Update: iOS App and Giveaway! - Welcome to China-Gadgets.com 12. January 2018

UPDATE: Have you tested our China-Gadgets.com iOS App yet? Download the app, test it a bit - and please leave a review in the iTunes App Store - as an incentive, you get the chance to win a $100 giftcard for Gearbest. Send us an e-mail or contact us in the app if you encounter any problems or if you're missing some features. Last chance: The giveaw... Read more

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Tracker from $35,99€ 05. July 2016

We've waited impatiently for the new fitness tracker from Xiaomi and finally we've got our hands on it and tested it for you. Everyone was excited to see what this new wearable was capable of. Now we finally get to answer all the questions you might have had since you've seen pictures of it on the internet or if you have one of the older Mi Band mo... Read more

GitUp Git2 2K Action Cam 09. March 2016

Nowadays, the Git 2 from GitUp is being mentioned in one breath with SJCAM's popular SJ5000X action cam, if people discussing the currently best action cam from China. Let me say right from the start: both are pretty close up, that's why we had to test the Git 2 as well as the SJ5000X (review coming soon!). GitUp Git 2 action cam at Banggood for... Read more

Welcome to PandaCheck 20. January 2016

We're proud to finally present you our price search engine for Chinese shops. Even if we're still working on many areas of our panda and still adding shops, we wanted to present our lovely PandaCheck to you right now. With more than 80 shops - and soon all the corresponding shop descriptions - you can either dare to start your first shopping sprees... Read more

Cheerson CX-10C Quadcopter for only $22,90! 26. October 2015

Every day we get new things to have fun with, and to be amazed by, but there are some items that somehow conquer our geekheart. So here’s the thing–we’ve tested a lot of RC Helicopters, Quadcopters and Hexacopters here at PandaCheck. If it flies with the help of spinning blades and can be purchased on a budget Chinese webshop, we’ve probably tested... Read more

Test and Win: The new PandaCheck App for Android 25. August 2015

Our Apple Users were given the chance to be the beta testers for our new Panda Check iOS version, and to win an amazing quadcopter. But, for the Android users amongst you we have now, the much improved Panda Check Android version available in your Play Store. Now you must be wondering: And no price? Exactly! We are offering the free download of our... Read more