be selected and you can't exactly work intuitively with the app. 

FinalCam Menu

Interface: you'll find what you're looking for - even if it might take a bit longer than expected

FinalCam Menu

The menu of the „FinalCam“ App

The apps of the SJ5000x didn't exactly wow us - but they are definitely better than what we currently have to work with for the Git 2. Hopefully, GitUp will publish soon their own app like they announced. If you don't need a display, you can use a special remote control to control your camera: the wrist remote control in a watch shape. 

GitUp Git 2 Wrist Remote Control

Remote Control - the matching wristband with 4 buttons

For only about 30€ you can buy it in the official shop or for about 15€ in a couple of Chinese online shops. This wrist remote control doesn't offer the option to change the settings, but you can still take pictures or record videos with your cam with the help of this gadget. If you're moving around whilst recording, it's usually pretty uncomfortable to try controlling your cam via your smartphone, so this remote control on your wrist is very useful tool.

Firmware Update

Upgrading the firmware of your action cam appears to be complicated on first sight, but it's actually pretty easy. The newest version 1.3, available since the end of January, directly from our website or directly at Gitlab. Download it, unpack it and then just follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert a formatted SD card (max. 32GB) into your camera and connect your cam via USB cable to your computer
  2. Copy the GIT2LD.bin file on the card
  3. Disconnect the cam from its USB cable and reconnect, then choose "mass storage" in the camera menu
  4. Delete the GIT2LD.bin file from the card via your computer and just copy the GIT2FW.bin on the root of the card
  5. After disconnecting and reconnecting the camera again, the automatic upgrade will start during which the front and back LEDs will blink
  6. When the upgrade is finished, you can delete the GIT2FW.bin – now you can continue using the camera as usual

Besides fixing some bugs, the firmware upgrade also implements some new features such as a timer function for pictures and the 1920 x 1440p video resolution. You can find a list of all the changes and bug fixes of the new firmware on the official Gitup website.

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